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大坪医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱重庆市星宸医院激光祛斑手术多少钱England and Scotland,two realms divided until now.英格兰和苏格兰 两个分裂的王国开始走向联合In 1603, they had come together in one person,James VI of Scotland,and First of England.1603年 它们归于同一个王者统治 在苏格兰叫詹姆斯六世 在英格兰叫詹姆斯一世He wanted to be known as the king of Great Britain.他欲以;大不列颠之王;之名流芳百世But what was this new thing in the world, this Great Britain?但大不列颠是什么 闻所未闻 In the first years of the 17th century,only the map makers could tell you.在十七世纪初期 只有地图绘制者才能解答这个问题One of them, a busy ex-tailor called John Speed,其中一位 忙碌的前裁缝约翰·斯皮德published his atlas of 67 maps called ;The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain;,出版了一部含有67张图的地图册 名为《大不列颠王国全览》and covering every inch of Scotland, Wales Ireland and England.其中囊括苏格兰 威尔士 爱尔兰和英格兰的每一寸土地What lay behind Speeds atlas was an optimistic vision斯皮斯地图集背后隐藏着乐观愿景of happy, harmonious Britannia coming together under a king整个大不列颠共戴一君who was determined to bring unity after centuries of war and hatred.结束几个世纪的战争和敌对 走向王国的联合And in the Vale of the Red Horse in Warwickshire,在沃里克郡的红马峡谷John Speed had a glimpse of what this British heaven on earth might look like.约翰·斯皮德惊鸿一瞥 仿佛看到了大不列颠的尘世仙境Meadowing pastures with the green mantle so embroidered with flowers群山遍绿 间有朵朵花开that from Edgehill we might behold another Eden.边山仿佛另一个伊甸园 /201701/489625重庆星宸整形美容医院瘦腿针多少钱 The elephants are nearing the end of their long journey.象群正接近漫长旅途的终点After weeks of marching theyre desperately tired.经过数周的长途跋涉,它们都已是精疲力尽The matriarch can smell water and encourages the herd to make one last effort.母象首领闻到了水的气味,它鼓励象群再做最后的努力The youngsters are exhausted, but their mothers have made this journey before小象疲惫不堪,不过它们的母亲以前也经历过这种旅行and they know that theyre close to water.它们很清楚水就在不远的前方After many hundreds of miles theyve arrived.在完成数百英里的行程之后,它们终于抵达了目的地The lives of these elephants are dominated by the annual rhythm of wet and dry,这些大象的生活决定于一年一度的干湿季节交替a seasonal cycle created by the sun.这是太阳造成的季节循环201702/493537【新闻精讲】The problem is particularly irksome for sites dedicated to offering reviews, such as Yelpand TripAdvisor.对于专门提供点评的网站,如Yelp和猫途鹰,问题更为棘手。Amazon sells everything from books to lawnmowers; Yelps main offerings are its 83m reviews.毕竟亚马逊还卖各种产品,从书本到割草机,应有尽有;而Yelp的主要业务便是多达8300万的点评。Irksome烦人的; 讨厌的例:...the irksome regulations....烦人的规定。Dedicated专用的例:Such areas should also be served by dedicated cycle routes.这些地区也应该可由自行车专用路线到达。 “If consumers cant rely on the content,” says Vince Sollitto of Yelp, “then the service is of no value.”Yelp发言人Vince Sollitto说,“如果顾客没法信赖点评内容,那么我们的务便没有意义。”Rely on 依赖; 依靠 depend onThey relied heavily on the advice of their professional advisers.他们非常依赖专业顾问的建议。Content1. 内容例:Previous students have had nothing but praise for the course content and staff.以前的学生们对该课程的内容和教师只有称赞。2. 满足的例:I am content to admire the mountains from below.我满足于从山下观赏群山。 So websites have tried to fight fakes.所以各网站对虚假进行了打击。Fake 膺品例:The gallery is filled with famous works of art, and every one of them is a fake.画廊里满是极好的艺术名品,每一件都是膺品。Fight fakes 打击假货例句:While Alibaba insists that it has continued to fight fakes taking down listings and even banning sellers counterfeits continue to be an uphill battle.当阿里巴巴强调它会继续与假货战斗的时候下架商品甚至禁止销售假货却越来越难处理 Algorithms comb reviews for suspicious wording.运用一定的计算机算法来筛除具有可疑的措辞的。Expedia allows hotel recommendations only by those who have paid for a room there.智游网(Expedia)只许付款入住了酒店的顾客推荐酒店。Comb1. 梳子2. 彻底搜查例:Officers combed the woods for the murder weapon.警官们彻底搜查了那片树林,寻找杀人凶器。Wording措辞例:The two sides failed to agree on the wording of a final report.双方未能就一份总结报告的措辞达成一致。 Amazon tags a review as “verified” if the writer has indeed bought the product.亚马逊把真正买了商品的顾客打上“真实可信”的标签。Tag标签例:Staff wore name tags and called inmates by their first names.工作人员戴着姓名标签,对同僚直呼其名。Verify实 confirm例:The government has not verified any of those reports.该政府尚未实那些报道中的任何一个。 Presumably such reviews are more reliable, though bess98 is one of many who claim to be able to game Amazons system.按理来说,这些更加可靠,尽管诸如bess98这样的网友声称能躲过亚马逊的法眼。Yelp may have the most aggressive strategy.Yelp采取了可能最为激烈的打击方法。Game1. 将计就计战胜例:He must anticipate the manoeuvres of the other lawyers and beat them at their own game.他必须对其他律师的策略有所准备,从而将计就计战胜他们。2. 猎物As men who shot game for food, they were natural marksmen.作为捕捉猎物当食物的人,他们是天生的射手。An algorithm removes a whopping 30% of posts from Yelps list of “recommended” reviews, though consumers can still see the suspicious ones if they like.他们采用计算机算法筛除掉网站中多达30%的好评,尽管顾客稍加注意仍能看到疑是虚假的点评。Remove1. 去除 (痕迹); 洗掉 (污渍)例:This treatment removes the most stubborn stains.这个处理方法能洗掉最顽固的污渍。2. 把…免职例: The student senate voted to remove Fuller from office.大学评议会投票将富勒免职了。Whopping 庞大的例:The Russian leader won a whopping 90 percent yes vote.这位俄罗斯领导人赢得了90%的高票持。Businesses that try to weasel their way to a higher rating (paying off grumpy clients, for instance) have their Yelp pages branded with a red warning.为了得到更高评分而搞小动作的商家(如收买打算抱怨的顾客),他们的Yelp页面都被打上了红色的警告字样。Weasel 鼬,鼬类动物 gt; 狡猾pay off 付清;报复例句:It would take him the rest of his life to pay off that loan.他得用余生来还清那笔贷款。Grumpy 脾气坏的例:Some folks think Im a grumpy old man.一些人认为我是个脾气很坏的老头儿。 Despite all this, some false acclaim and critiques inevitably slip past firms defences.尽管如此,仍有虚假的好评或者差评成为漏网之鱼。For websites, fake reviews will remain a stubborn headache.对于点评网站,虚假仍是难以解决的顽疾。Inevitable 必然发生的例:If the case succeeds, it is inevitable that other trials will follow.如果这场官司获胜,其他审判必将效法。Slip 偷偷地给例:Robert had slipped her a note in school.罗伯特上学时偷偷地塞给了她一张字条。Stubborn 固执的例:He is a stubborn character used to getting his own way.他是一个固执的人,过去常常随心所欲。 Meanwhile businesses are finding new ways to boost their reputations online.与此同时,商家则在寻找各种新方法在网络上提高声誉。Meanwhile1. 同时Meanwhile, I have found no new evidence on Google as to the truth of this story.其间,在谷歌上,我还没有找到与这个故事的真相有关的任何新的据。2. 一方面…另一方面He had always found his wifes mother a bit annoying. The mother-daughter relationship, meanwhile, was close.他总是觉得他的岳母有点烦人。另一方面,她们母女之间的关系很亲近。Boost 促进例:Lower interest rates can boost the economy by reducing borrowing costs for consumers and businesses.低利率可以通过为消费者和商家降低借贷成本来促进经济发展。Social bots—lines of code that pose as real accounts—can build buzz on social-media sites like Twitter and Facebook.代码写成的社交机器人可以模仿真人进行,在诸如Twitter和Facebook等社交网站上制造舆论。Bot 机器人Buzz1. 嗡嗡声例:...the irritating buzz of an insect.…一只昆虫的烦人的嗡嗡声。2. 活跃气氛例:There is a real buzz around the place. Everyone is really excited.这地方实在充满活力,大家真的很兴奋。3. 充满兴奋例:The rehearsal studio is buzzing with lunchtime activity. 排练场被午餐时段活动搞得很热闹。For the average consumer, it may become ever harder to distinguish real praise from puff.对普通消费者来说,从宣传广告中辨别的真实性越来越难。Distinguish1. 辨别; 区分Research suggests that babies learn to see by distinguishing between areas of light and dark.研究显示婴儿是通过区分明亮区域和黑暗区域来学会观看的。2. 使著名例:Over the next few years he distinguished himself as a leading constitutional scholar.在随后的几年中,他作为宪法学的权威学者而享有盛誉。Puff吹捧:用经常是夸张的赞扬宣传:publishers who puff their new books.出版商们总吹捧他们的新书201703/501506重庆星宸美容医院激光去痘手术多少钱

重庆市妙桃隆胸假体多少钱原味人文风情:Hello, my fellow emojis! Glad you could all make it to this ;recently used; press conference. Uh, we have some pizza and b and ramen and beer if anyone wants any. As you know, weve made some changes recently, and I just wanted to announce that its been a resounding success! I wanna thank everyone for their patience during this transitional period.哈喽,我的表情符号同胞们!很高兴你们都能来到「最近常用符号」的记者会。呃,我们有些披萨、面包、拉面还有啤酒,如果有人想来点的话。如你们所知,我们最近做了些改变,而我只是想宣布那非常成功!我要感谢所有人在这段过渡期中的耐心。Transitional period? Are you calling racial integration a ;transitional period;?过渡期?你是说族群融合是「过渡期」吗?Um, well...yes? I mean—嗯,这个嘛...是的?我的意思是--My people did not exist before last week.我的同胞到上个星期前都是不存在的。Yes, I cant imagine how hard that was. Were just...trying to work out a lot of things. We added a lot of African-American versions!是的,我无法想象那有多难受。我们只是...我们试着解决很多事。我们新增了许多非裔美国人版本!Exactly. Were more than just the black version of the existing white emojis. I personally still feel very underrepresented.就是这样。我们不只是现有白人表情符号的黑人版本。我个人还是觉得没有被好好表现出来。I have the exact same problem. Theres only one kind of poop!我有同样的问题。便便就只有一种样子!Say what?说什么啊?I mean, if were being honest, poop comes in all shapes and sizes. And were only represented by my cartoonish dollop.我是说,如果我们老实讲,大便可是有各种形状和大小。不过我们就只有用大家爱的卡通版一坨屎呈现。That is not the same thing.那是两码子事。Well, our family unit couldnt even express our outrage until now!我说,我的家庭到现在才能表达我们的愤怒!But hey! Now you can!不过,嘿!你们现在可以啦!Yeah! Why do all families have to be yellow?对啊!为什么每个家庭都要是黄色的?But this is a start, right? Also, whats wrong with being yellow?但这是个开始,对吧?还有,黄色有什么不好?Same situation with me—no green poops! No bloody poops!我这也一样--没有挫青屎!没有血便!Or like a...like a green alien, maybe?或象是...象是可能可以有绿色外星人?I am unclear on what my job is.我不清楚我的工作是什么。Guys, one at a time! Yes, you!大家,一个一个来!好,就是你!I just wanted to say thanks for making more versions of myself.我只是想谢谢你们做出更多个我的版本。Oh, thats great! Yes. You are quite welcome.喔,那很好!嗯。不用客气。Its amazing. I have a me looking normal, a me looking sad, a me getting my hair cut, and even a me getting my hair washed.这太棒了。我有一个正常的我、一个伤心的我、我在剪头发,甚至还有我在洗头呢。Well, we wanted to make sure you had as many choices as you needed.嗯,我们想确保你们有足够选择能满足需求。Yeah, totally! But it wouldve been nice to have some women with actual jobs, though.对啊,真的!不过如果能有些有真正工作的女人会很不错。What? We included a ton of jobs, like dancer, and, I guess, twin bunny dancers and...princess could be one...bride? You know what? You might be right about that one. We will certainly work on that.什么?我们纳进了很多工作耶,象是舞者,还有,我想是双胞胎兔女郎舞者,还有...公主也算一种工作...新娘?你知道吗?你可能是对的。我们绝对会改进。I think you guys are blowing this out of proportion.我觉得你们大家都太小题大作了。Who do you think you are?!你以为你谁啊?!Seriously?有没有搞错?Dude, I do not need your help.老兄,我不需要你的帮忙。What if we want more than two kids?万一我们不只想生两个小孩咧?Yeah!对啊!Why am I purple?我为什么是紫色的?Its unfair that cats get to express themselves so fully on here and dogs dont.猫可以那么充分表达自己但却不行真是太不公平了。What am I?我是啥?I mean, theres two red devil masks but no smiley red devil?我是说,有两个红魔鬼面具但却没有笑脸红魔鬼?What if I wanted heart eyes?万一我想要爱心眼睛呢?And why dont we have taco?我们为什么没有墨西哥卷饼?What about maybe half a sun?或许可以有个一半的太阳?Thats enough! Please! We are trying! When those Japanese guys came up with us, I dont think they even thought of race, gender equality, or same-sex marriages. They just thought this would be a fun way to communicate. Were trying to take steps in the right direction, but no! I dont know why there are 12 trains, or what the flags are, or why there are no tacos... So youre right! Emojis are far from perfect.够了!拜托!我们在努力了!当那些日本人想出我们的时候,我不认为他们有想到种族、性别平等或同性婚姻。他们只是觉得这样沟通会很好玩。我们在试着往正确的方向迈进,不过,不!我不知道为什么有十二种火车,或那些旗子是什么,或为什么没有卷饼... 所以你们说得对!表情符号一点也不完美。Uh...;those Japanese guys;?呃...「那些日本人」?201701/487564重庆星辰医院减肥手术多少钱 In mid-afternoon,the commander of the parliamentary army, the Earl of Essex,下午三点左右 议会军指挥官埃塞克斯伯爵下令began to cannonade the Royalist infantry.炮击保皇党步兵团Balls thudded and hissed in the grass,taking a life here, a limb there.炮弹在草地上炸开弹片横飞 到处是尸体和残肢Then Prince Rupert led his cavalry forward down the hill.随后鲁珀特王子率领骑兵冲下山坡For the men in the parliament lines,议会军前线的士兵watching a distant trot turn into a canter and then a charge,眼看骑兵从远处一路冲锋到近前and seeing their own muskets have no effect on the suddenly terrifyingly hurtling horsemen,the moment of truth had arrived.而他们的火对那些 疾如闪电气势骇人的骑兵毫无作用 关键时刻来临了War slammed into them.Big dark horses, bright, deadly steel.战局急转直下 满眼是高大的战马和夺命的刀光剑影 They panicked and broke,Ruperts horsemen following fleeing troopers all the way to the baggage train.他们惊慌失措不堪一击 鲁珀特的骑兵穷追不舍 一直追到后方的辎重运输车驻地Rupert must have thought this was going to be easy.鲁珀特一定认为胜利会来得轻而易举But by now the parliamentary infantry had crawled forward,但此时议会军步兵正在缓缓前行the two great phalanxes of pikemen heaving and pushing at each other amidst the musket fire until they dropped of exhaustion.双方方阵中的长兵 在林弹雨中向着对方前进 直到有人精疲力竭倒地不起Somewhere amidst the smoke, fire and steel was Sir Edmund Verney.埃德蒙·瓦内爵士就站在硝烟弥漫的战场中The royal standard clenched in his hand made him an obvious target.他紧握在手中的王旗 使他成为了靶子They never even found his corpse.人们最后连他的尸首也无法找到 /201703/498706重庆星宸整形美容医院植眉怎么样

四川省麦格假体隆胸多少钱Most rivers drain into the sea, but some end their journey in vast lakes.大部分河流都汇入大海,可有些河流的终点却是大型湖泊Worldwide, lakes hold 20 times more fresh water than all the rivers.全球湖泊淡水储量比江河多20倍The East African Rift Valley holds three of the worlds largest, Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria.东非大裂谷内有着3个世界上最大的淡水湖,马拉维湖、坦噶尼喀湖以及维多利亚湖。Lake Malawi, the smallest of the three, is still bigger than Wales.马拉维湖是这3个湖泊中最小的,却仍比威尔士还要大Its tropical waters teem with more fish species than any other lake.生活在这个热带湖泊里的鱼类比其它湖泊都要丰富There are 850 different cichlids alone,这里有850多种不同的慈鲷all of which evolved from just one single ancestor isolated here thousands of years ago.它们都是从一个数千年前即被隔绝在此的祖先进化而来的These two-metre wide craters are fish-made.这些2米宽的土丘是鱼儿们的杰作Fastidiously maintained by the males, these bowers are courtship arenas.雄鱼一丝不苟地维护着坑巢,因为这里正是求爱的场所Cichlids are caring parents. Brooding young in the mouth is a very effective way of protecting them.慈鲷是尽心尽职的父母。它们将鱼苗含在嘴里,这是一种保护它们的有效方法。201705/510964 What better way to give this new British court a European makeover,to turn it into a byword for Baroque gorgeousness?还有什么 比得上给英国宫廷涂上欧洲的色 使其变为一个巴洛克风格的典范呢There would be a stunning new royal art collection gathered from all over Europe,这里将会坐拥全欧洲收集而来的 皇家收藏of a quality to make popes and emperors moan with envy Mantegnas, Titians, Rembrandts.奢华的程度足以令教皇和帝王嫉妒不已 曼特尼亚 提香和伦勃朗的作品Charless unprepossessing French Queen, Henrietta Maria,查理不讨人喜欢的法国王后亨利埃塔·玛丽亚with her sallow skin and discoloured teeth,was airbrushed into stardom她蜡黄的皮肤和变色的牙齿 变得明星般耀眼by the glossiest glamourist of them all,Anthony Van Dyke.使其最为出众最为迷人 这是安东尼·冯·戴克的大作And beyond the palace,the king was satisfied to see his will being done,在这宫廷之外 国王的意志得以贯彻people he disapproved of being made to desist.I like not this.凡是不同意的人都会被惩罚 我不喜欢这样Out in the shires, his taxes were being collected,his justice was being carried out,and the skies had not fallen in.在各个郡中 税收一切正常 他的正义也得到执行 天并没有塌下来Who missed the talkers, the parliament now?Surely nobody.谁会想念那些演讲者和议会呢 显然没人会Sooner or later, Charles was going to have to come down to earth,迟早查理得走下神坛回归人间and when he did hed notice that his earthly kingdom was ruled not by images but by words.到那时他会发现他的国家 不是靠图画而是靠文字管理的Now, unlike the invitingly soft scenery of Rubenss fantasy kingdom,与鲁宾斯美丽奇幻王国景象所不同的是words were hard things, black and white things.文字是冷酷的 是黑白分明的And in the hands of wordsmiths, lawyers, preachers, printers,在作家 律师 牧师和印刷者的手中they had a razor-sharp edge that would cut right through all that Stuart mush about British union这些语言大师如同手握利刃 能够一刀斩断 所有斯图亚特王朝所谓的联合and bring the playground of the gods crashing to the ground.并泼飘飘欲仙的统治者们一头冷水 /201703/495577重庆星辰医院口腔美容中心重庆市去鼻唇沟多少钱



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