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As China#39;s sex toy industry penetrates more and more people#39;s bedrooms, experts have again called for industrial standards to be established to better regulate the almost unsupervised sector.越来越多的国人喜欢买充气娃娃。专家再次强调,应当建立相关监管部门,妥善制定产业标准。More sex toys were sold on this year#39;s Singles#39; Day on November 11 - the country#39;s annual online shopping spree - than in previous years.双十一是一年一度的网上购物狂欢节。今年双十一,情趣玩具销量火爆。A search of online retail platform Taobao for sex dolls yielded 61,900 hits as of press time. The three most popular models on the site, which cost between 150 to 600 yuan (-92) each, have been ordered 10,900 times in November so far.网上销售平台淘宝的充气娃娃卖到了61900件。最火的三种娃娃在150-600元(23-92美元)之间,自11月以来已经卖出了10900件。According to the Guangzhou-based New Express newspaper, an online pharmacy sold 500 sex dolls on November 11 and another sex doll store owner claimed that 2,500 sex dolls were sold on the same day.根据广州《新快报》的消息,一家在线药店在双十一卖出了500件充气娃娃。另一家充气娃娃店主称一天卖出去了2500件。Citing Taobao data, the newspaper said that the number of sex toys being bought online has grown by 50 percent annually in recent years, with an estimated 30 million Chinese people buying sex toys online in 2015.根据淘宝的数据,该报纸称今年情趣玩具的销量比前几年上涨了50%。2015年,大概有3000万的中国人购买情趣玩具。Data released by market research firm Analysys International showed that the B2C market volume of sex toys in China topped 3.38 billion yuan in 2013, up 73.6 percent on the previous year. The figure will grow at 58 percent annually in the next three years, Analysys estimated.根据市场公司易观国际的数据显示,2013年中国电子商务市场的情趣玩具销售额达到了33.8亿元,比前一年上涨了73.6%。分析人员认为,销售额在未来三年以每年58%的速度持续增长。The production of sex-related products was overseen by the food and drug administration until 2012. Now, different products are managed by different government departments including the family planning department and the health authorities. However there is no specific department responsible for regulating the production of sex toys, said an Analysis report issued in February.二月份的一份分析报告称,2012年以前,性用品都是受到食品和药品监管的。现在,不同用品由不同的政府部门监管,包括家庭计生部门和健康机构。然而,没有一家单独的部门负责监管情趣用品。Chinese sexologists have called for a standardization of the industry since 2012, but little has been done.从2012年起,中国的性学家就呼吁将该产业标准化,但是几乎没什么效果。;As China produces 70 percent of the world#39;s sex toys, some big manufacturers that conduct international trade will use international standards such as a FDA certification, while the domestic market remains poorly-regulated,; Tony Tong, founder of New Kinsey, a Shanghai sexology research institute, told the Global Times.童托尼是上海性调查机构金赛研究所的创始人,他认为:“中国生产世界上70%的情趣玩具,就应该使用美国食品药品(FDA)书标准。但是,中国的市场让人没有得到妥善监管。”According to research conducted by Su Weiguo, chairman of the China Council on the Science of Sex, some vibrators are made from industrial silicone rather than materials designed for human contact.根据中国性科学理事会苏卫国发起的研究结果,许多震动棒都是由工业硅树脂做成,而非皮肤可接触的材料。Many comments on Taobao sex toy stores complain about the ;sour and sticky; plastic smell of the products as well as their dirty packages. Others wrote of feeling ;uncomfortable; after using the products, with some claiming their genitals became inflamed. A few sex doll users wrote that their shoddy inflatable lovers exploded during sex.淘宝上关于情趣用品商店的的评价很多都是抱怨塑料味“又酸又粘”和包裹太脏。其他人认为用完产品后“不舒”,或生殖器感染。有些充气娃娃使用者表示他们在使用过程中充气娃娃爆炸了。 /201511/412673Song Dynasty宋朝Arts, Culture and Economy宋朝的艺术、文化与经济The founders of the Song dynasty built an effective centralized bureaucracy staffed with civilian scholar-officials.宋朝的创建者建立了一个有效的中央集权的官僚机构并聘用了文官为士大夫。Regional military governors and their supporters were replaced by centrally appointed officials.地方军事将领和他们的追随者被朝廷委派的官员所替代。This system of civilian rule led to a greater concentration of power in the emperor and his palace bureaucracy than had been achieved in the previous dynasties.这种文官统治的体系让权力比前朝更多的集中于皇帝和他的官僚机构中。The Song dynasty is notable for the development of cities not only for administrative purposes but also as centers of trade, industry, and maritime commerce.宋朝以城市发展而闻名,这些城市不仅用于行政,还是商业、工业和海上贸易的中心。The gentry-landed scholar-officials, sometimes collectively referred to as the gentry, lived in the provincial centers alongside the shopkeepers, artisans, and merchants.拥有土地的那些士大夫,有时被并称为贵族,居住在附近有店主、工匠和商人的市中心。A new group of wealthy commoners---- the mercantile class---- arose as printing and education sp, private trade grew, and a market economy began to link the coastal provinces and the interior.一个新兴的富裕人群——商业阶层,随着绘画和教育的传播、私人贸易的发展以及与港口和内陆城市市场经济联系的出现,产生了。Landholding and government employment were no longer the only means of gaining wealth and prestige.拥有土地和在政府任职已经不再是唯一获得财富和声誉的途径了。The development of paper money and a unified tax system meant the development of a true nationwide market system.纸币和统一税收系统的发展意味着全国性的市场系统的进步。Accompanying this was the beginnings of what one might term the Chinese industrial revolution.伴随着市场发展的是人们所说的“中国的工业革命”。For example the historian Robert Hartwell has estimated that per capita iron output rose sixfold between 806 and 1078 (AD), such that, by 1078 China was producing 125 000 tons of iron per year.比如,史学家罗伯特?哈特韦尔曾估算平均到没人的铁产出量在公元806年到1078年间翻了六倍,到1078年时,中国每年的铁产量有125000吨。This iron was used to mass produce ploughs, hammers, needles, pins, cymbals (etc.) for an indigenous mass market and for trade with the outside world, which also expanded greatly at this point.这些铁被广泛用于制造犁、锤子、针、钉子和铙钹……来满足本土的大众市场以及在这段时期不断扩展的与其他国家贸易的需求。Concurrently the Chinese invented or developed gunpowder, the cannon, the flamethrower, printing technology, amongst many other things.同时,中国还发明并发展了火药、大炮、喷火器、绘图技术以及其他一些东西。As a result of these innovations (and the concurrent agricultural revolution) China boasted some of the largest cities of the world at this time.因为这些发明(还有同时期的农业革命),中国出现了一些这个时期世界上最大的城市。For example it has been estimated that Hangzhou had 500 000 inhabitants at this point: far larger than any European city.比如杭州在这个时期估计拥有500000居民,人数远超欧洲城市。Culturally, the Song refined many of the developments of the previous centuries.文化上,宋朝改进了前朝的许多发展。Included in these refinements were not only the Tang Dynasty ideal of the universal man, who combined the qualities of scholar, poet, painter, and statesman, but also historical Chinese classic texts writings, Chinese painting, calligraphy, and hard-glazed porcelain.其中不仅有唐朝世通才(一种集合了学者、诗人、画家和政治家品质的人才)概念的改善还有对于历史上中国传统经典书写、中国画、书法和硬釉面瓷器的改进。Song intellectuals sought answers to all philosophical and political questions in the Confucian Classics.宋朝的士人在儒家经典中寻找所有哲学和政治问题的。This renewed interest in the Confucian ideals and society of ancient times coincided with the decline of Buddhism, which the Chinese regarded as foreign and offering few practical guidelines for the solution of political and other mundane problems.这使人们重拾对于儒家想法和古时社会的兴趣,同时这个时代还伴随着佛教的衰败,因为人们认为佛教是舶来品,无法为政治和其他社会问题提供有效的指导。The Song Neo-Confucian philosophers, finding a certain purity in the originality of the ancient classical texts, wrote commentaries on them.宋朝的新儒家哲人在古老的经典著作中找到了某种程度上的纯粹,他们为这些经典书籍书写。The most influential of these philosophers was Zhu Xi (1130—1200), whose synthesis of Confucian thought and Buddhist, Taoism, and other ideas became the official imperial ideology from late Song times to the late 19th century.朱熹(1130——1200)是其中最具影响力的哲学家,他对于儒家观点和佛教、道教以及其他想法的集成在宋朝晚期到19世纪末期之间成为了官方的国家思想意识。As incorporated into the Imperial examination system, Zhu Xi#39;s philosophy evolved into a rigid official creed, which stressed the one-sided obligations of obedience and compliance of subject to ruler, child to father, wife to husband, and younger brother to elder brother.由于被并入了科举考试体系中,朱熹的哲学思想变成了一种僵硬的官方教义,这加强了单方面人民对于统治者的从、孩子对父亲的从、妻子对丈夫的从以及弟弟对于哥哥的从。The effect was to inhibit the societal development of premodern China, resulting both in many generations of political, social, and spiritual stability and in a slowness of cultural and institutional change up to the 19th century.这种教义抑制了中国近现代社会的发展,导致了好几代人在政治、社会和精神上的固定不变以及一直持续到19世纪的文化和制度上的缓慢滞后。Neo-Confucian doctrines also came to play the dominant role in the intellectual life of Korea, Vietnam, and Japan.新儒家教条在韩国、越南和日本的知识分子的生活中也处于配地位。 /201511/406473

Some speeches are so memorable we can e them at will. But few of them are commencement speeches. How many of us can recall the commencement speech at our college graduation?一些令人难忘的演讲我们都能如数家珍,但其中只有少数是毕业演讲。多少人还能回想起那些年自己在毕业典礼上听过的演讲呢?What if a commencement speech was not something to be endured, but to be treasured? And what if, instead of the same tired sentiments to ;go forward and seize the day,; the 20-minute address dispensed a glimpse of humanity#39;s higher self? Thankfully, some of those exist. But it#39;s not all rainbows and butterflies. Many memorable speeches have a touch of the macabre that foreshadow the underbelly of adulthood. After ing dozens of transcripts and viewing hours of footage, we#39;ve distilled 10 famous commencement speeches to their essence. Some speeches are memorable because of their time in history or because millions watched it online. Some were later published as books. At least one became a hit song. Here they are, in chronological order.假如一场演讲不会让人昏昏欲睡而是被人津津乐道,假如没有无病呻吟,而是与时俱进,把20分钟演讲的关注点放在“如何提升自我”上面,这样的毕业演讲是不是会让你毕生难忘呢?还好,这样的演讲还是存在的,而且它们也不全是镜花水月。许多令人难忘的演讲一针见血地指出了成人世界的软肋。在翻阅了成打的手抄文本、观看了大量的影像带后,我们精心挑选了10个著名的演讲并提取了他们演讲中的精华。一些演讲因其所处的历史时期亦或是过高的点击量而令人难忘,一些后来还被收录在相关书籍中。每一个演讲在当时都掀起了思想的浪潮。下面就为你一一呈现!10.President John F. Kennedy at American University, 196310.1963年,约翰·F·肯尼迪总统于美利坚大学;Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children#39;s futures. And we are all mortal.;“我们都居住在这个小小的星球上,这是你我之间最基本的连接纽带。我们呼吸着同样的空气,我们都珍视子女们的未来,我们最终都会离开这个世界”。This commencement address had a higher purpose. Just months after the Cuban missile crisis with the Soviet Union, when nuclear war was still a real threat, President John. F. Kennedy used the occasion to deliver a peace-laced talk to the entire world. The speech, which took a month to craft, was written in secret because he feared Pentagon officials would oppose its conciliatory tone. Kennedy asked Americans to consider their attitudes: ;Too many of us think is impossible. Too many think it is unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable ... We need not accept that view ... Among the many traits the peoples of our two countries have in common, none is stronger than our mutual abhorrence of war.; Kennedy then announced that he, Nikita Khrushchev and Britain#39;s Harold Macmillan would be entering talks about a comprehensive test ban treaty and that the U.S. wouldn#39;t conduct further nuclear tests as long as no other country did either.这篇毕业演讲因其所处的时代背景而影响深远。就在几个月前,美国虽然结束了与苏联的“古巴导弹危机”,然而核战争还是一个真实存在的威胁。肯尼迪总统选择在这样的场合用演讲向全世界传递了一个和平的信号。肯尼迪为这篇演讲苦心构思了一个月,因担心自己安抚性的语调会遭到国防部的反对,他决定秘密地完成这篇演讲。肯尼迪恳请美国人反思自己的态度:“我们中的许多人认为‘和平’是不可能的、是不现实的。然而,这是一种危险的失败主义观念。这种观念得出的结论是,战争不可避免…我们并非一定要接受这种观点…在我们两国人民的诸多共性中,最显著的莫过于我们对战争的共同憎恶。”之后肯尼迪宣布,他将同苏联最高领导人赫鲁晓夫、英国首相哈罗德·麦克米兰进行关于“全面禁止核试验条约”的商讨与谈话。他将承诺:只要他国不先进行进一步核试验,美国也决不会做核试验第一国。演讲后不过几天,华盛顿和克里姆林宫架设了一次专线。在演讲结束后的两个月,也就是1963年8月5日,三国领导人共同签署了《受限制核试验公约》。这是在全面裁军后的又一重大利好。9.Hillary Rodham at Wellesley, 19699.1969年,希拉里·罗德姆于威尔斯利学院;Every protest, every dissent, whether it#39;s an individual academic paper, Founder#39;s parking lot demonstration, is unabashedly an attempt to forge an identity in this particular age.;“每一次抗议,每一次反对,哪怕是一篇学术论文,甚至是一个停车场的说明,都是为这个特殊的时代烙上印迹的大胆尝试”。It was her first big speech, but there would be many more to follow. At her graduation from Wellesley College in 1969, Hillary Rodham became the first student in the college#39;s history to deliver a commencement address. She was president of student government at the time. Before beginning her prepared remarks, though, she criticized the event#39;s previous speaker, Sen. Edward Brooke. In his speech, he had urged graduates to reject ;coercive protest,; which was a polite euphemism for near-riotous student demonstrations. It was an idea at which Rodham pointedly aimed when she took the podium. He was, it seemed to Rodham, too complacent. So she set aside her prepared speech and embarked on an elegantly efficient, impromptu response. ;What does it mean to hear that 13.3 percent of the people in this country are below the poverty line? That#39;s a percentage. We#39;re not interested in social reconstruction; it#39;s human reconstruction,; she said. Rodham got a standing ovation that lasted several minutes. And she was only getting started. As Hillary Clinton, she went on to scale great heights as first lady of the ed States, a senator, secretary of state and a 2016 presidential candidate.这是希拉里·罗德姆生平第一次在大场面上演讲,但还是有很多值得说道的地方。1969年希拉里·罗德姆从威尔斯利学院毕业,她成为了学院历史上第一位发表毕业演讲的学生,同时她也是当时的学生会主席。然而在开始准备多时的演讲前,她先慷慨激昂地驳斥了上一位演讲者——名叫爱德华·布鲁克的参议员。他在演讲中怂恿学生们抵制“强制性抗议”(对学生暴乱游行的委婉表达),这也是她演讲的中心思想。在罗德姆看来,布鲁克太狂妄,于是她把准备好的演讲稿暂时放在一旁,开始一通优雅但犀利的即兴回击。她犀利地指出:“当听到13.3%的人民生活在国家贫困线以下时意味着什么?它说明我们对社会重建不够重视,说明我们对人类复兴无动于衷,这不仅仅是一个百分比,更是抽我们脸的皮鞭!”演讲结束后,罗德姆得到了全场起立鼓掌数分钟的肯定。然而这才只是她崭露头角的开始,当她变成希拉里·克林顿后,这位女强人在政坛上更加混得风声水起,成为了美国第一夫人、参议员,还曾担任美国国务卿,现在是2016年的总统候选人。8.Kurt Vonnegut#39;s Fictional Speech at MIT, 19978.1997年,库尔特·冯内古特于麻省理工学院;Wear sunscreen ... The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.;“防晒霜……科学家已经明了长期涂防晒霜是有好处的,然而接下来我要给你们的意见却没有什么科学论,只是基于我个人的经验。”So begins one of the most popular commencement addresses in recent history, which also included such gems as ;Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements. Get to know your parents. Travel;. Famed American novelist Kurt Vonnegut sure had a way with words, didn#39;t he? Within days, the sage-but-simple advice he supposedly offered to Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates in June 1997 was racing across international borders via forwarded e-mails. Except Vonnegut didn#39;t write the commencement address. Or share it from the podium during MIT#39;s graduation ceremony. In fact, MIT#39;s 1997 graduation speaker was actually Kofi Annan, then-secretary-general of the ed Nations, who encouraged graduates to pursue multilateral diplomacy rather than save old love letters. Turns out the commencement address wasn#39;t an address at all, but a column penned by Mary Schmich that was published in the Chicago Tribune. ;It was witty,; Vonnegut later said, ;but it wasn#39;t my wittiness.; Of course, this didn#39;t stop the prose from becoming nearly as famous as its mistaken author. Within a year, ;Wear Sunscreen; had even been adapted into a hit single in Australia that rose to No. 1 in the U.K and No. 45 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100. Schmich made a book out of it, too.这段演讲竟成为近来历史上最受欢迎的毕业演讲之一,而且这段演讲还包含了许多金玉良言,如“保留你的旧情书,扔掉你的过期账单,多了解你的父母,多去旅行”等。那么著名的美国小说家库尔特. 冯内古特真的有说过这样的话吗?1997年6月,麻省理工学院毕业典礼上的这些简单却很有道理的话在接下来的那段日子里被世界各地的人们以电子邮件的方式广为转发。不过冯内古特并没有写过这段演讲,并且他也没有站在麻省理工学院的毕业典礼的颁奖台上分享他的这段话。事实上,这段话的演讲人是联合国前秘书长科菲.安南,他想通过这段演讲,鼓励毕业生去寻求一种多边的外交方式而不是鼓励他们保留自己的旧情书。最后实,这段毕业演讲并不是一段真正的演讲,只是发表在《芝加哥论坛报》上、由玛丽.修米西撰写的一篇专栏而已。冯内古特随后回应道:“这篇专栏报道内涵丰富,但却不是我的创作。”不过就算是这样,也挡不住这篇演讲和库尔特.冯内古特一样出名,广为人知。在这篇专栏发表后的一年内,“涂防晒霜”这一热词被写进澳大利亚的一首单曲中,并在英国和美国的“广播台100首最热单曲”排行榜中分列第一及第四十五名。修米西也为此出了一本书。7.Maria Shriver at College of the Holy Cross, 19987.1998年,玛利亚.施莱佛于圣十字学院;Don#39;t expect anyone else to support you financially.;“不要期盼任何人给你经济上的持。”When Maria Shriver, N news anchor and third-generation Kennedy, addressed 1998 graduates at College of the Holy Cross, her remarks received national attention. Shriver mentioned that she#39;d gotten a lot of advice on what she should say but decided to share her ;top-ten list of things I wish someone had told me when I was sitting, like you, at my graduation.; (Among them: ;Pinpoint your passion.; ;No job is beneath you.; And, ;Superwoman is dead;. Shriver backed up her advice with personal stories from her career and parenting adventures, and took a humorous approach to life#39;s toughest moments. The well-received speech formed the basis of ;Ten Things I Wish I#39;d Known—Before I Went Out into the Real World,; a book that became an instant hit in the graduation gift category. In 2012, Shriver followed up with a second powerful commencement speech, ;The Power of the Pause.; Delivered at the University of Southern California on the occasion of her daughter#39;s graduation, Shriver asked the new grads to pause before making judgments or decisions.N的新闻主播、肯尼迪家族的第三代成员——玛利亚.施莱佛,当她1998年在圣十字学院发表这篇毕业演讲时,当时她说的那些话引起了全国广泛的关注。施莱佛提到,在演讲前,她得到了很多“关于到底在毕业典礼上说什么”的建议。不过最终她还是决定分享一些她自己的想法:如果她是在座的毕业生,那么她希望别人告诉她的十件事情是什么?(这十件事情包括“找到你的”,“不要让工作束缚你”以及“女超人已经死了”等)在演讲中,施莱佛回顾了她个人的工作经历以及育儿的一些小故事,提出了自己的一些意见,并且以一种豁达的态度去对待生活中最艰辛的时刻。在这篇好评如潮的演讲稿的基础上,她又撰写了《在我进入到真正的社会前我希望知道的十件事》一书,后来这本书成为了轰动一时的毕业送别礼物。在2012年的时候,施莱佛又发表了她的第二篇十分轰动的毕业演讲——“停顿的力量”。她在南加利福尼亚大学的一次毕业典礼(凑巧是女儿毕业的那一届)上发表了这段讲话。在演讲中,施莱佛建议应届生在做判断及决定前,一定要记得思考。6.Steve Jobs at Stanford, 20056.2005年,史蒂夫·乔布斯在斯坦福大学;Your time is limited, so don#39;t waste it living someone else#39;s life.;“生命有限,所以要活出自我风采。”Even if you#39;re not a Mac, you should listen to Steve Jobs#39; understated commencement address at Stanford University in 2005. Jobs, who quipped that the address was the closest he#39;d ever come to a college graduation, shared three stories that connected the dots of his life -- and could possibly serve as a roadmap for others. He outlined his decision to drop out of college, how it had loosed a hunger for learning and eventually inspired the launch of Apple computers. Next, Jobs chronicled being fired from the company he#39;d built and how the painful and embarrassing split had led to greater things, including NeXT (which Apple later purchased because of its proprietary technology). But it was Jobs#39; recollection of being diagnosed with cancer that really stood out. For one day, he lived with the prognosis that he had three to six months before a rare form of pancreatic cancer would take his life. Then a biopsy revealed he had a rarer form still, one that could be surgically removed. (Sadly, the cancer would return and Jobs died in 2011). ;Don#39;t be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people#39;s thinking,; Jobs advised. ;Don#39;t let the noise of others#39; opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow aly know what you truly want to become;.即使你不是Mac粉,你也应该听听乔布斯2005年在斯坦福大学毕业典礼上所做的朴实无华的演讲。乔布斯打趣道,这次演讲是他离大学毕业最近的时刻,并分享了三个转变他人生轨迹的故事——这些都可以作为别人的成功指南。他概括了自己辍学的决心,辍学如何激发出学习欲望,及最终灵感涌现、推出苹果电脑的故事。在接下来的演讲中,乔布斯讲述了他被自己一手创建的苹果公司抛弃,如何在内心痛苦和尴尬分歧境遇下,建设诸如NeXT公司的成功故事(NeXT公司后来凭借专利技术,被苹果公司收购)。但演讲的精华,是乔布斯述说自己被诊断出患有癌症的部分。有一天,乔布斯被告知自己的生命只剩3到6个月,因为他被诊断出患有罕见而致命的胰腺癌。接下来的胰岛穿刺活检组织病理结果显示,他的癌虽更罕见,但可以通过手术切除。(不幸的是,癌症会复发。乔布斯于2011年逝世。)乔布斯建议,“不要受教条束缚,因为那意味着你的生活就像拾人牙慧。不要因其他人喧嚣的观点而忽略自己内心的声音。最重要的是,拿出勇气,听从内心所想、直觉所示,因为它们能在某种程度上反映出你的真实想法。”审校:围巾 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201603/429589

More than 1,500 Americans are seeking the White House, according to the Federal Election Commission.据美国联邦选举委员会表示,今年有超过1500名美国人寻求入主白宫。The number of candidates seeking the White House has more than tripled from 417 in 2012, though some entrants have penned in possibly fictitious names such as ;Disco Daddy; and ;Darth Vader.;尽管有些参选者的登记名字很有可能是伪造的,比如写作“迪斯科爸爸”和“达斯·维德”,但是今年白宫候选人的人数也已经是2012年参选人数(417人)的3倍了。Their ranks include Susan Young, a California social studies teacher aiming to give her students a lesson in democracy, Terry Jones, the Florida pastor known for organizing Koran burnings, and anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee.他们当中就包括一个名叫苏珊·杨的人。苏珊·杨是加州的一名社会学教师,她希望藉此给学生们上一堂有关民主的课程;还有一个名叫约翰·迈克菲的人,他是是佛罗里达州的一名牧师,以组织焚烧《古兰经》出名。而John McAfee是反病毒软件先锋。Another candidate, Edie Bukewihge, included her grandma#39;s chili recipe on her web site: www.vote4edie.org, along with the promise that the last two years of her term could be boring because she will have repaired the country#39;s ;damages.;另一名参选者Edie Bukewihge把她奶奶的辣椒配方放上自己的竞选网站www.vote4edie.org上,并称她若当选,最后两年任期可能会很无聊,因为那时她已修复了国家的“损伤”。They are among a rising number of Americans who aspire to be president, due to what psychology experts describe as growing narcissism, distrust of leadership and the power of social media to reach the public.他们这些人是越来越多胸怀总统梦的美国人的代表。心理学专家称,个中原因包括人们越来越自恋、对领导阶层的不信任以及社交媒体具备的与公众沟通的威力。These hopefuls are not a factor in polls that show businessman Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas battling for the Republican nomination and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic field ahead of next month#39;s Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.这些参选人不是相关民调考虑的一个因素。这些民调显示在共和党内,商人特朗普与美国参议员克鲁兹将会争夺候选人资格,而民主党内则是佛蒙特州的参议员本尼·桑德斯和前国务卿希拉里的持率在下个月举行的爱荷华州和新罕布什尔州的初选之前领先。 /201601/424842There#39;s a reason why women are attracted to bad boys, and it#39;s not (just) their sweet leather jackets. It#39;s science.女性被坏男孩吸引并不只是因为他们的皮夹克,而是有原因的,科学可以解释这一点。Apparently, people with ;pathological; personalities are simply more attractive to the opposite sex. The new study carried out by a team of researchers at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and published on Scientific American, analyzed 1,000 heterosexual men and women with a broad spectrum of pathological personality traits. Researchers also quizzed the participants on their lifetime ;number; of sexual partners and how successful they were in their careers.很明显,拥有“不同寻常”个性的人通常都更具有吸引力。由巴塞罗那医院诊所的研究员组成的团队,发布在科学美国人杂志上的新研究,分析了1000个有着广泛异常特性的异性恋的男性和女性。研究员还测试了参与者一生性伴侣的个数与事业有多成功的关系。Both men and women with personalities such as neurotic and reckless reported a higher number of both mates and children, though only obsessive-compulsive males—not females—were successful at pinning down long-term partners. According to Fernando Gutiérrez, who led the study, this is likely because obsessive-compulsives earned much more money than other participants. Far more surprising was that neurotic women were more successful in long-lasting love, despite being seen as unstable, anxious, and insecure.据报道不论男性还是女性,具有例如神经质和鲁莽个性的人,拥有更多数量的伴侣和子女,然而只有具有强迫症的男性,成功维系了长期的伴侣。根据这项研究的领导者Fernando Gutiérrez,这很可能是因为有强迫症的人比其他人挣的钱更多。更令人惊奇的是,尽管神经质的女性被视为不稳定,焦虑和不安全,她们却在长期爱情中更成功。Gutiérrez believes women like deviant behavior simply because it#39;s fascinating. “While [pathological men] are selfish, rule-breaking, imprudent, and rebellious, they are also brave, temerarious, independent, and self-reliant—and they live frantic, galvanizing lives,” he says.Gutiérrez认为女性喜爱不正常的行为仅仅是因为有趣。“尽管坏男孩自私,不守常规,不谨慎,反叛,但他们同样也勇敢,不顾一切,独立,自主,而且他们过着狂野,有的生活。”他说。Of course, the study has its limits. “Respondents could have inflated the number of partners in an effort to depict themselves as more desirable,; says Corinna E. L#246;ckenhoff, a human-developmental psychologist at Cornell University. ;This may be especially true for individuals whose personality characteristics make them prone to dishonesty and for male respondents, since cultural norms tend to view promiscuity [as] more favorable in men than in women.; In other words, you can#39;t trust anyone to give his or her accurate ;number,; let alone psychos.当然了,这项研究也有局限性。“回答者可能会夸大伴侣的数量,以显示自己的魅力,”康奈尔大学人类研究心理学家Corinna E. L#246;ckenhoff说,“对于性格特点易撒谎是这样,对于男性来说更是这样,因为文化常规使得人们认为乱交可以明男性更受欢迎。”换句话说,你永远不可能让一个人说出他准确的伴侣数量,更不要说神经病了。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201511/411132

After 340 days in orbit, American astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko have returned safely to Earth.在太空轨道上停留340天后,美国宇航员凯利和俄罗斯宇航员科尔尼延科安全返回地球。A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Kelly and Kornienko and a second Russian cosmonaut, Sergey Volkov, made a soft landing on the frozen steppes of Kazakhstan early Wednesday morning, three hours after separating from the International Space Station. Volkov is back after spending the last six months aboard the ISS, the typical mission length for space station crews.星期三清晨,运载凯利、科尔尼延科和另一名俄罗斯宇航员沃尔科夫的俄罗斯联盟号飞船在天寒地冻的哈萨克斯坦平原地带安全着陆。在此3小时前,联盟号飞船从国际空间站起航。沃尔科夫在国际空间站停留了6个月,宇航员在国际空间站执行任务通常都是半年时间。Kelly now holds the American record for the longest continuous time in space, as he and Kornienko circled the world 5,440 times aboard the ISS, covering 144 million miles and witnessing 10,880 orbital sunrises and sunsets.凯利目前是在太空停留时间最长的美国宇航员,他和科尔尼延科在国际空间站上环绕地球飞行了5440圈,飞行总长1亿4千4百万英里,看到了1万零880次日出日落。The duo#39;s mission was designed to measure how a long-term stay in a microgravity environment impacts the human body and mind, with an eye toward planning for future multi-year missions that will be necessary to take crews to Mars or other places in the solar system.这两名宇航员的使命是测试长期处于微重力环境对人类身体和心智的影响,以便为将来飞往火星或太阳系其它地方需要持续数年的宇航使命制定计划。 /201603/429546MONACO — In what appears at first glance to be a simple, magnanimous act, a Russian billionaire is poised this week to return two Picassos, valued at million, to the artist’s stepdaughter, who says the works, both portraits of her mother — Jacqueline Roque, Picasso’s second wife — were stolen from her.纳哥——乍看之下,这是一个淳朴而崇高的行为——本周(9月20日至9月26日),一位俄罗斯亿万富翁准备把两幅价值3000万美元的毕加索画作还给这位艺术家的继女。后者声称,这两幅她母亲(毕加索第二任妻子杰奎琳·罗克[Jacqueline Roque])的肖像画是从她那里偷走的。The businessman, Dmitry E. Rybolovlev, owner of one of the world’s most valuable art collections, said in an interview last week that he bought the works in good faith in 2013, without any hint that there was a question about their title.商人德米特里·E·雷洛夫列夫(Dmitry E. Rybolovlev)拥有一批世界上最为值钱的艺术品。上周接受采访时,他说,2013年,他秉承诚信原则买下这两幅画,完全不知道归属权有问题。“I feel solidarity with her, especially because there is a strong emotional link between the portraits of her and her mother,” Mr. Rybolovlev said in the interview from his penthouse apartment here overlooking the Mediterranean.“我认同她的主张,特别是考虑到她和母亲肖像之间具有强烈的情感联系,”雷洛夫列夫在俯瞰地中海的顶层公寓里接受采访时说。But Mr. Rybolovlev’s decision is much more than just a chivalrous, expensive gesture. The man from whom he bought the portraits, Yves Bouvier, is also Mr. Rybolovlev’s adversary in what has become perhaps the largest feud in the art world today. And by returning the art in such a public fashion, he is drawing attention to their broader fight.但是,雷洛夫列夫的决定绝不仅仅是因为慷慨正直。他是从伊夫·布维耶(Yves Bouvier)那里买到这两幅肖像画的。后者是他的对手,他们之间的争执可能是当今艺术界最高量级的。雷洛夫列夫以如此公开的方式归还艺术品,引起人们对他们更大争斗的注意。For the past year, Mr. Rybolovlev has been battling Mr. Bouvier in courtrooms in Paris, Monaco, Singapore and Hong Kong in a dispute that has shed light on some of the murkier corners of the international art market. He has accused Mr. Bouvier, who helped him amass his collection, of fraud by overcharging him as much as billion for multiple pieces of art.在过去的一年里,雷洛夫列夫在巴黎、纳哥、新加坡和香港的法庭上与布维耶对峙,这些纠纷反映出国际艺术市场较为阴暗的一面。布维耶曾帮助他收集藏品。他指控布维耶诈骗,在多件艺术品上共多收了他10亿美元。Karen Boyer, a New York art adviser, said the dispute was “being watched pretty widely.”纽约艺术顾问卡伦·耶(Karen Boyer)说,这场纠纷“得到了广泛关注”。“A movie could be made out of it,” she added.“都能拍成电影了,”她补充说。The feud began last year, Mr. Rybolovlev said, when by chance he met an art adviser over lunch during a Caribbean vacation and discovered that — in a purchase arranged by Mr. Bouvier — he had paid 8 million for a Modigliani painting that a hedge fund billionaire, Steven A. Cohen, had sold for only .5 million.雷洛夫列夫说,争执始于去年,当时他在加勒比地区度假,午餐时无意中遇到一位艺术顾问,发现按照布维耶的安排,他付1.18亿美元购买了一幅莫迪利亚尼(Modigliani)的油画,而那幅画原来的主人、对冲基金亿万富翁史蒂文·A·科恩(Steven A. Cohen)当时的售价仅为9350万美元。Now, by returning the Picassos as planned in Paris on Thursday, Mr. Rybolovlev is supporting Picasso’s stepdaughter, Catherine Hutin-Blay, whose theft claim is being investigated by French officials.雷洛夫列夫计划周四(9月24)在巴黎归还毕加索的肖像画。他想通过此举持毕加索的继女凯瑟琳·于坦-布莱(Catherine Hutin-Blay)。法国警方正在调查这桩盗窃案。But Mr. Bouvier complains he is being unfairly attacked by an art-world insider who understands the rules completely. He says he believed he had legally purchased the Picasso works, and their return, he said, is being staged only to embarrass him.不过,布维耶说,他遭到一位完全了解规则的艺术界内部人士的不正当攻击。他说,他坚信自己购买毕加索那两幅作品的行为是合法的;他还说,雷洛夫列夫归还作品只是为了让他难堪。“It’s a pure media show,” said Mr. Bouvier, 52, who nonetheless was ordered by the French court to deposit the price of the portraits while the inquiry progresses.“这纯粹是演给媒体看的,”52岁的布维耶说。不过,法国法院要求他在调查期间上缴这两幅肖像画的价款。Though it is his work as an art dealer and adviser that has drawn fire from Mr. Rybolovlev, Mr. Bouvier, a Swiss businessman, is better known as a man who runs an expanding network of freeports, the largely tax-free storage depots where wealthy collectors now store so many of their treasures.虽然布维耶是作为艺术交易商和顾问引发雷洛夫列夫攻击的,但这位瑞士商人经营的庞大自由港网络更为出名。那些自由港主要是免税储藏库。如今,富有的收藏家们在这些储存库里存放了很多宝物。The dispute would be noteworthy if it were only a clash of giant egos. But Mr. Rybolovlev says his goal is larger. Sitting in his Monte Carlo home, Mr. Rybolovlev, a trim, reserved man of 48, announced with clinical detachment his hope of focusing attention on the often opaque nature of transactions in the art market, where buyers often do not know the identity of sellers.如果这场纠纷只是两个非常自负的人之间的冲突,那它可能不是这么值得关注。但是雷洛夫列夫说,他的目标更大。48岁的雷洛夫列夫身材修长、矜持寡言,他在位于蒙特卡洛的家中以冷静超然的态度声称,他希望人们关注艺术市场交易的不透明性,在这里买家经常不知道卖家的身份。“If the market were more transparent, these things wouldn’t happen,” he said.“如果艺术市场更透明,就不会发生这些事了,”他说。The two men met in 2003, when Mr. Bouvier began helping Mr. Rybolovlev with his collection. Trained as a physician, Mr. Rybolovlev made his fortune in the production and export of potash fertilizer after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Forbes currently estimates his worth at more than billion. Through family trusts, he has bought a Greek island, Monaco’s soccer team and real estate around the world, including Donald Trump’s former oceanfront home in Florida.2003年,布维耶和雷洛夫列夫相遇,前者开始帮助后者收集艺术品。雷洛夫列夫学医出身,苏联解体后,他依靠钾肥生产和出口而聚集起财富。据《福布斯》(Forbes)估计,目前他的资产超过80亿美元。通过家族信托,他买下了一座希腊小岛和纳哥足球队,并在世界各地购买房产,包括唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)在佛罗里达海岸的旧居。He has also spent nearly billion on art, relying often on Mr. Bouvier’s contacts to obtain works by El Greco, van Gogh, Matisse and others.他还花费近20亿美元购买艺术品,大多是通过布维耶联系,包括埃尔·格雷科(El Greco)、梵高(van Gogh)和马蒂斯(Matisse)等人的作品。Mr. Bouvier is known as the “king of the freeports” because he is the main operator or lead private investor in three of the half-dozen or so major freeports that are known to specialize in art. His private transportation company and high-tech warehouses in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Singapore draw business from wealthy collectors who want to store and trade their possessions privately with tax advantages.布维耶以“自由港之王”闻名,因为他是三个专门储存艺术品的大型免税仓库的主要经营者或主要私人投资者。这样的大型仓库共有六个左右。他在瑞士、卢森堡和新加坡经营的私人运输公司和高科技仓库对富有收藏家具有吸引力。那些收藏家想在这些地方储存和私下交易藏品,享受税收优惠。In these roles, he circulates on the global art circuit, building a network of contacts that he puts to work for his art-buying clients, like Mr. Rybolovlev, who was his biggest. “That is the way of the art market,” said Mr. Bouvier, a wiry man who wore sneakers to an interview at a Geneva steakhouse. “It’s a hunt for information.” And those who collect it, he said, expect to be paid.布维耶凭借自己的这些身份在全球艺术界周旋,建立联络网,为购买艺术品的客户务,雷洛夫列夫就曾是他最大的客户。身体结实的布维耶穿着帆布鞋在日内瓦的一家牛排馆里接受采访时说,“艺术品市场就是这样,关键是搜寻信息。”他表示,能搞到信息的人自然希望拿到酬劳。Larry Gagosian, the New York art dealer, is among those who question whether Mr. Bouvier should be both storing and selling art since running a warehouse gives him privileged information about collectors’ art holdings.有些人质疑布维耶既储存又出售艺术品的做法是否正当,因为经营仓库让他拥有了解收藏者艺术品持有情况的特权。纽约艺术品交易商拉里·加戈西安(Larry Gagosian)就是质疑者之一。“I’d consider it a terrible conflict of interest and would never keep art long term in the warehouse of a dealer,” Mr. Gagosian said.“我认为那样做存在严重的利益冲突,我永远不会把艺术品长期放在交易商的仓库里,”加戈西安说。Mr. Rybolovlev acknowledges, though, that he had full confidence in Mr. Bouvier during a period when, by his account, they spent much time together on his private Greek island or in the soccer stands at Monaco.不过,雷洛夫列夫承认,有一段时间,他对布维耶完全信任。据他所述,他们在他的希腊私人小岛或纳哥的足球看台上共度过了许多时光。Though Mr. Bouvier acknowledges socializing with Mr. Rybolovlev, he says the two were not close. “I never spoke to him directly for more than two minutes on the ski lift,” said Mr. Bouvier, who noted that they communicated through translators because the Russian businessman spoke little French or English.布维耶虽然承认与雷洛夫列夫有往来,但表示两人并不是特别熟。布维耶提到,因为这位俄罗斯商人几乎不会说法语或英语,所以他们只能通过翻译交流。他说,“在滑雪缆车上,我从未直接对他说话超过两分钟。”Everyone agrees their relationship suddenly soured late last year as they argued over payments and disputed the terms under which they were doing business. Mr. Rybolovlev says he had believed Mr. Bouvier was acting as his intermediary in their transactions, negotiating the best price and taking a 2 percent fee, based on the purchase price.所有人都同意,去年年底,他们因报酬和交易条款发生争执,关系突然恶化。雷洛夫列夫说,他本来以为布维耶在交易中担任中介角色,谈出最佳价格,然后拿走购买价2%的中介费。In emails to the Russian’s adviser, Mr. Bouvier appeared to portray himself as negotiating hard terms or, in one example, urging Mr. Rybolovlev to make a speedy purchase because “the seller is very old and has a heart condition.” Mr. Bouvier, though, said it was always clear that he was operating as an independent seller who could buy the art and resell on his own terms and charge Mr. Rybolovlev what the market would bear.在给雷洛夫列夫顾问的邮件中,布维耶似乎表现出强硬的谈判态度,催促雷洛夫列夫快速购买,因为“卖家年纪很大,有心脏病”。不过,布维耶说,自己是独立卖家这一点一直很明显,他购买艺术品,然后自行转卖,向雷洛夫列夫收取市场价。Last January, Mr. Rybolovlev filed a criminal complaint in Monaco, asserting that his trusted adviser had been secretly marking up the works that he obtained on the collector’s behalf. Mr. Bouvier was arrested but released on bail, and the case is still unresolved.去年1月,雷洛夫列夫在纳哥提起刑事诉讼,指控他所信任的顾问暗自抬高以收藏者名义获得的艺术品的价格。布维耶因此被捕,不过获得保释,此案尚未判决。Mr. Rybolovlev also went to court in Singapore, where Mr. Bouvier lives, to freeze .1 billion of Mr. Bouvier’s assets. But a court there lifted the freeze.雷洛夫列夫还在布维耶居住的新加坡起诉他,导致布维耶财产中的11亿美元遭到冻结。但当地的一个法院解除了冻结。“It is at least doubtful, even if not wholly incredible, that the respondents genuinely believed that the remuneration for Mr. Bouvier’s services was limited to the 2 percent fee that the respondents plainly knew they were paying him,” the judge in the case wrote.“原告真的认为布维耶的务报酬最多就是他所知道的自己付的2%,这一点至少值得怀疑,虽然这并非完全不可思议,”此案的法官写道。Their latest skirmish involves the two portraits of Roque, who committed suicide in 1986. In testimony to French investigators earlier this year, Ms. Hutin-Blay, 67, said she had entrusted the gouache portraits of her mother and other works to a business partner of Mr. Bouvier’s to store for her in a vault outside Paris.他们的最新冲突涉及罗克的两幅肖像画。罗克1986年自杀。今年早些时候,67岁的于坦-布莱在给法国警方的词中说,她把母亲的水粉肖像画等作品委托给布维耶的一位商业合作伙伴,存放在巴黎郊区的一个仓库里。 Several years later, she said, an art restorer who worked for Mr. Bouvier’s company in the Geneva Freeport, told her that the painting had been brought there, restored and sold to Mr. Rybolovlev.她说,几年后,一位在日内瓦免税港布维耶的公司工作的艺术品修复专家告诉她,那幅画被带到了那里,修复后卖给了雷洛夫列夫。In March, Ms. Hutin-Blay filed a legal complaint asserting that her property had been stolen.今年3月,于坦-布莱提起法律诉讼,声称财产被盗。For his part, Mr. Bouvier said that while he never met Ms. Hutin-Blay, he had believed intermediaries were representing her in the sale. Documents show he wired million for the Picasso portraits in 2010 to the Nobilo Trust, of which, he said, he believed she was a beneficiary.布维耶说,虽然他从未见过于坦-布莱,但他之前相信,中间人是代表她拍卖。资料显示,2010年,他花费800万美元从诺比洛信托公司(Nobilo Trust)购买了几幅毕加索肖像画。布维耶说,他认为于坦-布莱是那个公司的一位受益人。“I am not crazy,” he said. “I’m not going to sell stolen art to someone who has bought 2 billion in art from me. He was my biggest client. I am not a fool.”布维耶说,“我又没疯。我不会把一件偷来的艺术品卖给一个从我这里买了20亿美元艺术品的人。他曾是我最大的客户。我又不傻。”But Ms. Hutin-Blay’s lawyer in Paris, Anne-Sophie Nardon, said that Ms. Hutin-Blay had never authorized the sale of the paintings or received the money. She declined further comment and would not discuss whether Ms. Hutin-Blay did have a relationship to the Nobilo Trust.不过,于坦-布莱在巴黎的律师安妮-索菲·纳尔东(Anne-Sophie Nardon)说,于坦-布莱从未授权拍卖那些画,也没有收到钱。她拒绝进一步或讨论于坦-布莱与诺比洛信托公司是否有关系。After they turn over the paintings on Thursday to Ms. Hutin-Blay’s lawyer, Mr. Rybolovlev’s representatives said, they expect French police investigators to take custody of them to authenticate the paintings and await the outcome of the judicial proceedings. But he said he was taking this step now because “I understand her emotional state.”周四(9月24日),雷洛夫列夫的代表们把那两幅移交给于坦-布莱的律师后说,希望法国警方保管这些画并鉴定真假,他们会等待审判结果。不过雷洛夫列夫说,他现在这样做是因为“我理解她的心情”。“It was a personal act of betrayal,” he said.“这是个人背叛行为,”他说。Mr. Bouvier’s French lawyer, Ron Soffer, pointed out that Mr. Bouvier had not been charged with a crime. Mr. Bouvier himself seemed unbowed during the interview last week, as he rummaged through a shopping bag full of documents that he said showed how unfair it was to suggest he had sold Mr. Rybolovlev stolen Picassos.布维耶的法国律师罗恩·索弗(Ron Soffer)指出,布维耶没有获罪。在上周的采访中,布维耶本人似乎也不打算认罪。他翻寻一个装满文件的购物袋。他说,那些文件表明,说他把被盗的毕加索作品卖给雷洛夫列夫是多么不公平。“Just till now, I have been a gentleman,” he said. “But from now on, I am the resistance and I will reveal the truth.”他说,“直到这一刻,我都是绅士。但是从今往后,我要当反抗者,我要把真相揭露出来。” /201510/402157Mark Zuckerberg and his new baby, Maxima, are getting along just swimmingly. The Facebook founder and CEO posted a new photo of his two month old baby girl serenely floating in what appears to be a lake as her billionaire daddy holds her lightly behind her head and looks adoringly into her eyes.马克·扎克伯格和女儿麦克斯在水中进行亲子互动。这位Facebook的创始人兼现任首席执行官最近在自己的Facebook账号上晒出了一张照片。照片中,在一处看上去像是湖水的地方,女儿麦克斯静静地漂浮着,扎克伯格则轻轻地托着女儿的头,宠溺地望着女儿。He captioned the photo #39;Max#39;s first swim. She loves it!#39; The post has so received almost a million likes and over 21,000 comments.扎克伯格为该照片配上这样一段话 #39;麦克斯的初次游泳体验!小家伙很开心。#39; 这张照片获得了百万网友的点赞,超过21000条留言。Pretty little Max is wearing a green striped onesie bathing suit with a red rose on the front. Her hair seems a little longer and her features a bit more defined than in previous photos the proud dad has shared. Baby Max is growing up!麦克斯身着绿色条纹的肚兜,胸前有一朵红色的玫瑰花。和扎克伯格以前晒出的照片相比,麦克斯的头发长了一些,面部轮廓也更清晰了,小麦克斯长大了!Since Maxima was born, Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, haven#39;t been shy about sharing pictures of the little girl on - where else? - Facebook.麦克斯一出生,扎克伯格和妻子普莉希拉就大大方方地开始晒女秀。在哪里?当然是在Facebook上了。Zuck has just returned to work after a two month parental leave to spend time with Max - all Facebook employees receive four months paid parental leave每位Facebook的员工都拥有休四个月带薪产假的福利。而扎克伯格在和女儿度过两个月的时光后,便回去上班了。He has posted pictures of her getting her first vaccines, celebrating her first New Year#39;s Eve in her daddy#39;s arms, and posing with Star Wars merchandise, including a baby light saber.扎克伯格还晒出了几张麦克斯在新年前夕接种疫苗的照片。其中一张照片中,扎克伯格抱着她;另一张照片中,麦克斯身边放着一些《星球大战》的道具,包括一把玩具光剑。Before her birth, the couple made a time capsule promising to try to make the world a better place for her and all children.在麦克斯出生前,扎克伯格夫妇曾制作了一段时间胶囊视频,承诺将为麦克斯和所有的孩子带来一个更美好的世界。 /201601/424460

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