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山东省青岛市第八医院产科青岛市立医院的评价青岛微管无痛人流多少钱呀 Whats on your playlist?你的播放列表里有什么歌Uh, you know, definite, techno, the usual.你知道的 电子舞曲之类的Before Steve Jobs did the word play list exist?在史蒂夫·乔布斯之前有;播放列表;这个词吗When I was a radio DJ we used play lists.我当电台DJ那会儿我们就用播放列表All right ,never mind.好吧 不说这个了He did gave us an entirely new way to listen to music.他的确让我们以一种全新的方式来听音乐He didnt invent the MP3 player.他并没有发明MP3播放器He just saw possibilities in it that others had overlooked.他只是发现了那些被别人忽视的可能性He made it simple, sturdy and sexy.他让它变得简洁 坚固和漂亮Look at this thing.看看这小家伙And he didnt just change the way we listen to music他改变的不仅仅是我们听音乐的方式he changed the entire music business.而是整个音乐产业He changed...well everything.其实他改变了...一切Steve Jobs came of age in the heyday of rock n roll史蒂夫·乔布斯经历过摇滚乐的全盛时期and he was a music junky.而且他自己也是个乐迷He was a fanatic about Bob Dylan and the Beatles.他是鲍勃·迪伦和披头士的粉丝And I think that love for music really shaped some of his interests as he returned to CEO of Apple and thought about he could revitalize the company.而且我认为他对音乐的那份热爱在他重回苹果CEO之位后影响了他复兴苹果的决策As Jobs begins his second tour at Apple in the late 90s,当乔布斯于九十年代末回归苹果后he fuses his two lifelong passions music and computers to created a revolutionary new gadget.他将人生中的两大最爱 电脑与音乐融合到一起 创造了一个革命性的新产品This amazing little device holds 1,000 songs.这个神奇的小设备可以储存一千首歌It fits right in my pocket.刚好可以放进我的口袋In October of 2001, Apple launches the iPod,苹果于2001年10月推出iPodthe rock star of all music players.它立刻变成音乐播放器中的超级明星This thing was not just a music player.这不仅仅是个音乐播放器It was a sculpture.简直就是一件艺术品It was something that you wanted to touch it and interact with it.你会情不自禁地想触碰 想使用The latest fruit of the apple tree immediately becomes an object of lust.;苹果;树结出最新果实立刻变成人人向往的单品You didnt know you wanted it until you saw it in your friends hand你不知道你想要它 直到看见你朋友拿着它and all of a sudden you realize how great it was.然后突然间你意识到它真的很棒How exciting.令人兴奋Its so convenient to have all of your music in your pocket.很便捷 可以把所有歌曲放到口袋里Just crazy.太神奇了It was great.太厉害了Like the coolest thing, I dont Know,to hit my pocket in a while.可以说是我口袋里装的最酷的东西 /201305/240461At two days walk from the nearest road,这个神秘的地方离最近的路有两天的路程this hidden region wasnt explored by outsiders until the 1990s.直到20世纪90年代才被世人发现Thanks to the annual monsoon,多亏了季风的帮助the whole landscape is covered in lush forest.才使这个地方苍翠繁茂The scale of the gorge is breathtaking.峡谷之大让人心惊胆战As the Yarlung River cuts through the mountains,its created the worlds雅鲁藏布江从山峦间穿过形成了世界最深的峡谷deepest gorge,three times deeper than Americas Grand Canyon.比美国大峡谷深三倍多This vast and mysterious place provides a vital clue to Tibets importance for the rest of the world.这个广袤神秘的地方为研究西藏对其他地方的重要性提供了极其重要的线索The monsoon which sustains this lush and fertile valley多亏了高原的存在owes its very existence to the Tibetan plateau.才有了为绿色富饶峡谷带来活力的季风Like a giant hotplate,the plateau heats up in the spring and summer.高原像一个巨大的加热板 春夏温暖The change in air pressure draws in warm moist air from the Indian Ocean in the south.气压的变化引来了南面印度洋的温热潮湿的空气Thanks to this, over a billion people from India to Burma幸亏这样从印度到缅甸的十亿多人benefit from the monsoon rain that this wind brings with it.都得益于季风带来的季风雨Tibet is the engine that drives the fertility of a whole subcontinent.西藏就是保持整个次大陆肥沃的动力But Tibet has an even greater role in the ecology of the region.但是西藏在地区生态方面扮演着更重要的角色Clues to this function are found in a legend that pre-dates even the ancient Tibetan culture这个角色的线索可以追溯到古藏文化的传说当中and which still draws pilgrims from all over the world.而这个传说至今还吸引着来自全世界的朝圣者 /201208/195650连云港妇女儿童医院地址

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青岛慢性盆腔炎治疗费用特别申明:该节目由可可原创。视频出处:出自B记录篇《英国史》第七集之《女王的诞生》。精视觉:精解说:Cecil knew that the majority of the country was still Catholic either actively or passively.西塞尔知道这个国家绝大多数人仍然或积极或消极地信仰着天主教。He also knew how little it would take for the hard-earned gains of the Reformation to be undone.他也知道这来之不易的改革成果可能被轻易地付诸一炬。Though the queen kept telling everyone it was none of their business, Cecil constantly reminded her that the realm needed her to have a husband.虽然女王一直在告诉大家这不用他们操心,西塞尔仍不断地提醒她王朝需要她找个丈夫。For that matter, her body required it too, since in the 16th century prolonged virginity was thought to bring on the potentially toxic condition known as green sickness, the abnormal retention of female sperm.而且,她的健康亦须如此。因为16世纪的人们认为长期保持贞洁会引发一种潜在的毒性病——俗称绿贫血,会让女性体内的卵子异常阻滞。Marital copulation, then, was what the doctor ordered for the good of the realm.因此,为了国家着想夫妻性生活便成了医嘱。The problem, though, as Cecil was painfully aware, was that if he pushed Elizabeth too hard, she might just end up plumping for the man everyone assumed she really loved.然后西塞尔痛苦地意识到如果他对伊丽莎白的奉劝过于急迫,她可能会干脆选择一个大家认为她会爱上的人选。That man was Cecils rival on the council, Robert Dudley.这个人选就是西塞尔在议会的劲敌——罗伯特·达德利。 /201212/214379 青岛最专业妇科医院黄岛区中医医院男科



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