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2020年02月17日 21:27:35

“发展成为”在英语口语里能怎么说?普通口语:develope into地道口语:blossom into【影视实例】素材来源:另类童话色《灵指神探》 剧情简介:躺在棺材中被运往墓地的Chuck心中并没有恐惧,她回想起自己的宅女生活,被两位有着人格障碍的姑妈所牵绊,读书,养蜂。直到Ned让她重见天日...... Narrator: Lying in the dark, Chuck considered how she came to be lying in the dark. She considered the life thatwas with Aunts Lily and Vivian. Their personality disorders blossomed into incapacitating social phobias, which made it difficult for them to leave the house. Which in turn made it difficult for Chuck to leave them. She served her community by harvesting honey for the homeless. She never strayed far from home. She about people she could never be, on adventures she would never have. Life was good enough, until one day, it wasn't: Chuck wanted more. But at Boutique Travel Travel Boutique, she got more than she bargained for ...【台词翻译】躺在黑暗之中,查克回想起她是怎么才会像这样躺在黑暗之中的。她回想起与莉莉和薇薇安姨妈一起生活的日子。两位姨妈的人格障碍,渐渐发展成为了社交恐惧症,使得她们由此足不出户,也连带让查克不能走远。她就在街坊里出售自产的蜂蜜为流浪者募款,从不离家千里。在家里她览群书,阅读那些她成为不了的人的离奇人生。生活很容易满足,直到有一天这样的生活也不足以满足她的梦想,她想要更多的体验。而在精品旅游旅游精品店,她所得到的要比要求的更多...... 【口语讲解】blossom intoblossom本意是开花,那么blossom into就是指植物从含苞待放,到鲜花开足的过程。当然这是本义,引申出了我们这边用到的意思,等于develope into,解释成“发展成为、长成为”。比如She blossom into a lovely young lady.——她长成了一个招人喜欢的小姑娘。又比如(咳嗽~)Can their friendship blossom into romance?——他俩的友谊能发展成为爱情么?(咳嗽~~)觉得这个词比develope into比develope into更生动,不妨在写作的时候考虑用一下这个词。 /07/79622广州天河宫颈糜烂治疗的需要多少钱广州市去那家医院精液检查1. I got fired.   我被炒鱿鱼了。   2. I got the boot.   我被开除了。   3. I got the ax.   我被开除了。   4. I got sacked./ I got the sack.   我被开除了。   5. They kicked me out.   他们把我踢出来了。(他们把我开除了。)  6. My boss showed me the door yesterday.   我老板昨天叫我走路。  7. I was canned.   我被开除了。  8. I was laid off.   我被解雇了。   9. The boss told me that I don’t have to come in tomorrow, or any other day   10. My boss told me to find a "better" job.   我老板叫我"另谋高就"。 /200810/54458今天你要了解自己,给自己足够的爱心与耐心。 今天你要勇往直前,朝着光辉灿烂的明天。任何人都需要激励。 激励的办法多种多样,一个善于自我激励的人,可以在各种条件下用各种各样的办法使自己获得激励。1. Business neglected is business lost.忽视职业便是放弃职业。2.Never think yourself above business.勿自视过高;不要眼高手低;永远不要认为自己是大才小用。 /201008/111931广州市长安医院做人工授精怎么样好不好

广州番禺做人流哪家好点多少钱广东长安医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗Whats new?有什么新鲜事吗?Can you smell, see or hear NEW? I think so.你能闻到,看到或听到新鲜事吗?我是这样认为的。Did you ever smell new better school clothes, bags no books and pencils.你有没有闻到过新的更好的学校的衣,没有书和铅笔的书包。You can see all sorts of new items and programs and teachers at school.你可以在学校看到各种各样的新项目,新节目及新教师。You can hear the sounds of friends getting together and talking about what they did over of some break.你能听到和朋友聚在一起谈论着什么及讨论他们在休息时间喜欢做什么事情等等这样的声音。You can also hear new things on the radio. One way we greet each other is saying ; Whats new? ;你还能在收音机上收听到新鲜事物。我们互相问候的一种方式就是;有什么新鲜事吗?;We wanna know whats new in friends life.我们想要知道朋友的生活中有什么新鲜事。We love new fashions, we enjoy new techno ledge and thats enough forget the latest new news about our favorite movie stars.我们都爱新的流行款式,我们享受新的电子产品及有足够的最新消息能够让我们忘记最喜爱的电影明星。New is nice and exciting, but sometimes it makes me nervous.新既漂亮又令人兴奋,但是有时候它使我紧张。I miss my friends graduated. I miss the people I used to see and hear.我想念毕业的朋友。我想念自己过去常常看见,听到他们说话的人。New shoes are nice but they arent always comfortable.新鞋的确不错,但他们不总是很舒。A new day, a new week, and even a new season perhaps I should have a new attitude and welcome all out new stuff.新的一天,新的一周,甚至一个新的季节,也许我应该有一个新的态度,欢迎所有新东西。Its time for some new adventures. Well, a new day is out there and I have to make it mine. I hope you feel the same way too.是时候进行一些新的冒险了。嗯,新的一天就在那里,我要让自己享受它。我希望你感觉也一样。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Do you like new things? What kind of new things do you like?你喜欢新鲜的事物吗?什么样的新东西是你喜欢的?What do you think when you hear the word ;new; ?当你听到;新;这个词的时候会有何感想?Can you talk about sth new that youve done recently?你能谈谈最近你做的一些新鲜事吗?What new things would you like to do in the future?将来你想干点什么新鲜事?Do you like going to new places?你喜欢去新的地方吗?How long does it take you to get used to sth now?你需要多长时间习惯于某事?Are new things comfortable or uncomfortable?新鲜事物让你舒还是不舒?Do you like meeting new people?你喜欢结识新朋友吗? /201202/172179He has a bloated, uncomfortable feeling after meal. (他饭后肚子觉得胀胀的,很不舒。) 或  He feels bloated after eating.  He has bouts of abdominal pain. (他有一阵阵的肚痛。)  He feels bloated in his abdominal area. (他感到肚子胀胀的。)  (注:胀胀的,像「puff up」,但不是真正的肿「swell up」。)  The pain is mainly in the lower (upper) right part of the abdomen. (痛是在肚子下半部。)  He has nausea and vomiting. (他有恶心和呕吐。)  It is difficult or painful for him to swallow. (他吞下食物时会痛。)  He has passed more gas than usual. (他放…比平常多。)  He has been constipated for a few days. (他便秘了好几天。)  He suffers pains when he moves his bowels. (他大便时很痛。)  He has some bleeding from his rectum. (他的出血。)  He has noticed some blood in his bowel movements. (他发觉大便时有些血。)  His bowel movements are pale, greasy and foul smelling. (他大便呈灰白色,含油脂的恶臭。) 或  His bowel movements are grey (or black) in color. (他的大便呈灰白色。)  He has trouble with diarrhea. (他拉肚子。) /200802/27864广州医科大学附属第三医院不孕科105. 我舅舅的胃病又犯了。 [误] My uncle has got another attack of stomach disease. [正] My uncle has got another attack of stomach trouble.注:英语同汉语一样,也有很多约定俗成的表达法。同样是“病”,心脏病可以说 heart disease,但胃病、肝病、眼病等就习惯说成 stomach/liver/eye trouble。 /200807/43286广州番禺打胎一次多少钱

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