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U.S. Navy ships sailing in the Persian Gulf were forced to fire warning shots and flares after being harassed by Iranian vessels in increasing close encounters, the Pentagon says.五角大楼称,在波斯湾航行的美国海军舰只在遭到伊朗舰艇不断靠近的挑衅之后,美舰艇被迫开和火光警告。In one incident Wednesday, the patrol ship USS Squall fired three warning shots into the water in the direction of an Iranian boat that was approaching another American ship head-on.在周三的一次事件中,一艘伊朗船只迎头驶近另一艘美国舰艇,美狂风号巡逻舰为此三次向伊朗船方向的水中开警告。Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told reporters Thursday the Iranian boat came within 182 meters of the USS Tempest and ignored several bridge-to-bridge radio calls and warning flares. It eventually turned away.美国国防部发言人彼得·库克周四告诉记者,伊朗船只进入了距离暴风号182米的范围,并且无视驾驶台对驾驶台的几次广播呼叫和警告信号,最终该船调转了方向。“These were incidents that the crews deemed unsafe,Cook said. “These are incidents that carry a risk of escalation, and we don’t desire any kind of escalation.库克说,“舰艇上的海军官兵认为,这些事件是不安全的。这些事件有升级的危险,我们不希望看到任何方式的升级。Our ships have been operating in that part of the world for years.”我们的舰艇在那个区域行动已经很多年了。”The same Iranian boat that harassed the USS Tempest also crossed in front of the USS Stout three times at a high rate of speed Wednesday in the same region, U.S. officials say.美国官员称,骚扰暴风号的那艘伊朗船只周三还在同一水域从斯托特号驱逐舰的面前高速穿梭了三次。The incidents involving the Iranian ships and parts of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet spanned multiple days. Besides the two patrol ships, the USS Squall and Tempest, two U.S. destroyers, the USS Nitze and Stout, also were involved.这些事件涉及伊朗船只和美国海军第五舰队的部分舰艇,历时数天。除了狂风号和暴风号两艘巡逻舰外,还涉及尼采号和斯托特号驱逐舰。William Urban, a spokesman for the 5th Fleet, said the Iranian vessels that buzzed the Nitze ignored repeated radio, whistle and flare warnings. He described the Iranian actions as “unsafe and unprofessional, and not routine.;第五舰队发言人厄本说,骚扰尼采号的伊朗船只无视几次广播、哨子和火光警告。他将伊朗的行为形容为“不安全、不专业、也不合常规”。But Iran remained defiant in the face of U.S. accusations. Irans semi-official Tasnim news agency on Thursday ed General Hosein Dehghan as saying, ;If any foreign vessel enters our waters, we warn them, and if its an invasion, we confront.; 面对美国的指责,伊朗态度傲慢。伊朗半官方的塔斯尼姆通讯社周四援引侯赛因·达赫甘将军的话,“如果任何外国船只进入我们的海域,我们就警告它们。如果是入侵,我们就与他们对峙。He added that Iranian boats patrol to monitor traffic and foreign vessels in its territorial waters.他还说,伊朗船只在自己的领属海域巡逻,以便监控交通和外来船只。来 /201608/463060TOKYO —Japanese elementary schools will start English education earlier and elementary and junior high schools are told to teach in classes that two disputed island groups are Japanese territory under new curriculum guidelines the education ministry said Tuesday.东京——日本教育部周二称在新的课程指导原则下,日本小学将更早的进行英语教育,而小学和初中里必须教育学生两个有争议的岛屿群属于日本领土。It is the first time that the ministry decided to state in the legally binding guidelines that the Takeshima islets controlled by South Korea and the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands claimed by China are “inherentparts of Japanese territory. South Korea immediately lodged a protest.这是教育部方面首次决定在有法律效力的指导方针内宣扬主权问题,这两座岛屿一座是韩国方面控制的竹岛,另一座是由日本占据,但是中国方面宣称其为“自古以来固有领土”的尖阁列岛。南韩方面对于此事立刻表示了抗议。In a related move the welfare ministry unveiled draft guidelines on nursery school management for fiscal 2018 which also for the first time cited the need for children to “get familiar withthe national flag and anthem. The flag and anthem have often been controversial in Japan because of their lixs to past militarism.教育部还公布018财年有关幼儿园管理的指导方针草案,其中也第一次提及要求孩子们更加熟悉国旗和国歌。在日本,国旗和国歌常常因为与过去的军国主义联系到一起而充满争议。As for elementary junior high and senior high schools curriculum guidelines are revised roughly every 10 years. They show what must at least be taught to students. On Tuesday the Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science and Technology announced the draft of the next guidelines for elementary and junior high school education.涉及小学,初中及高中的课程指导方针每十年就大略的修改一次。他们展示了那些是必须要教导给学生的必要内容。周二文部科学省公布了中小学新的课程指导方针的草案。来 /201702/494018Regulating the housing rental market and curbing property bubbles are two major projects serving Chinese peoples residential needs, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday.中国国家主席习近平在上周三表示,规范住房租赁市场、遏制房地产泡沫是实现我国公民住有所居的两大重要工程。The residential feature of housing should be accurately taken into account of, said Xi at a meeting of the Central Leading Group on Finance and Economic Affairs.习近平在中央财经领导小组会议上强调,住房的居住特点应该得到准确地考虑。Xi said that China should form a housing mechanism that meet both purchase and rental purposes and meet housing demands of a new urban population, said Xi, who heads the central leading group.中央领导小组领导人习近平主席称,我国应该形成同时满足购房和租赁目的的住房机制,满足新城市人口的住房需求。The meeting reviewed major projects outlined in the 13th Five-Year Plan and discussed outstanding issues of public concern, according to a statement released after the meeting该会议回顾了“十三五”规划中的重大项目,讨论了公众关注的重大问题。The market will play the leading role in catering to multilayered demand, while the government will take care of basic housing demand, according to Xi.据习近平主席表示,市场将发挥主导作用,满足多层次的住房需求,而政府则将照顾基本的住房需求。China will take a varied approach to regulating the property market, adopting financial, fiscal, tax, land and regulation measures to build a long-term housing mechanism that provides housing for all people.中国将采取多元途径规范房地产市场,采用金融,财政,税收,土地和市场监管,建立一个为所有人提供住房的长期住房机制。来 /201612/486461Beginning with the countrys most intense campaign to prosecute corrupt officials, authorities are now adopting detailed rules to prevent corruption at an earlier stage and in a more sustainable way, analysts said.一些分析人士近日表示,从我国进行得最为激烈的起诉腐败官员的运动开始,中国当局政府在早期阶段就以更持续的方式、采取了详细的规定,以防止腐败;A large number of local governments require that officials cellphones be switched on 24 hours a day,; a commentary in the China Discipline Inspection News, a newspaper affiliated with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the Communist Party of China, on last Saturday.中央纪律检查委员会主办的《中国纪检监察报》在周六的评注中写道:“大部分地方政府要求官员的手机必4小时开机。”The commentary cited the head of the construction bureau in Liquan county, Shaanxi Province as an example. He had recently been reprimanded after turning off his phone and remaining out of touch for ;a long time.;评注中引述的是陕西省礼泉县建设局局长的例子。他最近因关掉了手机,导致长时间不能取得联系而遭到了惩戒。Dozens of minister-level officials and above have been investigated in the past three years, including Zhou Yongkang, one of the central governments top leaders.在过去的三年时间里,包括中央政府的最高领导人之一的周永康在内的数十位部长级及部长级以上官员均接受了调查。Officials will be given ;warnings; or ;serious warnings; if they go on a trip but fail to report their whereabouts to authorities as required, according to a set of Party rules on sanctions for those who violate the Party code of conduct that took effect on January 1.根据今年1日生效的一套有关对违反党的行为准则如何实施处分的条令表示,那些没有向上级报告行程就私自出去旅游的官员,按要求将被处以“警告”或者“严重警告”;Authorities have no idea where certain officials go. Sometimes it takes much effort to look for them when they are needed,; Xi was ed by the China Discipline Inspection News as saying in January.中国纪检监察报引用习总书记的话说:“有时候如果上级都不知道他们去哪里了,等到需要他们的时候再来找会花费很大的力气。”Administrators withhold the passports of many local government officials and only return them after a strict personal assessment or for formal overseas tours. Provincial- and ministerial-level CPC officials are required to report their annual plan for overseas tours to the CCDI and the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.行政管理人员扣留了许多地方政府官员的护照,只有通过严格的个人评估或者进行正规的海外旅游才会返还其护照。省级和部级的共产党高级官员需向中纪委和中共中央组织部报告他们海外旅游的年度计划。According to the ;strictest; asset declaration system, which was developed by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, officials at the deputy county level or above are required to report their personal information annually to the Party, including personal and family assets and investments, any overseas travel, as well as the nationality and occupation of their relatives, the Xinhua News Agency reported.据新华通讯社报道:根据由中国共产党中央委员会组织部出台;最严格;的资产申报制度,副县级或以上官员每年都必须向党部申报自己的个人信息,包括个人及家庭的资产和投资,以及任何海外差旅费、亲属的国籍和职业。Unlike political parties in the West, the CPC, a pioneering party, is committed to wholeheartedly serving the people. However, the cornerstone of the Partys governance may be eroded if the CPC fails to fulfill its commitment, Zhi Zhenfeng, an associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Global Times.中国社科院副研究员振锋告诉环球时报:不同于西方的政党,中国共产党是开创性的党,是全心全意致力于为人民务的党。但是,如果中国共产党未能履行其承诺,党执政的基石也将会被侵蚀。Therefore, stricter supervision of Party members becomes necessary, as a heavier responsibility on CPC officials means greater power in a sense, increasing the chance of corruption, Zhi noted.振锋指出,因此,对党员更严格的监督变得非常必要,因为党员身上肩负的重任,在一定意义上意味着更大的权力,这更增加了腐败的可能性。来 /201604/435503

Julian Assange on Friday claimed “victoryin his legal battle against UK and Swedish authorities after a UN panel said the WikiLeaks founder should be allowed to walk free after his three and a half year confinement at the Ecuadorean embassy in London.朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)周五宣称他对英国和瑞典当局发起的法律战取得了“胜利”,此前联合国一个工作小组表示,已在伦敦厄瓜多尔驻英使馆避难三年半的维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人应该被允许获得自由。A statement by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said Mr Assange’s confinement amounted to “arbitrary detentionand that he should be afforded “the right to compensation联合国任意拘留问题工作小UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention)发表的一份声明称,阿桑奇被迫困于厄瓜多尔驻英使馆一事,相当于受到“任意拘留”,他应当得到“赔偿权利”。Mr Assange, an Australian, was originally arrested in London in 2010 under a European warrant issued by Sweden, where he was sought for questioning in relation to sexual assault and rape allegations.澳大利亚籍的阿桑奇最初于2010年在伦敦被捕,警方的依据是瑞典签发的一份欧洲逮捕令,瑞典方面要求将他缉拿归案,接受有关性侵和强奸指控的讯问。He was granted asylum by Ecuador and entered the country’s embassy in Knightsbridge, London, after the UK Supreme Court ruled the extradition against him could go ahead.在英国最高法院裁定对他的引渡可以执行后,阿桑奇设法获得厄瓜多尔庇护,并躲进该国位于伦敦骑士桥(Knightsbridge)地区的大使馆。Mr Assange denied the allegations but was reluctant to fight the claims in Sweden for fear of being transferred to the US, where he could face official secrecy and anti-espionage charges that could see him jailed for life.阿桑奇否认上述指控,但不愿到瑞典抗辩,担心被移交给美国,他在美国可能面临泄露官方机密和间谍罪名,若被定罪可能被判终身监禁。This followed WikiLeaksrelease of thousands of secret US government documents on the internet, including highly sensitive diplomatic cables which US officials say put its agents at risk and caused embarrassment for America’s allies.此前维基解密在互联网上发布了数以千计的美国政府秘密文件,包括一些高度敏感的外交电文,美国官员们表示,这些文件被泄露,使美国的一线特工陷入险境,还让美国的盟友难堪。Speaking from inside the embassy on Friday, a bearded Mr Assange welcomed the report as a “serious finding adding it was a “vindicationand “victorywhich “brought a smile to my face and I hope many others as well周五,蓄起胡须的阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻英使馆发表讲话,对联合国工作小组的报告表示欢迎,称其为“严肃的调查结论”,并补充称,它相当于“洗冤”和“胜利”,“给我的脸上带来微笑,我希望也给其他很多人带来微笑”。A UK government spokesperson had earlier rejected the findings and said the ruling “changes nothingand that it will formally contest the UN panel’s opinion.早些时候,英国政府发言人拒绝接受调查结果,称这一裁定“改变不了什么”,英国将正式抗辩联合国工作小组的意见。“Julian Assange has never been arbitrarily detained by the UK. The opinion of the UN Working Group ignores the facts and the well-recognised protections of the British legal system,the spokesperson said.“朱利安·阿桑奇从未被英国任意拘留。联合国工作小组的意见忽略了相关事实和英国司法制度所提供的广受公认的保护,”这名发言人表示。A UK statement said Mr Assange was “voluntarily avoiding lawful arrest by choosing to remain in the Ecuadorean embassy英国官方的一份声明称,阿桑奇“自愿选择滞留厄瓜多尔使馆,以逃避合法逮捕”。It said an allegation of rape was still outstanding and a European arrest warrant in place, so the UK continues to have a legal obligation to extradite him to Sweden.声明称,强奸指控和欧洲逮捕令仍然有效,因此英国在法律上仍有义务把他引渡到瑞典。The statement said the UK was “deeply frustrated that this unacceptable situation is still being allowed to continueand called on Ecuador to “engage with Sweden in good faith to bring it to an end声明称,英国“对于这一不可接受的局面仍然被允许持续下去深感沮丧”,并呼吁厄瓜多尔“与瑞典真诚接触,解决这件事”。Philip Hammond, the UK foreign secretary, described the ruling as “ridiculous He said the working group is “made up of lay people not lawyers and their conclusion is flawed in law英国外交大臣菲利普·哈蒙德(Philip Hammond)形容联合国工作小组的裁决“荒谬”。他说,这个工作小组“由外行而不是律师组成,他们的结论在法律上是有缺陷的”。On Thursday, before the official publication of the UN ruling, a spokesperson for the Swedish foreign ministry said Sweden rejected the working group’s conclusions and would write to the panel on Friday to explain its position.周四,在联合国正式发表裁决结果之前,瑞典外交部的一位发言人表示,瑞典拒绝接受该工作小组的结论,并将在周五致函该工作小组,解释瑞典的立场。来 /201602/426174

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