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;The enemy to our attention spans is multitasking,; Parr says. One way to avoid it is to break down individual tasks at work or even errands you want to accomplish on the weekend. Use an app like Wunderlist to specify steps that you#39;ll need to take to accomplish the goal at hand and list goal start and end times for each.“注意力集中的敌人就是多项任务,”帕尔说道。避免注意力不集中的方法之一就是将周末你想完成的工作任务和差事分成一个个的小任务。可以使用Wunderlist这类的应用来具体化每一步骤,以完成手边的目标,并制定开始目标时间和结束目标时间。Parr suggests using something called the Pomodoro Technique (yes, Pomodoro, like the sauce) when you have a task to get done. The technique, created by consultant Francesco Cirillo, essentially says that you should delineate small chunks of time — 10, 20, 30 minutes — to each item on your to-do list.帕尔建议当你需要完成任务时,可采用番茄工作法(是的,番茄,就是番茄酱的那个番茄)。这一方法由技术顾问弗朗西斯科#8226;西里洛创立,主要指你应该为自己的每个任务设定一些比较短的时间段——10分钟、20分钟或30分钟。Use your phone#39;s timer app to stick to the limit. Within that time, only focus on that task alone. To help avoid distractions during those time frames, go to your phone#39;s settings and toggle off notifications for any apps that aren#39;t absolutely essential. Some good ones to include would be Facebook, Snapchat, (Tinder, perhaps?), even mail — anything that you#39;re used to checking as soon as a notification pops up.使用手机上的定时软件坚持在限定时间内完成任务。在规定时间内,只专注这一任务。想要在这些时间框架中放弃杂念,那就进入手机设置,关闭所有不重要应用的提醒。比如应关掉脸书、阅后即焚、(也许再关掉Tinder?)、甚至还可关掉邮件提醒——只要弹出通知你就会查看的应用都应该暂时关闭。And unless you#39;re worried that there might be an emergency or you#39;re expecting a text from you boss, it#39;s a smart idea to turn off pings for iMessage, too.除非你担心可能会发生紧急情况,或者你在等着上司给你发短信,否则关掉iMessage也是一个明智的选择。If you don#39;t want to deal with switching on and off notifications for individual apps, try an app blocker. Ones like Freedom and SelfControl let you choose start and end times during which the app will block access to your social media accounts. These apps can#39;t block incoming texts or calls, though, so you#39;ll have to resist those (or turn off notifications) on your own. Games aren#39;t the answer, but if you have free time in line at Starbucks or on the subway, ones geared towards improving attention can help. Try out Lumosity or Elevate, both of which offer ;brain workouts; that train your brain to focus on one task at a time.如果你不想一个个的开启和关闭软件应用,那就试试看阻止应用程序。像Freedom和SelfControl这些软件能够让你选择在工作的起止时间段内屏蔽哪些社交媒体账户。虽然这些应用无法屏蔽短信或来电,但是你必须要自己拒绝(或关闭通知)。游戏并不是问题的解决方法,但如果你在星巴克排队或坐地铁的时候有自由时间,那么那些旨在提高注意力的游戏会有所帮助。可以试试Lumosity或Elevate,这两款游戏都能“锻炼大脑”,能训练大脑一次只专注一件事。If you can take note of when your attention starts wandering, you#39;ll be one step closer to regaining focus. And when all else fails, take a break, do something else, and then come back to what you were doing before.如果你能记录下注意力不那么集中的时刻,那么你就在重新集中注意力的道路上又前进了一步。如果这些做法都未能成功,那就停下来休息一会,做些其它的事情,之后再重新做就行了。译文属 /201701/489198The Change of Value价值转变Jade articles induced by a primitive and hazy sense of beauty appeared and have undergone twists and turns in their development of more than 7 000 years from simple decorations to sacrificial 5 ritual articles in ancient times and to symbolic fittings for lofty morality , and finally for art works of various types and varieties. They profoundly reflected the social consciousness of different historical stages. Especially in a certain stage of development, people made the natural properties of jade moralized, enabling it to play special role in political, religious, ideological and cultural spheres and develop a unique function that other art works could not do. In the world cultural history,this cultural phenomenon has never been known in other countries and regions,and embodies a distinctive national character.玉器的出现始于原始感和朦胧感,并且都经过了曲折的超过7000年的发展,由简单的装饰品演变成古时5种祭祀物品,并象征高尚的道德境界,最后成为不同类型和品种的艺术作品。它们深远的意义反映了不同历史阶段的社会意识。特别是在发展对一定阶段,人们把玉的自然属性道德化,使其能够在政治,宗教,意识形态和文化领域发挥的特殊作用,形成了其他艺术作品没有的独特功能。在世界历史文化中,这一文化现象从未在其他国家和地区熟知,和体现了鲜明的民族性格。 /201610/474528

Calendars turned into luxuriously illustrated books, with a twist of interactivity, are highlights of China#39;s book scene at the end of the year.配有精美插图、带有一些互动性质的“日历书”成为年末国内书市的亮点。The most popular is the Palace Museum Calendar, which has sold 1.3 million copies since it was first issued in 2010. The first printing of the 2017 version - 300,000 copies - is sold out.最流行的当属故宫日历,自2010年首次发行以来已经卖出了130万册,其2017年版本首批印刷的30万册已经销售一空。The calendar is inspired by Chinese zodiac animals, and is illustrated with photos of relics from the Palace Museum#39;s collection. For 2017, the Palace Museum Press is offering a bilingual version with English and Chinese.故宫日历的灵感来自于十二生肖,配以故宫馆藏文物的图片。2017年,故宫出版社将提供中英文双语版本的日历。;We saw a need abroad for understanding Chinese cultural traditions,; said Wang Guanliang, director of the office that plans the calendar. ;We didn#39;t expect that the market treats our publications as collectibles.;“我们看到国外了解中国文化传统的一种需求,”设计该日历的编辑室主任王冠良说道。“我们没有想到市场把我们的出版物当作收藏品。”;Most of the calendars are like art books. For young ers, they are portable, affordable, and chic to have,; he added.他补充说道:“大多数日历都像艺术书一样。对于年轻的读者来说很便携、价格实惠且别致。”The Plants and Animals Calendar of guokr.com for 2017 is full of cute animals, with a QR code for each day offering updated online content. 而由果壳网出品的2017年动植物日历则主打可爱的小动物,每日配以二维码,提供最新的在线内容。 /201612/485279There are billions of people in the world, and all of them are individuals with their own unique identities.世界坐拥数十亿人口,人人都是独具文化特色的个体。With so many people to keep track of, and a much smaller corresponding number of cultures, humans invented stereotypes and other generalities as an attempt to understand large groups of people more easily.相较于数不清的人来说,文化的种类少了许多,因此人类尝试用文化形态和其他归类法去了解某一群人。Over the years, this has led to a lot of confusion, hilarity, and strife around the world.过去,很多误解、笑料、甚至国际争斗都因此而生。The truth is that most stereotypes started due to some misconception, or something that was lost in translation, and aren#39;t really all that accurate for the individuals from the culture in question.但很多文化定势的产生都基于误解和误译,对于所涉及文化中的人们来说,情况也不完全属实。Often, what we think we know about another people is wildly inaccurate, and sometimes the truth is far more interesting.我们对外族人的理解,往往并不准确,而真相会更有趣。10.Australia Was Originally a Penal Colony for Hardened Criminals10.澳大利亚曾是关押囚犯的殖民地Most people know that Australia was originally a penal colony started by the ed Kingdom – the British Empire at the time – which blossomed into the full blown country it is today.大多人都知道,澳大利亚起初是大英联合王国(那时叫大英帝国)用来关押罪犯的一块殖民地,而后慢慢发展成现今这样一个繁盛的国家。Many people have also heard of the famous Rum Rebellions, and how many of the prisoners, soldiers, and others on the island were originally paid largely in booze.很多人也听说过著名的朗姆酒叛军,也听说过犯人、士兵和岛上其他人主要以酒当薪酬的事儿。This has given an image of Australia as an island full of the descendants of shifty, nasty criminal types, the hardened people countries would consider so evil they sent them all the way across the globe.这难免让人觉得澳大利亚人都是诡诈、令人心寒的罪犯后人,各国都觉得他们太可恶,把他们送到了世界另一头。However, in recent years Australia has been trying to uncover its past instead of shamefacedly hide from it, and they have found that the truth is not nearly as embarrassing as they once thought.然而,最近几年,澳大利亚不再羞愧躲藏,而是尝试揭开历史面纱,结果发现事实并不像想象中那么令人尴尬。What Australians have quickly been discovering is that many of the people who were sent to Australia as criminals, were convicted for reasons that we would consider a miscarriage of justice today.澳大利亚人很快发现,当初送到岛上的罪犯,现在看来,是由于当初的误判所致。A large portion of them were children who stole small amounts of food, some of whom were condemned to hang for their crimes before they got the chance to be exiled to Australia instead.当初,很多罪犯是偷了口食物的孩子,而有些孩子在被流放到澳大利亚前就被判处绞刑处死。Even among the adults, many of those convicted had only been tried for what would be considered very petty crimes today, and others were also falsely accused.被判处的成年犯中,很多在今天看来只是小犯罪事件,还有些是被诬告的。The truth is that the British Empire at the time had a lot of poor citizens who ended up on the wrong side of the law mainly because living on the margins and stealing food was the only way for them to get by.当时,大英帝国很多贫民犯法是因为食不果腹,而偷食物是他们生存的唯一希望。So, they decided to get rid of these people by sending them to an island all the way across the world, instead of dealing with the actual poverty issue.因此,大英帝国决定摆脱这群人,但不是从根本解决贫困问题,而是横渡大洋将他们送到岛上。9.The Connection Between the Ancient and Current Egyptians9.埃及人的古今情缘Egypt is one of the most famous countries in the world, but the identity of its people is often a very confusing subject.埃及享誉世界,但对其国民的身份问题众说纷纭。Some people think of them as simply Egyptian, and others think of them as another Arabic state, but the truth is a fair bit more complicated.有人认为他们就是埃及人,有人认为他们是另一个阿拉伯国度,但事实没这么简单。Scholars have been studying the lineage of the Egyptian people in an attempt to understand how they relate to the ancient Egyptians, and have been unable to come up with concrete answers.有学者为弄清现代埃及人和古埃及人间的关系,一直在研究埃及人的世系血统,但尚无定论。They are certain that most Egyptians have DNA that seems to differ somewhat largely from other nearby countries, but they also cannot prove any direct connection to the ancient Egyptians.他们确信大部分埃及人的DNA和周边大部分国家不同,但也不能明他们和古埃及人属直系关系。In practice, the situation on the ground can be even more confusing. Egypt is a member of the Arab League and most people in the country can speak Arabic.而实际问题可能更复杂。埃及属阿盟国度,且大部分埃及人会讲阿拉伯语。This has led to a certain amount of cultural ethos to slip into the national identity, but most Egyptians do not consider themselves Arab, regardless of their true genealogy.这些文化风尚肯定会渗透到国家形态中,但不管他们族谱为何,大部分埃及人并不认为他们是阿拉伯人。They consider themselves to be Egyptian, and wish to cultivate that identity more strongly – many Egyptians today would prefer to connect as much as possible with the old roots, and ignore the Arab influence.他们自认为是埃及人,希望有更强的认同感——现在,很多埃及人更愿意相信自己和古埃及人有关系,而忽略阿拉伯的影响。In some cases, Egyptians have reported feeling discriminated against while visiting or working in other countries within the Arab League.据说,埃及人参观阿盟其他国家或在阿盟其他国家工作时会偶遭歧视。8.Japan is Completely Nuts About Crazy Anime and Manga Series#39;8.日本是漫画、动漫狂When most people think of Japan, they think of weird adults obsessed with the oddest kind of manga and anime possible, but the truth is, they are producing most of that with the rest of the world in mind.提起日本,大多数人会想起沉迷于漫画和动漫的古怪成年人,但事实上,日本动漫是面向全世界的。When anime and manga began in Japan, they started out marketing toward children just like in the West, but as their audience got older they decided to start trying more mature themes.漫画和动漫刚在日本兴起时,跟西方一样目标受众仅为儿童。但随着观众长大,他们便开始尝试一些适合成年人的主题。This worked out well, and proved that animation is suitable for adults as well as children.结果收效甚佳,也说明动漫不仅适合儿童,同样也适合成人。As many adults matured, anime and manga have continued to have a steady following in Japan, but nothing like how people think, and nothing like how popular it is in the rest of the world.和人们的预想不同,日本人成熟后,依然是漫画和动漫的追随者,这种情况在其他国家并不多见。One executive in the industry believes that many people in Japan probably don#39;t even realize how much other countries are into anime and manga.动漫业一位高管认为,日本很多人其实都不清楚其他国家有多喜欢漫画和动漫。The amount of money made selling anime and manga outside of the country is an industry worth billions of dollars a year.日本每年的漫画和动漫出口产值高达数十亿美元。While the international market is a hugely growing business, the Japanese demand for the same is actually slowly declining as the years pass by.国际市场需求仍在继续增加,相对来说,日本本土对动漫的需求近年来反而逐渐下降。This means that despite the claims of ;those wacky Japanese;, at this point, they are making those stories for our entertainment – it may not even be entirely their cup of tea.这就意味着,尽管我们认为日本人在这方面很古怪,但是日本动漫在我们的生活中也占据了一定地位,哪怕算不上他们的心头之好。 /201611/478215

From tall and slim to petite and curvy - and everything in between - women across the globe come in all shapes and sizes.全世界女性的身材各种各样,从高高瘦瘦到娇小玲珑,或在两者之间,总之各不相同。But now a new debate has been sparked about the #39;ideal female shape#39; on Qamp;A site Quora.但最近在问答网站Quora上掀起了一场关于“理想女性体型”的新讨论。One user asked members to comment on what the perfect body type is - based on which country users were from and what they personally preferred.有一位用户要求大家依据各自国家的审美观和个人喜好来什么才是完美的体型。According to the responses, here are the ideal types for each country...根据回复,接下来将为您介绍每个国家的理想体型。American Ryan reveals: #39;In my country, I think the standard image of beauty is probably the same as in many other places; tall, curvy, blonde and blue eyes (though light brown eyes are also really popular), and either fair skin or tanned.#39;来自美国的赖安透露:“在我们美国,美人的标准可能和其他很多地方一样:无论肤色白皙还是黝黑,个子要高,身材有曲线,金发碧眼(虽然浅褐色眼睛也很受欢迎)。”Perhaps the most unusual description comes from Nat in China, who says: #39;The skinnier the better. A4 challenge is a ;thing;, iPhone 6 challenge is also a ;thing;.#39;最与众不同的回答可能来自中国的纳特。他说:“越瘦越好。她必须通过A4腰挑战和iPhone6腿挑战。”The A4 challenge is when women aspire to have a torso the width of an A4 sheet of paper and the iPhone6 challenge sees them seeking legs that are as slim as an iPhone 6.A4腰挑战中女性希望自己的腰只有一张A4纸(竖着放)那么宽,而在iPhone6腿挑战中她们追求自己的双腿并在一起可以被一部iPhone6手机遮住。An Egyptian user named Ahmed notes that historically #39;curvy, large breasted women#39; are deemed to be the most attractive in his country.一位叫做艾哈迈德的埃及用户说道,在他的国家,他们向来认为“有曲线美、胸部大的女人”是最有魅力的。Stanislav, who describes himself as a #39;problem solving maniac#39;, believes that the best female body type for most males in his home country is #39;tall, tight body, slim and big boobs.#39;斯坦尼斯拉夫号称自己是“解决问题狂人”。他认为他们国家大多数男性心中最棒的女性身材应该是“高挑,身材紧致,苗条,有丰满的胸部。”Nadège swoops in for Switzerland and she advises that #39;rather thin women, middle-tall, more with brown hair than blonde, fair eyes usually#39; are deemed the most attractive in her country.娜德日代表瑞士发表了意见。她说瑞士认为最有魅力的女性应该是“相当苗条,中等高度的。棕色头发而非金发,通常有漂亮的眼睛。”Mona Tauqir, who describes herself as a #39;human resource practitioner and psychology enthusiast#39;, says the ideal woman in her neck of the woods has a #39;shapely waist and hips#39; but is #39;petite#39; and has a busty F-cup.莫娜#8226;陶奇尔称自己是“人力资源从业者,心理学爱好者”。她说她的国家理想的女性身材有以下标准:“细腰翘臀,身材娇小,以及F杯的丰满胸部。”Alec insists that #39;petite, not too skinny, large (but not ridiculous) breasts and shapely curves#39; are the ideal in the UK. He also says that a height of about 5ft 7in is the ideal in Great Britain.亚力克坚称“娇小但不过分消瘦,胸部丰满(但不要太夸张),有美好的曲线”是英国的理想身材。他也说身高最好是5英尺7英寸(约1.7米)。An anonymous user from Bangladesh says that women must be at least 5ft 2in tall and have dense and black hair, big black eyes and #39;non-thin eyebrows#39;. He also says he rates a sharp nose and a #39;moderately curvy physique.#39;一位来自孟加拉国的匿名用户说,理想女性必须高五英尺二英寸(约1.58米),拥有浓密的黑发,大大的黑眼睛,眉毛不能太细。他还说自己喜欢鼻梁挺拔、“身材适当有曲线”的女性。The user also shed some light on what type of personality he thinks men from his country deem attractive, revealing: #39;modest and courtly personality and lifestyle is ideal#39;.他也描述了孟加拉国人心目中的魅力性格:“谦逊典雅的性格和生活方式是最理想的。”Another anonymous user said the French ideal is a #39;mix of fashion model standard beauty with a girl-next-door kind of vibe#39;, adding that they can #39;even be tomboy#39;.另一位匿名用户说法国人的理想型是“带着邻家女孩气质同时又有时装模特身材的美人。”他又补充说她们也可以是“假小子型的”。The user concluded: #39;Big boobs are overrated, small t**s for the win.#39;他总结道:“丰满的胸部不再那么重要,小胸女反而更受欢迎。” /201609/466775

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