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2019年08月22日 06:51:20 | 作者:大河活动 | 来源:新华社
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a very awkward joke on Wednesday about her inability to turn down #39;charismatic, attractive#39; men。During an on-stage interview at the Economic Club of Chicago, Clinton revealed that she rejected President Barack Obama#39;s offer to join his cabinet twice before saying yes。Noting that she also refused former president Bill Clinton’s hand in marriage twice before she accepted his proposal, the presumed 2016 presidential candidate said: #39;I have a history with charismatic, attractive men. They just wear me out.#39;According to the Washington Post, Clinton confessed her weakness for handsome men while in conversation with venture capitalist J.B. Pritzker, who served as national co-chairman of Clinton#39;s 2008 presidential campaign。Clinton was Illinois on Wednesday to participate in the event and campaign for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn。The former first lady reportedly made an appearance at a private fundraiser for Quinn at a law firm while she was in town. She also accompanied him to a campaign stop at DePaul University before speaking to the Economic Club。Quinn is seeking reelection this November and is in danger of losing to Republican challenger Bruce Rauner。Today Clinton is in Philadelphia where she is scheduled to headline a rally for Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf。Wolf is hoping to oust the state#39;s Republican governor, Tom Corbett, in next month#39;s statewide election。During her dialogue with Prtizker on Wednesday night in Chicago, Clinton shifted gears to federal politics and railed on Republicans for shutting the government down last fall. The move forced her then-boss, President Obama, to cancel a previously planned trip to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Bali, Indonesia, much to her chagrin。#39;I don#39;t care what party you are, Democrats never did that to George W. Bush despite our deep differences with President Bush on taxes, on Iraq, on so many other things, Clinton said, according to CNN。#39;We never did it,#39; the former New York Senator told the audience。Clinton went on to speculate whether members of Congress whom she believes are more interested in partisan politics than governing #39;really understand the world#39; and #39;understand what it means for the ed States to lead and to be perceived as a leader.#39;#39;Or do they just not care?#39; Clinton asked. #39;Do they just have a whole other agenda that enables them to say whatever they want to say and spout whatever rhetoric they want to spout?#39;The former Democratic lawmaker said members of Congress from both parties are guilty of putting politics before problem solving but placed more of the blame on politicians #39;on the other side of the aisle.#39;Clinton also said she finds it #39;deeply distressing#39; that the refusal to compromise is now worn by federal lawmakers as a badge of honor。#39;That is why it is imperative that you have people in business and other positions of responsibility basically say... ;Get out there and do your job. Stay off the talk shows. Get back to the Congress. Legislate and solve America#39;s problems,; #39; she asserted。据《每日邮报》网站10月9日报道,8日,美国前国务卿希拉里开了个不太合适的玩笑,称她难以拒绝“独具魅力的男士”。希拉里在芝加哥经济俱乐部活动的现场采访中透露,她在最终同意成为奥巴马内阁成员之前曾拒绝过两次。此外,她在答应美国前总统克林顿的求婚前也曾拒绝过两次。这位有可能参加2016年总统竞选的候选人说道,“我同有魅力的男士们交过手,他们让我筋疲力尽、难以招架。”据《华盛顿邮报》报道,希拉里在与风险资本家J.B。普里茨克(J.B. Pritzker)的交谈中坦承自己的弱点就是美男。J.B。普里茨克曾担任希拉里2008年总统竞选阵营的联合主席。8日,希拉里·克林顿在伊利诺斯州出席伊利诺斯州长昆恩的助选活动。据报道,希拉里出席了在一家律师事务所中为昆恩筹办的私人募捐见面会。她在出席经济俱乐部活动并讲话前,还陪同昆恩去了位于德保罗大学的活动点。昆恩正谋求于今年11月进行改选,但他有输给其竞争对手共和党人布鲁斯·劳耐尔的危险。9日,希拉里在费城停留,并有意助阵宾夕法尼亚州地方政府候选人汤姆·沃尔夫(Tom Wolf)的竞选集会。沃尔夫希望在11月的全州普选中击败共和党出身的州长汤姆·科波特(Tom Corbett)。8日晚间,希拉里在芝加哥与普里茨克的谈话间重点谈到联邦政治,她对去年秋天共和党人否决拨款提案致政府停摆很不满。那次事件迫使奥巴马总统取消了预定的参加在印度尼西亚巴厘岛召开的亚太经济合作组织峰会的行程。这也令希拉里相当懊恼。据美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)报道,希拉里表示,“我不管你是什么党派。尽管民主党在税收、伊拉克问题及其它事情上与布什总统存在重大分歧,但我们还从来没有那样为难过他。”希拉里还揣测那些她信任的国会议员是对党派政治更感兴趣,还是对真正做到“了解世界”以及“了解引领世界或被当做领导者对于美国的意义”更感兴趣。希拉里问道,“或者他们并不在意?或者他们有另外可以让他们畅所欲言的议程,这样就可以滔滔不绝地说任何他们想说的事情吗?”曾当选前民主党国会议员的希拉里表示,两党的国会议员在解决问题时都把政治因素摆在前面,而对另一方的政客们严加指责。希拉里还说她发现联邦国会议员现在总是拒绝妥协,并将其当做至高荣耀,这“让人相当郁闷”。她说,“这就是为什么在商界和担任其它职位的人们总会说,‘别管那么多,去做你该做的事吧。别参加谈话节目了,重回国会吧。去制定法律解决美国问题吧。’” /201410/334723

Electronic dance music (EDM) is now casting its cheerful magic all over the hot summer, producing many hit songs of the season. But who are the masters of this multi-billion dollar universe? Not the singers, not the record executives, but the DJs.电子舞曲已成为这个夏日最欢快的魔咒,变出了许多当季大红大紫的歌曲。但是,谁才是这个亿万产业链的幕后主使?不是歌手,也不是唱片公司的老板,而是DJ们。More and more DJs are making their way to the stage from behind the scenes. These tastemakers are dazzling the music industry with the intensity of a stunning laser show, even stealing the spotlight from the pop stars themselves. The following is a roundup of the most high-profile DJs in the world.如今,越来越多的DJ们从幕后走到台前。这些音乐潮流的创造者用令人瞠目的激光秀让整个音乐界为之目眩,甚至抢尽了歌手的风头。下面这几位正是在全球都备受瞩目的DJ。 /201407/315795

Although Japan is not often considered the best place for sexual equality, steps are definitely being taken in the right direction. More and more women are trailblazing lifelong careers in not always hospitable corporate environments and forgoing more traditional routes such as marriage and becoming a full-time homemaker.虽然日本不是性别平等的理想之地,但是它正朝着正确的方向迈出步伐。越来越多的女性放弃了结婚成为全职家庭主妇的传统路线,开拓性的选择终身从业(即使工作环境可能不友好)。But sometimes this comes at the cost of getting married and starting a family. While some women are perfectly fine with this, others will no doubt feel the occasional pang of regret when they consider that they never had a chance to get all dressed up and be the center of attention for the day like many of their friends and family.但有时这要以牺牲结婚、无法建立家庭为代价。有些女性可以泰然接受,而对于另一些人,当她们想到没有机会像朋友和家人那样完美打扮成为婚礼焦点时,无疑会感到后悔难过。That’s why Kyoto-based company Cerca Travel has set up a service providing all the glamor of a wedding without any of the commitment in what they call a “Solo Wedding.” That’s right: women can now have the full wedding day experience without actually having to get hitched.这就是为什么位于京都的Cerca旅游公司推出了这项提供所有婚礼的魅力但却没有任何承诺的“单人婚礼”务。没错:女性现在可以不必结婚就拥有一次完整的婚礼经历了。A Solo Wedding is a two-day excursion where clients spend the night in a hotel as they go in for dress fittings, bouquet design, hair and make-up, and even a full photo shoot. Each of these services is handled by a professional in the industry and done with the same level of quality and attention to detail as a real wedding ceremony.单人婚礼是一个为期两天的短途旅行,客户在晚间入住旅馆,在这里,公司会为其适配礼、设计花束、盘发和化妆,甚至拍摄一套完整的照片。就像真正的婚礼仪式一样,这里的每一项务都由业内的专家来处理,质量上乘,注重细节。When she’s all done up, the tour coordinator will take the solo bride to some beautiful Kyoto backdrops which complement her appearance for a commemorative photo shoot. If wedding dresses aren’t your cup of champagne, Cerca Travel can also set you up with one of the many other historical dress-up tours around Kyoto such as putting on Geisha make-up and clothes. There is also an option to have a decorative man between the ages of 20 and 70 to pose alongside you, but reportedly none of the 10 women who have enjoyed the Solo Wedding experience since Cerca began offering it in June this year have opted to do so, instead focusing on making the day all about them.当新娘准备就绪后,旅游协调员将会带这位单人新娘去京都美景胜地拍摄纪念照。倘若婚纱礼不是你的菜,Cerca旅游还可以为你另行安排京都许多其他历史装扮,例如艺伎的妆容和饰。新娘还有一个选择权,即她可以选择一个20-70岁之间的男性象征性的站在旁边拍照。然而据报道,自从今年6月提供这项选择到现在,享受过单人婚礼的10位女性都没有选择这样做,而是选择在这一天专注于自己。Cerca Travel’s website has some testimonies from past solo-brides:Cerca旅游网站上一些单人新娘的留言:“It really felt like a dream. I didn’t really care about the wedding dress because I was married and had children aly.” [divorcee in 50s]“这真的感觉像做梦一样。我真的不关心婚纱,因为我曾经结过婚并且已经有了孩子。”“That was the best!! I feel great! I’m dating a guy but have totally put off the pain that is getting married. I always wanted to wear a wedding dress and I didn’t want to regret it, but I also didn’t want to pester my boyfriend.” [single in 30s]“这是最好的!我感觉棒极了!我正和一个家伙约会,但是已完全摆脱了要结婚的痛苦。我一直想穿婚纱,我不想后悔,但我也不想让我的男朋友烦恼。”“Thank you for the other day. My childhood dream came true at 38…! It really was like a dream.” [single in 30s]“谢谢这一天。我儿时的梦想终于在38岁实现了!这真像做梦一样。”There are a variety of packages to choose from, but since the cheapest starts at around 300,000 yen, just like a real wedding this may be something that you’ll only want to do once.这项务有多种套餐可供选择,但是由于起价高达30万日元左右,就像真正的婚礼一样,你也许只想经历一次。It goes without saying that this vacation is probably not for everyone, as whether this is a glamorous weekend out or depressing reminder of one’s relationship status really just depends on the individual’s state of mind. Ultimately, though, we see nothing wrong with a woman taking a couple of days to be fussed over, and if there’s a company out there willing to do just that, why not do a little (okay, a lot of) selfish spending?不用说,这个假期很可能并不适合所有人,因为这可能是个迷人的周末,也可能令人沮丧地提示着一个人的婚姻状况,这些都取决于个人的心理状态。不过说到底,我们看到的没有错,让一个女人受宠若惊几天,如果有一个公司愿意做到这一点,那么为什么不为自己多花一点(好吧,许多)钱呢? /201411/339907

What you can remember from age 3 may help improve aspects of your life far into adulthood. 从三岁开始的记忆,也许有助于改善你成年后相当长时期内生活的方方面面。Children who have the ability to recall and make sense of memories from daily life -- the first day of preschool, the time the cat died -- can use them to better develop a sense of identity, form relationships and make sound choices in adolescence and adulthood, new research shows. 最新研究发现,那些能够回想起日常生活片段并且理解其意义的儿童——比如记得幼儿园第一天入学,那只熟悉的猫死去的情形——可以利用这些记忆在青少年及成年时期更好地发展身份认同感、建立人际关系以及做出正确的选择。While the lives of many youngsters today are heavily documented in photos and on social media and stored in families#39; digital archives, studies suggest photos and s have little impact. Parents play a bigger role in helping determine not just how many early memories children can recall, but how children interpret and learn from the events of their earliest experiences. 虽然现在很多年轻人的生活大部分都记录在社交媒体上的照片和视频里,或者储存在家庭的数字档案中,但研究表明,照片和视频的影响很小。家长发挥的作用更大,他们不仅能决定孩子能回想起多少早期的儿时记忆,还会影响到孩子如何对最早期经历的事件进行解读和学习。#39;Our personal memories define who we are. They bond us together,#39; says Robyn Fivush, a psychology professor at Emory University in Atlanta and an author of dozens of studies on the topic. Children whose parents encourage reminiscing and storytelling about daily events show better coping and problem-solving skills by their preteens, and fewer symptoms of depression, research shows. 图表:更有助孩子思考的对话方式在该问题上发表过数十项研究的亚特兰大埃默里大学(Emory University)心理学教授罗宾·菲伍什(Robyn Fivush)说:“我们的记忆决定了我们是什么样的人。记忆是联结我们的纽带。”研究表明,受到家长鼓励回忆并讲述日常事件的儿童,在青春期前表现出更好的应对和解决问题的能力,抑郁的症状也更少。The findings come from research on the mysteries of #39;childhood amnesia#39; -- the fact that most people#39;s earliest memories fade by ages 6 to 8 as the brain hasn#39;t yet developed the capacity to retain them. 这些研究结果来自对“儿时记忆缺失”(childhood amnesia)谜团的研究。大多数人最早期的记忆会在6岁到8岁时逐渐消失,因为大脑尚未发育出保留这些记忆的能力。In the past two years, new research techniques -- including improved data-modeling methods and growth in studies that track children#39;s memories over several years -- have identified specific behaviors that help kids as old as 9 retain more vivid, detailed early memories. 过去两年,新的研究技术——包括更先进的数据建模方法,以及对儿童多年记忆进行跟踪研究的更成熟的手段——找到了那些有助于儿童到9岁还能保留鲜活详细的早期记忆的特定行为。Few childhood memory studies have included fathers. Ones with fathers show mothers are more likely to use a conversation style that helps children retain early memories. 在儿时记忆的研究中,大部分都没有考虑到父亲的因素。那些纳入了父亲影响的研究表明,母亲更常用的谈话式风格有助于孩子保留早期记忆。Some memories help build a sense of self-continuity, or personal identity, says a 2011 study. People recall these memories when they #39;want to feel that I am the same person that I was before,#39; or #39;when I want to understand how I have changed from who I was before.#39; A hurricane survivor, for example, might recall the memory as proof that she can survive tough experiences and grow stronger as a result. 2011年的一项研究称,有些记忆有助于建立自我延续感或者自我身份认同。人们在“希望觉得自己还是以前那个自己”,或者“我想知道跟以前相比有了什么变化”的时候,就会浮现出这些记忆。比如一个飓风幸存者可能会把飓风的记忆当作她可以在艰难环境中生存下来并变得更强大的据。Other memories serve a directive function, and guide behavior. People recall these when making decisions or to avoid repeating past mistakes. A person whose dog was killed by a car is likely to call on that memory when deciding to keep pets on a leash. 有些记忆则会起到指导的作用,可以指引人的行为。人们在做决定或者想避免重复过去错误的时候会想起这些经历。如果自己的曾被车撞死,在决定用绳子拴住宠物的时候就有可能想起这段经历。A third type, social-bonding memories, involve relationships with others. People recall these when they want to strengthen relationships or form new ties, the study says. A college student who participated in a different study cited bedtime-ing sessions with his father, who him the entire #39;Lord of the Rings#39; trilogy, as a motivator to build and maintain strong family ties in his adult life. 第三种叫做社交纽带记忆,涉及到人际关系。这项研究称,人们在希望加强关系或形成新的关系时会想起这种记忆。一名大学生在另外一项研究中提到,父亲曾在睡前给他讲故事,给他念了整个《指环王》(Lord of the Rings)三部曲,他说这是促使他成年后建立和保持亲密家庭关系的一个因素。The ability to draw on all three types of memories predicts higher psychological well-being, a greater sense of purpose and more positive relationships, according to a study of 103 college students published last year in the journal Memory. The students were asked to recall four life events and cite reasons they regarded them as significant. Then they filled out assessments gauging their life satisfaction, self-esteem and psychological well-being. 一项去年发表于《记忆》(Memory)期刊的研究表明,如果这三种类型的记忆都能够存留,就可以预测出一个人的心理状况将更健康,目标感更强,人际关系也更积极。这项研究的对象是103名大学生,他们被要求回忆人生中的四件大事,并讲出他们认为这四个事件重要的原因。接着他们填写了衡量生活满意度、自尊心和心理健康状况的评估表。Also, kids who can recall more specific memories are able to come up with more potential solutions to social problems, according to a 2011 University of New Hampshire study of 83 children ages 10 to 15. 此外,新罕布什尔大学(University of New Hampshire)2011年对83名10至15岁儿童所做的研究表明,记忆越具体的儿童越能够对社会问题提出更多可能的解决办法。Widaad Zaman, a co-author of studies on memory, says early memories help her 4-year-old daughter Haneefah build a sense of identity. She used to love petting dogs being walked by their neighbors, Dr. Zaman says. When a stray dog ran up to her in the family#39;s garage in Orlando, Fla., barking and sniffing at her, however, #39;she was screaming, and very scared,#39; Dr. Zaman says. The memory has made Haneefah cautious around dogs that aren#39;t on a leash. She sometimes tells her mother, #39;I used to be a person who liked dogs, but now I#39;m a person that doesn#39;t like dogs.#39; Ammar Ally制造记忆:维达德#8226;扎曼和当时三岁的女儿哈妮法。来自佛罗里达州奥兰多、合作写过记忆研究报告的维达德·扎曼(Widaad Zaman)说,早期记忆对她四岁的女儿哈妮法(Haneefah)建立身份认同感有帮助。她说,女儿以前喜欢在邻居遛的时候抚摸小。不过,后来一只流浪跑到她家的车库里,向她大叫并且在她身上闻来闻去时,“她尖叫起来,而且非常害怕”。这段记忆让哈妮法对没有被拴住的有了警惕。有时她会告诉妈妈:“我以前是个喜欢的人,但现在我是个不喜欢的人。”The incident helped Haneefah learn to talk about her emotions -- an ability linked in research to coping skills. Dr. Zaman encouraged her to describe her feelings and gave them a name -- fear. #39;Were there other times when you were scared or you felt very frightened?#39; she asked. Haneefah has since learned to start conversations about her emotions, telling her mother, #39;I had a bad dream and I was scared,#39; Dr. Zaman says. 这件事让哈妮法学会了谈论自己的情感——研究表明这是一种和应对技能相关的能力。扎曼鼓励女儿描述自己的感觉并且给这种感觉起名字——恐惧。她问女儿:“其他时候你有没有害怕或者感觉非常恐惧过?”从此哈妮法开始学会讨论自己的情感,她告诉妈妈:“我做了个噩梦,我很害怕。”Few adults remember much before they were 3.5 years old, on average. Some people have credible memories from as early as 18 months of age, however, while others can#39;t recall much before the age of 8, says Patricia Bauer, a psychologist and a senior associate dean for research at Emory. 一般来说,能够记得三岁半以前事情的成年人寥寥无几 。埃默里大学心理学家、负责研究的高级副院长帕特里夏·鲍尔(Patricia Bauer)说,有人对18个月时的事就有可靠的记忆,但有人连八岁以前的事都记不起来。Early memories have a higher likelihood of surviving when children are encouraged to talk about them soon after the event. Adults can guide them to tell #39;a good story, that has a beginning, middle and an end,#39; and help them talk about what it means, says Dr. Bauer, a leading researcher on the topic. The key behavior by mothers is #39;deflecting#39; conversation back to the child -- that is, tossing the ball back to the child repeatedly by asking, say, #39;We really had fun, didn#39;t we?#39; or, #39;Tell me more,#39; she says, based on findings published last year. 如果在事件发生后不久,孩子受到鼓励把事情讲出来,早期记忆保留下来的可能性就更大。该领域研究的领军人物鲍尔说,成年人可以引导他们讲“一个好听的故事,有开端、发展和结局的完整故事”,帮助他们讲出故事的意义。她说,去年发表的研究结果表明,妈妈们最关键的行为就是把谈话“引回”给孩子——也就是不断把话头扔给孩子,比如,她们可以说“我们玩得很开心,不是吗?”或者“再多说些”。Children with mothers who have a #39;highly elaborative style#39; of reminiscing with their kids, asking open-ended who, what, where and when questions, are able at ages 4 and 5 to recall earlier, more detailed memories than other children, research shows. Parents with a more #39;repetitive#39; style of reminiscing, who ask questions with one-word answers and simply repeat them if the child can#39;t respond, have children with fewer and less vivid recollections. 研究表明,如果母亲引导孩子回忆事件时采用“高度详述的谈话风格”,向孩子提出“谁”、“什么”、“哪里”或者“什么时候”这类开放式问题,孩子在四五岁时就能够比其他孩子重拾更早、更详细的记忆。如果父母在回忆时更多地采用“重复”的风格,问的问题一个词就能回答,而且孩子回答不出时只是简单地重复问题,那么孩子的记忆会更少,也不会那么生动。The elaborative method proved to be easy to learn says Catherine Haden, a psychology professor at Loyola University Chicago, a co-author of a 2003 study of parents of 39 preschoolers. Researchers gave parents a pamphlet to , then showed them a describing the elaborative style of conversing with children. Mothers who had the training ily adopted the elaborative style during a staged camping activity, and their kids recalled more details when questioned about the trip later. 芝加哥洛约拉大学(Loyola University Chicago)心理学教授凯瑟琳·黑登(Catherine Haden)说,研究表明,详述式方法很容易学。黑登还是2003年一项针对39名学龄前儿童家长所做研究的合着者。研究人员让家长们看一个小册子,然后给他们放了一段介绍以详述式方法和孩子交谈的视频。看过册子和视频的妈妈们在一次有组织的宿营活动中很快采用了详述式方法,她们的孩子后来在回答有关宿营的问题时也回忆起更多的细节。Dr. Zaman says she sometimes has to make a conscious effort when she#39;s tired or busy to keep tossing the conversational ball back in Haneefah#39;s court. After a boat ride last weekend, Dr. Zaman encouraged Haneefah to describe the splashing of the waves and her favorite part, watching the driver bring the boat to shore. She wants to show Haneefah #39;her version of the story matters,#39; she says. 扎曼说,有时自己太累或太忙,她就得促使自己打起精神努力引导哈妮法交谈。上周末坐船回来后,扎曼鼓励哈妮法描述汹涌的波涛还有她最喜欢的部分——看着船长开船靠岸。她说,她希望让哈妮法知道“她的视角是很重要的”。Sue ShellenbargerSue Shellenbarger /201404/289879

Photographs have captured the moment thousands of wildebeest attempt to make their way across the Mara River in Kenya.这组照片捕捉了上千头角马渡过肯尼亚马拉河的壮观场面。A cloud of dust is kicked up as the beasts tumble down the river bank before leaping 20 feet into the water.这些角马冲下河岸,卷起滚滚烟尘,而后它们跳跃20英尺进入河中。Thousands of wildebeest tumble from the top of a bank as they make a dramatic attempt to cross a river in Kenya.在尝试跨越肯尼亚的这条河时,几千只角马从河岸上跌落下来。A crocodile eats a young injured wildebeest during the great migration in the Mara River in Kenya which is infested with crocodiles lying in wait to kill.角马跨越肯尼亚马拉河进行大迁徙时,河中会有许多鳄鱼出没,伺机而动。图中,一只鳄鱼吃掉了队伍中一只受伤的年幼角马。Normally the animals choose an easier crossing but the sheer number of wildebeests forced the migration across the river at this point.通常来说,动物会选择更容易的迁徙路线,但由于角马群规模巨大,此时它们必须渡河迁徙。Wildlife photographer Robyn Preston, 59, from New Zealand, said it was horrifying watching the wildebeest falling to the bottom.来自新西兰的59岁野生动物摄影师罗宾·普勒斯顿表示,这些角马跌落到底部的场面很可怕。Wildebeests make the migration every year across the river to the grasslands of the Maasai Mara.角马每年都会渡过马拉河迁徙到马赛马拉大草原。Those unfortunate enough to stumble are snapped up by the hungry crocodiles waiting for an easy meal.那些不幸跌倒的角马就会沦为等在一旁饥肠辘辘的鳄鱼的食物。Some wildebeest lose their footing breaking their backs and legs when they fall onto the hard ground but most make it to the other side unscathed.一些角马没有找稳落足点,落到硬地上时把自己的后背和腿给跌断了,但大多数角马都能安全抵达对岸。Some wildebeest fell as they reached the water and they are swept away. Others make it to the sand bank in the middle but from there they are unable to move.一些角马在水边跌倒了,成了鳄鱼的盘中餐。还有一些陷在了中间的沙滩上,寸步难行。The annual wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara is a natural cycle that replenishes and renews the grasslands of East Africa.每年马赛马拉的角马大迁徙是一种自然循环,东非大草原因此能够休养生息。 /201408/321584

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