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Fifteen 代理条件和要求 Part one 411. We can’t give you exclusive agency of the whole European market without having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover. 在一点都不了解贵方能做得到的年销售额的情况下,我方无法给你们整个欧洲市场的独家代理权 412. Before we know your sales volume ,your plan for promotion and import license’s conditions, it is rather difficult for us to consider your proposal. 在了解贵方的销售额、促销计划以及进口许可的情况之前,我方很难考虑贵方的建议413.We have noted your quest to act as our agent in your district, but before going further into the matter, we should like to know more about your market. 我芳已获悉贵方要在你们的地区做我方代理的请求,但在进一步研究此事前,我方想更多地了解贵方的市场情况414.To enable us to make further study of your proposal, would you please let us know as early as possible the sales prospects of the item in your market ,your program in detail, your business organizations in various districts and their activities. 为了使我方更好地进一步研究贵方的建议,请贵方尽快告诉我方该产品在贵方市场上的销售前景,详细计划,各地区的销售组织以及工作情况 415.Unless you increase the turnover we can hardly point you as our sole agent. 如果贵方不提高营业额的话,我方很难委托贵方作为我方的独家代理416.If you can push the sales successfully for the next 6 month we may appoint you as our agent. 如果下半年贵方能成功地推销我方产品的话,我方也许可以委托贵方为我方的代理 417.We feel it would be better to consider the matter of agency after you've done more business with us. 我方认为最好在贵方同我方增加贸易以后再考虑代理的问题 418.To be our agent you need to increase your annual turnover. 要做我方的代理,贵方需要提高你们的年销售额 419.To be our agent you are requested to push your sales of our product effectively. 要做我方的代理,请贵方有效地推销我方的产品 420.We hope you will do your best to push the sale of our products. 我方希望贵方能尽力推销我们的产品421.To facilitate the extension of sales, you mush advertise our products by means of TV and newspapers. 。为了扩大销售,贵方必须通过电视和报纸为我们的产品做广告 422. We hope that you will redouble your efforts in your sales pushing. 希望贵方在推销方面加倍努力 423.To be our agent your minimum annual turnover should be at least 8000 cents. 要做我方的代理,贵方每年的营业额至少是8000美分 424.If you could agree to terms, we would point you as our sole agent. 如果贵方同意我方条款,我方将指定贵方作为我方的独家代理 425.If terms are workable , we think you will be just the firm we would like to have to represent us. 如果条款可行的话,我方认为贵方就是我方要委托的代理公司 426.If you wish to work for other firms as well, You must obtain our permission first. 如果贵方希望能同时成为其他公司代理的话,必须事先获得我方的许可 427.To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufacturers without our prior approval . 作为我方的独家代理,未经我方事先同意,贵方不可以同时经销其他厂商的同类产品 428.As our agent , you should not sell products of similar characteristic from other maker’s .We must make that very clear.作为我方的代理,贵方不可以经销其他厂商的同类产品,这一点我方必须说清楚 429.As our sole distributor ,you will neither handle the same or similar products of other regions nor re-export our goods outside to any other region outside your own. 作为我方的独家经销商,贵方既不可以经销其他货源地的同类或类似产品,也不可以将我方产品重新出口到其它地区 430.During the validity of the agency agreement you should not handing any other foreign products of the same line and competitive types. 在代理有效期内,贵方不得经营任何其它同类和具有竞争性的国外产品431.Every six months, we‘d like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions and user’s comments on our products. 我方希望每6个月收到贵方一份关于现行市场状况和客户对我方产品评价的详细报告 432.Your market report should show how big demands for our products is in your market.贵方的市场报告应该表明我方产品在贵方市场上的需求量有多大 433.The market report should include the trend of the development of the market , upward or downward. 市场报告应该包括市场发展的趋势,上升或下降434.We’d like you to send us your sale’s statistics every six months instead of every year. 我方希望贵方能每半年向我方通报一次贵方的销售统计数字,而不是一年一次435.As our agent you should send us your market report regularly at least once every three month. 作为我方的代理,贵方应该经常通报市场报告,至少每个季度一份 436.At the beginning of the sales promotion you have to try every means to overcome sales difficulties. 在促销初期,贵方一定要用尽一切办法克销售方面的困难 437.To effectively promote sales , your way of doing business should always comply with the constantly changing circumstances. 为了有效的促销,贵方应该随着不断变化的市场环境来调整经营策略 438.During the agency please pay close attention to the consumer’s comments on our products. 在代理阶段,请贵方密切关注消费者对我方产品的评价 439.You are under obligation to display optimum samples of the products during the duration of the agency. 在代理期间,贵方有责任陈列适当的产品样品440.We hoped that you will strictly observe all the terms and condition of the agency agreement. 希望贵方能严格遵守代理合同中的所有条款 /200812/12189

to experience a revival 复兴,重拾英文释义 To regain interest or popularity after a period of indifference, decline, or disuse.例句 A fondness for old music from my grandfathers era is experiencing a revival among some young musicians today.今天的一些年轻音乐家正在重拾对我祖父时代的旧音乐的喜爱。 /201409/325679

  第11课暂无文本 相关专题推荐:商务口语讲义视频商务英语口语 /200809/47207

  Setting up a lunch appointmentA: I’ll need to meet with you before you go on vacation, Alex. I have a few things to clear up.B: I’ll be glad to. But my schedule is super tight this week. I think the only time I have free is at lunch on Wednesday.A: That’s fine. I can make that.B: All right, then. I’ll see you at noon on Wednesday.约定吃午饭A:我需要在你休假前见你一次,阿利克。有几件事需要弄清楚。B:我很乐意。可我这星期时间太紧了。我想唯一的空闲是星期三午饭时间。A:这行。我没问题。B:好,那么我们星期三中午见。 /200704/12404。

  星级典句:第一句: Youll need at least two new managers for separate Marketing and Product Development departments.你需要至少任命两个经理来单独负责市场营销部和产品开发部。A: Youll need at least two new managers for separate Marketing and Product Development departments.你需要至少任命两个经理来单独负责市场营销部和产品开发部。B: OK. what else?好的,其他的呢?A: I think youll need an Executive assistant to help you deal with Coporate affairs.我认为你需要一个经理助理来帮你处理公司内部的事务。第二句: I also suggest setting up a Reginal office in the south.我建议您在南方设立一个地区公司。A: That should do it for your headquarters here, but since your business is no longer just local, I also suggest setting up a Reginal office in the south.主要是处理您总部的工作,但既然您的业务已经不只是局限于本地,我建议您在南方成立一个地区公司。B: What about personnel there?那边的人事如何安排呢?A: Youll need the same basic functionality as here, on a reduced scale.与总部这里的职能基本相同,只是规模小些罢了。其他表达法:Product Development is only needed at HQ for now.产品研发部现在只在总部设立就行了。 /201304/236013

  Obscenity in the Office办公室里不文明的话陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,今天他开完会出来,刚好遇到美国同事Amy.(Office ambience)C: Hi Amy, 你有时间吗?A: Sure. Come into my office and tell me whats on your mind.C: 刚才开会的时候,我们的老板Mr. Jones对年终报表上的数字大发雷霆,说财会部门没有好好追查公司的欠款。A: I can understand why Mr. Jones was upset. What did he say?C: 他说的不少词我都没听懂,后来Todd告诉我,这些都是American obscenities, 是不是就是英语里的脏话啊?A: Thats right. Obscenities are not nice words. They are curse words. When some people get mad, they resort to using bad language to express their anger.C: 在办公室里骂人可不怎么样,结果弄得大家特别不自在,低着头都不说话,特别是不敢看那个挨骂的人。A: Swearing, which is another word for cursing, is never effective. It only makes the person who is cursing look badly and is awkward for everyone else.C: 我们下午还要开会,希望Mr. Jones能冷静下来。陈豪下午在走廊上又遇到Amy。A: How did it go this afternoon at your meeting?C: Mr. Jones不仅冷静了下来,而且还跟我们所有人道歉。他承认自己上午开会时非常失态。A: What did he say?C: 他说自己这么做很不得体,冒犯了大家。A: Did he say anything else?C: 说啦。他说,在任何情况下,所以他也不准备为自己的错误提出什么辩解。A: Cursing has become all too common these days. So much so that some people think nothing of it.They dont realize the negative effect it can have on their careers or business relationships.C: 那如果不是骂人,能用这些字眼吗?我上次去看球,那些球迷都是满嘴脏话,也没人介意。A: No, it is never appropriate to curse in public. You have no idea of the effect youll have on others. Besides you cant predict who may be present and will recognize you later as the foul-mouthed person at the baseball game.C: 如果别人当着我的面说脏字,我该怎么办呢?是表现得无所谓,还是表现得受了冒犯呢?A: If you are around total strangers whom you are not likely to see again, ignore them and move on. If you are with co-workers, suggest that you are willing to meet with them and discuss issues with them, but not when they use obscene language.C: 我可以让他们消了气再来找我。A: Thats a good idea. /201208/196537What is your ideal job?你心目中的理想工作是什么?My ideal job is one that gives me constant challenges and opportunities for growth both professionally and personally.我理想中的工作会让我常常遇到新的挑战,并提供令我的工作能力和个人素质都得到成长的机会。It would also provide an environment where new ideas and creativity are fostered.同时,它也可以提供一个激发新想法和创造力的环境。This job sounds ideal for me.这个工作似乎很符合我的理想。 /201309/256028

  职场社交英语 Lesson 42:撤资SCENE① C 艾文跌跌撞撞进了文斯的隔间 【撤资】Vince: I just talked with the venture capitalists. If we don't follow Zina's timeline, they'll pull the plug.文斯: 我才跟我们的投资方谈过。若我们不照吉娜的时间表进行,他们就撤资。Elvin: Well, they're going to find out real soon that her timeline is impossible.艾文: 好啊,他们很快就会发现,她的时间表是不可能的。Vince: Maybe not. Zina got Vikam to 1) put up money for three new programmers. They start tomorrow.文斯: 或许不会。吉娜让“维康”出钱请了三个新的程序设计师。他们明天就开工。Elvin: Are we just going to let her 2) hijack the company?艾文: 我们就这样让她在公司夺权?Vince: For now, Zina is calling the shots.文斯: 目前是由吉娜来发号施令。Elvin: I can't believe this is happening.艾文: 我不相信有这种事。Vince: Umm...You're still 3) dripping blood on my desk.文斯: 嗯……你的血还在往我的桌上滴。语言详解A: Do you like rainy days? 你喜欢下雨天吗?B: I like listening to the sound of dripping water. 我喜欢听水滴落的声音。【pull the plug 撤资】pull the plug的字面意义是“拔插头”,用在医院中就是指“拔除长期陷入昏迷的病患的维持生命系统”,以让他安乐死。A: That car accident was terrible. Did Joe ever make it off life support? 那场车祸真是可怕。乔现在还要靠呼吸器维持生命吗?B: His injuries were too serious. His family decided to pull the plug. 他受的伤太重了。他的家人决定让他安乐死。【Call the shots 发号施令】开的时候,要有人喊口令,于是乎call the shots 就是指“发号施令”,以表示做决策以及作主控制的意思。A: Josie is good at calling the shots. 乔西很会发号施令。B: And that is why the company has been so successful. 所以这公司才会那么成功啊。1) put up 提供金钱2) hijack (v.) 劫持(车,船,飞机)3) drip (v.) 滴落 /200602/4258填写保险单的注意事项:  1.承保险别是保险单的核心内容,是保险公司与被保险人责任划分的依据;  2.承保险别把基本险放前,附加险置后;  3.保险金额严格按信用要求计算,小数点后尾数要取整。 /200811/55183



  It is a kick.这正合我意。kick在这里是名词,是“刺激、快感、乐趣”的意思。所以It is a kick的正确意思是:“这正合我意”。因此,当美国人说;It is a kick.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Thats exactly what Im thinking about.;、;It is music to my ears.;、;You my mind.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Maybe we can distribute our new products to customers for free and collect their feedback.本杰明:或许我们可以向客户免费发放新产品,然后收集反馈信息。Boss: Oh! It is a kick. Just do it!老板:哦!这正合我意。就这么办吧!搭配句积累:①What about a cup of espresso?来一杯意式浓咖啡怎么样?②Lets go shopping after work this afternoon.今天下午下班后去购物吧。③How about going to relax a bit? There is a very good club nearby.去放松一下怎么样?附近有个不错的俱乐部。④Would you like to go bowling with us after work?下班后一起去打保龄球怎么样?单词:1. ones mind 读懂某人的心These two twin brothers seem to be able to each others mind. One can always finish others sentence.这两个孪生兄弟似乎会心灵感应的,一个经常都能够完成另一个未说完的一句。I have known her so long that I can her mind.我与她相识很久,能看出她的心思。2. espresso n. 浓咖啡The ambassador greeted us individually and made us an espresso.大使亲自接见了我们,给我们泡了浓咖啡。The founders of the chain acknowledge that the idea came in Italy over a cup of coffee in one of the many local espresso bars.这家咖啡连锁店的创始人承认,其创意来自意大利众多的浓咖啡店。3. bowling n. 保龄球I go bowling for relaxation.我打保龄球是为了消遣。Call up your bowling pal and hit the lanes.叫上你的保龄球友去打一场球吧。 /201305/241524

  1.你能帮我复印一下这些文件吗?Can you copy these documents for me?2.这种复印机很容易操作。This kind of copier is easy to operate.3.这台复印机需要修理。This copler needs reparing.4.传真机现在不能用。The tax machine is not available now.5.你能传真一下这份文件吗?Would you please fax this document?6.我们得尽快把公司的每个办公室都装配上链接办公室网络的计算机。We have to equip our company with a network of workstations at every office as soon as possible.7.这台电脑感染病毒了。This computer is infected by a virus.8.如何改变字体?How do I change fonts?9. 你想把它打印出来吗?Do you want to print it out? /201106/140553


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