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Glob glob glob, around the Watercooler this morning, the question is simple, but the answer may be complex. What do you think is the happiest country on the planet? Ladies, some guesses? Somewhere in the South Pacific, perhaps. Fiji was a guess over here (one of our...), any place with steel drums. Yes, over there. So we're going with a happy cultural environment?It would have to be an island, I would think, Yes, (yeah) I would think, if not the South Pacific, maybe the Caribbean? I don't know. And you? I know the answer, go.Oh, I would, I would still say America. I'm an Ameri-can, (Oh, you are...) not an Ameri-can't. But let's take a look. David M with the researchers who came up with the answer. Let's see what it is. Yes. The happiest country on earth? Denmark. Researchers at the University of Leicester in England looked at 178 countries. What mattered most? Health, wealth, and education. "Precisely", says the Danish Embassy. We are happy because we have a balance between our work and our private life. How many weeks of vacation? Do you really wanna know? Let me know.5 to 6 weeks.But vacation, she says, is only part of it, there're shorter work weeks, 37 hours on average and higher education and health care for all and when it comes to the people, well, they say they are humble. You say they don't like to brag --, (no) and yet, you'll be happy to tell us that you're happy.We'll be happy to tell we're happy, but then nothing more and we'll do it together.But no bragging?No bragging. But they have reason to and who's behind them? Switzerland, Austria, Iceland and the Bahamas. Where's the US? 23rd, not so bad out of 178. But Denmark is not as big as the ed States, by any means.Definitely not, it's a little smaller than Lake Michigan so er...Denmark?Yes.All of Denmark?All of Denmark. There's a new poll out about the happiest country on earth. Give a guess. Anguilla, Italy. Anguilla? Italy?Finland, though I, one of those Nordic (close close close ) Nordic countries. Sweden.Getting closer. Starts with a D, sounds like (Denmark) landmark...Yeah.Denmark, there you go. What do you think is the happiest country? It's my country. It's your country? It's Denmark. You are from Denmark? Yeah. What are the chances! She's from Denmark.You've heard that song, Don't Worry, Be Happy? Yeah. Is that your national anthem? No, not yet. But it could be. Could be. Don't worry, be happy. How about my ma'am you're saying man mark? (I love it, love it) (Inaudible...)But there is something to be said about the balance, you know, people who talk more about life and happiness (true) than work and in this country, we talk so much about work. It's true. I think that, and lunch of herring. Herring is not as pickled as this. . . ) Herring and gulag (smog as board)But seriously, the question: You said the islands, all these places, would you want to live there? Would you want to live in Fiji instead of here? Not forever.But Denmark is a beautiful place. I have been there. (It is) (yeah). I have to say it is very very inspiring. It is. . . We love America, but we love America.It's joky we're happier? ExactlyContest desire. .200810/51758Clinton Scores Victory in Pennsylvania Primary克林顿在宾州初选中较大优势获胜  Senator Hillary Clinton has kept her presidential bid alive with a nearly 10-point victory over Senator Barack Obama in Tuesday's crucial Pennsylvania primary. The victory is a boost for Senator Clinton, but she still trails Senator Barack Obama in the total number of votes received in state primary races and in the total number of pledged delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.  希拉里.克林顿参议员星期二在宾夕法尼亚州举行的关键初选中以超过对手奥巴马将近10%的选票保持了她继续竞争总统候选人提名的活力。这次胜利增强了克林顿参议员的竞争力,但是她在举行了初选的各州所得的总票数以及民主党提名所需的做出保的党代表人数方面还都落后于奥巴马。On the morning after the Pennsylvania primary, Senator Hillary Clinton summed up her feelings about her nearly 10-point win on the CBS Early Show. 宾夕法尼亚州初选过后的星期三早晨,克林顿参议员在哥伦比亚广播公司的早间节目中总结了自己赢得超过对手10%选票的感受。"It was a wonderful night," she said. 她说:“昨天晚上太美好了!”A number of political analysts had said Senator Clinton needed a convincing win in Pennsylvania to stay in the race, and that is exactly what she got. Some Democrats were hoping for a closer outcome that would have compelled Clinton to drop out of the race, allowing the party to unite behind Senator Obama and focus on defeating Republican candidate Senator John McCain in the November general election. 很多政治分析人士曾说,克林顿参议员要在宾州得到有说力的胜利才能继续竞选下去,而她恰恰得到了这样的胜利。有些民主党人希望投票结果更加接近,迫使克林顿退出竞选,以便民主党能在奥巴马的周围团结起来,在11月总统大选中集中力量战胜共和党的竞争对手麦凯恩参议员。At a victory rally late Tuesday in Philadelphia, Senator Clinton told her cheering supporters that the tide is turning. Speaking to CBS News, she said the victory would give her momentum for the next primaries, and explained why she believes more voters chose her. 星期二晚上,在费城举行的胜利庆祝集会上,克林顿参议员向对她欢呼的人群说,选情正在好转。她对哥伦比亚广播公司说,这次胜利会在后面的初选中给她带来获胜的势头。克林顿解释了为什么她认为更多的选民会选择她。"They believe that I offer them and their families the, you know, best chance for a better future," she said. "And I think that is what is going on here." 她说:“他们相信我可以给他们自己和他们的家庭提供未来最好的机会。我认为这里的情况就是这样。”Senator Clinton also said that her campaign raised more than million overnight with an Internet appeal after her victory. Her campaign had gone into debt during the Pennsylvania race, while Senator Obama still has plenty of funds for the next contests. 克林顿参议员还说,她在宾州胜利以后的竞选筹款通过因特网的吁求一夜之间筹到了三百多万美元。克林顿的竞选资金到了宾州初选的时候已经开始负债,而奥巴马参议员接下来的竞选所需的资金仍然雄厚。As in other races, Senator Clinton carried her core supporters, voters over the age of 60, female voters and lower income voters. Senator Obama again did best with young people, higher income voters and Black voters.  和在其它多次初选中一样,克林顿参议员的持者多数以60岁以上选民、女性选民以及低收入选民为核心,而奥巴马参议员最受年轻人、高收入、以及黑人选民的持。Obama, 46, sought to reassure his supporters late Tuesday at a rally in Evansville, Indiana. He pointed out that Senator Clinton had led in opinion polls by more than 20 percentage points in Pennsylvania six weeks ago, and that he gained ground in the state. 46岁的奥巴马星期二晚上在印第安纳州的伊万斯维尔的一个集会上再次寻求要他的选民放心。奥巴马指出,克林顿参议员在六个星期前的一个民意调查中领先他20个百分点,这次初选他本人在宾州扩大了地盘。"And now six weeks later, we closed the gap. We rallied people of every age, and race and background to the cause. And, and whether they were inspired for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, we registered a record number of voters and it is those new voters who will lead our party to victory in November," he added. 奥巴马说:“六个星期过去了,我们的差距在缩小。我们这次集会的持者年龄、种族和背景都非常广泛。不论他们是第一次受到这样的鼓舞,还是多年来第一次受到这样的鼓舞,我们纪录在案参加投票的选民已经创造了新纪录,就是这些新的选民将在11月的大选中带领我们的党走向胜利。”But before either candidate can turn their sights on the November election against Senator McCain, Democrats must decide which one of them is the nominee. There are nine more contests between now and early June, starting with primaries in North Carolina and Indiana on May 6. Senator Obama is heavily favored to win in North Carolina, and Senator Clinton currently has a slight lead in most voter surveys in Indiana. 但是在参加11月总统大选和共和党的麦凯恩竞争以前,民主党人必须决定这两人之间由谁来参选。从现在到6月初,还有9个州要举行初选,首先是北卡罗来纳和印第安纳州在5月6号举行的选举。奥巴马参议员在北卡受到特别强烈的持。克林顿参议员目前在印第安纳州所有的民调当中都有小幅领先的优势。 200804/36462Atlanta, Georgia, a terrorist bomb explodes in Centennial Olympic Park, killing one woman and injuring hundreds. North Caldwell, New Jersey, an advertising executive is killed when he opens a mysterious package which explodes in his hands. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a powerful blast destroys the federal building, claiming 168 lives. In all three cases, it's a race against time. As an elite division of the FBI known as the Explosives attempts to catch the mad bombers before they strike again. FBI Explosives is the part of the FBI laboratory. It does the forensic examination of bomb components, unexploded bombs. They also do residue analysis of the explosives that are used in bombs. Explosives examiner, Donald Sachtleben, agreed to take us inside one of the nation's most secretive crime-fighting laboratories. Here, this team of highly trained technicians and forensic scientists carefully combs through evidence, searching for any clues that will help the FBI capture a bomber. In Atlanta, the search for answers begins at ground zero, the scene of the Olympic bombing where every step is fraught with danger. At any crime scene, you have to assume that there could be other devices there what we would call secondary devices or booby traps. We've seen that recently in some of the bombings around the Atlanta and Birmingham areas. In Atlanta, agents are sifting through the rubble of an abortion clinic bombing when suddenly, a secondary device explodes. Miraculously, no one is killed. But seven people are injured, including several federal agents. But in the aftermath of the Olympic bombing, investigators rely on surprisingly common technology to search for deadly booby traps. The most effective tool that we have is the X-Ray, the portable X-Ray. We can actually go up to a package and with a remote technique; we can put the X-Ray down, X-Ray the package and see whether or not it's a hazard.ground zero: is the exact location on the ground where any explosion occurs. The term has often been associated with nuclear explosions but is also used in relation to earthquakes, epidemics and other disasters to mark the point of the most severe damage or destruction. Damage gradually decreases with distance from this pointbooby trap: an explosive device designed to be triggered when an unsuspecting victim touches or disturbs a seemingly harmless objectfraught with: filled with (something undesirable)200809/50674

UNHCR Concerned About Violence Against Immigrants in South AfricaUN吁南非停止驱逐津巴布韦难民   The UN refugee agency is urging South African authorities to suspend deportation of Zimbabweans and to allow them to regularize their stay in South Africa. The UNHCR says it is making this exceptional request in light of the violence against foreigners in South Africa in which 42 people have been killed. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署敦促南非当局停止驱逐津巴布韦人,并允许他们合法居住在南非。联合国难民署说,提出这一特别请求是因为考虑到南非发生的针对外国人的暴力事件,这些暴力事件已经导致42人死亡。The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees says it is deeply concerned about the attacks against foreigners in South Africa, including refugees and asylum-seekers. More than 16,000 people have fled their homes in the wake of the violence, which has sp to Cape Town, where mobs attacked Zimbabweans and Somalis. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,他们对南非发生的袭击难民和寻求避难者等外国人的事件表示担忧。暴力事件导致1万6千多人逃离家园。暴力事件还扩散到开普敦,暴徒在那里袭击了津巴布韦人和索马里人。UNHCR spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis says Zimbabweans seeking asylum should not be sent home.  联合国难民署发言人帕戈尼斯说,寻求避难的津巴布韦人不应该被遣送回家。"They include people who came to South Africa to seek asylum," she said. "They urgently need both assistance and protection. And, while thousands of Mozambicans are reportedly streaming home, many Zimbabweans cannot consider returning home due to the well-known situation in their country."  她说:“这其中包括来南非寻求避难的人。他们急需得到帮助和保护。有报导说,有几千名莫桑比克人涌回家园。与此同时,由于津巴布韦目前众所周知的局势,许多津巴布韦人不能考虑回家。”"A significant number of Zimbabweans have got genuine international protection needs. And, those who are seeking asylum should have access to the national asylum procedures in South Africa and in other neighboring countries and elsewhere in the world, for that matter," she added.  “大量津巴布韦人真正需要国际援助。由于这个原因,应当允许那些寻求避难的人进入南非、其它邻国以及世界各地的避难收容程序。”Pagonis says the UNHCR has been assessing the needs at sites near police stations where the displaced are gathered. She says the agency is distributing blankets and mats. 帕戈尼斯说,联合国难民署一直在评估那些聚集在一些警察局附近的无家可归者的需求。她说,联合国难民署正在分发毯子和垫子。The International Organization for Migration also is providing practical assistance. Spokesman Jean-Philippe Chauzy says the agency is distributing emergency kits containing clothes, blankets, oral rehydration salts and food. He says foreigners have been coming to IOM's regional office in Pretoria asking for assistance. 国际移民组织也在提供实际的帮助。该组织发言人肖齐说,国际移民组织正在分发急救箱,里面装有衣、毯子、口补液盐和食物。他说,在南非的外国人到国际移民组织驻比勒陀利亚的办公室寻求帮助。"They want to leave South Africa," said Chauzy. "But, most of them have got no money. They fled literally with the clothes they have on their backs. Most of them have no documentations because of their status. You might have heard that Mozambique is trying to evacuate about 10,000 of its nationals out of South Africa. Buses have been lined up to help with the evacuation of Mozambicans."  肖齐说:“他们要离开南非。但是,他们大部分人没有钱。他们逃难的时候真的是只有身上穿的衣。由于他们的身份,大部分人没有旅行文件。你们可能听说过,莫桑比克正在争取从南非撤离大约1万名莫桑比克人。公共汽车排成长队帮助撤离莫桑比克人。”Chauzy says IOM has teamed up with Metro-FM, a South African and regional broadcaster, to air messages of tolerance. He says IOM is also encouraging South Africans who want to denounce this violence to donate money to the victims.  肖齐说,国际移民组织和南非当地广播电台Metro-FM合作,呼吁人们宽容。他说,国际移民组织还鼓励愿意谴责这次暴力事件的南非人为暴力事件的受害者捐款。 200805/39931国家地理:Coffee: Beans to Buzz 星巴克的传奇It's 3 friends with gourmet taste on a search for the perfect cup of coffee that help jump-start the whole specialty coffee revolution in the US. In 1971 after trying the coffee in cafés from Berkeley to Vancouver, Jerry Baldwin and his partners opened up their own little coffee bean shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market and they named it after the coffee drinking first mate in Moby Dick, Starbuck.It was instantly successful and I became the person who was the roaster and the coffee buyer and it just got into my blood. Now since the brewing and the pressing of the caffeinated coffee bean, some pretty heavy-hitters have been hidding at the coffee house scene.With over 12,000 locations worldwide, Starbucks has got into a lot of people's blood. And talking that bohemian rag, even at starbucks. All-it revolution, it's clearly evolution. And talking that bohemian rag.I joined Starbucks in 1982 when we were opening our fourth store, believe it or not. The epiphany for me though was when I was actually sent by Starbucks to Italy and became enamored with the Italian coffee bar and how they brought coffee to life as the theatrical presentation, the extension of people's homes, and since Starbucks only sold whole bean or ground coffee for the home, I raced back from Italy with this wonder in my eye about recreating the Italian coffee bar in my own image and bringing it to America. After returning to the US, Howard Schultz's goal is to create, and then expand the Starbucks coffee house experience, Jerry Baldwin chooses to stick with roasting and acquires Peet's of Berkeley.Italians have been serious about making coffee for hundreds of years. At Italy's famous Illy Cafe, a specialty is cappuccino, a classic blend of the Espresso and steamed milk named after the brown robes of Capuchin monks. Owner Ernesto Illy knows how far coffee has come from its ancient methods of preparation, and he credits the impatience of Italians for the discovery of espresso. In Naples, some people are impatient, and one guy who had a friend in Milano, he said, "listen, can you make it a little faster, I have to wait the 6 or 8 minutes to have my cup of coffee. Put some pressure on them, and the guy put some pressure, and this was the beginning of espresso.New Words:bohemian: (n.) A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior. 放荡不羁的文化人enamor: (v.) To inspire with love; captivate 使爱上 espresso: (n.) A strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressure through darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans. 浓咖啡200708/16996

US Lawmakers Express Anger, Skepticism on Financial Bailout Plan美两党议员:对金融计划审慎行事  As key U.S. financial officials testified before a Senate committee on Tuesday, Bush administration officials were on Capitol Hill trying to allay concerns and press for action on the 0 billion financial bailout plan. Majority Democrats report progress in negotiations, but lawmakers from both major political parties continue to voice anger and urge caution. 针对布什政府提出的金融机构拯救计划,在国会占主导地位的民主党议员报告说,有关的谈判取得了进展。但是与此同时,民主-共和两大政党的国会议员继续表达他们对这个救助计划的愤怒并且敦促大家审慎行事。As Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox testified before the Senate Banking Committee, Vice President Dick Cheney and other administration officials tried to ease concerns of those in President Bush's party. 就在财政部长保尔森、美联储主席伯南克以及监会主席考克斯在参议院委员会作时,副总统切尼和其他政府官员试图缓解共和党人对这个计划的担忧。As House Minority Leader John Boehner put it, Cheney was invited by the Republican leadership to explain the nature of the financial crisis and why the administration's solution is necessary.  就像众议院少数党领袖纳所说的那样,切尼是应国会共和党领导人的邀请前来解释这次金融危机的性质以及为什么布什政府的解决办法是必要的。But Boehner acknowledged that many Republicans have serious concerns about the Bush administration's approach. 但是纳承认,很多共和党人对布什政府解决这次危机的手法存在严重的关切。"Nobody wants to do this; nobody wants to be involved in this; nobody wants to take the chance," he said. "But I would argue that if we do nothing we are jeopardizing our economy, jobs and people's retirement security." 他说:“没有人想这样做;没有人想卷入其中;没有人想碰运气。但是我想说的是,如果我们什么也不做,那么我们正在给我们的经济、就业和人们的退休保障造成威胁。”What began as a three-page proposal from the administration has grown considerably, involving a government expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars to purchase bad mortgage debt and other troubled assets to prop up financial institutions and banks, and stabilize markets. 一个布什政府提出的只有三页纸的建议现在已经增加了很多的内容,涉及政府要花费几千亿美元来购买房屋抵押上出现的坏债以及其他有问题的资产来撑金融机构和以及稳定市场。But the magnitude of the proposal has upset conservative House Republicans, who used a news conference to explain objections to the plan. 但是这个建议的庞大规模使保守的众议院共和党人感到不安。他们通过举行一个新闻发布会的方式来解释他们对这个计划的反对。"There are those in the public debate who say we must act now," said Indiana Republican Mike Pence. "The last time I heard that, I was on a used car lot. The truth is every time somebody tells you that you have to do the deal right now, it usually means they are going to get the better part of the deal. The American people deserve a seat at the table in this debate as well." 来自印第安纳州的国会议员彭斯说:“有些人在公开辩论中说我们现在必需采取行动。我上次听到这种说法的时候,我是在一个出售二手车的车行里。事实是,每次有人对你说你必需现在就得做这笔交易,这通常意味著他们将从中得到更多的好处。美国人民理所当然的也应该在这个辩论中占有一席之地。”Pence and other Republican Representatives are in some agreement with House Democrats who say Congress should spend more time considering solutions. 彭斯和其他的共和党众议员在某种程度上与一些民主党众议员是一致的。这些民主党人说,国会应该花费更多的时间考虑有关的解决办法。For their part, Democrats have insisted on changes to improve accountability and oversight, and further protections for Americans against more financial stress. 民主党议员坚持要对方案做出修改,增加追究责任和实行监督的条款,以及对美国消费者提供进一步的保护,防止出现更多的金融困境。"The party is over for this compensation for CEOs who take the golden parachute as they drive their companies into the ground," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "The party is over for the disparity in our country between CEOs making almost immoral salaries and not being interested in lifting people up. The party is over for financial institutions taking risks but at the same time privatizing any gain they may have while they nationalize the risk, asking taxpayers to pick up the tab." 众议院议长南希·佩洛西对记者表示:“这些总裁们把自己的公司引上绝路,可是他们自己乘着金降落伞逃生,这种情况该结束了。在美国,这些CEO挣著几乎不道德的工资,却对扶持民众漠不关心,这种巨大的反差该结束了。金融机构冒险投资,受益归个人,而风险却由国家来承担,由纳税人来买单,这种情况该结束了。”Pelosi declined to answer when reporters pressed her about when a bill might reach the House and Senate floors. 当记者追问众议院和参议院什么时候能拿出议案时,佩洛西拒绝回答。She also faces pressure from a group of House Democrats who insist that actions by the Treasury Secretary be reviewable by the courts, and that a three-member bipartisan board approve asset purchases of more than billion.  佩洛西还面临众议院一批民主党议员的压力,他们坚持要求财政部采取的行动要受到法庭的审议,超过10亿美元的资产收购要得到一个由两党议员组成的三人委员会的批准。Democrats have clearly linked action on the financial bailout plan with their additional aim of bringing up separate measures to bolster the U.S. economy. 民主党议员把财政救援方案与他们提出的撑美国经济的额外措施清楚地联系在一起。With little action on Tuesday on either front, lawmakers say they are preparing for the possibility that Congress will remain in session through Friday, when adjournment had been planned to prepare for the November general elections. 星期二,在这两个方面都没有采取什么行动。国会议员们表示,他们已经做好国会星期五之后仍然开会的准备。国会原计划星期五开始休会,准备11月份的美国大选。200809/50166Three out of four Americans do have cell phones. But new research from Britain has found that they could be well breeding grounds for germs and A's Heather Nauert right here with us back from the news desk this morning. I gotta tell you, I'm gonna be making calls, like this: hello, can you hear me now?Totally speaker phone.Ohh!This is a gross one. Of course we all expect certain places where we would find germs and bacteria, in kitchens and bathrooms, for instance. But now we learn that when you put your cell phone up to your ear, you may be getting a lot more than a ringtone.Hello mom. We've seen George Bush chat away, not to mention Paris Hilton and don't forget Maxwell Smart, the secret agent who used a shoe for a phone. It may sound like a dirty proposition, but actually his shoe phone could be cleaner than your cell phone. That's disgusting.What do you think is dirtier, the sole of your shoe, a doorknob, or a toilet seat, or your cell phone?Definitely, toilet seat.Actually he is wrong, your cell phone is filthier.So what's your reaction when I tell you that?Er, a little disturbing, I think I'm gonna be, er, doing a little more of this.New research out of the UK found mobile phones are technological Petri dish for tens of thousands of germs. Germs multiply in warm places. Between the heat the phones generate and the germs on your face and hands, you've got a breeding ground.You put it in a warm place, you hold it in your hand, you put it in your pocket like I have to do, it's nice and warm. Bacteria like that. They can grow under those conditions.Believe it or not, the filthiest phones can sp the ded staph bacteria which can cause everything from skin infections to meningitis. And where do these germs come from? Your hands and face.Usually right down here, coz the mouth comes here in this area too, and so you usually find more there.Microbiologist Chuck Gerba recently tested 25 mobile phones and found the staph bug growing on nearly half. So we brought some of our own phones in for testing, the results were shocking, especially the one from our soundman.Sony has the dirtiest phone I have ever tested. He has somewhere between 10 and 15 million bacteria on, on this phone. If there's ever a new life form that's gonna evolve on this planet, it's gonna be on your phone.If you're worried about germs roaming on your cell, Motorola has come up with a clever tactic. Some of their phones have an anti-microbial coating, which prevents bacteria from growing, in the meantime, keep your phone to yourself.You're not only sharing the phone, you're sharing germs at the same time. So, anything that becomes mobile you take with you or you share with other people is a way germs get move from one person to another.So everybody wants to know what on earth do you do to keep this clean, they just say take this anti-mi..er, this wipes, wipe it off , (Antimicrobial) that's the best you can do. As for this new Motorola phone that comes out, we can't verify that the technology actually works. But the company says it does.All right, so it doesn't it hurt your phone to do this?It doesn't hurt your phone, but if you spray it, of course, with a Windex or something,(Oh, yeah) you are gonna ruin your phone.It can get into the little holes. /You can get the little hopesOkay, thank you...I mean, you think about it, nobody really ever cleans their phones, so…No, no one would ever do it.No? We have one more thing to worry about.Okay, thanks, Heather, I think...200810/52210

Channel 4 News has learnt that Google could be forced to carry a cigarette-box style warning about privacy on its websites. The Internet search giant has amassed a massive database of personal information about its users, including what sites we visit and our online shopping habits, and even what restaurants we locate via Internet maps. An expert panel set up to advise the European Commission believes that Google should seek explicit informed consents before retaining such detailed information. Here’s our technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen. You can make money without doing evil. It’s Google’s famous mission statement. But the world’s biggest search engine is the focus of mounting paranoia over the growing scope of its power over every one of us. This is the lauding Googleplexes, to here that tens of millions of us turn everyday to have our questions answered, find directions, communicate with friends, and be instinct online. In fact, Google increasingly controls almost every aspect of our digital lives. I think there is a different stream of perception and a lot of the reality. And if people felt the same way that, you know, that had been written, I think they would stop using Google, they wouldn’t trust us. But reality is people do trust us and will, and continue to use the service.Indeed, three quarters of us use Google services, more than anywhere else in the world. By monitoring the information we give them when we go online, the company builds up an understanding of its users, which helps them target advertising. If you open up a Google account, you do clearly agree to the company’s privacy policy. But if you don’t, there is no explicit warning about what information is being retained. It could mean that everybody is being spied on, so we are, we are moving into a surveillance society, where all the information on everything we do and say is being collected and passed on. The law is clear: Consent must be given by any appropriate method enabling a freely given specific and informed indication of the user’s wishes, including by ticking a box when visiting an Internet website. In fact, there’s no direct link to the company’s privacy policy on the Google homepage. An independent panel is advising the European Commission on whether Google is complying with European Privacy Regulations. We understand that the company may be required to put up a cigarette-box style privacy warning telling users what information it collects, what it will be used for and for how long it will be kept. These recommendations are also likely to apply to Google’s smaller rivals.200805/39706Zimbabwe Political Rivals Sign Landmark Power-Sharing Deal穆加贝和反对派签署权力分享协议 The president of Zimbabwe and two opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing agreement aimed at ending the Zimbabwean crisis. The accord follows months of negotiations mediated by South Africa. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝和两名反对派领导人签署了旨在结束该国危机的权力分享协议。此前,各方在南非的斡旋下进行了几个月的谈判。Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara shook hands over the agreement before half-a-dozen African heads of state and several thousand supporters in Harare.  在哈拉雷,津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对派领导人茨万吉拉伊以及穆塔姆巴拉在6位非洲国家领导人和几千名持者的面前握手,祝贺协议的达成。After three decades of undisputed rule, the accord calls for Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party to share power with the opposition. Mr. Mugabe noted that the agreement contains elements that neither he nor the opposition liked.  在历经30年无异议的统治之后,这项协议要求穆加贝领导的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和反对党分享权力。穆加贝指出,这份协议中包含一些他和反对派都不喜欢的内容。"History makes us walk the same route," Mugabe said. "We may disagree on that route and this is what we were doing. But now there are areas where we find ourselves in agreement. And as we move forward, as long as certain salient (important) principles are recognized we will find more room for agreement." 他说:“历史让我们走上同样的路。我们可能对这条路存有分歧,过去我们之间确实有分歧。不过现在我们在一些方面达成了共识。随着我们合作的发展,只要一些重要的原则得到认可,我们就能找到更多的合作空间。”He said these principles included recognition of Zimbabwe's sovereignty. And he accused foreign powers that levied economic sanctions against his government of seeking to impose solutions to Zimbabwe's problems. 他说,这些原则包括承认津巴布韦的主权。他指责那些向他的政府实施经济制裁的外国势力试图把解决方案强加于津巴布韦。Under the accord, Mr. Mugabe is to continue as head-of-state and preside over cabinet meetings. Mr. Tsvangirai, who heads the largest faction of the Movement for Democratic Change, is to assume the newly created post of prime minister and chair the newly created Council of Ministers. 根据这项权力分享协议,穆加贝将继续担任国家元首的职务,并且主持内阁会议。反对党“争取民主变革运动”最大派系的领导人茨万吉拉伊将担任新设立的总理职位,并负责新设立的部长委员会。A smaller opposition (MDC) faction led by Arthur Mutambara, is to receive three ministries and Mutambara is to assume one of two newly created positions of deputy prime minister. 穆塔姆巴拉所领导的“争取民主变革运动”中的一个较小派系,将得到三个内阁部长的职务。在新设立的二个副总理职位中,穆塔姆巴拉将担任其中一名副总理。The president's party is to receive 15 ministerial portfolios, while Mr. Tsvangirai's group is to receive 13 ministries and the Mutambara faction is to receive three cabinet posts. Mr. Tsvangirai said he signed the agreement because he believes it represented the best opportunity to build a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe. In a reference to the political violence that has plagued Zimbabwe, Mr. Tsvangirai said his hope for the future ran deeper than his grief over past sufferings and he called for the new leadership to overcome its rivalries. 茨万吉拉伊说,他之所以在协议上签字是因为他觉得这份协议给建立一个和平和繁荣的津巴布韦带来最好的机会。在谈到津巴布韦发生的政治暴力时,茨万吉拉伊说,他对未来寄予的希望超过对过去苦难感到的悲哀,他还呼吁新的领导层能化解彼此间存有的敌意。"As Prime Minster-designate, I call on all supporters of both ZANU-PF and MDC to unite as all Zimbabweans," Tsvangirai said, "to put the interests of our people and our nation first and to work together for a new Zimbabwe. Divisions, polarization and hatred belong to the past." 他说:“作为指定的总理,我呼吁所有持非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和争取民主变革运动的人团结起来,大家都是津巴布韦人,要把人民和国家的利益放在首位,为建立一个新的津巴布韦而共同努力。分裂、分极和仇恨都属于过去。”The opposition won a majority of the parliamentary seats in elections last March and Mr. Tsvangirai received the most votes in the presidential race. But Mr. Mugabe won the runoff vote after Mr. Tsvangirai withdrew, citing a campaign of state-sponsored intimidation in which more than 100 of his supporters were killed. 今年三月,反对党赢得议会的多数席位,而且茨万吉拉伊在总统竞选中获得多数选票。但是,在茨万吉拉伊退选后,穆加贝赢得了决选胜利。茨万吉拉伊说,因为政府策划的大规模恐吓活动导致100多名他的持者死亡。200809/48905

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