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Administration officials are reiterating their call for a fair and non-violent resolution of the Iranian election conflict, while stressing their determination not to allow Tehran to make the ed States a "foil" for the country's political conflict. 美国政府官员再次呼吁以公正和非暴力的方法解决伊朗选举导致的冲突,并强调说,绝不允许德黑兰把美国作为这场政治冲突的替罪羊。The administration has taken a measured approach to the crisis, although President Obama stepped up the level of U.S. rhetoric on Saturday amid televised scenes of chaos on Tehran's streets. He called on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its people and to respect universal rights of assembly and free speech.美国政府对伊朗的选举危机采取了审慎反应。不过随着电视画面展现德黑兰街头的骚乱,奥巴马总统星期六使用了更强烈的言辞。他呼吁伊朗政府停止一切针对伊朗人民的暴力手段和不公正行为,应该尊重集会自由和言论自由等普世权利。On Monday, the White House said it is clear from subsequent events that "justice has not been achieved."白宫星期一说,从发生的一系列事件中可以看出,没有实现公正。Officials at the State Department have expressed concern that a more vigorous response would fuel aly frequent Iranian charges that the ed States is meddling in the crisis.美国国务院的官员曾表示担心,更强烈的反应会对伊朗政府说美国干预危机的指称火上浇油。U.S. critics, among them former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, have said the White House has been too timid, with McCain saying the response is a "betrayal" of America's founding principles.包括总统大选的共和党候选人麦凯恩参议员在内的批评人士说,白宫过于拘谨。麦凯恩说,白宫做出的反应是对美国建国原则的背叛。However, at a press event with Georgia's Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze, Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg rejected the notion that the administration is "pulling its punches" on Iran. He said the president's cautious stance has bipartisan support.不过,美国副国务卿斯坦伯格在与格鲁吉亚外交部长瓦沙泽举行的记者会上反驳了据称奥巴马政府在处理伊朗问题时缩手缩脚的说法。他说,奥巴马总统的谨慎立场得到美国两大政党的持。"I think there have been a number of very influential voices -- both Republican and Democrat -- who've recognized, as the president has said, that this is an issue that's about the Iranians and for the Iranians to decide. The president made very clear over the weekend that we're concerned about the violence. We think it is very important that if this is going to be an issue for the Iranians to decide, then all the voices should be heard -- that the process should be fair and that the people should be allowed to express their opinions. And I think this is not a partisan issue," he said.斯坦伯格说:“我想,共和党和民主党的若干有影响人士都发出了声音。他们认识到,正如奥巴马总统所说,这是一个有关伊朗人民的问题,应该由伊朗人民来决定。总统在周末明确表示,我们对暴力感到担忧。我们认为,至关重要的是,既然这是由伊朗人民决定的问题,那么就应该让所有人表达意见、应该有公正的程序、应该允许人民表达他们的意见。我认为这不是一个党派之争的问题。”Steinberg was standing in at the Georgia event for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had surgery last Friday on her broken right elbow. 斯坦伯格代替克林顿国务卿与格鲁吉亚外交部长举行新闻发布会。克林顿国务卿摔伤右臂,上星期五做了手术。He confirmed that the injury has forced Clinton to cancel plans to attend two multi-lateral meetings this week at which the Iran crisis is likely to be a major issue -- a G-8 foreign ministers meeting in Trieste, Italy and an informal conference of OSCE foreign ministers on the Greek island of Corfu.斯坦伯格实,由于摔伤,克林顿国务卿不得不取消参加本星期两个多边会议的计划。一个是在意大利的里雅斯特举行的八国集团外长会议,另一个是在希腊科孚岛举行的欧洲安全与合作组织的非正式外长会议。伊朗危机很可能是这两个会议的主要议题之一。But Clinton has been active in telephone diplomacy on Iran, calling, among others, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, whose government, like the ed States, has been accused by Iranian authorities of meddling in the crisis.克林顿国务卿针对伊朗问题开展了积极的电话外交活动,包括给英国外交大臣米利班德通电话。与美国一样,英国政府也被伊朗当局指称干预选举危机。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said the Iranian government is looking for scapegoats in a situation it has created. "What you've seen in Iran is what you've been seeing all along, and that's using us as a kind of foil -- using the 'Great Satan,' using the U. S. as a way to justify a policy or gain public support. We don't want to get into a polemic on this. I think what you saw over the weekend was a very strong statement by the president, setting out these fundamental principles that our country was founded on. And these are the kind principles that we are going to stand up for," he said.Kelly declined under questioning to say whether the administration might be reconsidering its policy of seeking dialogue with Tehran on Iran's nuclear program and other issues. But he stressed that the U.S. focus now is not on the bilateral relationship, but on what is happening on Tehran's streets.06/75535

Help Wanted At the FBI While many companies plan to slash jobs this year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be actively searching for thousands of new employees. Kimberly Dozier reports from Washington. It's the stuff that keeps you on the edge of your seat.TV shows like Numbers show the FBi at work in search of terrorists and murderers and now the real life FBI is in search of several thousand new employees."We are especial agents.We are intelligence analysts."It's the biggest hiring blitz in the Bureau's hundred-year-history.Artly,because of its natural turnover,and partly because it's been hard to compete from employees with the high paying private sector.Until now,the economic bust is proving a boom to the Bureau.Within 24 hours of putting out the call,the FBI wibsit got 600,000 hits and the FBI Human Resources Division got inundated."Approximatley 20,000 applications have been submitted.20,000 applications." "Yes." The Bureau is looking for 850 spcial agents and 2,100 support staffers."So this isn't just about learning how to shoot a gun and hunt people down.""Yeah.""We're looking for everything.""Exactly.""We're looking for analytical professionals,scientific professionals,computer IT professionals,auto mechanic,er,general clerical and administrative professionals,er,there's even a position out there for a woodcrafter.So…"“Woodcrafter at the FBI.”"Absolutely."Case in point,did you know the FBI has an historian?"You can have a better job.Oh really,you're being asked to do some of the most important stuff that our nation does. "In recent years,the Bureau's had trouble finding emplyees who major up.That's why there are 150 spots left over from last year."Where do people usually fall down? ""Er,we lose approximateyly 30% on the polygraph(测谎器)."If you're interested to be a special agent.You have to be between 23~26,have a college degree,a skill like a foreign language and has a physical fitness test."For any of the job,you have to be an US citizen.You got 8-step polygraph and you have to act quickly.The deadline to apply is next week.Kimberly Dozier, CBS NEWS,,Washinton."01/61209

A beastly business一个残忍的行业Peaceful protests against animal testing are on the rise反对动物实验的和平抗议活动正在高涨A FOG of confusion shrouds British attitudes to animals. For a nation of pet-lovers, Britain has surprisingly few vegetarians—just 3% of the population—a point that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a celebrity chef, tried to make on October 11th when he described the distinction between a pet and a farm animal as “cultural” and suggested, to general outrage, that puppies could be reared for meat. Britain’s animal-experimentation laboratories boast higher welfare standards than many of its farms and abattoirs, yet provoke far more anger. That hostility is now being expressed more openly, as moderate protesters discover new causes to champion and reclaim their campaign from extremists.一些令人困惑的事情让人看不清英国人对动物的态度。他们爱养宠物,但素食主义者却出奇地少(仅占其人口的3%)。这也是10月11日烹饪大师休#8226;弗恩利#8226;惠汀斯托尔想要表明的,当时他说,宠物与家畜的区分只是一种文化习惯,他暗示小也是可以食用的,这激起了公愤。英国的动物实验室比很多饲养场和屠宰场享有更高的福利标准,这更惹了众怒。现在,那些温和的抗议者发现了他们所要捍卫的新目标并从极端分子那里夺回他们的抗议活动,于是敌视情绪更加公开化。The number of peaceful protests against institutions that perform research on animals has increased markedly of late (see chart), as memories of the violent attacks on the homes and cars of researchers have faded, according to information supplied by members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, a lobby group that keeps tabs on such matters. It reckons that many moderate protesters were so appalled at the increasingly abhorrent tactics used by extremists—which culminated in a grave-robbing in 2004—that they abandoned the cause. Only after such attacks had all but halted in did they return to the barricades.游说团体“英国制药行业协会”对此事甚为关注,根据这个协会成员所提供的信息,最近,对于动物实验室研究人员的住所和车辆的暴力攻击少了,而针对这些机构的各种和平抗议突然多了起来(见图表)。该协会认为许多温和的抗议者对于极端分子日渐可恶的伎俩 (2004年的“盗墓活动”达到了顶峰) 感到震惊,以至放弃了这个事业。只是年这类的攻击快要停止时,他们才回到设置路障上来。There is more for them to shout about. Despite a ban on the testing of cosmetics and household products on animals, the number of experiments performed in Britain rose by almost 40% between 2000 and 2010 to 3.7m, mainly because increasing numbers of genetically modified rodents were used. In France just 2.5m experiments were conducted in 2010 and the figure has been stable for many years.对他们来说,需要抗议的还有更多。在英国,这些机构无视不得使用动物对化妆品和日用品进行试验的禁令,从2000年到2010年所进行实验的次数增长了40%,达370万次,主要是因为他们越来越多地使用转基因的啮齿类动物。2010年法国仅有250万次的动物实验,而且这个数字多年稳定不变。Two aspects of European legislation may push the figure higher still. The REACH directive, an effort to identify whether chemicals that are aly used in vast quantities could be toxic to people, requires that their safety be demonstrated scientifically. In some cases only animal tests are deemed sufficient. The European Commission has estimated that 9m animals may be used for such tests; some observers put the figure far higher. Second, changes to the strict laws that require British scientists to consider alternatives to animal tests may be partially relaxed as a result of European reforms. The Home Office is due to respond to a consultation on the subject within the next few weeks.欧洲法律可能会在两个方面推高这个数字。“触及指令”,一项用来鉴别已被人们大量使用的化工产品是否对人体有毒的计划,需要对它们的安全性进行科学论。在有些情况下,只有用动物实验结果才能充分可信。据欧盟委员会估计,可能有900万动物用于此类实验,有些观察者认为这个数字远远低于实际。再者,转变为严格的法律,要求英国科学家考虑动物实验的替代方法,可能是欧洲改革的部分放松。内务部在未来几周将对这一主题的咨询作出反应。Emboldened by the rise of the moderates, new campaigns have begun. Animal Aid, for example, is targeting medical-research charities, which it sees as more amenable to influence than the remote laboratories in which the work is done. It plans to step up its protests.在温和派的鼓舞下,一些新的活动开展起来。例如,“动物救助”活动把矛头指向了进行医学研究的慈善机构,他们认为这些机构比那些做实验的古老实验室更应对其影响负责。他们计划加紧他们的抗议活动。For their part, scientists are beefing up their security on the advice of the police, lest animal-rights extremism return. The last of four people who were convicted of conspiracy to blackmail as part of their effort to intimidate a family who bred guinea pigs at Darley Oaks Farm was released from jail last month. The National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination , which oversaw their arrest, has turned its attention to such matters once again.而科学家们正在加强对警察建议的保护,以防动物权利极端主义的回潮。企图诈骗达利橡树农场一个饲养实验动物家庭的4名罪犯中的最后一人已于上月从监狱释放。过去国家极端主义行动协调小组监督对他们的拘捕,现在再把注意力放在他们身上。Yet direct campaigns to eliminate animal experimentation by targeting institutions that facilitate it have so far relocated rather than removed the practice. In 1997, for example, protesters directed their anger at Consort Kennels, which bred beagles for animal-testing laboratories. It closed, but it sold much of its stock to the laboratory it supplied so that it could breed the animals needed in-house.但是,到目前为止,把实验机构作为攻击目标以减少动物实验的直接活动,只是让这种做法改变一下形式,而不能完全消除。1997年,抗议者把怒火直接发泄到饲养实验用猎犬的Consort Kennels场。该场关闭了,但他把大部分的股份卖给了他们的实验室客户,这样,实验室就能自己饲养实验所需要的动物了。Any successful effort to eliminate animal experiments is more likely to come from within laboratories than outside them, argue researchers. Animal testing is expensive and can be of dubious value, and scientists would prefer cheaper and more reliable alternatives. Alas for lab rats everywhere, such alternatives are not yet sufficiently developed for animal experimentation to be relegated to the past.研究人员认为,任何减少动物试验的成功努力更可能来自实验室内部,而不是外部。动物实验成本高昂,价值取向模棱两可,科学家更愿意采用便宜可靠的替代方法。唉,各地实验室的白鼠们,动物试验虽已过时,但替代方法还没有完全开发出来。201110/158769

NANCY UPTON, an actress, entered an online contest to find an XL fashion model with shots of herself bathing in creamy salad dressing and covering her crotch with a large cherry pie. American Apparel, the clothes shop sponsoring the contest, snootily rejected her. She won a storm of publicity and a shamefaced invitation to the firm’s headquarters. It is a small sign of a growing trend: clothesmakers are paying attention to customers with ample proportions.女演员南希#8226;厄普顿参加了最近用自己的照片参加了一场海选丰满型模特的网络竞赛,在她自己疯狂拍摄的这些些照片中,她赤身裸体地泡在奶油沙拉中,同时用一个大樱桃馅饼挡在胯下。美国饰(赞助这个在线竞赛的饰店)不屑的拒绝了她。但因为这件事她赢得了大家的眼球,最终公司总部不情愿的给她发了颁奖邀请。这显然是增长趋势的一个小标志:制造商开始重视丰满型身材的客户了。For such people, shopping for clothes can be tiresome, or even traumatic. First, there is the problem of trying on clothes in front of irritatingly svelte young shop assistants—an ordeal many plus-sized shoppers would rather not endure. Then there is the difficulty of finding clothes that fit.对于这些(需要特大号衣的)人来说,购买衣那是相当让人烦恼,甚至可以说是相当痛苦。首先,买衣时自己得在苗条年轻店员前试穿这些衣,对于这些(肥胖的)人是相当讽刺的,并且大部分买肥胖衣的人宁愿不受这种折磨。再说也很难找到合适自己的衣。To paraphrase Tolstoy, whereas thin people are all (roughly) alike, fat people are all fat after their own fashion. Body weight is distributed in many different ways, and clothing sizes are unreliable guides. Some 80% of women surveyed by Charming Shoppes, America’s leading retailer of clothes for larger women, said their bras didn’t fit properly. This is one reason why, although more than a third of American women are obese, the plus-size market accounts for less than a fifth of American clothing sales, according to Marshal Cohen of NPD, a market-research firm.就像托尔斯泰(俄国小说家)所写的那样,瘦人的身材大致相似,而胖人的身材却各有不同。体重分布都是呈不均匀分布的,所以说凭衣的尺寸来挑选大多是不靠谱的。据美国领先的大号女士衣零售商Charming Shoppes调查,80%的受访女性觉得她们的胸罩不合适。这也就是为什么美国妇女三分之一以上是肥胖的,而加大号衣的销售量连美国装销售总额的1/5的都不到的原因之一,这是根据Marshal Cohen of NPD(一家市场研究公司)的调查结果。On the web people can shop without embarrassment, but finding the right fit is even harder. Online, plus-size sales are a mere 11% of the total. However, when plus-size customers find clothes they like, says Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research, they spend up to twice as much as other people. Clearly, there is an opportunity.网上购衣就没有那么尴尬了,但是想找到合适尺寸的衣却是更难。加大号衣销售量仅占网上装销售总额的11%。美国福雷斯特研究公司的Sucharita Mulpuru说,一旦买加大号衣的消费者找到自己喜欢的衣了,他们愿意花费两倍的价钱把衣买下来。很明显,这是一个商机。Charming Shoppes has just launched an online tool called Fashion Genius, which it modestly calls the “plus-size fashion breakthrough of the century!” Built by Zafu, a site that helps women find better-fitting jeans, Fashion Genius poses a deceptively simple questionnaire based on data crunched from over 1m online surveys and 10,000 fittings. It asks women about their figures (hourglass, rectangular, circular, etc), how their existing clothes fit them (Loose at the waist? Rides up at the back?) and what kind of clothes and even handbags they like. It then gives them a profile (“Fearlessly confident…Dramatic and trendy”) and dressing tips, and can recommend matches from a database of up to 300 brands.Charming Shoppes公司推出了所谓的时尚天才(Fashion Genius)在线工具,被称为“本世纪加大号时尚衣的突破”。Zafu网站创建了这个在线工具,一个供女士们挑选合适自己牛仔裤的网站,Fashion Genius会从100万份网上调查和一万项匹配结果的数据库中随机弹出一个调查问卷。调查问卷会问到她们自身的数据(偏瘦,正常,偏胖等),现有衣合不合身(腰带太松?衣太过紧身?),喜欢哪种衣和手提包。随后Fashion Genius会给出一个大概的轮廓和穿衣的方法,也能给你推荐多达300个搭配品牌。The response, says Bill Bass of Charming Shoppes, has been enthusiastic, though whether customers keep the clothes they buy will be the ultimate test. But there is plenty of room for more innovations. In the regular-size world, customisation of clothes is beginning to take off. Mr Bass thinks that clothes-shopping on tablet devices will be the next big thing. Let your fingers do the tailoring?Charming Shoppes的比尔#8226;巴斯说,Fashion Genius面世之后,消费者对此很是狂热,尽管消费者最终是否买下已收藏的衣有待最终的测试,当然这还有很大的创新空间。常规尺码衣的定做量开始增长。巴斯先生认为下一步将在平板电脑上主打网上销售。干脆挥动你的手指,让我们量体裁衣吧?201110/156510

Women in business女人在商界Still lonely at the top高处不胜寒Several governments are threatening to impose as for women in the boardroom. This is a bad idea 一些政府威胁说要女性需要在董事会中占有一定的比例,这不是一个好主意July 21st 2011 | from the print editionIN Franccedil;ois Ozon’s latest film, “Potiche”, Catherine Deneuve (pictured) plays a trophy wife, a potiche, who spends her days jogging in a scarlet jumpsuit, making breakfast for her cantankerous husband and writing poetry perched on a sofa. But then her husband, the boss of an umbrella factory, is taken hostage by striking workers. Ms Deneuve takes over the factory and charms the workers into returning to work. She jazzes up the products and generally proves that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.在弗朗西斯#8226;奥宗(Franccedil;ois Ozon)最新电影《傀儡》 中,凯瑟琳#8226;德纳芙(Catherine Deneuve,图示)饰演一个有威望的妻子。她每天穿着鲜红色的紧身连衫裤慢跑,为她脾气坏的老公做早餐,栖息在沙发上写诗歌。但是她的丈,一家雨伞厂的厂主,被罢工的工人所扣押。德纳芙夫人接管了工厂,并以哄诱工人重新回到了工作。她重新装饰了产品,并大体上明了任何男人能做的事情,女人能做得更好。The film was set in 1977, when the only women in a typical Western boardroom were serving the coffee. Times have changed. These days no one doubts that women can run companies: think of Indra Nooyi at PepsiCo, Carol Bartz at Yahoo! or Ursula Burns at Xerox. Sheryl Sandberg, the number two at Facebook, is more widely applauded than her young male boss, Mark Zuckerberg.这部电影是以1977年为时代背景,此时在一个普通西方董事会会议室中,仅有的女性是务咖啡的。时过境迁,而今女性毫无疑问可以经营公司:想象百事可乐公司的英德拉#8226;努依(Indra Nooyi),雅虎的卡罗尔#8226;巴茨(Carol Bartz)或者施乐公司的乌尔苏拉#8226;伯恩斯(Ursula Burns)。Facebook的二把手谢勒尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg),比他的年轻的男上司马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)更加广受称赞。Yet the number of female bosses of large firms remains stubbornly small. Not a single one on France’s CAC 40 share index or on Germany’s DAX index is run by a woman. In America, only 15 chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are women. Britain does better, but not much: five of the FTSE-100 firms have female bosses.然而,大型公司的女一把手数量仍然相当少。法国CAC-40股价指数或者德国DAX指数所涉及的公司均不是女性所掌控。在美国,财富500强企业中,只有15家的首席执行官为女性。英国方面相对来说好一些,单也不太多。富时指数所涉及的100家公司中,5家拥有女老板。Several governments, especially in Europe, have decided that radical action is required to increase the number of women in the executive suite. Norway passed a law in 2003 that obliged all publicly listed firms to reserve 40% of the seats on their boards for women by 2008. Spain passed a similar law in 2007; France earlier this year. The Netherlands is working on one. 一些政府,尤其位于欧洲的政府,已经决定为了增加女性在经理层的数量,需要采取根本性的措施。挪威在2003年通过一项法案,要求到2008年,所有公开上市的公司有义务为女性保留董事会中40%的席位。西班牙在2007年通过了一项相似的法案;法国则是在今年早些时候。荷兰正在起草此类法案。201107/146275

More than a year ago, Bob Hentzen, 74, set out on a remarkable journey - to walk with the poor in order to raise awareness of their plight. Since leaving his home in Guatemala, he's walked through El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Hentzen and his supporters have covered more than 9,000 of the planned 13,000-kilometer-long route to Valparaíso, Chile.一年多以前,74岁的鲍勃·亨森开始跟穷人一起长途行走,以唤起社会对穷人困境的关注,帮助找到解决贫困的办法。亨森年12月从危地马拉的家中出发,向南走。到目前为止,他和他的追随者走完了将近13,000千公里计划路程的9000多公里。他的目的地是智利的瓦尔帕莱索。他已经走过厄瓜多尔、洪都拉斯、尼加拉瓜、哥斯达黎加、委内瑞拉、哥伦比亚、厄瓜多尔和秘鲁。现在亨森在玻利维亚。"We get up very early on a daily basis. We begin at a point where we had stopped yesterday. We’re careful to really, really walk the entire distance that we have promised," says Hentzen. "We are able to do the equivalent of a marathon, of 25 miles (40 kilometers) per day. And almost always we’re able to finish before the nightfall."他说:“我们每天都起得非常早,从头一天停下的地方起步。我们很注意,一定要走够说好的里程。我们每天走40公里,相当于马拉松赛的距离。我们几乎总是能在天黑以前走完一天该走的路。”Twenty years ago, Hentzen, his brother, sister and a family friend established the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, to help poor families in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. CFCA is now serving people of all faiths in 23 developing countries. 20年前,亨森和他的弟弟、以及一位朋友成立了基督教儿童和老人基金会,帮助中南美洲、非洲、亚洲和加勒比海地区的穷人。这个基金会现在为23个发展中国家各种信仰的人务。Walking is the most common means of transportation for the poor in those countries. They walk to school and work, to gather firewood and fill buckets with water. That’s why Hentzen decided to walk and meet with some of the people sponsored by his organization.亨森说,对这些国家的穷人来说,走路是最常见的交通方式。他们走路去上学,去工作,去打柴,用小桶去打水。这就是为什么他决定通过走路跟他的组织所资助的一些人见面。"The idea is to walk with them, tell them you are not alone. We honor your struggle. We’re here to listen and learn and be with you. Along that route we have all these struggling families who are sponsored by the Christian Foundation," says Hentzen. "What we’re finding, however, is that there is so many others out there. This is why we decided that we really want to find sponsors for 8,000 kids as a result of these 8,000 miles. That is our campaign."他说:“我的想法就是跟他们一起走,告诉他们,你们不是孤立无援的。我们尊敬你们的奋斗。我们要倾听,要学习,要跟你们在一起。”On an average day, he says, he’s accompanied by a crowd of about 50. Some are CFCA staff, dozens of others are enthusiastic international volunteers and people from the local communities.他表示,通常每天都会有50个人跟他一起走。有些人是基督教儿童和老人基金会的员工,几十个人则是热心的国际义工,以及当地社区的人。201103/127049

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