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上海市长海医院激光祛斑手术价格上海玫瑰整形美容医院祛胎记好吗这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:急跳墙,兔子急了咬人,可真要把人逼急了,那人可是无所不能,无所不为的……不过,我们的克莱尔,毕竟杀伤力有限,还是相当无害的!译者:koogle /201306/243455复旦大学附属闵行医院激光去痘手术价格费用 There are few things in life that we look forward to more than a summer vacation, as it’s finally a chance to unwind and forget all the stresses that usually accompany day-to-day life. Additionally, there is a benefit to choosing an interesting and exotic location: bragging to friends and family.生活中没有什么比暑假更让我们盼望的了,因为我们终于有机会可以放开并且忘记那些日常生活中伴随我们的各种压力。此外,我们还可以选择一个有趣而且充满异国情调的目的地,带上我们的朋友家人去旅行。The following places are not only great locations to visit in the summer months, but they offer both cultural and visual flavors that will provide stories and memories to last a lifetime.下面推荐的这些地方不仅是暑期旅行的绝佳目的地,而且它们带给我们文化上和视觉上的享受会为我们留下伴随一生的故事和回忆。Paris, France法国巴黎It is not a secret that Paris is a great place to visit in the summer, and this common knowledge is reflected in the crowds and prices. It’s best to plan this trip way in advance, then just enjoy the amazing weather and historical landmarks that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Don’t miss going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, or seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. Though it can be a nice trip for families, the high price tag makes a Paris more of a romantic getaway for couples—one that’s sure to keep the fire going, or ignite a new spark.巴黎是夏季旅行的好地方早已不是秘密,从如织的游客和高昂的价格就能看出来。最好能事先规划行程,然后就尽管享受这里美好的天气,还有那些每个人一生至少应该看一次的历史古迹。别忘了登山艾菲尔塔顶,参观巴黎圣母院教堂,或者去卢浮宫看看蒙娜丽莎。San Francisco, California加利福尼亚州旧金山Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” While the cold breeze from the San Francisco Bay can get a bit chilly, the sun will be shining and the mid-60’s temperatures will be much appreciated while you’re doing all the walking that’s necessary to fully take in this historic city. Some of the main attractions include: Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Alcatraz Prison, and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.著名作家马克-吐温曾经说,“我度过的最寒冷的冬天就是旧金山的夏天。”虽然来自旧金山湾的冷风会带来些许寒冷,但阳光依旧闪耀,而且十八、九度的气温会让你在徒步游览这座历史城市时感到很舒。一些主要景点包括:渔人码头、唐人街、恶魔岛监狱、还有穿越金门大桥。Montreal, Quebec魁北克省蒙特利尔Looking for European culture without taking a trans-Atlantic flight? Then welcome to Montreal. World-class restaraunts, historic sites, a vibrant music scene, and pulsating night life make Montreal an ideal destination for a trip with friends or for couples.想要探寻欧洲文化但又不想飞越大西洋?那么欢迎来蒙特利尔。世界级的餐厅、历史古迹、有活力的音乐现场还有让人兴奋的夜生活,让蒙特利尔成为了朋友或夫妻旅行的理想目的地。San Juan Islands, Washington华盛顿州圣胡安群岛Summer in the San Juan Islands off the Olympic Peninsula is the prime time for hiking and whale watching. The islands can be accessed by either flying in from Seattle or by taking a drive-on ferry and using a car to navigate from island to island. Hike in Lime Kiln Point State Park and watch the orcas that also like to visit the area in the summer.夏天是圣胡安群岛的奥林匹克半岛徒步旅行和观看鲸鱼的黄金时间。可以从西雅图乘飞机前往,也可以搭乘汽车轮渡,再驾车在岛和岛之间穿行。可以在石灰窑点州立公园远足,也可以观赏也爱在夏天到访该地的逆戟鲸。There are also boat tours that take you up close and personal with the gentle giants. With bike trails, cozy inns, and fantastic weather, this is a summer vacation spot for the whole family.你也可以乘船旅行,可以近距离亲密接触这些温柔的庞然大物。这里有自行车径、舒适的旅馆和迷人的天气,是适合全家人的夏季度假胜地。Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska阿拉斯加州冰河湾国家公园Sticking with the whale-watching theme, the next summer spot on the list is Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. The best way to visit this amazing location is by taking a cruise ship. This park is home to humpback whales, harbor porpoises, moose, black and brown bears, mountain goats, and mountain peaks that top 15,000 feet. The cruise ships will pass by deep fjords, coastal forests, and seven active tidewater glaciers calving glaciers into the bay. Yes, you can watch gigantic chunks of ice breaking off glaciers and crashing into the ocean!还是看鲸鱼这个主题,上榜的下一个夏季度假胜地是位于阿拉斯加的冰河湾国家公园。游览这片神奇地方的最佳方式是乘坐游轮。这个公园里有座头鲸、鼠海豚、驼鹿、黑熊、棕熊、北美野山羊,山顶最高峰有15000英尺。游轮会穿过深深的峡湾、海岸森林,还有7座活跃的不断让冰川裂开带入海湾的入海冰川。没错,你可以看见巨大的冰块从冰川上断裂,坠入海洋!Maui, Hawaii夏威夷毛伊岛While the preceding locations on the list are not usually the first places that would come to mind when thinking of a relaxing summer vacation, they definitely offer something potentially new and exciting. Sometimes, taking the road less traveled can be stressful and not everyone’s cup of tea. Maui, however, checks every box on the ideal summer vacation list.这份榜单上前几个地方通常不是我们说到夏季度假时首先会想到的地方,它们给我们提供了新的刺激的选择。有时候,选择人少的旅行路线会让人感到有压力,而且不是每个人都喜欢。然而毛伊岛却满足所有理想夏季度假地的要求。Beautiful beaches? Check. Warm oceans filled with exotic sea life? Check. Golf, hiking, volcanoes? Check. Maui offers fun in the sun for the whole family. Tons of shopping, snorkeling, surf lessons, waterfalls, helicopter tours of volcanoes, sacred hot springs, deep sea fishing, the list goes on and on. The hardest thing you will have to do on a trip to Maui is start packing to go back home.美丽的海滩?有。充满异国情调海洋生活的温暖大海?有。高尔夫、远足、火山?也有。毛伊岛为全家提供阳光下的乐趣。各种购物、潜水、冲浪课程、瀑布、乘直升机参观火山、神圣的温泉、深海钓鱼,在毛伊岛应有尽有。来了毛伊岛,你要做的最艰难的事情就是收拾行李回家。 /201307/246291Not only do people make new resolutions at the start of the New Year, but many are also looking to drop bad habits. A toxic habit can be an insidious force in your life — you#39;ll keep falling into its trap, and pretty soon, it#39;ll become second nature and you won#39;t even notice it. Instead, when unfortunate events happen in your life, you#39;ll wonder how they all came about without realizing that you set them up by indulging in bad habits. Nip these bad behaviors in the bud before they spiral out of control:新年伊始,人们不仅制定新计划,也决心改掉坏习惯。坏习惯是生活中的潜流暗礁——你一再因它而跌倒,而且坏习惯很快会在不知不觉中成为你根深蒂固的习性。当生活遭遇不幸时,你往往只会哀叹为何倒霉的事总发生在你身上,却很少意识到一切都是恶习所致。所以,一定要将坏习惯扼杀在萌芽中,以免日后造成祸害:The ;later; mentality. Organization expert Peter Walsh says the one habit you should drop this year is procrastinating. Walsh says it#39;s the small steps that need to be done to stay on top of clutter. This mentality applies to all areas of your life. For example, that work task you#39;ve been putting off for weeks or months? Instead of holding it off until ;later,; working on it step by step will get you to your end goal faster.拖延心理。组织专家彼得-沃尔什认为今年应改掉拖延的坏习惯。沃尔什说,一步一步做任务便可化解一堆琐事。拖延心理在生活中随处可见。例如,某些工作任务经被拖上几周甚至数月。不要等“以后”再做了,一步一步先做起来,最后就能更快地完成任务。Saying ;yes; to everything. If you#39;re a people pleaser, learn to say ;no; to people this year. It#39;s one thing to do a favor for a friend or co-worker, but remember not to overextend yourself. Learn to delegate better at work and be honest with people. There#39;s always a nice way of saying ;no,; so don#39;t worry about hurting people#39;s feelings.来者不拒。如果你总是讨好别人,今年请试着学会说“不”吧。向朋友或同事提供帮助是一回事,但也不能毫无原则。请试着分配好工作、坦诚待人吧。委婉拒绝的方法有的是,还不用伤人感情。Unhealthy addictions. Moderation is the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Assess your addictions — be it things like sugar, smoking, shopping, or reality TV — and figure out the best one to work on this year. Addictions can be costly to your health and your wallet, so for a better 2013 and beyond, choose one unhealthy addiction to drop.不良嗜好。自我控制对健康平衡生活至关重要。反省一下自己的嗜好——甜点、抽烟、购物或电视秀等,然后在今年改掉那个最容易下手的吧。不良嗜好不仅有害健康,还耗费金钱。所以,为了更美好的2013年以及以后的日子,开始戒掉某个不良嗜好吧。Self doubt. Insecurities can hold you back and set negative thought patterns that will make you feel blue or give up easily. They can also sour your relationships with people. For example, you may be overly sensitive to what others say, and this may impact the way you interact with them. To remove self doubt, go on a self-improvement journey this year. Try attaining new skills and hobbies so you#39;ll start being more confident of your abilities and do things like meditate to calm yourself.自我怀疑。不安全感会妨碍你的发展、向你灌输消极思想、让你心情沮丧或轻言放弃。不安全感还会影响你的人际关系。比如说,你可能会对他人的过于敏感,继而影响到你与他人的交往。今年开始,请抛开自我怀疑、走上一段自我提升的旅程吧。尝试学习新的技能和爱好,这样你就对自己的能力更加自信,也会更容易调整自己镇定处事了。Living in the now. Everyone throws around the popular catch phrase ;you only live once; and uses it as an excuse for short-term indulgences. It#39;s true that life is short, but remember that it#39;s usually the long-term approach that achieves the biggest accomplishments and goals. Saving up for the dream vacation to an African safari may take longer than an impulse shopping spree, but it#39;ll be much more fulfilling.只顾眼前。人们总是引用那句至理名言“活在当下”,并以此为借口停留在眼前的舒适区。人生确实苦短,但请记住:生活中只有放长线才能钓大鱼。为梦想的美洲旅行积攒盘缠或许比一次冲动购物更难捱,但结果却会非常有意义。 /201301/220767上海激光脱毛大概多少钱

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