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This time last year, Uber’s chief executive Travis Kalanick was on the road raising money for Uber China, seeking to conquer a market that he called “one of the largest untapped opportunities for Uber”.去年这个时候,优步(Uber)首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)正在风尘仆仆地为优步中国(Uber China)筹资,寻求拿下中国市场,他形容这个市场是“对优步而言最大的未开发机遇之一”。Mr Kalanick was personally overseeing Uber’s growth in China and travelled there extensively, spending nearly one in five days in the country last year. He announced plans for Uber to expand to 50 cities, and then to 100.卡兰尼克亲自监督优步在中国的成长,他多次前往中国,去年有近五分之一时间在中国度过。他宣布相关计划,拟分阶段把优步扩张至50个城市和100个城市。However, Uber’s abrupt decision to sell its Chinese unit to its rival Didi Chuxing highlights the extremely costly battle that was raging behind the scenes. Both companies were pouring money into subsidies for drivers and riderspassengers to gain market share, with Uber spending more than bn annually.然而,优步突然决定将其中国业务单位出售给竞争对手滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing),突显了幕后展开的代价极其高昂的角力。为了赢得市场份额,两家公司都投入大笔资金补贴司机和乘客,其中优步每年出10亿美元以上。The peace agreement between the two bitter rivals — in which Uber will take a stake in Didi, and Didi in Uber — marks the first time Uber has thrown in the towel in any of its global markets.根据两个死对头之间的和平协议,优步和滴滴将相互持股。该协议标志着优步首次在一个海外市场认输告退。Selling Uber China, which had the heaviest losses of any Uber unit, is a step that puts Uber within reach of profitability, and clears the way for the company to focus on its ambitious tech-nology projects such as mapping, delivery and driverless cars.出售优步中国(此前其承受着优步所有经营单位中最惨重的损失)是让优步迈向盈利的一步,并为该公司聚焦于雄心勃勃的技术项目(如测绘、递送和无人驾驶汽车)扫清了道路。The deal also points to the start of a new era for ride sharing: a period in which consolidation, rather than expansion, may become the rule of the day.这笔交易还指向一个拼车新时代的开始,在这个时代,整合(而非扩张)可能成为主流。Over the past two years, an unprecedented glut of capital has poured into ride-hailing companies around the world, fuelling stiff competition between duplicate services.过去两年期间,空前大量的资本被投入世界各地的网约车企业,引发了雷同务之间的激烈竞争。Uber and Didi have been the two most aggressive fundraisers, achieving a collective bn between them, much of that within the last year.优步和滴滴是近期两个最积极的筹资人,实现了250亿美元的筹资总额,其中大部分在过去一年筹得。Because ride hailing is a winner-take-all market — one in which the company with the most drivers and riderspassengers gains the advantage — many companies have been pouring their venture funding into deep subsidies for passengersusers.由于网约车是一个赢家通吃的市场(拥有最多司机和乘客的公司具有优势),因此许多公司把自己的风险资金投入面向乘客的高额补贴。However, now that Uber and Didi have ended their rivalry in China, admitting that these subsidy wars are unsustainable even for the most well capitalised companies, others are more likely to follow. Pressure will be particularly high on Lyft, which is Uber’s smaller competitor in the US, and on Ola, which is locked in a heavily subsidised fight with Uber in India.然而,既然优步和滴滴叫停了它们在中国的死磕,承认这些补贴战争不可持续(就连资本最充足的公司也不例外),那么其它公司更有可能效仿。受到较大压力的公司将包括优步在美国的规模较小的竞争对手Lyft,以及正在印度与优步大打补贴战的Ola。The Uber-Didi deal also shows it will be much harder for investors in second-place ride-hailing companies to make the same outsized returns as those promised by the market leaders.优步与滴滴达成的交易也表明,相比市场领军者的诱人前景,处于第二位的网约车公司的投资者更难得到同样超大的回报。In return for Uber China, Uber is receiving a stake in Didi with a new class of shares that promises 18 per cent of the economic interest and 6 per cent of the voting rights.出售优步中国后,优步将获得一类新的滴滴股票,这部分股权将带来18%的经济权益和6%的投票权。That equity stake is worth around bn, depending on how the economic interest is counted, based on Didi’s most recent fundraising at bn. Uber China’s other investors also receive a small stake.根据最新一轮筹资使滴滴达到的280亿美元估值,这部分股权价值约50亿美元,取决于如何计算得出经济权益。优步中国的其他投资者也得到小笔股份。The terms could be considered a let-down, given that Uber has invested more than bn of its own money into its China operations, and had previously cited a bn valuation for its Uber China unit (The other investors in Uber China, including Baidu, will collectively receive an equity stake of less than 1 per cent in Didi).这些条款可能被视为令人失望,因为优步已向在华业务投入逾20亿美元自有资金,且之前提到优步中国的估值达到70亿美元。优步中国的其他投资者——包括百度(Baidu)——总共将获得滴滴不到1%的股权。However, the deal does provide a graceful exit, after a period in which it had become increasingly clear that Uber was unlikely to win in China.然而,这笔交易确实提供了一条体面的退路,此前一段时期越来越明显的是,优步不太可能在中国胜出。When Uber first entered the market in 2014, Mr Kalanick said its underdog position was part of the appeal.当优步在2014年首次进入中国市场时,卡兰尼克曾称其弱势地位是吸引力的一部分。“Anytime we got into a discussion about our efforts in China, most people thought we were naive, crazy — or both,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Mondayyesterday. “We saw things differently of course.”“每当我们被卷入一场关于我们在华努力的讨论,多数人认为我们要么幼稚,要么疯了,或两者兼而有之,”他周一在Facebook发帖写道,“那时我们当然有不同的看法。”However, Uber’s task in China became much harder when China’s two largest car-hailing companies, Didi and Kuaidi, merged early last year. Didi and Kuaidi had been locked in fierce competition with each other, but after the merger, they focused their firepower squarely on Uber.然而,当中国最大的两家网约车企业——滴滴和快的(Kuaidi)——在去年初合并后,优步在中国的任务变得困难得多。之前滴滴和快的彼此展开激烈竞争,但在合并后,它们集中火力对付优步。Uber responded by pouring more subsidies into the market, prompting a surge in rides that pushed several Chinese cities to become Uber’s busiest anywhere in the world.优步的回应是向市场投入更多补贴,促使出行量激增,推动中国的几个城市成为优步在全球业务最繁忙的市场。But even after years of rapid growth, Uber was still no match for Didi, which operates in more than 400 Chinese cities and runs 100m rides per week. Uber is in 60 cities and serves 40m rides per week.但是,即使在经过多年的快速增长后,优步还是敌不过滴滴,后者在400多个中国城市运营,每周提供1亿次出行。优步在60个中国城市运营,每周提供4000万次出行。Even more importantly, Didi’s extraordinary round of recent fundraising made it clear that the company had the financial firepower to keep matching whatever subsidies Uber might pour into China.更重要的是,滴滴超高金额的最新一轮筹资表明,该公司拥有强大资金实力,能够持续媲美优步可能投入中国的无论多少补贴。In June, the company raised bn from investors in equity and debt, including an unusual bn investment from Apple. Not to be outdone, Uber raised .5bn from Saudi Arabia’s private wealth fund and issued .15bn in high-yield debt.今年6月,该公司通过股份和债务从投资者处筹资70亿美元,包括来自苹果(Apple)的不寻常的10亿美元投资。不甘落后的优步从沙特阿拉伯的主权财富基金筹资35亿美元,并发行了11.5亿美元的高收益债券。However the final straw might have been China’s ride-hailing regulations, which formally legalised the practice just last week.然而,压垮优步的最后一根稻草可能是中国的网约车法规,《网络预约出租汽车经营务管理暂行办法》上周正式将网约车务合法化。While those rules were much more permissive than previous versions, and were openly welcomed by both Uber and Didi, they also contained a clause that prohibited rides from operating below cost, effectively banning subsidies. That would have upended Uber’s current model in China.虽然这些规则比以往的版本宽容得多,并得到优步和滴滴两家的公开欢迎,但它们也包括一条禁止以低于成本的费用提供出行的规定,实际上禁止了补贴做法。此举将叫停优步当前在中国实行的模式。The rules also gave cities more control over ride-sharing, a step that could potentially make expansion to new cities more cumbersome.这些规则也让各城市对拼车务拥有更大控制权,此举可能使扩张进入新的城市变得更加繁琐。Talks of a deal between Didi and Uber grew serious in recent weeks, after Didi’s war chest had been filled. Pressure also mounted from Uber’s investors, concerned that the company would spend too much money on a fight it could not win, according to a person close to the situation.滴滴完成最新一轮筹资后,有关滴滴和优步可能达成交易的说法在最近几周变得认真起来。一名知情人士透露,来自优步投资者的压力也不断蓄积,他们担心该公司在一场打不赢的战争中烧掉太多资金。The terms of the agreement suggest not only a financial transaction but also a strategic alliance, with both companies taking seats on each other’s boards. This puts Didi in the unusual position of being an investor in both Uber and in Lyft, in which it took a stake last year.协议条款似乎表明,这不仅是一笔财务交易,也是一个战略联盟,这两家公司都在对方的董事会获得席位。这使得滴滴处于既是优步投资者、也是Lyft投资者的不寻常地位;滴滴在去年入股Lyft。A key question in its new alliance with Didi will be how closely the former rivals will work together. This could be particularly delicate if Didi decides to expand outside China, which is currently its only market.优步与滴滴之间新联盟的一个关键问题是,这两个宿敌将以何种密切程度合作。如果滴滴决定扩张至中国(目前这是其唯一市场)以外,这个问题可能特别微妙。For Uber, the deal draws a line under a period of subsidy-fuelled expansion that Mr Kalanick described as “irrational”. It will also free up resources for the company to focus on new tech-nology investments. A more rational era could be about to begin.对于优步,这笔交易为卡兰尼克所称的“非理性”的补贴助推的扩张时期画上句号。它将让该公司腾出资源专注于新技术方面的投资。一个更理性的时代可能即将开始。 /201608/457846Poland unveiled a gorgeous, glowing bike path in the Mazury region to help nighttime cyclists get from A to B.波兰马祖里地区近日建成一条精美绝伦、闪闪发光的自行车道,以帮助夜间骑行者从甲地骑到乙地。The 100-meter track, created by construction company TPA Instytut Badan Technicznych in Pruszkow, is still in test phase.这条长达百米的自行车道由普鲁什库夫的建筑公司TPA Instytut Badan Technicznych设计,目前仍处于测试阶段。The bike path illuminates at night thanks to blue luminophores, a synthetic material that emits light after being charged by the sun.得益于蓝色的荧光材料,这条自行车道可在夜间照明,这种合成材料经太阳能充电后可以发光。The color blue was chosen for the path because the engineers thought it would best suit the scenic Mazury landscape.自行车道之所以选用蓝色,是因为工程师认为蓝色与马祖里的优美风光最为相配。The engineers drew inspiration from a similar solar-powered bike path in the Netherlands known as the ;Starry Night; bike lane that was unveiled by Studio Roosegaarde about two years ago.工程师们是从荷兰一个类似的太阳能照明的自行车道获取的灵感,该车道名为“星光夜间”,由罗斯加德工作室在大约两年前推出。The material used for the track can emit light for more than 10 hours, meaning it can radiate throughout the whole night and re-charge the next day as it absorbs the sun#39;s rays.自行车道所用材料可以持续发光超过10小时,也就是说可以整夜发光,第二天吸收太阳光进行充电。 /201610/473059

An Islamist extremist accused of funding the 2009 Jakarta suicide bombings has been selling advertising space on his website to international brands including Citigroup, IBM and Microsoft using a service provided by Google.一名被控为2009年雅加达自杀式炸弹袭击提供资金的伊斯兰极端分子,利用由谷歌(Google)提供的一种务,一直在自己的网站上向包括花旗集团(Citigroup)、IBM和微软(Microsoft)在内的国际品牌出售广告位。Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman, known as Prince of Jihad, is designated as a terrorist on the sanctions lists of the US, the EU and the UN — and subject to an asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo. He is a prominent member of Jemaah Islamiyah, a militant Islamist group based in Southeast Asia with ties to al-Qaeda.有“圣战王子”(Prince of Jihad)之称的穆罕默德#8226;贾布里勒#8226;阿卜杜勒#8226;拉赫曼(Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman,上图)被列在美国、欧盟和联合国的制裁名单上,性质是恐怖分子,受到资产冻结、旅行禁令并被禁止携带武器。他还是东南亚一个与基地组织(al-Qaeda)有关联的伊斯兰激进组织“伊斯兰祈祷团”(Jemah Islamiyah)的重要成员。But his Jihadi propaganda website, Arrahmah.com, has been making thousands of dollars by showing its visitors adverts from global companies.但是,他的圣战宣传网站Arrahmah.com一直在通过向访问者展示跨国公司的广告几千美元几千美元地赚钱。The ads were delivered to the website, which includes images of beheadings and hanged men, by intermediaries including Google’s AdSense, the world’s biggest online ad network, which take a cut of the revenues.这些广告被通过谷歌的AdSense等媒介投放到这个含有斩首和绞刑图片的网站上。AdSense是全球最大的在线广告网络,从广告收入中抽取分成。There is no suggestion that the advertisers or Google knowingly funded a designated terrorist, a criminal offence in the US that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison or a m fine.没有任何依据表明广告主或谷歌有意让一个恐怖分子获得资金,这在美国属于刑事犯罪,最高会被判处20年监禁或100万美元罚款。After being contacted by the Financial Times, Google cancelled Arrahmah.com’s account and the advertisers asked to be removed from the site. However, ads for big western brands continue to appear on the site through other intermediaries.在英国《金融时报》记者与他们联系后,谷歌删除了Arrahmah.com的账户,各广告主要求从该网站上移除广告。然而,西方大品牌的广告仍然通过其他媒介出现在该网站上。The ease with which Arrahmah.com tapped into the 0bn online ad market raises questions about whether advertisers and their intermediaries are properly scrutinising the websites with which they do business. These days the placement of online ads is highly automated and they often pass through a complex chain with little human oversight.Arrahmah.com可以轻易进入价值1600亿美元的在线广告市场,令人不由产生疑问:广告主及媒介是否对它们要投放广告的网站进行了恰当的审查?如今,在线广告的投放高度自动化,往往在几乎无人监督的情况下完成复杂的流程。This is not the first time that brands running ad campaigns across tens of thousands of different websites have found them appearing on undesirable sites. The UK police have in recent years cracked down on ad-supported sites that allow users to illegally download pirated films and music.在成千上万的不同网站上做广告的品牌发现自己出现在不良网站上的事情已经不是第一次发生了。英国警方近年就严厉打击允许用户非法下载盗版电影和音乐、依靠广告持的网站。Google said: “We take the quality of our network very seriously and invest significant time and resources to keeping bad actors out of our system. We also have strict policies and terms of use which govern the type of publishers we allow on AdSense.谷歌表示:“我们十分重视我们网络的质量,并投入大量时间和资源来将不良网站排除在我们的系统之外。我们也制定有严格的政策和使用条款,对我们允许登录AdSense的发行者类型进行规范。“This site violates our terms so we’ve taken action to terminate the account and reimburse affected advertisers.”“该网站违反了我们的条款,因此我们已经采取行动终止了该账户,并补偿受到影响的广告主。“The company did not disclose the amount of the reimbursement.谷歌并未透露具体的补偿金额。Arrahmah.com — whose slogan is “filter your mind, get the truth” — also illustrates the increasing sophistication of Islamist propaganda organisations and the expanding range of funding sources they have been able to tap. Large technology groups including Google, Twitter and Facebook have come in for criticism by security services in recent years for not doing enough to keep extremists off their platforms.Arrahmah.com的口号是“净化你的心灵,得到真相”(filter your mind, get the truth),从该网站可以看出,伊斯兰宣传组织日益复杂化,它们可以利用的资金来源不断扩大。近年来,包括谷歌、Twitter和Facebook在内的大型科技集团受到了安全部门的批评,理由是没有采取足够有力的措施阻止极端分子使用它们的平台。The website, which promotes extremist views in sections such as “Jihad Zone”, attracts about 600,000 visits a month, according to SimilarWeb, an internet data provider. Arrahmah.com discloses prominently that Mr Abdul Rahman is its chief executive.该网站在“圣战区”等栏目宣传极端主义观点。据互联网数据提供商SimilarWeb统计,该网站每月访问量约为60万次。Arrahmah.com明确公示阿卜杜勒#8226;拉赫曼是其首席执行官。“He is the most important online terrorist in Southeast Asia,” said Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. “The purpose of his site is to polarise and radicalise people so that they become ripe for recruitment.”“他是东南亚地区最重要的网络恐怖分子,”新加坡南洋理工大学(Nanyang Technological University)政治暴力与恐怖主义研究国际中心的负责人罗汉#8226;古纳拉特纳(Rohan Gunaratna)称,“其网站的目的是让人们变得极端和激进,变得适合招募。”In 2010, Mr Abdul Rahman was sentenced to five years in an Indonesian jail for concealing information related to the terrorist attacks at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, which killed seven people and injured about 50. He had arranged for ,000 in cash to be passed to the main bomber, according to the US government.2010年,阿卜杜勒#8226;拉赫曼因隐瞒与发生在雅加达JW万豪酒店(JW Marriott)和丽思卡尔顿酒店(Ritz-Carlton)的恐怖袭击相关的信息,被判处在印度尼西亚一所监狱刑5年。那次恐怖袭击造成了7人遇难,约50人受伤。根据美国政府的信息,他准备了1万美元现金要转交给炸弹袭击的主犯。Citigroup said: “We have a number of policies and procedures in place for our vendors designed to help prevent our advertising from appearing on inappropriate sites. In this case we have acted quickly to rectify the issue and have taken steps to ensure our ads will not appear on this site in the future.”花旗集团表示:“我们针对广告代理商有许多政策和流程,旨在防止我们的广告出现在不合适的网站上。在此次事件中,我们迅速采取行动纠正了问题,并且采取了措施以保未来我们的广告不会再出现在该网站上。”IBM said that it was “looking into the matter and will take all measures with its agency buying partners to prevent recurrence”.IBM称“正在调查此事,并将与媒体购买合作伙伴一道采取一切措施防止再次发生这种情况”。Microsoft said: “The advertisement was placed using a third-party automated online media buying process and has now been removed. We’re working with our media buying partners to identify additional safeguards to further reduce the potential for ad placement on inappropriate sites.”微软称:“该广告是利用第三方自动化在线媒体购买流程进行投放的,现在已经被移除。我们正在与媒体购买合作伙伴一起制定额外的防护措施,以进一步减少广告被投放在不合适网站的可能性。”An industry insider who has been gathering data about Arrahmah.com for the Financial Times estimated that the site was making thousands of dollars per month based on its ad traffic, and potentially more.一名为英国《金融时报》收集有关Arrahmah.com信息的业内人士估计,以其广告流量计算,该网站每个月获利数千美元,甚至可能更多。 /201605/444431

  How does e-waste recycling work?如何回收电子垃圾?Discarded consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets contain small amounts of precious and rare earth metals, including platinum, palladium, gold, silver, lithium, cobalt and nickel.在废弃的消费性电子产品中,如智能手机和平板电脑都含有少量的贵金属和稀有金属,其中包括铂金、钯、金、银、锂、钴和镍。Scrap cars and home appliances such as fridges and air conditioners also contain these rarer metals, along with base metals, including iron, copper, lead and zinc.废弃汽车和家用电器如冰箱和空调也含有此类稀有金属,此外还有基本金属如铁、铜、铅和锌。Recycling or refining companies either collect or purchase tons of this e-waste and industrial scraps. They then use chemical processes to separate the various metals.回收公司、精炼公司收集或购买上吨的电子垃圾和工业废料。然后利用化学反应分离不同的金属。Much of this work takes place in developing countries such as China, India and Indonesia.这种工作大多在发展中国家如中国、印度和印度尼西亚完成。Does Japan have enough for 2020?日本有足够的电子垃圾来生产2020年的所有奖牌么?Japan has one of the highest recycling rates in Asia, according to OECD data. However, this mainly applies to plastic, paper and glass.经济合作与发展组织(OECD)的数据显示,亚洲拥有最高回收率之一的国家就是日本。然而,他们回收的主要是塑料、纸张和玻璃。About 650,000 tonnes of small electronics and home appliances are discarded in Japan every year, the Nikkei newspaper said. However, it is estimated that less than 100,000 tonnes is collected for recycling.日经新闻称每年日本有约65万吨的小型电子设备和家用电器被丢弃。然而,其中回收再利用的预计不到10万吨。So for the 2020 Games, Japan will probably have to ask individual countries or companies to contribute towards the recycled metal collection effort.所以为了2020年的奥运会,日本可能需要请求其他国家或公司共同帮助参与回收金属。 /201608/463075

  Scientists have developed a microscopic engine, the smallest in the world, that they say is the first one capable of driving nanobots, including medical robots that could travel through the body.科学家研制出一种微型引擎,它是世界上最小的引擎。科学家们表示,这是第一种能驱动纳米机器人——包括能在人体中行走的医用机器人——的引擎。The prototype device, known as an actuating nano-transducer or Ant, combines microscopic gold balls with a special polymer gel. It generates a propulsive force on a microscopic scale that is a hundred times greater per unit weight than any known motor or muscle. 这一原型设备称为作动纳米换能器(actuating nano-transducer)或“蚂蚁”(actuating nano-transducer的首字母缩写Ant),由微型金球和一种特殊的聚合物凝胶组合而成。它可产生一种微观尺度上的推动力,其单位重量推力是任何已知马达或肌肉的100倍。“People have been talking about making nanobots for many years but they do not exist yet,” said Professor Jeremy Baumberg, leader of the project at Cambridge university. “Why not? Because so far there has been no way of making them move through liquids — which is like swimming through treacle on the nanoscale because the molecular forces are so strong.” “多年来,大家一直在谈论制造纳米机器人,但它们仍未问世。”剑桥大学(Cambridge)教授、该项目带头人杰里米#8226;邦伯格(Jeremy Baumberg)说,“为什么呢?这是因为直至今天,我们仍无法让纳米机器人在液体中移动——这就像是在纳米尺度的糖浆中游泳,分子力太强了。”He says Ant engines, described for the first time in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, would provide sufficient power. “Like real ants they provide large forces for their weight,” he said. “The challenge we now face is how to control the force for nano-machinery applications.” 他说,“蚂蚁”引擎——最初发布于《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)——将提供充足的动力。“就像真正的蚂蚁一样,它们能够提供比自身重量大得多的力量。”他说,“我们目前面临的挑战是,如何控制这一力量为纳米机械所用。”The Ant is powered by physical rather than chemical reactions. It contains gold nanoparticles, each about 0.06 microns, or a thousandth of the width of a human hair, in diameter in water with a gel-like polymer called pNIPAM. “蚂蚁”的动力源自物理反应而不是化学反应。它包含金纳米颗粒,每个颗粒的直径约为0.06微米(相当于人类头发宽度的千分之一),这些颗粒与一种名为聚N-异丙基丙烯酰胺(pNIPAM)的凝胶状聚合物一起泡在水里。When the temperature is above the critical temperature of 32C, the gold particles are bound tightly together with the polymer through intermolecular attraction. When it falls below 32C, the polymer suddenly absorbs water and expands — and the gold particles are pushed rapidly apart like a spring. 当温度升到临界温度32摄氏度以上时,金颗粒通过分子间吸引力与聚合物一道被紧紧束缚在一起。当温度降到32摄氏度以下时,聚合物突然吸收水分并膨胀——聚集的金颗粒被快速推散开来,就像弹簧一样。“It’s like an explosion,” said Tao Ding, another member of the team. “We have hundreds of gold balls flying apart in a millionth of a second when water molecules inflate the polymers around them.” “这就像是爆炸,”该团队的另一成员Tao Ding说,“当水分子让金颗粒周围的聚合物膨胀时,数百个金球在百万分之一秒内飞散开来。”The reaction is completely and rapidly reversible, experiments show. When the temperature rises again, the Ant stores a large amount of elastic energy in a fraction of a second as the polymer coating expels water from the gel and contracts around the gold particles. “The whole process is like a nano-spring,” said Prof Baumberg.实验表明,这一反应是完全、快速可逆的。当温度再度升高时,随着聚合物包裹物把水分排出凝胶并围绕金颗粒收缩起来,“蚂蚁”可在瞬间储存大量弹性能。“整个过程就像是纳米弹簧,”邦伯格教授说。The prototype Ant uses laser light to control the system’s temperature but other mechanisms could be used instead. The transition point could also be adjusted, for example to set the energy release point close to 37C — the human body’s normal temperature. “蚂蚁”原型引擎用激光来控制系统的温度,但也可采用其他机制。临界点也可调整,比如把能量释放点设定为接近37摄氏度——人体的正常温度。The Ant might drive a nanobot through a series of piston strokes, rather like a car engine but on a scale many billions of times smaller. “蚂蚁”或可通过一系列活塞冲程来驱动纳米机器人,这很像汽车的引擎,只是其尺寸是后者的数十亿分之一。“The concept can underpin a plethora of future designs,” Prof Baumberg said. The team is working with Cambridge Enterprise, the university’s commercialisation arm, to develop practical applications for the technology.“这一概念可为大量的未来设计提供撑,”邦伯格教授说。该团队正与剑桥大学的商业化机构“剑桥实业”(Cambridge Enterprise)合作,开发这项技术的实际应用。 /201605/441143。


  不可不知的好莱坞新词好莱坞明星的分分合合引人关注,但是你是否知道明星的分合居然也能够创造新词呢?starter wife \stahr-ter wahyf\ n: long-suffering woman who marries and emotionally supports a man through his lean years—maybe paying his way through medical school, or holding his hand while he auditions for non-speaking roles. Once he's reached the pinnacle of success and is making millions pumping lips full of collagen or gracing the silver screen, the starter wife is kicked to the curb in favor of a younger or more famous new mate. In Los Angeles, this often happens right before the 10th anniversary, as California law states that after 10 years, a husband can be made to pay alimony indefinitely.LEFT BEHIND Starter husbands Chad Lowe and Ryan Phillippe got dropped by their more successful wives.有负心汉就有薄情女。头号前妻 【名】 坚忍的已婚女性,心甘情愿地全力持丈夫度过消沉岁月——比方说资助他完成医学院的课程,或者在他出演龙套角色的电影试映会上握着他的手。一旦他爬上事业高峰并且开始制造成千上万富含胶原质的饱满嘴唇或者在银幕上风度翩翩的时候,头号前妻就将被一脚蹬开,取而代之的将是更为年轻的或者更有名的新伴侣。在洛杉矶,以上情况通常发生在锡婚到来之前,因为根据加利福尼亚的法律规定,要拖到结婚十年之后的话,前妻就能要求一笔数目不定的赡养费了。 to be Cruised \crooz-ed\ vb: to be canned just shy of one's 10th anniversary, in the manner of Nicole Kidman, who wasdiscarded by Tom Cruise shortly before the decade mark. 10-YEAR DITCH Nicole Kidman, you got Cruised!妮可·基德曼,你被克鲁斯了!被克鲁斯了 【动】 在10周年到来之际被抛弃,就像妮可·基德曼一样,在离结婚十年纪念之前没多少日子的时候被汤姆·克鲁斯蹬了。 /200803/31441大部分的人在第一次上英文课的时候,就会开始考虑取一个英文名字,以便外国人能够准确无误的称呼自己,同时感受文明地球上不同地域的文化魅力。很多人在不同阶段都取过几个英文名字,但当你出国申请护照时最好固定下一个英文名字,因为以后再改就很不方便了。尽管起名没有一定之规,但起英文名时要尽量与自己的中文名有联系,让人感觉这就是你。下面介绍几种常用起名方法:1、根据英文名字的内在含义,选择一个您喜欢的英文名字,或者拿自己所崇拜的西方伟人的名字做自己的名字。许多英文名字,来自希腊神话、罗马神话和《圣经》,因而具有某种内在含义。  1)英文名字的含义(男女完全简体版);   2)美国最常用的100个男性和女性的名字。   2、自己创造一个自己喜欢的名字。   1)音译:英文名最好与中文名发音一致,或者局部发音一致,如:   蒋大为David Jiang   李连杰 Jet Li     2)意译:   李 冰 Ice Li   杨光艳 Sunny Yang   3)香港人喜欢取水果或四季名称作名字,老外感觉有点怪,可他们就这么叫了.   起名要注意:   1、根据中文名起英文名字时,注意姓氏通常不变。   2、起英文名时注意性别,老外给男人用的名字有的中国女生也拿来用,闹出一些笑话。   根据星座:   白羊座男性最适合的英文名字:   Charles、Mark、Bill、Vincent、William、Joseph、 James、Henry、Gary、 Martin、   白羊座女性最适合的英文名字:   Malcolm 、Joan、Niki、Betty、Linda、Whitney、Lily   金牛座男性最适合的英文名字:   Fred、Gary、William、Charles、Michael、Karl   金牛座女性最适合的英文名字:   Barbara、Elizabeth、Helen、Katharine、Lee、Ann、Diana、Fiona   双子座男性最适合的英文名字:   Bob、John、Thomas、Dean、Paul、Jack、Brooke /200803/28468

  Sunshine 'helps to keep you young' The National Day holiday is a time for trips. Many people go to travel agencies and ask them arrange itineraries, so that people don't have to spend much time and energy working out travel details. Yet despite how meticulous travel agents may be, there are always some things people need to look after themselves to ensure a pleasant and safe journey. For your reference, here are some things you should consider before traveling: What diseases to look out for While China covers a vast geographic area, with various mountains and rivers, these grand landscapes are not suitable for all people. High altitudes, cold sea water and pollen can prevent certain groups of people to visiting these areas. People with acute otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), coronary heart disease, angina and seriously high or low blood pressure as well as pregnant women are advised to stay away from high mountains, because high altitude sickness could pose a serious physical challenge to these people. Those with rheumatism, diabetes, chest pains and overactive thyroid glands are strongly advised to stay away from seaside. In autumn, the seaside temperature is lower than land temperature on average. This an the combination of high humidity and abundant sodium ions in the air will aggravate the health of these people and lead to contraction of the alleged "seaside exposure syndrome". Autumn is also a season of high occurrences of pollen, so people allergic to pollen should avoid going out too much, especially on windy days. When going out, those allergic to pollens should take some allergy medicine before going out. What clothes to wear Loose and light clothing are preferred to tight and heavy clothes. Jeans, T-shirts and a wind-proof jacket constitute a perfect outfit for ordinary outing. If you don't want to end up wearing the same clothes all the time, then pack several cotton T-shirts, both long sleeves and short sleeves. In addition, always take more than one pair of socks with you in case that you may step into water and have no spare socks to replace the wet ones. Wear bright color clothes. There are three reasons: people wearing bright colored clothes often appear nicer in photos; when mingling with other tourists, bright clothes make people easily identifiable; and bright colors cheer people up. What food to eat Chocolate is a perfect food to carry along on the road. It tastes good and can boost energy supplies instantly, preventing low blood sugar levels. Beef jerky is also a nice choice. The salted preserved beef is always good to boost the muscles. Apart from these little snacks, people should also eat full balanced meals. Although they may need more time to fit eating into their schedules, it's necessary for people to eat at least one big meal each day to keep healthy. Meals should contain sufficient fat, protein and vitamins. Also, some scenic spots may sell local foods. Take a reserved attitude towards this kind of food. If you feel they don't appeal to your appetite, then say no to avoid unnecessary allergies or diarrhea. Take care of your kids Many parents take their kids with them when they go travel. In this case, parents need to bear in mind that children are more likely to have carsickness than adults. To help kids overcome carsickness, parents need to pay attention to the following things: Don't let kids eat too much or too greasy. Don't let them starve either. Instead feed them with healthy snacks like fruit. Before getting on board a plane or car, put a slice of ginger on your child's bellybutton, to counter carsickness. Some children do better when sitting in the front passenger seat or a window seat in the back. for ventilation. For those suffering from serious carsickness, parents need to feed them counter-sickness medicine following doctors' pres criptions 旅行时也要保持健康国庆节假期是旅行的时候。很多人让旅行社安排行程,以节省时间和精力去处理旅行中的一些细节问题。不管旅行社是多么细心周到,你仍需要注意一些问题,以确保旅行的安全和愉快。以下几点希望能给您以参考。 堤防什么样的疾病 中国地域辽阔,有着各种各样的山脉和河流。但是,并非每一个人都适合去这些景区游玩。高纬度,冰冷的海水和花粉可能去阻止一些人去这些地方。我建议患有急性中耳炎,冠心病,咽喉痛或严重的高低血压的人不要去山区旅行。高原反应会对这类人群的身体健康造成威胁。 我还强烈建议那些患有风湿病,糖尿病,胸痛,严重甲状腺的人不要去海边。秋季,海边的平均温度低于陆地平均温度。而且,海边空气湿度大,钠离子丰富。这都会使这群人的病情恶化,还可能患上所谓的海边综合症。 秋季还是花粉高发期,因此,对花粉过敏的人应尽量少出门,特别是在有风的日子。如果要出门,在出去前,用一些防过敏的药物。 穿什么样的衣 选择宽松轻薄的衣。牛仔,T恤衫和防风夹克是日常行装的完美组合。 如果不想总是穿同样的衣,可以带几件棉质T恤衫,可长可短。另外,要随身携带一双袜子,以防踏入水坑,没有替换品。 要穿亮色的衣,理由有三:穿亮色的衣照相时,会显得更漂亮;同其他游客混在一起时,更加容易辨别;鲜亮的衣能振奋人的精神。 吃什么样的食物 巧克力是一种最适合路上携带的小食品。口感不错,而且能够随时补充能量。牛肉干也是一种不错的选择。用盐腌制的牛肉干对有助于拉伸肌肉。 除了这些小零食,还应该保持饮食的平衡。虽然在旅行中,吃饭需要更多的时间,但是为了保持健康,每天至少吃一顿大餐。食物里应包含足够的脂肪,蛋白质和维他命。 一些景区可能会卖当地的特产。对于这种食物,我们最好是以慎重的态度对待。如果觉得不符合自己的胃口,应加以拒绝,以避免不必要的过敏或腹泻 照顾好小孩 很多家长带着孩子一起去旅行。如果这样的话,父母要牢牢记住:孩子可能比成年人更容易晕车。 帮助孩子克晕车,家长应注意以下几点:不要让孩子吃的太多或是吃太油腻的食物,但是也不能让他们饿着。给他们吃像水果这样的健康小食品。在上飞机或上车前,在孩子的肚脐上夹一块姜片,来防止晕车。有些孩子坐在前排或是后排靠窗的座位会感觉好一些,因为可以通风。对于那些晕车很严重的孩子来说,家长应该根据医生开的药方给他们吃一些晕车药。 /200801/25616

  A 52-year-old journalist who has covered the tech industry for decades is laid off. He joins a start-up where the average employee is aged 29 and tends to wear clothing bedecked with the company logo and colour. 这位报道科技行业几十年的记者52岁时被解雇了。然后他加入了一家初创企业,这里员工的平均年龄为29岁,经常身穿带有公司标识和形象色的装。 Coming from the author of a cutting satire of Steve Jobs, who now writes for the HBO comedy Silicon Valley, the tale could be mistaken for a film pitch or parodic dystopian novel. But Dan Lyons is serious. After being “dumped” as Newsweek’s technology editor in 2012, Lyons decides to ride Silicon Valley’s second great bubble. Lyons finds the right company, if only for the raw material that he, a seasoned satirist, spins into gold. 莱昂斯曾撰写过有关史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)的措辞尖刻的讽刺作品,现在担任美国家庭电影频道(HBO)喜剧《硅谷》(Silicon Valley)的编剧,因此这本书中的故事可能会被误以为是一部电影宣传片或一本恶搞性质的反乌托邦小说。但莱昂斯是认真的。在2012年作为《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)的科技编辑被“炒鱿鱼”后,他决定利用硅谷第二次大泡沫的机会。他找对了公司,哪怕这只是让这位老道的讽刺作家找到了妙笔生花所需的素材。 When Lyons joins Boston-based HubSpot as a “marketing fellow” in 2013, it is gearing up to go public. Reeling from culture shock, Lyons catalogues daily life in the company and its unselfconsciously ridiculous vocabulary. 2013年,莱昂斯加入总部位于波士顿的HubSpot,担任“营销员”,当时该公司正准备上市。文化冲击让莱昂斯晕头转向,他把公司的日常生活及其可笑而不自知的用语分类记录了下来。 Its software helps businesses assail customers with messages it says are not spam but “loveable marketing content”. Employees are not sacked, they are “graduated”. A co-founder totes a teddy bear to meetings to represent the customer. There are yoga ball chairs, free candy, taps dispensing beer, and a replica of a red British telephone box. The funny, if repetitive, descriptions paint a workplace that is “a cross between a kindergarten and a frat house”. 该公司的软件帮助企业向客户进行信息轰炸,称这些不是垃圾信息,而是“可爱的营销内容”。在这家公司,员工不是被解雇,而是“毕业”。一位联合创始人会带着一个泰迪熊开会,用它代表客户。那里有瑜伽球椅、免费糖果、出啤酒的水龙头以及一个仿制的英国红色电话亭。书中戏谑(尽管有些重复)的描述描绘出一个“介于幼儿园和联谊会之间”的办公场所。 But the book is not just a chronicle of the tech bubble’s silly quirks. As Lyons gets to know HubSpot, questions arise about the business model of a company that does not appear to trust its product. At one point his desk is moved to a “boiler room” of telemarketers selling HubSpot software, which claims to replace such dated practices. The company says it evaluates its employees on “HEART” — an anodyne acronym for “humble, effective, adaptable, remarkable and transparent” — but holds its sales reps to strict as. 但本书不仅仅记录了科技泡沫中的奇人怪事。随着莱昂斯对HubSpot的逐渐了解,他开始质疑这家似乎不相信自身产品的公司的商业模式。他的办公桌曾一度搬到“电话推销室”,电话推销员在这里推销HubSpot软件,而该软件恰恰声称要取代电话推销这种过时的做法。该公司表示是根据“HEART”标准(即谦逊、应变、卓越和透明)衡量员工表现,却给销售代表规定了严格的任务额。 Lyons uses the lens of his growing disillusionment to focus a broader critique of Silicon Valley. “The people at the top are profiting from this game, which they have rigged in their favour,” he writes, by turning money-losing start-ups into financial vehicles for the benefit of a handful of investors. Tech workers, meanwhile, “are told the needs of the company are more important than their own”. 莱昂斯从一种越来越清醒的视角聚焦于对硅谷的更广泛批判。“处于顶层的人们正从游戏中获利,他们操纵游戏使之有利于自己,”他写道,他们把亏损的初创企业变成了让少数投资者受益的金融工具。与此同时,科技从业者“被告知公司的需要比他们自己的更重要”。 The darkest turn comes, after Lyons has thoroughly fallen out with HubSpot (but profited from its IPO), returned to journalism and written this book. HubSpot’s chief marketing officer is sacked for unethical conduct after trying to obtain Lyons’s manuscript, another executive resigns before he too can be fired and the chief executive is sanctioned for his role in the affair. The Federal Bureau of Investigation probes the incident. 在莱昂斯与HubSpot彻底交恶(但从该公司的首次公开发行(IPO)中获益)、重返记者工作并撰写这本书后,最黑暗的转折来临了。HubSpot首席营销官在试图获得莱昂斯的手稿后因不道德行为被解雇,另一位高管在也可能被解雇之前辞职,首席执行官因在此事中的角色接受处罚。美国联邦调查局(FBI)对此事进行了调查。 But it is HubSpot’s response to the book that suggests it is as clueless as Lyons portrays it. The co-founders write a LinkedIn post that strikes the wounded tone of a jilted ex. 但真正表明HubSpot就像莱昂斯描写的那样愚蠢的,是该公司对这本书的回应。该公司的几位联合创始人在LinkedIn上发帖,受伤的语气仿佛被抛弃的前任。 “We were upset when we first the book,” they write. “But negative emotions have a relatively short half-life with us. Our emotions have been dissipating quickly and we think they’ll asymptotically trend towards zero over time. Besides, life is too short to hold grudges.” “当我们第一次读这本书时,我们感到伤心,”他们写道,“但负面情绪对我们的影响相对短暂。我们的负面情绪正迅速消散,我们相信,随着时间的流逝,它们会消失殆尽。另外,人生苦短,无须心存怨恨。” /201604/439410


  Apple has lured a top Tesla engineer to its secretive electric car team, according to people familiar with the move. 据知情人士透露,苹果(Apple)已延揽到特斯拉(Tesla)的一位顶级工程师,让他加盟其神神秘秘的电动车团队。 The recruitment of Chris Porritt, who left Aston Martin to become Tesla’s vice-president of vehicle engineering three years ago, is a boost for the Apple car project after the departure of Steve Zadesky, the team’s leader, this year. 克里斯#8226;波利特(Chris Porritt)在三年前离开阿斯顿马丁(Aston Martin),出任特斯拉汽车工程副总裁。请到他对于苹果的汽车项目是一个助力;该公司电动车团队的领导者史蒂夫#8226;扎德斯基(Steve Zadesky)今年刚离职。 Mr Porritt worked on the Model S and Model X at Tesla, which has been engaged in a war for talent with the iPhone maker for the past 18 months. 波利特曾在特斯拉参与Model S和Model X车型的研发,这家电动车制造商在过去18个月里与iPhone制造商展开人才争夺战。 Apple, which has not acknowledged the existence of a car project, declined to comment. Tesla confirmed Mr Porritt’s departure from the company. His move to Apple was first reported by Electrek, an electric-car news website. 至今没有承认汽车项目存在的苹果拒绝置评。特斯拉实波利特已离开该公司。他跳槽至苹果的消息最早是由电动车新闻网站Electrek报道的。 Tesla described Mr Porritt in May 2013 as a “world-class leader” and “outstanding engineer”. He spent 16 years at Aston Martin and worked on the DB9, having been at Land Rover for a decade. 特斯拉在2013年5月形容波利特是“世界级领导者”和“杰出工程师”。他在阿斯顿马丁工作了16年,曾参与研发DB9车型;之前他在路虎(Land Rover)工作了10年。 Traditional carmakers including Toyota, Ford and Renault-Nissan have opened Silicon Valley research and development centres. 丰田(Toyota)、福特(Ford)和雷诺-日产(Renault-Nissan)等传统汽车制造商均已在硅谷设立研发中心。 Last year Apple poached engineers who had worked on self-driving systems at Tesla and Volkswagen, suggesting that any vehicle it produced would have a degree of autonomous capability. 去年苹果从特斯拉和大众(Volkswagen)挖走了参与研发自动驾驶系统的多位工程师,似乎表明苹果可能制造的汽车将具有一定程度的自动驾驶能力。 And last year it hired Doug Betts, a 25-year auto industry veteran who had worked at Fiat Chrysler. 同样在去年,苹果聘请了在汽车行业工作了25年的老将、曾效力于菲亚特克莱斯勒(Fiat Chrysler)的道格#8226;贝茨(Doug Betts)。 But in January it emerged that Mr Zadesky was leaving Apple’s car project for personal reasons. One person close to the team cautioned against seeing Mr Porritt as a direct replacement. 但今年1月传出的消息是,扎德斯基因个人原因将要离开苹果的汽车项目。接近苹果团队的一名人士告诫称,不应简单地假设波利特就是接替扎德斯基的人。 Tesla has fought back, recruiting former Apple staffers in security, sensors, chip design and materials. Last year Elon Musk, founder and chief executive, said Apple was known as the “Tesla graveyard” among his staff. 特斯拉也发起反击,招募了安全、传感器、芯片设计和材料领域的苹果前员工。去年特斯拉创始人和首席执行官埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)曾说,苹果在他的员工当中有“特斯拉墓地”之称。 But the tech group’s growing automotive team and resources suggest an increasingly serious initiative. 但是,苹果不断壮大的汽车团队和向该领域投入的越来越多的资源似乎表明,这是一个日趋认真的项目。 Since the Financial Times first reported on Apple’s secret car Ramp;D lab outside its Cupertino headquarters last year, the company is said to have been snapping up real estate in neighbouring Sunnyvale. 自英国《金融时报》去年最先报道苹果在其库比蒂诺(Cupertino)总部外有一个秘密的汽车研发实验室以来,据悉该公司已在邻近的森尼维尔(Sunnyvale)买下房地产。 Buildings in the area have been given names from Greek mythology, such as Zeus and Medusa, in a possible reference to the car initiative’s code name, Project Titan, according to a report in the Silicon Valley Business Journal this month. 据《硅谷商业杂志》(Silicon Valley Business Journal)本月报道,在该地区买下的建筑物已被取了来自希腊神话的名字,如宙斯(Zeus)和美杜莎(Medusa),这可能与苹果汽车项目的代号——泰坦项目(Project Titan)有关。 /201604/438549

  日本打算为全国57万台香烟自动售卖机安装新监控系统,可观测购买者脸上皱纹、鱼尾纹和皮肤松弛度,以此界定买烟者是否达到法定年龄。 Cigarette vending machines in Japan may soon start counting wrinkles, crow's feet and skin sags to see if the customer is old enough to smoke. The legal age for smoking in Japan is 20 and as the country's 570,000 tobacco vending machines prepare for a July regulation requiring them to ensure buyers are not underage, a company has developed a system to identify age by studying facial features.By having the customer look into a digital camera attached to the machine, Fujitaka Co's system will compare facial characteristics, such as wrinkles surrounding the eyes, bone structure and skin sags, to the facial data of over 100,000 people, Hajime Yamamoto, a company spokesman said."With face recognition, so long as you've got some change and you are an adult, you can buy cigarettes like before. The problem of minors borrowing (identification) cards to purchase cigarettes could be avoided as well," Yamamoto said.Japan's finance ministry has aly given permission to an age-identifying smart card called "taspo" and a system that can the age from driving licenses.It has yet to approve the facial identification method due to concerns about its accuracy.Yamamoto said the system could correctly identify about 90 percent of the users, with the remaining 10 percent sent to a "grey zone" for "minors that look older, and baby-faced adults," where they would be asked to insert their driving license.Underage smoking has been on a decline in Japan, but a health ministry survey in 2004 showed 13 percent of boys and 4 percent of girls in the third year of high school -- those aged 17 to 18 -- smoked every day. /200805/39040

  There’s a saying, “Use it or lose it.” That’s pretty much why exercise is good for you. But that’s just the short answer. The details of what actually happens in your body are truly amazing and, I think, super motivating. Here’s the the rest of the story you won’t want to miss![This article is going to motivate you to exercise more. So here’s the obligatory, but important, cautionary note. If you are going to start an exercise program, you should have the OK from your doctor first to make sure that you don’t have any potential heart or other health issues.]How Exercise Makes You Stronger and HealthierThe very first day that you start your exercise program, you will be healthier than you were yesterday. Why? Because your body immediately responds to the exercise by building new cells and tissues to support that exercise. It gets y to better handle the exercise you will do tomorrow. Isn’t that amazing!?There are several marvelous ways that your body changes when you begin a consistent aerobic exercise program. All of the improvements your body makes increases your VO2 Max, which is a measurement of of your fitness level. Specifically, VO2 Max measures the volume of oxygen a person can consume in one minute exercising at maximum exertion.Here are the incredible changes you’ll see in your body:HeartWhen you train over a period of time your heart will grow in size, allowing it to pump a larger volume of blood with each stroke (or pump). This allows more oxygen to be delivered to all the cells in your body. At the same time, your heart also becomes stronger and more efficient at pumping blood.Blood VesselsIn response to your muscles needing more oxygen, your body will grow more capillaries to deliver more oxygen faster going forward. Isn’t that cool?! In addition, over time, regular exercise will make your blood vessels become more flexible allowing them to deliver more oxygen rich blood more efficiently. And if that wasn’t enough, the increased blood flow in your blood vessels serves to clean out excess cholesterol, keeping you free of clogs which can cause strokes and heart attacks.Red Blood CellsAs you exercise each day, your body says, “OK, I get it. You need more oxygen. Alright, turn up the red blood cell production!” As your red blood cell count increases so does your ability to receive more oxygen more efficiently.Cellular LevelThis improvement is very cool too. In each of the cells in your body there are these little power machines called mitochondria. What they do is produce energy by combining oxygen and glucose (or other fuel molecules). This combination produces ATP which is the molecule that gives your cells the energy they need to do their cellular work. When you exercise regularly, guess what happens? Yup, your body creates more and stronger mitochondria in each of your cells, making you more powerful and giving you more endurance for everything in your life! Wow! How exciting is that!?MusclesWhen you use your muscles beyond what they can handle, either through aerobic exercise or weight bearing exercise, it causes your body to build new muscle tissue. Tiny tears can occur with weight lifting, and when these tears are repaired, this is what causes the muscle to become larger and more defined. Larger, stronger muscles will raise your metabolism making weight management easier.Your VO2 MaxIf you want to test your VO2 max, a simple way to do this is to perform the Rockport Walking Fitness Test. It is well regarded as an accurate way to measure your VO2 max. If you can’t get your heart rate above 120 with fast walking, here is a similar jogging test. (Again these tests should only be done with your doctor’s approval.)What Kind of Exercise is Best?The best kind of exercise is the kind you do everyday for 30 minutes, whether consecutive minutes or broken up throughout the day. You should aim for a target heart rate of 55-85% of your max heart rate. Here’s the formula to calculate your maximum heart rate:Maximum heart rate 208 - (0.7 X your age in years)Example: If you are 40 years old, then your maximum heart rate 208 -(0.7 X 40) 180.Moderate activity level would be between 99 - 126 beats per minute.Strenuous activity level would be between 126 - 153 beats per minute.So it doesn’t matter if you walk or run, bike or swim, play tennis or rake the yard. As long as you do it everyday and get your heart pumping you will make yourself healthier every day. The only advantage that running has over walking is that you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time. But, the advantage of brisk walking is that it is easier on your joints than running. So just choose whichever activity you like better, and go for it!Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to stop in the middle of your exercise, don’t fret. As long as you finish it later, it’s fine. You can do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Everyone has time for that right?My soon to be released book on healthy living will have more information on healthy exercise. In the meantime, all you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Vary your exercise every so often for a new muscular challenge and also for fun. Here are some other aerobic activities you can try:bikingcross country skiingswimmingtennisstrenuous yogasquashhikingkayakinggolfingsoccerjumping (jump-rope or mini-trampoline)dancing 有这样一句俗语,“不常使用,就失去。”就很好地说明了为什么运动对你有好处。但这只是句简短的回答。运动让你身体里实实在在变化着的细节是令人惊奇的,我认为,非常激励人。这里有你绝不愿错过的其他的信息!(这篇文章将激励你更多地去运动。所以这里有些必需的,但重要的警示。如果你要开展一项运动,必须先得到你的医生的许可,确保你将不会有任何潜在的心脏或其他健康上的问题。)运动怎样让你更加强壮和健康即使是开始运动项目的第一天,你也比昨天更健康。为什么?你的身体以建立新的细胞和组织的方式迅速地做出反应,来持那项运动的进行。你的身体状况将更好,使你更好地应付明天要做的运动。这难道不是很神奇吗?当开始坚持一个有氧运动计划时,你的身体以一些惊人的方式发生改变。所有的身体状况上的改善将增加你的最大摄氧量,而最大摄氧量是测量你的健康水平的一个标准。具体来说,最大摄氧量测量的是一个人在一分钟运动中的最大耗氧量。这些就是你将在自己身上看到的难以置信的改变:心脏当你运动训练过一段时间以后,你的心脏体积将变大,每一次跳动(或撞击)可以输送更多的血。这将输送更多的氧气到你身体的各个细胞。同时,你的心脏变得更强壮,能更有效率地输送血液。血管因为你的体力需要更多氧气撑,你的身体将生成更多毛细血管来便于更多氧气的传送。这难道不神奇吗?另外,久而久之,定期的运动将使你的血管更有效率、更灵活地更传送更多富氧的血液。除此之外,那些增加的血液在你的血管里流动着,它们能清除多余的胆固醇,让你免于可能引起中风和心脏病发作的血管堵塞。红细胞随着每天的运动,你的身体说,“好的,我知道了。你需要更多的氧气。好吧,加大红细胞的产量!”红细胞数量增加了,你也能更有惬意地吸收更多的氧气。细胞水平这个进展也是令人称奇的。你身体中的每一个细胞里,都有这些叫做线粒体的“小发电机”。它们将氧气和葡萄糖(或其他燃料分子)结合起来来制造能量。这种结合制造出提供细胞每天运行所需燃料的分子--三磷酸腺苷。当你定期运动,猜猜会发生些什么?是的,你的身体在每一个细胞中制造出更多更好的线粒体,让你更强壮,在生活中做任何事情时都更有耐力。哇!这不是多激动人心吗!?肌肉当你用你的肌肉做些有难度的活动时,不论是有氧运动还是负重运动,都会让你的身体建立新的肌肉组织。举重时肌肉会有轻微的裂开,当这些裂口愈合时,肌肉也变得更强大更轮廓分明。拥有些大块些、强壮些的肌肉会让新陈代谢加快,让体重更容易保持。你的最大摄氧量若你想测试自己的最大摄氧量,进行rockport步行体能测验就是一个简单的方法。它被认为是测量最大摄氧量的一个准确途径。如果你不能通过快走让你的心率超过120,这里还有个相似的慢跑测试。(同样地,这些测试必须在你的医生的准许下完成。)什么方式的运动最好?运动的最好方式是每天进行半个小时,不管是持续的半小时还是一天中零碎进行的半小时。你需要朝着使心率往你的最大心率的55-85%的目标前进。这是计算你的最大心率的公式:最大心率208-(0.7X你年龄的年数)例子:如果你40岁,那么你的最大心率208-(0.7 X 40) 180一般的心率水平应该在每分钟99-126之间。较好的心率水平应该在每分钟126-153之间。所以,无论你是走还是跑,是骑自行车还是游泳,是打网球还是用耙理庭院,都没有关系。只要你每天做,让你的心脏自由跳动,你会每一天变得更健康一点。比起步行,跑步的唯一优势是能让你在更短的一段时间里消耗更多的卡路里。但是比起跑步,快走的优势是它对于关节来说更为轻松。所以只要选择你更喜欢些的运动,去做吧!另外你需铭记在心,当不得不在运动中停下来时,不要为此苦恼。只要你能稍后完成它,就可以了。你可以早晨和晚上各运动15分钟。这样每个人都有时间运动了,不是吗?我将发行的那本关于健康生活的书中会提供更多关于健康运动的信息。与此同时,你所需要的一切仅仅是一双穿着行动方便的胶底运动鞋。偶尔让运动的内容多样化,这将既是一项新的肌肉挑战,也是一种乐趣。这里是一些你可以尝试的其他有氧运动:* 骑自行车* 越野滑雪* 游泳* 网球* 艰苦的瑜珈训练* 壁球* 徒步旅行* 划皮艇* 高尔夫球* 英式足球* 跳跃(跳绳或小蹦床)* 跳舞 /200805/38134

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