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Err on the side of sth宁愿稍微过一点to show slightly too much rather than too little of a quality When I am marking exam papers, I always try to err on the side of generosity.改考卷打分时,我宁肯宽一点.I thought it was better to err on the side of caution( to be too careful rather than take a risk). 我认为宁可过于谨慎也不要冒风险.set your heart/mind on sth,或者是on doing sth.意思就是一心想要某物(或做某事),立志要when she was a small girl, her heart was set on a horse of her own.她还是个小女孩时就特别想要一匹属于自己的马.He set his mind on becoming a doctor.他立志要成为一名医生.I have my heart set on a new guitar.我一心想要一把新吉他. /11/88813on record记录在案的,有记载的 It is on record that the summer was the wettest for50 years.记录说今夏是50年来雨量最多的季节。He ran the fastest race on record.他跑出了有记录的最好成绩He broke the record in the race.他在比赛中打破了记录hot seat电椅,困境The CEO found himself in the hot seat after another bad quarter. 又一个糟糕的季度之后,总裁发现自己已陷入困境之中。The politician will be in the hot seat on television tonight; he will have to answer some unpleasant questions.这位政治家在今晚的电视上将会处于尴尬的场面; 他将必须回答些不愉快的问题。不好意思,各位朋友,声音还有点嘶哑,今天的节目效果不好,请大家见谅呵呵歌曲:valder fields /201007/107751

迷你对话:A:Does he know that he has aly at his wits end?他知不知道他已经山穷水尽了?B:I think he has realized that. But he is still whistling in the dark by putting up an act.我想他已经意识到了吧。但他仍装腔作势为他壮胆。A:He might be driven up a wall. You should not handle your relation with him with kid gloves.他快就被逼得走投无路了。你应该用温和的手段对付他。B:But when I noticed that he was left in the cold, I could not help wanting to help him to get out of the situation.但当我看到他孤家寡人的时候。我就不自由自主地想帮助他摆脱这种状况。词海拾贝:at ones wits end:不知如何是好,山穷水尽讲解:该习语出自《圣经》。Wit指;智力;或者;思考能力;。At ones wits end常用来表示一个人;一筹莫展;;不知如何是好;;山穷水尽;;想不出解决问题的办法;。Eg.I only had ten minutes to get to the station, but I could not find a taxi. I was at my wits end.我只有十分钟的时间赶到火车站,但是我找不到一辆出租车。我不知如何是好。Eg.Even when he was out at elbows and at his wits, end for money he kept up a bold face.即使到了一贫如洗,一筹莫展的地步,他也满不在乎。Eg.I am at my wits end, penniless, in a strange city.我流落在一个陌生的城市里,身无分文,一筹莫展。Eg.I tried to think up some way to get that money, but I were finally at my wits end.我试图想出一个法子来弄到这笔钱,谁知还是一筹莫展。n the dark:在黑暗中,秘密地Eg.He was feeling about in the dark for the electric-light switch.他在黑暗中摸索,找电灯开关。Eg.Its a wonder (that)you didnt lose your way in the dark.令人惊奇的是你在黑暗中竟未迷路。Eg.Hawthorne, by comparison, worked in the dark.霍桑相形之下是默默无闻地工作的。Eg.We were kept completely in the dark about his plan to sell the company.对他计划将公司出售一事, 我们一直蒙在鼓里。drive sb up a wall:使某人走投无路,使某人受不了,促使一个人非常紧张、难受或者是使他很烦燥Eg. People like that just drive me up a wall!那种人真是让人受不了。Eg. That guy in the next apartment has been playing his trumpet for four solid hours now and its driving me up the wall! I about y to go next door and tell him to stop all the noise.隔壁那套房间里的人吹喇叭已经吹了整整四个小时了。这简直快把我逼疯了。我真是要跑到他那里去,叫他不要再吹了。Eg.Mary and I have been friends more than ten years. Shes very nice and I like her a lot. But she likes to criticize me whenever I wear a new suit. It drives me up the wall every time she does it.玛丽跟我交朋友已经有十多年了。她是一个很好的人;我也非常喜欢她。但是,我一穿新西装,她总是喜欢批评我。每次她挑剔我衣的时候,我真是非常恼火。with kid gloves:巧妙地, 温和地, 委婉地handle with kid gloves:小心应付Eg.He gets angry ever easily; you must handle him with kid gloves.他动辄发脾气,你要小心地对付他。Eg.We must treat the whole situation with kid gloves.我们必须谨慎处理整个形势。Eg.Such overly sensitive people must is handled with kid gloves.对这种过分小心眼儿的人必须妥善应付。Eg.Mary is easily distressed. Youll have to handle her with kid gloves.玛丽动不动就伤心,你对待她得温和谨慎些。leave sb in the cold:冷淡对待某人,对人冷酷无情,不理睬某人,冷落某人Eg. Every time I see you, you leave me in the cold.每次我见到你,你都不睬我。cannot help doing something:禁不住做某事,忍不住做某事Eg.He cannot help feeling considerable qualms about it.他仍然不禁对它感到疑虑重重。Eg.Whenever I hear the story, I cannot help crying.每次我听这故事,就忍不住要哭。Eg.I cannot help worrying to hear that there is no steamer this week.我听到本周没有船的消息,禁不住担忧起来。get out of:逃避, 戒除, 由 ... 出来Eg.Shell need luck to get out of a tight corner like that.她要靠运气才能摆脱那样的困境。Eg.I cant get out of the habit of waking at six in the morning.我早上一到六点就醒,这习惯改不掉了。Eg.I wish I could get out of the habit of smoking.我希望我能改掉吸烟的习惯。 /201206/185564

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the ed States, the reactions, both for and against, have been forceful. Many Americans are afraid of life under President Trump, based on campaign messages that regularly targeted people based on religion, gender, ethnicity, and race.And they wonder: why would someone vote for a candidate whose rhetoric was so often hateful?One possible conclusion is that those who did vote for Trump must share those hateful views.Saeed Khan, a lecturer at Wayne State University who also teaches a course on Muslim-Christian diversity at Rochester College, is encouraging a more measured view.In a recent article on ReligionNews.com, he compared such blanket assessments of Trump supporters to the false equivalency sometimes made between Muslims and terrorists:...to infer that all of Trumps supporters are rabid racists, or even motivated by such base impulses, would be as ironically absurd as those who contend that all Muslims are terrorists. An accurate assessment of the election and the reality of this nation requires nuance, not the replacement of one binary narrative with another.Khan has an unusual perspective on the divide between the red and blue America. Although he did not support Trump himself, he is a native of Lapeer, a small town in a county that Trump won with over 60% of the vote.Khan believes that it was Trumps economic message, not his hateful rhetoric, that helped him carry places like Lapeer.;This is a community where my parents still live,; Khan told us. ;They were there during 9-11. There was never an ounce of racism, there was never a matter of bigotry.;Listen to our full interview with Saeed Kahn above.201701/486742

  大家好,欢迎来到。近期你在追剧吗?最近我追过的就是《太子妃升职记》,边看剧情边看弹幕,而直到今天,我才知道原来那个字读作dan,而之前竟然一直傻傻地读作弹幕,以为就是在屏幕上发送弹起来的文字。那么今天我们就来了解一下什么是弹幕...;Bullet screen;,or danmu, a model of movie-watching that has been introduced in select theaters in China since 2014 has been widely used by websites.2014年开始在中国部分指定影院(select theaters)引入的“弹幕”其实早已被在线视频网站广泛应用了。这个句子提供了弹幕的英文bullet screen, bullet就是子弹的意思。Introduce通常表示“介绍”,把A介绍给B就是introduce A to B,刚提到的句子中introduce是引进的意思,再比如:The Head Master introduced many new ideas into the school. 校长把许多新思想引进这个学校。什么东西被广泛运用你可以说be widely used,转化为名词词组就是wide use,例如:This method has come into wide use in this area. 这方法在这一地区已被广泛使用。In this case, the bullets dont refer to actual bullets, but to text messages that audience members send via their mobile phones while watching the film or .这里的“弹”并不是真正的子弹,而是指观众在看电影或视频时通过手机发送出去的信息。这里要讲到一个词text。作为名词的时候表示“正文;文本;课文;原文”。It was edited from the original text. 这是根据原文本编译的。着重要讲的是text的动词含义-发短信,是一个相当于口语化的表达。短语text message是一个名词短语。例如:Send a text message to this number to vote. 请发短信给此号码参加投票。Ill send you a text message as soon as I get to the airport. 我一到机场就会给你发短信。Comments can be so numerous that they obscure the entire screen.弹幕太多,会使得整个视频屏幕难以看清。这也是个人不是非常喜欢弹幕的原因之一。Comment是的意思,作为名词和动词都是可以的。He made no comments on our proposal.他对我们的建议没有作。用作动词的时候,comment常搭配的介词是on。The teacher often comments on how different the two boys are.老师经常谈论那两个孩子的不同之处。接下来的这个单词是obscure,作为动词表示“使 ... 模糊;隐藏;变模糊”。比如:My view was obscured by the trees. 我的视线被树挡住了。Obscure用作形容词表示“难解的;微暗的”。The point of his speech is obscure. 他发言的要点模糊不清。The room is too obscure for ing. 这房间太昏暗了,无法看书。您正收听的节目是,茶余饭后,简单聊聊英语,今天的节目就到这里,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:Dresses - Sun Shy本节目属 /201601/423382


  little ;matter;tatter;it doesn't mattershoot up大幅上升The price of gold has shot up 14% since the beginning of this year 黄金价格今年以来已经上涨了14%。The company's profit shot up 55% since the management shakeup 公司管理层重大改组后,公司盈利上涨了55%。sell off廉价出售The firm was selling off its summer stock.这家公司正举行夏季大拍卖。He decided to sell off some of the less promising stocks.他决定廉价出售一部分滞销的存货。 The profit this shopping mall made shot up after it began selling off its winter stock.冬季商品打折活动开始后,这个商场的盈利大幅上升。 歌曲:stronger by mary j. blige /201007/109180

  1.keep a weather eye on 注意观察keep a weather eye on原来指的是在海上张帆远航时头等重要的大事,也就是时时注意观测风云变幻。而生活在当今的现实中也不时会遇上不测风云和旦夕祸福,也得注意提防,所以习惯用语keep a weather eye on就逐渐广泛的应用在日常生活中了,指时时谨防生活中的烦扰变故。Tracy kept a weather eye on the children so they wouldn't hurt each other.特蕾西密切注视着孩子们,免得他们彼此弄伤了。2.heavy weather 种种难以应付的障碍和困难Heavy weather也产生在两百来年前用帆船航海的时代,是水手之间的常用语,指狂风暴雨、雷电交加、波浪滔天的险恶天气。近年来人们开始借用水手语言中的heavy weather来指种种难以应付的障碍和困难了。We may run into heavy weather when we learn calculus at first. 我们刚开始学微积分的时候可能会感觉到困难重重。3.under the weather 由于天气不好而引起的身体不适Under the weather沿用至今有一百五十来年了。有人推测这个习惯用语原来可能指有的人由于海上风急浪高而晕船,感到身体不舒。I'm sorry, but I can't come to work today - I'm feeling a little under the weather.很抱歉,今天我不能来工作了,我身体有些不适。这里的习惯用语under the weather意思是“身体不舒”。但是under the weather也常被人们用来委婉地指酗酒后第二天感到头痛,呕吐等不舒的现像。例如在这句话里: He's under the weather because of last night's party. 他昨晚聚会酒喝多了现在还头疼。4.a fair-weather friend指顺境中的朋友,言下之意是不能共患难的酒肉朋友。Everyone knows Charles is merely a fair-weather friend.大家都知道查尔斯是个只可同安乐不能共患难的朋友。5.weather the storm这里的weather是动词,weather the storm相当于中文的“历经风雨”,意思是经历并度过困难和危机。The other large economies will suffer harder hit, but should be able to weather the storm.其他大的经济体将会受到更大的打击,但却应该能够度过这次风暴。 /201109/155659的网友朋友们,大家好。我们常说;酒逢知己千杯少,话不投机半句多;,碰到和自己观点一致,看法一样的人沟通起来就顺畅得多;反之,则可能是黑白过招,互不理解了。好,今天我们就一起看看心有灵犀和话不投机的几种情况吧。Hit it off 投缘Fortunately John and his new employer hit it off from the very beginning. 幸好John和他的新老板从一开就相处的很好。They hit if off together and were soon swapping stories of the good old days. 他们非常谈得来,很快就开始相互倾诉那些美好时光里的故事。投缘的人,自然话就多,更容易心有戚戚,观点一致。On the same wavelength 观点一致;有同感Wavelength,波长。我们都有一样的波长,看来是同类了。I hope I could meet the friend on the same wavelength here. 希望我能在这里遇到谈的来的知心朋友。有知音之所以被人们认定为人生的一大乐事,就是因为不会轻易遇到。很多时候,我们的想法不被理解。甚至会对牛弹琴。比如下面这两个短语:Get the wrong end of the stick 完全搞错;颠倒立场Stick,有棍、棒、手杖的意思。完全拿反了,说明对它一点不了解。这个短语也就表示;完全误解;。Everybody is happy. The incident is closed. In fact, here was a misunderstanding. Someone got the wrong end of the stick. 每个人都开心了。事件结束了。其实都是因为误解。有人完全想歪了事情。上面的情况可能是单方面误解。更糟糕的情况是双方互不理解。At cross purposes 互相误解They can become bothered when they see others working at cross purposes, especially when conflict is overt. 当他们看到别人在观点分歧、特别是冲突明显的情况下工作,就会深感困扰。除了上面所说的情况,交谈中我们还常常碰到go off at a tangent ;突然跑题;的情况。Itrsquo;s not easy to follow her because she always goes off at a tangent. 要跟上她的思路并非易事,因为她老是突然扯到题外去。好了,本期内容就到这里。Rose和您相约下期;布朗尼加分;口语课堂。 /164171The first time I was going to face Jordan.第一次和乔丹作为对手交锋。I had a teammate, he goes to me and say ;hey, you want some advice?我有个队友跑过来对我说,“嘿,你需要听些建议吗?Whatever you do, dont look at him in the eye.无论怎么样,都不要看他的眼睛。Wait... Excuse me? What the hell Im not look him in the eye.等下……什么?我不能直视他的眼睛?I dont think my teammates understood that ;Im that, too;!我想我的队友也不都知道,那就是“我也一样”,也不能看我的眼睛!Micheal in the headline all the way to the hoop and dunk, Kobe, bigger slam!迈克尔·乔丹一路直下勾射灌篮,更牛的灌篮!Cant look me in the eye either, buddy.小子,不要直视我的眼睛,你懂的,哥们儿!Oh! Kobe Bryant!哇!科比·布莱恩特!更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201612/483332

  特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: How long have you been in America?你在美国几年了?B: For more than five years.五年多了。A:Do you think it’s easy for a Chinese to get accustomed to the western culture?您认为让一个中国人去习惯于西方国家的文化难不难。B: It’s no picnic.不是一件很轻松的事情。第二、 对话精讲1. 核心地道表达【核心短语】be no picnic【解词释义】picnic在口语中是指“愉快的经历,轻松的工作”,因此整个短语的意思就是“不是件轻松的工作”。 Its no picnic having to look after six small children all day, you know!你知道,整天得照看六个小孩可不是一件轻松的事。Bringing up a family when you are unemployed is no picnic.失了业又要养家,这可不是玩儿的。To finish such a ball breaker within five days is no picnic.要在五天内完成这么艰巨的一个任务并非易事。【典型例句4】It no picnic that we can win the football match today.要赢得今天的足球比赛不是件容易的事情。【典型例句5】Im swamped with work. My job no picnic.我有一大堆工作要做,而且我的工作并不轻松的工作。2. 词海拾贝be (get) accustomed to:习惯于......We have got accustomed to living in an air-conditioned room.我们对生活在有空调的房间里已习惯了。She is accustomed to being heckled.她习惯于被人苦苦询问。 No one wishes to deal with a person who is accustomed to breaking his word.谁也不愿意与惯于食言的人打交道。【典型例句4】Accustomed to helping her with her tads, he complied.平日帮她办惯了事, 他只好从。3. 句海拾贝It is easy for sb to do something.【使用情境】描述某人做起某件事情来很轻松,容易,不费劲。【句型操练】It is not easy for me to speak English fluently like natives.要向当地人那样说一口流利的英语对于我来说真难。With Blair's boyfriend Nate helping to close up the family yacht for the season,Blair is free to focus on the most important event of the fall—her annual sleepover,a tradition since the year 2000, each one more decadent than the last.No expense or reputation is spared.With everything from trundle beds to truffles in place,all that's missing is sleepover star and Waldorf B.F.S. Serena Van Der Woodsen. With Blair's boyfriend Nate helping to close up the family yacht for the season,Blair的男友Nate正在帮手筹备本季家庭游艇竞赛的尾声活动。yacht 游艇 season 季节Blair is free to focus on the most important event of the fall—her annual sleepover,Blair可以集中精力于秋天里最重要的活动——每年一度的借宿派对。fall 秋天 annual 每年的 sleepover 在外过夜,在美国尤指小孩在朋友家过夜的晚会 a tradition since the year 2000, each one more decadent than the last.自2000年就开始的传统节目,而且一年比一年堕落。tradition 传统 decadent 衰微的No expense or reputation is spared.不惜花费,大造声势。expense 消费,花费 reputation 名声 spare 节约With everything from trundle beds to truffles in place,从手推床到松茸,一切都准备就绪。trundle bed 手推床 truffle 松茸,一种食物 in place适当的,在适当的地方,在恰当的位置all that's missing is sleepover star and Waldorf B.F.S. Serena Van Der Woodsen.所缺的就是借宿派对之星及Waldorf的死党,Serena Van Der Woodsen。miss 缺少 B.F.SBest Friend Forever: 最好的朋友 /201102/125012

  Economics brief: Financial stability: Minskys moment经济概要:金融稳定:明斯基的时刻The second article in our series on seminal economic ideas looks at Hyman Minskys hypothesis that booms sow the seeds of busts.六大经济思想之二——明斯基的繁荣育泡沫破裂之种子的解说。From the start of his academic career in the 1950s until 1996, when he died, Hyman Minsky laboured in relative obscurity.从他学术生涯开始的上世纪50年代直到去世的1996年,海曼·明斯基一直在相对默默无闻中辛勤耕耘。His research about financial crises and their causes attracted a few devoted admirers but little mainstream attention: this newspaper cited him only once while he was alive, and it was but a brief mention.他关于金融危机及其成因的研究吸引了不少的忠实的崇拜者,但是几乎没有吸引主流的关注:本报在他在世时仅提到过他一次,但也只是稍微提了一下。So it remained until 2007, when the subprime-mortgage crisis erupted in America.这种情况一直持续到了次贷危机在美国爆发的2007年。Suddenly, it seemed that everyone was turning to his writings as they tried to make sense of the mayhem.一夜之间,好像每一个人在试图解释那场混乱时都在转向他的著作。Brokers wrote notes to clients about the “Minsky moment” engulfing financial markets.经纪人在发给客户的提示中提到了淹没金融市场的“明斯基时刻”。Central bankers referred to his theories in their speeches.央行家在演讲中引用了他的理论。And he became a posthumous media star, with just about every major outlet giving column space and airtime to his ideas.他成为了一名身后的媒体明星,几乎每一家主流媒体都给他的思想留出了专栏空间和直播时间。The Economist has mentioned him in at least 30 articles since 2007.本报自2007年以来已经至少在30篇文章中提到过他。If Minsky remained far from the limelight throughout his life, it is at least in part because his approach shunned academic conventions.如果明斯基终其一生保持远离焦点,这至少部分是因为他的途径有意回避了学术惯例。He started his university education in mathematics but made little use of calculations when he shifted to economics, despite the disciplines growing emphasis on quantitative methods.他开始读大学是学的是数学,但是,在转向经济学时却几乎不用计算,尽管这门学科当时正在日渐重视量化方法。Instead, he pieced his views together in his essays, lectures and books, including one about John Maynard Keynes, the economist who most influenced his thinking.相反,他把自己的观点都整合到了他的文章、演讲和书籍之中,这其中就包括一本论述论约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯——这位对他的思考影响最大的经济学家的专著。He also gained hands-on experience, serving on the board of Mark Twain Bank in St Louis, Missouri, where he taught.他还利用在自己教书的密苏里州圣路易斯的马克·吐温董事会务的机会获得了第一手的经验。Having grown up during the Depression, Minsky was minded to dwell on disaster.在大萧条期间长大的明斯基一心扑在了思考和研究灾难上面。Over the years he came back to the same fundamental problem again and again.多年来,他一次又一次地回到这个同样的根本问题上面。He wanted to understand why financial crises occurred.他想要理解金融危机发生的原因。It was an unpopular focus.这在当时是一个不受欢迎的关注点。The dominant belief in the latter half of the 20th century was that markets were efficient.20世纪后半期的主流观点认为,市场是有效的。The prospect of a full-blown calamity in developed economies sounded far-fetched.发达经济体的一次全方位灾难的前景听起来是遥不可及的。There might be the occasional stockmarket bust or currency crash, but modern economies had, it seemed, vanquished their worst demons.可能会有偶尔的股市泡沫或者货币危机,但是,当代经济体似乎已经赶跑了最坏的恶魔。Against those certitudes, Minsky, an owlish man with a shock of grey hair, developed his “financial-instability hypothesis”.与这些确定性截然相反的是,一头白发,面孔严肃的明斯基提出了他的“金融不稳定假说”。It is an examination of how long stretches of prosperity sow the seeds of the next crisis, an important lens for understanding the tumult of the past decade.它是对长期繁荣如何育下一次危机的种子的一次考,是理解过去十年动荡的一面重要的镜子。But the history of the hypothesis itself is just as important.但是,这个假说本身的历史也同样重要。Its trajectory from the margins of academia to a subject of mainstream debate shows how the study of economics is adapting to a much-changed reality since the global financial crisis.它从学术边缘到主流讨论一大主题的轨迹表明,经济学研究正在如何让自己去适应一种自全球金融危机已经天翻地覆的现实。Minsky started with an explanation of investment.明斯基的切入点是解释投资。It is, in essence, an exchange of money today for money tomorrow.投资,实质上是一种今天的钱对明天的钱的交换。A firm pays now for the construction of a factory; profits from running the facility will, all going well, translate into money for it in coming years.今天,企业为建设一座工厂而掏钱;明天,一切顺利的话,出自运营这座设施的利润将转化为今天的钱。Put crudely, money today can come from one of two sources: the firms own cash or that of others (for example, if the firm borrows from a bank) .概括地说,今天的钱可以来自以下两个来源中的一个:企业自己的钱或是别人的钱(例如,企业从借钱)。The balance between the two is the key question for the financial system.两者的平衡是金融体系的关键问题。Minsky distinguished between three kinds of financing.明斯基对三种筹措资金的行为做了区分。The first, which he called “hedge financing”, is the safest: firms rely on their future cashflow to repay all their borrowings.他称之为“避险筹资”的第一种是最安全的:企业依靠自己的未来现金流偿还全部借款。For this to work, they need to have very limited borrowings and healthy profits.为了使之进行下去,企业需要有非常有限的借款和健康的盈利。The second, speculative financing, is a bit riskier: firms rely on their cashflow to repay the interest on their borrowings but must roll over their debt to repay the principal.第二种——投机性筹资,有点风险:企业依靠现金流来偿还借款利息,但是必须让债务延期才能付本金。This should be manageable as long as the economy functions smoothly, but a downturn could cause distress.只要经济体运转平稳,这中筹资应当是可控的,但是,衰退可能带来灾难。The third, Ponzi financing, is the most dangerous.第三种——庞氏筹资——最危险。Cashflow covers neither principal nor interest; firms are betting only that the underlying asset will appreciate by enough to cover their liabilities.现金流既不够还本也不够付利息;企业当前所赌的,仅仅是相关资产将升值到足以付负债。If that fails to happen, they will be left exposed.倘若这没能发生,他们将被完全暴露在风险之中。Economies dominated by hedge financing—that is, those with strong cashflows and low debt levels—are the most stable.由避险筹资行为主导的经济体——即有着强大现金流和低债务水平的经济体——是最稳定的。When speculative and, especially, Ponzi financing come to the fore, financial systems are more vulnerable.当投机性筹资行为,特别是庞氏筹资行为大行其道时,金融体系是更加脆弱的。If asset values start to fall, either because of monetary tightening or some external shock, the most overstretched firms will be forced to sell their positions.如果资产价格因为货币政策收紧或是某种外部冲击而开始下跌时,最过度扩张的企业将被迫卖出头寸。This further undermines asset values, causing pain for even more firms.这进一步摧毁了资产价格,给更多的企业带来痛苦。They could avoid this trouble by restricting themselves to hedge financing.企业能通过将自己局限于避险筹资而避免这种困境。But over time, particularly when the economy is in fine fettle, the temptation to take on debt is irresistible.但是,随着时间的推移,尤其是在经济体欣欣向荣之时,举债的诱惑是难以抵挡的。When growth looks assured, why not borrow more?当增长看上去确定无疑时,为什么不多借进点呢?Banks add to the dynamic, lowering their credit standards the longer booms last.推波助澜,不断降低信贷标准,繁荣持续的时间不断延长。If defaults are minimal, why not lend more?如果违约少得不能再少,为什么不多借出点呢?Minskys conclusion was unsettling. Economic stability breeds instability.明斯基的结论令人不安。经济稳定育不稳定。Periods of prosperity give way to financial fragility.繁荣期让位于金融脆弱。With overleveraged banks and no-money-down mortgages still fresh in the mind after the global financial crisis, Minskys insight might sound obvious.由于过度放债的和零首付抵押贷款在全球金融危机后仍旧记忆犹新,明斯基的这种真知灼见可能听起来很明显。Of course, debt and finance matter.当然了,债务和融资非常重要。But for decades the study of economics paid little heed to the former and relegated the latter to a sub-discipline, not an essential element in broader theories.但是,几十年来,经济学研究却很少去关注前者,而且还把后者降级为一门分学科,没有使之成为更广泛的理论的一个基本组成部分。Minsky was a maverick.明斯基特立独行,剑走偏锋。He challenged both the Keynesian backbone of macroeconomics and a prevailing belief in efficient markets.一方面,他挑战了宏观经济学的凯恩斯主义柱;另一方面,又挑战了对有效市场的盲目崇拜。It is perhaps odd to describe his ideas as a critique of Keynesian doctrine when Minsky himself idolised Keynes.在明斯基自己已将凯恩斯当成是偶像的情况下还把他的思想说成是对凯恩斯主义学说的一种批判似乎有点奇怪。But he believed that the doctrine had strayed too far from Keyness own ideas.但是,他相信这种学说已经远远地背离了凯恩斯自己的思想。Economists had created models to put Keyness words to work in explaining the economy.为了让凯恩斯的思想在解释经济时管用,经济学家打造出了一大批模型。None is better known than the IS-LM model, largely developed by John Hicks and Alvin Hansen, which shows the relationship between investment and money.其中最出名的是展示了投资与资金间的关系的IS—LM,这个主要是由约翰·希克斯和阿尔文·汉森提出的模型。It remains a potent tool for teaching and for policy analysis.目前,这个模型仍然是教学和政策分析的一个有力工具。But Messrs Hicks and Hansen largely left the financial sector out of the picture, even though Keynes was keenly aware of the importance of markets.但是,希克斯和汉森甚至在凯恩斯已经强烈地意识到了市场的重要性的情况下,仍将金融部门大都留在了画面之外。 /201612/485250


  Subject:The company seems fishy. 迷你对话A: The company told me that they would charge 200 dollars for training according to the tradition.那家公司说,按照惯例他们要收200美元的培训费。B: The company seems fishy. You should be careful.这家公司听起来很可疑。你应该谨慎点。 地道表达fishy 1. 解词释义Fishy一词是有fish一次的本义引申而出来的意思是“可疑的,靠不住的”,fish在我们手中是滑溜溜的,不好抓住。因此,就有了其引申义。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Its a bit fishy, giving away a mattress like that?这可有点儿叫人怀疑,把这么好一床垫褥送人。e.g. Theres something fishy about his testimony.他的言有可疑之处。e.g. His excessive politeness seemed fishy.他礼貌过度周到,令人觉得有些可疑。e.g. There was something fishy about that guy.那家伙行为可疑。 Ps 1:charge some money for something的意思是“收取......的费用”。例如:How much do you charge for mending shoes? 修鞋要多少钱?Im not going there again they charged me1 for a cup of coffee! 我再也不到那儿去了,一杯咖啡就要了我1英镑! Ps 2:according to的意思是“根据,依照......”。例如:He reasoned out the conclusion according to the theory. 他根据这个理论作出了结论。From each according to his ability and to each according to his work. 各尽所能,按劳分配。 /201405/299951

  Economics brief: Fiscal multipliers经济概要:财政乘数Where does the buck stop?责任到哪里为止?Fiscal stimulus, an idea championed by John Maynard Keynes, has gone in and out of fashion.由凯恩斯首倡的财政刺激思想经历了大起大落。At the height of the euro crisis, with government-bond yields soaring in several southern European countries and defaults looming, the European Central Bank and the healthier members of the currency club fended off disaster by offering bail-outs.在欧元危机高峰时,鉴于多个南欧国家的政府债券收益率疯涨,违约近在眼前,欧洲央行和这个货币俱乐部中较为健康的几个成员国通过提供救助的方式抵御了灾难。But these came with conditions, most notably strict fiscal discipline, intended to put government finances back on a sustainable footing.但是,这些救助是有条件的,最引人注目的是严格的财政纪律,意在让政府财政回归一种可持续的基础。Some economists argued that painful budget cuts were an unfortunate necessity.有的经济学家认为,痛苦的预算削减是一种不幸的必然。Others said that the cuts might well prove counterproductive, by lowering growth and therefore government revenues, leaving the affected countries even poorer and more indebted.有的则认为,预算削减极有可能被明适得其反,因为它拉低了增长,进而减少了政府收入,使得受其影响的国家穷上加穷,债务越来越重。In 2013 economists at the IMF rendered their verdict on these austerity programmes: they had done far more economic damage than had been initially predicted, including by the fund itself.2013年,国际货币基金组织的经济学家拿出了他们对这些紧缩计划的看法:它们已经造成了远远高于最初预期——包括国际货币基金组织自己的最初预期——的经济破坏。What had the IMF got wrong when it made its earlier, more sanguine forecasts?那么,国际货币基金组织做出其较早的、更加乐观的预期时错在哪里了呢?It had dramatically underestimated the fiscal multiplier.它大大低估了财政乘数。The multiplier is a simple, powerful and hotly debated idea.财政乘数是一种简单、有力且争论激烈的思想。It is a critical element of Keynesian macroeconomics.它是凯恩斯宏观经济学的一个重要组成部分。Over the past 80 years the significance it has been accorded has fluctuated wildly.在过去的80年中,它被赋予的重要性大起大落。It was once seen as a matter of fundamental importance, then as a discredited notion.它一度被视为一件具有根本重要性的事情,之后,又被看成是一种信誉扫地的观念。It is now back in vogue again.如今,它再度风靡一时。The idea of the multiplier emerged from the intense argument over how to respond to the Depression.财政乘数的思想出自如何应对大萧条的激烈争论。In the 1920s Britain had sunk into an economic slump.上世纪20年代,英国陷入了一场经济衰退。The first world war had left prices higher and the pound weaker.第一次世界大战让物价节节攀升,英镑日渐疲软。The government was nonetheless determined to restore the pound to its pre-war value.然而,政府仍然决心让英镑回到其战前的价值。In doing so, it kept monetary policy too tight, initiating a spell of prolonged deflation and economic weakness.在做这件事的过程中,英国政府把货币政策收得太紧,引发了一场旷日持久的通缩和经济疲软。The economists of the day debated what might be done to improve conditions for suffering workers.当时的经济学家曾就如何改善深受其苦的工人的状况进行过一番讨论。Among the suggestions was a programme of public investment which, some thought, would put unemployed Britons to work.在各种建议当中,其中就有一项有人认为会让失业的英国人去工作的公共投资计划。The British government would countenance no such thing.英国政府是不会赞成任何这种事情的。It espoused the conventional wisdom of the day—what is often called the “Treasury view”.它站在了当时的传统智慧,也就是常说的“财政部观点”一边。It believed that public spending, financed through borrowing, would not boost overall economic activity, because the supply of savings in the economy available for borrowing is fixed.它坚信,由于经济体中可用于举债的储蓄供给是固定的,透过举债资助的公共开不会推动整体经济活动。If the government commandeered capital to build new roads, for instance, it would simply be depriving private firms of the same amount of money.例如,如果政府强制资本去建造新的道路,这只会抢走私人企业同等数量的钱。Higher spending and employment in one part of the economy would come at the expense of lower spending and employment in another.经济体某一部分的更高的开和就业的到来,会以另一部分的更低的开和就业为代价。As the world slipped into depression, however, and Britains economic crisis deepened, the voices questioning this view grew louder.然而,随着世界滑入衰退,英国经济危机日渐加深,质疑这一观点的声音越来越大。In 1931 Baron Kahn, a British economist, published a paper espousing an alternative theory: that public spending would yield both the primary boost from the direct spending, but also “beneficial repercussions”.1931年,英国经济学家卡恩男爵发表了一篇持某种替代理论的论文:公共开除了会产生来自直接开的主要推动之外,还会带来“受益反应”。If road-building, for instance, took workers off the dole and led them to increase their own spending, he argued, then there might be a sustained rise in total employment as a result.他指出,例如,如果建造道路让工人摆脱了失业救济,进而又导致他们增加自身花销,那么,其结果可能是一种总就业的持续上升。Kahns paper was in line with the thinking of John Maynard Keynes, the leading British economist of the day, who was working on what would become his masterpiece, “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”.卡恩的论文与当时正在撰写会成为其代表作的《就业、利息和货币通论》的著名英国经济学家约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯的思考一脉相承。In it, Keynes gave a much more complete account of how the multiplier might work, and how it might enable a government to drag a slumping economy back to health.《在通论》中,凯恩斯对财政乘数可能如何发挥作用以及它如何能让政府把处于下滑中的经济体回归健康给出了一个远为完整的描述。Keynes was a singular character, and one of the great thinkers of the 20th century.凯恩斯是一位非凡之人,是20世纪伟大思想家之一。He looked every inch a patrician figure, with his tweed suits and walrus moustache.从外表上看,他的花呢外套和海象式胡子无不表明他是一位达官贵人。Yet he was also a free spirit by the standards of the day, associating with the artists and writers of the Bloomsbury Group, whose members included Virginia Woolf and E.M.Forster.然而,根据当时的标准,他还是一位思想开明的人,与成员包括弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫和E·M·福斯特在内的布鲁姆斯伯里团体的作家和艺术家关系密切。 /201611/479962

  网罗天下,新鲜,好玩,有趣,时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。中国的;春运;被誉为人类历史上规模最大的、周期性的人类大迁徙。2012年春运从1月8日开始,至2月16日结束,共计40天。英文报道As the Chinese Lunar New Year draws closer, the worlds largest annual human migration is expected to begin on Jan 8, with at least 3.2 billion journeys expected over a 40-day period.随着中国农历新年的临近,每年一次的世界最大规模的人类迁徙将于1月8日开始,在之后的40天里旅客运量预计将达32亿人次。Spring Festival starts on Jan 23 in 2012, with the public holiday running from Jan 22 to 28. Chinese people tend to return home for family unions during this period.2012年的春节从1月23日开始,22号到28号是公休假期,中国人在这期间会回家团聚。This travel peak is expected to put the countrys transport system through a harsh test, as total traffic between Jan 8 and Feb 16 is set to grow by 9.1 percent on the 2.9 billion trips taken in 2011.2011年春运期间全国旅客运量为29亿人次,预计2012年1月8日到2月16日春运期间全国旅客运量将同比增长9.1%,这将对中国的交通运输部门提出严峻的考验。【讲解】;春运;用英语可以表达为transport during the Spring Festival period。文中的the worlds largest annual human migration和travel peak指的就是春运。Chinese Lunar New Year是;中国农历新年;,lunar意思是;与月亮有关的,阴历的,农历的;,lunar calendar即;阴历,农历;,Gregorian calendar是;阳历,公历;。 /166081

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