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听力原文:Detecting explosives爆炸物检测The litmus test石蕊测试A new way to spot home-made bombs 一种检测自制炸弹的新办法ALTHOUGH surveillance has increased around the world following March nd’s bombings in Brussels, it remains extremely difficult to detect explosives carried into railway stations, shopping malls and other public places. The bombs used in Belgium might well have been picked up after the check-in desks at Zaventem Airport, but the suicide-attackers probably never intended to reach the security gate. The intensive screening carried out inside airports is not practical in many other places. That could change as new techniques are developed.重点词汇:1 litmus 石蕊; spot 看见;看出;注意到;发现3 screening 筛查 听力原文:The bombs in Brussels were composed of triacetone triperoxide, known as TATP. This is the same explosive used to kill 5 people in London in train and bus attacks in . It is extremely unstable, but terrorists bent on sacrificing themselves TATP has considerable appeal since it can be made from compounds found in easily obtained materials such as paint thinners and hair-bleaching agents.重点词汇:1 triacetone 丙硫酮; triperoxide 丙酮3 TATP 三过氧化三丙酮 thinner 涂料、清漆等的)稀料,稀释剂5 hair-bleaching agents 漂白剂6 agents (化学)剂7 bent on 决心要做,一心想做(通常指坏事)8 appeal 吸引力;感染力;魅力 注释:年7月7日早上交通尖峰时间,名受“基地”组织指使的英国人在伦敦三辆地铁和一辆巴士上引爆自杀式炸弹,造成5名乘客遇难,700多人受伤此次恐怖袭击被称为伦敦七七爆炸案听力原文: TATP can be detected with traditional technologies, like ion mobility spectrometry. This uses a desktop machine to analyse swabs. As the process can pick up minute traces of substances associated with explosives, it is hard to prevent at least a few molecules escaping onto someone’s hands and belongings. But even in airports, not every passenger is swabbed. Some machines sample air puffed onto passengers standing in cubicles, but it is a slow process. Dogs can pick out TATP, but handlers had been reluctant to train their animals to find the explosive because even tiny amounts can detonate. Now, though, trainers can use TATP as beads encased in a polymer that prevents detonation but also releases the odour. 重点词汇:1 ion 离子 spectrometry 光谱测定法,度谱术; 谱测量;3 ion mobility spectrometry 离子迁移率光谱测定法 swab (医用的)拭子,药签5 minute traces 微小的足迹, 蛛丝马迹6 substance 物质;物品;东西7 molecule 分子8 puff吹;喷;吐9 sample 抽样检验;取样;采样 cubicle (大房间分隔出的)小房间,隔间 handler 驯兽员;(尤指)驯犬员 detonate(使)爆炸;引爆;起爆 bead 珠子;小珠 encase 把…装箱(或围住、包起) polymer polymer 聚合物;多聚体 odour 气味听力原文:Such developments help, but airport-style security would be expensive and highly disruptive if these measures were imposed at all the entry points to crowded public places. Far better would be a system that can automatically analyse air samples and raise an alarm if any dangerous compounds are detected. That idea had seemed fanciful, but Kenneth Suslick at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign thinks he has found a way to do it. 重点词汇:1 fanciful 空想的;想象的 Illinois 伊利诺斯州 听力原文:Dr Suslick’s strategy is to hunt TATP using chemical dyes which can ily bind to reactive airborne compounds, changing colour when they do so. By using differently coloured dyes that each have an affinity molecules of a specific compound released into the air by different explosives, the system would generate a unique colour signature when a dangerous material was nearby. Dr Suslick thinks that adding sensors onto a small cartridge-type device containing an array of different dyes would improve the system further by measuring other characteristics of airborne ps, such as their acidity and molecular polarity (the way they conduct a charge). It appears to be a complex bit of kit, but Dr Suslick is quick to point out that the method is really not much different to a multidimensional m of litmus paper. 重点词汇:1 dye 染料;染液 ily 快捷地;轻而易举地;便利地3 bind (使)联合在一起,结合 airborne 空气传播的5 reactive 能起化学反应的;易反应的6 compound 化合物7 affinity 密切的关系;类同8 cartridge 胶片盒;暗盒;墨盒9 array 大堆;大群;大量 p颗粒;微粒 acidity 酸味;酸性 polarity 极性(两极并存的状态) molecular polarity 分子极性 multidimensional 多面的,多维的欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 688地点:中央公园咖啡馆人物:罗斯,伊丽莎白,罗斯的同事梅尔事件:罗斯和伊丽莎白在咖啡馆约会时碰见学校里的同事,罗斯勇敢地告诉他们自己正在和学生约会,却被告知这么做会被解雇Ross: Oh, you have some studying to do?Elizabeth: No, I have some turning 1 to do.Ross: Yknow, I remember when uh, when I was in college, we used to…Elizabeth: What are you doing?Ross: Nothing, Im–Im just, Im so comtable with you!Elizabeth: Do you not wanna be seen with me? Do you not wanna do sth?Ross: What? No! Of course, of course I do! Are–are they gone?Elizabeth: Uh, no, theyre still here but I think Im about to leave.Ross: What? No! No! Wait! Youre right, this is stupid. Whocares what people think? I mean, I mean we like each other, right? There nothing wrong with that. Come on. Burt? Lydia? Mel? This is Elizabeth.Elizabeth: Hi!Lydia: Arent you in my Popular Culture class?Ross: That right, Lydia. Elizabeth here is a student and, uh, were dating. And you may frown upon that, but were not gonna hide it anymore.Mel: You are so fired. 3300Song: SugarArtist: Maroon 5Part 1Im hurting baby, Im broken downI need your loving, lovingI need it nowWhen Im without youIm something weakYou got me begging, beggingIm on my kneesI dont wanna be needing your loveI just wanna be deep in your loveAnd it killing me when youre awayOoh baby, cause a bullet dont care where you areI just wanna be there where you areAnd I gotta get one little tasteSugarYes pleaseWont you come and put it down on meOh right here, cause I needLittle love and little sympathyYeah you show me good lovingMake it alrightNeed a little sweetness in my lifeSugarYes pleaseWont you come and put it down on mePartMy broken piecesYou pick them upDont leave me hanging, hangingCome give me someWhen Im without youSo insecureYou are the one thing, one thingIm living I dont wanna be needing your loveI dont wanna be needing your loveI just wanna be deep in your loveAnd it killing me when youre awayOoh baby, cause a bullet dont care where you areI just wanna be there where you areAnd I gotta get one little taste

点击此处收看MVI have nothing 我一无所有Share my life, take me what I am 请你融入我的生活,快来认识纯真的我 Cause I’ll never change all my colours you 我从没有在你面前掩饰什么 Take my love, I’ll never ask too much 请你来爱我,我想知道也不多 Just all that you are and everything that you do 只想知道完全的你和每天都在做什么 I don’t really need to look very much further 我不需要考虑的更多 I don’t want to have to go where you don’t follow 也不会强迫自己去做什么 I won’t hold it back again, this passion inside 我不会再压抑自己内心的Can’t run from myself 也不会再逃避自己的心 There’s nowhere to hide 因为我已经无处可逃 (Your love I’ll remember ever) 我将永远记得你的爱Don’t make me close one more door 不要让我又再次退却I don’t wanna hurt anymore 我并不想伤害任何人 Stay in my arms if you dare 如果害怕就躲到我怀里来Or must I imagine you there 我一直告诉自己你就在我怀里 Don’t walk away from me... 千万别离开我 I have nothing, nothing, nothing If I don’t have you, you you ,you, you If I don’t have you 如果我失去了你, 如果我失去了你,你,你,你,你 我将一无所有 You see through, right to the heart of me 你已经看穿了我,直捣进我的心房 You break down my walls with the strength of you love 你用那坚韧的爱击碎了我的心墙 I never knew love like I’ve known it with you 以前不知道什么叫爱,是你让我明白Will a memory survive, one I can hold on to 如果记忆可以永存,就让我来明这点 01969

A Boy With A Big Head 大头娃娃A boy cried to his mother, ;All the children make fun of me. They say I have a big head.;  一个小男孩向他母亲哭诉道:“他们都取笑我,说我脑袋大” ;Dont listen to them,; his mother said, ;You have a beautiful head. Now stop crying and go to the store to buy twenty pounds of patotoes.;“别听他们的,”他母亲安慰道,“你有一个很漂亮的脑袋好啦,别哭了,去商店买十斤土豆来”;Where is the shopping bag?;   “购物袋在哪儿?” ;I havent got one-use your hat.;“没购物袋了—就用你的帽子吧” 1.crycry one’s eyes out(口语)痛哭流涕,哭得很伤心 例:Cecil came round later, crying his eyes out, asking me to give him. 赛西尔后来来了,哭得很伤心,请求我原谅他 make somebody cry让某人哭,惹某人哭 例:David often teases his little sister and makes her cry. 大卫经常惹她哭.shopping bagn.(带挽手的)购物袋;提包I left my shopping bag in car.我把购物袋落在车上了3.hathat表示帽子,cap也表示帽子hat与cap的区别:cap一般刚好能罩着头部,并且没有帽边,但一般会有帽舌(如一般的棒球帽);hat的形状就很多变了,可能有帽边也可能没有,但通常都比cap要大 61

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