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哈尔滨市阳光几点开门哈尔滨市第三医院做彩超多少钱怀也要挑“吉日”Season of conception tied to school performanceThe time of year a womanconceivesmay influence the future academic performance of her child, according to research reported this week at the Pediatric Academic Societies' annual meeting.When researchers linked standardized test scores of 1,667,391 Indiana students in grades 3 through 10 with the month in which each student had been conceived, they found that children conceived May through August scored significantly lower on math and language tests than children conceived during other months of the year.The correlation between test scores and conception season held regardless of race, gender, and grade level.Why might this be? According to Dr. Paul Winchester of Indiana University School of Medicine who led the study, the evidence points to environmental pesticides, used most often in the summer months, as a possible player.The lower test scores correlated with higher levels of pesticides and nitrates in the surface water (nearby streams and other bodies of water) during that same time period, he told Reuters Health."Exposure to pesticides and nitrates can alter the hormonal milieu of the pregnant mother and the developing fetal brain," Winchester explained in a statement. For example, past research has linked exposure to pesticides and nitrates to low thyroid hormone levels ("hypothyroidism") in pregnant women and hypothyroidism in pregnancy has been tied to lower intelligence test scores in offspring.While the current findings do not prove that pesticides and nitrates contribute to lower test scores, "they strongly support such a hypothesis," Winchester said."A priori there should be no reasons particularly why the month of conception should change your (test) scores," he added in an interview, "and yet from our chain of evidence our hypothesis was that if pesticides do alter the friendly environment of the developing fetus than that might be reflected in lower scores. And unfortunately that's what we found.""There is something going on" and it needs to be studied further, Winchester concluded.(CRI)在本周举行的"儿科学术协会年会"上,一项研究报告称,母亲怀的月份可能会影响孩子以后的学业成绩。研究人员对印地安那州1,667,391名3到10年级学生的统一考试成绩和他们的受月份进行了相关分析。结果发现,与其它月份受的孩子相比,5月至8月受的孩子的数学和语言成绩要低得多。考试成绩与受季节这一相互关系不受种族、性别和年级的影响。该如何解释这一结论?本研究的带头人、印第安纳大学医学院的保罗·温彻斯特士说,罪魁祸首有可能是空气中的杀虫剂,这些杀虫剂在夏季使用得比较多。他在接受路透社健康部的采访时说,考试低分与地表水(附近的小溪和其它水体)中含量过高的杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关。温彻斯特解释说,"接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐会使妇体内的荷尔蒙环境发生改变,从而影响胎儿的大脑发育。"比如,以往的研究发现,妇体内甲状腺激素含量低(甲状腺机能减退)与接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关,而怀期间甲状腺机能减退又与孩子智商低有关。尽管目前的研究不能明杀虫剂和硝酸盐导致考试低分,但是,温彻斯特说,"它们为这一假设提供了有力的持。"他在采访中补充道,"我们是这样推理的,既然没有特别的原因来解释受的月份影响考试成绩这件事,那么根据一系列的据,我们假设如果杀虫剂确实影响胎儿成长的良好环境,那么这种影响也许会导致考试低分。不幸的是,这正是我们通过研究发现的。"温彻斯特最后总结到,"这其中还有一些影响因素"有待进一步的研究。Vocabulary:conceive: To become pregnant(怀)hypothyroidism: 甲状腺机能减退 /200803/31405南岗区中医医院妇科人流 金钱可以“买”到快乐?Money can buy happiness, but only if you spend it on someone else, researchers reported.Spending as little as $US5 a day on someone else could significantly boost happiness, the team at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School found.Their experiments on more than 630 Americans showed they were measurably happier when they spent money on others -- even if they thought spending the money on themselves would make them happier."We wanted to test our theory that how people spend their money is at least as important as how much money they earn," said Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia.They asked their 600 volunteers first to rate their general happiness, report their annual income and detail their monthly spending including bills, gifts for themselves, gifts for others and donations to charity."Regardless of how much income each person made, those who spent money on others reported greater happiness, while those who spent more on themselves did not," Dunn said in a statement.Dunn's team also surveyed 16 employees at a company in Boston before and after they received an annual profit-sharing bonus of between $US3000 and $US8000."Employees who devoted more of their bonus to pro-social spending experienced greater happiness after receiving the bonus, and the manner in which they spent that bonus was a more important predictor of their happiness than the size of the bonus itself," they wrote in their report, published in the journal Science.They gave their volunteers $US5 or $US20 and half got clear instructions on how to spend it. Those who spent the money on someone or something else reported feeling happier about it."These findings suggest that very minor alterations in spending allocations -- as little as $US5 -- may be enough to produce real gains in happinesson a given day," Dunn said. 研究人员日前称,金钱可以买到快乐,但前提是你得把钱花在别人身上。英国哥伦比亚大学和哈佛商学院的研究小组发现,每天只需为别人花5美元,就能大大提升快乐感。研究人员对630多名美国人所做的实验表明,即使实验对象认为为自己花钱会更快乐,但实际结果显示,他们为别人花钱时其实更加快乐。英国哥伦比亚大学的心理学家伊丽莎白#8226;杜恩说:“我们试图明‘人们的花钱方式与挣钱多少至少同等重要’。”研究人员让600名志愿者评价自己的总体幸福感,报告年收入以及详细的月出情况,包括应付账单、为自己及他人购买礼物出以及慈善捐献。杜恩在一份声明中说:“无论他们挣多少钱,为别人花更多钱的人称自己的快乐感增强,而为自己花较多钱的人则没有这种感受。”杜恩的研究小组还对波士顿一家公司的16名员工领到年终奖之前和之后的情况进行了调查,年终奖金额从3000美元到8000美元不等。研究人员在研究报告中提到:“这些员工领到奖金后,将较多钱花在别人身上的人快乐感更强,他们配这笔钱的方式比奖金本身的多少对快乐感的影响更大。”该研究报告在《科学》期刊中发表。研究人员向志愿者们分发了5美元至20美元金额不等的钱,并向其中一半人说明了该如何花这些钱。结果发现,将钱用于别人或其它事情的人感到更快乐。杜恩说:“这些研究结果表明,每天只需稍稍改变出分配——哪怕为别人花5美元,就能得到更多快乐。” /200803/32585木兰县中心医院好不好

哈尔滨依兰县人民医院治疗不孕不育好吗South Korea’s growing obsession with plastic surgery became apparent when pictures of a group of aspiring beauty queens posted online prompted claims that cosmetic procedures have left all the contestants looking the same.一组韩国候选人的照片发布到网上后引起了热议,当你看到这组照片时,请不要太惊讶于她们惊人相似的容貌,因为整容手术已经风靡全韩。Pictures of the 20 Miss Korea 2013 finalists were posted on Reddit fuelling speculation that many of them had undergone surgery and prompting users to criticize the Asian nation’s growing trend to go under the knife. And their apparent similarity prompted Reddit user ShenTheWise to post their pictures online, suggesting that many of those vying for the Miss Korea title this year have had similar surgery二十位2013韩国的照片最近被传到了红迪网上,网络流传着大部分韩国都接受过整容手术的推测,网友还批评了这个亚洲国家人民爱“动刀子”的整容风潮。由于她们惊人相似的容貌,红迪网的用户ShenTheWise上传了她们的照片并表示她们中的大多数人一定是做了类似的手术。The popularity of surgery, particularly among the young, has been blamed by some on a desire to look more ‘western’ fuelled by an obsession with celebrity culture.年轻人都想要通过手术使自己看起来更加“西化” ,再加上对明星文化的痴迷,所以整容手术尤其是在年轻人中极为流行,这种风潮也被不少人谴责。“This is called the Korean plastic face look. In certain areas of Seoul, you would think all the women are sisters because they look so similar due to same surgeries.”“这被称作韩国的‘整容脸’。在首尔的某些地方,你会错把很多女人当成,因为她们经过手术后看起来太像了。”The pageant sparked controversy last year when pictures emerged of winner Kim Yu-Mi before she had undergone plastic surgery, with many claiming that cosmetic procedures give contestants an unfair advantage.去年,2012年韩国冠军金有美整容前照片的曝光引起了很大争议,很多人说整容手术对于这类选美比赛并不公平。While the popularity of cosmetic surgery in South Korea may come as a surprise to many, the industry there is in fact booming. Last year, 20 per cent of women aged 19 to 49 in the capital city of Seoul admitted to going under the knife.虽然韩国整容手术的流行度也许会使很多人震惊,但其实整容业在那里已经发展得十分成熟了。去年,首都首尔20%的19至49岁女性都承认自己曾“动过刀”。 /201305/241563黑龙江省电力医院在哪里 You#39;re in the job you always wanted and you#39;re doing well, even making more money than your husband。你有一份自己一直想要的工作,而且你做的很好,甚至比你丈夫赚钱更多。But beware. Women who become the chief bwinners in their domestic partnerships are more likely to pay the price with divorce。但是当心了,那些在家庭中成为主要经济柱的女性更易付出离婚的代价。Researchers admit that the reason is unclear, but it may be that male pride is wounded by not being the biggest earner in the household。研究人员们坦言尚不明确导致这一问题的原因,但这可能是由于男性因不能成为家庭的主要经济柱而自尊心受挫所致。Successful women, for their part, may grow to resent a husband who doesn#39;t appear to be pulling his weight。对于成功女性而言,她们可能会由于丈夫没有尽自己的本分而渐生不满。The finding is the result of a 25-year study of more than 2,500 marriages, comes hot on the heels of other research showing that house-husbands are prone to affairs。上述发现来自于一项历时25年的研究,该研究对2500多对夫妇的婚姻进行了分析。此前有其他研究表明家庭妇男更易产生婚外情。With nearly a third of British women earning more than their men, the results could sow doubt in millions of minds。由于近三分之一的英国女性比她们的丈夫挣得多,可能会有数百万人对这一研究结果感到怀疑。The American researchers studied the marriages and income of more than 2,500 women who married for the first time between 1979 and 2002.这些美国研究人员对2500多位女性的婚姻和收入进行了研究,这些女性都在1979年至2002年期间首次结婚。They found that those women who consistently made more money than their husbands were up to 38 per cent more likely to divorce than others。他们发现,那些挣钱比丈夫多的女性离婚的可能性要比其他女性高出38%。Jay Teachman, of Western Washington University, said there could be several reasons behind the statistic。西华盛顿大学的杰伊·蒂奇曼说,这一数据背后可能有几方面的原因。For instance, financial independence makes it easier for women to find a way out of an unhappy marriage。例如,经济独立让女性更容易找到摆脱不幸婚姻的方法。Dented egos - of both sexes - may also play a role。自尊心受挫——双方皆有——也可能是其中一个原因。Professor Teachman said: #39;There may be ;wounded pride; on the part of the male that may lead to tension in the relationship. It may also be the case that some women react negatively to a mate that does not earn as much as themselves.#39;蒂奇曼教授说:“男性‘自尊心受损’可能导致双方关系紧张。还可能出现的情况是,有些女性对挣得比她们少的伴侣态度消极。”A sudden increase in hours worked was also linked to marriage break downs, the Journal Of Family Issues reports。据美国《家庭心理学期刊》上的报道,工作时间的突然延长也同婚姻破裂相关。Examples of the phenomenon include the collapse of Kate Winslet#39;s marriage to Jim Threapleton, an assistant film director, in 2001, which was blamed on the actress#39;s burgeoning movie career。这种现象的其中一例是2001年凯特·温斯莱特同助理导演吉姆·塞普莱顿的婚姻破裂,他们的婚姻失败被归咎于这位女演员电影事业的突飞猛进。And this year when singer Charlotte Church separated from her rugby player fiance Gavin Henson friends pointed out that he earned much less than her。今年,歌手夏洛蒂·澈奇同她的橄榄球手未婚夫盖文·汉森分手了,朋友们指出,他挣钱比她少得多。For a happy marriage, Professor Teachman recommends a 60:40 split in income, with the husband being the highest earner。 关于幸福的婚姻,蒂奇曼教授建议男女收入比应为60:40,而且丈夫应是赚钱最多的那个。His findingschime with a recent American study which reported that men who are financially dependent on their other halves are more likely to be unfaithful - and the greater the earning gap the more likely the man is to cheat。他的发现和近日发布的一项美国研究相似,该研究指出,那些在经济上依赖另一半的男性更易出轨——而且收入差距越大,男性出轨的可能性越大。For instance, house husbands whose wives worked all day were five times more likely to have an affair than those who contributed an equal amount of money to the partnership。例如,那些妻子整天工作的家庭妇男,同那些与妻子赚钱相当的男性相比,有外遇的几率要大五倍。The Cornell University researchers said that low-earning men may use an affair as a way of reasserting their masculinity。康奈尔大学的研究人员说,收入低的男性可能会将婚外情作为重树男子汉气概的一种方式。 /201303/228671哈尔滨阳光妇科医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗

哈尔滨怀孕10天做人工引产多少钱Tourists, along with residents of the city, have been told to minimise their exposure to the smog, and to avoid outdoor activities, putting many of the city#39;s attractions off-limits.The Singapore Flyer ferris wheel suspended operations yesterday, while the city#39;s famous skyscrapers, and the Gardens by the Bay horticultural project, are shrouded in haze.Outdoor attractions across the city, including the Adventure Cove Waterpark, have seen a dip in visitor numbers, Channel News Asia reports, and tour operators have been forced to adjust holiday itineraries, substituting outdoor activities for indoor ones.At least one sightseeing company, DUCKtours, has cancelled its trips, while Universal Studios Singapore has had to cancel some outdoor shows.The smog has hit small businesses too, with one restaurant reporting an 80 per cent decline in visitors.Meanwhile, Changi Airport is increasing the time between takeoffs and landings as a precautionary safety measure, although no delays have been reported.Michael Ross, a 44-year-old Briton and a former resident of Singapore, is due to fly to the city-state on Saturday for a family holiday.“We did plan to spend four or five days in Singapore and visit Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore Flyer and the high-rise pool at Marina Bay Sands,” he said. “Now I am just trying to find us flights out of there and over to Cambodia for a few days instead.“We had haze there before, but the levels seen in the last day or two are way beyond anything we experienced.”Unfortunately Britons due to travel to Singapore will be unable to cancel their trip free of charge because of the pollution. Tour operators and airlines are under no obligation to offer a refund, or even alternative dates, unless the Foreign Office advises Britons against visiting the country.Its advice currently states that Singapore “is experiencing high levels of pollution from land clearance fires in Indonesia - you should monitor the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) updates and health advisories from the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA).”The NEA advises anyone with heart or lung diseases, children and the elderly to stay indoors, adding that “everyone else should avoid all physical activity outdoors”.The Singapore Tourist Board said the country remains open to tourists but also advised caution.;Tourists are advised to minimise their exposure by limiting prolonged or heavy outdoor activities,; said a spokesman.;In particular, children, the elderly and those with heart or lung diseases, should seek medical treatment early if they feel unwell. STB is keeping a close watch on the situation.;In an attempt to tackle the smog, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered disaster officials to ;mobilise all the country#39;s resources; to extinguish the fires that are causing the problem. Indonesia#39;s national disaster agency said two helicopters with cloud-seeding equipment were sent to Sumatra, where hundreds of hectares of carbon-rich peatland are ablaze.游客以及新加坡的居民都得到要求尽可能地减少与雾霾接触,避免户外活动,这也让城市的一些旅游景点也已经禁止对外开放。新加坡天观景轮(Flyer ferris wheel)已于20日停止运营,而著名天大楼和花园湾园艺(Gardens by the Bay)项目也笼罩在雾霾之中。亚洲新闻频道(Channel News Asia)报道,新加坡整个城市的户外景点,包括冒险湾水上乐园(Adventure Cove Waterpark)也遇到了游客数量骤减的问题,而景点经营者也不得不改变游程,以室内活动代替室外活动。至少有一家观光公司DUC旅游公司(DUCtours)已取消了它的游程,而新加坡环球影城(Universal Studios Singapore)也不得不取消一些户外表演。这场雾霾也影响到了一些小企业,一家餐厅称少了80% 的顾客。与此同时,作为一项预防性安全措施,樟宜机场(Changi Airport)加长了飞机起飞和降落之间的时间差距,但并未出现延迟现象。44岁的英国人迈克尔·罗斯(Michael Rose)曾是新加坡的居民,原来是打算周六飞到新加坡参加家庭聚会。他说:“我们原打算在新加坡住上四五天,还想参观花园湾,新加坡天观景轮和滨海湾金沙的高层游泳池。现在我只想找到航班飞出新加坡,去柬埔寨呆上几天。“我们以前也遇到过雾霾,但是过过一两天的污染程度已经超过了我们之前遇到过的情况。”不幸的是,由于此次污染,原本要到新加坡旅游的英国人无法免费取消他们的行程。旅行社和机场无义务提供退款,甚至也不能改签,除非外交部(Foreign Office)建议英国不去新加坡。外交部目前的建议指出,新加坡“正在经历一场由于印尼清理土地烧荒引起空气高度污染——人们应该关注更新的污染指数(Pollutant Standards Index, PSI)和新加坡环境署(Singapore National Environment Angecy, NEA)提出的健康建议。”NEA建议有心脏病和肺部疾病的人、小孩和老人呆在室内,并还说道:“所有人都要减少所有室外体力活动。”新加坡旅游(Singapore Tourist Board,STB)称,新加坡仍对游客开放但建议要小心。“游客要尽量减少长时间的和大量的室外活动。”一位发言人说,“尤其是小孩、老人以及有心脏病和肺部疾病的人,如感不适应及时就诊。STB仍在密切关注这个情况。”在试图解决这场雾霾危机的过程中,新加坡总统苏西洛·班邦·尤多约诺(Susilo Bambang Yodhoyono)已向救灾官员“动用国家所有资源”,解决这场烧荒带来的所有问题。印度尼西亚国家灾难局称,两架带有播种设备的直升机飞往苏门答腊岛,在那儿,上百顷富含碳的泥炭地满是火苗。 China#39;s new First Lady, Peng Liyuan, has become something of a global style icon on her first official state visit.首次出访的中国新任第一夫人彭丽媛,俨然已经成为全球时尚偶像。Peng Liyuan, wife of the new Chinese president Xi Jinping, has become a surprise style sensation with her native fashion bloggers and style commentators around the world on her first official state visit.彭丽媛是中国国家主席习近平的妻子,日前她随习近平主席开始了首次正式国事访问。优雅的彭丽媛女士如今已经成为了时尚象征,给中国国内时尚主和家带来了不少惊喜。Disembarking from her private plane in Moscow on Friday, Peng, 50, chose an elegant black double-breasted belted coat and ladylike handbag by Chinese fashion label Exception; a look which, teamed with her neatly pinned up hair, fresh-faced make-up and understated accessories, wouldn#39;t have looked out of place in the front row at Paris Haute Couture Week.上周五彭丽媛抵达外访的第一站俄罗斯莫斯科市。现年50岁的彭丽媛女士从私人专机上优雅地走下来,她身着一件黑色腰带双排扣外套,手上提着的是中国时尚品牌例外的女士提包。这样的装扮搭配上精心固定的发髻、清新妆容以及低调朴素的首饰,就算是坐在巴黎高级定制时装周的前排也毫不逊色。;First ladies are ambassadors of the culture and the design and of the soft power of a country. I#39;m glad that she chose to wear Chinese and take up that role of spokesperson for Chinese design here,; said Hong Huang, publisher of the fashion magazine iLook and one of the most popular microbloggers in China.“第一夫人一直是一个国家的文化大使,通常代表的就是一种软实力。看到彭丽媛女士选择中国本土品牌我非常高兴,她充当了中国设计的发言人的角色。” 中国时尚杂志《iLook》的出版人洪晃表示,她也是中国最著名的微达人之一。;It#39;s the first time that China#39;s first lady appears like a modern woman. I think she dressed very well, with taste and confidence,; said Zhang Yu, editor of China#39;s Vogue magazine. ;After so many years, we finally have a first lady who can represent us so appropriately. I think it is a landmark event.;中国版《Vogue》杂志的编辑张宇则表示:“这是第一次中国第一夫人展现现代女性的形象。我觉得她的穿着非常得体,很有品味也很自信。在这么多年后,我们终于能找到一位可以大方得体地代表中国女性的第一夫人。我觉得这是里程碑式的事件。”Online retailers have sought to associate their products with what news portals are terming the ;Peng Liyuan style,; with searches for those key words resulting in lists of handbags and trench coats, many of which did not even resemble the items she wore.新闻门户网站将这股潮流成为“彭丽媛style”,中国的网络零售商也都在将他们的产品赶上这股最热时尚潮流。搜索这些关键词,你可以看到许多列的提包和风衣,很多其实跟彭丽媛女士的穿戴并不相符。Heavy online traffic to Exception#39;s website has caused it to crash since Friday, with it loading only sporadically on Monday.例外品牌网站吸引了大量浏览量,造成网站从周五开始一直处于崩溃状态,在本周一也还是偶尔才能登陆上去的状态。Chatter about her winning personal style quickly sp globally with U.S. newspaper#39;s comparing her to Michelle Obama (both have daughters and are only a year apart in age), though we think her ladylike style is more reminiscent of ex First Lady of France, Carla Bruni.彭丽媛女士在此次外访中个人形象的大获成功,也让很多美国的报纸将其与美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马进行比较,毕竟这两位女士情况很相似:都有两个女儿,年龄也只相差一岁。不过我们认为彭丽媛女士的优雅风格其实与前任法国第一夫人卡拉·布吕尼更为相似。Further fuelling the hype, Liyuan, who is also a ed Nations ambassador for health joined her husband on a visit to Africa on Sunday, touching down at Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam sporting another #39;on trend#39; look comprising a crisp white skirt suit, coordinating handbag and peep-toe crocodile court shoes.“彭丽媛style”时尚潮流还在持续发酵。上周日,作为联合国健康大使的彭丽媛跟随丈夫习近平一道前往非洲。当她乘坐的飞机降落在坦桑尼亚首都达累斯萨拉姆的尼雷尔机场,我们看到这位中国第一夫人又展现了另一套时尚造型:亮丽的白色裙装,搭配相称的提包和鱼嘴鳄鱼皮鞋。 /201303/232484哈尔滨市第五医院是公立的哈尔滨市四院可以做引产吗




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