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摘要:手相通过观看手掌的开头和纹路预卜未来。在现代,大多数人不再看真信手相,只不过将它当做一种游戏。Palmistry is the practice of foretelling the future by examining the shape of the hand and the lines in the palm of the hand. Today, most people no longer take palmistry seriously; they are interested in it as a form of entertainment.In palmistry, the fleshy parts of the palm at the base of the thumb and fingers and on the side of the hand are called mounts. The mounts are named after Apollo, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. A well-developed, fleshy mount is supposed to mean that a person has the characteristics associated with that mount. The mount of Apollo signifies a good sense of beauty; of the Moon, a dreamy disposition; of Venus, love; of Jupiter, ambition, pride, honor and a happy disposition; of Saturn, prudence and success; of Mercury, scientific, industrial, and commercial interests; and of Mars, courage.The wrinkles on the palm are called lines. Like the mounts, each line has a name and a meaning. For example, the curved line that surrounds the thumb is called the life line. If it is long and unbroken the person is supposed to have a long life. The heart line stretches across the palm just below the fingers. If this line is long and unbroken, the person is supposed to have a warm, affectionate nature. Below the heart line is the head line. If the head line is strongly marked it is supposed to indicate intelligence; if it goes almost to the outside of the palm, it indicates imagination. /200905/70683。

  • This contest made people really work for the big prize - but the chance to get VIP tickets to the MTV Europe Music Awards and to possibly announce the winner of a major category on stage during the show motivated more than 3,500 people to apply. Sony Ericsson picked 100 lucky winners (based on their personal submissions) who made the journey from London to Liverpool over a 9 day period for the first ever "Fan Walk." Sony Ericsson was a sponsor of the awards which made it possible to not only to get the tickets but to secure the opportunity for one big music fan to announce the winner of the "best star" category while millions of people across the continent were watching.This campaign works on multiple fronts. First of all, Sony Ericsson was able to secure a major incentive to get people excited and to enter - that being the chance to announce an award winner at the show. Next, there is a natural product tie-in for Sony Ericsson - having people listen to music via their Walkman phone as well as map their route via the phone, take photos, capture s, text friends and more. All of this content is on the campaign website, provided a showcase of great stories by music fans who are now even more bonded with Sony Ericsson than before. The campaign also worked across multiple countries and brought together winners for all over Europe, so building even more local and regional buzz about the campaign.This campaign is a great example of never letting a "we could never do that" comment in a brainstorm stop you from thinking. And it also shows the power or creating experiences for people to get to know and love your brand, who will in turn tell everyone about thier unique involvement and build a brands reputation through positive word-of-mouth. Well done on all fronts! 这个比赛真正使人们投入到了大奖的争夺中——为了得到MTV欧洲音乐节的VIP票以及可能在面对超过3500名的观众的舞台上宣布主要奖项获得者的机会。索爱从所有的申请者中挑选了100名幸运的赢家,他们将参与到为期9天的从伦敦到利物浦的第一次“歌迷大暴走”行程中。作为该奖赞助商的索爱不仅能得到门票,而且还能决定一位超级歌迷可以在成千上万的观众前宣布谁将获得“最佳影视歌星”奖。这个比赛能够顺利执行有多方面的原因。首先,索爱能够抓住一个使人非常兴奋并被吸引参与其中的诱饵——在演出时为获奖歌手颁奖的机会。其次,该活动与索爱产品属性相契合——人们可以使用它的音乐手机来听音乐、搜索路线、拍照、拍摄视频、与朋友短信聊天等等。所有的内容都放在活动网站上,它还提供了一个展示平台供歌迷们记录不同寻常的故事,用户的使用黏度比之前更高了。这个活动也在其它多个国家进行,并集合欧洲各地的获奖者,所以该活动建立了更多具有地域性的信息。这个比赛是一个很好的例子,永远不要让“我们不可能做到”那种一瞬间的想法使你停止思考。这也显示了创造体验来使人们了解并热爱你的品牌的能量,他们转而会告诉每个人他们独特的体验,从而使品牌美誉通过口碑传播来得以实现。 /200901/60859。
  • Touching Wood The English touch wood for luck; Americans prefer to knock wood for the purpose. Some people believe this superstition reflects the early Christian worship for the wooden cross on which Jesus was put to death. Touching or knocking wood is a sign of connecting with the cross. Others give a different explanation. They say during the Middle Ages when a person who ran away from something could find protection in a church, touching the wooden doors of the church would mean that he or she was safe. Still another explanation is that people used to believe that the god who lived in oak trees would punish boasters, and so knocking on wood is a way of apologizing to him after one has boasted.摸木头 英国人摸木头图吉利,美国人敲木头图吉利。有人认为这一迷信反映了古代基督徒对耶稣受难十字架的膜拜。不管是摸还是敲,总之都算是碰了十字架。另一种解释是,在中世纪时,逃犯可到教堂避难,连法律都暂时奈何他不得。触摸到教堂的木门就算得到了避难权。还有一种说法认为,栎树里的精灵专门惩罚爱吹牛皮的人,所以人吹过牛皮之后,敲敲木头向精灵道歉,免得挨罚。 /200906/75112。
  • Today's fashions, such as slinky stilettos,skin-tighthipster jeans and cute hand-held purses, may look sharp but may not be all that great for your body . These tips will help you stay fashionable and comfortable:如今的时尚单品,诸如细高跟鞋、紧身牛仔裤和可爱型的手包,看起来时髦,但穿起来对你的身体未必有益。下面的这些小贴士可以让你的穿着既时髦且舒适。 1. Wear high heels, but bring along a pair of flats to change into should your feet start screaming in pain.穿高跟鞋的时候另备一双平跟鞋,当你感到脚痛的时候正好可以换上。 2. If shoes are uncomfortable when you stand, they're likely to feel even worse when you walk. The wrong shoes can affect the body's centre of gravity.如果穿鞋站着都不舒,那么走起路来会更难受。不舒适的鞋子会影响身体的重心。 3. While sitting for any length of time, take frequent standing breaks to alleviate atrophy of the hamstring muscles.坐了一段时间之后,时不时地站起来活动一下,可以避免腿部肌肉的萎缩。 4. If you like tight clothes, choose items that allow you to perform daily tasks with ease. These days, body-hugging clothes are mostly made of stretch fabric--hooray!如果你喜欢穿紧身衣的话,也要挑选穿上能够轻松进行日常活动的衣。不过叫人欢呼的是,如今的紧身衣大多是由弹性面料制成的。 5. When carrying a bag or briefcase, switch sides frequently to avoid placing the bulk of weight on only one side of your body.拎手提包或公文包时,应该不时地两边轮换着拎,避免让身体的一侧负担过重。 6. Empty junk and other unnecessary items--old receipts, business cards, gum wrappers, etc--from your bag to make it lighter.为背包减负,把包里的旧收据、商务名片、口香糖包装纸等垃圾和其他一些不需要的东西清理掉。 7. If you're driving or sitting for long periods, remove your wallet or card holder from your back pocket.如果你长时间开车或者久坐,记得把钱包和名片夹从裤子后面的口袋里拿出来。 /200903/64287。
  • "Bailout," "change" crowned the words of 2008"Bailout" and "change" were crowned on Monday as the words of 2008 after a year in which a huge financial crisis hit the ed States and Barack Obama celebrated a historic victory as the first US black president.Merriam-Webster Inc., the publisher of a leading US dictionary, said "bailout" -- meaning "a rescue from financial distress" -- was the word that received the highest intensity of lookups over the shortest period of time.John Morse, publisher of Merriam-Webster Inc., said this was not surprising given that the word ubiquitously featured in discussions of the presidency and fiscal policy.He said the presidential campaign also produced voluminous hits for words like "vet," which ranked second in the 2008 list, "bipartisan," "misogyny," and the word used to describe both candidates on the Republican ticket, "maverick."He said one of biggest event-related words of the year was "socialism" which came third in the list of the 10 top lookup requests.Rounding out the top 10 list were "trepidation," "precipice," "rogue," and "turmoil."A separate survey on words used in the media and on the Internet by Texas-based Global Language Monitor spotted similar trends, with "change" coming top of its list -- the top political buzzword of the US presidential campaign.Global Language Monitor, which uses an algorithm to track words and phrases in the media and on the Internet, said "bailout" came second in its list but would have been higher if it had hit the media earlier than mid-September."Obamamania," which describes the global reaction to Obama's campaign and subsequent election victory, came third in the list followed by "greenwashing," "surge," "derivative," "subprime," and "foreclosure."Rounding out the top 10 were "Phelpsian," referring to swimming champion Michael Phelps' feat of winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and "Chinglish," the often amusing Chinese-English hybrid that hit the headlines ahead of the Beijing games."Global English has been driven by three notable events during the course of 2008: the US Presidential Election, the financial tsunami, and the Beijing Olympics," said Paul JJ Payack, president of The Global Language Monitor.He said "financial tsunami" was the top phrase of the year followed by "global warming" and Obama's "Yes, We Can," while among the top 10 political names in the media in 2008 were Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton. 2008年度热词榜于本周一出炉,在金融风暴席卷美国和奥巴马当选美国历史上首位非洲裔总统的形势之下,““援助(bailout)”和“改变(change)当之无愧地登上热词榜之首。美国权威辞书出版机构梅里亚姆#8226;韦伯斯特公司称,“baillout”(意为财政救援)是今年短时间内查询频率最高的词语。韦氏公司总部位于马萨诸塞州。总裁约翰#8226;莫斯称,今年“bailout”一词在与总统选举和财政政策有关的讨论中“频频出现,所以当选年度词汇并不意外。莫斯称,今年的总统大选还催生了 “vet(老兵)”、“bipartisan(两党连立)”、“misogyny(厌女)”、及用来形容共和党两位候选人的“maverick(标新立异者)”等一系列热词,其中“vet”高居排行榜第二位。此外,排在前十名的还有一个与时局有关的词就是socialism(社会主义)。跻身前十名的其它几个词还包括:trepidation(恐慌)、precipice(悬崖;险境)、rogue(无赖;诈骗)和turmoil(骚乱)。位于美国得克萨斯州的全球语言监测机构对媒体和网络用词开展的一项独立调查也发现了类似趋势,调查结果显示,“change(该变)”为今年媒体和网络上出现频率最高的词,是美国总统大选催生出的最热门的政治流行词。全球语言监测机构采用一种运算法对媒体和网络上出现的词汇进行了跟踪统计,据其介绍,如果位居第二的“bailout”一词于9月中旬之前就出现在媒体上,那么它就有可能位居榜首。奥巴马赢得大选在全球引发的Obamania(“奥巴马热”)名列第三,“greenwashing(“漂绿”)”、“surge(增长)”、“derivative(衍生产品)”、“subprime(次贷)”和“forclosure(止赎权)”位列其后。排在这份榜单前十位的词语还包括:“Phelpsian( 前所未有的胜利)”,主要形容美国游泳名将菲尔普斯在北京奥运会上独揽八枚金牌的辉煌战绩。;以及“Chinglish(中式英语)”,指的令人啼笑皆非的“中国式”英语,在北京奥运会之前它成为报纸的头条新闻。全球语言监测机构主席保罗#8226;帕亚克说:“今年有三件大事推进了英语全球化:美国总统大选、金融危机和北京奥运会。”他说,“financial tsunami(金融海啸)”是今年最热门的短语,“global warming(全球变暖)”和奥巴马的口号“Yes, we can.(我们能做到!)”位居其后。此外,奥巴马、布什和希拉里登上今年的媒体十大政界名人排行榜。 Vocabulary: greenwashing:漂绿(由brainwashing转变而来;指的是公司在广告和营销中宣传自己产品的环保特性,但这些特性和宣扬根本经不起消费者的严密审查(也就是有虚假成分)的行为。) /200812/57891。
  • If you see something that looks like four hula hoops attached together hovering in the sky, don't automatically assume that it's a UFO. It might just be the Aeryon Scout, a new product from Aeryon Labs of Waterloo that is actually a flying camera.The device is composed of four connected foam rings with a rotor inside and a camera attached to its bottom. It flies under control of a remote. Why would they produce such a weird camera? You may ask.The makers of the Aeryon Scout say it was designed for taking pictures of places where it's too difficult, dangerous or time-consuming to go. According to Steffen Lindner, one of the founders of Aeryon, this new product is mainly targeted at the police forces, security companies and surveying and engineering firms.Floating object inventions have received a lot of attention today. Many of these gadgets make great use of the properties of magnets to create this hovering effect, by engaging magnets set upon opposite poles. The effect is rather unique and almost magic-like.The latest gadget to utilise this concept is a picture frame, which appears to suspend in mid air between two ends of what seems to resemble a desk lamp, but does not emit light, only acts as a magnetic force to hover the picture.With three various styles, including an artistic base, original base and a cosmic base--every idea has been designed and produced. Simply position the photo frame, which holds two pictures, between the "lamp" and watch your own pictures descend from mid-air. 如果你看到一个像四个呼啦圈连在一起的东西在天上飞,可别想当然地以为它是UFO。这个东西很可能就是“艾伦侦查器”,滑铁卢艾伦实验室研制出的一款新产品,它其实是一台会飞的照相机。这款照相机的主体是四个连在一起的泡沫状圆环,圆环中间有一个旋转器,底部安装了一个摄像头,可以由遥控器控制飞行。你可能要问,为什么要生产一款这么奇怪的照相机呢?“艾伦侦察器”的研制者们说,设计这款相机的目的是为了在那些耗时耗力也很难到达的危险地带进行拍摄。斯蒂芬·林德纳是艾伦实验室的创始人之一,据他说,这个新产品的主要目标用户是警察、保安公司以及勘测工程公司。如今,各类悬空式产品的发明引起了不少关注。很多这种小玩意儿都是在两个相对的柱状物上装上磁铁,大大地利用磁铁(异性相吸)的特性,产生出悬空效果。这种效果很独特,几乎可以说是“神奇”。利用这种发明的最新产品是一款相框,它看起来就像是悬在一个类似台灯的东西中间,但这个“台灯”不发光,只能产生磁力令相片悬起来。这款相框有三种不同的样式:工艺底座式、创意底座式和大底座式——三种样式的产品都已设计出并投入生产。相框里可以放两张相片,你只需把相框放到“台灯”中间,就可以看到自己的相片悬在半空中了。 /200812/57993。
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