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Huajian, one of the largest shoe exporters in China is planning a multimillion dollar factory expansion in Ethiopia in a sign that Chinese manufacturers are considering moving to Africa to benefit from preferential trade tariffs and lower labour costs.中国最大的鞋类出口商之一华坚(Huajian)计划在埃塞俄比亚投资数百万美元扩建工厂,这一迹象表明,中国制造商正考虑把工厂搬到非洲,以享受优惠关税和较低的劳动力成本。The company, which makes shoes for Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Naturaliser, Clarkes and other western brands and employs 25,000 workers in mainland China, opened its first factory at a purpose-built industrial zone on the outskirts of Addis Ababa a year ago.为汤米#8226;希尔菲杰(Tommy Hilfiger)、盖尔斯(Guess)、Naturaliser、Clarkes以及其他西方品牌代工的华坚,在中国大陆拥有2.5万名员工。一年前,华坚在亚的斯亚贝巴郊外一个工业园区开设了第一家工厂。Helen Hai, a 36-year old British-trained actuary who runs the factory, is sufficiently impressed with the outcome that she is starting a new line of injection-moulded shoes.负责工厂运营的海宇(Helen Hai,见上图)对结果相当满意,以至于她拍板建造一条新的注塑鞋生产线。今年36岁的海宇是一名在英国受过教育的精算师。This will add hundreds more workers to the factory in Ethiopia, where the economy is among the fastest growing on the continent, the leather industry is well established, but unemployment is rife.这将让埃塞俄比亚的这家工厂新增数百名工人。埃塞俄比亚经济是非洲大陆增长最快的经济体之一,该国皮革业非常成熟,但失业率很高。Huajian had also signed an agreement with the China Africa Development Fund, a private equity fund owned by the China Development Bank, to invest jointly bn over 10 years in developing manufacturing clusters focused on shoemaking in Ethiopia, Ms Hai told the Financial Times. This had potential, she said, to create 100,000 jobs.海宇向英国《金融时报》表示,华坚还与中非发展基金(China Africa Development Fund)签署协议,在十年内共同投资20亿美元,在埃塞俄比亚发展专注于制鞋的制造业集群。她表示,这有望为当地创造10万个就业机会。中非发展基金是中国国家开发(CDB)旗下的一只私人股本基金。“We want to use this as a platform to attract other players in the industry. If in five years there’s only one shoe company, I think Huajian should leave Ethiopia,” she said.她表示:“我们希望把它作为一个吸引其他制鞋企业的平台,如果5年后这里仍只有一家制鞋企业,我认为华坚应该离开埃塞俄比亚。”To keep costs low long- term, she added, the country had to encourage subsidiary industries by building economies of scale.她补充称,为了长期保持低成本,埃塞俄比亚必须通过打造规模经济来鼓励附属产业。Huajian’s ambitions are striking for their confidence in the country’s long-term manufacturing prospects and for going against the grain of what African officials have come to see as China’s primary purpose on the continent: to extract raw materials and source markets for manufactured exports.华坚的抱负引人注目,原因在于该公司对埃塞俄比亚制造业长期前景的信心,并与非洲官员对中国形成的看法恰好相反;非洲官员倾向于认为,中国在非洲大陆的主要目的是开采原材料,并为中国的制成品出口寻找市场。Ms Hai said the business case was comparable to that which drove shoe manufacturers first from Europe to Japan and Taiwan, and then when labour costs there rose to China.海宇表示,这其中的商业逻辑类似于当初欧洲制鞋商从欧洲移师日本和台湾,随后当这些地方的劳动力成本上升后,又转向中国。She said that while management and logistics costs were high because she had to bring in Chinese expertise and also components, this was countered by lower labour costs and preferential tariffs for African exports to the US and EU.她表示,尽管由于不得不引进中国技术人员和进口配件,管理和物流成本很高,但抵消这些不利因素的是,这里的劳动力成本较低,而且非洲向美国和欧盟(EU)出口可以享受优惠关税。 /201306/242913

;The popular use of exploiting personal connections in China is extremely serious. It undermines fairness and justice, deteriorates social conduct, damages social morality and the image of the Party and government, poisons people#39;s spiritual world and hurts the healthy growth of our next generation.;Zhou Xinsheng, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice-chairman of Shaanxi provincial committee of China Democratic National Construction Association, commenting on Chinese people asking for special treatment by using their social relationships“求人现象普遍化后,后果极其严重。它破坏了公平、公正,恶化了社会风气,损害了社会道德以及党和政府的形象,毒化了国人的精神世界,不利于下一代的健康成长。”;Everyone has the right to enjoy a good environment. Air belongs to everyone, because each person must breathe. Pollution is a public event, and everyone is responsible for it. We cannot solve the problem if the cause of pollution is not made clear.;Miao Xuegang, NPC deputy and director of the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department“人人都享有环境权益,空气是大家的,每个人都要呼吸。污染是公众事件,需要所有人来承担,不把原因分析透,就无法解决问题。”;I have been a migrant worker for over 20 years. I work as a worker, my identity is a farmer, and I live the life of a wanderer. ;Liu Li, NPC deputy and migrant worker who used to be a foot masseuse from Fujian province“我曾经是一名洗脚,打工20多年来我一直都是一名农民工,农民的身份干着工人的活、过着流浪者的生活。”;The super-ministry system reform cannot be a panacea for solving all problems and we must first change our work style. Everything can be done properly with the improvement in our functions and work style.;Shi Yaobin, NPC deputy and chief of Hunan Provincial Finance Department“大部制不是一改治百病的,首先要转变工作作风,只有把职能、作风转变了,做什么事情都有了基础。” /201303/229414

According to the market research firm Euromonitor International, the number of people living alone globally is skyrocketing, rising from about 153 million in 1996 to 277 million in 2011 — a 55 percent increase in 15 years, the Guardian reported.英国《卫报》报道,欧睿国际信息咨询公司的市场调查显示,全球独居人数增长迅猛,从1996年的1.53亿人增至2011年的2.77亿人——15年间增长了55%。Sweden has more solo dwellers than anywhere else in the world, with 47 percent of households having one resident; followed by Norway at 40 percent. In Japan, about 30 percent of all households have a single dweller, and the rate is far higher in urban areas. China, India and Brazil also see fast growth in one-person households.瑞典的独居人数比世界其它国家都多,47%的家庭只有一口人。排在其后的是挪威,比例为40%。在日本,30%的家庭只有一个人,而该比例在城市地区更高。中国、印度、巴西的单人家庭数也增长迅速。The rise of living alone has been a transformative social experience. It changes the way people understand themselves and their most intimate relationships. It shapes the way people build their cities and develop their economies.独居兴起改变社会。它改变了人们理解自我以及亲密关系的方式。这种生活方式也影响城市建设和经济发展的方式。The wealth generated by economic development and the social security provided by modern welfare states have enabled the spike. More people live alone than ever before because they can afford to.经济发展创造的财富以及现代福利国家提供的社会保障使得独居人数猛增。与过去相比,更多的人选择独居,因为他们有足够的钱这么做。The rise also stems from the cultural change that Emile Durkheim, a founding figure in sociology in the late 19th century, called the cult of the individual.这种增长也来自于文化变迁,19世纪晚期社会学的创始人物埃米尔#8226;涂尔干将其称之为个人崇拜。Another driving force is the communications revolution, which has allowed people to experience the pleasures of social life even when they#39;re living alone.另外一个驱动力是通讯革命,这使得人们独居也能享受社会生活的乐趣。In addition, young solitaires actively reframe living alone as a mark of distinction and success. They use it as a way to invest time in their personal and professional growth.另外,年轻的独居者积极地将独居重新定义为卓越和成功的标志。独居成为他们花时间增进个人和职业成长的方式。 /201204/176473

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