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Women search high and low for a truly great guy. When I was in my teens, I thought I could have it all: the guy with the model looks, fabulous family, fantastic job, who knows his purpose in life and knows to automatically rub my feet when I get home from work.女人总是寻寻觅觅,期待遇到完美的白马王子。年轻时我就以为自己可以拥有一切:那个男人相貌英俊、家境殷实、工作体面;他不仅清楚自己的人生目标,还懂得在我下班回家后对我倍加呵护。Obviously, I had a quick wake-up call that the fairy tale I dreamed of didn’t exist! That didn’t mean I couldn’t have what I wanted, it just meant I had to reevaluate some of the qualities that I wanted my partner to have. Here are seven of the most important qualities women find attractive in men:显然,我很快被敲了一记警钟,意识到这种童话根本就不存在!当然,这并不表示我无法拥有自己渴望的东西,只是说明我应该重新考虑对另一半品质的期许。下面就是女人认为男人最有魅力的七大特质: /201403/280476It started about six months ago, with a smiley face here and there, a sequence of pictograph red hearts when friends would send baby pictures or a string of blown kisses to say good night. I especially liked the face with a toothy, uncomfortable-looking grimace: ;Yikes,; it seemed to say. Perfect for ;I#39;m sorry I#39;m late!; or ;Eek, it#39;s 1 p.m. and I just woke up.;这开始于六个月之前,一张笑脸到处都是,朋友发婴儿照片给你时会附上一串红心符号,或者用一串亲吻的符号来代表“晚安”。我特别喜欢这样一张露着牙齿,表情不爽的鬼脸,好像在说“哎呀”。它正好可以用来代表“抱歉我迟到了!”或者“呀,都下午一点了,我刚醒。”Eventually I was replacing words with characters, adding a series of flexing biceps to the encouraging ;you can do it!; text. Then one day I spent a full 10 minutes obsessing over the perfect way to say ;I#39;m a writer. I don#39;t do math; in a message to my accountant: [Girl symbol] (meaning me) + [Pen and paper] (writer) + [calculator] (math) ;?!?!?; Right, it doesn#39;t sound so complicated. But by finding said emoji, putting them in sequence and spacing them out, I could have typed the statement 17 times. Mid-composition, I got a phone call from a source I had been waiting to talk to. I pressed ignore.最后,我用符号代替了文字,发消息鼓励别人“你能做到!”之后一定加上一堆二头肌的符号。有一天我花了10分钟给我的会计发短信,想用最酷炫的方式告诉她“我是作家,我不懂数学”,结果是:[女孩](代表我)+[纸笔](代表作家)+[计算器](代表数学)“?!?!?”。是的,这听上去并不复杂,但是,我找到相应的表情符号,用一定顺序排列,并用空格隔开,所有这些所需的时间,够我用文字敲出这句话17次了。写到一半时,一个我等着采访的消息源给我打来电话,我却按了拒绝接听键。This was emoji chaos; it had to stop.这就是emoji带来的混乱,不能再这样下去了。The roots of smiley faces and emoticons go back to the 1880s, but the story of the emoji, those little pictorial icons on your cellphone, began in Japan in the mid-1990s when it was added as a special feature to a brand of pagers popular with teenagers. It wasn#39;t until 2008 that a uniform emoji alphabet was created (the idea was to minimize inconsistency across platforms), and Apple adopted it in 2011, adding it to its iOS5 operating system.这些笑脸与表情符号的根源可以追溯到19世纪80年代,但是你手机里这些emoji符号则发源于20世纪90年代中期的日本,由一个在青少年中非常流行的寻呼机品牌首先用来给自己增加点特色。到2008年才有了统一的emoji“字母表”(用意在于减少各种平台中的不一致),2011年,苹果公司使用了它们,把它们加入到iOS5操作系统中去。But what was once the domain of tech geeks and Honshu tweens has infected the masses. Emoji was crowned as this year#39;s top-trending word by the Global Language Monitor, and it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary (funny, because it#39;s a word that describes the concept of not actually using words). There is now a blog, Emojanalysis, that purports to psychoanalyze users#39; most frequently used emoji (take a screenshot and send); a beta site, Emoj.li, for the first emoji-only social network (yes, as in only emoji); and the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit devoted to emoji standardization across platforms, recently said it would add 250 emoji to Apple, Microsoft and Google products. I seriously considered adding an emoji sequence to my résumé this week.这种符号原本属于技术狂人和日本少年,如今却影响了大众。“全球语言监督”机构把;emoji;这个词评为今年的最流行语,牛津英语词典还收入了这个单词(这很有趣,因为它是一个用来描述并不真正使用单词的概念的单词)。有一个客名叫;emoji”(Emojanalysis),通过对用户最常使用的符号,对用户进行心理分析(可以截屏并发送给它);名叫Emoj.li的试用版网站是第一个只使用emoji符号(是的,只有emoji)的社交网络;Unicode协定免费令emoji符号在各平台上实现了标准化,最近它宣布,将在苹果、微软和谷歌产品中加入250个新的emoji符号。我认真地考虑这星期在我的简历里也加上一段用emoji写的话。;A guy just asked me out in emoji [wineglass] + [boy-girl faces] + [?],; a friend told me, when I asked if she thought we had reached an emoji tipping point. ;We carried on an emoji-only conversation for about 45 minutes.;我问一个朋友,emoji表情符的使用是不是已经到了临界点了,她告诉我,“一个男人用emoji‘[高脚杯]+[男孩-女孩脸]+[问号]约我出去,后来我们就只用emoji聊了45分钟。”According to the website Emojitracker, which uses Twitter to calculate emoji usage, people are averaging 250 to 350 emoji tweets a second. Smiley faces and hearts abound, but there are more complicated sequences, too. There#39;s emoji as punctuation [excited face], as emphasis [sob], as a replacement for words (;Can#39;t wait for [palm trees] [sun] [swim]!;) or to replace words altogether. (The accompanying emoji graphic, recently sent by a friend, describes a weekend date that started out well, including a trip to the vineyards of Sonoma County, but then ended with her realization that the relationship would go no further. Hence: a frustrated face symbol.)Emojitracker网站统计了Twitter上的emoji使用情况,发现在Twitter上,人们平均每秒使用250到350个emoji符号。笑脸和心形符号用得很多,但也有一些更为复杂的序列。人们用emoji作为标点[兴奋的脸],作为强调[哭泣的脸],代替文字(“等不及去[棕榈树][太阳][游泳]!”)或者用来代替许多文字(文中附上的emoji表情图是一个朋友最近发来的,用来描述周末的约会进展顺利,去了索诺玛郡的葡萄园旅行,但后来她发现两人的关系不可能再进一步。于是出现了一张沮丧的脸)。There is emoji for when you don#39;t really know what to say, but don#39;t want to be rude by not responding [Thumbs up], and for when you just don#39;t really want to respond at all. ;I love emoji because I don#39;t like to make small talk,; one woman said. There are emoji sequences to express real-life concepts, too. ;In the wake of the Hobby Lobby ruling,; said Caroline McCarthy, a start-up consultant, ;I created an emoji sequence for ‘vasectomy.#39; ; It was: [scissors], [eggplant], [screaming face].在你不知道该说什么好,但是不做回答又显得太粗鲁的时候,也可以使用emoji符号[大拇指朝上],还有的符号适合你根本不想回答对方的时候。“我喜欢emoji是因为我不喜欢闲聊,”一个女人说。一串emoji符号也可以用来表达真实生活中的概念。“在关于霍比·罗比连锁店(Hobby Lobby)的判决出来之后,”创业顾问卡洛琳·麦卡锡(Caroline McCarthy)说,“我用emoji组成了一个短语,代表‘输精管切除术#39;。是[剪刀],[茄子],[尖叫]。”In their short life, emoji managed to find an exceptional cultural range: One Internet wit put out an emoji translation of Beyoncé#39;s ;Drunk in Love,; and an emoji-only version of ;Moby Dick,; called ;Emoji Dick,; was recently accepted into the Library of Congress. Legal experts have even discussed whether an emoji death threat [gun and face] could be admissible in court. ;I#39;m not sure you can really speak of it as a full-fledged language yet,; said Ben Zimmer, a linguist, ;but it does seem to have fascinating combinatorial possibilities. Any sort of symbolic system, when it#39;s used for communication, is going to develop dialects.;在它诞生后的短短时间里,emoji构成了一个独特的文化圈子:一个互联网达人用emoji表情翻译了碧昂斯(Beyoncé)的《醉在爱里》(Drunk in Love),还有emoji版的《白鲸》(Moby Dick)被称为;Emoji Dick;,最近被国会图书馆收藏。法律专家甚至讨论用emoji符号表达的死亡威胁[与脸]在法庭上是否可以作为据。“我不能确定目前是否能将它作为一种成熟的语言,”语言学家本·齐默(Ben Zimmer)说,“但是它的确具有极为迷人的组合能力。任何符号系统被用于交流的时候,都会发展为一种特色语言。”As with any new medium, there are growing pains. ;Even with my glasses on, I can#39;t see those little things very well,; said Ruth Ann Harnisch, 64, a writer and philanthropist. Emoji also tend to mistranslate when sent between platforms, or they get jumbled if you don#39;t have the right font. So while a heart may be a heart on your phone, it may end up as a series of glitch squares on Facebook or if you your email in Chrome. (Conducting interviews about emoji, over multiple platforms, was a comedy of misinterpretations.)正如任何新媒介一样,emoji也经历着成长的烦恼。“就算戴上眼镜,我也看不清这些小东西,”64岁的作家、慈善家罗斯·安·哈尼斯奇(Ruth Ann Harnisch)说。Emoji在不同平台上可能会导致错误转换,字体不对也有可能导致乱码。在你的手机上可能显示的是一颗心,在Facebook上或者用Chrome浏览器读邮件时,可能就成了一个错误的小方块(我为emoji做采访时,要使用各种平台,简直是一场误读的喜剧)。The current emoji package has been criticized as too limited: not enough emoji diversity, and in the height of the summer vacation season, not even a lobster icon (no crabs, either). There#39;s also a certain subjective quality to the sequences. Depending on whether you think the little face with the teardrop on his forehead is sweating or crying, your friend may have either just been dumped or been to SoulCycle. ;I think it#39;s clear that a rough grammar exists for emoji, or is at least emerging,; said Colin Rothfels, a developer who maintains a Twitter feed, @anagramatron, that collects tweets (and thus emoji) that are anagrams.人们批评目前emoji的表情包太有限:不够多样化,在暑假的时候,连龙虾和螃蟹的符号都没有。符号的使用也有主观性。你觉得那张脸上带水珠的小脸是代表流汗还是流泪呢?不知道给你发这个表情符的朋友是被人甩了,还是去健身房了。“我想emoji表情符中显然存在一种粗糙的语法,至少这种语法正在形成,”开发者柯林·罗斯菲尔斯(Colin Rothfels)说,他的Twitter账号是@anagramatron,专门收集各种由颠倒字母(也包括emoji表情)顺序而构成的Twitter句子。The Unicode Consortium, the agency that governs this sort of thing, is in the process of rolling out its new emoji icons — including a hot pepper (hot or spicy) and a man in a business suit levitating (jump). And yet, more options may only exacerbate a problem well known to those fluent in emoji-speak (or at least this person fluent in it): With no standardized keyboard, how are we supposed to sort through all of those options?管理这类事宜的Unicode协定目前正在发布新的emoji符号——其中包括辣椒符号(好辣),以及一个穿西的男人身在半空(跳)。不过,更多的选择可能会令擅长使用emoji交谈的人们(至少是我这个擅长用emoji交谈的人)本来就有的问题变得更严重:没有标准化的键盘,我们该怎样查看整理这些新的选择?It#39;s enough to make anyone want to [scream face].这真让人想要[尖叫]。 /201409/326804

Photographers Create the Tiniest of Dramas onYour Dinner摄影师设计的晚餐迷你剧Ifyou#39;re playing with your mashed potatoes at dinner, it#39;s a safe bet you#39;resocially uncomfortable or preoccupied by something. Unless, of course, you’rewith Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, inwhich case you’re probably helping them craft their next work of art. TheirMINIMIAM series uses fruit, vegetables, and sweets as the edible backdrops forsurprisingly engaging dramas played out by figurines like those used in model train sets.如果你不时拨弄着晚饭中的土豆泥,那你一定心不在焉或在发呆。除非…你和Pierre Javelle、 AkikoIda一样,在这个情形下,帮助他们设计另一个艺术作品。他们的MINIMIAM系列是用水果、蔬菜、以及一些甜品,以食物做场景,在一套火车模型外布置一些小人,创造出令人惊奇的引人入胜的情景。;This scale is really interesting as it allows you to work in thevery small,; says Javelle. ;The size of the figurines is perfect for creatingsurprising scenes with very ordinary elements.;在这么小的微型场景中工作确实很有趣,贾维尔说,这样大小的人偶,是创作这种神奇场景最常见的要素。Thefood often provides inspiration for the wide variety of cleverly crafted scenesthe married couple composes. The surface of a sprinkled donut becomes a rollinggolf course, the innards of a gourd an alien landscape with a healthy dashof RidleyScott. Other times, the figures fuelthe idea.这些吃的经常给这对夫妇搭档带来灵感,用于精心设计各种场景。(例如)把甜甜圈表面变成起伏(不平)的高尔夫球场,用南瓜瓤做出雷德利斯科式的令人作呕的外星场景。工作之余,他们就在(一起)构思创意!(RidleyScott雷德利·斯科特《异形》的导演);For example, one of first images is a figurine of a man with a mowermowing, which gave us the urge to cut a kiwi,; says Javelle, ;especially sincea new breed of hairless kiwi appeared at our super market!;例如,有这么一个场景,一个人偶推着割草机割着草,这时我们朝着一个猕猴桃推过去, 贾维尔说道,直到忽然发现一个特别的新品种---无毛猕猴桃在超市里诞生了!Theseries, which began in 2002, includes more than 60 diptychs. The first of eachpair shows a close crop on a strange or funny scene playing out on unfamiliarterrain. The second image zooms out to reveal its culinary context,often inspiring a chuckle through a watering mouth. The figurines are 1/87scale — thepopular HO model train scale — purchased from hobbyshops. “They are about 1.2 cm (0.47 inches) tall, and itwould be very difficult for us to manufacture the figures with the detail yousee in our images,” says Javelle.这个系列起始于2002年,由多达60对场景组成。其中第一步就是要用相关的食材搭建出古怪的或有趣的场景,展现出一个与众不同的地貌。第二步把它们缩小到可以烹饪的状态,(制作过程)常让人乐的直流口水。那些比例为1/87大小的人偶和火车模型都是从专卖店买来的,它们大约1.2厘米(0.47英寸)高。你看到的这些细致的场景,制作起来是非常难的。贾维尔 说道。Theproject grew from the couple#39;sshared childhood interests in food and tiny things. Javelle cites Ida#39;s early habitof creating wee comic strips and photographing piecesof food. Javelle grew up enamored by theminiscule pebble gardenhis grandmother had. “I was fascinated by the composition of the colorfulpebbles and tiny bridge,” he says. “This was a mind-blowing landscape thatreally impressed me.”这项事业的不断发展,取决于这对夫妻搭档在吃的和一些小玩意上(总是)保持着一颗童心。贾维尔经常说起艾达以前有创作迷你漫画和拍摄食物的习惯。贾维尔成长期间一直迷恋着外婆的小鹅卵石盆景,“我迷上了五颜六色的卵石和微缩小桥”他说道,“这是个梦幻般的场景,给我留下了非常深刻的印象”Thesmall scenes also imply larger concerns of today — GMOs, global warming, war,mankind#39;s relationship with nature. ;This desire to dominate, convert, enslavenature is a bit like what we do when cooking,; says Javelle, whoalso insists that the images are not meant to be takentoo seriously. ;The purpose of these images is, above all, to please people. Webelieve that art is not there only to reveal the injustices or the horror ofthe world. Sometimes of course it is a subtler means of conveying messages, butthe boundary between activism and artistic expression caneasily become blurred.;有些小场景也能反映出当今很多大问题,例如转基因、全球变暖、战争、人与自然的关系。这种对自然世界的主宰,背叛,奴役的那种欲望,有点跟我们拿什么去做饭时的想法差不多。贾维尔说道,同时他还要求大家不要太在意这些场景。(创作)这些场景的首要目的就是要让人们喜爱,我们相信艺术不止是揭示不公平或阴暗的世界。有时还应以一种微妙的方式传达信息,但行动主义和艺术表现之间的区别,很容易地变得模糊起来。Inaddition to using food photography as means of expression and entertainment,the pair behind MINIMIAM also have successful careers as commercialphotographers of cuisine. Even as veterans of the trade, and with their artsitting on the plate, the urge to take a bite can be pretty hard to resist.;Often when I place a figure next to a big piece of cake chocolate, Ihave a furious desire to become the figure,; says Javelle. ;But I would definitely have a very upset stomachafterwards.;除了利用食物摄影作为表现的方式,在MINIMIAM背后的这对夫妇搭档也在商业美食摄影师这项事业上取得了成功。甚至有望成为业界先锋,那些堆在盘子上艺术作品,你很难把持住想咬一口的冲动。“若在平时我身边要是摆着一块大巧克力蛋糕,我一定琢磨怎样把它做成一个造型”贾维斯说道,“但是到后来我一定会把它吃掉“。Photos:Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida /201408/324406

This is the tear-jerking moment a proud father is captured on camera celebrating his son#39;s exam result.得知儿子通过了数学考试,父亲骄傲无比狂喜庆祝,这催泪的一幕被摄影机悄悄记录了下来。After setting up the hidden camera, the boy summons his father to the kitchen, ominously telling him: #39;I#39;ve just got something from school, I need you to come and look at it.#39;儿子设置好了隐蔽摄像头之后,将父亲叫到厨房里,用预示着坏消息的语气对父亲说:“学校里发了一个文件得要你来看看。”His father, who can be heard shouting from elsewhere in the house, asks: #39;Has something happened?!#39;, to which the mischievous teenager, Aria, replies: #39;Yes! It#39;s really important#39;.我们可以听到父亲从其他房间里传来的对话声,“发生什么事了吗?”,调皮的少年奥里亚回答说,“是的,是很重要的事。”As his nervous-looking father approaches, Aria says: #39;Come and have a chat with me. Just come in, and that#39;, he says while passing over a piece of paper displaying the result.当一脸担心的父亲走进厨房时,奥里亚说:“过来我们聊聊吧。过来,看看这个吧”,他说着把成绩单递给父亲。After seeing his son has achieved a C grade in the maths exam, the man asks: #39;Is that real!?,#39; before bursting into tears of joy.看到儿子在数学考试中得了C,爸爸问“这是真的吗?”,然后喜极而泣。The pair embrace before the disbelieving dad asks again, #39;Are you sure!? They#39;ve not made a mistake!? I can#39;t believe it, I just can#39;t believe it!#39;父子俩拥抱了一会儿,然后爸爸又觉得不敢相信,问:“你确定吗?学校不会弄错了吧?我不敢相信!我简直不敢相信!”A mere year before the was filmed, the schoolboy received an F in the subject, he explained,#39;In England you need a C to basically do anything with you life. I#39;ve never been amazing academically and have struggled through school. Neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C, for me it was tough. When I told my Dad who means the world to me this was his reaction...Enjoy#39;.奥里亚解释道,在这段视频拍摄前一年,他曾在数学考试中只拿到了F。“在英国,无论你以后从事什么职业,数学考试至少要拿个C。我的成绩一向不好,勉强在学校混到现在。无论我自己、我爸爸还是我的老师都没想到我能拿到C,这对我来说很不容易。爸爸是世界上对我最重要的人。当我告诉他我及格了的时候,这就是他的反应——激动无比。”Still reeling from the news, his ecstatic father tells him: #39;You#39;re set for life! You#39;re set for life!#39;.狂喜的爸爸还在为这个消息感到眩晕,他对儿子说:“万事开头难,现在你一定会一帆风顺了!一帆风顺!”The teen is seen smiling into the camera at the end of the , seemingly as thrilled with the result as his emotional father.在视频的最后,我们看到少年对着摄像机微笑,似乎他和激动的父亲一样对自己的考试成绩兴奋无比。 /201310/262212

A parrot has been put on anti-depressants to recover from a state of manic trauma after being trapped in a garage for three years.一只名叫罗伊的鹦鹉,因被关在车库三年患上抑郁症,目前它正在接受抗抑郁治疗。Roy was locked in a dog cage with little food or water as he kept screaming the name of his owner#39;s dead wife over and over again - after the widower#39;s new partner had moved in.罗伊被关在一个笼里,没有充足的食物和水。自从它主人的新伴侣住进家中之后,罗伊就不停地念叨主人已故妻子的名字。In captivity, the Congo African Grey was driven to near-insanity, pecking off all his feathers.由于被困牢笼,这只非洲灰鹦鹉几近疯狂,拔光了自己所有的羽毛。The 26-year-old bird is now being treated by Britain#39;s only parrot psychologist Elaine Henley, who has started him on an intensive programme of pills.罗伊已经26岁了,它目前正接受英国唯一一位鹦鹉心理医生伊莱恩·亨利的治疗。它将用大量的药物。Ms Henley saved Roy from imprisonment in the home in southern England.是伊莱恩医生把罗伊从英格兰南部的囚禁生活中解救了出来。In more than 10 years treating birds as far away as Australia and America, Roy is the most disturbed pet she has encountered.伊莱恩拥有超过10年的鹦鹉治疗经验,她甚至照料过来自澳大利亚和美国的鹦鹉,但罗伊是她见过的心理最失常的宠物鹦鹉。Roy had been close to his owner Sarah before she died - and would not stop calling for her when she passed away.罗伊非常依赖自己的主人萨拉,萨拉去世后,它就一直叫萨拉的名字。But Sarah#39;s widower eventually met somebody else, and decided to lock Roy away until they moved house three years later.但是萨拉的丈夫最终和别人在一起了,他决定把罗伊锁起来,这一锁就是三年,直到他决定搬家。In a desperate bid to nurse him back to health, Ms Henley is lacing Roy#39;s food with amitriptyline - a powerful anti-depressant similar to Prozac.为了罗伊能恢复健康,伊莱恩在它的食物中加入了强效抗抑郁的药物阿米替林。 /201404/289212

Despite being prevented from leaving China, Ai Weiwei manages to maintain a healthy international career. If one were to judge by news media attention alone, one might think him the only Chinese contemporary artist in existence. His most innovative work has been through various forms of social media, in what might be called a continuing digital version of performance art. (A book of his blog posts, published in 2011, remains his magnum opus.)尽管艾未未被禁止离开中国,但他还是保持了健康发展的国际事业。如果单从媒体关注的角度看,人们可能会觉得他是现存唯一的中国当代艺术家。他最有创意的作品是通过各种形式的社交媒体呈现,可以被称为一种不间断的数码形式的行为艺术(2011年出版的一本关于他的客帖子的书仍是他的代表作)。But he also makes objects and installations, and about 30 examples of these are included in ;Ai Weiwei: According to What?,; a traveling retrospective organized by the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. It appeared at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington last year and arrives at the Brooklyn Museum on Friday.但是他也制作物品和装置作品,其中大约30件作品被收入东京的森美术馆(Mori Art Museum)组织的流动回顾展“艾未未:凭什么?”(Ai Weiwei: According to What?)。该展览去年在华盛顿的赫什霍恩物馆和雕塑园举行,周五来到布鲁克林物馆。The Brooklyn show is reported to be an expanded version of the original, which is appropriate for an artist who, as if in direct response to political suppression, is irrepressibly productive. (Through Aug. 10, 200 Eastern Parkway, at Prospect Park; 718-638-5000, brooklynmuseum.org.)据报道,布鲁克林的展览是最初展览的扩展版,这很适合这位创作力无法遏制的艺术家,仿佛是对政治迫害的直接回应(展览将持续到8月10日;展望公园东路200号;718-638-5000;brooklynmuseum.org)。 /201409/328960

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