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Outbound tourism slumps over flu fearsThe sp of the A/H1N1 flu around the world is having a big impact on China's outbound tourism industry. Many travel agencies in Beijing and Shanghai have suspended trips to flu-hit countries.Since Japan announced emergency measures to contain the A/H1-N1 flu, the country is no longer a popular destination for Chinese tourists.In Shanghai, nearly 40 people cancelled their trips to Japan in one day.Travel agents say avoiding Japanese regions badly hit by the flu is not enough to reassure potential travelers.Liu Xiaojun, Sales manager of Shanghai Youth Travel Agency, said, "Currently, simply changing the tour routes is not working. Customers can't predict where the flu will go next, so they are delaying their trips or even canceling them."Meanwhile, more than half of all Chinese tours to North America have been canceled, and the number of travelers to Europe and Southeast Asia is down 40 percent on the same period last year.But not everyone who cancels their trip can get a full refund.Customers who have aly got their visas or booked plane tickets must pay for that.Tourism industry insiders are still confident about the outbound tourism market in summer, when hot weather is expected to curb the sp of the flu. Article/200905/70856

A mobile phone is capable of all kinds of tricks, but you can use your cell for more than just photos, texts, and phone calls. Here are some great ways for messing about with your mobile handset, whether it be using a phone to unlock a car, or entering the mobile phone throwing championships. 手机本身就被赋予了各种各样的小技巧,但是你可以不仅仅用手机照相,发短信及打电话。这里就有一些曾用手机干过的蠢事,无论是使用电话解锁一辆车,亦或是扔手机锦标赛,找找看,其中有没有你曾经干过的事? Open your car 打开你的车 There is some dispute over how and when this works. It certainly depends on you having the right locking system on your car, and even the type of mobile you have, so give it a whirl and see if it works for you.这个方法存在一定争议。这当然取决于你的爱车是否有正确的保险系统,甚至关乎你手机的类型。所以试试看看它是否适合你 。If you somehow lock your cars key fob in the car, phone someone at home who has the spare. Bare in mind it must be a mobile to mobile call. Get them to press the open button whilst pointing the fob down the phone. Meanwhile, hold your phone about a foot from the car. With a bit of luck it will open. 如果你把钥匙落在了汽车里,打电话给家里有备用钥匙的人。记住必须是手机对手机。按下按钮同时放下电话。与此同时,你的电话离汽车要约有一英尺。再加上一点儿好运,车门将会被神奇的打开。 Check for a faulty microwave 检查微波炉的故障 Put a mobile inside your microwave and give it a ring. The oven is designed to keep microwaves in, so if it rings, you may well be leaking waves all over the place, and should get it checked. There is a small gap for waves to escape, but it should at least dramatically limit the signal. 给手机设定闹铃后把它放入微波炉。烤箱会保持微波,所以如果手机响起,很可能是你的微波炉出现故障,应当马上检查。有一个小的气口可以让微波进出,但它至少应该能大幅度限制信号。Mobile phone throwing 扔手机 Start training for the mobile phone throwing world championships in Sweden. This started in 2000, and marks are awarded for distance and creative choreography. 95.53m is the unofficial world record, thrown in England in 2007. The minimum weight is 220 grams, so don#39;t try and throw one lighter than this, as that would just be silly. 瑞典是首个扔手机世界冠军赛的发起国家,这项比赛始于2000年,它的评定标准是距离和充满创意的舞蹈。在2007年于英国扔出的95.53米是非官方的世界纪录。最小重量是220克,所以不要扔比这一重量还轻的手机,因为那看起来很愚蠢。词语解释:1. award v. 授予,给予2. choreography n. 舞蹈 Article/201111/162199

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