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Journey out of this world 4:49 Space Adventures client Richard Garriott discusses space tourism and his plans to visit the International Space Station. Every kid wants to fly in space, right? Well, if that kid happens to have a dad who's an astronaut who's been to space, that dream gets solidified. But it's amazing how fate and life can give you a twist and turn, and your path to space may not be exactly what you have anticipated. Richard Garriott is case in point on that. His father Owen flew to/ Skylab in 1973, flew on the Shuttle about ten years later, [That's right.] and he went off and made a fortune with the game business. [Exactly.] Tell us briefly about that.Yeah, I'm actually one of the earliest members of the club, so to speak, I was making games since the late 1970s and it grew to a company. [Wow, it's like punch card or something like that.] And I, my first games on schools was a paper tape. [Wow, wow.] Exactly.So you did well on that business but you always had this dream to go to space, and tell me how that changed the way you invested, and how it led you to what you're doing right now.Well, throughout my career, even though I was generating my income in the business of computer games, all of my personal investing has been in the privatization of space. So I've been literately through my whole career trying to find ways to open up space travel for more than just governments, and for private individuals, of course, thinking of myself as a principal on that list.Right, and so you found Space Adventures, this company which you now are a customer, it’s one of those with their victor client like it so much about the company, that kind of thing. [Exactly right.] What is it about Space Adventures that you think is going to be a good solid return on the investment.Well, I think that the key issue is, I think it's been proven through the ten years that Space Adventures is now under its belt, is good planning and good management. You know it's one thing to dream of going to space and theorize about wouldn't it be fun if, but putting together natural business plan with the appropriate steps to succeed all the parts and pieces that have to come together to make it happen, to make it realizable, and simultaneously find the clients who're willing to buy the products and services at these, as you know, pretty high prices is a very tough thing to put together, and they've shown the vision to do that.Well, when you're talking between 20 and 30 million a ticket, it's a niche market, to say the least. Now you invested several million dollars, [Right.] and you feel pretty confident you're gonna get a good return in the end?Well, no question. Although, you know, to be honest, my original investment was an, what we'd call, an investment of passion, trying to open up this frontier on the part of, you know, humanity in general but myself selfishly in specific. However, I then, you know, hope that I'm also, that that money is not squandered, and very fortunately it really does appear that, you know, Space Adventures for ten years now has built a growing, inspiring business that looks very well poised for the future.You are set to be the sixth space tourist, space participant, whatever you wanna call it, you probably don't like the term tourist. I know you've got a lot of things planned that are not at all like tourism, including a lot of scientific experiments happens in October. Tell us a little bit about the training, is it what you anticipated? Is it harder either? The Russian training is supposed to be pretty rigorous.It is, in fact, you know before I went out there, it was going like what I'm going to do for 9 months of training. And I was going like what's * of me to participate in this way, I didn't think it would be that great. As soon as I got there and began the training, I was going like, Oh man, I have underestimated what I really need to know in order to participate and not just feel comfortable and safe and a contributing member of the team, so to speak. But also especially if you want to do what like I do, you want to do some actual science and research activities, there is really a lot to learn, so the Soyuz and the International Space Station are very complex machines, there is a lot to learn to operate there safely.Do you feel pretty confident about the Soyuz? The Soyuz that you'll ride a whole month, latched on the International Space Station very likely has the same fundamental problems which led to some couple of scary landings, the last couple of landings. You don't have time to get into the technical details but there were some issues as to whether it's separated at the right time, and that led to a, what they call ballistic entry which means more G-loads for the crew. It's not necessarily unsafe; it's just that you'd want to know why that all happen. Are you, you feel it's a safe way to go touring from space?There is no question. I mean, the Soyuz has a 30-year track record of safety, which in this industry is forever. And so just the statistic can bear out that it's a, you know, for doing something that's frankly not safe, this is about a safer way as you can, you know, can approach a relatively hazardous undertaking. But the, you know, the engineering on the Soyuz as you mentioned is so good they’ve got backups to backups to backups, and in fact the ballistic reentries we've seen here on the last two are in fact still considered a normal reentry. It's, it's not, that on itself is not considered anything particularly endangering.Well, either way, I'm sure it will be a landing to remember. Richard Garriott, who are in October if all goes well will be the first second generation astronaut to fly to space. Thank you, good luck and, as they say, Godspeed.Thank you Miles.200812/58897Norwegian police are questioning the suspected gunman who shot and killed at least 85 people at a youth summer camp hours after he allegedly set off a bomb blast that killed seven people in the capital, Oslo. Police are also investigating the possibility there might have been a second gunman involved in the attack. 挪威警方正在对一名在夏令营开打死至少85人的手进行讯问。在他击行动之前的几个小时,他据称在首都奥斯陆制造了一起炸弹爆炸事件,导致至少7人丧生。目前警方还在调查是否有第二名手参与了袭击。Police say the primary suspect in the attack is Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, 32. They say Breivik has posted extreme right-wing and anti-Muslim comments online. 挪威警方表示,袭击事件的首要嫌犯是今年32岁的挪威人安德斯.布雷威克。他们表示,安德斯.布雷威克在网上发表了极端右翼和反穆斯林的言论。But at a news conference Saturday, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said it is too soon to draw any conclusions about what motivated the attack. 但是在星期六举行的一次记者会上,挪威首相斯托尔腾贝格表示,目前就袭击事件的动机得出任何结论还为时过早。"Compared to other countries I would not say that we have a big problem with right-wing extremists in Norway," Stoltenberg said. "But we have some groups - we have followed them before - and our police is aware that there are some right-wing extreme groups or at least has been some groups of that kind in Norway." 他说:“与其他国家相比之下,我不想说挪威在右翼极端分子方面有很大的问题。但是我们确实有一些组织,我们以前也在跟踪这些组织,我们的警方知道挪威有一些右翼极端组织,或者说挪威至少有一些类似的组织。”Two separate violent attacks took place on Friday. In mid-afternoon at least one bomb exploded near the Prime Minister's offices in central Oslo. Within hours, at least one gunman opened fire at a youth camp on nearby Otoeya island. 星期五挪威分别发生两起暴力袭击事件。午后时分至少有1枚炸弹在奥斯陆市中心的首相办公室附近爆炸。几个小时之后,又至少有一名手在奥斯陆附近的乌托亚岛上向一个夏令营开。201107/145835

Most lakes are long and thin with even beds. These lakes are some of the deepest in Europe. Lake Loen is more than 100 meters deep. The paddling is hard work,but the view makes it all worthwhile. With a canoe or a kayak,you can get to places that otherwise would be inaccessible. The peace and quiet combined with the spectacular views all make this an 1 experience. Lake Loen is an absolute highlight of any trip to Norway. Southern Norway is one of the most mountainous regions in Europe. The average annual temperature swings from 8 degree along the western coast to below freezing in the mountains. If the summer temperaturs aren't too hot,some of the highest peaks have snow all year round. Trees cannot grow here------a barren wilderness of immense beauty. In Stryn,not far from Lake Loen,there is a summer ski resort. An international kite skiing federation has been here for only a few years. Kites have a long tradition as a means of movement in Norway,but kite skiing itself is a very new sport to the Alps. With soft hills,wide valleys and no -overhead power cables,areas like Stryn are ideal for it. L.A. straps into his skis and attaches himself to the kite. The Norwegians are 2 their new-found passion for kite-skiing. What L makes look easy and gentle requires a lot of practice. The wind needs to be strong enough to give the kite-skiiers power,enabling them to gain enough speed to make high jumps. 注释:① inaccessible adj. 难达到的;难接近的;难见到的例句:1. Heavy snow made the mountain village inaccessible to traffic. 大雪使车辆进不了这个小山村。 2. The scientist discovered the plant in the most inaccessible reaches of the jungle. 这位科学家在丛林深处最难进入的区域发现了这种植物。② spectacular adj. 壮观的,惊人的;公开展示的例句:1. The new play was a spectacular success. 这出新戏获得了巨大的成功。2. The goalkeeper made a spectacular dive to save the goal. 守门员做了一个精的鱼跃动作救回一球。③ highlight vt. 突出;强调;使显著;加亮n. 最精的部分;最重要的事情;加亮区例句:1. The highlight of our tour was seeing the palace. 我们旅游中最有意思的活动就是参观宫殿。2. It is one of the highlight of the match. 这是比赛中最精的项目之一。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157258

China baby milk scare scandal Chinese officials have ordered widesp checks on dairy products and a recall of tainted items after thousands of babies became ill. Liz Kennedy reports.For more than a week, worried parents have crowded hospitals across the country, all hoping that urgent medical treatment will be enough to overcome the tainted milk that’s in their child's system. While thousands of babies have become sick, thousands more are still at risk, raising fears that the death toll could rise as more cases are diagnosed. The scandal first emerged last week when the Sanlu Group, China’s biggest baby milk maker, announced that some babies had developed kidney stones and complications after drinking milk made from powder tainted with melamine. As cases of contamination soared, the Chinese government took immediate action. And late on Friday, officials said that all children who’d consumed tainted milk would be given free treatment. The position that China now finds itself in is a result of unscrupulous farmers and negligent food companies. Tests show that in an attempt to cut costs, the nitrogen-rich compound melamine was added to water down milk in order to pass quality inspections. Contamination was thought to be restricted to powdered baby milk. But officials have confirmed that 10% of liquid milk from three of China’s dairies was also tainted with melamine. The companies have been named as Mengniu Dairy Group, Yili Industrial Group and Bright Dairy.With uncertainty about China’s milk production growing by the day, Malaysia has now joined neighboring Singapore in the ban of all Chinese milk imports. And as the European Union and the US demanded an explanation, Chinese quality officials have been trying to regain consumer confidence, saying that most milk was safe. With a string of food scares in recent years, it may take some time to restore their trust. Liz Kennedy, Reuters.参考中文翻译:数千婴儿因食用奶粉患病后,中国官方下令对奶制品进行大范围的检查,召回污染奶制品。一周多以来,全国各地的医院里都聚集着忧心忡忡的父母,希望紧急医疗措施能够解决问题奶粉给他们的婴儿造成的问题。数千名婴儿已经患病,还有数千名仍然处于危险期,越来越多的病例被确诊,增加了人们对死亡数字上升的恐惧。丑闻上周首次传出,中国最大的婴儿奶粉制造商之一,三鹿集团宣布,他们生产的奶粉受到三聚氰胺污染,导致婴儿肾结石等一系列症状。随着病例增加,中国政府采取紧急措施。周五,官方宣布,所有受到污染奶粉影响的婴儿可以接受免费治疗。中国政府调查结果显示,这一问题是由于奶农的肆无忌惮和食品公司的疏忽造成的。测试显示,三聚氰胺含氮量高,为了降低成本,通过质量检测,奶农像牛奶中加入三聚氰胺。中国官方确认,来自中国三家奶制品商10%的液态奶还有三聚氰胺。分别是蒙牛,伊利和光明。由于中国奶制品的不确定性与日俱增,麻辣西亚紧随新加坡之后,禁止从中国进口奶制品。欧盟和美国方面要求中国给出合理解释,中国质检官员试图挽回消费者信心,表示大多数牛奶是安全的。由于近年来一系列的食品安全问题,要重树消费者的信任还需要一定的时间。200811/57389

  Asian Stock Markets Continue Downward Trend投资者担忧经济恶化全球股市下跌Stock markets in Asia have followed the downward trend set by Wall Street as fears mount over the state of the ailing global economy. The Australian government says it is hopeful that a coordinated response to the world's economic problems will emerge from an emergency meeting in Washington this week. 由于投资者对全球经济状况恶化的担心,亚洲股市继续步华尔街后尘下滑。澳大利亚政府表示,本星期在华盛顿召开的紧急会议将为解决世界经济问题采取协调行动。A deep sense of gloom has again descended over Asian stock markets.  亚洲股市再次被悲观的情绪所笼罩。In Japan, the Nikkei share index fell by more than five percent Thursday, as did while Hong Kong's Hang Seng. 在日本,日经指数星期四下跌百分之五以上,香港恒生指数也是如此。Markets in Australia, South Korea and Taiwan were all down. The slumps across Asia followed a decline of nearly five percent in New York's Dow Jones index, its third straight loss. 在此之前,在纽约股市,道琼斯工业指数下跌了将近百分之五。这是道琼斯工业指数接连第三天跌落。Analysts say that panicked investors are worried that giant financial bail-outs by governments around the world have failed to halt a downward spiral in global markets. 分析人士认为,投资者们由于担心世界各国政府规模庞大的救市计划无法阻止全球金融市场的螺旋式下跌而陷入恐慌。The international financial crisis will be discussed at a meeting this weekend of the G20, a grouping of the world's largest economies.  这个周末,世界20个主要经济体的领导人将举行会议,讨论国际金融危机。Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be among the leaders attending the emergency summit in Washington on Saturday.  印度尼西亚总统苏西洛和澳大利亚总理陆克文是出席星期六在华盛顿举行的20国集团峰会的领导人之中的两位。Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan will also be there and hopes that decisive action will emerge from the talks. 澳大利亚财政部长维恩.斯旺也将出席会议。他希望,会议将采取决定性行动。"We've made it pretty clear yes there does need to be better regulation, there's no doubt about that. There needs to be better supervision, and of course there does need to be better coordination between the major agencies," said Swan. "At the moment we've got the IMF and the World Bank, two old, established institutions, and we've got the Financial Stability Forum. We've also got the needs of countries who must attend to their own domestic arrangements as well, and we need to put in place a way in which they can co-operate." 他说:“我们已经明确表示,是的,的确需要更好的监管,这一点毫无疑问。当然,需要更好的监督,的确需要改善主要政府机构之间的协调。目前我们有国际货币基金和世界,这两个具有良好基础的机构。我们还有金融稳定论坛。我们还需要各国处理各自的国内问题。我们需要建立一种各国合作的途径。”As world leaders gather in Washington to discuss the perilous state of the global financial system, more bad news on the state of the U.S. economy emerged. 在各国领导人聚集在华盛顿讨论全球金融体系的威胁状况的时候,又出现更多的有关美国经济的坏消息。America's three big car makers - Ford, General Motors and Chrysler - all suffered big declines in sales - announcements that will add to the general air of pessimism that pervades the stock markets. 美国三家最大的汽车制造商福特、通用和克莱斯勒的销售额都大幅度下降。这一宣布将给弥漫在券市场上的悲观情绪雪上加霜。U.S. retailers also say their sales have fallen, and may continue to do so.  美国的零售商也表示,他们的销售额在下降,而且可能继续下降。That will hurt exporters in Asia, which rely on American consumers to buy their products. 这将伤害亚洲的出口商,这些出口商依靠美国的消费者购买他们的产品。Also on Thursday came news that Germany had slipped into recession, which follows warnings in Britain that it too may be in a recession. 同样在星期四,德国进入经济衰退的消息也出现了。德国经济衰退的消息传出之前,英国警告说,它也可能进入衰退。200811/56097

  Independent news media are beginning to emerge in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, two weeks after the fall of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. They are pledging to help build democratic institutions that were never allowed to develop under his 42-year rule.利比亚领导人卡扎菲倒台两个星期后,利比亚首都的黎波里正开始出现独立的新闻媒体。这些媒体誓言要帮助建立卡扎菲42年统治中从未被允许的民主机构。It is evening in Tripoli and newly re-opened Radio Shababiya is broadcasting a show about the rebels who recently ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from power.这是的黎波里的一个晚上,全新重开的沙巴比亚电台正在播出一个关于最近罢黜了利比亚领导人卡扎菲的反对派的节目。Just months ago, such a program would have been un-thinkable. This government-owned station was broadcasting pro-Gadhafi propaganda aimed at the same youth who helped bring Gadhafi down.仅仅在几个月前,播出这样的节目还是不可能的。这个政府所有的电台曾经播出的是亲卡扎菲的宣传节目,目标人群是年轻人,而正是这些年轻人帮忙把卡扎菲赶下了台。Show host Mustafa Abdul Samad says during the Gadhafi era he worked for entertainment programs in order to avoid politics. But now it is different. “We can criticize anything. We can show our opinion and we can let the people express their feelings and their opinions about anything that they want to say without feeling afraid of being punished or being put in jail or our families will be hurt.”节目主持人穆斯塔法·阿布杜尔·萨马德说,在卡扎菲时代,他主持节目,以回避政治。但是现在不同了。萨马德说:“我们可以对任何事提出批评。我们可以表达我们的观点,我们可以让人们表达任何他们想说的感受和意见,而不用害怕被惩罚或被关进监狱,或担心我们的家人会受到伤害。”Station director Walid Ellafi is a 25-year-old former rebel. He says this station has a new role: To give listeners a place to talk freely about their country's problems and press the government for change.25岁的电台主任瓦利德·艾之前是一名反对派成员。他说,这个电台现在有了新的角色:即为听众提供一个就国家的问题自由发表意见并催促国家进行变革的论坛。He says the small jihad, or struggle, was to change the regime. The big jihad is to develop the society.他说,这次小的圣战或者说斗争,是要改变政权。而大的圣战是要发展社会。He plans to launch television broadcasts in a few months.他计划在未来几个月推出电视节目。201109/153080。

  It’s all about making fashion accessible to everyday shoppers. A catwalk show in a London underground train kicked off an innovative high street fashion week. For the first time a host of mainstream stores are getting together to put this spot light on design ahead of the exclusive shows of London fashion Week. Retailers estimates the week will bring in an extra 200 million dollars and nearly half a million more shoppers. Here in London this is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world and all the stores here are taking all kinds of measures to bring the designer trends to the public.Stylist Liz Thody says it’s possible to buy top-end styles for affordable prices. A lot of the British designers really sort of jumped on the 80s, animal print but in green, tweed’s just great fabric ‘cause it always looks really smart and actually expensive when in fact, you know probably be quiet cheap on the high street. Liz, I’ve got my animal prints, I’ve got my tweed, I’ve got my 80s’ style I’m gonna go to try these on now. A complete outfit for just over 200 dollars. In the current economic climate that’s an added bonus. And top designers are being forced to take note.I think it gives everybody a little wake-up call. We all have to keep looking in at how we have done rather than blaming the recession. Let ’s give people not only what they want but a wonderful experience as well. Ben De Lisi was ahead of the curve and introduced a more affordable line to this London department store 15 years ago. Someone who is, aspires to get into my brand but can’t necessarily afford 3000-pound price point. Given the economic situation, I think we’ll be very cautious and careful about how we do it, looking to a different approach to our spending and our shopping. Others have introduced special one-off lines to high street stores. The likes of Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo for instance. For the average women in the street, high street retailers can help translate those high street fashions, very high-end fashions into their daily lives. Okay I’m y.Time to see if this average woman can really pull off the latest trends. High fashion perhaps, am I a fashionista? Perhaps not. Maybe I should just stick to my jeans and T-shirt. Leone Lakhani, CNN London.Vocabulary:1. high street: the main street of a town where most of the shops and businesses are2. wake-up call: an experience or event that shocks you and makes you realize that you must do something to change a situation3. ahead of the curve: 走在潮流尖端4. price point: The retail price of a product, usually when viewed as one of a series of possible competitive prices5. fashionista: someone who is very interested in fashion and who likes the very newest styles 11/89482

  Obama in Germany: Honors War Dead, Speaks of Mideast Peace奥巴马在德国参观纳粹集中营遗址 U.S. President Barack Obama is calling for a redoubling of efforts to get the Mideast peace process back on track. He spoke in Dresden, Germany after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.美国总统奥巴马呼吁加倍努力使中东和平进程重回轨道。奥巴马在跟德国总理墨克尔在德累斯顿会谈之后发表了上述言论。It was a day to honor the victims of World War II - and to push for peace in the Middle East.这是向第二次世界大战受害者致敬的一天,也是争取实现中东和平的一天。At the remains of the Buchenwald concentration camp, President Obama paid homage to the victims of the Nazi Holocaust.在布痕瓦尔德集中营遗址,奥巴马总统向纳粹大屠杀的受害者们致敬。"It is up to us to bear witness, to ensure that the world continues to note what happened here," he said.他说:“我们要靠我们作见,确保世人继续注意这里所发生的事情。”Earlier, in the courtyard of Dresden Castle - in the midst of a bombed out city, now reborn - he spoke of a modern day conflict and the prospects for peace in the Middle East.早些时候,在重建后的曾被狂轰滥炸的德累斯顿市内的城堡庭院里,奥巴马谈到一场现代的冲突和中东和平前景。"The moment is now for us to all act on what we know to be the truth, which is that each side is going to have to make some difficult compromises," said President Obama.他说:“这个时刻是,现在就让我们根据我们所知道的事实真相来行动。这个事实真相就是,各方都要作出某些艰难的妥协。”Speaking one day after delivering a speech to Muslims worldwide from Cairo, Mr. Obama said in Dresden that he is convinced the time is right for progress in the peace process.奥巴马在开罗向全世界穆斯林发表演说一天之后作了上述表示。他在德累斯顿说,他确信现在是中东和平进程取得进展的时候了。He pointed to his recent talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. And he noted his special Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, will be returning to the region next week.他提起他最近跟以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人举行的会谈。他指出,他的中东特使米切尔将在下个星期重返中东地区。"I think given what we have done so far, we have at least created the space, the atmosphere in which talks can restart," said Mr. Obama.他说:“考虑到我们到目前为止已经作出的努力,我们至少必须创造出恢复和谈的空间和气氛。”The U.S. president said he discussed the situation in the Middle East with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He called their discussions productive, and said they also talked about Iran and the world economy.奥巴马总统说,他同德国总理默克尔讨论了中东局势。他形容他们的讨论是富有成果的。他说,两人进行了效果卓著的谈话。他说,他们还谈论了有关伊朗和世界经济方面的问题。Her decision to invite him to Dresden was personal - a chance to shine the spotlight on a city in the former East Germany, that she knows well.默克尔要求奥巴马到德累斯顿来的决定是私人性质的,以便使她所熟悉的这个前东德城市有机会放射光芒,并且为世人瞩目。"It is a city that was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, was then rebuilt after Germany unification. It has again turned out to be a jewel of German culture and civilization," she said.默克尔说:“这个城市在二战期间几乎完全被摧毁了,然后又在德国统一后获得重建。它再次成为日尔曼文化和文明的一块珍宝。”President Obama's decision to go to Buchenwald was personal as well. His great uncle served in one of the American military units that liberated the camp. Mr. Obama said it was a memory that burned in him for years.奥巴马总统前往布痕瓦尔德集中营的决定也是私人性质的。他的舅姥爷曾在解放这个集中营的一美军部队中役。奥巴马说,那是个让他许多年难以忘怀的记忆。06/73176Scientists in Britain close to cracking chicken-egg puzzleWhat came first, the chicken or the egg? Scientists in Britain think it was probably the chicken, after using new computer technology to try and crack the age-old riddle.Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick, in northern and central England, say the secret lies in the eggshell -- specifically the vital role played by a chicken protein in forming it.Scientists aly knew that the protein, ovocledidin-17 (OC-17), plays a part in eggshell formation, but the new technology allowed the team to demonstrate exactly how the protein makes it happen.In a computer simulation, the OC-17 protein acted as a catalyst to kickstart the formation of crystals that make up an eggshell by clamping itself on to calcium carbonate particles.The OC-17 protein then dropped off when the crystal nucleus was large enough to grow on its own, freeing up the protein to start the process again.Eggshells are created when this happens many times over within a short period of time."Understanding how chickens make eggshells is fascinating in itself but can also give clues towards designing new materials and processes," said Professor John Harding from Sheffield University, one of the authors of the research."Nature has found innovative solutions that work for all kinds of problems in materials science and technology -- we can learn a lot from them," he added.Vocabulary:play a part in: 与……有关,对……有影响kickstart: to help a process or project start more quickly(促使……开始,使尽快启动)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109124Ok, here is the clinic for you guys out there on the “Dos and Don’ts” of finding emotional joy and carnal fulfillment in its most primitive form, if you get my drift. This male wildebeest dashes up to this herd of females, oblivious to the fact that other wildebeest males consider him about as welcome as a plague of locusts. See? You can't just move in on another guy's turf without getting, you know, clipped. But of course, our hero doesn't get the message, and doesn't stop trying to conjugate the verb. He humps, they dump. (Of) Course, he leaps to his feet, as if to say "Huh, yeah, I meant to do that. No problem. It's under control. I'm cool." "Yeah, right. " The male springbok antelope, however, has it all worked out. His mating strategy is to gently touch flanks of the female as a way of asking if she wants to do what comes naturally. If we could put words to his actions: "Ok, are you y? Ah em, no? Ok, how about now? That's been five seconds. Ok, um, how about now? Now? Is now OK? Ok, how about now? Ok, I'm gonna take that for a yes. That, well,ok... Oops. Huh hem, wait a minute, it's ... Ok, standing still can also be a signal, so uh... Yeah, you know, I'd better go back to that leg thing." In case you wonder just how primal the lust for the female really is, consider these two male lions. Pals, hunting partners. You know, they're classic best buds, nothing can come between them. That is until this Venus of the veldt. This leonine, a bit of feminine flush struts her stuff before the two of them. And then... Years of brotherly comradery torn asunder in seconds, slaughtered by Cupid's bow. The loser slinks away to lick his wounds. He's lost the girl and his best friend. Eh, but wait a minute. Haho, another female! No, she is just here to toss another shovelful of dirt on the coffin. Some days, you just can't win for losing. Vocabulary Mix:drift: General meaning or purport; tenor. 大意:大致的意思或要旨;目的. wildebeest: Either of two large African antelopes(Connochaetes gnou or C. taurinus) having a drooping mane and beard, a long tufted tail, and curved horns in both sexes.牛羚,角马:两种非常大的非洲羚羊之一(角马属 白尾角马 或 角马属 斑纹角马) 属,有飘垂的鬃须,长而成簇的尾,雌雄性皆有弯角springbok: A small brown and white gazelle(Antidorcas marsupialis) of southern Africa, noted for its habit of repeatedly leaping high into the air when startled. 小瞪羚:一种产于非洲南部小的棕白色瞪羚(跳羚 瞪羚属) ,因受惊时习惯性地反复跃入空中而闻名 200811/57021

  Climate Change, World Trade at Forefront of Day Two of G8 SummitG8峰会探讨气候变化、世界贸易Summit host, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi welcomed world leaders for a second day of discussions in L'Aquila.The agenda items are much the same - the global economic crisis, the environment, climate change and trade. But, Thursday's talks were expanded from the G8 group to include the so-called G5 nations of major emerging economies - China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. But others were invited to the table as well, along with international organizations.On climate change, G8 leaders agreed Wednesday on new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions and try to limit global warming to just two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.In announcing that decision, Prime Minister Berlusconi spoke of the need to bring other countries into the process, especially India, China and Brazil.It would be counterproductive, Mr. Berlusconi said, if the ed States, Europe, Canada and Japan implement strategies to cut emissions if other countries do not. G8 leaders have said the group wants to be inclusive and bring other nations into discussions on global issues. The move is also widely seen as an increasing understanding that while G8 members may be the world's most powerful nations, they cannot solve issues such as the global economic crisis or climate change without the help of others.07/77296Administration officials are reiterating their call for a fair and non-violent resolution of the Iranian election conflict, while stressing their determination not to allow Tehran to make the ed States a "foil" for the country's political conflict. 美国政府官员再次呼吁以公正和非暴力的方法解决伊朗选举导致的冲突,并强调说,绝不允许德黑兰把美国作为这场政治冲突的替罪羊。The administration has taken a measured approach to the crisis, although President Obama stepped up the level of U.S. rhetoric on Saturday amid televised scenes of chaos on Tehran's streets. He called on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its people and to respect universal rights of assembly and free speech.美国政府对伊朗的选举危机采取了审慎反应。不过随着电视画面展现德黑兰街头的骚乱,奥巴马总统星期六使用了更强烈的言辞。他呼吁伊朗政府停止一切针对伊朗人民的暴力手段和不公正行为,应该尊重集会自由和言论自由等普世权利。On Monday, the White House said it is clear from subsequent events that "justice has not been achieved."白宫星期一说,从发生的一系列事件中可以看出,没有实现公正。Officials at the State Department have expressed concern that a more vigorous response would fuel aly frequent Iranian charges that the ed States is meddling in the crisis.美国国务院的官员曾表示担心,更强烈的反应会对伊朗政府说美国干预危机的指称火上浇油。U.S. critics, among them former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, have said the White House has been too timid, with McCain saying the response is a "betrayal" of America's founding principles.包括总统大选的共和党候选人麦凯恩参议员在内的批评人士说,白宫过于拘谨。麦凯恩说,白宫做出的反应是对美国建国原则的背叛。However, at a press event with Georgia's Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze, Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg rejected the notion that the administration is "pulling its punches" on Iran. He said the president's cautious stance has bipartisan support.不过,美国副国务卿斯坦伯格在与格鲁吉亚外交部长瓦沙泽举行的记者会上反驳了据称奥巴马政府在处理伊朗问题时缩手缩脚的说法。他说,奥巴马总统的谨慎立场得到美国两大政党的持。"I think there have been a number of very influential voices -- both Republican and Democrat -- who've recognized, as the president has said, that this is an issue that's about the Iranians and for the Iranians to decide. The president made very clear over the weekend that we're concerned about the violence. We think it is very important that if this is going to be an issue for the Iranians to decide, then all the voices should be heard -- that the process should be fair and that the people should be allowed to express their opinions. And I think this is not a partisan issue," he said.斯坦伯格说:“我想,共和党和民主党的若干有影响人士都发出了声音。他们认识到,正如奥巴马总统所说,这是一个有关伊朗人民的问题,应该由伊朗人民来决定。总统在周末明确表示,我们对暴力感到担忧。我们认为,至关重要的是,既然这是由伊朗人民决定的问题,那么就应该让所有人表达意见、应该有公正的程序、应该允许人民表达他们的意见。我认为这不是一个党派之争的问题。”Steinberg was standing in at the Georgia event for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had surgery last Friday on her broken right elbow. 斯坦伯格代替克林顿国务卿与格鲁吉亚外交部长举行新闻发布会。克林顿国务卿摔伤右臂,上星期五做了手术。He confirmed that the injury has forced Clinton to cancel plans to attend two multi-lateral meetings this week at which the Iran crisis is likely to be a major issue -- a G-8 foreign ministers meeting in Trieste, Italy and an informal conference of OSCE foreign ministers on the Greek island of Corfu.斯坦伯格实,由于摔伤,克林顿国务卿不得不取消参加本星期两个多边会议的计划。一个是在意大利的里雅斯特举行的八国集团外长会议,另一个是在希腊科孚岛举行的欧洲安全与合作组织的非正式外长会议。伊朗危机很可能是这两个会议的主要议题之一。But Clinton has been active in telephone diplomacy on Iran, calling, among others, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, whose government, like the ed States, has been accused by Iranian authorities of meddling in the crisis.克林顿国务卿针对伊朗问题开展了积极的电话外交活动,包括给英国外交大臣米利班德通电话。与美国一样,英国政府也被伊朗当局指称干预选举危机。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said the Iranian government is looking for scapegoats in a situation it has created. "What you've seen in Iran is what you've been seeing all along, and that's using us as a kind of foil -- using the 'Great Satan,' using the U. S. as a way to justify a policy or gain public support. We don't want to get into a polemic on this. I think what you saw over the weekend was a very strong statement by the president, setting out these fundamental principles that our country was founded on. And these are the kind principles that we are going to stand up for," he said.Kelly declined under questioning to say whether the administration might be reconsidering its policy of seeking dialogue with Tehran on Iran's nuclear program and other issues. But he stressed that the U.S. focus now is not on the bilateral relationship, but on what is happening on Tehran's streets.06/75535

  Climate change and crops气候变化与农作物Hindering harvests妨害产量Changes in the climate are aly having an effect on crop yields—but not yet a very big one 气候变化已经对农作物产量造成影响——但是迄今影响不大May 5th 2011 | from the print editionTHE problems climate change looks likely to bring in the future may increasingly be visible in the records of the past. Not just in the far-off ages of surging sea levels following ice-age thaws, spikes in prehistoric temperatures correlated with natural releases of greenhouse gas and ancient civilisations brought low by drought, but in records from living memory—which are based on reliable measurements made at the time. Using such data researchers have now compiled an estimate of global changes in crop yields which can be put down to recent increases in temperature and decreases in rainfall (the world as a whole is getting wetter, but the rain has stayed away from some agricultural plains). The bad news is that they find that climate change has lowered the amount of maize (or corn, if you prefer) and wheat produced in a given area. The good news is that the effect is so far reasonably small. 冰河融化后的远古时代,海平面急剧上升,由于温室气体的自然释放,气温处于史前时代最高峰,古代文明由于干旱而衰落。在记忆可及的近代,人们根据可靠的测量对气候变化做了记录。根据过去的这些记录,气候变化可能造成的影响,在未来也许会越来越明显。研究人员利用这些数据,现在已经对全球农作物产量的变化做出了估计。农作物产量变化的原因可能是近来气温的升高和降水的减少(世界总的来说越来越潮湿,但是雨水远离了好些农业平原地区)。消息有好有坏。坏消息是,他们发现,在上述地区气候变化使玉米(或叫包谷,如果您喜欢的话)和小麦减产。好消息是,迄今为止气候变化的影响相当小。201105/135674

  Thai PM to Resign, Protesters to Leave Airports泰法庭裁决禁总理及政治伙伴参政 A court has ruled that the Thai prime minister, his party and his coalition partners are banned from politics. The decision led the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy to pledge to allow flights to resume at Bangkok's international airport. 泰国一个法庭裁决,禁止泰国总理颂猜、他的政党和他的联合政府伙伴参政。这个裁决使反政府的人民民主联盟保将允许曼谷国际机场重新开放。The People's Alliance for Democracy says it will continue some protests at the international airport, but on Tuesday agreed to allow flights to resume. However, airport officials say it could be several days before full operations resume. 人民民主联盟表示,将继续在国际机场举行一些抗议活动,但是星期二同意允许一些航班起降。不过,机场官员说,全面恢复运营还需要好几天时间。Court ruling disbands 3 coalition partiesThe PAD decision came hours after a Thai constitutional court disbanded the three leading parties in the government coalition.  民盟做出这个决定几个小时前,泰国一个宪法法庭裁定解散联合政府中3个主要的政党。A judge the order banning the Chart Thai Party, one of the coalition partners.  一名法官宣读了法庭解散执政党之一泰国党的命令。The verdicts were announced, under strict security, after the judges were forced to move to another building after the constitutional court was surrounded by pro-government demonstrators. 此前,在亲政府示威者包围宪法法庭之后,法官被迫转移到另外一所建筑,法庭裁决是在戒备森严的状态下宣读的。The ruling follows court findings that the main coalition party, the People Power Party, Chart Thai and another partner, violated election laws during the December 2007 general elections. Several executives from each party also were banned from politics for five years. 在做出这项裁决之前,法庭认为,联合政府主要政党人民力量党、泰国党和另外一个执政伙伴在2007年12月大选中违反了选举法。各党都有几名主管人员同时被禁止参政5年。Ruling removes PM Somchai from officeThe verdict removes Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from office. A PPP spokesman says party members in parliament not directly affected by the ruling will join a new party that aly has been created.  法庭裁决解除了颂猜的总理职务。人民力量党一名发言人说,议会中不直接受这项裁决影响的该党党员将加入一个已经成立的新党。Deputy Prime Minister Chavarat Charnveerakul has been named interim prime minister until a new coalition government is formed and a new prime minister can be selected. 副总理查瓦拉被任命为临时总理,直至新的联合政府成立,并选出一位新总理。Government supporters say judiciary staged 'silent coup'Pro-government supporters have accused the judiciary of bias and staging a "silent coup" against Mr. Somchai and his brother-in-law, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  亲政府人士指责司法偏袒,发动了一场针对颂猜和他的连襟前总理他信的“静悄悄的政变”。The PAD calls the verdict a victory, following months of long protests, including a three-month siege of the main government office building. 民盟则称这项裁决是他们在几个月之久的抗议、包括对主要政府大楼为期3个月的包围后取得的胜利。"Today, the constitution court finally dissolved the party that acted as a nominee for Thaksin Shinawatra," said Parnthep Pourpongpan, a PAD spokesman. "We have to consider about the victory. We totally agree that at least we have to review the level of demonstration now at least about how we reduce and how much we reduce."  民盟发言人班贴说:“今天,宪法法庭终于解散了为他信代言的政党。我们必须考虑这个胜利。我们完全同意,现在至少必须考虑示威的程度,我们如何缩小范围,缩小多少。”Protests strand touristsThailand's tourism industry and air cargo have been severely disrupted by the airport occupation, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income. It is estimated that up to a quarter of a million tourists remain stranded because of the occupation. 泰国旅游业和空运业由于机场被占领而受到严重影响,造成了数亿美元的损失。据估计,有25万游客被困。Soon after the ruling, the government postponed a summit of Southeast Asian leaders, which was to start December 13. 法庭裁决之后,泰国政府立即推迟了原定于12月13号开幕的东盟领导人峰会。200812/57810。


  Each year, the best work by reporters, photographers and editors of New York’s ethnic and independent media is honored with awards from the New York Community Media Alliance (NYCMA). Those awards are known as Ippies. 每年,纽约社区媒体联盟会都会表彰少数族裔和独立媒体最优秀的记者、摄影师和编辑。NYCMA director Juana Ponce de Leon explains that the ethnic press often advocates for its communities, and acts as an intermediary between the audience and mainstream society. 纽约社区媒体联盟主席胡安娜·雷诺指出,少数族裔媒体致力于推动社区事务,同时是他们的受众与主流社会之间的沟通媒介。She adds that her organization encourages reporters to offer practical guidance to ers, listeners and viewers. 雷诺表示,联盟鼓励记者为他们的读者、听众和观众提供切实可行的指导。"It helps the communities know where there are resources to address their concerns. It’s not good enough to say ‘We don’t have enough translation services from the DOE [Department of Education]’ and leave it at that. It’s better to say ‘Not only are there those services, but if you don’t find them, you can request them. And if they don’t come to you, then you have a right to get your child to another school, for instance.’"她说:“这些媒体让社区人们了解在哪里寻找资源来解决他们关切问题。不要只说教育部没有给我们足够的翻译务,就算了。而是应当说:有这些务,但是如果你找不到,你可以提出要求。比如说,如果他们没有解决你的问题,你有权让孩子转学。”The ethnic media often provides immigrants with the tools they need to negotiate everyday life in America, says 2011 Ippie winner Helen Zelon. 2011年得奖人海伦·泽龙表示,事实上,少数族裔媒体能够帮助移民,让他们在美国更好地生活。"I think the ethnic press does an enormous service when it explains to people, ‘This is what happens when your kid starts school. This is what happens when you rent something. Here’s how you establish yourself here.’" 她说:“我觉得少数族裔媒体在为人们提供了了不起的务,比如告诉人们,你的孩子开始上学时会是什么情况,你租房子时要处理什么问题,如何在美国建立起自己的生活等等。”Zelon, a reporter with City Limits Magazine, a public policy journal, often writes about education. 泽龙是公共政策杂志《城市范围》的记者。她经常撰写教育方面的报道。"Which means you are writing about race and class and money and politics and power and privilege and all of it," she says. "And I write about child welfare, which to me is a hugely important issue that doesn’t get a lot of coverage until there is a very bad disaster and then there is a lot of attention around it and then it goes away. We do investigative reporting."泽龙说:“这就意味着你写种族、阶级、金钱、政治、权利和优先权等所有这些问题。”201103/129585

  Women will evolve into having children at older ageThe fashion for having children later in life could lead to women becoming more fertile in their 40s and beyond, scientists have suggested.As many women wait until they are older to give birth, only those with longer lasting fertility genes will be successful.That means the average length of fertility will grow as their genes will be passed on to their children.The study from the University of Sheffield shows that previously women would marry early and if widowed were too old to remarry thus favouring early childbirth in women.But today's reluctance to settle down and reproduce until later in life could lead to fertility beginning to favour older women.The researchers studied marriage patterns to trace the survival and marriage histories of 1,591 women.Using 18th and 19th century Finnish records – a time when almost everyone got married and divorce was strictly forbidden.They found that women aged 30 to 35 were the most likely to be married. Those that wed wealthy husbands were married at a younger age but to relatively older men, meaning family sizes were bigger but with an increased risk of widowhood.The researchers say that this high chance of widowhood, coupled with low remarriage prospects for older widows with children, limited the percentage of women in the population with the opportunity to reproduce at older ages.Duncan Gillespie, from the university's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences said that in today's society however, women do not start childbearing until an older age as marriage is often delayed.He said: "As a result of this, the natural selection maintaining young-age fertility might weaken and the relative strength of natural selection on old-age fertility could increase, something that could potentially lead to improvements in old-age fertility over many generations.”背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109914

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