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have a cow 非常生气,受惊吓A: When I told my mom I would be home around 2 am, she had a cow! A: 我跟我妈说我会到半夜二点才回家, 她气死了。 B: Duh! B: 废话!(怎么会不生气?) 不知道为什么会用"have a cow" 来表示“很生气”。实际上, "have kittens" 也是同样的意思!1. Don't have a cow! 别大惊小怪的! 2. Don't have a cow. 别发那麽大脾气嘛! /201001/93685Larry准备在公司汇报工作。事先想请李华帮他听听,看报告内容能不能吸引人。李华今天要学两个常用语。一个是dud,另一个是oomph 。 LL: Thanks for agreeing to listen to my presentation, Li Hua. I really don't want it to be a dud. LH: Larry, 什么是 "dud" 呀 ? LL: Oh, A dud D-U-D is something or someone that doesn't live up to expectations and is a disappointment. LH: Dud就是让人失望的意思。你是不是想让我帮你听听,你的报告能不能吸引人啊? LL: Right! I want my presentation to be lively and interesting. If it is boring and difficult to understand, it will be a dud. LH: 愿意为您效劳!不过Larry, 你这人这么幽默,不用听我就知道,你的报告肯定不会枯燥无味的。 LL: You never know. I once worked with a woman who I thought was really funny, and at work we really got along. But then we went on a date, and it was a real dud. LH: 你们约会的问题出在哪里呢? LL: It turns out that we didn't have much in common except work. LH: 噢,我知道了,你们俩这叫缺少共同语言。That date really does sound like a dud. LL: What about you Li Hua? Have you every gone out with a guy who was a real dud? LH: Dud也能指人啊。那要这么说,我可是遇到过真正的dud. LL: How was this guy a dud, Li Hua? LH: 他长得特别帅,可是我们俩出去吃饭,他从头到尾都在没完没了地讲他自己,根本不问问我喜欢些什么。That date was a real dud. LL: Kind of like a firecracker that doesn't go off! We also call fireworks that don't go off "duds." LH: 没错,我们管不响的爆竹叫“哑炮”。我最喜欢放炮了,特别是春节的时候... Larry, 你干嘛呢? LL: I am trying to get the slide projector to work. It looks like the light bulb is a dud! LH: 那就别摆弄幻灯了。我光听就行了。 LL: Okay, let's get started. Please be honest, Li Hua, and don't be afraid to tell me if you think my presentation is a dud. LH: 你放心,我一定怎么想就怎么说。 ****** LL: So, what do you think, Li Hua? Does my presentation need more oomph? LH: Oomph? 这又是什么词啊!怎么这么难说。 LL: It is like "oom" from the word room, followed by an "F" sound. Say it after me, Li Hua. Oomph! LH: (Imitating)"oom", "oom-f". Oomph, oomph 是什么意思啊? LL: When I asked if my presentation needed more oomph, I was asking if it needed something extra to make it more lively or interesting. LH: 噢,你是说可以加点儿什么,让你的报告更精是吧。老实说,Larry, 我觉得有的地方确实有点儿枯燥,需要加点儿oomph. LL: How do you think I could give my presentation more oomph, Li Hua? LH: 比方说,你一上来可以先讲个笑话,吸引听众的注意。然后讲到一半儿有人开始走神的时候,你可以再讲个你自己工作中的真实经历,最好是干过的什么傻事。这样你的报告就能更生动了。 LL: That's very good advice, Li Hua. I think doing those things will give my presentation the extra oomph it needs. LH: 好,那现在换我了。我最近给中文课设计了一个网页。你也帮我看看,要不要也加点儿oomph. LL: Sure. I'm happy to look at it and tell you if it needs more oomph. (Typing on keyboard...) LH: Okay, here it is. Larry, 你觉得怎么样? LL: Wow, Li Hua! Maybe your website has a little too much oomph! LH: Oomph 还会太多吗? LL: Well, you used orange and pink together on the same page. Those colors make it hard to . LH: 粉红色和桔黄色放在一起是太亮了,看上去眼睛有点儿不舒,那我换换其它颜色吧。 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是dud, 意思是令人失望的。另一个是oomph, 是吸引力的意思。 /200810/52606

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson29-30文本:Lesson 29 Get1.You got me there.2.I got the picture.3.You get no say.4.I didn't get the joke.5.Get a hold of yourself.6.Let me get it out in the open.7.They're getting in my hair.8.I just can't get over how much weight you've lost!Lesson 30 Welcome1.You're welcome.2.Welcome to the party.3.Welcome to join us.4.Welcome home.5.The money is welcome to me.6.It's a welcome news.7.You're welcome to my books.8.Don't overstay your welcome. /201001/95047

I don't know. 我不知道。为了少吃油腻,不少人在买肉的时候都会选择瘦肉而不选肥肉。近日记者在江苏南京市场上发现,有一种所谓的 “瘦肉型”猪肉非常受欢迎,和普通的猪肉相比,这种猪肉几乎没有什么肥肉。生猪行业的业内人士把这种瘦肉猪戏称为“健美猪”。记者在调查中发现,这种所谓的“健美猪”其实是因为在养殖的时候,吃了掺有“瘦肉精”的特殊饲料。请看《中国日报》的报道:The Ministry of Agriculture dispatched an inspection group on Tuesday to look into the illegal use of clenbuterol, which is better known as "lean meat powder" in China. The powder is added to pig feed to lower the fat content.农业部周二派出一个督察组,对国内使用盐酸克仑特罗,也就是所谓的“瘦肉精”的违法行为进行调查。猪饲料中加入这种“瘦肉精”能降低脂肪含量。在上面的报道中,lean meat powder就是“瘦肉精”。把“瘦肉精”添加到pig feed(猪饲料)中,可以speed up muscle building (加速肌肉生长)和fat burning(脂肪燃烧),这样就能增加猪的瘦肉量,吃了这种饲料的猪被戏称为lean-meat pig(健美猪)。但是含有“瘦肉精”的肉却会对人体产生危害,导致dizziness(头晕)、cardiopalmus(心悸),甚至诱发malignant tumor(恶性肿瘤)。近几年曝光了不少涉及food safety(食品安全)的案件,影响比较恶劣的有前两年的三鹿奶粉事件,在不少国内品牌的baby formula(婴幼儿配方)奶粉和liquid milk(液态奶)中检出melamine(三聚氰胺)。去年又爆出了swill-cooked dirty oil(地沟油)案件。 /201103/128533举报网站 tip-off website在最高人民法院的统一要求和积极推动下,全国各省高级人民法院已于今年2月1日全部开通了法院工作人员违纪违法举报网站,并与最高人民法院的举报网站联网对接。这是全国法院积极拓宽群众举报渠道、主动接受社会各界监督、大力加强队伍廉政建设的又一项重要举措。请看相关报道:All provincial courts on China's mainland have launched websites to collect tips against corrupted judges, following the launch of a tip-off website by the Supreme People's Court (SPC).继最高人民法院开通举报网站之后,各省级人民法院也已全部开通了类似网站,收集针对腐败法官的检举信息。上面报道中的tip-off website就是“举报网站”。Tip-off意为“揭发、举报、爆料”。举报网站和 tip-off hotline(举报热线)、tip-off telephone(举报电话)、complaint mailbox(举报信箱)等都是加强public supervision(公众监督)的途径,目的是确保clean governance(廉洁从政)。不同的网站有各种不同的功能和内容,常见的网站类别有:archive site(存档站点,在因特网上存储文件)、community site(社区网站,像天涯、facebook等)、mirror site(镜像站点,把一个互联网上的网站数据“拷贝”到本地务器,并保持本地务器数据的同步更新),以及phishing site(钓鱼网站,套取用户个人信息,如用户名、口令、账号或信用卡密码)等。 /201103/127527

Ethan: How did you on the test today?Sean: Perfect score. Not surprising, since all I do is study. Ethan: How about this afternoon?Sean: Mrs. Tyler asked me to do some shopping for her. A good cultural experience, she says. I have the list right here.Ethan: What's on it?Sean: Four frozen pizzas, half a dozen packs of hot dogs, and a 36-roll pack of toilet paper./200810/52762Larry和李华今天去看赛车。 李华会学到两个常用语sick和souped up。 LH: Larry,你看, 每辆赛车都不一样,各有独特之处,真有意思。 LL: That car over there is totally sick. Look at the paint and the tires. That is so cool. I'd love to have a car like that. LH: That car over there is totally sick? 你说那辆车有病,可你又说它很酷。有病是坏事, 很酷是好事。你究竟在说什么呀? LL: Cool means I like that car, sick means I like the car too. If I say something is sick, that means it's really good, I like it, it's special. LH: 原来sick 和cool是一样的意思,都是指很好,很特别。这里的sick跟生病毫无关。那我可以说,you are neat Larry, you're special, you are so sick. LL: Hmm. You shouldn't use sick in that way! I would never say my friend is sick or that pretty girl over there is sick. LH: 你的意思是sick只用来形容一样东西? LL: That's right. That car over there is sick, those sunglasses you are wearing are sick, that new hat I bought you is sick too. LH: 我的太阳镜的确很酷,可是你给我买的帽子就很难说了。 Larry你看我的新鞋好看吗? LL: Totally sick,very nice. Where did you get them? LH: 特别酷吧。这双鞋是我在学校附近新开的大商场里买的。那商场的建筑很特别 - The structure of that shopping center is very unique...totally sick! LL: The company that developed that shopping center is owned by a friend of my Dad's, his company is opening new shopping centers every other week. LH: 那购物中心是你父亲的朋友建的呀? 而且每两个星期就开一个新的购物中心!他肯定很有钱了。 LL: That's for sure. Their revenue is pretty sick。 With company growth like that, I bet my Dad's friend's net worth is pretty sick too. LH:那是肯定的。收入那么多,家产当然是惊人的。我们中国人就说:家产万贯。 ****** LH: Larry, 看赛车真有意思。你看,赛车奔驰而过, 人群不断地呐喊助威,多热闹啊。 LL: A lot of people come to car races for the excitement but a lot just come to see the souped up cars. LH: See the souped up cars? Soup不是汤吗?Souped up cars是什么呀? LL: Souped up means changed or altered to go faster. LH: 噢,souped up的意思是经过改装,速度加快了。这里的赛车一定都经过改装。它们的速度比普通汽车要快得多。 LL: That's right. If someone takes an ordinary bicycle and changes the wheels so it can go faster, we can say it was souped up. LH: 自行车也能改装加速吗?那我的自行车也该换换车胎了。 LL: One time I had a skateboard, but it wasn't very fast. My Dad helped me soup it up with some new parts. After that my skateboard was one of the fastest in the neighborhood. LH: 滑板也能改装,让它加快速度呀? 你可要注意安全啊。对了,我以前也改装过电脑。我的朋友帮我安装了一些新的电脑软件,那电脑一下子快了不少。我用了好多年,直到没法再加快了。后来我只好再买一个新的。 LL: Souped up is also often used with the Internet. When Google or Yahoo makes an improvement in their search engine, they'll often say that a certain type of search has been souped up. LH: 对了,上回我看到Google和Yahoo的广告,说它们的搜索引擎速度加快,当时我也不懂什么是souped up。今天才弄清楚,souped up就是为了加快速度而改装。 LL:For some people, souping up motorcycles or cars is their hobby. I knew a guy who was always souping up something in his spare time. LH:还有人把改装东西作为嗜好?真是难以想象。我要有空就去购物中心。 LL: Well, looks like the red car has won the race, let's go home. LH: 我就说嘛, 那辆红车一定会赢。我们走吧。 LL: Too bad we can't take one of these souped up cars and quickly get home for dinner. I'm hungry. 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是sick,意思是很棒、很酷。 还有一个是souped up, 意思是为了加快速度而改装某样东西。 /200810/51264

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson55文本:Lesson 55 Drop1.I dropped him.2.Let's drop it.3.Drop in any time.4.Drop dead,dummy!5.He'll go fishing at the drop of a hot.6.She dropped out because of illness.7.Drop me a line whenever you have time.8.I about dropped my teeth when I saw that. /201003/97825阿甘正传 Forrest Gump【鼎力星阵】导演: 罗伯特· 泽梅斯基(Robert Zemeckis)剧本: 埃里克·罗斯(Eric Roth)《阿甘正传》主演: 汤姆·汉克斯(Tom Hanks) 罗宾·莱特(Robin Wright )出品:美国派拉蒙影片公司六项奥斯卡大奖(最佳影片,最佳男主角,最佳导演,最佳摄影,最佳影片编辑,最佳视觉效果)【剧情导读】影片采用倒叙手法,讲述了低智商的阿甘的生活,以及他挚爱的珍妮。影片把美国从50年代到70年代的一些重大事件与阿甘的经历相结合起来,在这些重大事件发生时阿甘都在现场,如与甲壳虫乐队主唱歌手约翰·列侬相会在电台,刺杀肯尼迪总统,受到尼克松总统接见,参加了越南战争,等等。问题在于由于他的智商太低,他意识不到这些人和事的重要性。影片通过阿甘善良、单纯的思想,真诚及天生的直觉行动,与现实社会垮掉的一代形成鲜明对照。精对白:(弗勒斯第一天搭校车上学。)DRIVER: Are you coming along?司机:你上不上车?FORREST: Mamma says not to be taken rides from strangers.弗勒斯:妈妈说不能搭陌生人的车。DRIVER: This is the bus to school.司机:这是到学校的车。FORREST: I am Forrest, Forrest Gump.弗勒斯:我叫弗勒斯,弗勒斯·甘。DRIVER: I am Dorothy Harris.司机;我叫桃丽斯·哈里斯。FORREST: Well, now we aren't strangers any more.弗勒斯:现在我们不算是陌生人了吧。(弗勒斯上了车,但车上的孩子们显出不友好的神情。)BOY A: The place is taken.男孩甲:这位子有人。********************************************************************额外成就take 是一个超级口语要素,在很多单词搭配成句,句子简单,句义却变换无穷。如 : I'm not taken well. 我不上相。 I take it you agree? 这么说你同意? I can't take any more of it. 我再也受不了了。 Don't take me as a fool. 别我当成傻瓜。 Fishes are easily to be taken after a rain. 雨后钓鱼更容易。 *******************************************************************BOY B: Taken.男孩乙:有人。BOY C: You can't sit here.男孩丙:你不能坐这里。JENNY: You can sit here if you want... Well, going to sit down, aren't you? What's wrong with your legs?珍妮:如果你愿意,你就坐这儿吧。……嗯,你坐这里吗?你的腿怎么了?FORREST: I'm nothing at all, thank you. My legs are just fine and dandy.弗勒斯:没什么,谢谢你,我的腿好得很。****************************************************************额外成就fine and dandy 经常以一个词组的形式一起出现,表示非常好,状态极佳。*****************************************************************JENNY: Then why are you having those shoes?珍妮:那你为什么穿那种鞋子?FORREST: Mamma says my back crippled【残废的】like a question mark. They are going to make me as straight as an arrow. They are my magic shoes.弗勒斯:我妈说我的背弓得像个问号,穿这双鞋会让我像箭一样直,这是我的宝鞋。JENNY: Are you stupid or something?珍妮:你是笨还是怎么的?***************************************************************** /200710/18256民俗在发展如此迅速的中国经历着困难时期。随着来自国外的新观念和新想法的涌入,许多人担心这些民俗会消失。Listen Read Learn Folk customs have a difficult time in China that is undergoing such rapid development. Many fear that these customs will disappear as new concepts and ideas come in from outside of China. Folk art is especially at risk. Many people are no longer learning the traditional arts of China like those of paper-cutting or kite-making. Although enjoyed by many, they are in danger of fading away. Street folk art keeps many of these alive, but many people seem only interested in foreign arts and customs. Thus, Mid-autumn Day and the Spring Festival contend with the Western New Year, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Folk customs like climbing a mountain during the Double Ninth Festival or cleaning the tombs during the Qingming Festival deserve to be remembered as they are integral part of the Chinese heritage. One aspect helping to preserve Chinese folk customs is the tourism industry. Tourists come and contribute to a folk economy that keeps these customs alive. Chinese immigrants also import these folk traditions into the new countries where they live. In this way, Chinese folk customs will have been sp abroad. These customs must not be given up, but co-exist with the new ideas that are shaping China today.听看学民俗在发展如此迅速的中国经历着困难时期。随着来自国外的新观念和新想法的涌入,许多人担心这些民俗会消失。民俗艺术尤为危险。许多人不再学习中国的传统艺术,如剪纸或是制作风筝。尽管有很多人喜欢,但它们仍面临消逝的危险。街头民俗艺术使得许多传统艺术得以存活,但许多人似乎只对外国艺术和习俗感兴趣。因此,中秋节和春节与西方新年、圣诞节和情人节展开了竞争。重阳节登山和清明节扫墓等民俗应当被铭记,因为它们是中国文化遗产不可或缺的组成部分。有助于保护中国民间习俗的一个方面就是旅游业。来来往往的旅游者为民俗经济做了贡献,使得这些民俗得以保存。移民国外的中国人把这些民间传统也一同带到了他们居住的新国家。通过这种方式,中国民俗将会传向国外。那些习俗不应被遗弃,而应与打造今日中国的新思想共存。Grammar 语法小结 将来完成时将来完成时的基本结构是 shall/ will + have +过去分词,用来表示在将来某一时间以前已经完成或一直持续的动作,往往对将来有影响,经常与before 或 by 引导的表示将来时间的状语连用,也可与before或by the time引导的现在时从句连用。例如:They will have been married for 20 years by then.到那时他们已经结婚20年了。Before long he will have forgotten all about the matter.不久以后他就会把这件事全忘记的。We shall have learned 24 units by the end of this term.到这学期末,我们将学完24个单元。By the time you get home I will have cleaned the house from top to bottom.你到家之前我将把房子彻底打扫一遍。Do it together 家庭总动员两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1. 明天下午剩余的工作会被全部做完。2. 明年春天,所有的建筑工程都会完成。3. 十年之后,你就会成为一个美丽的女子。4. 到那时,你就会完全学会这些技术。5. 今年七月份,你就大学毕业了。1. By this July, you will have graduated from college.2. By tomorrow afternoon, the rest of the work will have been totally finished.3. By next spring, the whole construction will have been completed.4. By then, you will have mastered these skills.5. In 10 years, you will have become a pretty lady. /200807/43376

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