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广州天河长安妇科在线天河长安医院绝育疏通多少钱UN Report Calls for More Funds to Combat Global Warming联合国呼吁增加投资对抗全球暖化The ed Nations is calling for billions of dollars to be spent by governments to fight climate change and greenhouse gasses to stem rising global temperatures.联合国呼吁各国政府投资数十亿美元来对抗气候变化和温室气体等问题,进而阻止全球气温的不断上升。A ed Nations report released Tuesday calls for major spending of nearly 0 billion by governments to deal with the impact of global warming.联合国星期二公布的报告呼吁各国政府共同拿出近6000亿美元来处理全球暖化引起的问题。The report, Promoting Development, Saving the Planet, said that up to trillion a year would be needed to deal with issues of climate change in the future.这份以“促进发展,拯救地球”为题的报告说,未来每年将需要高达一万亿美元的资金来处理气候变化相关问题。The report also said that climate change cannot be battled by relying exclusively on cutting emissions or market-based solutions.报告也说,对抗气候变化不能只依赖减少废气排放和那些以市场为基础的解决方案。It said the global community needed to be as serious about committing resources "on the same scale" to combating global warming as countries were during the the rescue of global economies during the financial crisis.报告指出,世界各国必须以在金融危机中拯救全球经济那样认真的态度,拿出同等规模的资源来对抗全球暖化。Noeleen Hayzer, executive secretary of the UN's Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) says climate change remained "the biggest challenge faced by this generation."联合国亚洲与太平洋经济社会委员会执行秘书诺伊琳.海泽(Noeleen Hayzer)说,气候变化仍是当今这代人面临的最大挑战。"Climate change challenges us all to find a new development paradigm that balances economic growth and long-term prosperity with social progress and ecological sustainability. If we don't address the challenges of climate change an increasing number of nations and their peoples will be pushed into poverty - never has there been a greater call for global solidarity," he said.“气候变化对我们的挑战是:我们必须共同找出一个新的发展模式,这个新的发展模式能够在经济发展和长远繁荣之间找出一个平衡点,同时顾及社会进步和生态的可持续性。如果我们不对气候变化这个挑战有所回应,那么将会有愈来愈多的国家及其人民陷入贫困。事态之急迫,还从来没有像现在这么急需全球的团结合作。”The report calls for stronger steps to be taken by advanced economies to reduce carbon emissions, seen as the main cause of global warming. It says since the adoption of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, policies designed to deal with the threat of dangerous climate change, are lagging "far behind" the scientific evidence. 报告呼吁发达经济体采取更强有力的措施来减少二氧化碳排放量。二氧化碳排放被视为造成全球暖化的主因。报告说,自1997年京都议定书通过之后,因应气候变化威胁的政策制定大大落后于科学上的考。The agency report called for the need to adapt to an increase in more intense hurricanes in the Caribbean, above-average warming impact on glacier-dependent river flows in Central Asia, and droughts affecting fragile economies in North Africa. 联合国这份报告还呼吁各国必须适应越来越多的恶劣天气,比如加勒比海地区强烈飓风数量的增加,中亚地区高于平均水平的暖化现象对依赖冰川的河流造成的影响,以及干旱对北非地区脆弱经济的影响。Tiziana Bonapace, a senior economist with the UNESCAP, says developing countries need financial aid to assist them in developing low-emission technologies and agriculture methods and ensuring poverty reduction policies are maintained.联合国亚太社经会的资深经济学家波纳培斯(Tiziana Bonapace)说,发展中国家需要财政援助来发展低排放技术和新的农业耕作方式,并使扶贫政策保持下去。"Development is a right and that should continue but that perhaps - paths where there could be a reconciliation of the objective of poverty reduction, enhanced standards of living, a life of greater dignity in developing countries - can be reconciled with climate objectives by shifting the sources of energy away from the fossil fuels to the cleaner and lower carbon emissions. But it costs money," said Bonapace.波纳培斯说:“发展是正确的,并且应该持续下去,但发展的方式既要包含减少贫困、提高生活水平和给予发展中国家人民在生活上更多尊严的目标,也要包括减缓气候变化的目标,把能源来源从化石燃料转向更加清洁和碳排放量更低的燃料。当然了,这一切都需要花很多钱。”The report comes in the lead up to the December meeting of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, to agree on a new climate pact before the end of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.联合国气候变化谈判的最新一轮会议将于9月28日到10月9日在曼谷举行,为12月举行的哥本哈根气候变化会议进行准备。联合国希望世界各国能够在京都议定书2012年到期之前达成一项新的气候协定。09/83123广东省妇幼保健院无痛人流要多少钱 昨天的石菊化石,是小编我Daisy的成果。今天,我可发现了新的大陆,那就是攀岩,这可是新开发的野外极限运动啊,你准备好了吗?Go! Go! Go! When the ammonites became extinct, the map of North America looked completely different: to the north, the Canadian Rocky Mountains aly existed; to the south, the American Rockies had yet to rise. The date of the ammonites' extinction holds a key to when they first emerged. These animals died about seventy million years ago in the middle of the Western Interior Seaway. And so we know at that time about seventy million years ago that this site was below sea level. So we know then that the Rocky Mountains had to rise from that seaway sometime after seventy million years ago. Today all that is left from the ancient seafloor are these fossilized remains high in the Colorado Rockies. Next, geologists needed to find out what pushed the seafloor up. The investigation moves to these slabs of rock flanking the Rockies just outside Denver, Colorado. They are known as the Flatirons, and they are part of the same formation that make up the Red Rocks' amphitheater. These slabs of rock are unusual because they contain holes, holes that make the Flatirons appealing to climbers and geologists alike. So when we go climbing in the Flatirons, we are climbing on really nice handholds, in some cases, handholds that have been formed either by the pebbles in the rock or by zones of fine grained material that are easily removed by erosion the shales and the siltstones. Those layers get removed, leaving a notch for the hands to go in, and it makes for fantastic climbing. The holes are a clue as to how these strangely tilted Flatirons were formed. The layers themselves, the different grain sizes in the layers the silt, the sand, the pebbles this tells us that these are sedimentary rocks. Sediments form in water when sand and small pieces of rock settle on the ground. Over millions of years they get compressed into layers of rock.小编有约:呵呵~~看看我给大家准备的礼物。A. Denver, Colorado B. Rock C. holes这里的线索能让你想起什么东西来?201110/158188从上一期安德森细致的观察中发现一些痕迹,我们知道了这里曾经存在过冰川,并且这些冰川对于落基山脉今天的样子起了很大的作用,那它是怎样起的作用,走进今天的落基山,听一听!For the last few million years, perhaps three million years, glaciers have come and gone from the Rocky Mountains. And every time they come across the landscape, they are capable of eroding that landscape at rates that are perhaps fractions of an inch per year, meaning that over the course of one glacial cycle, you perhaps erode ten, twenty feet of rock.Ice also created the broad canyons. With every ice age, new glaciers ground their way down V-shaped river valleys, and turn them into broad U-shaped canyons.For the glacier, the whole valley is its channel, so any place where the glacier touches, the wall is capable of eroding it. And therefore the walls will be made more vertical on the edges and be flattened on the base until it gets to a now, a U-shape, which then propagates downward.Ice also explains the presence of these boulders. They hitchhiked at the bottom of the glacier down the frozen valley, when the last Ice Age came to an end and the glaciers melted about 10,000 years ago, the boulders were left behind. Scientists had found two pieces of evidence that were responsible for the jagged looks of the Rockies today. A solitary boulder falling to the area could have only been transported here by ice. Striations ( n. 辉纹;光条纹)showed scientists that a glacier at least a thousand feet thick covered the Rockies. Ice was responsible for the dramatic shape of the Rockies today. But the mountains keep evolving. Recently, scientists discovered alarming evidence that they may collapse into a deep rift.For the last 70 million years, compression, erosion and ice have sculpted the Rocky Mountains to their present formation, but the geology that created this impressive mountain range has also the potential to destroy it. Over the last 25 million years, a gigantic rift has been opening up at the southern end of the Rocky Mountains.小编有约:Daisy在这一期忽然觉得在这一期冰使得这里的山谷变得很宽阔,从V形到U形,看来咱们的古话;水滴石穿;起到作用啦,所以有些道理还是相通的。课后题目:在前面的几期中我们一起经历了落基山脉70多万年的经历,那么它都经历了哪些地理运动呢?165872广州天河长安医院抗精子抗体多少钱

广州天河打胎做的最好的医院Chinese invest in US homes A group of 40 Chinese investors is looking to place money in the US housing market, CNN's Emily Chang reports.At the Beijing Airport, 40 Chinese investors embark on a mission to open their wallets on the other side of the world and buy a house in the ed States.“The price's right,” says lawyer Yin Guohua. For him, it will be a home away from home, a place to stay on business and quite simply an opportunity to get a deal.“It sounds cheap,” says this business woman, “but I’ll have to see it with my own eyes.”Their journey will take them on a tour of bargain and foreclosure properties from L.A. to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston and New York. Yin says he’s been watching the US Housing market for two years. He’s willing to spend up to a million dollars and pay it all at once.“This could be a positive stimulus for the American economy,” he says. He’s a family man who aly owns 3 properties in Beijing. “Our son will have a place to stay when he goes to America for school some day,” his wife says.The house hunting trip is being run by a Chinese real estate brokerage, Soufun.com. The company says it received hundreds of applications for just 40 spots from Chinese eager to invest overseas, but it raised questions: Are the Chinese capitalizing on the misfortune of Americans in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and is this the start of a dangerous flow of capital out of China when China's own economy is slowing down?“It is still a very, very small fraction of the purchasing power here in China. So I don't think, you know, er, this, er, you know, small group of people, because of their personal interest or their, for whatever reason is going to affect the China's demand for properties.”Foreigners can buy property in the US under fairly simple guidelines, they may have to make a bigger down payment or pay more taxes. And investment experts say China's restrictions on transferring money out of the country are relatively easy to navigate.Yin has his eyes on a few homes in New York and L.A., but like any smart investor, he says he won't make a deal unless it's a good one.Emily Chang, CNN, Beijing.Vocabulary:1. embark on: begin or start (a piece of work, etc.)着手,从事2. bargain: something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual price廉价货3. foreclosure: A situation in which a homeowner is unable to make principal and/or interest payments on his or her mortgage, so the lender, be it a bank or building society, can seize and sell the property as stipulated in the terms of the mortgage contract. 抵押品赎回权的丧失4. brokerage: a business, firm, or company whose business is to act as a broker经纪人(或中间人)业务5. Subprime Mortgage Crisis: an ongoing financial crisis characterized by contracted liquidity in global credit markets and banking systems.次贷危机6. purchasing power: The value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods or services that one unit of money can buy.购买力7. down payment: A type of payment made in cash during the onset of the purchase of an expensive good/service.首付08/82973广州天河中山三院微创打胎 From its northern border with Peru, Chile stretches some 2,700 miles to the bottom of South America, longer than the distance from New York City to Los Angeles. Strung out along its entire length are the Andes Mountains. Here among these rocky peaks, life goes civilized and wild has learnt to thrive. In Torres Del Paine National Park, pumas have found a refuge. A young female stakes out her territory. She'll range over 60 square miles in search of food. The puma's main prey is the guanaco, the camel of the Andes. Catching one is not easy. The herd keeps alert while grazing, y to flee at a moment’s notice. Even after a successful hunt, repeat meals aren't guaranteed. While the puma sleeps, grey foxes discover her catch, and snatch a bite. It attracts the attention of condors gliding overhead. Outweighed and out-numbered, the foxes scamper away, leaving the carcass to be stripped clean by the condors. When times are lean, pumas will take their chances with other prey. Most of Chile's agriculture is centered around the coastal low lands, but these wild open spaces make excellent ranching. The puma has yet to learn that hunting sheep can make herself the hunted. Though protected by law within the park, they are fair game outside. Ranchers place large bounties on pumas, and will shoot on sight. She manages to escape, reappearing in a few days later. This female has learned an important lesson about surviving in the Andes. In time, she will develop her hunting skills, she will use them to feed her cubs, and continue the puma’s role in a rugged, majestic environment of the Chilean Andes. Vocabulary Mix:string (sb/sth) out: (cause sb/sth to) be sp out in a long, thin line. guanaco: A reddish-brown South American ruminant mammal(Lama guanicoe) related to and resembling the domesticated llama. 原驼:产于南美洲的一种反刍性哺乳动物(栗色羊驼 羊驼属) ,与家养驼羊相关且近似 condor: Either of two New World vultures,Vultur gryphus of the Andes or Gymnogyps californianus, a nearly extinct vulture of the mountains of California, having a bare head and neck and dull black plumage containing variable amounts of white. With a wingspan of about three meters (ten feet), they are the largest birds in the Western Hemisphere. 神鹰,秃鹫,兀鹫:西半球的两种兀鹫之一,即安第斯山区的康多兀鹫 或加利福尼亚山区濒于灭绝的 加州兀鹫 ,其头部与颈部无毛,羽毛呈暗黑色并带有些许白色,双翅展开长约3米(10英尺),它们是西半球最大的鸟类 参考中文翻译:从北部的秘鲁到南部的南美洲底部,智利国境绵延长达2,700英里,比纽约到洛杉矶的距离还长。安第斯山脉纵穿整个智利。在山顶上,生命逐渐进化的文明,野生动物学会了怎样繁衍。在Torres Del Paine国家公园,美洲狮找到了避难所。一头雌性美洲狮监管着她的领地。她将在60平方英里的范围内寻找猎物。美洲狮的主要猎物是guanaco,一种生长在安第斯山的骆马。想捕获一头骆马并不容易。骆马群吃草的时候非常机警,遇到紧急状况随时逃走。即使成功的捕获了猎物,也不能保每餐都有食物。美洲狮睡觉的时候,灰狐狸可能会发现她的猎物,跑来抢走一口。同时也会吸引在周围盘旋的大兀鹰的注意。美餐一顿之后,灰狐狸蹦蹦跳跳的跑开了,尸体则被兀鹰啄食干净。食物匮乏的时候,美洲狮也会寻找机会捕捉其他猎物。智利的大部分农业集中在海岸的低地上,但是这篇广阔的开阔地则育了优质的牧场。美洲狮还不明白,在她捕捉猎物的时候,她自己也有可能成为猎物。虽然在公园内有法律保护,但是在公园外面,几率是平等的。牧场工人给美洲狮很大的诱饵,然后可以在视野范围内射击。她成功的逃脱了,几天之后又重新出现。这头雌狮学会了在安第斯山生存的重要一课。迟早,她会学习捕猎技能,她利用这项技能来哺育后代,使美洲狮在崎岖,巍峨的安第斯山生存繁衍下去。200811/57193天河宫外孕打胎

广州做第三代试管婴儿三甲医院Published reports say CIA officers are at work inside Libya. But just what they are doing is not clear and, in keeping with practice, the CIA would not comment on the reports. The Obama administration has said it has not yet decided whether to arm the Libyan rebels. But, there is much the CIA may be doing in Libya short of that.有报导说,美国中情局特工在利比亚境内活动,不过不清楚他们具体做什么。跟往常一样,中情局对这些报导不做任何。奥巴马政府表示尚未决定是否给利比亚反政府武装提供武器。不过即便如此,中情局仍然可以在利比亚做很多事情。Analysts say it should come of no surprise that the CIA is aly at work in Libya. Reva Bhalla, Middle East analyst for the private intelligence firm, Stratfor, says gathering intelligence is the most basic function of the CIA.分析人士指出,中情局在利比亚境内开展活动并不令人感到意外。私营情报公司斯达福的中东分析员瑞瓦·巴勒表示,搜集情报是中情局最基本的工作。"Obviously when you have a military campaign like this under way you’re going to need people on the ground, painting [identifying] targets for air strikes, [and] not only on the military aspect but just in trying to figure out just who is the opposition - who are they actually dealing with, are there any viable leaders who show the potential for unifying this very fractious country," said Bhalla.他说:“很显然,在展开这类军事行动时,需要有人在地面,确定空袭目标。这不仅仅只为了满足军事需要,而且还要知道反对派到底是什么人,他们在和谁打交道,利比亚到底有没有可能团结这个离破碎国家的领袖人物。”Beyond gathering intelligenceAccording to published accounts, an unknown number of CIA officers, along with British intelligence and special forces counterparts, are working with the Libyan rebels. The CIA has its own paramilitary component, known as the Special Activities Division. But what the CIA might be doing in Libya beyond just gathering intelligence is unclear.根据一些报导,数目不详的中情局特工,以及英国情报机关和特种部队人员,正与利比亚反政府武装接触。中情局有自己的准军事单位叫特别行动部。但是除了搜集情报,中情局在利比亚的其他行动,不为外界所了解。By all accounts, the Libyan rebels are poorly trained and equipped. They made some advances, but have been pushed back by Libyan army counterattacks. The Obama administration has said it has not yet decided to arm the Libyan rebels, but has said firmly it will not send in U.S. ground troops, preferring to stick with the enforcement of the no-fly zone.利比亚反政府武装没有受过良好训练,装备也非常差。他们取得了一点进展,但在利比亚军队的反攻下溃退下来。奥巴马政府尚未决定是否给反政府武装提供武器,但已明确表态不会派地面部队进入利比亚,同时保禁飞区的真正实施。Offering what he says are personal views, former senior CIA officer Emile Nakhleh says it is likely the CIA is providing some form of non-lethal assistance to the rebels, especially in terms of communications and organization.前中情局资深特工艾米隆· 纳克勒个人认为,中情局很可能正给利比亚反政府武装提供一些非杀伤性的援助,特别是在通讯和组织方面。201104/131631 US Looks at Iraq-Style Community Policing for Afghanistan美拟组织阿富汗民众加强地方治安 The Pentagon is preparing what it calls a "pilot program" to organize local Afghan citizens to help secure their towns and neighborhoods. The program is similar to one in Iraq that was a key factor in security improvements there during the last year. 美国国防部正准备在阿富汗推广一项试验计划,把阿富汗民众组织起来,帮助加强市镇和邻里的治安。在过去一年里,在伊拉克实行的一项类似计划对改善伊拉克的治安状况发挥了关键作用。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman confirmed the plan to launch the program, which was first reported by The New York Times.  纽约时报首先报道了五角大楼即将实施这项计划的消息,五角大楼发言人布莱恩.惠特曼对此加以确认。"It is, I guess, best described as kind of a grassroots program, with prospects that could lead to improved Afghanistan security," Whitman said. "This is more of a pilot program, a very modest initial look at a community type policing program." 惠特曼说:“我想,形容这项计划的最好方式是把它称为一个改善阿富汗治安状况的基层项目。它是一项试验计划,是一项加强社区安全的初步尝试。”Whitman describes the plan as an Afghan government initiative that U.S. and NATO forces are supporting. He says it will start in Wardak Province, near Kabul, where Taliban fighters have been gaining strength in recent months. 惠特曼说,这项计划是由阿富汗政府发起的,得到了美国和北约部队的持,将首先在邻近喀布尔的瓦尔达克省实施。塔利班在那里的势力几个月来不断加强。Whitman says the idea is to deputize local citizens to improve security and extend the reach of the Afghan government.  惠特曼说,这项计划的要点是把改善治安的权力下放给民众,扩大阿富汗政府的影响力。"This is designed to facilitate sharing of information, building trust, all with an eye toward improving governance at the district and provincial level and connecting it better to the central government," Whitman said.  他说:“实行这项计划的目的是促进情报的分享,建立信任,改善地区和省级政府的治理能力,加强地方政府和中央政府的联系。”Whitman says the initial program will involve only several dozen Afghans, but the Times says commanders plan to expand it rapidly if it succeeds. 惠特曼表示,最初的计划只涉及到几十名阿富汗人,但是纽约时报报道说,如果最初的计划获得成功,美军指挥官打算迅速推广这种做法。A similar program in Iraq organized more than 100,000 local citizens, including former insurgents, and put them at checkpoints and local police stations. Commanders credit the program with improving security, partly by turning government opponents into allies. The Iraqi government is in the process of taking responsibility for those forces, absorbing some into the security services and disbanding others. 在伊拉克实行的一项相似的计划把10万多民众,其中包括前反叛份子组织起来,在检查站和警察局值勤。美军指挥官们把伊拉克治安的改善归功于这项计划,因为它把政府的敌人变成了政府的朋友。伊拉克政府目前正在接管这些组织,把其中一些人编入安全部队,同时解散另外一些人。Officials say it was not necessary to provide weapons to the Iraqi groups, which became known as the Sons of Iraq. The New York Times says there is a plan to provide arms to the Afghan citizens' groups, but Whitman could not confirm that. The Times also es Afghans as saying the plan could lead to new local militias and potentially spark a civil war. But Whitman says it is "premature" to be concerned about such things. 官员们表示,这些伊拉克组织被称为“伊拉克之子”,政府不必向他们提供武器。纽约时报报道说,有计划向阿富汗民众组织提供武器,但是惠特曼不能确认这种说法。纽约时报还援引一些阿富汗人的话说,这项计划可能导致新的地方民兵的出现,并有可能激发一场内战。但是惠特曼表示,现在就担心这些事情“为时尚早”。The former U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, is now in charge of U.S. efforts in both wars. He has said he wants to transfer some of the concepts used in Iraq to the increasingly difficult fight in Afghanistan. And while he acknowledges the two wars are very different, and he has not said exactly which techniques will transfer and which will not, he believes both have the same top priority - providing security so government efforts to build long-term stability can take hold. 美国前驻伊拉克指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军目前正指挥着伊拉克和阿富汗两场战争。他曾表示,希望把在伊拉克使用的一些概念应用到日益艰难的阿富汗战争中去。他承认,这两场战争有很大的不同之处,而且他也没有说明将转用哪些作法,但是他认为两场战争的重点都是一样的,那就是确保治安,这样政府就可以努力建立长期和持续的稳定。200812/59696广东省广州市长安医院网上预约电话天河长安做腹腔镜输卵管复通




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