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Ask an American: childhood obesity; besides vs. furthermore vs. moreover; wink-wink; thrill Words: to be doing veggie grass-fed organic salad bar to line up to segue processed food refined high fructose corn syrup whole food with an eye in the long run toward... furthermore moreover besides to give the wink-wink thrill 56Marge:Where have you been? You should have been home over two hours ago!玛姬:你哪儿疯去了?小时前你就应该到家了!Homer:Ive been trying to get home.荷马:我一直想回家Havent you been watching the news?你没看新闻吗?The transportation workers union has voted to strike.运输工人协会投票决定举行罢工There was a mass walkout at :30 p.m. today.今天在下午:30曾有大规模罢工Marge:Youre kidding!玛姬:你在逗我呢吧!I didnt know anything about it.我根本不清楚什么罢工的事They walked off the job right bee the afternoon commute?下午上班前他们就离开了工作岗位?Homer:Yeah, I think it was calculated to make the biggest impact so that the powers that be will sit up and take notice.荷马:是的,我认为这是事先设计好的,造成最大的影响才会引起上层官员们的注意Marge:You mean the walkout has halted services on all public transportation-all buses, trains, and subways?玛姬:你的意思是所有公共交通都已经停止务处于罢工状态—公共汽车、火车还有地铁都是这样?Homer:Yes, that right.荷马:是的,没错Everything is at a standstill.一切都陷于停顿There are a lot of disgruntled commuters out there.有很多不满的乘客Marge:When will services be restored?玛姬:什么时候会恢复?Homer:I have no idea.荷马:我不知道I imagine things wont get back to normal bee tomorrow morning commute.我想到明天早上上班前一切会恢复正常Marge:So what are you going to do?玛姬:那你打算做什么?Homer:I might have to stay home from work.荷马:我也曾想过呆在家里Im stranded with no mass transit services.但我被滞留着,而且没有公共交通务Marge:Oh, that a shame.玛姬:哦,太遗憾了Homer:Isnt it, though?荷马:不是吗? 786Hans:Well, I think the choice is clear. I think we should hire Clark.汉斯:嗯,我认为这个选择再清楚不过我们应该雇佣克拉克Freddie:To me, the choice is clear, too, but I think that choice is Paul.弗雷迪:对我来说也再清楚不过,但我认为应该选择保罗Both Paul and Clark are qualified the job, but Clark is a blowhard.保罗和克拉克都能胜任这项工作,但克拉克有些唠唠叨叨He was too full of himself.他只为自己打算Hans:Clark may come off as a little overconfident, but he makes a good impression.汉斯:克拉克可能是有点过于自信,但他给人留下了很好的印象He would make a much better rep than Paul.他比保罗更胜一筹Paul was just too low-key and timid.保罗太低调而且胆小Freddie:Paul wasnt timid at all.弗雷迪:保罗一点也不胆小He was modest and self-deprecating, but he also had a quiet confidence.他只是谦虚而且有些自嘲,不过他也有着出奇的自信He wasnt trying too hard to impress, like Clark was.他没有像克拉克那样竭尽全力展现自己Hans:Clark is the kind of person who stands out in a room and gets noticed.汉斯:克拉克是那种在房间中人们都会注意到的人That what we want in a rep trying to get new clients.这就是我们想要的挖掘新客户的代表Freddie:I found Clark to be overbearing.弗雷迪:我觉得克拉克有些傲慢Paul, on the other hand, had a way with him.另一方面, 保罗则自有一套He exuded confidence without having to resort to blowing his own horn.他显得自信满满,根本不用自吹自擂Hans:I see were at loggerheads about this. What do you suggest?汉斯:我看我们争执不休也没个结论你有什么建议?Freddie:Let ask them both to lunch and ask Monique to join us.弗雷迪:我们请他们吃午饭并且要莫妮卡加入进来She done a lot of hiring and has good judgment.她从事过很多招聘工作并且具有良好的判断力Hans:You mean you want Monique to make the call so neither of us will be blamed picking the wrong person.汉斯:你的意思是你希望莫妮卡来做决定所以我们俩不用因为选错人而相互怪罪Freddie:I always thought you were quick on the uptake.弗雷迪:我一直以为你领会的很快呢 38

rural乡村的,lift举起Whatrsquo;s Time to A PigOne day a visitor from the city came to a small rural area to drive around the country roads, see how the farms looked, and perhaps to see how farmers earned their living.The city man saw a farmer in his yard, holding a pig up in his hands, and lifting it so that the pig could eat apples from an apple tree.The city man said to the farmer, ;I see that your pig likes apples, but isnt that quite a waste of time?; The farmer replied,; What time to a pig?; [qh]  时间对猪的意义 一天,有一个城市里的游客来到一个小乡村,在乡间路上开着车,想看看农庄是什么样子,也想看看农夫怎样种田过日子 这位城里人看见一位农夫在宅后的草地上,手中抱着一头猪,并把它举得高高的,好让它能够吃到树上的苹果城里人对农夫说,;我看你的猪挺喜欢吃苹果的,但是,这不是很浪费时间吗?;那位农夫回答说,;时间对猪有什么意义?; 1.rural乡村的He lived a rural life.他过着田园生活.earn挣钱也可以指;获得;: If you grant my request, you will earn my thanks.如果你答应我的要求, 就会得到我的感谢3.lift举起也有;鼓舞;的意思: Passing the exam gave me a real lift.通过了考试我确实觉得很兴奋.waste浪费也有;荒地;的意思: We traveled through treeless wastes.我们穿过了没有树木的荒地 98

A businessman walked into a New York City bank and asked the loan officer. He said he was going to Europe on business two weeks and needed to borrow ,000. The loan officer said the bank would need some security such a loan. The business man then handed over the keys to a Rolls Royce that was parked on the street in front of the bank. Everything checked out and the loan officer accepted the car as collateral the loan. An employee then drove the Rolls into the bank's underground garage and parked it there.Two weeks later the businessman returned, repaid the ,000 and the interest which came to $.1. The loan officer said, "We do appreciate your business and this transaction has worked out very nicely, but we are a bit puzzled. While you were away we checked and found that you are a multimillionaire. What puzzles us is why you would bother to borrow ,000?"The business man replied: "Where else in New York City can I park my car weeks bucks?"一个商人走进纽约一家询问信贷员他说他准备出差去欧洲两个星期需要借款5000美金信贷员说借款需要提供担保品商人马上掏出停在门前的劳斯莱斯汽车的钥匙一切手续办妥后信贷员接受了汽车做为贷款的抵押店员把汽车开到地下车库并停放在那里 两个星期后商人从欧洲回来,偿还了5000元借款以及.1元的利息信贷员问:“非常感谢您的光顾,这笔交易做得也很完美,但是我们有一个疑问,你离开后我们查了一下发现您是一个富翁为什么您会不怕麻烦来这借5000元呢?” 商人回答:“除了您这我还能在纽约市的其他地方只需付款元就能停车两个星期吗?” 73. Visions of the future.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. businesses, office, transport, advertising.Vocabulary. clerical worker, client.Listen to some predictions some people have made about the business world in the next years or so, add missing words to the following statements.What do you think might happen in the business world in the next years or so?Um...there will be no more telexes, businesses will only use fax and electronic mail.Mm...office cleaning will be done by robots.Well, there will be much more unemployment.I think people will have to retrained new skills every ten years.I think robots will replace production workers. Computers will replace clerical workers.People will buy their food from home.There will be less need transport as people will work from home.Most consumer advertising will be delivered directly to the home.Well, business travel will be replaced by live meetings, there wont be any need to go to see the clients any more.B. Keywords. Mars, court, population, nuclear, brain, computers.Vocabulary. dome, tower block.Listen to some -year-old children talking about the way they think life will be like in the future.Add the missing words to the statements.I think Ill probably be in a spaceship on my way to the planet Mars.I may be in charge of a robot court, judging some robots.I think the population will have gone up so much, that everyone will be living in big plastic domes in the Sahara Desert, or also be living under the sea.Obviously nuclear war worries me, but I dont think that will happen.Because I dont think that any human being can...is capable of actually pressing some button that release all the nuclear arms.Perhaps well be able to convert brain waves into radio waves, then change back to brain waves.So you could actually have a conversation with someone without talking.And there will be so many people, I think there may, unless they have another plant to go to.There will be loads and loads of tower blocks people to live in.It will probably be computers that are running country by then.C. Keywords. The Earth, planet, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.Vocabulary. diameter.C1. youre going to hear a passage about the solar system.Put the names of the plants of the solar system in the right places.The Earth is a planet just under 8,000 mile in diameter, moving around the sun at a distance of 93 million miles, and completing one circuit in 365.5 days.It is not the only planet, eight others are known, all with their own special points of interest.Mercury and Venus are closer to the Sun than were,Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are farther away.Of course, the nearest to us are Mars, which may approach the Earth to within 35 million miles.And Venus which has a minimum distance from us of only about million miles.Mars and Venus are also the only two planets which do not appear to be overwhelmingly hostile.However, they are much more remote than our one natural satellite, the Moon, which moves around the Earth at a mean distance of less than a quarter of a million miles.C. Now listen again. Write down the numbers which correspond to the inmation given to you. 58Voice : example, there was a gold cross on top of the old Church of Our Lady in Dresden. It stood on a golden orb, or ball. In 199, people found the damaged remains of the orb and cross in the ruins of the bombed church. In Britain, people and companies med a group called the Dresden Trust. The group made a new Orb and Cross the top of the new church. Again, people said:声音:举个例子,德勒斯登旧圣母教堂顶部有个金色的十字架这个十字架矗立在一个金色的球体上199年,人们在教堂废墟里发现了球体和十字架的残骸一些英国民众和企业成立了一个名为“德勒斯登基金”的组织这个组织为新教堂顶部制作了新的球体和十字架这些人这样说道:Voice 3: We must apologise what we did and we must give you what you did to us. And we must become friends and stay friends.声音3:“我们必须为我们做过的事情道歉,我们也必须原谅你们对我们做过的事我们必须成为朋友,而且保持住这份友谊”Voice : Now the great new Church of Our Lady is complete. It has taken fifteen years to rebuild. Now people can worship in it again. People can play and sing music in it again. The re-opening of this church truly is a cause celebration the people of Dresden, and their friends in Britain and in many other places.声音:现在,新圣母教堂已经建成重建工程进行了十五年之久现在人们可以再次去那里朝圣人们可以再次演奏和歌唱对德勒斯登民众、他们的英国朋友和世界各地的朋友来说,这座教堂的重新开放绝对是一件值得庆贺的事情Voice : But the story does not end there. There are plans to raise money so that young Germans could go to study in England. In the same way, young British people could go to Dresden to study. These young people will make friends with one another. They will give and get what their parents did to each other. They will learn to live again in peace and friendship.声音:故事并没有在这里结束帮助德国年轻人前往英国留学的募集资金计划正在进行同样,这些计划也会帮助英国年轻人前往德勒斯登留学这些年轻人可以成为朋友他们会原谅并忘记他们的父母对彼此所做的事情他们会学会在和平和友谊中重获新生译文属 770

American Presidents-Chester A. Arthur; intimate versus personal versus private; particular versus specific versus in particular; I beg your pardonWords:legal rightto discriminate againstto suereputationto retirespoilsto importcivil servicemeritto betrayto excludeminerintimatepersonalprivateparticularspecificin particularI beg your pardon 1squeeze捏,tumble摔倒,grab抓起Squeeze Twice NODuring a football game I saw one of the players took a hard hit. He tumbled to the ground and didn’t move. We grabbed our first-aid gear and rushed out onto the field. The coach picked up the young man’s hand and urged,“Son, can you hear me? Squeeze once yes and twice two.”听不见捏两下在橄榄球比赛中,我看到一个球员被撞得很厉害他倒在地上,一动也不动 我们抓起急救设备,冲进运动场教练抓住这个年轻人的手催促说:“孩子,你能不能听见我说话?能听见捏一下,听不见捏两下”1.squeeze捏也有“榨取”的意思: We squeezed the juice from an orange.我们从橙子中挤出汁来 .tumble摔倒也有“翻滚”的意思: Children tumble over each other in play.孩子们玩耍时相互连身翻滚3.grab抓起也可以指“抢”:It is rude to grab a seat.抢占座位是不礼貌的 .gear设备也有“为…作好准备”的意思: a group of investors who had geared up the takeover fight 已经为兼并做好准备的一群投资人 5875Episode : Tim strikes it rich Tim: Can I help you madam? Customer: I’m looking a man’s watch. Tim: Well we have a sumptuous selection here: sports, evening, everyday watches. Do you see anything you like? Customer: Oh, I rather like that one. Tim: Impeccable taste, madam. Now, just take it over to the cash till there and they’ll wrap it up you. Customer: Thank you, goodbye. Tim: Goodbye…..Oh, you’ve dropped something madam. Madam! Oh she's gone. Let’s see 50, 0, 0 pounds! Well you know what they say Tim, a fool and her money…… 897

Bad Manners不好的行为Ellie spoke to the tour agent. The price the 3-night bus tour was good. Her cousin Vicky called her. Ellie told Vicky about the tour. Vicky liked the price. She said she and her husband would come, too. On Saturday, Ellie and her young son met Vicky and her husband at the tour agency. Ellie brought snacks the four of them. Vicky didnt bring any snacks. Ellie told Vicky to take some snacks. Vicky didnt like the cookies. She didnt like the energy bars. She liked the apples. She put all apples in her bag. She didnt leave even one apple Ellie young son. ;These are not my favorite apples,; Vicky told Ellie. ;But they are better than those other snacks. Everyone needs to eat fresh fruit daily.; Ellie was polite to Vicky during the trip. After the trip ended, she never spoke to Vicky again.艾丽正在与旅行社进行交谈3晚的巴士旅行价格非常满意她的表维姬给她打了电话艾丽对维姬说了此次行程维姬认为价格不错她称她和他的丈夫也会前往周六,艾丽和她的小儿子在旅行社见到了维姬和她的丈夫艾丽为他们个买了吃的维姬并没有带任何吃的艾丽告诉维姬吃点小吃维姬不喜欢吃饼干她不喜欢吃能量棒她喜欢吃苹果她在袋子里放了个苹果她甚至没有个艾丽的小儿子留一个维姬对艾丽说:“这些不是我喜欢吃的苹果但是它们比那些小吃要好得多我们每天都需要吃新鲜水果”在旅途中,艾丽对维姬非常礼貌旅行结束后,她再没有与维姬说过话译文属原创,,不得转载 3951Mary:I think we should call it a day.玛丽:我想这才叫一天旅游好时光Will:I think we still have time to visit one more historic site and this one is amazing.威尔:我认为我们还有时间去参观一座历史遗迹,而且这个肯定让你大吃一惊Theyve done a great job with preservation and restoration.他们已经做了大量的保护及修复工作Mary:It not another old castle, is it?玛丽:这不是另一个古堡,对不对?Will:It not any old castle.威尔:它才不是古堡This one dates back to the 00s.这一座可以追溯到00年代If were lucky, well be in time the last guided tour with a docent who knowledgeable.如果我们幸运的话,我们会赶上最后一轮导游而且那名讲解员知识渊And I hope we have time to visit the archives, too.我希望也有时间参观档案馆Mary:Oh no, not the archives.玛丽:哦,不,可别提档案馆了Will:I wonder if theyre doing reenactments to commemorate any major historical events during our time here?威尔:我想知道我们去的时候他们是否会举办再现重大历史事件的纪念活动?Mary:If we visit this castle today, were not coming back.玛丽:今天如果我们参观这座城堡,我们就不回来了There is a lot to see in this city other than old castles and monuments.除了古堡和古迹外,这个城市还有很多可以去的地方Will:Like what?威尔:比如?Mary:Like art museums and stores.玛丽:像是艺术物馆和商店It would also be nice to relax a little while on vacation.度假时去这些地方也是不错的放松Will:But what art and shopping when youre in one of the most ancient cities in the world?威尔:但当你身处世界上最古老的城市之一时,还谈什么艺术和购物?And there no time to relax. We only have four days here.没有时间放松滴我们在这里只有天时间We have to make the most of it. Hey, where are you going?我们必须充分利用嘿,你要去哪里?Mary:I think it time to split up.玛丽:我认为是时候分开了You go see your castle and Ill explore on my own.你去你的城堡,我则要自己去探索这未知的城市Will:But you wont get the full benefits of being in one of the most ancient cities in the world.威尔:但在这世界上其中一座最古老的城市,你是体会不到其中的益处的Mary:I think Ill survive.玛丽:我想我会生存下去 1988

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