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Investigators now look closer to solving the riddle of where missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 met its end. But they still have little idea why, so the search for the wreckage, and the all-important black box data recorder, goes on.调查人员看上去正逐渐解开马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班的最终下落之谜。但他们仍对失事原因几乎一无所知,因此,搜索飞机残骸以及最重要的黑匣子(飞行数据记录器)的行动继续进行。So far, cost seems to have been no object. When Hishammuddin Hussein was asked recently how much money was being spent on the search, the Malaysian defence minister stressed it had not been an issue in discussions with other countries.迄今成本似乎不是一个问题。当希沙姆丁#8226;侯赛因(Hishammuddin Hussein)最近被问及各方在搜索行动中投入了多少经费时,这位马来西亚国防部长强调,那个问题从来没有与其他国家讨论过。“Nobody, not the Malaysian government, none of our partners, have talked about dollars and cents,” he said on Saturday. “It is all about trying to find the aircraft. It did not even cross our minds.”“没有人,无论是马来西亚政府还是我们的任何合作伙伴,曾经谈到美元和美分,”他在上周六表示。“一切努力是为了找到飞机。我们想都没想经费的事。”But the longer the search continues, the more countries may have to consider their commitment to what could be a long haul – it took two years to find the black box in the case of Air France flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic in 2009.但是,搜索行动持续越久,就越可能会有一些国家不得不考虑自己对这场可能旷日持久的行动的承诺。以2009年在大西洋失事的法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班为例,有关方面花了两年时间才打捞起黑匣子。Since MH370 vanished on March 8, Malaysia has received help from more than two dozen countries, including Australia, Japan, China, the UK, New Zealand and the US.自MH370航班在3月8日消失以来,马来西亚已经从20多个国家,包括澳大利亚、日本、中国、英国、新西兰和美国等得到了帮助。The Pentagon has set aside m, but that is expected to run out in early April. The US has not said how much more it would provide, but Rear Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, last week said it would “stay with this as long as the Malaysians need our help”.五角大楼已拨出400万美元,但这笔经费预计将在4月初用完。美国尚未表示还将出多少力,但五角大楼发言人、海军少将约翰#8226;柯比(Rear Admiral John Kirby)上周表示,美国将“继续参与这场行动——只要马来西亚方面需要我们的帮助”。China faces more pressure than most countries to stay the course because 153 of its nationals were on the flight, making the issue one of “political face”, says Rory Medcalf, an Asia security expert at the Lowy Institute.澳大利亚罗维国际政策学院(Lowy Institute)的亚洲安全事务专家罗里#8226;梅德卡夫(Rory Medcalf)表示,与大多数国家相比,中国面临更大压力,因为失事飞机上有153名中国公民,这要求中国坚持搜索,这个问题关系到中国的“政治面子”。Beijing has sent 11 ships to what is known as the “southern corridor” – a search area that stretches from Malaysia to the southern Indian Ocean roughly 2,500km southwest of Perth. Two Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 transport aircraft arrived in Perth at the weekend, joining the international reconnaissance operations yesterday.北京方面已向被称为“南部走廊”的搜索区域(从马来西亚延伸至南印度洋)派出11艘舰船,目前搜索力量集中在澳大利亚珀斯西南方向大约2500公里处的海域。中国的两架伊尔-76(Ilyushin IL-76)运输机周末飞抵珀斯,昨日加入国际侦察行动。Premier Li Keqiang has said China will continue “as long as there is a glimmer of hope”. But although the search has become the country’s largest military operation beyond exercises, analysts say there are limits to what it would be able to do alone.中国总理李克强曾表示,“只要有一线希望”,中国就应继续尽最大努力。但是,尽管这场搜索已成为中国除演习以外规模最大的军事行动,但分析人士表示,中国单独行动的能力是有限度的。Gary Li, a Chinese military expert at IHS Maritime, said there were questions about sustainability if others cut their commitment, particularly since aircraft are more important for the search than ships.IHS Maritime的中国军事专家加里#8226;李(Gary Li)表示,如果其它国家削减自己的承诺,持续搜索就会出现问题,尤其是鉴于在这场搜索行动中飞机比船舶更重要。“They have to rely on the goodwill of others,” said Mr Li. “If China goes completely alone, they have very, very few options other than using ships and satellites – a very scaled down version of what we have now.”“他们必须依靠别国的善意,”加里#8226;李说。“如果中国完全单干,他们除了使用船舶和卫星外,选择很少——那样的话,行动规模将远远小于我们目前所看到的规模。”China has sent one Y-8 surveillance aircraft to Malaysia to fly search missions, but the aircraft does not have the range to reach the search area. While China could deploy the aircraft to Perth and fly missions from there, Mr Li said that would have security ramifications.中国此前派出一架运-8侦察机到马来西亚执行搜索任务,但该机的航程使其无法到达新的搜索区域执行任务。尽管中国可以将该机转场至珀斯,从那里起飞执行任务,但加里#8226;李表示,那么做会有安全后果。“Any specialised Y-8 aircraft would run the risk of being analysed by other countries if it operated abroad, for very little in terms of search and rescue gain,” he said.“任何运-8特种飞机如果在海外执行任务,都有受到别国分析的风险,而在搜救方面的获益很小,”他表示。Japan has committed 113 personnel and five aircraft – even more than the US – to the search, said Masaru Sato, a Japanese foreign ministry spokesman. But he declined to say how much had been budgeted for the operation.日本外务省发言人佐藤胜(Masaru Sato)表示,日本已向这场搜索行动投入113名人员和5架飞机——规模甚至超过美国。但他拒绝透露日本方面为这场行动编列了多少预算。“The outlook for the search operations is yet to be decided. Japan will continue to extend as much assistance as possible.”“搜索行动的前景仍有待明朗。日本将继续尽力提供协助。”Mr Medcalf said that with the search focused on the southern Indian Ocean, where satellites have detected possible debris, Australia, which has played a key role, would be unlikely to walk away.梅德卡夫表示,随着搜索集中在南印度洋(卫星在该处海域发现了疑似碎片),迄今扮演关键角色的澳大利亚将不太可能退出。“Assuming that the search continues in the southern zone, the last countries to pull out will be Australia and China,” he said. Australia was involved “for the long haul”, said Mr Medcalf, partly because it had responsibility for search and rescue operations in the area, and also because Tony Abbott, the prime minister, last week revealed Australia had received “credible” leads from satellite images.“假设搜索行动继续在南部走廊展开,最后退出的国家将是澳大利亚和中国,”他说。梅德卡夫称,澳大利亚已准备好投入长期行动,一方面是因为该国负有在这个地区展开搜救行动的责任,另一方面也是因为澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;艾伯特(Tony Abbott)上周透露,该国从卫星图像得到了“可信的”线索。A spokesman for Warren Truss, Australia’s transport minister, said there were no plans to end the search soon and that Australia would “take it one day at a time”.澳大利亚交通部长沃伦#8226;特拉斯(Warren Truss)的发言人表示,短期内没有计划结束搜索行动,澳大利亚将“走一步看一步”。“We haven’t considered the costs,” he said. “We have an obligation to the passengers and crew and their families.”“我们还没有考虑过成本,”他说。“我们对乘客、机组人员和他们的家人负有义务。”Additional reporting by Jamie Smyth, Jeremy Grant and Julie Zhu杰米#8226;史密斯(Jamie Smyth),杰里米#8226;格兰特(Jeremy Grant)和朱莉(Julie Zhu)补充报道 /201403/281819

  Two years ago, a group of Moscow restaurateurs made what on paper looked like a sound business decision. They chose a trendy location — Moscow’s Gorky Park, an oasis for hipsters — and opened a gleaming new restaurant called Oyster Bar, which planned to purvey molluscs and other imported delicacies to the city’s cosmopolitan elite.两年前,一群莫斯科餐馆老板做出了一个理论上貌似不错的商业决定。他们选择了一处时尚之地——潮人聚集的莫斯科高尔基公园(Gorky Park),开办了一家名为“牡蛎酒吧”(Oyster Bar)的全新餐厅,准备为莫斯科的国际化精英群体提供牡蛎和其他进口美食。One year later, in the wake of western sanctions, Vladimir Putin announced Russia would ban an array of American and European food products, including cheese, beef and seafood. Oyster Bar tried to rebrand — boldly renaming itself No Oyster Bar and relying on a of local ingredients — but the gamble didn’t pay off. The restaurant closed a few months later.一年后,随着西方国家的制裁,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)宣布禁止进口来自美国和欧洲的大多数食品,包括奶酪、牛肉和海鲜。牡蛎酒吧试图改头换面——大胆地更名为“无牡蛎酒吧”(No Oyster Bar),并依靠本地食材提供餐品——但这次押注并未奏效。餐厅在几个月后关张。The fate of Oyster Bar seems to fit a familiar narrative. Threatened by increasing western influence in Ukraine and the rise of Nato, Putin is hitting back against the west both in Ukraine and through a culture war at home, where a propaganda campaign has made Moscow’s pro-western, oyster-eating minority the enemy.对于牡蛎酒吧的命运,我们似曾相识。由于受到西方在乌克兰影响力日增以及北约(NATO)扩大的威胁,普京既在乌克兰也通过国内文化战对西方进行回击。在俄罗斯,一场宣传战已将莫斯科亲西方的、喜欢吃牡蛎的少数派变成了敌人。It is an allegory straight out of Tolstoy’s playbook. InAnna Karenina, the corpulent, adulterous, French-speaking Oblonsky orders a meal of Flensburg oysters, Parmesan and Chablis. His friend, the proletarian hero Levin, prefers cabbage soup and porridge.这是托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)剧本中常有的一幕。在《安娜愠列尼娜》(Anna Karenina)中,臃肿、荒淫、操着法语的奥勃朗斯基(Oblonsky)要了一桌包括弗伦斯堡牡蛎、帕尔马干酪和夏布利酒的大餐。而他的朋友、无产阶级英雄列文(Levin)更喜欢卷心菜汤和粥。On the Oblonsky-Levin scale, I probably lean more to the former. Returning to Russia from abroad, I’ve been known to stick copious amounts of jamón, Brie and Parmesan in my handbag. Yet during the ban I’ve found myself eating things such as scallops from Murmansk and crab from Magadan — and licking my fingers after every bite.如果将奥勃朗斯基与列文放在天平的两端,我可能更倾向于前者。很多人知道,我从国外回到俄罗斯时,手提包里总是塞满了伊比利亚火腿、布里干酪和帕尔马干酪。然而,在禁令期间,我发现自己吃东西——如来自尔曼斯克(Murmansk)的扇贝和来自马加丹(Magadan)的螃蟹——时,每咬一口都要吮吸自己的手指。Alexander Yezhel, an expert in the Russian mollusc industry, is inclined to agree with me. A former colonel for Russia’s security services with piercing blue eyes and a permatan, Yezhel reinvented himself upon retirement as a small-business owner. His trade: oysters.俄罗斯牡蛎行业专家亚历山大叶热列(Alexander Yezhel)倾向于同意我的观点。这位有着一双锐利的蓝色眼睛的俄罗斯情报部门前上校,在退休后当起了做牡蛎贸易的小企业主。Yezhel says Oyster Bar didn’t survive because its owners were “dilettantes”. For stalwarts, such as his own company Zhemchuzhina (Pearl), switching to local molluscs from Russia’s Far East and Black Sea regions has been good for the bottom line. Because the domestic oysters are cheaper, he can sell them at a higher mark-up than the French ones he used to import, a business strategy that has led to a 50 per cent increase in Zhemchuzhina’s profits, he says.叶热列说,牡蛎酒吧之所以倒闭,因为其所有者“不专业”。对于内行的公司,比如他自己的Zhemchuzhina(意思为珍珠),转而销售来自俄罗斯远东和黑海地区的本土牡蛎带来了不俗的业绩。他说,因为本土牡蛎更便宜,较之过去进口的法国牡蛎可以赚取更高的差价,这一商业策略已经使公司利润增加了50%。This is the Kremlin’s dream scenario and illustrates the two-pronged goal of the food ban: to boost patriotism and give Russians a chance to thumb their noses at the west, while also giving a fillip to Russia’s agricultural industry, which has lagged behind since the fall of the Soviet Union.这是克里姆林宫梦想的一幕,而且展示了食品禁令的双重目标:提振国民的爱国主义,给俄罗斯人一个蔑视西方的机会,同时也可以刺激一下自苏联解体以来一直处于落后状态的俄罗斯农业。The stimulus the ban provides is great in theory. But it does little to solve the industry’s longstanding problems: primarily, poor logistics and a lack of incentive to modernise and make the industry more competitive. While Yezhel’s oyster business may be booming, it is still dependent on the entrepreneur’s warehouse of aquariums in the Moscow suburbs. So fragmented is Russia’s national logistics system that it is quicker and easier for a shipment of oysters to travel from the country’s Far East to central Russia via Moscow than it would be to make the journey between the two destinations directly.进口禁令带来的激励在理论上是巨大的。但对于解决该行业长期存在的问题基本上没有帮助:主要是糟糕的物流,以及缺乏现代化、提高俄罗斯农产品行业竞争力的激励机制。虽然叶热列的牡蛎生意或许很红火,但它仍依赖于这名企业家设在莫斯科郊区的水族仓库。俄罗斯的全国物流体系如此割裂,以至于一批牡蛎从远东地区经由莫斯科到达俄罗斯中部,要比直接在这两个地区之间运输更快速、更便捷。The ban isn’t making Russian food products more competitive but creating an artificial lack of supply and driving up food prices in the process.进口禁令并未让俄罗斯的食品更具竞争力,却人为制造了供应不足,在此过程中推高了食品价格。Annual food inflation has risen to 20 per cent in Russia since the ban. Yet few in Russia seem to either make the connection between the two or to mind. In a poll conducted this month by Levada Centre, Russia’s most respected polling agency, two in three respondents said they viewed the ban positively.自实施禁令以来,俄罗斯年度食品通胀率已上升至20%。然而,在俄罗斯,似乎很少有人将两者联系起来,或者在意这一点。俄罗斯最受尊敬的民调机构列瓦达中心(Levada Centre)本月做的一项民调中,三分之二的受访者表示,他们持这一禁令。 Authorities risk alienating a larger swathe of the population with its newest decree, which declares that any sanctioned European or American food products that have found their way into Russia must be destroyed on the spot.俄罗斯当局最近冒着惹恼更多俄罗斯民众的风险颁布了最新法令:任何禁运的欧洲或美国食品,一经发现进入俄罗斯,必须当场销毁。Since the ban took effect on August 6, Russian state television has shown blanket coverage of the staged destructions, which at times appear like a parody of Russian bureaucracy. In one , a dour Russian official gravely s out the death decree for three frozen Hungarian geese found in a Tatarstan food shop. With half-a-dozen witnesses watching, the geese are then carefully arranged on the ground and run over multiple times by a bulldozer.自该法令8月6日生效以来,俄罗斯国家电视台对销毁禁运食品进行了铺天盖地的报道,有时看起来像是在“高级黑”俄罗斯的官僚主义。在一段视频中,一名脸色阴沉的俄罗斯官员严肃地宣读着对在一家鞑靼斯坦人开的食杂店发现的3只匈牙利冷冻鹅的销毁令。在6名见者的注视下,这些鹅随后被煞有介事地排列在地上,然后用推土机反复碾压。In a country that lived through the Leningrad blockade and b lines, the destruction decree has not been as widely popular as the ban. Nearly half of Russians polled by Levada said they viewed the new measure somewhat or very negatively, arguing that the food should be donated to the needy instead.在一个经历过列宁格勒(Leningrad)大围困和购买面包都要排队的国家,销毁令并没有像进口禁令那样得到广泛持。勒瓦达中心调查的俄罗斯人中,将近一半受访者称,他们对新措施持有一定程度或者非常负面的看法,认为应该把这些食品分发给穷人,而非销毁。One friend said her 95-year-old grandmother had watched the broadcast of the destruction, convinced that the authorities were only destroying food that was rotten or dangerous, so difficult was it to believe that they would raze it for another reason.一位朋友说,自己95岁的祖母看了销毁食品的电视转播,但她相信当局只是在销毁腐烂或危险的食品,很难相信会因为其他理由将食品全部销毁。The new decree may not be working entirely. On a recent evening at a Mediterranean restaurant in Moscow, my waiter cheekily confided that the halloumi on my plate had come from Greece, one of the sanctioned countries. Banning Brie and bulldozing geese is an easy matter on paper. Getting rid of the systemic problems — well, that’s another matter.新法令可能也无法彻底实施。最近一天晚上,我到莫斯科一家地中海风味餐厅用餐,务生嬉皮笑脸地对我吐露,我盘中的哈罗米芝士来自希腊——禁运国家之一。禁运布里干酪、碾压冷冻鹅在理论上都很简单。而摆脱系统性问题——嗯,那是另一回事了。 /201509/397108


  China’s appetite for British milk, pork, tea and salmon led to a 12 per cent jump in food exports to the country last year but the industry says it needs more government support to exploit overseas demand.受中国对英国牛奶、猪肉、茶叶和三文鱼需求的推动,去年英国对华食品出口增长了12%。但英国行业组织称,要充分利用海外需求,政府应为行业提供更多持。Steve Barnes, economic and commercial services director at the Food and Drink Federation, the industry body, said the Chinese market was particularly attractive because it complemented British eating habits. “The Chinese diet is different — they tend to eat things that we don’t consume, like chicken feet, pigs’ faces, trotters and offal,” he said.英国食品和饮料联合会(Food and Drink Federation)的经济和商业务主任史蒂夫#8226;巴恩斯(Steve Barnes)表示,中国的饮食习惯与英国互补,这使中国市场格外有吸引力。他说:“中国人的饮食不同——他们会吃一些我们不吃的东西,比如鸡爪、猪头皮、猪蹄和内脏。”British pork producers were waiting for approval from the Chinese authorities to export pig trotters, a trade that was “potentially huge”, Mr Barnes said.英国猪肉生产商寻求向中国出口猪蹄,目前正在等待中国当局批准。巴恩斯称,这个市场拥有“巨大的潜力”。Outside the EU, China is the UK’s second-largest food export market — after the US — with #163;217.8m of exports last year, according to figures released today. Hong Kong was the third-largest outside the EU.根据今日发布的数据,中国是英国在欧盟以外的第二大食品出口市场,去年出口额达到了2.178亿英镑,仅次于美国。香港则是英国在欧盟以外的第三大出口市场。The government hopes to increase the value of exports after recently appointing its first agriculture and food counsellor in China.英国政府近期任命了首位农业和食品业中国顾问,希望提高出口额。Food and non-alcoholic drink exports grew overall 2.6 per cent to #163;12.8bn last year, compared with 2013, led by salmon, chocolate and cheese, the biggest export products by value.在三文鱼、巧克力和奶酪需求的带动下,与2013年相比,英国食品和非酒精饮料出口增长了2.6%,达到128亿英镑。这三样是按价值计算最大的出口产品。Dairy exports, driven by cheese, rose 9 per cent to #163;1.4bn. After a torrid start to the year for dairy farmers as milk prices fell, George Eustice, farming minister, said it was “particularly encouraging to see UK dairy exports at a record high as our farmers seize new opportunities to export”.在奶酪需求的带动下,乳品出口增长9%,至14亿英镑。年初奶价下跌曾让奶农经历了一段艰难时期,英国农业大臣乔治#8226;尤斯蒂斯(George Eustice)称,“我们的农民抓住了出口的新机会,看到英国乳品出口创下新高,让人尤为鼓舞”。The UK runs a food and non-alcoholic trade deficit of #163;22.3bn that could be reduced through what Mr Barnes called “the huge untapped potential” of food exports. “Support is starting to emerge and we’re making progress but we would like to see more backing for exporting food and drink companies to bring us into line with our European neighbours,” he said.英国的食品和非酒精饮料贸易逆差达到223亿英镑,巴恩斯所说的食品出口的“巨大的未发掘潜力”有望缩小这一逆差。尤斯蒂斯表示:“政府开始提供一些持,我们也正在进步,但我们希望能看到更多对食品和饮料出口企业的持,让我们与欧洲邻国站在同一起跑线上。”Mr Barnes warned that exports this year were likely to be hampered by the strength of sterling against the euro, following trends at the end of last year.巴恩斯警告称,延续去年底的趋势,英镑兑欧元上扬,这可能打击今年的出口。 /201503/366152

  HONG KONG — With its stock near a high and its latest iPhone expected to be introduced on Tuesday, Apple is facing new accusations of violations of labor rights and workplace safety at a supplier in China.香港——苹果(Apple)的股价接近纪录高点,其最新款的iPhone也将于周二发布,但与此同时,这家公司在中国的供应商也面临着侵犯劳工权益和违反工作场所安全规定的新指控。The allegations involve employees at a factory in the eastern China city of Suqian that is owned by Catcher Technology, a Taiwan company, and that makes metal casings for Apple iPads and for other consumer electronics companies.这些指控涉及中国东部宿迁市一家工厂的工人。这家工厂的所有者是台湾可成科技公司(Catcher Technology),主要为苹果iPad以及其他消费电子企业生产金属外壳。The employees are made to work excessive overtime and handle toxic chemicals without proper protective clothing, according to a report released Thursday by Green America, an environmental nonprofit group, and China Labor Watch, a workers’ rights group based in New York.绿色美国(Green America)和中国劳工观察(China Labor Watch)周四发布报告称,这些工人被要求长时间加班,且在没有适当防护装的情况下,接触有毒化学品。绿色美国是一家非营利性环保机构,而中国劳工观察是一家劳工维权组织,总部设在纽约。Apple, like Samsung and several other multinational companies, has previously faced scrutiny over the working conditions at the factories in China where its products are made. But the allegations in the latest report suggest that the company might need to increase its vigilance further over the 200 major global suppliers that account for 97 percent of Apple’s component costs.与三星(Samsung)及另外几家跨国企业一样,苹果在华代工工厂的用工条件也曾受到严密审视。但这份最新报告的指控意味着,苹果可能需要进一步提高警惕,对全球200家主要供应商予以监督。这些供应商占据了苹果零部件成本的97%。In a statement on Thursday, Apple said its most recent annual audit of the Suqian plant, in May, had “found some concrete areas for improvement in Catcher’s operations, and we worked with Catcher to develop a corrective action plan.”苹果在周四发表的声明中称,在5月份对宿迁的这家工厂进行的最新年度审计中,“发现可成科技公司的运营存在着一些具体的需要改进的地方,我们已经与可成科技公司共同制定了一项纠错行动方案。”Apple had scheduled a follow-up visit to the plant for next month but dispatched a team immediately to investigate the allegations in the new report, Chris Gaither, an Apple spokesman, said in a statement on Thursday.苹果发言人克里斯·盖瑟(Chris Gaither)周四在一份声明中称,苹果已经派出了一个团队对这份报告的指控进行调查,并定于下个月对这家工厂进行后续考察。An undercover investigation by China Labor Watch at the Suqian plant last month found that fire exits were locked and that flammable aluminum-magnesium alloy dust and shavings filled the air and littered the floors of some workshops. Investigators also found that employees were forced to work as many as 100 hours of overtime a month and failed to receive the social insurance payments required under Chinese law, according to the report. It said the plant made aluminum covers for a coming iPad and parts for the iPhone 5.中国劳工观察上个月对这家工厂的卧底调查发现,工厂的消防通道上了锁,一些车间的空气中和地板上,满是易燃的铝镁合金粉尘和废料。报告称,调查人员还发现,工人们被要求每月加班多达100小时,而且没有获得中国法律规定的社保待遇。报告称,这家工厂为一款即将面世的iPad,以及iPhone 5生产铝合金外壳。Workers at the plant, about 300 miles northwest of Shanghai, in Jiangsu Province, were also required by Catcher to sign forms saying they had completed safety training, even though they had received none, according to the report.该工厂位于江苏省,在上海西北约500公里处。报告称,可成科技还要求工人们在声称已完成安全培训的表格上签字,但工人们实际上根本没有受到相关培训。China Labor Watch privately raised concerns about conditions at the Suqian plant with Apple in April 2013, after an earlier undercover investigation. According to the group, Apple responded at the time by conducting its own inspection, after which it said that Catcher would make changes, especially those related to occupational safety.中国劳工观察在经过早期的秘密调查后,曾于2013年4月私下里向苹果提出了对宿迁工厂条件的担忧。据该组织透露,苹果当时决定开展内部调查。调查结束后,苹果表示可成科技公司将做出改变,特别是与职业安全有关的问题。“The health and safety violations found in this factory two years in a row are startling,” said Elizabeth O’Connell, campaigns director at Green America.绿色美国活动总监伊丽莎白·奥康奈尔(Elizabeth O’Connell)表示,“连续两年在该工厂发现的违反健康及安全规定的情况令人震惊。”Apple’s audits showed that the plant’s aluminum-polishing systems exceeded international safety standards, Mr. Gaither of Apple wrote, while a fire safety inspection last week corrected some of the problems identified in the report, like unblocking corridors and fire exits. He said that the plant made cases for the iPad and MacBook but did not mention iPhone parts.苹果公司发言人盖瑟写道,审计结果显示,该工厂铝抛光系统超出了国际安全标准,上周的消防安全检查纠正了报告中提到的一些问题,比如清理了走廊、打开了安全出口。他表示,该工厂生产iPad、MacBook外壳,但没有提到iPhone零件。Regarding the allegation of excessive overtime, Mr. Gaither said Catcher had averaged 95 percent compliance, as of the end of August, with the maximum 60-hour workweek that Apple enforces.至于过度加班的指控,盖瑟称,到八月底,可成科技公司员工的工时符合苹果规定的比例平均达到95%,苹果规定每周工作时长不得超过60小时。“We are deeply concerned about the claims made by China Labor Watch, and we take the report very seriously,” Catcher Technology, based in Tainan, Taiwan, said in a statement on Thursday. “We are committed to following Apple’s supplier code of conduct and will investigate thoroughly.”“我们对中国劳工观察指出的问题深感忧虑,我们认真地看待这份报告,”总部位于台湾台南的可成科技公司周四发表声明称,“我们承诺将遵循苹果公司的供应商行为准则,并将进行彻底调查。”In response to previous allegations of poor working conditions at suppliers’ factories, Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif., has placed a greater focus in recent years on auditing its sprawling global network of suppliers. The company said that last year it conducted 451 audits of suppliers, up from 298 in 2012, and that 173 of those had been first-time audits. Apple said that last month it took steps to ban the use of the harmful chemicals benzene and n-hexane at its 22 final assembly factories.之前有指控称苹果供应商的工厂里工作条件恶劣,为此,苹果最近几年更加注重对庞大的全球供应商网络进行审计。苹果总部位于加利福尼亚州库比提诺。苹果公司表示,去年公司对供应商进行了451次审计,其中有173次为初次审计,而2012年共进行了298次审计。苹果表示,该公司上个月采取措施,禁止22家总装工厂使用有害化学制品苯和正己烷。China remains Apple’s biggest single source of suppliers, and it is also where most of the company’s products are assembled.中国仍是苹果最大的供应商来源国,该公司大部分产品都是在中国组装的。In a report on Monday, analysts at Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch unit in Hong Kong estimated that the expected release next week of the iPhone 6 could add around 1 percent a month to China’s export growth rate for the rest of this year. The analysts arrived at that figure after deducting the billion or so in new iPhones that they expect will be sold locally in China this year.美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)香港分部的分析师在周一发布报告称,苹果预计于下周推出iPhone 6,这可能会使中国在今年剩余时间里,月出口增长率提升大约1%。他们预计,新版iPhone今年在中国的销售额将会达到大约100亿美元(约合614亿元人民币),分析人士在扣除这部分销售额后得出了上述出口数据。 /201409/326876The average price of a wedding in the U.S. is ,000, according to wedding-industry trackers TheWeddingReport.com. But an increasing number of couples are embracing frugality by tossing out the preconceived notions of the big-ticket wedding.据婚庆行业研究网站TheWeddingReport.com的数据,美国人在婚礼上的平均开销是26,000美元。不过,有越来越多的新人选择摒弃人们认为婚礼就得有奢华排场的习惯性思维,开始追求节俭朴素的婚礼。This year, more than 2 million wedding ceremonies will take place in America, and although 34% of the couples will spend more than ,000 on nuptials, another 39.5% will spend less than ,000. The substantially smaller price tag of the latter group is a trend that saw an uptick during the recession, and it#39;s one that#39;s here to stay, notes Andy Brennan, an analyst at research group IBISWorld.今年美国有会有超过200万场的婚礼,但其中计划花费超过20,000美元的新婚夫妻只占34%,另外有39.5%的新人婚礼花费将不超过10,000美元,像后者这样大幅缩减结婚费用的做法已经成为了一种趋势,在经济不景气的环境中,有越来越多的人效仿。研究集团IBISWorld的分析师安迪·布伦南(Andy Brennan)指出,这样的势头还会持续下去。One reason: The cost of getting married has soared. From 1980 to 2012, wedding costs jumped 460%, according to IBISWorld, while the cumulative rate of inflation grew only 178.6%. Another reason is that more people are delaying marriage because of the still-stagnant economy. According to a 2012 Pew Research Center report, 20% of people aged 18 to 34 put off marriage because of tough economic conditions. #39;The landscape has definitely changed,#39; Brennan says. #39;People tend to have more of a focus on their careers and get married at a later time because they#39;re much more conscious about what they can save and when they should get married.#39;一个原因:婚礼费用已经飙升得太高了。根据IBISWorld的数据,从1980年到2012年,婚礼费用增长了460%,而同期累计通货膨胀率也不过178.6%。另外一个原因是,越来越多的人因为经济依旧不景气而推迟结婚。据皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center) 2012年的一份报告显示,18至34岁人群中,有20%的人因为经济不好推迟结婚。布伦南说,情况无疑已经发生了变化,人们愿意把精力更多地放在事业上,并为此推迟结婚,因为他们在考虑能存多少钱和何时该结婚的问题上变得更加地理智清醒。So for all those frugal brides and grooms, here are some ways to save.那些想节俭办婚礼的新郎新娘们,这里有一些省钱的诀窍。Go digital for save-the-dates发送电子预请帖This year, nearly 0 million will be spent on save-the-date cards, according to TheWeddingReport.com. But that time-honored tradition of mailing a wedding reminder several weeks before receiving the actual wedding invitation is starting to be viewed by some consumers as antiquated and a waste of money. In fact, save-the-date spending is anticipated to diminish over the next four years, according to TheWeddingReport.com.据TheWeddingReport.com的统计,新人们今年花在预请帖(save-the-date card)上的费用将接近两亿美元。预请帖就是在发真正的婚礼请柬之前的数周邮寄出的一个婚礼日期通知,是一种有着悠久历史的婚礼传统。但是,有一些开始认为这样的做法既过时又费钱。实际上,据TheWeddingReport.com称,新人们在预请帖上的开销预计将会在未来四年内不断减少。So while spending per wedding for save-the-dates (plus postage) isn#39;t a huge expense, many couples have forgone lickable stamps and paper. In 2012, nearly one in three couples created and/or sent save-the-dates online, compared with just one in five in 2009, reports theKnot.com. Why the shift? The rise of online shopping has helped change perceptions of what#39;s appropriate wedding planning behavior, notes IBISWorld#39;s Brennan. #39;It was once considered cheap to put a save the date online, but now it#39;s accepted,#39; he says.尽管平均每场婚礼预请帖的花费(外加邮资)只有不算多的97美元,但许多夫妻还是摒弃了纸质的邮票和卡片。婚礼主题网站theKnot.com 称,2012年,三对夫妻中就有一对夫妻在网上制作和(或者)发送预请帖,与之相比2009年时五对夫妻中只有一对这样做。为什么会有这样的转变?IBISWorld的布伦南认为,是网络购物的崛起帮助人们改变了对婚礼筹备习惯的认知。他说,以前人们认为在网上发预请帖会显得很小气,但现在大家都接受了这种做法。In fact, it#39;s so widely accepted that some well-known designers have started creating electronic save-the-dates. Paperlesspost.com, an e-greeting card website, offers more than 500 different virtual save-the-dates, and some were designed by Kate Spade New York and Oscar de la Renta, among others. Last year, the site emailed 3 million wedding save-the-dates, says its CEO, James Hirschfeld. Many of the designs are free, while some incur a small fee for a virtual envelope and liner. Another popular free e-card site, Evite.com, sent out 2.6 million save-the-date invitations in 2013, says its editorial director, Marilyn Oliveira. Among the more than 95,000 save-the-date events sent via Evite, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Chicago and Atlanta were the top five mailers last year.实际上,在网上发预请帖确实已被广泛地接受,甚至有一些知名的设计师也开始制作电子预请帖。电子贺卡网站Paperlesspost.com上有超过500种的虚拟预请帖,其中一些设计出自Kate Spade New York和Oscar de la Renta等知名品牌之手。Paperlesspost.com首席执行长詹姆士·赫希菲尔德(James Hirschfeld)说,去年网站共发送出300万份婚礼预请帖。许多请帖的设计是免费的,但虚拟的信封和封套需要花点钱。另外一家热门的电子贺卡网站Evite.com,其网站编辑部主任玛丽莲·奥利维拉(Marilyn Oliveira)说,在2013年他们共发送了260万份预请帖。共有95,000场仪式的预请帖是通过Evite发送的,使用数最多的前五个城市是洛杉矶、休斯顿、纽约、芝加哥和亚特兰大。Get married in the off-season选择淡季办婚礼Traditionally, the demand is high for summer weddings, as are the costs. Venues, bakers, caterers, florists and planners may all charge more during the peak season because their time and services are so stretched. Thus, couples can easily save thousands by getting married when these services aren#39;t in high demand. For example, booking a reception at a venue (particularly in cold-weather states) in the fall when they have more vacancies makes it easier to negotiate a lower price -- and it can help you land the ceremony date of your choice.传统上夏季是婚礼的旺季,成本因此也很高。对于婚礼场地、烘焙店、酒席承办方、鲜花店和婚礼策划公司而言,它们的务在旺季的时候会供不应求,费用自然也会收得更高。因此,如果新人们选择在淡季举行婚礼,就可以轻松省下数千美元。比如,可以定制一场秋季婚礼(特别是在天气寒冷的州),这时婚礼场地会有更多的空档,更容易争取到较低的价格,而且还有助你选到自己喜欢的大婚日子。Consequently, fall weddings are growing even more popular, as 32% of couples chose the season, theKnot.com says. So while June weddings still reign supreme -- 291,000 June weddings took place in 2013 -- September has become the second-most popular month to get hitched, according to TheWeddingReport.com. Even October dates are more attractive than April, May and July.结果是,秋季婚礼正变得越来越流行,据theKnot.com称,有32%的新人选择了秋季办婚宴。据TheWeddingReport.com称,虽然六月婚礼依然是绝对的主力军—2013年六月婚礼数量达到了291,000场,但九月份已经成为了第二受欢迎的婚礼月份。甚至10月份也比四月、五月和七月对新人更有吸引力。But off-season weddings aren#39;t the only way to save, says Wendy Kidd, the vice president of the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. More couples are also opting for Friday ceremonies rather than Saturday or Sunday. While a weekday wedding makes it more difficult for cross-country guests to attend, it#39;s a clear money saver, she says. Take the Indian Pond Country Club, which is located 35 miles outside of Boston, and is a reoccurring best pick by theKnot.com. The club charges ,000 less for Friday peak-season receptions (,000) compared with Saturday receptions (,000) in its 500-guest-capacity grand ballroom. Similarly, Friday receptions in the off-season, which runs from Nov. 1 to April 30, cost ,000 -- compared with ,500 for off-season Saturday receptions.但美国持婚礼策划师协会(American Association of Certified Wedding Planner)的副总裁温迪·基德(Wendy Kidd)说,淡季婚礼也并非省钱的唯一办法。许多夫妻还会选择周五而不是周六或周日举行婚礼。她说,虽然在工作日举行婚礼会让外地的亲朋好友做难,但这显然是省钱的好办法。以波士顿郊外35英里的印第安池塘乡村俱乐部(Indian Pond Country Club)为例,它曾多次被theKnot.com评为最受欢迎婚礼场地。它能容纳500人的大宴会厅对旺季周五婚礼的报价是11,000美元,比周六报价17,000美元少了整整6,000美元;同样,在11月1日至4月30日的淡季期间,周五婚礼价格是8,000美元,到了周六就得要12,500了。Trade in a cake for cupcakes大蛋糕换成纸托蛋糕A spectacular wedding cake with fondant flowers dusted in gold, scalloped edges -- or whatever your Pinterest board inspired you to do -- can get pretty costly. The average wedding cake costs nearly 0, and while it#39;s only a sliver of the total wedding cost, one in five couples spend more than that, even upwards of ,000 on dessert, according to TheWeddingReport.com. So don#39;t let the price of a wedding cake take the...well, you know.翻糖花点缀、扇形金色镶边的婚礼大蛋糕(上面还可以加上任何你灵感迸发想出其他好玩意),会花掉你的一大笔钱。据TheWeddingReport.com称,婚礼蛋糕的平均价格接近500美元,虽然这只是婚礼总开销的九牛一毛,但每五对夫妻中就会有一对夫妻在甜点上的花销要远远超过这个价格,甚至达到了1,000美元。所以,不要让婚礼蛋糕的花费太那个什么了…你懂的。The cost of a cake is calculated per slice, and can range from a few dollars to a slice, reports theKnot.com. And don#39;t forget about the delivery fee and cutting fee. While it#39;s best to have the baker deliver the cake themselves because they#39;re the experts, the cutting fee goes to the vendor when you don#39;t use an in-house baker. The cutting fee ranges from to per slice for cutting, serving, and cleaning up afterward. To avoid those pesky fees and save on the overall expense, many couples have turned to cupcakes. (But some couples also prefer cupcakes because it#39;s the trendy thing to do.) After all, they#39;re just mini cakes in disguise. You can mix-and-match different flavors to suit your guests#39; varying taste buds. Plus, you#39;ll save on the baker#39;s end, as assembly and design time are minimal for cupcakes.theKnot.com称,蛋糕的价格是按块来计算的,每块从几美元到15美元不等。不过,别忘了还有运输费和切分费用。既然烘焙店是专业做这个的,最好还是让烘焙店自己送蛋糕,不过,如果你没有用内部的烘焙坊,还得付给卖家切分费。蛋糕切分费从每块2美元至5美元不等,包括切分、餐和之后的清理。为了省掉这块麻烦的费用,降低总体的婚礼开销,许多夫妻转而使用纸托蛋糕。(不过还有一些夫妻是为了赶时髦而使用杯托蛋糕)。毕竟,它们不过是装扮了的迷你蛋糕。你可以根据宾客们的不同口味提供各种风味的蛋糕,另外,这还能让你省了烘焙方面的成本,因为纸托蛋糕装配和设计的时间是最短的。Live stream the ceremony消减仪式规模Today, the average wedding has 131 guests, and the price per head is 2. So many couples have started to keep the nuptial costs down by limiting the guest list. In fact, since peaking at an average of 184 guests in 2006, the figure has been on a steady decline, dropping 29% over the last seven years. To accommodate those who were axed, or who simply can#39;t make the trip, couples have started broadcasting their weddings like the royals themselves. Last year, nearly 20,000 weddings were broadcast over Ustream.tv, the largest live- streaming platform. Ustream.tv is well-known for streaming everything from zoo-animal births to space walks, but in the past year alone it#39;s seen a 250% rise in wedding streams, says spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer. #39;It#39;s been an interesting phenomenon,#39; Ferrer says. #39;More people are looking at this technology to bridge the gap and allow family to attend an event when they physically can#39;t be there.#39;如今一场婚礼邀请的宾客数量平均为131名、新人们在每位宾客身上的花费是192美元。因此,许多夫妻开始通过限制宾客数量来降低婚礼开销。事实上,自从2006年每场婚礼平均的宾客数达到了184位的最高值之后,这个数字一直在稳步下降,在过去七年累计下跌了29%。为了照顾那些被从名单上砍掉的宾客、和那些无法到场的亲朋好友,新人们开始像皇家婚礼一样直播自己的婚礼过程。去年,有近20,000场婚礼登上了最大的视频直播流媒体平台Ustream.tv。Ustream.tv本来是以传播从动物园动物产子到太空漫步等各类视频而出名,但网站发言人乔伦·费勒说(Joellen Ferrer)说,光去年一年,其婚礼视频的数量就增长了250%。费勒说,这是一个有趣的现象,有越来越多的人用流媒体来拉近彼此的距离,让不能亲身到场的亲朋好友也能参与其中。Ustream.tv charges a month for its ad-free-pro-silver plan, which enables couples to live stream their wedding ceremony via a mobile device, webcam, or other compatible device for friends and family not in attendance -- essentially saving the couple ,600 or more for 50 virtual guests. They can then download the saved file to a hard drive as a keepsake, or store it on the Ustream cloud for a month if they cancel the pro-silver subscription plan.Ustream.tv的无广告专业银套餐计划每月收费99美元。购买这个套餐后,新人们可以通过手持设备、网络摄像头或者其他兼容设备为不能到场的亲朋好友直播婚典盛况,这无形中为新人们省去了50位虚拟客人9,600美元以上的费用。他们之后可以把存好的视频下载到硬盘上留作纪念,也可以直接存在Ustream的云端,但如果他们停止使用专业银套餐计划,每月要付15美元的存储费。Opt for something borrowed考虑购买“二手婚礼”If tacking small sections of the budget isn#39;t enough, some couples are forgoing wedding planning altogether -- only not in the way you think. They aren#39;t eloping to save money, but are purchasing the actual wedding (catering, venue, and all) from other couples who cancel their weddings and don#39;t want to foot the bill. With 270,000 (13%) of couples cancelling their weddings each year -- or an estimated .8 billion dollars down the proverbial drain -- it#39;s potentially a lucrative enterprise as wedding insurance doesn#39;t cover everything, some industry insiders say.一些夫妻嫌从小处省钱还不够,还会考虑放弃整个婚礼筹备——只是方式并非和你想的一样。他们不是为了省钱而私奔,而是要从那些取消婚礼、而又不想付账的夫妻那里把婚礼整个买下来(包括酒席、场地等等)。每年有270,000对(占13%)夫妻取消婚礼,估计要白白浪费掉68亿美元,一些婚庆业内人士说,这是一项潜在的赚钱大买卖,因为婚礼保险并不覆盖所有的东西。Subsequently, bridal brokerage websites have emerged to help put some of that money back into the hands of the jilted ex-couples. CanceledWeddings.com, a fledging wedding brokerage site, boasts that its registrants have a cumulative budget of million that needs to be spent in the next six months, according to its CEO, Peter K. Ulrich. Recently, the website brokered a deal for a fully-paid wedding in Maryland discounted by 70% (where the average wedding costs ,600, according to TheWeddingReport.com). #39;The more expensive it is, the better deals you can get,#39; Ulrich says. #39;The buyers just expect a good deal, and that#39;s what we#39;re trying to do; we saw a way to solve a problem so no one loses.#39;帮助这些取消婚礼的前夫妻们挽回部分经济损失的婚礼中介网站应运而生。CanceledWeddings.com就是一家新兴的婚礼中介网站,据网站首席执行长彼得·k·乌尔里希(Peter K. Ulrich)说,在其网站上登记的用户有累计5,000万美元的婚礼预算要在未来六个月消化掉。最近,这个网站促成了一单交易,把马里兰州一场全额付的婚礼以七折的价格转卖给了另外一对夫妻。(据WeddingReport.com称,当地婚礼的平均费用是32,600美元。)乌尔里希说,婚礼费用越高,你能拿到的折扣就越大。买家们就想买到便宜的婚礼,这也是我们努力的方向,我们找到了一种皆大欢喜的方式解决大家的问题。These websites broker deals by acting as the point-of-contact entity between the wedding cancelers and prospective buyers while maintaining each couple#39;s privacy. For example, when a couple cancels their wedding, they enlist a broker#39;s help to list their #39;pre-packaged wedding#39; on the broker#39;s canceled weddings website. Then, another couple can reserve the package by taking over the first couple#39;s contracts with the vendors and by paying any remaining fees. Thereby, they#39;ve accepted financial responsibility for a wedding they never planned, but will still participate in at half the cost.这些网站充当了婚礼取消方和婚礼潜在买家之间联络的桥梁,同时还要保守每对夫妻的隐私。比如,当一对夫妻要取消婚礼时,他们会请来中介帮助他们把“婚礼全套装”在中介的婚礼取消网站上挂牌销售。之后,另一对夫妻可以从婚礼务提供方那里把第一对夫妻的合同转签过来,并付剩余未付的费用,从而定下这个“婚礼全套装”。这样一来,他们就要承担一场不是他们自己策划的婚礼的所有费用,不过金额可能只有原价的一半。 /201404/290497

  Tumbling oil prices look set to hit electric cars and biofuels harder than other parts of the green power industry, the head of the world’s leading renewable energy agency has warned.国际可再生能源机构(International Renewable Energy Agency,简称Irena)总干事阿德南#8226;阿明(Adnan Amin)警告说,比起绿色能源产业其他部门,油价暴跌对电动汽车和生物燃料行业产生的冲击看来会更大。国际可再生能源机构是一家政府间机构,也是全球顶尖的可再生能源机构,其总部位于阿布扎比。That is because they compete directly with rivals such as petrol-fuelled cars that are becoming cheaper to run as oil prices fall.这其中的原因在于,它们直接竞争的对手,是那种用汽油做燃料的汽车,而油价暴跌后这种车会变得更便宜。But wind farms, solar plants and other renewable electricity generators should not be affected by the price plunge because they do not face anything like the same level of competition, said Adnan Amin, director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency, Irena, an intergovernmental body based in Abu Dhabi.阿明表示,不过风力发电场、太阳能发电厂和其他可再生发电厂应该不会受到油价暴跌的影响,因为它们面临的竞争与上述两者不可同日而语。“We don’t see a direct impact of oil prices on power generation,” said Mr Amin, explaining oil-fired electricity plants only accounted for around 5 per cent of global power generation today.阿明表示:“我们并未发现油价对可再生发电有什么直接影响。”他还解释说,燃油发电厂所发电量只占如今全球发电量的5%。“Impacts we expect to see are in the production of liquid biofuels, investment in liquid biofuels and investment in electric mobility and hybrid mobility,” he said on the sidelines of the agency’s annual assembly in Abu Dhabi over the weekend.上周末,在Irena阿布扎比召开的年度大会会场外,他说:“我们预计会看到的影响是在液体生物燃料的生产和投资方面,以及电动汽车和混合动力汽车的投资方面。”Mr Amin conceded the rapid decline in oil prices was creating uncertainty for the renewables industry and may be followed by some falls in the cost of gas, which could pose more of a problem for wind and solar power generators.阿明承认,油价下跌为可再生能源产业带来了不确定性。他还承认,油价下跌后天然气价格可能也会有所下跌,这会为风力发电和太阳能发电带来更多问题。But he was bullish about the overall outlook for the sector, which he said had changed comprehensively since Irena first began operating four years ago.不过,他对该产业的总体前景感到乐观。他说,自Irena四年前开始运营以来,可再生能源产业已发生彻底改变。 /201501/355261

  In some countries, business owners can go their way in the happy knowledge that government officials won#39;t be hitting them up for bribes or tossing them in jail on trumped-up charges. But in other parts of the world, public sector corruption is a fact of life.在一些国家,商人深知,可以通过贿赂,让政府官员不触及抓捕他们,或给他们一个“莫须有”的罪名入狱。但是在世界的其它地方,公共部门的腐败是一个不争的事实。Hoping to shine a light on this widesp problem, Transparency International, a non- governmental organization that serves as a watchdog for corporate and political corruption, has published its Corruption Perceptions Index for 2013. The index ranks countries around the world by perceived level of government corruption, with a score of 100 signaling an absence of official corruption and a score of 0 indicating a country that is hopelessly corrupt.为了揭露这一普遍问题,国际透明组织-一个非政府组织,对企业和政治腐败进行监督,公布了其2013年清廉指数。世界各国的政府腐败通过指数进行排名,100的高分代表无官员腐败,得分0暗示这是一个无可救药的腐败国家。Of the 177 countries and territories listed on the index, less than one-third managed to break 50. As No. 127 Nicaragua would say, that#39;s no bueno. So in what countries can you trust public officials and what places should you avoid?在177个国家和地区中,只有少于三分之一的国家能够超过50分,所以在这份排名中,你能发现哪些国家官员能够给予信任,哪些国家应该避免呢To start, the Nordic countries are a safe bet for business, with Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway all among the least corrupt nations. Rounding out the top five are New Zealand, tied for first with Denmark with a score of 91, and Singapore, tied with Norway for No. 5.在这份排名中,北欧国家腐败指数都非常安全,丹麦,芬兰,瑞典和挪威都排在腐败程度最低的榜单中,前五位中,排名榜首的新西兰和丹麦,得分是91分,新加坡和挪威并列第五Here are the 10 least corrupt countries in the world, according to the index:下面是世界十大腐败程度最低的国家Denmark丹麦New Zealand (tied with Denmark for No. 1)新西兰(与丹麦并列第一)Finland芬兰Sweden (tied with Finland for No. 3)瑞典(与芬兰并列第三)Norway挪威Singapore (tied with Norway for No. 5)新加坡(与挪威并列第五)Switzerland瑞士Netherlands荷兰Australia澳大利亚Canada (tied with Australia for No. 9)加拿大(与澳大利亚并列第九)What of the ed States? The world#39;s largest economy sits at No. 19 with a score of 73, while its fellow Anglophones to the north and south, Canada and Australia, are tied for 9th place with scores of 81. (Both have dropped since last year. In 2012, Canada scored an 84 and Australia an 85.) The ed Kingdom is ranked No. 14.那美国呢?世界最大的经济体得分73,位列19名。而其南北邻国加拿大和澳大利亚,并列第九,得分是81分。(两个国家相比于2012年得分都有所下降,加拿大当时84分,澳大利亚85分)。英国目前排名14.Mexico, another U. S. neighbor, is listed as far more corrupt than Canada, with a score of 34 ranking it at 106 of 177. (This reporter#39;s own experience suggests the country#39;s low score is well-deserved.)美国的另一个邻国墨西哥,要比加拿大腐败的多,腐败指数34分,在177个国家中排名177.(改记者自身经验暗示该国的低分数是罪有应得的)At the positively wretched end of the scale it#39;s no surprise to see Yemen, Sudan, Syria and other Middle Eastern and African countries. But some of their scores look almost handsome beside the worst of the lot: Tied for last place are Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia, all having scored a measly 8 on the index.在排名的末端,我们毫不惊讶的看到了也门,苏丹,叙利亚和其他中东和非洲国家。但他们的分数还是要比最糟糕的国家好一些:他们是阿富汗,朝鲜和索马里,他们的分数都只有8分。Here are the world#39;s 10 most corrupt nations, starting with the worst:下面是世界十大最腐败的国家Somalia索马里North Korea (tied with Somalia and Afghanistan for No. 175)朝鲜(与索马里阿富汗并列175名)Afghanistan (tied with North Korea and Somalia for No. 175)阿富汗Sudan苏丹South Sudan南苏丹Libya利比亚Iraq伊拉克Uzbekistan乌兹别克斯坦Turkmenistan (tied with Uzbekistan and Syria for No. 168)土库曼斯坦(与乌兹别克斯坦和叙利亚并列168位)Syria (tied with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan for No. 168)叙利亚 /201312/270514


  It#39;s a nightly dilemma in many households: A student hits a wall doing homework, and parents are too tired, too busy -- or too mystified -- to help. 许多家庭每天晚上都会遭遇这样的困境:孩子做作业时有道题不会,这时家长要么太累,要么太忙──要么也不会──总之帮不上忙。Ordering up a tutor is becoming as easy for kids as grabbing a late-night snack. Amid rapid growth in companies offering online, on-demand tutoring, students can use a credit card to connect, sometimes in less than a minute, with a live tutor. Such 24/7, no-appointment-needed services can be especially helpful to students with tight budgets or tight time frames or those in remote areas. 而如今对孩子们来说,在线订购辅导务正变得和拿点儿零食当宵夜一样容易。随着越来越多的公司提供按需定制的在线辅导,学生们用一张信用卡便可快速地接通一位在线家教,有时1分钟都不到就能连上。这类务每周每天不间断运营,且无需进行预约,尤其对手头紧、时间急、住得远的学生来说很有帮助。#39;All of a sudden, the world opens up to them,#39; says Michael Horn, executive director of education for the Clayton Christensen Institute, a San Mateo, Calif., education and health-care think tank. 加州圣马特奥教育健康智囊团Clayton Christensen Institute的执行董事迈克尔·霍恩(Michael Horn)如此评价:一瞬间,知识的海洋就向他们敞开了怀抱。That said, the quality of on-demand scholastic support can be uneven, and the catch-as-catch-can approach to enlisting a tutor may not be best for struggling students who need sustained help. Sessions can bog down on technical glitches, and language barriers can cause problems on sites that rely on tutors from abroad. 话虽如此,这类按需定制的教学持的质量却可能参差不齐,而且这些网站“招到一个是一个”的招聘老师的方式,对于需要长期辅导的学生来说也谈不上有多好。辅导课程还会因技术故障而中断,而在那些提供外教网站上,语言沟通方面的障碍也是一个问题。Prices, ranging from about to an hour (and often prorated to the minute), are cheaper than what many skilled tutors charge in a student#39;s home. And parents and students say the quick homework fix can ease stress and make evenings at home more peaceful. 这类务的价格在每小时24美元到45美元之间(并通常按分钟计价),和许多有经验的上门家教相比要便宜。家长和学生也反映说,这种快速帮忙解题的务减轻了不少压力,让晚上家里的氛围融洽多了。Whenever Peggy Bennett of Dallas tried to help her 13-year-old daughter, Chloe Friedman, with her eighth-grade physics and algebra homework, #39;we#39;d always end up bickering,#39; Ms. Bennett says, with Chloe often objecting that the teacher did it differently. #39;It was a lose-lose situation.#39; 每当达拉斯的佩姬·本内特(Peggy Bennett)要帮她13岁的女儿克洛艾·弗里德曼(Chloe Friedman)做八年级物理和代数作业,到了最后俩人都会吵起来,克洛艾每次都说那不是老师讲的解法。本内特称这是个双输的局面。Chloe says she was skeptical when her mom helped her sign up last month on Tutor.com, a New York City-based provider of on-demand tutoring. But after she logged on one evening for algebra help, a tutor, identified only by a first name and last initial, responded within a minute. Chloe says she was guided to figure out the answers, using text chat and an interactive #39;whiteboard#39; that displayed their writing and calculations on a shared screen. After hearing nothing but typing for about 10 minutes, Ms. Bennett says she heard Chloe yell from the other room, #39;They told me I did a good job!#39; Ms. Bennett adds, #39;That was all that she needed.#39; 克洛艾说,一开始当她妈妈帮她在Tutor.com──一个纽约市的定制辅导网站上注册帐户的时候,她很怀疑这个网站能否帮上忙。但有一天晚上,她登上网站寻求一道代数题的解法,一个标注了姓氏缩写和名字的辅导老师不到一分钟就回覆了她。克洛艾说,她使用文本交谈,并在一块共享屏幕的白色书写板上写出运算过程,通过这种方式,她在指导下解出了。本内特说,只听敲击键盘的声音持续了十多分钟,接着克洛艾的房间里便传来一声欢呼:他们说我做对了!本内特补充道,这正是我女儿所需要的。Chloe, who takes classes in dance, acting and singing, also uses Tutor.com on her smartphone at the dance studio between classes. She says she recently got help solving a math problem in less than 10 minutes. 克洛艾还学习舞蹈、表演和唱歌,课间休息时,她会在舞蹈教室里用手机登陆Tutor.com。她说她最近在网站的帮助下,不用十分钟就解出了一道数学题。Ms. Bennett now lets Chloe use her credit card to extend her Tutor.com subscription whenever she needs help. So far, Chloe has spent .99 for up to two hours of tutoring. Tutor.com subscribers pay once a month for time used; unused minutes can be carried to the next month. 本内特已让克洛艾用信用卡延长了她在Tutor.com的订制时间。目前,克洛艾已花费79.99美元购买了两个小时的辅导时间;未用尽的时间可推到下个月继续使用。Most sites enlist moonlighting or retired teachers, college professors or professionals with tutoring experience; most offer scheduled tutoring in addition to on-demand sessions. The most common users are middle- and high-schoolers, and college students taking basic courses. 多数网站都招聘兼职在校教师、退休教师、大学教授或者有家教经验的专业人士;除了按需定制的辅导之外,大多数网站还会按日程表提供家教课程。最主要的用户群为初、高中生以及接受基础课程的大学生。About 95% of the 1,200 tutors available on Bangalore, India-based TutorVista are recruited from India, says C.S. Swaminathan, president of TutorVista, which was recently acquired by the London-based publishing and education company Pearson PLC. Tutoring sessions with its mostly U.S.-based customers are usually held via whiteboard and text chat, to reduce potential language difficulties, Mr. Swaminathan says. Still, students say, language barriers can sometimes slow communication, and grammar glitches can occasionally creep in. TutorVista是一家位于印度班加罗尔的在线辅导网站,该公司已被伦敦培生教育出版公司(Pearson PLC.)收购。TutorVista总裁斯瓦米纳坦(C.S. Swaminathan)称其95%的员工招募自印度,而主要客户来自于美国,辅导课程通常会通过白板和文字聊天进行,以试图减少可能存在的语言沟通障碍。然而学生仍称语言障碍有时会使沟通过程变慢,偶尔还会有语法上面的问题。 Saira Sultan, an Irvine, Calif., college student, says the TutorVista tutors she taps several times a week for help with her English and math courses are pleasant and knowledgeable. She recently uploaded a business letter she had been assigned to write for her English class, and the tutor marked errors in the text and texted instructions on correcting verb tenses, rearranging paragraphs and rephrasing sentences to more smoothly, Ms. Sultan says. The one-on-one edits have helped her learn to write more clearly, she says. 来自加州尔湾学院(Irvine College)的学生苏丹·西良(Saira Sultan)说,她每周都向TutorVista的老师请教好几次英语和数学课上的问题,而老师们学而友善。她说,最近她的英语课要求写一封商业信件,她把作业上传到网上,辅导老师会标出错误、纠正动词时态,调整段落格式,并将语句梳理通顺。这种一对一的编辑帮助她的英文写作更加清楚明白。The drawback, she says, is that communicating via text chat #39;takes a lot of time.#39; Mr. Swaminathan says TutorVista can provide audio-chat sessions if scheduled in advance. 她说,缺点是用文本聊天来沟通“很费时间”。斯瓦米纳坦说用户可在TutorVista上预约视频辅导课程。As with in-person tutors, knowledge levels and teaching skills can be uneven. Stephanie Dobbs of Los Angeles says one InstaEDU tutor who responded to her daughter Sarah#39;s request for calculus help #39;didn#39;t know the material at all.#39; But Sarah, who uses the site two to three times a week, says it has so many tutors that switching is easy, and the convenience outweighs any drawbacks. 然而,那些辅导老师的知识水平和教育技能常常良莠不齐。洛杉矶的斯蒂芬妮·多布斯(Stephanie Dobbs)说她女儿萨拉(Sarah)在InstaEDU上找到的微积分家教“根本不了解这块知识”。然而Sarah每周却要上这个网站两三次,她说更换老师很容易,使用这个网站利大于弊。An InstaEDU spokeswoman says on occasion, tutors can halt billing while they figure out the material, or students can be given refunds or a different tutor. 一位InstaEDU的发言人称,辅导老师有时会在审题时暂停计费,或者学生也可以要求退款或更换家教。James Nickerson agrees that on-demand tutors need winnowing. When he turned to InstaEDU recently to help his 16-year-old daughter Emma with an advanced-Latin class (they couldn#39;t find a skilled Latin tutor in their hometown of Stevens Point, Wis.), he didn#39;t turn Emma loose online. Instead, he sat beside her while she chose a tutor, urging her to bypass a math major who claimed a sideline expertise in Latin in favor of a New York University grad student majoring in classics. He also helped her schedule sessions, to provide continuity with the same tutor. 詹姆斯·尼克森(James Nickerson)也认为这些家教需要经过一定的筛选。最近,他登入InstaEDU来帮她16岁的女儿艾玛(Emma)挑选高级拉丁语课程,他没有立刻放手不管,而是坐在一旁陪她一起挑选老师,要她别去选以拉丁文为副业的数学专业毕业生,而是选择纽约大学(New York University)古罗马文学专业的硕士毕业生。他还帮助女儿制定课程表,以便她能一直上同一个老师的课。On-demand tutoring is just one of a growing array of online homework-help options. Khan Academy, one prominent example, offers interactive tutorials in addition to educational s. Chegg.com provides answers to homework questions, while crowdsourcing sites such as StudyBlue enable students to share study guides, notes and flashcards. 按需定制的辅导只不过是正在发展的在线作业辅导产品的一小部分。举个例子,Khan Academy在提供教学视频的同时也提供交互式辅导课程。Chegg.com提供作业,而StudyBlue这样的众包网站则让学生可以分享讲义、笔记和学习卡片。Some school districts pay New York City-based TutaPoint and other online-tutoring sites to provide free access to students; about 2,000 libraries let students use Tutor.com without cost. Free access to tutoring sites can help level the playing field for students from all income groups -- if they provide trained, qualified tutors, conduct background checks and safeguard users#39; security, says Nora Carr, president of the National School Public Relations Association, a professional group. 一些学区向总部位于纽约的TutaPoint和其他在线辅导网站付费用,以便其学生能免费登录这些网站。约2,000家图书馆也供学生免费使用Tutor.com。专业组织全国学校公共关系协会(National School Public Relations Association)的主席诺拉·卡尔(Nora Carr)认为,这些举措可以帮助不同收入阶层的学生享受到更加平等的教育机会──前提是这些网站的辅导老师经过训练、具有职业资格,职业操守经过审查,并且网站能确保用户信息安全。But the sites can also tilt the playing field in favor of kids with plenty of money for tutoring help, creating pressure for other students to have a tutor too. Parents should monitor kids#39; use of the sites and track fees, which #39;can get very expensive very quickly,#39; says Ms. Carr, who is chief of staff of the Guilford County Schools in Greensboro, N.C. 卡尔说,然而富裕家庭的孩子登入网站寻求帮助,也会迫使其他学生寻找辅导老师,进而或也将加剧教育不平等。家长应当监督孩子对这些网站的使用,记录他们出的费用,因为这些网站很贵,费钱速度也很快。卡尔也是格林斯罗市吉尔福德郡学校(Guilford County Schools)的教员主任。 Yamini Naidu says online tutoring last year through InstaEDU helped her earn As in advanced-placement classes at her Beaverton, Ore., high school. Now a freshman at Yale University, Ms. Naidu works eight hours a week as an InstaEDU tutor. 俄勒冈州比佛顿高中(Beaverton High School)毕业生Yamini Naidu说,去年在IstaEDU在线辅导的帮助下,她在大学先修课上拿到了一串A的优异成绩。如今,她已是耶鲁大学(Yale University)的大一新生,并每周花8个小时在InstaEDU上提供在线辅导。She says that students who come to sessions with a list of questions or assignments to work on -- and who block out time to concentrate -- benefit most. Text chats occasionally stall, though, if students are distracted or start multitasking; Ms. Naidu tries to re-engage students by asking questions to spark their interest, she says. 她说,最能从这些课程汲取知识的,是那些带着一串问题和作业题的学生,还有能够专心听课不顾时间的学生。然而如果学生分神或者做起别的事情,那么文字聊天就会拖延时间;她说她试图通过询问学生问题、激发兴趣来让他们重新专注于课程。Bharathy Chummar of Plantation, Fla., turned to the online tutoring site Eduboard last summer to help her 15-year-old son Prajwal research possible science-fair topics. Prajwal had a 45-minute audio and text chat with a tutor, who is also a physician, about an idea involving bacteria. The doctor later sent him a research summary with links to more studies. 去年夏天,佛罗里达州普兰泰申的丘玛尔(Bharathy Chummar)登入了Eduboard在线辅导网站,来帮助她15岁的儿子普拉杰瓦尔(Prajwal)就科学展览会上的主题进行调研。普拉杰瓦尔与一位同为外科医生的兼职家教进行了45分钟的视频课程,并用文字进行对话,探讨了一个有关细菌的想法。之后,这位医生发给了他一份研究综述,内容包含了更多相关研究的链接。Online tutors #39;fill a huge gap that can never be filled by parents,#39; Ms. Chummar says.丘玛尔说,在线家教“担起了一项家长永远无法担当的职能”。 /201404/292063

  Global warming is having an impact on human and natural systems world-wide, scientists warned in a report Monday, calling for swift action to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. 科学家们周一在一份报告里警告说,全球变暖正对人类和全球自然系统产生影响。他们呼吁迅速采取行动,缓解温室气体排放对地球的影响。The report, released by the ed Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is the second portion of a four-part report, and follows the September release of the first portion, which focused on scientific evidence for global warming.上述报告由联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会(ed Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,简称IPCC)发布,是一个由四部分组成的报告的第二部分,其中专注全球变暖科学依据的第一部分已在去年9月发布。#39;What happens in terms of impact of climate change in different parts of the world will be determined to a large extent (by how much) we are prepared and able to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gasses,#39; IPCC Chairman Rajendra K. Pachauri said. IPCC主席帕乔里(Rajendra K. Pachauri)说:气候变化对世界各地产生怎样的影响,很大程度上将由我们准备且能够减少多少温室气体排放决定。The report said that besides an increase in global average temperature, climate change was having a widesp impact on everything from water resources to food production and weather patterns. 报告说,除全球平均气温增加以外,气候变化还对从水资源到食品生产及天气模式等一切事物产生广泛影响。It said that without action to address the problem, by the year 2100, hundreds of millions of people could be affected by coastal flooding and displaced due to land loss. 报告说,如不对这一问题采取任何行动,到2100年,受海岸洪灾和土地流失影响而背井离乡者可能会达到数亿人。#39;Impacts from recent extreme climatic events, such as heat waves, droughts, floods, and wildfires, show significant vulnerability and exposure of some ecosystems and many human systems to climate variability,#39; the report warned. 报告警告说,热浪、干旱、洪灾和森林大火等近期极端气候事件的影响显示出,一些生态系统和很多人类系统都非常容易受到气候变异的影响。The report said climate change may affect the reliability of pipelines and electricity grids, as well as tourism resorts, especially ski and beach resorts. 报告说,气候变化可能影响到管道、电网和旅游度假区的可靠性,特别是滑雪和海边度假地的可靠性。It also said climate change had the largest impact on people who are socially and economically marginalized. 报告还称,对于在社会上和经济上被边缘化的人来说,气候变化对他们的影响最大。#39;Climate change will exacerbate poverty in low and lower-middle income countries, including high mountain states, countries at risk from sea-level rise, and countries with indigenous peoples, and create new poverty pockets in upper-middle to high-income countries in which inequality is increasing,#39; it said. 报告称,气候变化将加剧中低收入国家的贫困状况,其中包括高山国家、因海平面的上升而面临危险的国家以及拥有原住民的国家,还将在贫富差距日益增大的中高收入国家产生新的贫困人口。But funding needed to offset the impact of climate change is lacking, the report warned, saying developing countries would need between billion to 0 billion a year to implement needed measures. And efforts to reduce the effects of climate change would only have a marginal effect on reducing poverty unless #39;structural inequalities are addressed and needs for equity among poor and non-poor people are met.#39; 但报告警告说,缺乏抵消气候变化影响所需的资金。报告说,发展中国家每年需要700亿至1,000亿美元实施必要的措施。此外,各种减少气候变化影响的措施对减贫只会产生微乎其微的效果,除非结构性贫富差距得以消除,贫困人口和非贫困人口要求平等的诉求得到满足。The report was the culmination of efforts by hundreds of scientists, and portrays a sobering picture of what civilization may face in the coming decades, and emphasized that climate change is happening now. 这份报告是数百名科学家汗水的结晶,它描绘出一幅令人深思的图景,显示出未来几十年人类文明可能面临的问题,它还强调气候变化正在发生。#39;Present-day choices thus affect the risks of climate change throughout the 21st century,#39; it said. 报告说,今日的选择因此会影响整个21世纪的气候变化风险。Economically, the report said a global temperature rise of 2.5 degrees celcius above preindustrial levels could lead to global economic losses between 0.2% and 2.0% of income. By the end of the century, it said climate change could reduce labor productivity by 11%-27% in humid, tropical areas. 报告说,就经济方面而言,如果全球气温较工业时代之前的水平上升2.5摄氏度,则可能使全球经济收入损失0.2%至2.0%。报告说,到本世纪结束,气候变化可能使潮湿、热带地区劳动生产率降低11%-27%。The IPCC#39;s credibility has come under scrutiny since a 2007 report that contained errors about the pace of the melting of Himalayan glaciers. 2007年,IPCC发布了一份报告,报告中有关喜马拉雅冰川消融的速度有误,此后IPCC的信誉一直受到质疑。 /201404/283466

  South Korean plastic surgeons are among the best in the world. In fact they’re so good that people from other countries like China and Japan are actually having trouble getting back home.韩国整容手术的技术可谓世界一流,以至于一些来自中国或日本的整容者在结束手术后回国总会遇到一些麻烦。That’s sounds really crazy, but it’s true. When most people get a nose job or a lip job, they just look like ‘enhanced’ versions of themselves. But people returning from a plastic surgery vacation in South Korea are truly transformed. You’d have to look very closely at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, and even then, it’s hard to make a connection. So I suppose you couldn’t really blame airport officials for stopping these tourists from returning home.这听起来很疯狂,但却是事实。一些人做了隆鼻或丰唇手术后,整个脸看起来都更立体了。在韩国整形以后绝对是大变身。即使你仔细观察整容前后的对比照片,也很难发现这竟然是同一个人。所以我想你也不会责怪机场的工作人员把她们拦下来了吧。Thankfully, Korean hospitals have found a way to work around the issue. They are now handing out ‘plastic surgery certificates’ on request to overseas patients. These certificates include the patient’s passport number, the duration of stay, the name and location of the hospital and the hospital’s official seal. Travelers can use the certificate to help convince immigration officials on the return trip home.好在韩国整形医院找到了解决办法。他们会给海外整形者发放“整形手术明”。这个明包括了整形者护照的编号,在韩国停留的时间,医院的名称和地址以及医院的印章。患者在回国的时候可以用这张明说那些机场官员。In a bizarre incident, a total of 23 women were recently held back at Chinese immigration. They were between the ages of 36 and 54, and had bigger eyes, higher noses and slimmer chins than depicted on their passports. “After they took off their huge hats and big sunglasses following our request, we saw them looking different, with bandages and stiches here and there,” said Chen Tao, a Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Officer. “We had to compare their uncorrected parts with their photos very carefully.”最近发生了件奇事,由23名中国女性组成的整形旅行团回到了中国。她们的年龄都在36岁至54岁之间,本人和护照上的照片相比,眼睛更大,鼻梁更高,下巴更尖。 上海虹桥机场的海关人员陈涛说:“她们应要求拿掉帽子和眼镜之后,我发现她们和护照上完全不一样了,脸上缠着绷带或是充满针眼。我们必须十分仔细地对比她们脸上没有做过手术的地方。”In 2011, about 2,500 medical tourists visited South Korea. The number increased ten-fold last year, to a whopping 25,176 visitors. Interestingly, a majority of these tourists are from China. While the Chinese are gaining in prosperity, they don’t seem to trust their doctors anymore. According to plastic surgeon Park Byong-choon, “Chinese parents come to Korea even for childbirth. The death of a young singer under a Chinese cosmetic surgeon’s knife a few years ago makes people think twice about doing it at home.”2011年,总共有2500人到韩国进行整形手术。去年这个数字翻了四翻。有趣的是,这些人大多数来自中国。虽然中国越来越繁荣,但人们对医生似乎没那么信任了。一位韩国整形医师说:“中国父母甚至带着刚刚出生的婴儿来。几年前一位中国歌手因整容去世,这件事让中国人在选择国内整形机构时变得格外慎重。” /201404/290988

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