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青岛打胎医院排名青岛市妇科医院哪里好【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Keeping your attention span pays dividends and gets harder to do as you get older, so you might want to start practicing early.You Will NeedHealthy breakfast Meditation Reading material Yoga Self-hypnosis Mantra Step 1: Eat well(饮食健康)Eat well in the morning to raise your supply of sugar, carbohydrates, and proteins, which sharpen focus and energy during the day. Make sure it’s healthy stuff.Studies show that colorings, sweeteners, and preservatives compromise attention and concentration.Step 2: Meditate regularly(定期沉思)Meditate regularly to improve attention. Studies indicate that meditation improves the ability to retain and respond to stimuli.Step 3: Read a lot(多读)Read daily. Shut out noise and commotion and get interested in subjects that excite you. Keep to a weekly diet of ing.Step 4: Do yoga(做瑜伽)Do slow movement exercise, like yoga, to help focus and direct energy.Step 5: Double your attention(集中注意力)Double your attention span by self-hypnosis: Act as if you are capable and confident and your brain will prepare itself to record information.Step 6: Reduce internet use(减少上网时间)Cut down on your internet use. The repetitive and rapid-fire changing of subjects and stimuli conditions the brain to shorten the attention span.Step 7: Program your unconcious(训练自己的潜意识)Program your unconscious by repeating a mantra such as “I am making my attention span better every day” several times a day and before bed. Memorize it; believe it.The average attention span is 15 to 20 minutes. Article/201003/98927莱州打孩子多少钱 Z~9IXFieKCUba)4~%LD.@_6lMJ1NOOUToday in History: Sunday, September 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月2日,星期天fi1IV6x~aMGjR2Ip。Gpm]wX,)y)Ic YYN.t#dTUu#Rr+OMu59On Sept. 2, 1945, Japan formally surrendered in ceremonies aboard the USS Missouri, ending World War II.1945年9月2日,日本在;密苏里;号巡航舰上正式举行投降仪式结束了第二次世界大战zk3em!d6pU)0cRc%w9G。IOtdH[BGAzy My73OjMjTo|6361666 The Great Fire of London broke out. It destroyed nearly 400 acres, including some 13,000 houses and the old St. Paul#39;s Cathedral.1666年,伦敦爆发大火,摧毁了近400英亩包括大约13000座房屋和旧圣保罗大教堂mz7^4-qF+6)9[qRr。jpQXP(8o1et xN[mJDAW)WkU[1789 The U.S. Treasury Department was established.1789年,美国财政部成立jsSRZ1%LMHvN#U)m5Z1F。9dkuKKJ7CUubm ]LhjM%7%O[n01864 Union Gen. William T. Sherman#39;s forces occupied Atlanta during the Civil War.1864年,内战期间,联盟将军威廉·谢尔曼的部队占领亚特兰大0@+rektaXj。mA5)9*i|Omq b63B]zxTtqP!PfLzL71901 Vice President Theodore Roosevelt offered the advice, ;Speak softly and carry a big stick,; in a speech at the Minnesota State Fair.1901年,副总统西奥多·罗斯福在明尼苏达州览会上发表演讲,提出了“柔声细雨,手持大棒”的意见yb5P#QSAu,-。dwRv0gmi;.uV C0bYOOwa(@SRD6b1935 A hurricane slammed into the Florida Keys, claiming 423 lives.1935年,飓风袭击了佛罗里达群岛,423多人遇难m~X(9LB%ONZ。bcy^m~!Z8%fM01vj 3U|eG-ZD;ci,TJ5s.o1944 Navy pilot George H.W. Bush was shot down by Japanese forces as he completed a bombing run over the Bonin Islands.1944年,海军飞行员乔治H.W在执行对小笠原群岛空军轰炸中被日军击落ty(xh%G3@A~B9。i[EoE8ent2Lu(xx;P zEQ+jt);k@v1945 Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam an independent republic.1945年,胡志明宣布越南共和国独立9bqq]F7o!RJGfeBWZy24。7f-he8PT#JLax jCxi%Z7wW|b0x3N9U_1963 ;The CBS Evening News; was lengthened from 15 to 30 minutes.1963年,“CBS晚间新闻”从15延长到到30分钟|5[#5o8.et。iF[mubIa@Mvr t1kwSb2Czm|1969 North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh died.1969年,北越主席胡志明去世rE[_jS^O7@。1081,^814Yn84acz mw.UUgjNih4D51969 The first automatic teller machine to use magnetic-striped cards opened to the public at Chemical Bank in Rockville Centre, New York.1969年,在纽约美华第一台使用磁条纹卡的自动出纳机投入使用o4|209ExID。cNl]%yVGHcLe|1983 Tom Brokaw took over as anchor of N#39;s ;Nightly News.;1983年,汤姆布罗考担任N电视台“晚间新闻”主持人6Ij+CTb4w%RQH。_c]8l^uk(C9_Vi3T2004 President George W. Bush accepted his party#39;s nomination for a second term at the Republican National Convention in New York City.2004年,在纽约共和党全国代表大会上,乔治W·布什总统接受他党内连任的提名,fH+4KFfo75TjJ0~Wa。wdoUjWMsvM.88d OxEQeCW@6h@KR2005 President George W. Bush told Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, ;Brownie, you#39;re doing a heck of a job; during a tour of Hurricane Katrina damage in Alabama.2005年,乔治W·布什总统在巡视遭飓风破坏的阿拉巴马州卡特里时,对联邦应急首长迈克尔·布朗说:“布朗,你的工作很棘手啊iRSaJtzhb72SL5;UbE。”~p*M7Z^qoEA_FsHJt[nw译ZoygA;4)(sM](dAcFaz[eWllI%nTMH@F+gp4NHTK;+|EK.im /201209/197612How To Cram For a Test on HowcastSure, the best way to prepare for a test is to faithfully attend class, take copious notes, and join a study group. But if it’s a little late for that, cramming is the way to keep that F at bay.准备考试的最好方法时去听课,记大量的笔记,并参加学习小组。但如果那么做已经为时已晚,突击准备考试就是确保及格的好办法。Step 1: Read over notesBegin by ing over your lecture notes. If you don’t have any, beg and plead with a classmate to photocopy theirs.第一步:读笔记开始时可以先读课堂笔记。如果你没有笔记,可以向同学求助来复印他们的笔记。Tip:Some campuses have note-taking services where you can purchase class notes.小贴士:有些学校会卖笔记,这样你去购买就行了。Step 2: Highlight key pointsHighlight the key points in your notes.第二步:牢记要点牢记笔记中的要点。Step 3: Skim textbookSkim the textbook for anything in bold, or key definitions, sections, and charts, and highlight those portions.第三步:浏览课本浏览课本中用粗体标黑的内容或是重要的定义或章节,并牢记内容。Tip:Read the first and last few pages of each chapter thoroughly, because they often summarize the information.小贴士:要通读每章的前几页和最后几页,因为那些页数通常有要点的总结。Step 4: Create flashcardsCreate flashcards by reviewing all the highlighted portions of your notes and textbook and writing one key piece of information on each index card.第四步:做些抽认卡在回顾笔记和课本中的要点部分后做些抽认卡,在每张索引卡上写一条重要的信息。Tip:Keep your energy high by drinking water to stay hydrated and eating snacks that raise your blood sugar without it crashing afterwards, like bananas.小贴士:保持精力旺盛:通过喝水来保持生理机能,吃那些暂时能提高血糖的小吃,比如香蕉。Step 5: MemorizeMemorize the material on your flashcards. Recite it out loud until you’re sure you’ve got it.第五步:记忆记忆抽认卡上的内容。大声背诵直到确定自己已经掌握。Tip:If you’re having trouble remembering something, write it down six or seven times in a row.小贴士:如果你不擅长背东西,可以连着写6遍或7遍。Step 6: SleepGet some shut-eye. A Harvard study proved that eight hours of sleep before a test improves performance by 25 percent.第六步:睡觉要休息些。哈佛大学的研究表明考试前8小时的睡眠能使你在考场上的表现提高百分之二十五。Step 7: Eat breakfastEat a hearty breakfast the day of the exam. Numerous studies prove that people perform mental tasks better on a full stomach.第七步:吃早餐在考试当天吃顿丰盛的早餐。很多研究表明吃饱后人们的思考力会更好。Tip:Eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, like eggs and whole-wheat cereal or toast, so your energy lasts. Sugary foods will give you a quick rush and then leave you yawning in the test.小贴士:吃那些富含碳水化合物和碳水化合物的食物,比如鸡蛋和全麦谷类食物或烤面包,以便保持精力。甜食会使你血糖快速升高,令你在考试中打哈气。Step 8: Take your flashcardsTake your flashcards with you to your testing site and keep going over them until the exam begins.第八步:随身携带抽认卡将抽认卡带到考场,在考试开始前要一直回顾上面的内容。Step 9: RelaxRight before the test starts, take several deep, slow breaths to help you relax.第九步:放松在考试马上要开始时,进行几次缓慢的深呼吸来让自己放松。Step 10: Take a napTake a nap after the test. Studies show it will help you retain what your learned—for the semester final.第十步:打个盹考试后打个盹。研究表明这样会帮助记忆你所学过的内容,从而来对付期末考试。 Article/201012/121605青岛哪修复处女膜最好

李村新阳光医院做四维多少钱青岛市人民医院做人流好不 Today in History: Wednesday, November 14, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月14日On Nov. 14, 1940, German planes destroyed most of the English town of Coventry during World War II.1940年11月14日,在二战期间德国战机摧毁了英国小镇考文垂的大部分地区。1851 Herman Melville#39;s novel ;Moby Dick; was published.1851年,赫尔曼·梅尔维尔的小说《白鲸》发表。1881 Charles J. Guiteau went on trial for assassinating President James A. Garfield. (He was convicted and hanged.)1881年,查尔斯J.吉特奥因暗杀总统詹姆斯A.加菲尔德受审。(被判有罪并处以绞刑)1922 The British Broadcasting Corp. began its domestic radio service.1922年,英国广播公司B开始在英国国内播出。1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed the Philippine Islands a free commonwealth.1935年,罗斯福总统宣布菲律宾群岛独立成为联邦共和国。1969 Apollo 12 was launched on the second manned mission to the moon.1969年,阿波罗12号第二次执行有人驾驶登月任务。1972 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 1,000 for the first time.1972年,道琼斯工业平均指数首次收于1000点以上。1973 Britain#39;s Princess Anne married Capt. Mark Phillips in Westminster Abbey.1973年,英国皇室公主安妮与马克菲利普上校在威斯敏斯特教堂完婚。1986 The SEC fined Ivan F. Boesky 0 million for insider stock trading.1986年,美国券交易委员会因伊凡·股票交易内幕罚款1亿美元,。1995 The U.S. government instituted a partial shutdown, closing national parks and museums while government offices operated with skeleton crews.1995年,尽管政府精简要干,美国政府制定了部分停营政策包括关闭国家公园和物馆。1999 The ed Nations imposed sanctions on Afghanistan for refusing to hand over terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden.1999年,因阿富汗拒绝交出恐怖分子嫌疑犯奥萨马·本拉登,联合国对其实施制裁。 /201211/209203青岛人流术价格

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