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乌鲁木齐达坂城区做双眼皮埋线多少钱乌鲁木齐达坂城区脸上祛斑多少钱库尔勒去除胎记要多少钱 The World Bank世界Right cause, wrong battle正确的起因,错误的斗争Why the World Banks focus on gay rights is misguided为何世界对同性恋权利的关注是误入歧途的JIM KIM, the president of the World Bank, wants it to promote gay rights. He has declared the “fight to eliminate all institutionalised discrimination” to be an “urgent task”. He recently put on hold a m loan to Ugandas health sector after its government introduced one of Africas most draconian anti-gay laws. He has ordered an overhaul of the banks lending policies to make sure that no loan assists discrimination. At this weeks Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, he is convening discussions with gay activists on how best to do so.世界总裁Jim Kim想要提高同性恋的权利。他曾宣称“消除所有制度化歧视的斗争”是一项“紧急的任务。”近日,本该流向乌干达健康部门的一项九千万美元的世行贷款由于乌干达政府引入一项反同性恋法而被Jim Kim搁置,该法律称得上是非洲最苛刻的反同性恋法之一。Jim Kim已经下令对世行所有的贷款政策进行检查,以确保没有持歧视的贷款出现。在本周于华盛顿召开的春季会议上,他召开了一场讨论,与同性恋积极分子商讨最行之有效的方法。As an early proponent of gay marriage, this newspaper shares Mr Kims sentiments. Bigotry is abhorrent and laws that entrench it should be condemned. Ugandas new law, which allows a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for anyone convicted of homosexuality and requires citizens to report anyone suspected of being gay, is particularly awful. Nonetheless, Mr Kims initiative is misguided. The World Bank is a technocratic development organisation, not a place for political advocacy. Setting up gay rights as a test of its lending decisions is likely to make the bank less effective at what Mr Kim himself has emphasised is its core job: tackling extreme poverty.作为一个早期的同性恋婚姻持方,《经济学人》与Kim先生感情一致。世界不允许偏见,维系偏见的法律也应当受到谴责。乌干达的新法不仅允许对同性恋实行终身监禁这一最高刑罚,还要求市民对任何可能的同性恋进行举报,这是尤其可怕的。然而,Kim先生发起的行动还是被误导了。世行是一个技术主导的发展组织而不是用作政治倡议的。设置同性恋权利作为其贷款政策的检测关卡可能会使得世行在消除极端贫困问题的效率上大打折扣,Kim先生曾经强调这是世行的核心任务。The banks technocratic approach is a big part of its DNA. Its founding documents prohibit “political activity”, however unpleasant a regime might be. Only “economic considerations” should be relevant to lending decisions. That does not, by itself, preclude it from opposing nasty laws. You can draw a link from fighting bigotry to alleviating poverty. Unfair treatment of groups of people, whether on the basis of gender, race or sexuality, leads to their social exclusion, which in turn is likely to harm economic growth and make it harder to alleviate poverty. By this logic the bank has, rightly, long been pushing for the education of girls. The fight against other forms of discrimination can be justified on the same economic grounds.世行的技术解决论在该组织的特色中扮演了一个重要的角色。它的创建文献就写明禁止“政治活动”,无论哪个国家有多么不高兴。只有“经济上的考量”应当与贷款决策有关。这本身并不排斥它反对一些龌龊的法律。从反抗偏见到减轻贫困,人人都能看到之间的联系。群体性的不公平待遇,不管是基于性别、种族还是性征,都会导致社会的排斥,这反过来又可能损害经济增长,使得减轻贫困的道路愈加艰难。正是由于这一逻辑关系,世行长期以来正确地推动了女孩教育。对其他形式歧视的抗争也基于同样的经济原理而合乎情理。A rainbow of reasons原因一箩筐But even if it can be justified in principle, Mr Kims focus on gay rights is likely to be counterproductive in practice, for three reasons. First, it seems capricious. Uganda is hardly the only country with anti-gay laws on the books; nor is it the only one to have recently toughened its anti-gay stance. Almost 80 of the banks member countries, including most in Africa, have legislation that discriminates against gays. In many places the laws are ignored, but several places, notably Ethiopia and Nigeria, have recently introduced stiffer anti-gay statutes. Ugandas behaviour is odious. But it is not alone.但是,就算大体上合乎情理,Kim先生对同性恋权利的关注还是有可能在实践中事与愿违。这出于三个原因。第一,问题反复无常。乌干达不是唯一将反同性恋法合法化的国家,也不是近期唯一强调反同性恋立场的国家。包括非洲多数国家在内的近80个世行的成员国都有歧视同性恋的法律。这些法律在很多地方被忽视,但是在有些地方尤其是埃塞俄比亚和尼日尼亚,最近都出台了更严苛的反同性恋法令。乌干达的做法令人不齿,但它不是唯一有如此行为的国家。Second, the stress on gay rights itself seems arbitrary. Of the many forms of bigotry the bank could battle, it is not clear that anti-gay laws are the most harmful to the poor. The bank lends to plenty of places that discriminate against women under Islamic law. It also lends to countries with laws that discriminate against minorities. The economic impact of these forms of bigotry is far bigger. But if Mr Kim tries to tackle all institutionalised discrimination by withholding lending, he will soon have no customers left.第二,强调同性恋权利本身看来就很武断。在多种形式的世行可以选择对抗的偏见中,并不清楚反同性恋法对穷人造成的伤害就是最大的。世行为很多在伊斯兰法律下歧视女性的地域提供贷款,它也为存在歧视少数民族法律的国家贷款。这些形式的偏见造成的经济危害更大。然而Kim现实试图通过扣贷款的方式来解决一切制度歧视,他很快就会发现他的客户都所剩无几了。Third, his approach is likely to backfire. In the short term, it weakens the campaign to lessen poverty. Ugandas loan, designed to support maternal-care clinics, was the equivalent of 20% of its health budget. And it still has a high child-mortality rate. Politically, the pressure from Mr Kim, though winning plaudits in Washington, is having perverse results, where it matters most. Ugandas government declares itself to be standing up against the arrogant imposition of “Western values”. The more the World Bank adds such conditions to its lending, the more African countries will be inclined to seek money elsewhere, not least from the no-questions-asked Chinese.第三,他的策略可能适得其反。短期来说,它将削弱消除贫困的行动。乌干达的贷款是用来援助当地产科诊所的,它相当于该国卫生预算的20%。现在,乌干达的儿童死亡率还是高居不下。从政治上来说,Kim先生面临的压力正在引发反常的结果。尽管他在华盛顿会议这一举足轻重的场合还是赢得了一片喝。乌干达政府声明反对粗鲁傲慢的“西方价值观”的输入。世行对该国的贷款施加的条件越多,有意从其他渠道寻求资金的非洲国家就会越多,它们尤其可能从不问问题的中国寻求帮助。The uncomfortable truth is that an economic institution like the bank has to pick its battles. There is a limit to how many conditions outsiders can attach to their aid. Its aim is to encourage economic development. Most of the evidence is that the bank is most effective when client countries see it as an economic partner, rather than a boss imposing a Western agenda.像世界这样的经济机构必须选择好战斗方向,这一事实令人不快。外界在援助同时附加的条件是有限度的。世行的目标是推动经济发展。多数据表明,会员国将世行看作经济伙伴而不是强加西方思想的老大才会让世行更加有效率。Ironically, at one level, Mr Kim seems to realise that. He is sponsoring a big management reform designed to make the bank better at finding the most promising solutions from around the world to help countries develop faster. Launching a battle for gay rights may salve consciences, but will make it harder to achieve that goal.很讽刺的是,从一种层面上,Kim先生似乎意识到了这一点:他正在发起一个大型的管理改革,用来使世行在寻找全球范围内帮助国家更快速发展的最有希望的解决方案上做得更好。发起针对同性恋权利的斗争可能会安抚人心,但会使得上述目标的实现变得更加艰难。 201405/297252新疆好的专业隆胸医院是哪家

新疆维吾尔医医院打溶脂针多少钱Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:In the past month, I have received three e-mails from different people asking me to send a deposit, after which they will forward a winning lottery ticket to me. In exchange for cashing it for them, I will get a portion of the money.在过去的三个月里,我接收到来自三个不同的人发给我的电子邮件,要求我给他们汇款,然后会寄给我的票。我帮他们兑现票,作为交换,他们会给我一部分佣金。I know these are scams, but Im sure there are a few people who might fall for them. What do I do with these e-mails?-Palmdale, Calif.我知道这些都是骗人的把戏,但我相信肯定会有人上当受骗。我应该怎么处理这些邮件呢?——来自加利福利亚,帕姆代尔市。Dear Palmdale:亲爱的帕姆代尔:Most such scams involve people claiming to be Nigerian officials or surviving spouses of former government officials, who very politely offer to give you money if you will help them transfer funds out of the country. You are then asked to provide your bank account number and some money to cover legal and transaction fees. You may even be encouraged to travel to Nigeria or a border country to complete the transaction. Sometimes, the con artists will produce fake money to verify their claims.大多数类似的骗子都自称是尼日尼亚的官员或者是前政府官员的未亡人,他们会非常有礼貌地请你帮忙把钱转出国,并给你钱作为报酬。然后要求你提供你的卡账号和一些钱,以付法律和交易费用。他们还会邀请你去尼日尼亚或是邻国以完成交易。有时候,这些骗子还会印假钞做幌子。People who have responded have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered. And, of course, there is a stream of excuses why there was never any transfer of funds to your account. If you receive e-mail from someone claiming to need your help getting money out of another country, do not respond.受骗的人则会被殴打、遭受恐吓,敲诈勒索,甚至被谋杀。当然他们还会编造无数的理由说从来没有向你的账户转过账。如果你接收到请你帮忙把钱转到国外的电子邮件,千万不要理睬。原文译文属!201304/237097喀什市丰额头多少钱 石河子市唇部激光脱毛价格

石河子市瑞兰美白针多少钱 Business商业报道Selling clothes online in Russia俄罗斯装行业的电子商务Fabric of society装世界Two Germans have a mission: to clothe the Russian middle classes两个德国人的使命:令俄罗斯中产阶层人士穿上他们卖的衣ONLINE as well as offline, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.无论在线上或是线下,模仿是最真诚的恭维方式。Vente-Privee, a firm founded on the strange notion that French women might like fashionable clothes at deep discounts,法国装折扣店Vente-Privee,一间以法国女人可能喜欢深度打折的潮流饰,这一奇特的理念而起家的公司,has been paid this compliment more than most.已经被众多公司模仿。Companies cut from similar cloth have appeared in one country after another.许多公司会把已经出现在多个国家的同类衣下架。In 2008 two German men, Damian Doberstein and Oskar Hartmann, spotted that Russian women were missing out.2008年,两个德国人Damian-Doberstein和Oskar Hartmann,发现俄罗斯女性被这些装网购公司所忽略了。No one was telling Russian women, ‘You could look good for 70% less, Mr Hartmann says.哈特曼说,没有人告诉过俄罗斯女人,少花70%的钱也能穿得光鲜亮丽。They expect that their company, KupiVIP, will have sales of around 0m this year.他们预计他们的公司,KupiVIP,今年的营业额能够达到约2亿美元。Mr Hartmann says it breaks even.哈特曼认为甚至会超过。Given the fast growth of Russias internet population and of a middle class eager for nice clothes but mostly a long way from nice shops,随着俄罗斯快速增加的网民数量以及中层人士对来自非名店的优质衣需求的增加,the two men think they could turn over billion within five years.这两个人认为营业额能够在五年内达到十亿。The pair want to fill more than just the smarter end of the female wardrobe.他们不单单只想抢占高档的女性装市场。Besides their original business, which is still the biggest part of the group, they have an online full-price shop,除了他们最早的商务,现在仍是公司最大的商业版块,他们还有一个线上原价店,ShopTime, aimed at both sexes and all shapes and sizes.线上原价店ShopTime,主要出售男女饰以及各种款色和码数的装。They also run online shops on behalf of well-known brands, of which they expect to be servicing 23 by the end of the year.他们也运营线上名牌的特许旗舰店,他们期望能在今年年底代理23个名牌饰。When he was in an e-commerce business in Germany, Mr Hartmann says, he outsourced everything.哈特曼说,当他在德国做电子商务的时候,他把一切都给外包了。In Russia, we have to do everything ourselves, from the call centre to the photographing of models.但在俄罗斯,我们不得不自己做一切事情,包括从电话务中心到模特的拍摄工作。To make sure that fashion-conscious Russians get the clothes they ordered, KupiVIP owns a fleet of 100 vans and leases a lot of others.为了确保关注时尚的俄罗斯人能得到他们订购的衣,KupiVIP拥有一100辆货车的车队以及租借了许多其他公司的货车。It uses the post office to send clothes by air to the farthest-flung corners of the vast, icy, sparsely populated country.公司用邮局把衣空运到最远角落的,巨大,寒冷且人烟稀少的国家。Online retailers in Russia have to put up with other local traits.在俄罗斯做线上零售需要依据其他当地的特点进行调整。Most customers prefer to pay in cash on delivery, and about a quarter of goods are rejected at the door.许多顾客偏爱货到付款,而大约四分之一的货物会被退回来。That, says Mr Hartmann, who is as talkative as Mr Doberstein is taciturn, is just something companies have to deal with.平时像Doberstein一样健谈的哈特曼谈及此时也沉默了,他说道,这只是公司必须处理的事情之一。Never complain about the customer, says Mr Hartmann.永远不要抱怨你的客户,哈特曼说。Once a quarter, he makes sure he meets some of them, by making deliveries himself.三个月一次,他总会通过自己的直接配送货物,去见其中一部分客户。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/245671库尔勒激光祛痘多少钱和田市去胎记多少钱



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