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导读:年南非世界杯开赛在即,作为四年一届的体坛盛会,亿万球迷无不心神往之老牌劲旅,新晋黑马(dark horse)悉数登场,群雄逐鹿绿茵场上,是实力说话,还是命数已定?但是比赛的魅力恰恰在于,不到最后一刻你永远不知道谁是赢家  It is only natural that the world’s biggest sport has the world’s biggest rivalries. From European, warring neighbors to mortal enemies, the best sides in the world all have that team that they want to beat more than any other.  世界最大的体育赛事自然要配上世界顶级的较量不管是欧洲,抑或正在交火的邻国,或者是不共戴天的劲敌,世界上实力最强的国家都拥有一雄心勃勃誓要战无不胜的球队   What follows is by no means the definitive list. Imagine if the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea faced off against the US – or if Australia came up against its arch-enemy, New Zealand.   以下猜想绝非定论试想一下,如果朝鲜与美国同场竞技,或者澳大利亚队与劲敌新西兰队狭路相逢,将是怎样一番情景?   The following will take you through the World Cup favorites and dishes up the dirt.  接下来,我们将一同领略世界杯热门球队的风采,对它们评头论足一番 57

Everyone is talking about Adele’s highly-anticipated comeback single Hello. But much of the chatter is not even about the singer herself, or the song she created. Xavier Dolan, the maverick music director, is stealing the spotlight.几乎所有的人都在谈论阿黛尔那首被寄予厚望的最新单曲《你好不过也有些人压根不关心歌手和她的歌,他们更关注的是《你好MV的导演——特立独行的哈维尔多兰The Quebecois filmmaker had just turned when he presented his first directorial eft, I Killed My Mother, at the Cannes Film Festival. He also wrote and starred in the film, which is a semi-autobiographical psychodrama about a young homosexual at odds with his mother. Dolan’s debut won three awards from the Director’s tnight program at Cannes and received an eight-minute standing ovation as well.多兰是来自加拿大魁北克的电影制作人年,刚满岁的他就在戛纳电影节上展播了自己自编自导自演的作品《我杀了我妈妈这部半自传式的心理片讲述了一个年轻的同性恋男孩和母亲之间的微妙的关系初出茅庐的多兰获得了当年戛纳电影节“导演双周”单元的三项大奖,并获得了观众长达8分钟的起立鼓掌Hubert, the main character from I Killed My Mother, shouts in a pivotal scene, “Stop comparing me to kids my age! I’m not like them!” This could be said of Dolan himself.在《我杀了我妈妈的一个关键场景里,主人公于贝尔声嘶力竭地喊道:“不要把我和同龄人比!我和他们不一样!”这句话也可能是多兰为自己的呐喊He lives his life in a free way. He identifies himself as gay. He grew up acting. He has even appeared on a number of Canadian TV shows since age . Eight-year-old Dolan once wrote a letter to US actor Leonardo DiCaprio to express his admiration and to relay his wish to act together with him.他的生活自由无拘他定义自己是同性恋他从小从事表演,四岁起就成了加拿大电视节目的常客他8岁时曾给美国演员莱昂纳多迪卡普里奥写信,述说自己对小李子的崇拜,并期待同他一起拍戏Dolan’s love of acting then pushed him toward a career in directing. “At , there were no auditions. Nobody was employing me, so I became my own employer... I missed acting. When I wrote I Killed My Mother, it was obvious to me that no one else could play this role. And I’m not questioning people’s talent. I’m just thinking no one else can play this role since it’s my life,” Dolan told AskMen, in an interview about how he switched from acting to directing.多兰对表演的热爱最终促成了他的导演生涯“我岁时,没有试镜,没有人雇佣我,于是我成了自己的老板……我怀念演戏当我创作《我杀了我妈妈时,我很清楚没人能演绎这个角色我并非质疑别人的才华我只是认为没人能演出我的人生,”多兰在接受美国男性门户网站AskMen的采访时,回答为何从表演转到导演时说He directs with an unconventional style. When he was directing the drama Heartbeats, he had no clear vision the film’s final look. “It’s kind of impulsive and unconscious sometimes. The vision is not that precise. It’s in my mind, and we do things, and it just happens that it resembles what I had in mind,” he said to Interview Magazine.他的导演风格天马行空在导演《心跳时,他对电影最终应该呈现的样子并无清晰的预见“这有时是一种冲动和潜意识设想并不准确它就在我脑海里,我们此行动,它自然就和我想象中一样了,”他告诉《访谈杂志His latest feature, Mommy, demonstrated Dolan’s mastery behind the lens. The film is about a widowed mother and her violent son, and it won the Jury Prize at Cannes last year. Dolan uses a square 1:1 mat which no one has tried bee, according to the Hollywood Reporter.最新作品《妈咪展示了多兰娴熟的镜头运用技能影片讲述了寡妇母亲和有暴力倾向的儿子之间的故事该片获得了去年戛纳电影评审团大奖影片中多兰使用了1:1的比例构图,《好莱坞报道者评价这是个前无古人的创举Despite his meteoric start in the business, his continually high-caliber output proved that he’s not a shooting star. At the age of 6, he aly has five critically acclaimed feature films under his belt.尽管他的事业飞速起步,他却持续产出高质量的作品,明自己并非转瞬即逝的流星年仅6岁,他已经有5部口碑极高的作品了Being perceived as a genius auteur can became a huge pressure artists. But it doesn’t bother Dolan. “It’s a part of my job to learn to deal with reviews. Wunderkind isn’t derogatory, unless you’re 0 and described as ‘once a wunderkind’,” Dolan said to Slant Magazine.对于艺术家来说,顶着天才导演的名号压力不小不过多兰可没受影响“学会应对别人的也是我的工作之一神童并不是贬称,除非你0岁的时候被人说成是‘曾经的神童’”,多兰告诉《观点杂志Looking ward, Dolan unsurprisingly has no clear plan. He told Billboard, “I don’t really have an agenda. I don’t really have goals.”对于未来,多兰没有任何计划,这一点也不意外他对《公告牌杂志说:“我没有正儿八经的日程安排我连目标都没有”Inside this prodigy lives an untrammeled soul. That may just be the source of his creative works.天才的外表下住着一个不羁的灵魂也许这就是他创造力的源泉 187

Help! Ive just had my breasts enlarged and I dont like the new size. British embassy -- sort out my boobs!求救!我刚隆完胸,但我不喜欢现在的大小英国大使馆---帮我解决一下隆胸的烦恼吧!Along with tips on jam-making and how best todisciplinenaughty boys, these are just a few of the bonkers requests being fired at British embassies around the world, the eign Office said Thursday.英国外交部本周四称,英国驻世界各国的大使馆频繁受到愚蠢求助的骚扰,包括求教怎样做果酱,怎样管教淘气的男孩等等The country 61 diplomatic missions across the globe are getting fed up of bizarre demands help from Brits abroad, some of whom seem to think the British embassy is an agency finding lost sunglasses and paying bills.英国驻世界各国的61个外交代表机构已经对海外英国人的怪异求助厌烦不已有些海外英国人似乎认为英国大使馆还负责帮忙找墨镜和付账单;If you have a serious problem abroad -- maybe youve been involved in an accident, have lost your passport or are a victim of crime -- we can help you,; said Juliet Maric, the British Consul in Alicante on the Spanish east coast.英国驻西班牙东海岸阿利坎特市领事馆的领事朱丽叶#86;马里奇说:“如果你在国外遇到了比较大的麻烦,比如遇到意外,弄丢了护照,或者成为犯罪受害者,那么我们会提供帮助”;But we cant tell you who is allowed to use your swimming pool, pay your taxi fares you -- or do anything about the exchange rate.“但我们没办法告诉你谁可以用你家的游泳池,给你掏打车钱,或者算汇率”;We regularly get enquiries from people who think were a one-stop-shop any problem they might encounter while abroad; this can be frustrating as we need to focus resources on the serious cases that were there to help with.;“有些人觉得我们提供一站式务,在国外遇到任何麻烦都可以找我们,我们经常接到这些人的询问这会干扰我们的工作,因为我们需要集中精力处理那些我们应该做的正经事”One lady, unhappy with the size of her newly-boosted breasts following surgery, asked if the embassy could help.曾有一位女士向大使馆求助,因为她对外科隆胸手术后胸部的大小不满A mother asked the Florida consulate to help her teenage son pack his suitcase and give him a lift to the airport as he was feeling unwell.一位母亲曾致电英国驻佛罗里达领事馆,想找人帮她十几岁的儿子收拾箱子,并把他送到机场当时她的儿子身体不适One person called in consular assistance to find out what ratio of fruit to sugar should be used when making jam.还有人向领事助理求助,询问在做果酱时,水果和糖什么比例放A holidaymaker in Italy asked the embassy where aparticularbrand of shoes could be bought.一位在意大利度假的英国人问大使馆在哪里可以买到某一种牌子的鞋Other requests have included asking embassy staff to pay a bill when acreditcard had ;maxed out; and a traveller asking ;Can you tell me how to make my naughty son behave?;其它怪问题还有,信用卡刷爆了,想让大使馆工作人员付账单,还有一位旅行者问道:“能告诉我怎样才能让我淘气的儿子规矩点儿?”;Our embassies are not there to provide weather reports or give advice on unruly children,; said consular affairs minister Chris Bryant.领事局局长克里斯#86;布莱恩特说:“我们的大使馆不是用来预报天气,或者告诉你怎样管教淘气的孩子的”;It important that British nationals understand what the eign Office can and cant do them.;“英国国民要弄清楚外交部能为他们做什么,不能为他们做什么,这一点很重要” 185888

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