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广州输卵管检查哪里好增城人民医院生殖中心Oil and the world economy原油和世界经济The new Greece?又一个希腊?How to assess the risks of a 2012 oil shock如何评价2012石油危机的风险WITH the euro crisis in abeyance, high oil prices have become the latest source of worry for the world economy. “Oil is the new Greece” is a typical headline on a recent report by HS analysts. The fear is understandable. Oil markets are edgy; tensions with Iran are high. The price of Brent crude shot up by more than a barrel on March 1st, to 8, after an Iranian press report that explosions had destroyed a vital Saudi Arabian oil pipeline. It fell back after the Saudis denied the claim, but at 5, crude is still 16% costlier than at the start of the year.欧元危机悬而未决,高油价又令世界经济为之头痛。在汇丰分析师最近的报道中,头条便是“原油成为又一个希腊” ,这种担忧是可以理解的。国际原油市场变幻莫测,伊朗局势依然紧张。据一家伊朗媒体报道,一次爆炸损坏了沙特阿拉伯一条至关重要的石油管道。布伦特原油价格应声上扬,三月一号每桶价格暴涨到128美元,涨幅超过5美元。随后沙特当局否认了这一报道,价格出现一定回落,但依然高达125美元,原油价格较年初上涨16%。Assessing the dangers posed by dearer oil means answering four questions: What is driving up the oil price? How high could it go? What is the likely economic impact of rises so far? And what damage could plausible future increases do?要评估随之而来的风险,就得回答以下四个问题:是什么在推高油价?油价会高到什么地步?到目前为止,价格上涨可能带来的经济影响是什么?未来似乎合理的价格增长会造成怎样的损害?The origins of higher prices matter. Supply shocks, for instance, do more damage to global growth than higher prices that are the consequence of stronger demand. One frequent explanation of the current rise is that central-bank largesse has sent oil prices higher. In recent months the world’s big central banks have all either injected liquidity, expanded quantitative easing (printing money to buy bonds) or promised to keep rates low for longer. This flood of cheap money, so the argument goes, has sent investors into hard assets, especially oil. But since markets are forward-looking, the announcement rather than the enactment of QE should move oil prices; indeed, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, disappointed markets last month by not signalling another round of QE (see Buttonwood). Moreover, if rising prices are being driven by speculators you should see a rise in oil inventories—exactly the opposite of what has happened.其中较高价格的起源关系重大。举例来说,供给冲击对全球增长的危害要远大于需求增加导致的价格上涨。一种常见的解释是,中央增加货币供给推动了价格上涨。最近的几个月里,世界各大央行都向市场注入了流动性,实行量化宽松政策(印更多的钞票购买债券)或者承诺现行的低利率将维持一段时间。这样一大批廉价货币让投资者涌入了硬资产领域,特别是石油,因此争论还在继续。但由于市场具有前瞻性,所以左右油价的应该是官方声明而不是量化宽松政策的实施。实际上,美联储主席本﹒伯南克并没有签署另一轮量化宽松政策(见《梧桐》),这一举动无疑挫败了市场信心。此外,如果价格被投机者操控,那么原油存货应该增加,而事实却恰好相反。Central banks may have affected oil indirectly, by raising global growth prospects, which in turn buoy expectations for oil demand. Circumstantial evidence supports this thesis. The recent rise in oil prices has coincided with greater optimism about the world economy: a euro-zone catastrophe and a hard landing in China both appear less likely and America’s recovery seems on stronger ground.中央可以通过上调全球经济增长预期间接地影响原油价格,转而提升原油需求的增长预期。有间接据撑这一论点。最近的油价上涨与对世界经济的过分乐观是一致的:欧元区的灾难和中国的硬着陆似乎都不太可能上演,美国经济复苏的后劲十足。But slightly rosier growth prospects are only part of the story. A more important driver of dearer oil has been disruptions in supply. All told, the oil market has probably lost more than 1m barrels a day (b/d) of supply in recent months. A variety of non-Iranian troubles, from a pipeline dispute with South Sudan to mechanical problems in the North Sea, have knocked some 700,000 b/d off supply. Another 500,000 b/d or so of Iranian oil is temporarily off the market thanks both to the effects of European sanctions and a payment dispute with China.但稍微乐观了一点的增长预期只是故事的一个部分,高油价一个更重要的推动因素是供给中断。总而言之,在最近几个月里,国际原油市场大概每天要减少一百万桶的原油供给。从南苏丹石油管道纠纷到北海机械故障,各种各样的非伊朗问题每天就会减少70万桶的原油供给量,另外50万桶左右临时的伊朗石油供给减少要归因于欧盟制裁和与中国的付纠纷。The cushion of spare supply is thin. Oil stocks in rich countries are at a five-year low. The extent of OPEC’s spare capacity is uncertain. Saudi Arabia is pumping some 10m b/d, a near-record high. And there is the threat of far bigger supply disruptions if Iran were ever to carry out its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which 17m barrels of oil pass every day, some 20% of global supply. Even a temporary closure would imply a disruption to dwarf any previous oil shock. The 1973 Arab oil embargo, for instance, involved less than 5m b/d.备用原油的缓冲效果已经不太显著,其中富国的原油储备处于五年来的历史低位。欧佩克的剩余产能大小无法确定,而沙特阿拉伯正在创造历史新高——以每天1000万桶的速度生产原油。如果伊朗真的关闭霍尔木兹海峡——这里每天有1700万桶原油通过,大约占世界原油供给量的20%——那么将会出现更大的供给中断威胁。即使只是暂时关闭,所带来的负面影响也将超过以前任何一次原油冲击。例如,在1973年阿拉伯石油禁运中,每天的原油供给减少多达500万桶。Separating out these various factors is not easy, but Jeffrey Currie of Goldman Sachs reckons that the fundamentals of supply and demand have pushed oil prices to around 8 a barrel. He thinks the remaining increase is down to fears about Iran. If so, should relations with Iran improve, the oil price might go down by a few dollars, but stay close to 0.分离出这些不同的因素有一定难度,但高盛公司的杰弗里#8226;柯里估计,供给和需求的基本面已经推动油价达到每桶118美元左右,余下的增长源于对伊朗问题的担忧。按照他的说法,如果改善与伊朗的关系,石油价格可能下行几美元,但仍会接近120美元。Globally, the damage from price increases to date is likely to be modest. A rule of thumb is that a sustained 10% rise in the price of oil shaves around 0.2% off global growth in the first year, largely because dearer oil shifts income from oil consumers to producers, who tend to spend less. For now any impact is almost certainly outweighed by improvements elsewhere, particularly in the easing of the euro crisis. Despite dearer oil, the prospects for global growth are still better than they were at the beginning of the year.在全球范围内,价格上涨造成的伤害到目前为止可能还是适度的。有一条经验法则是油价每持续增长10%,全球经济增长率就会下跌0.2%,很大程度上是因为高油价将收入从石油消费者转向生产者,所以生产者往往损失更小。现在几乎可以肯定地说,其他方面的改善完全可以抵消任何冲击,尤其是解决欧元危机。尽管油价高涨,全球经济增长的前景依然好于年初。But the impact on growth and inflation in individual countries will differ. In America, a net importer which taxes fuel lightly, the standard rule is that a increase in oil prices (which corresponds to a 25-cent rise in the price of petrol) knocks around 0.2% off output in the first year and 0.5% in the second year. That would slow, but hardly fell, an economy that is widely expected to grow by more than 2% this year.但是对经济增长和通胀的影响在不同的国家是有所区别的。美国作为一个石油净进口国和燃油税负较轻的国家,一个标准的规则是:石油价格增长10美元(相当于汽油价格增长25美分),会降低第一年0.2%左右的产出,第二年则会下降约0.5%。普遍预期其今年的经济增长将超过2%,看来增长会减速,但不太可能下降。There are in any case several reasons why America may be more resilient to dearer oil than in recent years. The jump in petrol prices has been far smaller than in 2011 or 2008. Rising employment gives consumers more income with which to pay for fuel. And America’s economy is becoming ever less energy-intensive, and less dependent on imports. Oil consumption has fallen in the past two years, even as GDP has risen.在任何情况下,美国都可以比近年来更有效地抵御昂贵的石油。究其原因,可以有以下几点:汽油价格的涨幅远小于2011年或2008年;逐步上升的就业给予消费者更多收入,从而用它来付燃料花销;以及美国经济正在远离能源密集型,更少地依赖进口。在过去的两年里, GDP上涨的同时石油消费却在下降。Americans are driving less, and they are buying more fuel-efficient cars. Net oil imports are well below their 2005 peak, which means more of the money Americans spend on costlier oil stays within its borders. The development of copious amounts of natural gas means gas prices have plunged. That, coupled with an unusually mild winter, has kept bills for home heating unusually low. In January the share of consumers’ spending on energy products was the second-lowest in 50 years. These factors do not imply that America is impervious to spiking oil, but they do suggest the impact of price rises to date will be modest.美国人比以前少开车了,他们在购买油耗更低的汽车。净进口的石油远低于2005年的高峰时期,也就意味着美国人把更多的钱花在昂贵的石油上面并停留在美国境内。大规模发展天然气意味着天然气价格开始大幅下降。再加上异常温和的冬季,家庭供暖开销也异常之低。今年一月份,消费者的能源产品出份额在近50年中处于第二低位。虽然这些因素并不意味着美国能够独善其身,但它们确实表明了价格上涨的影响是有限的。Europe is more exposed. European countries, which tax oil more heavily than America, have typically seen a smaller impact on growth from changes in the oil price. But this time they may be relatively more affected, because most economies are aly stagnant or shrinking. Worse, Europe’s weakest peripheral economies are also some of the biggest net importers. Greece, for instance, is highly dependent on imported energy, of which 88% is oil. Even the price rises to date will worsen the euro-zone recession; a big jump could spawn a deep downturn and fracture the confidence of markets.欧洲更明显。欧洲国家的石油税负比美国更重,通常可以看出油价的增长变化对其造成较小的影响。但这次他们可能相对更容易受影响,因为大部分经济体已经停滞或萎缩。更糟的是,欧洲最弱的边缘经济体中也有一些位于最大的石油净进口国之列。举例来说,希腊是个高度依赖能源进口的国家,而其中88%是石油。目前的价格上涨将进一步加剧欧元区衰退,一个大的跳跃就可能造成深刻的经济倒退并摧毁市场信心.Britain is relatively insulated. Although it is a net oil importer, it has significant resources in the North Sea. Any losses to the consumer from dearer fuel are partially offset by gains in the oil and gas sector itself. But even in Britain the net effect of price increases to date could be more damaging than usual, particularly since they reduce the odds of sharply falling inflation. Lower inflation, and a rise in real incomes, are one reason British policymakers hoped to see the economy improve this year.英国相对安全。尽管英国是一个石油净进口国,但它在北海有明显的资源优势,消费者在昂贵的燃料上产生的任何损失都能被石油和天然气行业增加的收益部分抵消。即便如此,油价上涨对英国的影响也比以往更为不利, 特别是因为它们减少了通货膨胀急剧下降的可能性。低通货膨胀和增加的实际收入,是英国决策者所希望看到的今年经济改善的一个方面。Barrels, no laughs百不一贷In emerging economies the picture is even more disparate. Oil exporters, from Venezuela to the Middle East, are gaining; oil importers will see worsening trade balances. In 2008 and 2011, the main effect of dearer fuel in emerging economies was on inflation. That is less of a worry now, largely because food prices, which make up a much bigger part of most emerging economies’ consumption basket, are stable.新兴经济体之间的差异更大。从委内瑞拉到中东, 石油出口国都是贸易顺差,而石油进口国将会面临不断恶化的贸易平衡。2008年和2011年,燃料价格高昂是新兴经济体通货膨胀的主要原因。但如今不同了,占多数新型经济体消费组合很大比重的食品价格较为稳定。But some countries will face problems. In the short term, some of the hardest-hit emerging economies will be in eastern Europe. They will suffer not only from more expensive oil but also from the weakening of European export markets.但是有些国家将面临一些问题。在短期内,一些受冲击最大的新兴经济体将会出现在东欧。他们将忍受的不仅仅是愈加昂贵的石油价格,还有不断疲软的欧洲出口市场。India is also a concern. Fuel is a big component of its wholesale-price index, for example, so inflation will rise as higher oil prices are passed through to domestic fuel costs. To the extent they are not, the budget will be hit. India regulates—and heavily subsidises—the price of diesel and kerosene. According to Deutsche Bank, diesel prices have risen by only 31% since January , whereas the price of crude oil in rupees is up by 180%. The difference is a result of subsidies, frustrating India’s efforts to reduce its budget deficit.印度也被波及。燃料是其批发价格指数一个很大的组成部分,因此,高油价将通过国内燃料成本导致通货膨胀率上升。印度调控并大量补贴柴油和煤油价格,这一点反映在财政预算上。据德意志统计,从年1月开始柴油价格上涨了31%,而在卢比市场原油价格已增长了180%。所不同的是补贴政策的效果——挫败印度减少预算赤字的努力。So oil is not the new Greece. More expensive oil is, for now, doing little harm to global growth. But it is not helping Europe’s more fragile economies. And if the Strait of Hormuz is threatened, the resulting surge in oil prices will spell the end of the global recovery.所以石油不是又一个神话。高企的石油价格对全球经济增长的危害会少一些,但这并不能缓解欧洲愈加脆弱的经济。如果霍尔木兹海峡的正常运营受到威胁,油价上涨将会宣告全球复苏的结束。 /201307/247190广州市排卵检查 Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon德怀特·艾森豪威尔和理查德·尼克松The odd couple欢喜冤家They were more alike than is often thought他们的相似之处比人们通常想的要多Take a few swings挥几杆Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage. By Jeffrey Frank.书名:《艾森豪威尔和尼克松:一场奇特的政治联合》作者:Jeffrey FrankBETWEEN 1933 and 1977 only two Republican presidents were elected, Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. They are often seen as opposites: the hero and the crook. Eisenhower was the genial, selfless five-star general who seemed to float above the fray of party politics. Nixon was the cold, conniving liar, paranoid and petty. Jeffrey Frank, a former senior editor at the New Yorker, has written a book about the unlikely duo, which offers a more nuanced portrait of their personalities. Though they disagreed about politics and struggled to get on, Ike and Dick were more alike than is often thought.1933至1977年间,只有两名共和党人士当选总统,他们就是德怀特·艾森豪威尔和理查德·尼克松。人们通常认为他俩的为人截然相反—一个是英雄,一个是坏蛋。在人们眼中,艾森豪威尔是一名和蔼可亲、无私奉献的五星上将,似乎总是置身于党派间斗争之外;尼克松则是一个冷酷无情、精于暗算、生性多疑、心胸狭窄的骗子。曾在《纽约客》任资深编辑的Jeffrey Frank写了一本书,内容就是关于这两位并不像搭档的双人组合,该书更加细致地描述了他们的性格。虽然他俩在政治上各执己见、关系也处的不是太好,但艾森豪威尔和尼克松的相似之处比人们通常认为的要多。Eisenhower picked Nixon as his vice-presidential nominee in 1952 because he had qualities Ike lacked. The old warhorse from Kansas needed someone young and nakedly political. An anti-communist would satisfy the party and a Californian would help to win over the Golden State. Nixon it was. It did not matter so much that the pair squabbled. They won 39 out of 48 states and 55% of the popular vote.1952年,艾森豪威尔指定尼克松为他的副总统候选人,因为后者有他自己所不具备的特质。艾森豪威尔——这名来自堪萨斯的老兵需要一个纯政界出身的年轻人。这个人最好是反共的,因为这样可以满足其党派之需;最好还是个加州人,这样就可以帮助他赢得加州人民的持——尼克松就是不二之选。这两人是否相处得融洽并不重要,重要的是他俩获得了48个州中39个州的持,并囊括了55%的选票。They often failed to see eye-to-eye. Nixon was a hawkish adviser who blamed Democrats for losing China to communism. Eisenhower strove to avoid war at any cost. He ended the Korean war and refused to send soldiers to Vietnam, Hungary and Suez. The two had different views about the space race as well. When Russia launched the satellite Sputnik into space in 1957, Nixon saw it as a failure of Western civilisation. Eisenhower said, “Any of you fellows want to go to the moon? I dont. Im happier right here.”他们往往做不到“心有灵犀”。作为一名鹰派顾问,尼克松指责民主党把中国丢到了共产党手中。艾森豪威尔尽最大努力不惜一切代价阻止战争的发生。他结束了朝鲜战争、拒绝派士兵到越南、匈牙利和苏伊士。两人就太空竞赛的意见也不相同。当苏联于1957年把Sputnik卫星发射升空时,尼克松视之为西方文明的失败。而艾森豪威尔则说:“你们有谁想奔月吗?我可不想,我在这儿就挺高兴的”。This was a source of tension between them. Nixon would grumble about foreign policy and defence. He could be bitter. “This ‘togetherness bullshit,” he said of Eisenhowers doveish multilateralist defence policy, “I dont believe in that. I think the time will come when well look back at this era and ask ourselves whether we were crazy or something.” Ike could be standoffish in return.那是他俩不和的一个原因。尼克松常常抱怨美国的外交政策及防御策略,他的言论有时会很尖刻——对于艾森豪威尔的鸽派多边防御政策,尼克松说道:“这种‘团结一致纯是扯淡,我一点儿也不相信。我认为,总有一天,我们会回首这一阶段,并问问自己我们是不是疯了还是怎么的。”对此,艾森豪威尔回应冷淡。But Ike needed Dick to be his political hound dog. Nixon savaged the administrations opponents, which allowed the president to be an apolitical, national figurehead. An aide called this Eisenhowers “dirty work”. When Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Senator, overreached in his crusade to hunt communists from public life, Adlai Stevenson, a targeted Democratic governor of Illinois, pointedly declared that a “political party divided against itself, half McCarthy and half Eisenhower, cannot produce national unity.” Eisenhower decided it was time to restrain McCarthy. A fervent anti-communist and talented orator, Nixon was well placed for this. He laid into McCarthy on Saturday-night television, logically unweaving his illiberal argument. “It was just right, Dick,” Eisenhower said over the telephone.但艾森豪威尔需要尼克松来充当他在政治方面的喉舌。尼克松猛烈抨击艾森豪威尔政府的反对者,这样艾森豪威尔就能成为一名政治中立的国家名誉总统。一名助手称这是艾森豪威尔的“肮脏把戏”。当共和党参议员约瑟夫-麦卡锡过分地从公众生活中抓捕共产党员时,被指定为伊利诺伊州州长的民主党派阿德莱·史蒂文森(Adlai Stevenson)对此直言不讳:“一个内部分裂的政党—一边是麦卡锡、一边是艾森豪威尔——是不能促进国家团结统一的”。因此艾森豪威尔决定,是时候让麦卡锡收敛收敛了。尼克松——这名狂热的反共分子、天才的演说家—正适合这一角色。在周六晚的电视节目上,尼克松把麦卡锡劈头盖脸地一顿骂,条理明晰地一一击破了对方的狭隘论点。艾森豪威尔在电话中对尼克松说:“尼克松,干得好”。Eisenhower could be ignoble, too. After the Supreme Court declared segregated schools unconstitutional in 1954, he wrote, “No other single event has so disturbed the domestic scene in many years.” Martin Luther King observed that Nixon did more for race relations than Eisenhower. Nixon spoke passionately about civil rights on the stump. He took on critics during the passage of the 1957 Civil Rights Act.艾森豪威尔也可能不会正大光明。1954年,在最高法院宣布“实行种族隔离制度的学校是违法的”之后,他写道:“这是多年来最扰乱国内形势的事件了”。马丁路德金称:与艾森豪威尔相比,尼克松在种族间关系方面做的工作更多。尼克松在作巡回政治演说时,洋溢地谈论了公民权利。在1957年民权法案通过期间,尼克松与批评家展开了较量。At a time when political machinations are all too overt, it is entertaining to learn about the wheeling and dealing during a more discreet age. Yet ers may wish less space was devoted to how Dick felt about Ike, and then how Ike felt about Dick. All this gossip seems to take up valuable space: the Suez crisis, for example, covers no more than two pages. The Iran coup and important details about Americas economy are missed out altogether. Mr Frank tells an absorbing story in a breezy, lucid way. But as a work of history, the book leaves something to be desired.在当今政治阴谋得以明目张胆之时,看看在更谨慎的年代人们是如何尔虞我诈的不失为一种有趣的作法。然而,读者朋友们可能希望关于他俩对彼此看法的篇幅不要占的过大。所有的这些流言蜚语似乎占据了宝贵的空间:比如苏伊士运河危机只占了不到两页;1953年伊朗政变和关于美国经济的重要细节全被忽略了。本书作者明晰而风趣地讲述了一个引人入胜的故事。但作为一部历史著作,本书还有些不尽如人意的地方。 /201406/303176广州做无痛人流的医院哪个好

广州妇科医院哪家Television in America美国电视产业The bandit of broadcast广播电视业界的强盗The Supreme Courts decision on Aereo may affect more than the TV business最高法院将对Aereo案件进行裁决,而其影响范围或许会超出电视产业本身CHET KANOJIA, the founder of Aereo, wonders which actor will play him, when Hollywood makes a film about his startup disrupting the television industry. “Probably a white guy,” Mr Kanojia, who is Indian-American, says drolly. Whether his firm will feature on the big screen or rapidly be forgotten depends on the outcome of a lawsuit between Aereo and Americas big free-to-air broadcast networks—such as A, CBS and Fox—which is being weighed by the Supreme Court. Oral arguments in the case were heard on April 22nd and a decision is due within months.当好莱坞的电影公司想要拍一部关于Aereo创始人Chet Kanojia如何瓦解整个电视产业的电影之时,这位老板也在思考着到底让哪一位演员来扮演自己。“或许会挑个白人,”印度裔美国人Kanojia先生戏谑地说道。最后他的电影到底是能成功登上大荧幕,抑或是迅速被大家所遗忘,要取决于一场官司的最终结果。最高法院正在对这场官司进行权衡,而对抗双方则是Aereo与美国免费广播电视巨头,如美国广播公司、哥伦比亚广播公司和福克斯广播公司。案件的口头辩论在4月22日已经完成,而最终裁决将在数月之内宣布。Mr Kanojia and Aereo are not yet household names, but are the subject of much debate among geeks, copyright lawyers and TV executives. Aereo picks up the signals of free-to-air channels and streams them to its subscribers over the internet, so they can watch them with the same good picture quality as they get via cable, but for a fraction of the average monthly cable bill. Each subscriber is assigned one of a huge number of thumbnail-sized aerials in Aereos warehouses. Aereo claims this is in principle no different—and thus no less legal—than the subscriber putting an antenna on his roof. But broadcast bosses see it differently. They say Aereo is violating copyright law by not paying them for a “public performance” of their content.Kanojia与Aereo目前还不是一对家喻户晓的名字,但对于极客、版权律师以及电视主管们来说,这确实是极为火热的话题。Aereo公司接收免费广播电视的频道信号,并把这些频道转化成流媒体以供他们的付费订阅用户在线观看。因此,这些用户在付出相当于普通有线电视月租费用的很小一部分,就可以享受跟有线电视一样的高画质电视务。相当于在Aereo公司的仓库里,有数以百万计的“微缩远程天线”,而每个订阅用户都能分到其中一条。Aereo公司宣称,这与免费广播电视的务没什么不同,就像是让他们的客户在自己家的房顶安装天线接收信号一样,是非常合法的行为。但广播电视公司的老板们却不这么认为。他们坚持Aereo公司违反了版权法,因为后者没有给他们提供的节目内容付费,就进行了“公开传播”。So far Aereo is available in only 11 cities. But broadcasters worry that it threatens a fast-growing revenue stream: the fees they get from cable- and satellite-TV operators that retransmit their channels. Such fees came to about .3 billion in 2013, according to SNL Kagan, a data firm. The pay-TV companies would not want to keep paying these if Aereo did not have to. So broadcasters have threatened that if Aereo wins, they will take their content off the public airwaves and offer it through pay-TV only.目前,Aereo的务范围仅限于11个城市。但是,广播电视公司担心这样的务会威胁到自身的快速增长利润源:对有线或者卫星电视运营商处所收取的转播费用。数据公司SNL Kagan所提供的资料显示,2013年该转播费用总计为33亿美元。如果Aereo公司无需为转播权买单,那么其他付费电视公司也将停止为自己的转播权付费。因此广播电视公司对Aereo公司做出了相应的警告:如果Aereo公司胜诉,那么他们将停止在公共无线频道上提供电视转播务,转交由付费电视公司独家供应给观众。Aereo has raised around 0m from various investors, including Barry Diller, a veteran media executive. Mr Dillers volte-face is worthy of a prime-time drama: having launched Fox, one of Americas four big broadcast networks, in the 1980s, he is now a booster for broadcasts bandit. But if Aereo loses it will probably shut down. The government has supported the big broadcasters, undermining Aereos chances. As for the courts, so far their judgments on Aereos legality have been mixed: last year two federal courts sided with Aereo, but in February a federal court in Utah ordered it to close its operations in that state.Aereo已经得到了各路投资者约1亿美元的资金,这其中还包括传媒大亨巴里·迪勒。迪勒先生截然不同的投资转变就像是一出黄金时段的电视剧:80年代,他成立了福克斯广播公司,而现在他却成了电视业大盗的赞助者。然而Aereo公司一旦败诉,很可能对其意味着关门大吉。目前政府已经与各大广播电视巨头在统一战线,使Aereo公司的胜诉几率大减。在法庭方面,他们对Aereo合法性的判决并没有达成共识:去年两个联邦法庭持Aereo公司,但今年2月犹他州的一个联邦法庭则勒令其停止在本州内的所有业务。Legislation has not kept up with new technology. Cable in America is regulated by a 1992 law, and copyright by a 1976 one. Both were written before the rise of the commercial internet, notes Rich Greenfield of BTIG, a research firm.法律法规没有跟上新科技的步伐。有线电视产业受1992年出台的法律管制,而版权问题则受1976年的法律所管理。来自调查机构BTIG的Rich Greenfield表示,在网络商务兴起之前这两部法律就已经制订完成。Many are watching the case to make sure the verdict does not imply that it is piracy to transfer any sort of content via the internet without a licence from whoever owns the copyright to it. That could be costly for firms that store media files in the “cloud” for paying clients, such as Apple and Google. As Stephen Breyer, one of the Supreme Court justices, said in this weeks hearing, “What disturbs me…is I dont understand what the decision for you or against you…is going to do to all kinds of other technologies.”许多人正关注着本案的进展。他们要确定本次的宣判是否意味着在网络上传播任何未经版权拥有者许可的内容,都会被认定为盗版行为。一旦如此,许多为付费用户提供“云端”影音资料储存的公司将会出现极大的经营成本负担,比如苹果和谷歌。最高法院的法官之一斯蒂芬·布雷耶在本周的聆讯过程当中表示:“困扰着我的问题是...我不能确定本案的判决会对其他各类科技产生什么样的影响,无论好坏。” /201405/294430番禺妇幼保健院治不孕 Traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles around, they drive the mullet onto the beach.海豚的速度高达每小时20英里,它们赶着鲻鱼往海滩去了。Trapped, the fish have nowhere to turn, flatting out their bodies like surf boards, they skim in just inches of the water. 因为被困,鱼儿无处可逃。它们平整的身体就像冲浪板在水中轻轻掠过。The surfer mums are the only dolphins in the world that hydroplane and beach like this.冲浪海豚是世界上唯一会在海滩划水的海豚。It looks fun, but this is a high risk game.看起来很有趣,但也很危险。They can easily strand, but with the few effortless wiggles, they are back in the water.很容易搁浅,但也能轻松的回到水中。Whats so fascinating is that its only the surfer mums and their daughters who surf like this.最吸引人的是,海豚妈妈和女儿们会像这样冲浪。Im getting a lot of exercise this morning, walking up and down the beach.早晨我在海滩上来回走了好几次。The surfing mums have new calves.冲浪海豚妈妈有小宝宝了。Its vital Janet gets photos so she can follow the daughters who are keeping the surfing tradition going.珍妮特拍了很多重要的照片。这样她就能研究还保持着冲浪海豚传统的海豚女儿们。We want to know after they graduated from nursing whether the calves, they are going to be beaches,我们想知道当它们离开妈妈襁褓后,是否还会冲浪。Ive got good shots of all of them, so Im pretty happy about that.我拍了很多照片,真的很开心。It has been a good day for Janet, but theres still no news on Puck or missing India.今天对珍妮特来说很不错,但还是没有帕克分娩和因迪亚的消息。 201405/295001广州番禺妇科门诊

佛山结扎疏通去哪好Business this week一周商业要闻Sep 7th 2013 |From the print editionIt was a big week for the mobile-phone industry, with the announcement of two long-mooted deals. In the first, and after years of talks, Verizon agreed to buy the 45% stake held by Vodafone in Verizon Wireless, the pair’s joint venture in America, for 0 billion. It is the third-biggest business transaction yet seen (behind Vodafone’s own purchase of Mannesmann and the merger of AOL and Time Warner) and will reap billion for the American taxman. Vodafone’s investors will also benefit, from an billion payout in cash and shares.对移动电话行业来说这周很重要,这周公布了两个酝酿已久的交易。第一起交易,经过多年的谈判,Verizon公司同意收购沃达丰在美国的合资公司Verizon无线45%的股份,价值130亿美元。这是迄今为止的第三大交易(仅次于沃达丰自己对曼内斯曼的收购以及AOL和时代华纳的并购),美国会从中收取50亿美元的交易税。沃达丰的投资者也会从840亿美元出的现金和股份中受益。Nokia surges, Microsoft drops诺基亚有所起色,微软继续下跌In the second big deal of the week Microsoft beefed up its business in mobile devices and services by agreeing to pay euro 3.8 billion ( billion) for Nokia’s handset division, which makes smartphones based on Windows. Nokia had tried various turnaround plans to tackle its shrivelling market share. It will still exist, focusing on networks and mapping, but 32,000 of its staff now work for Microsoft, including Stephen Elop, who was its chief executive. He is now a candidate to replace Steve Ballmer when he steps down as Microsoft’s boss.本周第二起交易是微软加强了其移动设备和务业务,同意付38亿欧元(约合50亿美元)购买诺基亚生产基于Windows系统智能手机的手机部门。诺基亚尝试了各种周转计划解决其日益萎缩的市场份额。诺基亚仍然还会存在,专注于网络和地图,但是包括其首席执行官史蒂芬埃洛普在内的32000名员工现在为微软工作。埃洛普现在是鲍尔默下台后接替其职务的候选人之一。Samsung unveiled its first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, beating Apple in bringing the first significant wearable device to market. The watch will cost 0 and can only link to Galaxy phones and tablets; other new smartwatches will work with lots of Android products. It is still unclear how much demand there is from consumers for the gadgets.三星发布了其第一款智能手表the Galaxy Gear,击败苹果上市了第一款重要的可穿戴设备。这款手表售价300美元,只能连接Galaxy手机和平板,其他的新智能手表将会持大量安卓产品。目前还不清楚消费者对这款设备的需求程度。LinkedIn said it would issue new stock in a secondary offering, through which it should raise billion. The social network for professionals has seen its share price rise by 200% since its IPO in 2011.LinkedIn表示,将进行第二次公开募股发行新股票,预计能筹集10亿美元。自2011年上市以来,这家专业人士社交网站的股价已经上涨了200%。Who owns the programmes?节目的所有权归谁?Time Warner Cable ended its blackout of CBS channels in several American cities, including New York, after the two sides resolved a dispute over rights. Like other broadcast networks CBS is keen to retain the ability to develop business in the future with blossoming internet-streaming services, such as Netflix, over the heads of the longer-established cable providers.时代华纳有线在包括纽约在内的多个美国城市结束了其对CBS频道的封杀,此前,双方在版权上存在争端。CBS与其他广播电视网,比如Netflix一样热衷于绕过建立已久的有线供应商,保留未来发展繁荣的互联网流媒体务业务的能力。The European Commission turned its sights on money-market funds, with proposals that would require funds guaranteeing a stable share-price to build up capital buffers. American regulators are also eyeing similar restrictions.欧盟委员会将目光投向货币市场基金,出台了提议要求各基金保稳定的股票价格,从而建立资本缓冲。美国监管机构也盯上了类似的限制。Standard amp; Poor’s upped the ante in its legal fight with the American government when it asserted that it is being sued in “retaliation” for exercising its right to “free speech” in downgrading America’s AAA credit rating. Samp;P made the claim in court papers it filed defending itself against the lawsuit, which alleges that Samp;P gave sound ratings to bad mortgage products to keep its clients in the banking industry happy.标准普尔增强了其与美国政府的法律斗争。标普坚持认为在行使其将美国的AAA评级下调的言论自由权后得到了美国政府的报复性起诉。标普在自我辩护的法庭文件中提出这一观点,美国政府起诉其给予不良抵押贷款良好的评级,以此取悦其业的客户。Bank of America decided to sell its remaining 1% stake in China Construction Bank, which should fetch around .5 billion. Many big American banks bought stakes in Chinese state banks several years ago, and have been cashing in their lucrative holdings. BofA paid billion for an initial 10% stake in CCB.美国决定出售其在中国建设拥有的1%的股份,市值约为15亿美元。许多美国大几年前从中国国有购买了股份,并从中赚取了现金。美国花费30亿美元购买了中国建设10%的初始股份。The OECD revised its growth forecasts to reflect a moderately better outlook in rich countries and the “widesp loss of momentum” in emerging markets. It now expects output in America, Japan and Germany to expand by 2.5% at an annualised rate in the third and fourth quarters. Britain’s GDP is projected to grow by 1.5% this year, 0.7 percentage points higher than the OECD’s previous estimate.经济合作与发展组织修订了其增长预测,以反映富裕国家更好的前景和新兴市场广泛的动力不足。现在该组织预测美国,日本和德国三四季度的GDP按年利率计算会增长2.5%。英国的GDP今年预计将增长1.5%,比该组织的预测高0.7%。The latest raft of purchasing-manager surveys suggested that manufacturing in America and the euro zone is growing at the fastest pace in over two years. Britain’s services industry, meanwhile, grew at the quickest rate in six years.最新的大量采购经理调查表明美国和欧元区的制造业现在以两年多来最快的速度增长。同时,英国的务业迎来了六年来最快的增速。Ryanair’s share price fell sharply after it issued a surprise profit warning amid a price-cutting war among Europe’s budget airlines. The carrier said sales were weak during the summer and bookings are down for this autumn.Ryanair在欧洲廉价航空公司价格战后发布了一个令人惊讶的利润警告,使得其股价大幅下跌。该航空公司表示夏季的销售疲软,今秋的预定额也下降了。The sweet smell of success成功的美好滋味Yankee Candle, which is based in Massachusetts, was bought by Jarden, a consumer-products company that owns a wide range of brands in a .8 billion deal. The firm started in 1969 when its teenage founder made a Christmas gift for his mother. According to its “Learning Scentre”, it now produces 200m aromatic candles a year and is expanding in Europe.总部设在美国马萨诸塞州的扬基蜡烛被贾登收购。贾登是一家拥有交易额达18亿美元的广泛品牌的消费产品公司。扬基蜡烛成立于1969年,十几岁的创始人做了一个圣诞礼物送给她的母亲。根据其说法,现在每年生产200米的芳香蜡烛,在欧洲呈扩张趋势。The annual Global Competitiveness index placed Switzerland in the top spot for the fifth consecutive year, followed by Singapore, Finland and Germany. America reversed a four-year decline to climb to fifth place and Britain fell to tenth. Among the BRICs, China came in at 29th, Brazil at 56th, India at 60th and Russia 64th. Greece was 91st, behind Iran and Moldova, but ahead of Serbia and Libya.瑞士连续五年荣登全球竞争力指数榜首宝座,紧随其后的是新加坡,芬兰和德国。美国扭转了连续四年的下跌攀升至第五位,英国下降至第十名。金砖四国中,中国位列29名,巴西位列56名,印度位列60名,俄罗斯位列64名。希腊在伊朗和尔多瓦之后,位列第91名,但是领先于塞维利亚和利比亚。201309/256880 广州番禺早孕人流广州长安医院妇科



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