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My name is Matt, I am 23 years old. I did two years in prison for grand larceny and burglary我叫马特,今年23岁。我因为重窃和入室盗窃做了两年牢My name is Joey, I am 38 years old. I did twelve years in prison for armed robbery我叫乔伊,今年38岁。我因持械抢劫坐了12年牢When I got out, I didn#39;t really know what to do with myself当我出狱时,我不知道自己该做什么I felt really lonely walking around the city and didn#39;t really talk to anyone. It#39;s really strange to me我自己走在城市中,觉得很孤单,也没人和我说话。感觉真的很奇怪。At first when I got out, I couldn#39;t even deal with the reality of being outside我刚出狱时,完全无法适应外界,Everything had changed. Things that didn#39;t exist had now existed所有的事物都改变了。有很多东西是之前没有的。My mom and grandmother died on the same day and other than that, I don#39;t have any other family我的母亲和外婆在同一天去世,除了它们之外,我就没有亲人了。When I got home to the empty house, I realized that I was truly alone and that I was pretty scared for my future当我回到空荡荡的家,我发现我真的很孤独,我对未来感到很恐惧。My dad told me I should get my act together before I can come home我爸爸告诉我,在回家之前要振作起来So I went to this motel. That#39;s all I can do at the moment所以我去了一家汽车旅馆。我当时只能这么做。I wasn#39;t sure if I can deal with the life out there我不知道我是否能在这里找到动力。I went down to the animal shelter我去了动物收容所,and when I walked in there, there were so many different dogs that I kinda wish I could take all of them home with me当我走进去的时候,我看到了里面有各种各样的,真希望我能把它们带回家。they all look kind of sad and lonely just like I was caged in他们看起来都很伤心和孤单,跟我一样被关了起来,When I went to the shelter, I know that everyone of these dogs will die eventually if someone doesn#39;t adopt them当我来到收容所的时候,我知道如果这些没有被收养,最后会被安乐死。I made a decision to adopt at least one of them and then I came up on Sadie所以我决定至少收养一只,然后我就遇到了沙迪。When I saw Jeanie, I fell in love with her. She is just an awesome dog. She is great. You cutie!当我看到珍妮的时候,我就爱上了它。它是一只很棒的。你好可爱。There was a moment that I knew Sadie is the one I need to get or what I need to have to get my life in order.在某个瞬间,我知道自己需要沙迪,才能让我振作起来。I filled out paper work, and I adopted Jeanie. I took her back to the motel with me.我填好了文件,领养了珍妮。我把它带回了我的汽车旅馆。I gave her a bath. It#39;s funny to see her reactions.我帮它洗了澡,它的反应真的很有趣。I adopted Sadie and took her home. We played ball and ran around, trained a little bit. I took her to the lake.我领养了沙迪,把它带回了家。我们一起玩儿球,跑来跑去,稍微训练一下它。我带它去了湖边。I took her to a couple parks. She is super friendly.我带它去了一些公园,它非常友善。And it#39;s funny cause people started coming up and talking to me because of Jeanie.说来有趣,有些人会因为珍妮而过来和我说话。She is gorgeous. Cause she is so cute and such a great dog.它很漂亮。因为它很可爱,又是只很棒的。Having a dog with me in this house was so much better no more lonely or being alone anymore. Sadie and I became a family.能有只在家陪我真是好极了,不再孤单,再也不会一个人。我们成了一家人。Things start looking up. So I decided to get cleaned up and look for a job我的状况开始有了起色。所以我决定开始找工作,got a haircut, and got some new clothes and started walking around and filling out job applications, trying to find some work我剪了头发,买了新衣,到处填求职申请,试着找工作。I got a phone call from Alexis.我接到阿丽克西斯的电话。She runs the canil and told me she has a job for me that I can start training dogs for a few weeks a time她是动物之家的经营者,说有工作要找我做,我要每星期训练许多次And that#39;s exactly what I need to be doing这个工作非常适合我And that wouldn#39;t have happened if I wouldn#39;t have been in a dog program in prison要不是因为我在狱中参加了计划,这就不会发生。And once she dropped Lacie off, Sadie got along with her immediately. Our family was growing.她把蕾西带来的时候,沙迪马上就和它相处得很好。我们的家庭正在壮大I called my dad and asked him to come meet me.我给我爸打了电话,让他来和我见面。You got a new friend? Yep, this is Jeanie.你交到了一个新朋友?是的,这是珍妮。Hi, Jeanie. I adopted her. She is a good girl! Yeah, she is.嗨,珍妮。我养了它。它很乖啊。是的。You look good, buddy. Thank you. All cleaned up and got a hair cut.你气色不错,小子。谢谢。特别打扮了一下,还理了头发。Yep, I had a job interview today. How#39;s that going?是啊,我今天有个面试。怎么样?At the motorcycle shop, it went good, I think.是在机车行,我觉得还算顺利。You y to come home? Yeah, I love to come back home. Yeah? Come here, buddy.你准备好要回家了吗?是,我很想回家。是吗?过来,小子。I feel like my future is bright again with Jeanie there with me. I love her. She is my best friend.有珍妮陪伴,我觉得我的未来又充满了希望。我爱它。它是我最好的朋友。 Article/201703/497893

We#39;re spending the first week of our month-long trip为期一月的旅行中,我们将在首都北京in the capital, Beijing.度过一周的时间I was raised in Chicago,我在芝加哥长大and when I first came here in the 1980s,我第一次来这的时候是上世纪80年代it was just beginning to open up to the West中国刚刚对外开放after the dark years of the Cultural Revolution.在文革结束后Unrecognisable. It#39;s like the new frontier.完全无法辨认了,现在焕然一新#39;Now everywhere you look,环顾四周#39;new China smashes up against the old.#39;新潮冲击着古老The question for both of us,我们这次旅行on this voyage of discovery,带着一个问题is to see if all this incredible pace of changes,美食是否也受到is that going to affect food?中国这些巨变的影响Yeah. Good and bad.恩,有好有坏And I#39;d love to experience modern Chinese cookery here在这我很享受现代中国的烹饪技艺and whether some of the traditions have been eroded.是否一些传统已被破坏It#39;s a brew that will be quite interesting to see.这些酝酿着有趣的事情China is a country of contradictions.中国是一个矛盾体Tradition and innovation sit side by side.传统与革新并行And it#39;s most evident here in Beijing.这在北京尤为明显In the northeast corner of the country,位于中国的东北角落it has been the imperial capital for 800 years.北京做了800多年的都城It remains deeply proud of its traditional culture and cuisine.它依然为自己有着传统的文化与美食而自豪As it opens up to the world,随着北京的大门为全世界敞开it#39;s revealing those secrets with a new culinary confidence.它用一种全新的烹饪技艺揭开了这些秘密We#39;re beginning with the quintessential Chinese food -首先将要探索中华料理的精髓——noodles.面条They#39;re a humble everyday dish, eaten in all regions.它在所有的地方,都是一道朴素的家常菜But they have a 4,000-year-old history and today in Beijing,但是它在北京却有着4000年的历史this ancient craft is being celebrated centre stage.现在,这个古老的手艺,依然很有名望It#39;s just incredible.难以置信I think they got this concept from the West, the open kitchen.我觉得他们是从西方获得开放厨房的概念Yes! And it#39;s pretty spectacular.是的,壮观之至It is. Watching them work,it is like an orchestra.确实,看他们干活好像看交响乐演奏Like the guy with the big block that#39;s just shaving noodles,我喜欢做刀削面的家伙he looks like he#39;s playing the violin.像拉小提琴似的Yes!是的#39;The capital is pulling in the country#39;s best cooking talents.北京汇聚了中国各路顶尖烹饪大师#39;These noodle masters are from Shanxi Province, West of Beijing,这些面条大师来自北京西面的山西省#39;where the art of noodle making做面条的独门功夫#39;has been passed down through the generations.都是世代相传的#39;They are most famous for their hand-pulled noodles, La Mian.他们以拉面著称#39;Made from just wheat flour and water,用小麦面和水制成#39;the skill is in manipulating the dough.#39;技巧在把握其力道You double it up and double again.一根变两根然后拉成多根Yeah. It#39;s folding, folding on itself.是的,不断地对折It could be a mess. It#39;s about balancing the elasticity可能会很乱,关键在于均衡弹性before he can actually pull the noodles.在他把面拉长之前So he#39;s stretching that.Now stretching.他在拉长它,现在变长了OK, what he#39;s doing,he#39;s pulling and folding it,现在做的就是把面拉长再折起来a little bit like how children used to play Cat#39;s Cradle.有点像小孩玩翻花绳Cat#39;s Cradle is a lot easier! Yeah!翻花绳比这简单多了好嘛Wow, that#39;s beautiful! That#39;s what we call tung chow mein.好厉害,这就是我们说的长寿面Yes!恩 Article/201505/375975

英语非常道 第38期:五一出游五一出游 讲解要点: 五一期间出去游览祖国的大好河山~~~ 观点yes:图片。。。 Article/201511/396116There#39;s lots of physics going on in raindrops:cohesion,adhesion,air resistance-I mean,falling raindrops often look more like jellyfish than teardrops-but perhaps most fascinating is the physics that makes raindrops impossible.You might think making a raindrop is easy just cool water vapor in the air past its condensation point,and it condenses into liquid droplelts,right?雨滴承受着许多物理作用:凝聚力,附着力,空气阻力,我是说,下落的雨滴与泪珠相比其实更像水母,但是,最有趣的是物理令“雨滴”不可能存在。你或许会认为雨滴很容易形成———只要让空气的水汽超过凝聚点,它就会凝聚成水滴,对吧?But there#39;s a big problem standing,almost literally,in the way:the surface of the droplets themselves.Liquids hate surfaces they#39;re bound by the laws of intermolecular attraction to pull together in an attempt to minimize the size of their surfaces.That#39;s why small water droplets are spherical,why you can put a huge amount of water on a penny,and why bubbles form the crazy shapes they do.但这过程存在一个大问题。真实的大障碍:雨滴自身的表面。液体讨厌表面————它们被分子间吸引力束缚在一起,挤成一团尽量减少表面积。这就是小水滴之所以是球形的原因,硬币可以承住大量水的原因,也是泡沫形成这般疯狂形状的原因。The technical way of saying this is that surfaces require more free energy to make than volumes.For example,when you#39;re condensing water in saturated air from a gas to a liquid,every cubic centimeter volume of water you make releases energy just from its change of volume and pressure,But to make each square centimeter of the surface of that water requires an input of energy not much,but it#39;s equivalent to lifting a fortune cookie fortune 1 centimeter.从技术上来讲,与体积相比表面的形成需要更多的自由能。例如说,当饱和空气中的冷凝水从气态变为液体,每形成1立方厘米体积的水,释放的能量仅为它体积和压力的变化量,但每形成1平方厘米的表面积需要输入的能量,不算多,相当于举起一块幸运饼干1CM所需要的能量。For large amounts of water,the energy you get from the volume,which is proportional to the radius cubed,is more than enough to make up for the energy cost due to the surface area,which is proportional to the radius squared.Cubing tends to make things bigger than squaring.But for really small radii,the opposite is true cubing a small number makes it smaller than squaring it.对大量的水而言,体积减小释放的能量,与半径的三次方成正比,用来填补形成表面积所损耗的能量绰绰有余,形成表面积所损耗的能量为半径的平方。与面积相比体积更倾向于变大。但是对于极小的半径而言,就恰恰相反了,极小的数字,其三次方会比平方更小。This unavoidable mathematical truth means that if a water droplet is below a certain size,then making it bigger requires more surface area energy than is released from volume energy,meaning it takes energy for the droplet to grow,so it doesn#39;t-it shrinks.这个躲不开的数学真理意味着,如果水滴小到一定程度,那么与体积所释放的能量相比它需要更多表面积能量,也就是说它需要吸收小水珠的能量增大体积,但这是不可能的,所以它会变小。For pure cubic and quadratic functions,this equivalence point happens at 2/3 that#39;s when x^3 starts growing faster than x^2,but for water droplets it#39;s somewhere around a few million molecules;way too many to randomly clump together in less than the age of the universe!纯就三次函数和二次函数而言,当量点位于2/3处,此时X3(立方)增长速度开始大于X2(平方) 但是对于水滴而言,这个点大约为几百万个水分子;随机聚集的方式非常多,都快赶上宇宙的年龄了!And thus,raindrops are impossible for the precise mathematical fact that x squared grows faster than x cubed-for small numbers.Ok,so obviously raindrops exist,but if you want to know low they sidestep this battle between quadratics and cubics,you#39;ll have to go watch Minute Earth#39;s about how raindrops form.此外,对于精确的数学而言雨滴不可能存在的,因为对小数值而言X2(平方)的增长速度大于X3(立方)。但是事实上,雨滴确实是存在的,如果你想知道它们是如何避开平方和次方这个不可跨越的障碍,去看看之前的那期“雨滴的小秘密”。 Article/201508/391097Snow down the back.Okay, let#39;s get into it.真是冻死人了 好了 下水吧The water was so cold,it immediately froze on the camera lens.水太冷了 以至于一碰到镜头就冻结成冰At this point, it#39;s critical to keep focus on reaching the other side.此时 最重要的就是集中精力 尽快到达对岸Of course, at you don#39;t see as the audience is you can#39;t feel how cold that is.作为旁观者观看这一幕 必然感觉不到有多冷And minus 25,you know, it#39;s where you put your meat or your veg to freeze.零下25度 这温度能冻僵人体的血肉So far, it#39;s looking,looking okay. Oh, hang on.Okay, we#39;re in.现在来看 情况还不错 坚持 我要浸入水中了Okay, it#39;s over the deep bit.Let#39;s get ashore.Bloody Norah!Man, that is nice.好了 最深的地方过来了 上岸吧 天啊 上帝 真暖和Sometimes my boys watch these sort of programs,and they go, ;are they really that cold.;有时我儿子看这些节目的时候 他们会问;真那么冷吗;When you can show them a shoelace.Out horizontal,then you know it#39;s cold.那就向他们展示这根鞋带吧 都冻结实了 知道有多冷了吧In at number eight is the Sahara desert,where I found fluid in the strangest of places.精时刻第八名发生在撒哈拉沙漠 我在最难以置信的地方发现了水The Sahara is the largest and hottest desert in the world.撒哈拉是世界上最大最热的沙漠The temperature is 130 degrees,and finding fluid is my biggest priority.气温达到华氏130度 所以找到水是我的首要任务I#39;ve been given a camel by a local Berber tribesman,an old beast that had been put out of its misery.当地柏柏尔部落的人给了我一头骆驼 一头年迈而刚离世的骆驼What I#39;m looking for is the liquids.我要的是水I was hoping that the undigested contents of the camel#39;s stomach would contain vital fluid.我希望在骆驼胃里没消化的食物中 能有无比珍贵的水 Article/201612/484198

Body Position Long Turns大回转姿态In longer radius turns, you can still feel your skis working under the body.大弯中你能持续感觉雪板在脚下工作As your retract and then extend your legs into the new turn. You need to drive your body down the hill.你会收缩、伸展双腿,在下一个弯前你要将身体朝向山下Here my skis are still in the last turn,but my body is aly moving down the hill, in preparation for the next.我的滑雪板还在保持在上个弯中的状态,但是我的身体已经准备为转弯做准备了This allows you to release the edges and direct you towards the inside of the new turn .这将释放板刃压力,并控制身体面向下一个弯的内侧There result would be smooth linked high performance turns.结果就是平稳、连续、高性能的大弯You may have heard the expression stacked before in ski technique. And what that simply means is lining up your body.你可能听过一种滑雪的身体姿态:“堆叠”,简单来说就是让你的身体保持在一条直线上Now,as I#39;m stood here, as I line up my toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and hands. And you could say: I#39;m stacked.现在站好,我的脚尖、脚踝、膝盖、髋、肩和手完全平行Now that s by far the strongest position. Standing here like that, all of my ligaments, muscles and skeleton are all lined up.这样姿态,由韧带、肌肉、骨骼组成稳定撑And that s gonna allow me to handle the huge pressures built up in modern performance skiing.这样能够承受巨大的压力Let s try an exercise to encourage that stack position for the knees and arms so you can get rid of the poles .练习巩固下堆叠姿态。不需要手臂所以丢掉雪仗and we would gonna to do接下来要做的是as I start to turn to my left I#39;m gonna point my right hand and it#39;s gonna follow exactly where the right ski我开始左转,我把右手抬起来,并且在整个转弯过程中,右手一直顺着右雪板的方向。is going all the way through the turn as finish release the turn my hands going to come gently in front and then I can start to point my left hand等到最后的时候,将右手放在身前,之后,再翘起你的左手,in the same direction as a less ski all the way through that turned同样顺着左雪板滑行的方向。meanwhile the other hand will be staying on the side sough I#39;m turning to the left the right hands following that ski and left hands这时,另一只手放在一边就可以了。当我左转的时候,右手顺着右雪板的方向,把左手放在一边不动。gonna rest on the side and that#39;s going to stop that shoulder in twisting turning my body into the turn这样可以防止我的身体随着转弯晃来晃去。and this hand is in across over the skis I#39;m point where you wanna to it#39;s just simply gonna follow the skis nothing rush nothing forced手翘起来的时候,不用着急,也不用太用力,只要顺着雪板的方向就可以了。start the turn hands in front and follow the ski have going顺着滑雪路线,先把转弯方向的那只手放到前面,yeah the outside hands gonna follow外侧的那只手和滑雪方向一致。the outside ski release放松外侧的滑板,make it#39;s smooth transaction one turn to the next轮到内测滑板和手臂做同样的动作。reset keeping both hands forward and then start the next turn重新开始的时候,两手都放在前面,进行下一个转弯。when feeling comfortable with the excise grasp you poles back当你对这项运动感到很舒的时候,把雪橇后撤,focus on that body position as you skiing在滑雪的时候专注于身体姿势。now even I have the poles back the outside hand is still following the outside ski现在,即使我把雪橇后撤,外侧的这只手还是随着外侧雪板的方向。now that technique is much more for longer to medium size turn如果是中弯或大弯,你所需要的技巧会更多。in short turn simply don#39;t have enough time you will be filling in your hands all over the place在小短弯的时候,由于没有充足的时间,你的手会不停的换来换去。remember short turn keep upper body still calm and facing down the hill记住,转小弯的时候,一定要保持上身平静,并且面向山下。but in longer turns stay stacked但是,在转大弯的时候,就要保持平行了。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379794Electing a US President in Plain English简说美国总统大选Every four years, Americans who are eighteen or older have a big responsibility. Our votes decide who becomes the President of the ed States. Unfortunately, the U.S. election system isn#39;t that simple! This is Electing a U.S. President in Plain English.每四年,十八岁以上的美国人就有个重大的责任。我们的选票决定谁会成为美国总统。不幸的是,美国选举系统不是那么的简单!这里是“简说美国总统大选”。It#39;s easy to imagine every U.S. citizen#39;s vote being counted together on Election Day, but this is not the case. U.S. elections are not decided by the total or popular vote, but individual states. Let me explain.很容易联想到的是在大选之日,每位美国公民的选票被集中起来开票,但不是这样子的。美国选举不是由直选或普选决定,而是由每一个州来决定。让我为你解释。It starts with your vote. On Election Day, you#39;ll vote for president and their vice president. You get one choice. Then, all the votes in your state are counted. The candidate with the most state-wide votes becomes the candidate your state supports for president. This happens across the country until each state has selected their candidate.从你投票开始。在大选之日,你将投票选出总统和他们的副手。你只能选一个。然后,你的州所有票数被加以计算。州内得票数最高的候选人成为你的州所持的总统候选人。全国都是这样,直到每个州都选出它们的候选人。We end up with most of the fifty states and the District of Columbia voting to support one candidate each. But there#39;s a problem. We can#39;t elect a president by just counting up the choices of these states. U.S. states are different.结果我们得到的是大部分的五十州加上哥伦比亚特区,各投票持一位候选人。但有个问题。我们不能只是算一算这些州的选票就选出总统。美国的州各有不同。Consider this: California has about thirty-six million people; Kansas has less than three million. We need a way for California#39;s choice to have more influence on the election because the state has more people. The question becomes: how do we make sure each state has the right amount of influence on the election?想想看:加州有三千六百万人;堪萨斯州只有不到三百万人。我们需要有个方法,让加州的抉择对大选更有影响力,因为这一州人口较多。问题变成:我们要如何确保每个州对选举拥有正确的大选影响力?Well, we need a way to account for the population of each state.这个嘛,我们需要一个能够说明每个州的人口之影响力的方法。As an example, let#39;s consider my home state of North Carolina. Like every state, it is divided up into congressional districts that are based on population. North Carolina has thirteen districts, California has fifty-three and Kansas has four. When it comes to a state#39;s influence on the election, the number of districts matters most. More population equals more districts equals more influence.举例来说,看看我的家乡北卡罗莱纳州吧。就像每个州一样,它以人口数为基础来划分为不同的众议员选区。北卡罗莱纳州有十三个区,加州有五十三个区而堪萨斯州有四个区。谈到一个州对大选的影响力,区的数量影响最大了。较多的人口等同于较多的区也就等于较大的影响力。The influence a state has in the election is measured by the number of Electors. This number comes from the number of districts in a state plus the number of U.S. senators, which is always two. North Carolina has fifteen Electors, while California has fifty-five.一个州在大选所拥有的影响力是用“总统选举人票数”来衡量的。这数字是从州内众议员选区的总和加上美国参议员数而来,参议员数目都是两位。北卡罗莱纳州有十五张总统选举人票,而加州有五十五张总统选举人票。When a candidate wins the voting in a state, they win that state#39;s number of Electors. That#39;s why big, populous states can be so important to candidates. Their electors add up quickly. And the number of electors is what really matters.当一位候选人在州内赢得选举,他们就赢得那一州的总统选举人票数。那就是为何大的、人口众多的州对候选人来说是非常重要的。它们的总统选举人票数会很快地增加。而总统选举人票数才真正是关系重大。Here#39;s why:这里是为什么:If you add up the Electors of all fifty states and the District of Columbia, there are five hundred and thirty-eight in total. The candidates#39; goal on Election Day is to win the majority of five hundred and thirty-eight, or two hundred and seventy electors. Once a candidate wins enough states to reach the two hundred and seventy majority, they have won the election and become the President-elect. Yeah!如果你把全部五十州和哥伦比亚特区的总统选举人票数加起来,总共有五百三十八张票。在选举日,候选人的目标是要赢得五百三十八票中的大多数,或是说两百七十票。一旦一位候选人赢得足够的州数,达到两百七十票的多数,他们就已经赢得选举,成为总统当选人。耶!So, let#39;s recap. Your vote helps your state choose a single candidate. That candidate receives all the electors from your state. The candidate who can win enough states, to reach two hundred and seventy total electors wins the national election and becomes the President-elect.所以,让我们来重述一下要点。你的选票帮助你的州选出一位候选人。那位候选人接收你州所有的总统选举人票。能够赢得足够州数,抵达总共两百七十张总统选举人票数的候选人赢得全国大选并成为总统当选人。Then, on the following January 20th the President-elect is sworn in as the next President of the ed States. And it all starts with your vote. Make it count!然后,在次年一月二十日,总统当选人宣誓就职成为下一任美国总统。而这一切都是从你的投票开始的。让你的选票说话吧!I#39;m Lee Lefever, and this has been Electing a U.S President in Plain English on the Common Craft Show. One more thing: the Common Craft Store now offers downloadable versions of our s for use in the workplace. Find them at commoncraft.com/store.我是Lee Lefever,而这是Common Craft Show的“简说美国总统大选”。还有一件事:Common Craft Store现在提供让你在工作场所使用我们的可下载版本影片。在commoncraft.com/store可以找到它们。 Article/201505/373907栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/377509

Oh it#39;s completely new. By the time you get to the end of the Devonian for the very first time in Earth history噢,它是全新的。到了泥盆纪末期,地球历史上首次出现animals and plants are living on land in a significant, permanent way.动植物以一种重要而永恒的方式在陆地上生活That#39;s, that#39;s brand new and a lot of open niches in that waiting to be exploited.这都是全新的,许多开放的小生境正等着它们去开发Those new niches were the margins of this watery world.这些新的生境正是整个水世界的边缘In the tangle of vegetation limbs with fingers would have given tetrapods a unique advantage over fish.在缠结交错的植被中,拥有长趾头的四肢将使四足动物比鱼更具备独特的优势I think we have to think of these fins or, or limbs, or flims as我想我们应该都认同这些鳍,或者说是肢或腿something that would be used by the animal for moving through more complex environments like swamps,很可能是被用来在沼泽之类的复杂环境中穿梭移动or environments that, where there may have been trees down in channels,或是在树枝掉落进水道的环境中,以及浅水中or just shallow water to pursue prey or to escape the guy who#39;s trying to prey upon you.搜捕猎物和躲避想要吃掉它的天敌And there was most definitely something from which to escape.而且那时的确有需要避让的东西Over and over again Daeschler and his team found evidence of a fish called hyneria, a predator of terrifying proportions.Daeschler和他的小组一次又一次地发现一种叫做含肺鱼的化石据,它是一种体型巨大的恐怖掠食者Hyneria is the most common, lobe-finned fish at this site. It#39;s also the biggest.含肺鱼是整个地方最常见的肉鳍鱼,它也是最大的It#39;s probably two or three metres long.它可能有2--3米长This, this is a single tooth from a large hyneria and these were carnivorous obviously.这是含肺鱼的一颗牙齿,可见它是食肉动物 Article/201703/498468

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