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重庆九院是正规医院?重庆星宸医院官方网站Thank you, Katie感谢凯蒂and thank you to President Faust, the Fellows of Harvard College, the Board of Overseers感谢佛斯特校长 哈佛大学部成员 监事会and all the faculty, alumni, and students who have welcomed me back to campus还有迎接我回校园的所有教职员工 校友和学生Im excited to be here能来到这里我很激动not only to address the distinguished graduates and alumni at Harvard Universitys不仅是因为我能在哈佛大学第363届毕业典礼上363rd commencement对优秀毕业生和校友讲话but to stand in the exact spot where Oprah stood last year更因为我能站在欧普拉去年站的相同地方OMG我的天Let me begin with the first order of business下面开始进行我们的首要任务Lets have a big round of applause for the Class of 2014. Theyve earned it为2014届毕业生热烈鼓掌 这是他们赢得的As excited as the graduates are毕业生们都很兴奋they are probably even more exhausted after the past few weeks但这几周同时肯定也让他们有些精疲力竭And parents, Im not referring to their final exams家长们 我指的不是期末考试Im talking about the Senior Olympics, the Last Chance Dance我指的是四年级运动会 最后一次舞会and the Booze Cruise I mean, the midnight cruise以及午夜巡游Anyway this year has been exciting on campus总之 今年的校园很让人激动Harvard beat Yale for the seventh straight time in football哈佛橄榄球队连续第七次击败耶鲁The mens basketball team男子篮球队went to the second round of the NCAA tournament for the second straight year连续两年进入到了NCAA赛事第二轮And the Mens Squash team won national championship还有男子壁球队获得全国冠军Whod have thunk it: Harvard, an athletic powerhouse谁会想到 哈佛竟然有这么强大的运动能力Pretty soon theyre going to be asking不久后 可能就有人会问whether you have academics to go along with your athletic programs你们什么时候学术能力能够超过体育能力201410/335516南岸区中医院上班时间 江津区做双眼皮修复手术费用

九龙坡区中医医院去眼袋多少钱It is always a pleasure to greeta sea of alumni on Commencement afternoon—even though my role is that of thewarm-up act for the feature to come. Today I am especially aware of the treatwe have in store as I look out on not a sea, but a veritable ocean ofanticipation.But it is my customary assignmentand privilege to offer each spring a report to the alumni on the year that isending. And this was a year that for a number of reasons demands special note.“The world is too much with us”—the lines of Wordsworth’s well-known poem echoed in my mind as I thoughtabout my remarks today, for the world has intruded on us this year in ways wenever would have imagined. The University had not officially closed for a daysince 1978. This year it closed three times. Twice it was for cases of extremeweather—first for superstorm Sandy and then for Nemo, the record-breakingFebruary blizzard. The third was of course the day of Boston’s lockdown in theaftermath of the tragic Marathon bombings. This was a year that challengedfundamental assumptions about life’s security, stability and predictability.Yet as I reflected on theseintrusions from a world so very much with us, I was struck by how we at Harvardare so actively engaged in shaping that world and indeed in addressing so manyof the most important and trying questions that these recent events have posed.Just two weeks ago, climatescientists and disaster relief workers gathered here for a two-day conferenceco-sponsored by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the Harvard UniversityCenter for the Environment. They came to explore the very issues presented bySandy and Nemo and to consider how academic researchers and workers on theground can collaborate more effectively.This gathering represents justone example of the wide range of activities across the University dedicated toaddressing the challenges of climate change. How can we advance the sciencethat helps us understand climate change—and perhaps avert it? How can we devisesolutions—from new technologies to principles of urban design—that mightmitigate it? How can we envision the public policies to manage and respond toit? Harvard is deeply engaged with the broad issues of energy andenvironment—offering more than 250 courses in this area, gathering 225 facultythrough our environment center and its programs, enrolling 100 doctoralstudents from 7 Schools and many different disciplines in a graduate consortiumdesigned to broaden their understanding of environmental issues. Our facultyare studying atmospheric composition and working to develop renewable energysources; they are seeking to manage rising oceans and to reimagine cities foran era of increasingly threatening weather; they are helping to fashionenvironmental regulations and international climate agreements.So the weather isn’t somethingthat simply happens at Harvard, even though it may have seemed that way when wehad to close twice this year. It is a focus of study and of research, as wework to confront the implications of climate change and help shape national andinternational responses to its extremes.When Boston experienced thetragedy of the Marathon bombings last month, the city and surroundingmunicipalities went into lockdown on April 19 to help ensure the capture of theescaped suspect, and Harvard responded in extraordinary ways. Within our owncommunity, students, faculty and staff went well beyond their ordinaryresponsibilities to support one another and keep the University operatingsmoothly and safely under unprecedented circumstances. But we also witnessedour colleagues’ magnificent efforts to meet the needs of Boston and our other neighborsin the crisis. The Harvard Police worked with other law enforcement agencies,and several of our officers played a critical role in saving the life of thetransit officer wounded in Watertown. Doctors, nurses and other staff, manyfrom our affiliated hospitals, performed a near-miracle in ensuring that everyinjured person who arrived at a hospital survived. Years of disaster planningand emergency iness enabled these institutions to act in a stunninglycoordinated and effective manner. I am deeply proud of the contributions madeby members of the Harvard community in the immediate aftermath of the bombings.But our broader and ongoingresponsibility as a university is to ask and address the larger questions anysuch tragedy poses: to prepare for the next crisis and the one after that, evenas we work to prevent them; to help us all understand the origins and themeaning of such terrible events in human lives and societies. We do this workin the teaching and research to which we devote ourselves every day.201412/349535长寿区麦格假体隆胸多少钱 It goes up by 15 percent,对于所有事物都是如此and you have a 15 percent savings你还能节省on the infrastructure.15%的基础设施经费This, no doubt, is the reason这无疑就是why a million people a week are gathering in cities.城市每周新增一百万人口的原因Because they think that all those wonderful things --他们觉得那些美好的事物like creative people, wealth, income --包括创新人才,财富,收入is what attracts them,对他们有吸引力forgetting about the ugly and the bad.而忘记了城市丑恶的一面What is the reason for this?原因何在Well I dont have time to tell you about all the mathematics,我没有时间跟大家解释其中的数学but underlying this is the social networks,社会网络是其基础because this is a universal phenomenon.因为这是个普遍现象This 15 percent rule这个15%的规律is true是真的no matter where you are on the planet --无论你在地球上哪个角落Japan, Chile,日本,智利Portugal, Scotland, doesnt matter.葡萄牙,苏格兰,都一样Always, all the data shows its the same,尽管城市的发展是各自独立的despite the fact that these cities have evolved independently.然而所有数据显示的结果都是一样的Something universal is going on.这里蕴藏着一个普遍的规律The universality, to repeat, is us --普遍性在于我们that we are the city.我们就是城市And it is our interactions and the clustering of those interactions.城市是我们相互活动以及这些活动的汇集So there it is, Ive said it again.我刚才说过了So if it is those networks and their mathematical structure,那些网络和它们的数学结构unlike biology, which had sublinear scaling,与呈次线性的生物界不同economies of scale,生物是规模经济you had the slowing of the pace of life会随着规模的增大as you get bigger.而减缓生长的速度If its social networks with super-linear scaling --如果城市的社会网络呈现超线性more per capita --人均数值越高then the theory says那么依照原理that you increase the pace of life.生长速度便会增加The bigger you are, life gets faster.你长得越大,生长速度就越快On the left is the heart rate showing biology.左边是心率On the right is the speed of walking右边是行走的速度in a bunch of European cities,在许多欧洲城市showing that increase.显示这样的增长情况Lastly, I want to talk about growth.最后,我想谈谈增长This is what we had in biology, just to repeat.在重复一下,这是生物学的情况Economies of scale规模经济gave rise to this sigmoidal behavior.使之呈现反曲现象You grow fast and then stop --你快速生长接着停止生长part of our resilience.这是我们回复力的表现That would be bad for economies and cities.这对经济和城市都不利And indeed, one of the wonderful things about the theory说实在的,这个原理奇妙之处之一在于is that if you have super-linear scaling如果财富创造和创新的from wealth creation and innovation,规模增长呈超线性then indeed you get, from the same theory,那么根据同一理论,你必定会得到a beautiful rising exponential curve -- lovely.一条美妙的正态曲线,漂亮极了And in fact, if you compare it to data,实际上,如果你把它与数据进行对比it fits very well它非常符合with the development of cities and economies.城市与经济的发展情况But it has a terrible catch,然而,它存在着一个致命局限and the catch这个局限就是is that this system is destined to collapse.这个系统注定会崩溃And its destined to collapse for many reasons --它之所以注定会崩溃,原因有很多kind of Malthusian reasons -- that you run out of resources.多少出于此消彼长的原因,资源枯竭了And how do you avoid that? Well weve done it before.如何避免这种情况呢,我们曾尝试过What we do is,我们所做的是as we grow and we approach the collapse,当我们发展到接近崩溃的阶段a major innovation takes place一项重大的创新出现了and we start over again,我们又从新开始and we start over again as we approach the next one, and so on.向下一个目标靠近,以此类推So theres this continuous cycle of innovation所以这个周而复始的创新周期that is necessary对于维系发展in order to sustain growth and avoid collapse.避免崩溃,是十分必要的The catch, however, to this然而,这一局限is that you have to innovate要求你必须faster and faster and faster.不断加速创新So the image所以,情况就是is that were not only on a tmill thats going faster,我们不仅坐在一架高速运转的机器上but we have to change the tmill faster and faster.我们还必须加速对机器的更新We have to accelerate on a continuous basis.我们必须不停地加速And the question is: Can we, as socio-economic beings,问题是,作为社会经济的存在avoid a heart attack?我们能够避免心脏病发作吗So lastly, Im going to finish up in this last minute or two最后,我会花一两分钟asking about companies.看看公司的情况See companies, they scale.公司的规模不断增大The top one, in fact, is Walmart on the right.上面右边的是沃尔玛Its the same plot.同样的图表This happens to be income and assets这张图显示的是收入和资产versus the size of the company as denoted by its number of employees.比上公司规模,即员工人数We could use sales, anything you like.我们还可以用销售量,什么都行There it is: after some little fluctuations at the beginning,看,当公司进行革新when companies are innovating,一开始出现轻微浮动they scale beautifully.它们长势良好And weve looked at 23,000 companies我们观察了23000家in the ed States, may I say.美国境内的企业And Im only showing you a little bit of this.我今天展示给大家的只是冰山一角What is astonishing about companies企业令人意想不到的地方是is that they scale sublinearly是它们的规模增长呈次线性like biology,就像生物学的情况一样indicating that theyre dominated,这表明主导它们的not by super-linear并不是超线性的innovation and ideas;创新活动和思想they become dominated主导它们的by economies of scale.是规模经济In that interpretation,具体说来by bureaucracy and administration,就是官僚主义和行政部门and they do it beautifully, may I say.可以说,它们干得很棒So if you tell me the size of some company, some small company,所以,如果你告诉我某个小企业的规模I could have predicted the size of Walmart.我就可以估摸出沃尔玛的规模If it has this sublinear scaling,如果其规模的增长呈次线性the theory says依照原理we should have sigmoidal growth.我们应该会得到一个S型的增长Theres Walmart. Doesnt look very sigmoidal.这是沃尔玛,看起来并不十分像个SThats what we like, hockey sticks.我们喜欢这个形状,冰球棍But you notice, Ive cheated,但如果你仔细看,我其实做了手脚because Ive only gone up to 94.因为我展示的部分只到94年Lets go up to 2008.我们看看到了2008年情况如何That red line is from the theory.红线表示的是理论上的预测So if Id have done this in 1994,如果我1994年开始制表I could have predicted what Walmart would be now.我就能够预测到沃尔玛现在的情况And then this is repeated这个情况across the entire spectrum of companies.在所有公司的生命周期中不断重复There they are. Thats 23,000 companies.这些就是所有23000家公司They all start looking like hockey sticks,它们一开始都呈现冰球棍的形状they all bend over,接着都弯下来了and they all die like you and me.最后它们就像你我一样难逃一死Thank you.谢谢大家201504/370235永川区注射丰太阳穴多少钱

重庆第一附属医院做整形美容手术安全吗Now, my favorite example of color bravery is a guy named John Skipper.关于勇敢地面对肤色差异,我最喜欢引用的例子是一个叫John Skipper的家伙,He runs ESPN.他是ESPN的管理者。Hes a North Carolina native,quintessential Southern gentleman, white. 他是北卡罗来纳州当地人,典型的南方绅士,白人哦。He joined ESPN, which aly had a culture of inclusion and diversity, but he took it up a notch.在他加入ESPN时,ESPN已经形成了一种包容和多元化的文化,但他将文化落实。He demanded that every open position have a diverse slate of candidates.他要求每一个空缺岗位都要有多元化的候选人。Now he says the senior people in the beginning bristled,and they would come to him and say,Do you want me to hire the minority,or do you want me to hire the best person for the job?他说在最初的时候,高层怒不可遏,径直找他谈话,你希望我雇佣少数族裔的人,还是一个最适合这份工作的人?And Skipper says his answers were always the same:Yes.而Skipper说他的回答总是不变的,是。And by saying yes to diversity, ESPN.I honestly believe that ESPN is the most valuable cable franchise in the world.向多元化敞开大门,我发自内心地相信ESPN是世界上最具价值的电台。I think thats a part of the secret sauce.我认为这是其秘密武器之一。Now I can tell you, in my own industry,at Ariel Investments, we actually view our diversity as a competitive advantage,and that advantage can extend way beyond business. 现在我要告诉你的是,在我从事的行业,在亚瑞投资公司,我们实际上将多元化看作竞争优势,这个优势的影响力远远超乎商业范畴。Theres a guy named Scott Page at the University of Michigan.在密歇根大学有个叫斯科特佩奇的人,He is the first person to develop a mathematical calculation for diversity.他是第一位建立多元化数学算法的人。He says, if youre trying to solve a really hard problem,really hard,that you should have a diverse group of people,including those with diverse intellects. 他说,如果你试图解决一个非常困难的问题,非常困难的问题,你的团队成员应是多元化的,人人各有所长。The example that he gives is the smallpox epidemic.他举的例子是天花传染病。When it was ravaging Europe,they brought together all these scientists,and they were stumped. 当天花肆虐欧洲时,科学家们汇聚在一起,却束手无策。And the beginnings of the cure to the disease came from the most unlikely source,a dairy farmer who noticed that the milkmaids were not getting smallpox.第一道曙光从谁也不曾料到的地方照来,原来是一位奶农,他注意到挤奶女工都没被感染。And the smallpox vaccination is bovine-based because of that dairy farmer.正因为那位奶农,基于牛痘的疫苗才得以发现。Now Im sure youre sitting here and youre saying,I dont run a cable company,I dont run an investment firm,I am not a dairy farmer. 我确信坐在这儿的你们会说,我并不管理一家电台,我并不拥有一家投资公司,我不是一位奶农,What can I do?我能做些什么?And Im telling you, you can be color brave.我来告诉你,你可以勇敢地面对肤色差异。If youre part of a hiring process or an admissions process,you can be color brave.如果你在公司做人事或行政,你应让自己变得勇敢。If you are trying to solve a really hard problem,you can speak up and be color brave.如果你在努力解决一个很困难的问题,你应直言不讳,勇敢面对。Now I know people will say,but that doesnt add up to a lot,but Im actually asking you to do something really simple: 我知道有些人会说,这样做贡献不了什么的。但实际上我是在请你做一些非常简单易行的事情:observe your environment,at work, at school, at home. 注意周边环境,工作中,在学校里,在家里。Im asking you to look at the people around you purposefully and intentionally.我请你们注意身边的人,有意识地去观察,Invite people into your life who dont look like you, dont think like you,dont act like you,dont come from where you come from,and you might find that they will challenge your assumptions and make you grow as a person. 让你的生活与那些你不曾来往的人有所交集,这些人或许长相、思想、行为跟你不一样,或许跟你来自不同的地方,你会发现,他们会让你反思你曾经的假设,让你朝着正确的方向成长。You might get powerful new insights from these individuals,or,like my husband, who happens to be white,you might learn that black people,men, women, children,we use body lotion every single day.从他们身上,你也许会听到全新的深刻见解,或者,像我的丈夫,他碰巧是白人,你会懂得黑人,无论男人,女人,还是孩子,我们每天都用润肤露。Now, I also think that this is very important so that the next generation really understands that this progress will help them,because theyre expecting us to be great role models. 那么,我认为,其重要性也在于让下一代明白,这一进程会帮助他们,因为他们在期望我们成为杰出的榜样。201507/383545 Hi, everybody. Im speaking to you today from Springfield, Illinois.大家好!今天,我在伊利诺伊州斯普林费尔德市向大家演讲。I spent eight years in the state senate here. It was a place where, for all our surface differences in a state as diverse as Illinois, my colleagues and I actually shared a lot in common. We fought for our principles, and voted against each other, but because we assumed the best in one another, not the worst, we found room for progress. We bridged differences to get things done.在这里,我在州参议院度过了8年时间。在这里,我们国家所有表面上的差异与伊利诺伊州一样纷繁复杂,但我和我的同僚们有很多共同点。我们会为了原则争论,在投票上彼此互不相让,但因为我们认为彼此都是最好的,而不是最坏的,所以,我们为政治进步找到了空间。我们在彼此的差异之间寻求共同点,把事情做好。In my travels through this state, I saw most Americans do the same. Folks know that issues are complicated, and that people with different ideas might have a point. It convinced me that if we just approached our politics the same way we approach our daily lives, with common sense, a commitment to fairness, and the belief that were all in this together, theres nothing we cant do.在我行走在这里的路途上,我看到大部分美国人民也是这么做的。人们知道,事情总是复杂的,拥有不同观点的人们还是能找到共同点的。这也让我想到,如果我们对待政治也像我们对待日常生活一样,相信最基本的常识、坚持对公平的承诺、以及我们是一家人的信念,就没有我们做不到的事情。Thats why I announced, right here, in Springfield that I was running for President. And my faith in the generosity and fundamental goodness of the American people is rewarded every day.因此,我在这里宣布,在斯普林费尔德参选总统。我相信,慷慨大方、心地善良的美国人民每一天都应该得到回报。But Ill be the first to admit that the tone of our politics hasnt gotten better, but worse. Too many people feel like the system is rigged, and their voices dont matter. And when good people are pushed away from participating in our public life, more powerful and extreme voices will fill the void. Theyll be the ones who gain control over decisions that could send a young soldier to war, or allow another economic crisis, or roll back the rights that generations of Americans have fought to secure.但我也许是第一个承认我们的政治环境没有改善,反而正在恶化的人。有太多的人觉得这个系统被人操控了,人们的意见变得无关紧要。当好人被排挤在外,不再参与政治生活,更多的强权和极端力量则会趁虚而入。他们掌控决策的控制权之后,就会将年轻人送上战场,或是引发另一场经济危机,或是毁掉几代美国人民努力保护的各种公民权利。The good news is theres also a lot we can do about this, from reducing the influence of money in our politics, to changing the way we draw congressional districts, to simply changing the way we treat each other. Thats what I came back here to talk about this week. And I hope you check out my full speech at WhiteHouse.gov.好消息是,在这方面我们还可以做很多事情,这包括减少金钱对政治的影响,改变国会选区的划定,直接改变对待彼此的方式。这就是我本周回到这里,发表演讲要说的内容。我希望你们访问白宫官网(WhiteHouse.gov),回顾我全部的演讲内容。One thing I focused on, for example, was how we can make voting easier, not harder, and modernize it for the way we live now. Here in Illinois, a new law allows citizens to register and vote at the polls on Election Day. It also expands early voting, which makes it much easier for working folks and busy parents. Were also considering automatic voter registration for every citizen when they apply for a drivers license. And Im calling on more states to adopt steps like these. Because when more of us vote, the less captive our politics will be to narrow interests – and the better our democracy will be for our children.例如,我关注的一件事就是,如何让投票更容易,而不是更困难,并让投票与我们的生活一样现代化。在伊利诺伊州,一部新法律实施,允许公民在选举日当天在投票站注册投票,该法延长了提前投票时间,这为工薪人士和忙着带孩子的父母们提供了方便。我们还考虑让每个公民在申请驾照的时候可以自动获得选民登记。我也呼吁更多的州采取同样的措施。因为只有我们参与投票的人更多了,我们的政治被少数既得利益团体把控的几率才能更小,我们也才能给我们的后代留下更好的民主制度。Nine years after I first announced for this office, I still believe in a politics of hope. And for all the challenges of a changing world; for all the imperfections of our democracy; choosing a politics of hope is something thats entirely up to each of us.从我发表声明参选总统已经过去9年了,我依然对未来的政治充满希望。面对不断变化的世界的各种挑战,面对我们民主政治中的不完美,选择一个充满未来的政治,从某种程度上来说完全取决于我们每个人自身。Thanks, everybody.谢谢大家!201602/426119重庆十三院正不正规梁平区妇女医院私立还是公办



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