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泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院是不是莆系泉州去医院做个孕前检查多少钱Business商业报道Business and geopolitics商业与地缘政治学Enter the G20走进G20Business hopes to be heard at next weeks G20 summit商界希望下周的G20峰会能倾听到自己的心声WHEN the G20, a group of governments from the worlds biggest economies,本月晚些时候,世界上最大的20个经济体组成的集团,meets in Los Cabos, Mexico, later this month, business will have a seat at the table.G20将在墨西哥的洛斯卡沃斯召开会议,这一次,商界将也要出席这次会议。The bosses of more than 300 large companies will be at the same beach resort for the fourth summit of the B20, a group that tries to persuade governments to be more business-friendly.超过300个大公司的总裁将会在同一个海滩度假胜地迎来第四次B20峰会。B20这个集团组织的宗旨是游说政府对对商业更加友好。For the first time, B20 leaders will be invited to address the assembled politicians.这是B20的领导第一次受邀在政治家云集的峰会上演讲。They will give advice on matters ranging from infrastructure to jobs,这些商界领袖将会针对从基础设施到就业等重大问题,向大会献计献策。but the B20s most useful role may be as a watchdog.不过B20最有益的作用或许是充当监督者。The politicians at these powwows have a reputation for saying one thing and doing another when they return home.众所周知,参加这类会议的政客回国后,常常说一套做一套,甚至光说不做。To hold them to account, the B20s chairman, Alejandro Ramírez, touts a new performance dashboard.为了让他们说到做到,B20主席亚利桑德罗·拉米雷兹竭力推荐实施一种全新的绩效榜机制。This dashboard, prepared with input from the International Chamber of Commerce, the McKinsey Global Institute and the University of Toronto, will track each G20 countrys progress in keeping promises made at each years summit.这个绩效榜上待评价的指标是由国际商会、麦肯锡全球研究所和多伦多大学共同编写的。每年G20 国家都会在峰会上做出承诺,绩效榜将跟踪每个G20 国家在实现承诺的进展情况。Initially, the dashboard will focus only on commitments directly relevant to business.最初,绩效榜将关注与商业直接相关的承诺。The Economist has seen a draft dashboard, minus the country names.《经济学人》杂志同僚曾经见到过绩效榜的草稿,略去了国家的名称。It tracks progress made between the 2010 and 2011 G20 summits on 13 categories of pledge.它跟踪调查了2010年G20峰会和2011年峰会间,13类承诺的实现情况。They include improving the financial system, fighting climate change, promoting free trade and curbing corruption.这些承诺包括:改善财政体系,积极应对气候变化,促进自由贸易并整治腐败。It makes dismal ing, in places.绩效榜上有些国家的表现十分低迷。On trade, only four of the G20 did what they said they would.在贸易方面,只有4个国家信守了承诺。Five made no progress at all, or regressed.5个国家没有实现任何进展,甚至有所倒退。Pledges to fight corruption, manage exchange rates sensibly and price fossil fuels to reflect their carbon emissions were also widely breached.包括打击腐败,合理控制汇率,对矿物燃料定价使其能够反映其碳排放多少等在内的许诺大部分都没有兑现。The dashboard ought to embarrass people who deserve to be embarrassed.绩效榜应该然让那些理应蒙羞的人感到难堪。But although it has been shown to the G20 governments, the B20 is dithering about whether to publish it.但是,尽管G20各国政府都看到了这个绩效榜,但B20却对是否发表这个榜单犹豫不决。Fans of good government will be disappointed. What use is a watchdog that does not bark?有信誉的政府的持者可能会感到失望。但是,要是看门不叫的话,要它何用?For now Mr Ramírez, whose day job is boss of Cinépolis, a Mexican cinema chain, will say only that Australia has performed best, making progress on every pledge, whereas Argentina has performed poorly.作为B20主席,拉米雷兹的日常工作是担任一家名为辛普利的墨西哥影院连锁的总裁。仅就目前而言,拉米雷兹只能说澳大利亚的表现是最好的,在每一个承诺上都做出了成绩,相反,阿根廷表现很差。No surprises there.这点不足为奇,Australia has grown rich selling food and minerals to China, and is rolling out the welcome mat for foreign talent.澳大利亚通过向中国出售食品和矿产而大发横财,并展开怀抱,积极引进外国人才。Argentina, in contrast, cannot even keep honest inflation statistics, and has a nasty habit of nationalising foreign companies.相反,阿根廷甚至在通胀数据上都不能诚实一点,并有个恶劣的习惯——将外国企业收归国有。Following a disappointing B20 last year in Cannes, when the politicians lectured the bosses but did not listen,去年在戛纳召开的B20峰会令人不快,因为政治家们批评了商界总裁,但却没有听取他们的意见。Mr Ramírez has been doing all sorts of sensible things to make the B20 seem more than just a club of rich grumblers.自此之后,拉米雷兹采取各种各样的明智的手段,以使B20看上去不仅仅是个爱发牢骚的富人的俱乐部。He has invited NGOs and other outsiders to join its deliberations.他邀请了许多非政府组织和旁观者参与到自己的讨论中来。Barbara Stocking, the head of Oxfam UK, is on the B20s food-security task force. John Evans, a veteran trade-union official, is on its employment task force.英国乐施会的负责人芭芭拉·斯托金已经加入到B20的食品安全特别小组。资深工会领导人,约翰·埃文斯已成为其就业特别小组成员。But a pressure group is measured by results, not intentions.压力集团是否起作用靠的是结果而非意图。The B20 has yet to prove itself.这一点上,B20有待明自己。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201307/246742福建省泉州妇幼保健院挂号预约 Off the East Coast, Australia, up to 200 kilometers off shore, a line of surf rises out of the open ocean. 澳大利亚东海岸之外,200公里的近海之内,宽广的海面上一层层浪花翻腾。Beneath the surface, creating these breaking waves is the most magical marine environment on Earth.在这海面之下,形成这些波浪的正是这个地球上最奇幻的海洋生境。;Im Monty Halls, Im a marine biologist and diver, and Ive always been fascinated by the sea. 我是蒙蒂胡奥斯,一名海洋生物学家兼潜水员。我一直对海洋着迷。For me, theres always been one place that is the epitome of everything that is wonderful about the marine environment. 对我而言,总有一个地方,浓缩了海洋所有的美丽。Its a true, global icon. Its a Mecca for anyone whos ever heard the word coral-the Great Barrier Reef.;这是一个真正的圣地,就像麦加对于穆斯林一样,大堡礁!Stretching for over 2,000 kilometers up the tropical coast of Australia, it is quite simply the largest living structure on the planet. 长达2000公里的澳大利亚热带海岸线,是地球上最大的生命聚集地。Its made up of almost 3,000 different reefs, each one with a different personality. 这里有3000多种珊瑚礁,每一种都各有特性。And its so much more than just coral. 出名的不仅仅是珊瑚。But the Great Barrier Reef is most famous for its underwater world. 大堡礁最著名的是她的海底世界。Here, there is more life than almost anywhere else on Earth.这里有比世界上任何其他地方都丰富的物种。201408/321049When you were in mickey mouse club, Ryan gosling...你在米老鼠俱乐部的时候 Ryan gosalingthat was a talented group of kids there, ryan gosling was in it.你们真是一伙天才小孩 Ryan gosling也是其中一个Ryan Gosling said when yall in Mickey Mouse Club,他说你们在米老鼠俱乐部的时候you played Spin the Bottle together, you and him.曾一起玩转瓶子的游戏 就你们俩Did you do that? Thats what he said.是吗 他这么说I did that but I didnt kiss hime, though.我是有玩 但是我没亲他Well, what happens when it lands on you?那瓶子转到你的时候怎么办Well, I just... the only person I kissed was Justin.我是亲过 就亲了Justin一个So he would play Spin the Bottle and then you were just not kissing him?他玩了转瓶子游戏 但你没亲他吗It never... I never landed on him.我没转到他Well, who else played?那还有谁玩He said it was just you and him.他说就你们俩No,it wasnt just me and hime.不 不光我们两个We play with the girl... he is a liar.还有女孩 他是个骗子呢He is good-looking but he is a liar! That Ryan Gosling.长得蛮好看的却是个骗子 那个ryan gosling.Really? Yeah.真的吗 是的Wow, is that... so is that something all, you all did哇 也就是说你们在一起play spin the bottle, thats cute and innocent, that thing.都玩了转瓶子游戏 真是又萌有清新Remember Spin the Bottle? How that was... that was so much fun.记得转瓶子游戏不 真是 多有意思啊We should do that.我们真应该也玩起来I really should do that again.我真应该再玩一次I miss that game.我想玩那个游戏了All right, tell us about the...好吧 跟我们说下Sorry, I had memories just now.不好意思 刚才神游去了注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组Elle /201312/270536泉州新阳光女子医院白带常规多少钱

福建泉州市妇女医院专业的医生福建中心医院地址 Science and technology科学技术Physiognomy面相学Facing the truth面对真相Why a mans face can lie but still produce orgasms一个男性的面相为什么可以说谎,但尽管如此仍能带来高潮Who are you calling a wide-boy?你称之为宽脸男孩的人是谁?THESE days, physiognomy is an unfashionable science.如今面相学是过时的学科。The idea that character is etched into an individuals face is so much at variance with modern notions of free will that research in the area dwindled long ago.人的性格特征蚀刻在脸上这一想法跟现代自由抉择的观念差异很大,而现代自由抉择观念的研究领域很久以前就缩小了。But it is making a tentative comeback.不过人们一直在试验性质地从事这项研究。Two recent studies of faces suggest that their features do matter, biologically speaking: they can predict dishonesty and they can provoke orgasm.最近两项面相研究表明,从生物学上来讲,面部特征的确至关重要:面相可以预测不诚实,面相也能挑起高潮。The study on dishonesty was done by Michael Haselhuhn and Elaine Wong of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.对不诚实的研究是由威斯康星大学密尔沃基分校的迈克尔?哈泽尔胡恩和埃莱讷?黄进行的,并发表在《英国皇家学会会刊》上。Dr Haselhuhn and Dr Wong wondered if a feature aly known to reflect aggressiveness in men might also predict a tendency to lie and cheat.哈泽尔胡恩士和黄士想知道一个已知反映男性有侵略性的特征是否也能预测该人具有说谎和欺骗的倾向。That feature is the ratio of a faces width to its length.这个特征就是面部的宽长比。The wider a mans face, the more likely he will hit you.一个男人的脸越宽,他越有可能打你。Honest signals of aggressiveness make sense.侵略性的诚实信号是有意义的。Potential victims avoid starting fights they cannot win, while the aggressive get their way without risking injury.潜在的受害者可以避免开始他们无法取胜的战斗,而有侵略性的一方不用担心会犯有伤害罪。It does not, however, obviously make sense to give away in advance of a negotiation that you are likely to lie or cheat in it.然而,在谈判进行之前先行放弃显然没有意义,你可能会在谈判中说谎或欺骗。Yet Dr Haselhuhn and Dr Wong found this was the case.而哈泽尔胡恩士和黄士发现的就是这种情形。In both a staged negotiation using MBA students and a separate experiment in which ordinary undergraduates were given an opportunity to earn more money if they misreported the results of a series of die rolls,在启用企业管理硕士进行的谈判中,以及在普通大学生如果错误报告一系列滚筒模的结果就有机会赚更多钱的单独试验中,the two researchers found that the wider a mans face was, compared with its height, the more likely he was to lie about his intentions or cheat.两位研究人员发现,一个男人的脸部同高度比越宽,他越有可能掩饰他的意图或欺骗。That did not, however, apply to women.不过,这并不适用于女性。The probable explanation is that the advantage of being seen, reliably, as aggressive outweighs the disadvantage of being, predictably, a cheat and a liar.可能的解释就是,被可靠地视为有侵略性的好处比预测出骗子和说谎者的坏处要来得重要。Also, the fear of retaliation provoked by aggressiveness means victims of cheating and lying might not want to push the point anyway,此外,欺骗和说谎的受害者因为害怕该人的侵略性促成的报复,可能无论如何都不想推知这点,and might thus be willing to concede a certain amount of slippage in their negotiating position, knowing full well what is going on.且可能因为非常了解会发生什么事,于是愿意在谈判立场上退让到一定限度。Since women rarely use violence to get their way, they do not evolve such signals.由于妇女很少使用暴力达到目的,所以她们没有进化出这样的信号。The likelihood of a link between mens faces and womens orgasms is more obvious than that between faces and cheating,男性的面相和女性的高潮之间存在联系的可能性比面相和欺骗之间存在联系的可能性更明显,but is nevertheless significant.但仍然是重要的。In a study to be published in Evolution and Human Behavior,即将发表在《进化与人类行为》上的一项研究中,David Puts and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University found what you might expect—that sex with a good-looking man is more likely to result in orgasm than sex with a minger.宾夕法尼亚州立大学的大卫?普茨和他的同事们发现了你可能会料到的事。What this means is that good-looking men are even more likely to conceive children than was previously believed.这意味着,好看的男人比人们以前所认为的更有可能拥有孩子。Obviously, the handsome have more mating opportunities than the ugly.跟一个好看的男子发生性关系比跟一个丑八怪发生性关系更有可能会达到高潮。显然,英俊的人比丑陋的人有更多的做爱机会。But if they more often bring a woman to orgasm, as well, each of those opportunities is more likely to result in conception,除了他们更经常地让女性达到高潮,每次这样的机会也都更有可能导致受,because contractions of the cervix and vagina during orgasm transport semen deeper into the reproductive tract.因为高潮期子宫颈和阴道的收缩把更深地送入了生殖道。And that is what Dr Puts found.这就是普茨士所发现的。He and his team recruited 70 couples and asked the women how they rated their mens masculinity and attractiveness,他和他的小组招募了70对夫妇,询问妇女她们如何评价自己男人的阳刚之气和吸引力,and how often and when they orgasmed.以及她们什么时候达到高潮、持续多久。They also asked independent observers to rate the mens faces, and found broad agreement with the ratings from partners.他们还要求独立的观察员评价男性的面相,并发现观察员的评价与来自配偶的评价大体上一致。As they predicted, women whose menfolk had attractive, masculine faces orgasmed more often during intercourse.正如他们所预测的,对丈夫有吸引力的女性来说,男性化的面孔更经常地让她们在做爱时达到高潮。They did not, by contrast, orgasm more frequently during masturbation or other sexual activity.相反,在手淫或其它性活动时她们不会频繁达到高潮。The extra orgasms also came at the same time as the mans climax—just when they would do the most good for conception.在男性达到高潮的同时女性也会出现额外的高潮,正好遇到他们这样时最有利于受。Women are thus choosing which men father their children not only in whom they take to bed, but in how they react to them, sexually.因此,妇女选择哪些男性做孩子的父亲,不仅在于她们会带谁上床,而且也在于她们对男性在性方面反应如何。The consequence, since looks are inherited, is that their sons, too, will be sexy.因为相貌是遗传的,结果他们的儿子也是性感的。Whether they will be cheats and liars is another matter.他们是否会是骗子和说谎者又是另一回事。 /201304/237376泉州晋江市中医院产妇做检查好吗

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