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1.Will you come to our tomorrows party?请你明天来参加我们的聚会好吗?2.What time does the party start?聚会什么时候开始?3.How many people are going to come over?有多少人去?4.What style of party is it?它是个什么样的聚会?5.Will any Chinese come over beside me?除了我之外,有中国人去吗?6.Where will the party be held?聚会在哪里举行?7.It will be a tea party since its held at three,wont it?它是个茶会,三点开始。8.I dont like to attend,if its a formal,party.假如是个正式的聚会,我就不想参加。9.Im very happy you invite me.我很高兴你能邀我。10.Im sorry I cant go today.很抱歉,今天我不能去。11.May I take my friend with me?我可以带我的朋友吗?12.Dont you mind if I dont have tie or dress on?如果我不打领带或不穿礼你不介意吧?13.Is there anything I have to carry?我需要带什么东西吗?14.Shall I take any bottles of liquer?我要带酒来吗?15.Please tell me if I can help you.若我能帮上忙,请告诉我。16.Shall I cook any Chinese dishes?我要做中国菜吗?17.Will you come over and pick me up,because I dont know where it is?我不知道在哪里,请来接我好吗?18.Im sorry Im late.很抱歉,我迟到了。19.Thank you very much for inviting me today.今天很感谢你邀请我。20.I must be going now.现在我必须走了。21.Ive enjoyed myself very much.我玩得非常高兴。 /201502/359424经典句型:Most of the work done by hands in the country is done by machine now. 在农村过去的人工劳动现在很多都用机器取代了。A:The farmerswork is simpler than before.甲:农民的工作比以前简单多了。B:Yes. Most of the work done by hands in the country is done by machine now.乙:是的。在农村过去的人工劳动现在很多都用机器取代了。A:They are living an easier life.甲:他们的生活更轻松了。B:It profits from the development of science and technology.乙:这都是得益于科学技术的发展。经典句型:How can I use the reaper? 怎么用收割机呢?A:We reap the crops by the reaper.甲:我们用收割机收庄稼。B:How can I use the reaper?乙:怎么用收割机呢?A:Its very easy.Let me show you.甲:很简单。我来指给你看。句型讲解:问工具的使用方法,可以说How can I use the reaper?怎么用收割机呢? /201503/366011Can you do a perm in less than two hours?你能在两小时内帮我烫完头发吗?例句:A:Excuse me,sir?打扰一下,先生。B:Yes,madam?怎么了,女士?A:Can you do a perm in less than two hours?你能在两个小时内帮我烫完头吗?B:I think that would be no problem.Are you in a hurry?我觉得没问题。你很着急吗?A:Yes,I have to pick up my son from his kindergarten at 4 p.m.是的。我下午四点得去幼儿园接我儿子。B:Okay.Lets get started right away then.Lets wash your hair first.好的,咱们先生就开始吧。我先给你洗一下头发。A:Great!Thanks for being so considerate.太好了!谢谢你考虑如此 周到。B:My pleasure.乐意为您效劳。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201705/510422我们办公室新来了个制片助理。这个女孩子刚走出大学校园,带着浓厚的工作热情,而且很有创意。美中不足的是,喜欢工作时间聊大天。为此,老板今天把她叫去谈话,希望尽早纠正她的这个坏习惯。这个例子用我们今天要学的习惯用语来描述十分贴切,叫:nip something in the bud.Nip是掐断的意思。Bud是花蕾,萌芽的意思。nip something in the bud, 这个习惯用语意思是将一件事物消灭在萌芽状态,防微杜渐。你现在一定明白了,老板找我们新来的那位制片助理谈话,就是要尽早把她喜欢聊天的坏毛病扳过来。He wants to nip her behavior in the bud. 以防日后发展到不可收拾的地步。多年前,美国制药业曾经遭受过一次沉重打击,业界人士迅速采取行动,才在最短时间内恢复了元气。让我们一起听听有关介绍。例句-1:In 1982, someone poisoned bottles of aspirin, killing seven consumers. Fear sp across the country. Fortunately, drug manufacturers recalled all remaining stock and changed the packaging of their products to prevent tampering in the future. By nipping the crisis in the bud, their sales rebounded within a year.这段话说:1982年,有人在阿司匹林的药瓶里下毒,造成七名消费者死亡,引起全国恐慌。好在制药公司召回了全部存货,采用新的包装方式,防止产品再被人下手脚。正是因为他们及时采取措施,把危机消灭在萌芽阶段,销售量才在短短一年内出现了反弹。现在药瓶瓶口上的铝箔封口和塑料包装就是为了让用户对产品的安全放心。******虽然下面这个例子听上去比较轻松,但是很多看似无关紧要的小事,也不能掉以轻心。让我们一起来听听。例句-2:Like a lot of puppies, mine liked to beg for food every time I sat down to eat. If Id let her continue, she would have become uncontrollable. My friend suggested that I fill a can with coins and shake it whenever she started to bark at me. That really nipped it in the bud. She soon learned to stay quiet. Since then, Lucy has developed into a very well-behaved dog.这个养的人说:我的小Lucy 跟其他小一样,每次我坐下吃东西,它就来要吃的。如果我听其自然,肯定早就管不了了。我朋友建议我拿一罐硬币,她一叫,就摇罐子。这招还真管用,改掉了她的坏毛病,让她学会安静。从那以后,Lucy已经成了一只很懂规矩的。这招还真灵,因为不喜欢噪音,所以用摇硬币的办法来驯十分奏效。我真希望有什么好办法能让我侄子知趣点。自从上个月搬来我家住,他就一直无所事事,整天看电视。我暗示他出去找个工作,但是至今,I havent been successful at nipping his laziness in the bud. 我还是没能把他懒散的坏毛病改掉。看来只好改变策略。 /201506/380073Yuri: Shirley, one question. Im a bit confused now. One thing, about sports. Sometimes, I can see U.K. play something with a team. Sometimes youre all divided. Why is that?尤里:雪莉,我有一个问题。我现在有点混乱。这个问题与体育有关。我发现有的时候英国是作为一个代表队参赛,而有时又是分为不同队伍参赛。为什么会这样?Shirley: So, we are essentially still four countries, four separate countries in a united kingdom, so yeah, basically each country just wanted to keep their national team.雪莉:从本质上说,我们仍是四个国家,是联合王国里四个不同的国家,每个国家都想保留自己的国家队。In the case of the olympics, for some reason, and Im not sure of the exact reason, but the olympics committee didnt want four divided teams from Great Britain. They wanted a representative of the ed Kingdom, so they basically made the rule that Great Britain had to send a team and not teams from the four individual countries.就奥运会来说,不知什么原因,我不太清楚具体的原因,不过奥委会不希望大不列颠分为四个不同的队。他们希望由一个代表联合王国的队伍参赛,所以奥委会规定,大不列颠只能派出一个代表队参赛,不能派出四个代表队。So, yeah, so we are ed Kingdom but were still very much four independent countries and each country is very proud of their own national teams for football and for rugby and things like that.虽然我们是联合王国,但是仍是四个非常独立的国家,在足球、橄榄球领域,每个国家都以自己的国家队为荣。But, yeah, its good that we get together for the olympics and we can perform as one united country.不过,我们团结起来参加奥运会很不错,因为这样我们可以作为一个团结的国家参加竞赛。Yuri: OK, thank you very much.尤里:好,非常谢谢你。 译文属 /201607/453451

讲解文本:stick up for 持,维护Thank you for sticking up for me all the time.谢谢你一直以来挺我。He always sticks up for me.他总是挺我。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201611/476836

5.Shame and embarrassment Dialogue5.羞愧 尴尬 对话Steven has stolen 100 yuan from Jim, and he feels too ashamed to admit that.史蒂文偷了吉姆100元钱。他感到很羞愧,而不愿承认。Tom: I heard that Jim lost 100 yuan. Do you know that?汤姆:我听说吉姆丢了100元钱,你知道这事吗?Steven: I dont know.史蒂文:不知道。Tom: Really?汤姆:真的吗?Steven: Yes.史蒂文:是的。Tom: But some classmates said you took the money.汤姆:但有同学说,是你拿了那100元钱。Steven: It is not true.史蒂文:不是的。Tom: Look at my eyes.汤姆:看着我的眼睛。Steven: Well, I confess. I did it, because I urgently need money to buy some medicine for my mother for she is badly ill. Im ashamed that I did that.史蒂文:好吧,我承认,是我做的。因为我急需用钱给我妈妈买药,她病得很严重。我为自己所做的事情感到羞愧。Tom: Return the money to Jim and make an apology. I think he will forgive you.汤姆:把钱还给吉姆,道个歉,我想他会原谅你的。Steven: I will.史蒂文:我会的。 /201508/391812

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