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面对沙特威胁,联合国选择了妥协 -- :: 来源: 此前沙特曾威胁联合国,称将不再资助联合国的项目为此联合国做出妥协,潘基文宣布将沙特从儿童权利黑名单中移除 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has admitted he has removed Saudi Arabia from a blacklist violating child rights in Yemen after the Saudis threatened to stop funding many UN programs.联合国秘书长潘基文已经承认了这一事实,由于沙特威胁将不再资助联合国的许多项目,联合国被迫将沙特从也门儿童权利侵犯的黑名单中移除Ban said he had no choice because there was a ’very real prospect’ that millions of children in Syria, South Sudan and Palestine ’would suffer grievously’ if the UN programs had to be closed down lack of cash.潘基文说他别无选择,因为如果没有资金的话联合国的项目就不得不被迫停止,那么可以预见,叙利亚、南苏丹和巴勒斯坦等地数以百万计的儿童“必将”“遭受严酷的磨难”He said: ’This was one of the most painful and difficult decisions I have had to make.’潘基文说:“这是我不得不做出的又一个痛苦而困难的决定”The ed Nations blacklisted the Saudi-led coalition after concluding in a report last week ago that it was responsible 60 per cent of the 785 children killed in Yemen last year.也门去年共丧生了785名儿童,而根据联合国上周发布了一份报告显示,以沙特为首的联盟要为60%的死亡儿童负责,联合国将沙特及其盟友列入了黑名单Ban is due to step down as Secretary-General at the end of the year, which could explain why he was a little less diplomatic than usual.今年年底潘基文将不再担任联合国秘书长,也许这也是为什么他现在显得有点缺乏外交手腕The South Korean - who is tipped to be replaced by a woman, possibly mer New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark - did not identify Saudi Arabia by name but said: ’It is unacceptable member states to exert undue pressure.’潘基文(他的继任者将是一名女性,很可能是新西兰前总理海伦·克拉克)并没有提及沙特的名字,但是他说道:“成员国家不应该施加过多的压力”Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN, Abdullah al-Mouallimi denied his government had put pressure on the ed Nations to reverse its decision by threatening to cut off millions of dollars in funding.沙特驻联合国大使阿卜杜拉否认了外界对于沙特政府的猜测,表示沙特没有通过威胁减少百万美元资金的手段,来迫使联合国改变其决定He said: ’We did say that such a listing and such unfair treatment would obviously have an impact on relations.他说道:“我们是这样表示的--把沙特列入这样一个名单和对沙特的不公平待遇将很明显地影响双方的关系”’But we did not use threats or intimidation and we did not talk about funding,’ he added.他补充道:“但是我们没有威胁或者恐吓,我们根本就没有谈论资金的事情”Human rights groups accused Ban of caving in to Saudi Arabia but he admitted the conflict in Yemen had led to ’horrors no child should have to face’ but said he had no choice because the UN programs were so important.人权组织指责潘基文向沙特屈潘基文承认也门的冲突使得该地发生了“孩子们不应该面对的恐惧”,但是他又说他没有其他选择,因为联合国的这些项目非常重要The Saudi-led coalition launched an air campaign in support of Yemen’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi in March to push back Huthi rebels after they seized the capital Sanaa and many parts of the country.年三月,为持也门总统曼苏尔,以沙特为首的联军对也门进行了空袭当时也门胡塞武装控制了首都萨那和国内许多地方,联军帮助也门政府军以求击退叛军The war has killed some 6,00 people, with more than 80 percent of the population in desperate need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN.据联合国透露,这场战役已经导致了600人死亡,也门80%的国民在绝望地等待着人道主义救援七大因素揭示为什么你总招蚊子 --01 ::7 来源:chinadaily Does it seem like mosquitoes search you out specifically, maniacally biting you just to make you miserable?你是不是发现自己特别招蚊子,经常被蚊子咬得很惨?Blame your genes.怪你的基因吧And your smelly feet.还有你的臭脚Basically, mosquitoes choose their prey (you) based on a whole bunch of factors.基本上,蚊子对你下口是基于一连串因素的Many myths exist; example, the idea that eating bananas can repel the bugs doesn't hold up.关于这方面有许多谣言,比如吃香蕉能驱蚊,这种想法是没有依据的But scientific research has found evidence supporting several reasons why mosquitoes may seek you out, though these studies are often on different kinds of mosquitoes, so the actual things attracting them to you may vary depending on which species are nearby.然而,科学研究已经发现了一些原因和相关据,能解释你为什么招蚊子,不过这些研究的观察对象通常是不同种类的蚊子,所以你招蚊子的实际因素可能也随你附近的蚊子种类而异Still, there's good news: Some of the things that might make you especially attractive to mosquitoes are things you can actually change.好消息是:有些东西会让你特别招蚊子,而你可以做出改变从而远离蚊子Since — depending on the type of mosquitoes in your area — these little flying beasts can transmit deadly diseases like Zika, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya, and West Nile, it would be wise to try to reduce your allure as much as you can.因为——这也取决于你所在地区的蚊子种类——这些小飞虫会传播一些致命疾病,如寨卡病毒、疟疾、黄热病、登革热、基孔肯雅热和西尼罗河病毒,所以你还是尽量少招惹这些蚊子为妙Here are seven things that could make you irresistible to the pests. 以下是7个会让蚊子爱上你的因素:1. People with type O blood tend to attract more mosquitoes than people with other blood types.O型血的人通常比其他血型的人更招蚊子 . Malaria carrying mosquitoes were attracted to pregnant women twice as much as non-pregnant women in a study. In light of Zika's link to birth defects, this finding is particularly concerning.一项研究发现,携带疟疾病毒的蚊子咬妇的可能性比咬没有身的女性高出一倍考虑到寨卡病毒会导致出生缺陷,这一发现让人尤为担忧 3. In a small study, researchers found mosquitoes liked people who had drank a beer more than their sober counterparts.一项小型研究发现,相比没有喝酒的人,喝啤酒会让你更招蚊子 . Some people's bodies emit attractant compounds, while others emit repellent compounds. It's unclear why or how this works, though researchers have tried to isolate the chemicals to use them mosquito traps or natural bug spray.有些人的身体会散发出对蚊子有吸引力的化合物,而其他一些人则会散发出让蚊子讨厌的化合物研究人员尚不清楚个中原理,但是他们试图把这种化合物分离出来,用它们制作捕蚊器或天然的驱蚊水 5. People with a wider variety of bacteria living on their skin were less attractive to mosquitoes in a study.一项研究发现,皮肤上存活的细菌种类较多的人,对蚊子吸引力较小 6. Mosquitoes tend to like people who emit more carbon dioxide when they breathe, which includes larger people and pregnant women.蚊子一般更喜欢那些呼出的二氧化碳更多的人,这些人多为胖子和妇 7. Working out can produce lactic acid, which can act as an attractant mosquitoes when it's released in your sweat.锻炼会产生乳酸,而乳酸通过汗液释放出来时,对蚊子非常有吸引力 Vocabularymyth: 谣言lactic acid: 乳酸英文来源:techinsider翻译#38;编辑:丹妮母亲节创意营销:飞机上孩子的1次哭声5%的折扣 -- ::58 来源: 母亲节一向是表达温情的日子对于各大品牌来说,情感营销自然成为了这个节日里永恒的主题不过即使温情的基调不变,一些品牌还是玩出了新意比如这个捷蓝航空Motherrsquo;s Day is the celebration day in honor every mother in the world. People just finished celebrating the day. Lets take a look the brand campaign that have successfully engaged consumers by creating shareable visual content, in line with their own image.母亲节,对全世界的母亲来说都是一个温情的、值得庆祝的日子人们今天才刚庆祝完让我们看一下这些品牌的营销活动,通过创造一些可引起共鸣的、也符合品牌形象的视觉内容,成功俘获了消费者的芳心JetBlue celebrates the Motherrsquo;s day with mothers of crying babies on board. People have usually complained and annoyed with the crying babies on the plane, and the one who feels uncomtable is the mother. I am not a mother yet but watching the ad made me feel to be the mother of those babies. How worries them to travel with their babies.捷蓝航空发起了一项空中宝贝的创意活动以庆祝母亲节在飞行途中,有小孩子不停哭闹可真是让人抱怨和烦恼,孩子的母亲也很尴尬我还没有孩子呢,不过在我看过他们的宣传广告后,我真希望自己是那些孩子的妈妈带上这些宝贝去旅行得有多烦恼啊JetBlue is trying to change the perception of the customers about babies onboard. On -hours flight from New York to Calinia, JetBlue gave every customer on that plane 5% off each times a baby cry and get the round-trip free ticket on the next flight with JetBlue once the fourth baby cry.今年,捷蓝航空打算用实际行动来改变乘客们对那些哭闹的宝宝们的看法在从纽约飞往加利福尼亚的小时行程中,机上的孩子每哭闹一次,机上的乘客下次乘坐航班便可获得5%的折扣而只要孩子的哭闹达到次,下次航班的往返机票费便可全免The company comes with the idea to change people perception about the crying babies on board could be a good thing and to appreciate every mother on the board whose travelling with their babies.捷蓝航空的这个创意是想改变人们对机上哭闹的孩子的看法;;它未必就是一件坏事,同时也请大家体谅每一位带着宝贝旅行的妈妈的不易The campaign comes with a touching story. The shows hows the babies change the nightmare of their mother on the plane.这个创意源自一个感人的故事视频显示,这些在飞机上哭闹的宝贝不再是妈妈的噩梦People are react positive to the campaign on twitter using hastag #flybabies, the has 0 thousands views within the day after the has been uploaded.空中宝贝的创意视频被发布到推特上后,网友们对此反响很积极仅在上传后一天,视频的点击量就达到万How you ever feel annoyed with the crying babies on the plane? Think again about your mother.你曾为飞机上宝贝的哭闹苦恼过吗?想想你的妈妈吧Happy Motherrsquo;s day Mom!母亲节快乐!

网络"性敲诈"猖獗 受害者多为青少年 --01 :: 来源:chinadaily Sextortion -- using nude photos of someone to press even racier content or other goods -- is surprisingly common, a US think tank says in what it calls the first in-depth study of another danger lurking in cyberspace.美国一家智库称,“性敲诈”行为——利用一些人的裸照获取更不雅的内容或者其他东西——惊人地普遍该智库称,这是为网络空间的另一大潜在危害所做的首份深度研究Most victims are minors, the predators are almost always men who prey on multiple targets, and almost all adult victims are women, it said. Most victims choose to stay anonymous, out of shame.研究称,大多数受害者都是青少年,而侵害者几乎总是对多个目标下手的男子,而且几乎所有的成年受害者都是女性大多数受害者都选择匿名以免丢脸And while US law encement officials acknowledge the problem, no agency or advocacy group keeps data on it, said the Brookings Institution, which published the study on Wednesday.布鲁金斯学会日发布了这项研究结果,称尽管美国执法官员承认这一问题,但还没有机构或者利益团体追踪这方面的数据Even the term 'sextortion' is not a real word, but rather slang that prosecutors use to refer to an offense that does not fit neatly into a single category.甚至就连“性敲诈”也并非一个真正的词,而是检察官使用的一个俗语,用来代指不完全符合任何一个类别的侵害行为"Legally speaking, there's no such thing," the report states.报告称,“从法律上讲,并没有‘性敲诈’这个罪名”Sextortion can entail a hack into someone's computer to rob a sexy picture or or take over a webcam, then the use of this content to extort victims even more.性敲诈可以通过侵入某人的电脑窃取色情照片或者视频,或者侵入网络摄像头,然后利用这些内容对受害者进行敲诈It is even more common perpetrators to resort to social media to elicit a photograph from a victim, then use it to demand more.更常见的情况是,犯罪者通过社交媒体获取受害者的照片,随后进行敲诈The Brookings Institution said it studied 78 cases from recent years that met its definition of sextortion and many others that contained elements of it.布鲁金斯学会研究了近年发生的符合其“性敲诈”定义的78起案例,以及其它诸多含有“性敲诈”因素的案例Those cases involve at least 1,379 victims. But a variety of reasons -- such as prosecutors not seeking out all victims of a given predator -- the true number of victims from those 78 cases could actually range from 3,000 to 6,500 or even more, the study said.这些案例中的受害者至少有79位但由于多种原因,比如检察官并没有找出遭受某一位侵害者侵害的所有受害者,这78起案例的受害者真实人数可能会达到3000到6500人,甚至更多One involved a woman who opened an email from an unknown sender and found sexually explicit photos of herself, data about her job, husband and three kids, and a demand a porno of her.在其中一起案例中,一名女子打开一封来路不明的邮件,而后发现了她自己的不雅照,还有有关她的工作、丈夫和三个孩子的资料,发信人还要求获得她的情色视频Vocabularythink tank: 智库,智囊团in-depth study: 深入研究英文来源:雅虎新闻编审:yaning

全国各地举办庆祝---感恩母亲节活动 -- ::18 来源: 5月8日母亲节,各地都举办了不同形式的庆祝活动那么,你有没有表达对妈妈的祝福呢?Colorful umbrellas shield about 0 women from the sun as they model qipao, or cheongsam, dresses on the street in Yingkou city, Northeast Chinarsquo;s Liaoning province, May 7, . The women marked Motherrsquo;s Day one day ahead of todayrsquo;s official celebration.年5月7日,母亲节的前一天,中国东北辽宁营口市的女性,打着五颜六色的太阳伞,上演了一场旗袍时装秀,以庆祝母亲节Children wash their mothersrsquo; feet at an activity held in Kaifu district in Changsha, Central Chinarsquo;s Hunan province, on May 7, . Children also wrote their wishes on cards and presented flowers to their mothers during the activity to celebrate Motherrsquo;s Day, which falls today.5月8日母亲节当天,中国中部湖南省长沙市开福区举办了庆祝活动孩子们为妈妈洗脚,在卡片上写下对妈妈的美好祝福,还为妈妈献花A bus driver welcomes mothers on board her Route 60 bus in Zhengzhou, Central Chinarsquo;s Henan province on May 7, . As a mother herself, the bus driver invited more than families to join in the activity where children hugged their moms and said, ;Thank you.;5月7日,中国中部河南省郑州市,一位公交司机欢迎妈妈们乘坐她的60路公交同样也是妈妈,这位司机邀请了多个家庭参与这个活动,让孩子们拥抱妈妈,并表达对妈妈的感谢Volunteers wash the feet of senior citizens at a nursing home in Fuyang, East Chinarsquo;s Anhui province on May 7, , to celebrate Motherrsquo;s Day.5月7日,中国东部安徽省阜阳市,志愿者们到养老院来给老人们洗脚以庆祝母亲节Primary school pupils hug their mothers who are migrant workers to express their love during an activity held bee Motherrsquo;s Day in Nantong, East Chinarsquo;s Jiangsu province, May 7, 5月7日,中国东部江苏省南通市,在母亲节的前一天举办的庆祝活动中,小学生们拥抱他们的农民工妈妈,以表达对母亲的爱Soldiers from the chemical defense corps sit in a heart-shape med by their helmets and hold signs ing ;Happy Motherrsquo;s Day; in Chongqing on May 7, 5月7日,重庆的防化兵战士们围坐在用头盔摆成的心型里,手上举着标语;母亲节快乐;Children learn about pregnancy to better understand their mothers at a kindergarten in Neihuang county, Central Chinarsquo;s Henan province, May 6, 5月6日,中国中部河南省内黄县一个幼儿园的孩子们体验学习怀知识,更深切的理解妈妈的爱Mothers and their children run in a three-legged race during an activity to celebrate Motherrsquo;s Day in Fushan district in Yantai, East Chinarsquo;s Shandong province, May 6, 5月6日,在中国东部山东省烟台市福山区举办的庆祝母亲节活动中,妈妈和孩子们在玩两人三足比赛Mothers eat food made by their children at a primary school in Wuzhou, west Chinarsquo;s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, May 6, .5月6日,中国西部广西壮族自治区的梧州市的一所小学里,妈妈们在品尝孩子亲手做的食物

外媒看中国:热播剧《虎妈猫爸震惊B --01 :9:56 来源:   Perhaps you're familiar with the super-strict mum who pushes her kids to be the best at school, sport, and music - no matter what the cost. Well, there's another feline in the parenting world: Cat Dad.  人们常常听说有对子女超级严格的妈妈,她们要求自己的孩子在学习、运动乃至音乐各个方面都要出类拔萃——为此不惜一切代价现在,在为人父母的人群中又多了一种新的“女性”化形象:猫爸  Cat Dad takes a more softly, softly approach to parenting - preferring to be emotionally sensitive, gentle and relaxed about rules and discipline, in the belief that it will make their offspring self-sufficient and independent. The term has been trending on the micro blogging site Sina Weibo because of a hit Chinese television programme, "Tiger Mom Cat Dad". The two lead characters are, as the title suggests, a fierce Tiger Mom and a chilled-out Cat Dad. Their styles collide as they try to raise their young daughter.  猫爸们采取了一种更加温和可亲、温柔随和的教育方式——他们对子女的情绪变化尤为敏感、出手大方、宽于管束,他们相信这样会让孩子拥有自信,学会独立这个概念如今在新浪微上流行一时,原因是因为一部当红中国电视剧,《虎妈猫爸正如片名所示,片中的两位主角一个是暴脾气的虎妈,一个是淡定的猫爸在教育小女儿的方式上,他们的教育风格常常相互冲突  While Cat Dad may not be as well known as Tiger Mother, he's actually been around nearly as long. One of the original Cat Dads was Chang Zhitao, a father from Shanghai who went head to head in a debate with Chua shortly after her book was published. Despite having vastly different approaches to parenting, both Chua and Chang had daughters who were accepted into Harvard University.  虽然猫爸可能不像虎妈那么为人所知,但是猫爸的存在时间几乎和虎妈一样久了猫爸的其中一位原型是常智韬——这位父亲和出书不久的“虎妈”蔡美儿在舆论中不争上下虽然对于为父为母之道两人的做法大庭相径,蔡美儿和常智韬的女儿都上了哈佛大学  And as if the Tiger-Cat fight wasn't enough, there's also another animalistic parenting persona coming from China. Wolf Dad is even stricter than Tiger Mom and is epitomised by Xiao Baiyou, a father who believes that "beating kids is part of their upbringing."  不过好像虎妈猫爸之战远远不够,中国还有另一种兽拟人格家长的代称“狼爸”狼爸比虎妈还严厉,代表人物是萧百佑,这名父亲深信“棒棍底下出孝子”  "Just as their names suggest, Cat Dad prefers a gentle approach to children's education, while Tiger Mom and Wolf Dad believe that education is a painful process," says Vincent Ni of B Chinese. "It's been a long time since Chinese TV aired such a drama that captured the two seemingly conflicting education philosophies so well."  “顾名思义,猫爸更倾向于用温和的方式教育子女,而虎妈和狼爸则坚信玉不琢不成器”B中文台记者说道,“长期以来,中国总算出了这样一部电视剧,能够精准的把握这两种似乎相互冲突的教育哲学之间的戏剧性冲突”  More than 80m people tuned into "Tiger Mom Cat Dad" and the series finale attracted tens of thousands of comments on Weibo. Some defended Cat Dad: "I think there is too much bullying going on in their household. It's completely disrespectful. " one user commented. Others saw the dad as a weak character who wasn't compatible with his wife: "I think the tiger mother and the cat dad should divorce," one viewer wrote.  超过8千万观众收看了《虎妈猫爸这部电视剧,其结局在微上引发了成千上万的有些人持猫爸,“我觉得在他们的家庭里妻管严的情况实在太多了猫爸应该为此感到羞愧”一个网友如此说道也有人认为猫爸性格儒弱,配不上他的妻子:“我觉得虎妈和猫爸应该离婚,”一个观众这样道

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