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And if the results come out that actually they do,如果结论是她们真的快乐are you prepared to shift your instinctive current judgment on some of these issues?你准备好改变你现在在这些议题上的直观判断了吗?Well yeah, modulo one obvious fact,举个真实案例that you can love someone in the context of a truly delusional belief system.就算在一个虚假的道德体系里,你还是可以爱人So, you can say like, ;Because I knew my gay son was going to go to hell if he found a boyfriend,你会说,“因为我爱我的儿子,我不想他因为他的男朋友下地狱I chopped his head off. And that was the most compassionate thing I could do.;于是我把他的头砍下来,这就是我对他的爱If you get all those parts aligned, yes I think you could probably be feeling the emotion of love.如果你能找到一个均衡,是的你仍然可以感觉到一种爱But again, then we have to talk about well-being in a larger context.但是我们也必须把幸福放到更大的背景下来谈Its all of us in this together,这是我们共同的功课not one man feeling ecstasy and then blowing himself up on a bus.不是一个男人进入一种狂喜状态就可以在巴士上把自己炸掉Sam, this is a conversation I would actually love to continue for hours.我很希望这个对话可以继续几个小时We dont have that, but maybe another time. Thank you for coming to TED.虽然现在不行,或许在不远的将来。谢谢你来TED演讲Really an honor. Thank you.是我的荣幸,谢谢你。201609/466630

英语会话800句 54 /200608/9217

Hello, everyone. Nine months ago, I announced the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. We called on app developers, educators, entrepreneurs, and others to put their heads together and design new mobile apps to help students realize their career dreams. We did this because we know that theres so many excellent programs that teach cutting-edge skills, including career and technical education programs. But sometimes its hard for students to navigate all of those opportunities and find the right fit. So we called on all of you for help. And you truly answered the call. People from across the country submitted ideas for new apps to help students plan their futures. Our esteemed judges reviewed each entry and narrowed the field down to five finalists who presented their solutions at demo day right here at the White House. And today, I am thrilled to announce that Think Zone Games is the grand prize winner of the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. Their game-based app, Hats and Ladders, helps middle and high school students explore a variety of careers through self-assessments, fun activities, and many challenges. Its a cool, exciting app that will open up a whole new world for our young people. So, congratulations to our winners and our finalists. Thanks so much for everyone who participated, and I look forward to working with all of you to keep empowering our young people to reach higher. Thanks so much, and God bless.201608/463352

060 HISTORY Words Period century age era colony (civil)war invasion treaty prehistoric evidence ancient ancestor empire leader discover(y) revolution emperor primitive artifact archaeology origin Monument/memorial Phrases Study a period of history Historical figure Historical records Historic event Beginner A; are you interested in history? B: yes, I am. I enjoyed studying it at school, though I had trouble remembering all the dates, so my teacher never gave me good marks. A: I love history, but I’ve always thought that learning the reasons behind events is more important than remembering exactly when they happened. B; I wish you had been my history teacher! I might have got better marks! A; some people say that history repeats itself. B; what does that mean? The same events never happen twice, do they? A: the idea is that the people and dates change, but the reason why things happen stay the same. B: I see . I think I’d agree with that statement. People often seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. Intermediate A; London is such a historic city! There’s history everywhere you look. There’s nelson’s column, built as a monument to one of the Britain’s great admirals and his important victory. He won the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. B: I’m looking forward to seeing Westminster abbey, where many historic figures are buried, like Isaac Newton, the great mathematician and Winston Churchill, the great wartime leader. A: nearby, on the banks of the thames, there’s the statue of Boudicea. She fought the Romans when they invaded Britain. B: women have often played an important role in british history. Queen Elizabeth I built a navy strong enough to fight off the Spanish armada in 1588. more recently, Margaret thatcher transformed british society in the 1980’s. A: she was a very controversial leader. Are we going to visit the famous tower of London later? B: there’s a lot to see there. Perhaps we should go tomorrow. A: I’m looking forward to seeing the famous castle and prison. Many historic figures were imprisoned there in the past. I really want to see the crown jewels too. B: I’ve seen them before. They’re quite incredible. If you want to see historical figures in London , there’s one place you have to go. A; where’s that? On, I know! Madame tussaud’s the waxworks museum. B: there you can see british leaders, entertainers, crimicals, and royalty. A: sometimes, it’s hard to know who belongs in each section of the museum! /200705/13723

电影学口语 Lesson 34:[埃及王子]You have my leave to go精片段节选自《埃及王子》(The prince of Egypt)Moses: Father, the fault is mine. I goaded Rameses on, and so I am responsible.Father: Hmm, Responsible. Do you know the meaning of that word, Rameses?Rameses: I understand, Father.Father: And do you understand the task for which you birth has destined you? The ancient traditions. When I pass into the next world, then you will be the morning and evening star.Rameses: One damaged temple does not destroy centuries of tradition.Father: But one weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty. You have my leave to go.Rameses: Father.【口语财富】1. The fault is mine. 这是我的错。2. I goaded him on. 我唆使他做的。3. When I pass into the next world, then you will be the morning and evening star. 我去世后,你会是这里的统治者。4. You have my leave to go. 你可以走了。5. One weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty. 一点薄弱环节会毁掉一个强大国家的前途。 /200604/6510

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