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重庆市背部脱毛重庆自体隆胸多少钱Hot tea. Cheese and pickle. Keep away from those mince pies热茶。奶酪和黄瓜。可不要吃那些肉饼。Any last minute requests?又是小孩子的愿望?Oh no, just bills.不,就是一些账单。Fly Safe. Dont forget Australia!安全飞行。不要忘了澳大利亚!I wont! Easily done. Rudolph, harrr!我不要会的!简单。鲁道夫,我们走!Dear Mrs Claus. My name is Jake and I am 6 years old.亲爱的圣诞奶奶,我的名字是杰克,我今年6岁了。Jake! Stop taking my things!杰克!不要拿我的东西!Ive a big sister called Anna who is tall and sometimes angry.我有个叫安娜,很高也很容易生气。Get out! Dad! Jake!出去!爸爸!杰克!I also have a dog called Tiger who loves eating things.我也有只,名字叫泰格,爱吃东西。Kill Tiger kill! Jake stop! Stop! Im sorry.快,泰格。杰克,停下来!抱歉。This Christmas, I need your help.今年的圣诞节,我需要你的帮助。Because I want something. And I know you can get it for me因为我知道有些东西你可以给我。Tiger, shhh!泰格,嘘。Dad! Did you? Dont look at me! Alright come on!爸爸!是你吗?不要看我!来吧!To Anna, Jake wanted you to have this. With Love, Mrs Claus.送给安娜,杰克想把这个给你。爱你,来自圣诞奶奶。Oh! Jake! Oh thank you so much Jake!哦,杰克。谢谢你,杰克!You might think I dont like my sister very much. But I do. I love her a lot.你可能会觉得我不爱我的。但是我爱她。我非常爱她。And I want her to be happy at Christmas. Love Jake. Age 6, but 7 in 2 weeks.我想她有一个快乐的圣诞节。爱你的杰克。还有两个月就7岁了。Merry Christmas. How was your night?圣诞快乐。昨晚怎么样?Oh you know, quiet.你知道的,安静。How did that get there?你是怎么拿到这个的?Well it wouldnt be fun if you knew all my secrets如果你知道我的所有秘密,就不好玩了。201612/481037重庆做隆胸多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463925栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460643四川重庆星辰医院口腔美容中心

重庆整容医院哪家最好重庆市冷冻点痣多少钱 Ultimately, were all on the same team.最终,我们都在同一个团队。During a press conference, President Barack Obama said he spoke to Donald Trump early Wednesday morning and congratulated him on his presidential win.在一次记者招待会上,奥巴马总统表示周三早些时候已与唐纳德·特朗普进行了对话,并祝贺他赢得总统大选。We all want whats best for this country.A sense of unity, a sense of inclusion, a respect for our institutions, our way of life, rule of law, and respect for each other. 我们都希望这个国家的一切都是最好的。一种团结的感觉,包容的感觉,尊重我们的制度,我们的生活方式,尊重法治,尊重彼此。I hope that he maintains that spirit throughout this transition.我希望他在整个交接过程贯穿那种精神。Obama also praised fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.奥巴马还表扬了民主党同胞希拉里·克林顿。I could not be prouder of her. She has lived an extraordinary life of public service.我为她感到十分的骄傲,他非凡的一生都在务公共事业。And he had a message for all the first-time voters who were disappointed by the results.奥巴马还向所有对结果失望的新选民发出消息。You have to stay encouraged. Dont get cynical. Dont ever think that you cant make a difference.你必须保持鼓励。不要愤世嫉俗。不要以为你不能做出不同。Trump will meet with Obama at the White House on Thursday to talk about the transition of power.特朗普将于周四在白宫与奥巴马会面,讨论权力交接。译文属。201611/477690重庆保妥适价格

四川重庆星宸医院整形美容And the villagers were real neighbours, living cheek by jowl,村民们比邻而居 关系十分亲密 their houses connected by walled, sometimes decorated alleyways.房屋鳞次栉比 有些地方还修有走廊Its not too much of a strech to imagine gossip travelling down those alleyways after a hearty seafood supper.不难想象 某次海鲜盛宴结束后 邻里间穿行在走廊间闲话家常的情景We have another word everything you could possibly want from a village except a church and a pub.作为一个村庄 除了酒吧与教堂 这里应有尽有In 3,000 , the sea and air were little warmer than they are now.公元前3000年 水温与气温略都高于今日Once theyd settled in their sandstone houses,村民们一旦定居于此they could harvest red bream and mussels and oysters that were abundant in the shallows.便可捕获附近浅滩中丰富的红鲷 贻贝以及牡蛎食用Cattle provided meat and milk and dogs were kept for hunting and for company.蓄养家畜供应肉类和奶制品 驯养用来打猎和作伴During the Neolithic century there would have been at least a dozen little houses here,新石器时期 至少数十个小房屋曾坐落于此half-dug into the ground for comfort and safety.均采用半地下式 兼顾安全与舒适A thriving, bustling little community of 50 or 60.五六十人组成了这个欣欣向荣的小部落The real miracle of Skara Brae is that these houses were not mere shelters.而斯卡拉布雷真正的奇迹 是他们的房屋绝不仅是简单的庇护所They were built by people who had culture, who had style.建造它们的人们 自有其文明与时代风格Heres where they showed off that style.这里便是展现他们时代风格的地方A fully equipped,all-purpose Neolithic living room,complete with luxuries and necessities.一间装备齐全 用途明确的新石器时代起居室 必需品与奢侈品一应俱全Necessities? Well, at the centre, a hearth,around which they warmed themselves and cooked thire food.何为必需品呢 比如说中央的炉床 用来取暖和做饭 /201606/450354 原味人文风情:Okay. Uh-huh. Its a bra for your face, obviously. Looks right. Does it look cute? Actually, yeah. Feels super natural. Its like nothings on my face at all. Oh, I dont... I-I feel pain?! Yeah, I know! And now it says the third step is to do something like this... Its, like, trying to contour your face differently. It left an imprint on my face, I feel, so it did something. Yeah, but, like, a punch in the face does that too.好。嗯哼。很显然,这是给脸用的胸罩。看起来没用错。可爱吗?老实说,可爱耶。感觉起来超自然的。就像脸上完全没东西一样。噢,我不...我--我觉得痛痛的?!嗯,我知道!现在它说第三步是做这样的事...这就像试着帮脸塑型。那在我脸上留了个印子,我感觉到了,所以它有点用。是啊,不过在脸上揍一拳也会。This looks terrible. Oh, man. This is so much better than the other one. It looks like a babys outfit—how it snaps. This is like a babys worst nightmare. Thats what it looks like. Just looking at it without it on my face... What are we supposed to do other than, like, rob a bank or something? Oh! Youre supposed to do face stuff again. Ow! I cracked my jaw. To be clear, are we rating effectiveness or how scary this is? Because 10 out of 10 for both.这看起来好吓人。天啊。这还真是比另一个好太多了。这看起来就像宝宝的衣--它黏上的方式。这像宝宝最大的恶梦。它看起就是那样。只是看着,没有把它戴在脸上...我们应该做什么,除了抢还是什么的?噢!你应该再做一次那个脸部运动。噢!我落下巴了。讲真的,我们是要评这个的效果还是这有多恐怖?因为两个都是满分。Wait, do these little balls go in my nostrils? Tighten it, so—yeah, so that goes in. Oh, yeah, youre doing it. Look at that! Fits like a glove. Oh! Its in there! Oh...I dont like this! Are you y to switch it on? Will you do the honors? Here we go. What? No. No, just leave it. This is making my eyes water. Slightly—wow! Okay, hold on. Its like a vibrator for your nose. Thats all it is. Oh, what the hell. He broke it.等等,这些小球会进到我的鼻孔吗?用紧,那样--没错,那样它就进去了。喔对,你在用了。看看它!就和手套一样合。噢!进去了!噢...我不喜欢这样!你准备好要打开了吗?能劳烦你一下吗?开始啰。什么东东?不。不,不要碰它。这让我眼睛泛泪了。稍微--哇!好,等等。这就像是鼻子的震动器。它就是。喔,搞什么鬼。他用坏了。This is essentially a shake weight for your mouth. Shake your head up and down to swing the weights on both sides. It is recommended to exercise directly in front of a mirror. Ugh. Ugh. No. Oh God. You look like an idiot. I dont know what to say about this one because it is unlike anything Ive ever done.Dont...dont... He cant stop putting it in his mouth, though. From the inner ear to the chin. No, I cant do it. Its too stupid.这基本上就是嘴巴用的摇摆铃。上下摆动你的头,以摇摆两边的砝码。建议直接在镜子前运动。呃。呃。不。老天。你看起来像个白痴。不...不...我不知道要对这个说些什么,因为它不像我做过的任何事。但他却无法停止把那放进嘴巴里。从内耳到下巴。不,我不行。这太蠢了。The Japanese are dreamers. And I love that about them, and Id like to visit them. Theyre not just dreamers. I mean, they execute. Anyone could say Im gonna invent this flying face mechanism thing, but... They deliver. They actually do it. For the people who use this stuff, though, I would just say dont. You dont have to. You know, accept who you are; be comfortable in who you are. Um, you dont... Love your cheeks. Dont constrict your face. You dont need a nose vibrator, and stop wagging your mouth.日本人是梦想家。我喜欢他们那点,我会想去拜访他们。他们不只是梦想家。我是说,他们动手做。任何人都可以说我要去发明这个会飞的脸部机械啥玩意的,不过...日本人会实现。他们真的去做。但对那些用这东东的人,我只会说不要用。你不必用。你知道,接受自己;对你自己感到自在。嗯,你不用...爱你的脸颊。不要束缚你的脸。你不需要鼻子震动器,然后不要再摆动嘴巴了。201612/482413重庆市彩光祛斑的价格重庆减肥团购中心



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