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长春妇产科医院网上在线预约长春市中心医院几点开门WhatsApp and Candy Crush recently joined the big leagues of technology start-ups done good, prompting tech-shy investors to join the hunt for the digital giants of the future.WhatsApp和Candy Crush最近加入了成功高科技初创企业的行列,这推动通常回避科技股的投资者开始寻找未来的数字巨擘。Family offices, wealthy individuals and even some institutional investors have begun to sift through the swaths of up-and-coming technology ventures in the hope of spotting the next big thing.家族理财室、富有的个人甚至一些机构投资者开始筛选前景看好的科技企业,以期发现下一个巨擘。Christian Nagel, co-founder of Earlybird, a Berlin-based venture capital company, admits that European investors have in recent years suffered a “horrible experience” when committing capital to start-ups.总部位于柏林的风投公司Earlybird联合创始人克里斯蒂安#8226;纳格尔(Christian Nagel)承认,最近几年,欧洲投资者在将资金投入初创企业方面遭遇了“可怕的经历”。“Venture capital as an asset class has not been in investors’ favour, and investment volumes have constantly come down,” he says.他表示:“作为一种资产类别,风险投资近年不受投资者青睐,投资规模持续下降。”But he believes the high-risk, low-return dynamic that blighted early-stage investors is shifting.但他认为,让早期投资者希望破灭的高风险和低回报的格局正在改变。“We have had discussions with our investors about whether the venture capital model is broken, and we find that family offices are among those who have realised that something has changed,” he says. “There is less capital chasing more opportunities.”“我们就风险投资模式是否已经不适用与我们的投资者进行了讨论,结果发现,家族理财室等投资者意识到情况已发生变化,”他表示,“机会更多了,但追踪这些机会的资金变少了。”The recent flurry of young tech companies that have found success at an international level has spurred investor interest in digital start-ups, despite the fact that many investors were burnt not too long ago during the dotcom bubble.近期一连串在国际层面上获得成功的年轻科技公司,引发了投资者对数字初创企业的兴趣,尽管事实是,很多投资者在不那么久以前的网络股泡沫期间曾遭受亏损。Just last month King Digital Entertainment, the developer behind the addictive online game Candy Crush Saga, filed for an initial public offering in the US with the hope of raising more than 0m.就在上个月,深受网民喜欢的在线游戏Candy Crush Saga背后的开发公司King Digital Entertainment,申请在美国进行首次公开发行(IPO),希望筹资逾5亿美元。Sina Weibo, a Chinese messaging platform similar to Twitter, followed suit last week by announcing plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange with a potential valuation of up to bn.类似于Twitter的中国微客平台新浪微(Sina Weibo)最近也宣布,计划在纽交所(New York Stock Exchange)上市,估值可能高达80亿美元。Social networking giant Facebook also recently surprised markets with its bn buyout of instant messaging application WhatsApp in what appeared to be one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.社交网络巨头Facebook最近以190亿美元收购即时通讯应用WhatsApp,此举令市场意外,堪称硅谷保守最好的秘密之一。While the odds of spotting the next Facebook are very long, investing in the next Airbnb, the accommodation website, or Farfetch, the online fashion retailer, is more plausible, according to Stefano Guidotti, chief executive of U-Start, a matchmaker for start-ups that puts selected small businesses in touch with angel investors.为初创企业牵线搭桥、把精选的小企业介绍给天使投资者的U-Start公司的首席执行官斯泰法诺#8226;吉多蒂(Stefano Guidotti)表示,尽管发现下一个Facebook的机会不大,但投资于下一个住宿网站Airbnb或者在线时尚零售商Farfetch还是比较可信的。He says: “Digital start-ups are disrupting industries from travel to accommodation to logistics – this is where you can really look for home runs in the investment space.他表示:“数字初创企业正在颠覆各种行业,从旅游和住宿到物流,你确实可以从中找到投资良机。”“Models that are growing at an incredible pace have the chance to become a billion-dollar opportunity, and [they emerge] much more frequently than companies like Facebook or Twitter.”“正以令人难以置信的速度增长的模式,有机会成为价值数十亿美元的机遇,(它们的涌现)次数远远多于Facebook或Twitter这样的公司。”The one area that investors should steer clear of is the new breed of start-ups aiming to cash in on the buzz around alternative digital currencies such as Bitcoin, according to Matteo Rizzi, partner at SBT Venture Capital, the financial technology-focused firm.聚焦金融技术的公司SBT Venture Capital合伙人马特奥#8226;里兹(Matteo Rizzi)表示,投资者应回避的一个领域是希望借助比特币(Bitcoin)等另类数字货币所引发的热潮谋利的新型初创企业。“This is potentially a very risky investment because the return could be very big, or you could lose all of your money,” he says. “It has such explosive potential because regulation could hit this sector very hard and kill it before it gets going.”“这可能是一种风险非常高的投资,因为回报率可能会非常高,但你也可能血本无归,”他表示,“它具有如此爆炸性的潜力,因为监管机构可能在这个行业站稳脚跟之前沉重打击并掐灭它。”Rising investor confidence in early-stage technology and digital businesses has been helped by the development of vibrant start-up hubs beyond the US.美国以外富有活力的初创企业中心的发展,增强了投资者对初创科技和数字企业的信心。A cluster of businesses focusing on online marketing and data analytics has sprung up in Berlin, while London is home to a growing number of financial tech start-ups. Large entrepreneurial communities have similarly sprouted in Tel Aviv and pockets of eastern Europe and South America.一些聚焦于在线营销和数据分析的企业开始在柏林涌现,伦敦也出现了越来越多的金融科技初创企业。类似的大型创业社区在特拉维夫、东欧和南美部分地区纷纷涌现。Mr Nagel says: “In the past most start-ups were in Silicon Valley or New York and you had to spend millions just to start developing. Now we see businesses popping up everywhere as you can develop and test an app overnight with little money.”纳格尔表示:“过去,多数初创企业位于硅谷或纽约,仅仅启动开发,你就得花费数百万美元。如今,我们看到企业从各个地方涌现出来,你几乎不用花什么钱就能在一夜之间开发并测试一款应用。”As a result, Earlybird recently launched a fund focused on early-stage businesses in Turkey, central and eastern Europe. It raised 0m from entrepreneurs, family offices and institutional investors including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Finance Corporation.因此,Earlybird最近推出了一只基金,关注土耳其、中欧和东欧的初创企业。这只基金从企业家、家族理财室和机构投资者那里筹资1.10亿美元,这些机构投资者包括欧洲复兴开发(European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)和国际金融公司(International Finance Corporation)。Family offices founded by successful business people who made their fortunes decades ago have been among the first to realise that an exciting new generation of entrepreneurs has emerged, according to Mr Nagel. “This new breed of entrepreneur does not copy existing US business models, but creates something unique that can be expanded internationally,” he says.纳格尔表示,由几十年前致富的成功商人成立的家族理财室,首先意识到新一代令人激动的创业家已经涌现。他表示:“这一代的创业家不会复制美国现有的商业模式,而是创造出了能够在全球扩张的独特产品。”Mr Guidotti agrees, pointing out that many family offices are particularly keen to invest in sectors they aly have some experience of. Families with a background in the motor industry, for example, prefer to invest in start-ups in related technology, such as car-sharing or tracking devices.吉多蒂同意这点,他指出,很多家族理财室尤其热衷投资于自己有一定经验的行业。例如,具备汽车行业背景的家族更愿意投资于相关技术领域的初创企业,例如汽车分享或跟踪装置。“They see the opportunity in something they can control and understand better than a hedge-fund product, which has not necessarily brought the results they expected,” Mr Guidotti says.吉多蒂表示:“它们在自己比对冲基金产品更内行的领域发现机遇,对冲基金不一定带来它们期待的结果。”Although investors are regaining confidence in the tech start-up scene, it is not fool proof. There is resounding consensus that roughly 15 to 20 per cent of even the most carefully selected businesses will fail.尽管投资者正在重拾对科技初创企业的信心,但这并非稳操胜券。各方的一个强烈共识是:即便是经过最精心的遴选,也仍会有15%至20%左右的企业破产。To keep business failures – and investor discontent – to a minimum, venture capitalists and groups such as U-Start seek recommendations from accelerators such as Berlin’s Startupbootcamp and academic incubators that provide facilities, office space and mentoring advice to early-stage entrepreneurs.为了把企业破产(以及投资者不满)降至最低,风险投资家和U-Start等机构从创业加速器(如柏林的Startupbootcamp)和为初创企业家提供设施、办公场所和指导建议的高校创业孵化器那里寻求建议。Earlybird’s Mr Nadel adds that the main reason a business tends to fail is down to problems with the team dynamic.Earlybird的纳格尔补充称,企业破产的主要原因往往在于团队动力问题。He says: “We have declined opportunities where the idea was great but the team was so-so. The team needs to be really willing to create something, not give up first time a cheque from Google comes around. This is not about quick money – if you sell the company or bring it public, the team should stay.”他表示:“我们曾拒绝那些创意不错但团队平平的机会。团队需要真正具备创造的意愿,而不是在谷歌(Google)第一次送上票时就放弃。这不是为了快速发财,如果你要出售企业或将其上市,团队应当留下来。” /201403/278021吉林大学四院可以刷医保卡吗 长春市医科大学第一医院的qq号是多少

吉林省妇女儿童医院如何长春协和医院路线 If Google has its way, hammerhead sharks will swim through your office, elephants will fit in the palm of your hand and dragons will fly among the birds.如果事情遂了谷歌(Google)的心愿,那么双髻鲨就可以在你的办公室里游动,大象可以站在你的手心里,龙也会和群鸟一起飞翔。These fanciful visions are being dreamed up by Magic Leap, a start-up making augmented-reality technology. On Tuesday, it landed Google as its biggest investor.这些奇幻景象,是增强现实技术领域的初创企业Magic Leap的一些设想。本周二,谷歌成了该公司的最大投资者。Valuing Magic Leap at about billion, the 2 million cash infusion from Google and other investors immediately vaulted the shadowy start-up into the upper echelons of young technology companies.Magic Leap以20亿美元左右(约合120亿元人民币)的估值,从谷歌和其他投资者那里筹集到5.42亿美元的现金,立刻让这个默默无闻的初创公司跻身于年轻技术公司中佼佼者的行列。But as is so often the case with tech start-ups, Magic Leap’s soaring valuation is based on little more than an ambitious vision and some nascent code. Magic Leap, which is based far from Silicon Valley in the suburbs of Miami, has no revenue — and no products currently on the market.但是,Magic Leap估值的飙升,基本上就是依托于一个雄心勃勃的愿景和一些尚未成熟的代码,除此之外别无他物。在科技产业的初创公司里,这样的情况也很常见。Magic Leap远离硅谷,坐落在迈阿密郊区,没有营收——而且也没有已经面世的产品。“Until we see the device, you have to be a little skeptical,” said Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner who has worked with virtual reality for two decades.“在看到设备之前,肯定会有点怀疑,”高德纳(Gartner)的分析师布莱恩·布劳(Brian Blau)说,他在虚拟现实领域有20年的经验。Details about Magic Leap’s plans remain sketchy. The company declined requests for an interview on Tuesday. On its website, the company has a few s and images that depict rich animations displayed over what people see with the naked eye. Seahorses float above children in a schoolroom. A yellow submarine hovers near an outdoor promenade. An astronaut walks through a train station.Magic Leap制定的计划,在细节上仍然很粗略。本周二,该公司拒绝了采访请求。Magic Leap的官方网站上,有几个视频和图片,内容是人们可用裸眼看到的丰富动画:教室里,海马漂浮在孩子们的头上;户外的步行街附近,一艘黄色潜水艇在盘旋;火车站里,一名宇航员在行走。So-called augmented reality technology aly exists, but remains primitive. Google itself has gone further than any other company to bring this concept to market with Google Glass, its interactive spectacles.业界所说的“增强现实”(augmented reality)技术其实已经存在,只是仍然处于原始阶段。在把这个概念推向市场的过程中,谷歌本身就走在了其他所有公司前面,它推出了交互式设备谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)。But Magic Leap appears to have significantly broader aims, describing an ambitious vision for displaying rich interactive graphics alongside what people see naturally, using what it calls a dynamic digitized lightfield signal.但Magic Leap的目标似乎要宽泛得多,它勾勒了一个雄心勃勃的愿景:使用它所说的“动态数字化光场信号”技术,把丰富的交互式图形,和人们本来就可以看到的东西一并展示出来。“Current technologies we use to access the digital world limit, or even take us away, from the real world,” Magic Leap’s website s.“我们目前使用的走向数字世界的技术,会限制我们与现实世界的接触,甚至让我们脱离现实世界,”Magic Leap的网站上写道。Google’s role as the lead investor is significant as it jockeys for position in a rapidly shifting technology industry.谷歌牵头进行的这轮投资有重要的意义,因为它正在一个快速变化的科技行业中抢占滩头。Just seven months ago, Facebook stunned Silicon Valley with the billion acquisition of Oculus, a virtual reality company. Though the social network’s interest in the maker of a virtual reality headset was a surprise to many, Facebook believes Oculus can be a new sort of operating system as people continue to find new ways to interact with computers.就在七个月前,Facebook斥资20亿美元收购了虚拟现实技术公司Oculus,震惊了硅谷。虽然Facebook对于这个虚拟现实头戴设备制造商的兴趣,出乎很多人的意料,但Facebook认为,在人们不断寻找新的方法来与计算机交互的时候,Oculus可以成为一种新的操作系统。Google views Magic Leap in much the same way, according to people briefed on the company’s thinking. As people become more comfortable with wearable technology, technologies like Magic Leap are likely to become more commonplace.“Magic Leap is going beyond the current perception of mobile computing, augmented reality and virtual reality,” Magic Leap’s founder and chief executive, Rony Abovitz, said in a statement. “We are transcending all three, and will revolutionize the way people communicate, purchase, learn, share and play.”谷歌对Magic Leap的看法也大致相同,一些了解该公司思路的人透露。随着人们越来越习惯可穿戴技术,像Magic Leap这样的技术就会变得更加普遍。“Magic Leap超越了人们目前对移动计算、增强现实和虚拟现实的看法,”Magic Leap创始人兼首席执行官罗尼·阿伯维茨(Rony Abovitz)在一份声明中说。“我们正在这三个方面进行超越,这将会彻底改变人们的沟通、购物、学习、分享和玩游戏的方式。”Bing Gordon, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers, another investor in Magic Leap, said that augmented reality could become a new platform — one that he argued could outstrip mobile devices in popularity. He compared the potential advancements to the rise of cinema: a new way of seeing the world. In this case, the start-up’s technology allows highly realistic graphics to appear alongside real-life objects.凯鹏华盈(KPCB)是Magic Leap的另一位投资者,该公司合伙人宾·戈登(Bing Gordon)说,增强现实将成为一个新的平台,他认为,这种平台的人气有可能超越移动设备。戈登把增强现实的潜在影响和电影院的兴起相提并论,认为它们都提供了一种看世界的新方式。在Magic Leap的例子中,该公司是用技术,让极为逼真的图形和现实生活中的物体一起出现。The difference, according to Mr. Gordon, is that Magic Leap is better coordinated with how the human eye and brain process images, making the computer graphics feel, and move, more naturally.不同之处在于,戈登说,Magic Leap能更好地协调人眼和大脑处理图像的方式,让电脑图形的运动更自然,看起来也更自然。Augmented reality could obviously be used to enhance games, something that Mr. Gordon, as a former executive of the game company Electronic Arts, is familiar with. But he argued that the technology could be applied to an array of other applications, creating a real-life equivalent to the magical newspaper from the “Harry Potter” books.很显然,增强现实技术可以用于改善,戈登曾是游戏公司艺电(Electronic Arts)的高管,对这个领域很熟悉。但他认为,这项技术还可以有其他一系列用途,比如创造出《哈利·波特》(Harry Potter)小说中那种魔法报纸似的东西。“For a while, we thought it was technically impossible, and then financially impossible,” he said. “Now it’s technically and financially possible.”“有一段时间,我们认为这在技术上不可能办到,因此在经济上也是一条死路,”他说。“现在它在技术和经济上都是可能的。”With more than billion in the bank, Google cannot seem to find enough ways to invest its money. Google Ventures, the company’s venture capital arm, has invested in diverse companies including Blue Bottle Coffee and Uber, the on-demand taxi service.谷歌有超过600亿美元的现金,多到似乎找不到足够多的方法来投资手里的钱。谷歌风投(Google Ventures)是谷歌的风险投资部门,负责把资金投给各种公司,包括蓝瓶咖啡(Blue Bottle Coffee)和按需租车务Uber。Google X, the company’s research division, is the hatchery for all kinds of “moonshots” including self-driving cars, a drone-based delivery service called Project Wing and, perhaps most notably, Google Glass.谷歌的研究部门Google X负责孵化各种奇思妙想,比如无人驾驶汽车、无人机配送务Project Wing,其中最引人瞩目的也许就是谷歌眼镜。The tech giant has spent much of the last two years trying to gain entry to essentially everything with an Internet connection, through projects including the Open Automotive Alliance, intended to bring its Android operating system to cars, and its acquisition of Nest, a maker of Internet-connected thermostats and smoke alarms.在过去两年中,这个科技巨头花了很多时间,要让几乎各种东西都连接到互联网上,它开展的项目包括“开放汽车联盟”(Open Automotive Alliance),目的是将其Android操作系统搭载到汽车上,它还收购了联网温控器和烟雾报警器制造商Nest。But the investment in Magic Leap comes from Google Inc., not one of its investment arms. This suggests that it is less concerned with the near-term business prospects of augmented reality than in forging a long-term strategic relationship with Magic Leap. Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president for Android, Chrome and apps, will join the Magic Leap board.但Magic Leap获得的投资来自谷歌总公司,而不是它旗下的投资部门。这表明,谷歌不太关心的增强现实的短期业务前景,而是更重视与Magic Leap形成长期的战略合作关系。谷歌负责Android、Chrome和应用业务的高级副总裁桑达尔·皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)将加入Magic Leap董事会。The investment represents a huge bet by Google and its consortium of investors. But such wagers are quickly becoming the norm for the likes of Google and Facebook, two companies not content to rest on their aly hugely profitable existing business models.在这轮融资中,谷歌和其他投资者押下了一个巨大的赌注。但对于谷歌和Facebook这样的公司来说,这样的赌注正迅速成为常态;谷歌和Facebook都不满足于自身已经利润丰厚的现有业务模式。“They’re willing to take risks on the belief that their business will not be around forever,” Mr. Gordon said. “The great tech C.E.O.s are all simultaneously maxing out their current model while also looking around at future models and placing big bets.”“它们愿意承担风险,因为它们相信,自己的业务模式不可能一直不变,”戈登说。“杰出的技术公司CEO都在一边尽可能地靠现有模式取得更多收益,一边四处寻找未来的模式,并且押下大笔赌注。”Other investors in Series B, or the second major financing round, include Qualcomm Ventures, Legendary Entertainment, the private equity firm KKR, Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz and Obvious Ventures.这次是Magic Leap的第二轮重大融资,其他投资者包括高通风险投资公司(Qualcomm Ventures)、传奇公司(Legendary Entertainment)、私募股权公司KKR、火神资本(Vulcan Capital)、凯鹏华盈、安德森·霍洛维茨(Andreessen Horowitz),以及Obvious Ventures。The group, a consortium of some of the biggest names in venture capital and private equity, are all betting big money on “an eclectic group of visionaries, rocket scientists, wizards and gurus from the fields of film, robotics, visualization, software, computing and user experience,” as Magic Leap describes itself on its website.风险投资和私募股权界的一些大牌汇聚一堂,押下大笔资金,持一群“不拘一格的空想家、火箭科学家、巫师,以及电影、机器人、可视化、软件、计算机和用户体验领域的大师”,Magic Leap在自己的网站上写道。So far, however, augmented reality and virtual reality have remained more the stuff of science fiction than of the everyday Internet.但是迄今为止,增强现实和虚拟现实仍然更多地出现在科幻小说中,而不是我们日常使用的互联网上。Google’s Glass, which essentially places a tiny computer screen on an eyeglass lens, is available for ,500 in “open beta,” a public test of the device. Oculus does not have a product y for buyers yet.谷歌眼镜实际上是在眼镜片上放置了一个微小的电脑屏幕,它的“公测版”售价为1500美元,Oculus公司还没有推出任何可供购买的产品。And even if Magic Leap or Oculus does create a compelling new computing platform, the next challenge will be convincing media and tech companies to create lots of content to keep users entertained.即使Magic Leap和Oculus确实创造了一个富有吸引力的新计算平台,它们还会面临下一个挑战,即说媒体和科技企业提供大量内容来取悦用户。“Virtual reality has been around for 20 years, and the one thing that has been consistent throughout this is that the technology is not mature enough,” Mr. Blau said. “Today there’s the possibility for that to change, but it’s going to take a while for these app developers to get it right.”“虚拟现实技术20年前就出现了,但一直以来不够成熟,”布劳说。“如今,这种情况有可能会发生改变,但应用开发人员需要一段时间来改进它。” /201410/337331榆树第一人民中医院是私人的吗

吉林大学三院生孩子价格New research from child advocacy group Common Sense Media has found that children#39;s use of tablets, smartphones and other portable gadgets with screens has exploded over the last two years, just as doctors warn too much screen time could be bad for kids. 儿童倡导组织Common Sense Media的最新调查发现,尽管医生警告太久盯着屏幕可能对儿童不利,儿童对平板电脑、智能手机等带屏便携设备的使用率在过去两年仍呈现爆炸式增长。 The group#39;s biannual survey of American parents found an 89% increase in the number of zero to eight year olds who have used mobile devices - growing from 38% in 2011 to 72% in 2013. Even among kids under the age of two, some 38% have used a mobile device for media, compared to 10% two years ago. 该组织对美国父母进行的一年两次的调查显示,0-8岁儿童中使用移动设备的人数比例从2011年的38%升至2013年的72%,增长89%。即便在两岁以下幼儿中,也有38%左右的儿童使用过移动媒体设备,而两年前这一比例只有10%。 Moreover, the amount of time all kids spend with the devices each day has tripled, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. 除此之外,所有儿童每天使用移动设备的时间也增加了两倍,从5分钟增至15分钟。 At the same time, the American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday reiterated cautions about children#39;s exposure to screens, including mobile devices and TVs. The group said that parents should limit #39;total entertainment screen time to less than one to two hours per day, and #39;discourage screen media exposure#39; generally to kids under the age of two. 与此同时,美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)周一再次对儿童使用移动设备和电视机等带屏设备发出警告。该学会称,父母应该将每天孩子的屏幕时间限制在1-2个小时以下,并建议不要让两岁以下儿童接触带屏媒体。 (The Journal reported on the AAP#39;s Monday proposals for families, including a no-device rule during meals and after bedtime.) (据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)报道,美国儿科学会周一向父母们提出建议,包括不许孩子在吃饭和上床睡觉后使用移动设备。) The introduction of tablet computers has particularly changed the equation for many families, and the survey found five-fold increase in the number who have access to them. Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media#39;s founder, said the devices are increasingly replacing TVs, storybooks, and even babysitters. 平板电脑的出现已经改变了许多家庭的育儿方式,调查显示,能够接触到平板电脑的儿童数量已经增长了四倍。Common Sense Media创始人吉姆#12539;施泰尔(Jim Steyer)说,此类设备的出现已开始愈加取代电视、故事书甚至保姆的工作。 #39;One-year-olds are now walking up to TV screens and swiping them because they think they are tablets,#39; he said. #39;They are becoming a part of childhood in ways that were almost inconceivable before.#39; 他说,有些1岁的孩子已经开始走到电视前用手滑动屏幕,以为那是平板电脑。如今,平板电脑已经以昔日难以想像的方式成?孩子们童年的一部分。 What do kids do on mobile devices? Mostly play games (63% of them), use apps (50%) and watch s (47%), the survey found. 那么孩子们都用移动设备做些什么呢?据调查,主要是玩游戏(63%),用应用软件(50%)和看视频(47%)。 Steyer says his organization recommends that parents set limits, though he appreciates that no screen time before age two isn#39;t practical for all families. #39;No question about it, the best brain development happens when you speak with kids and play blocks with them and cuddle - all the experiences where there is no intermediation by technology#39; he said. 施泰尔称,他所在的组织建议父母们限制设备的使用,但他同时也承认,让所有家庭中的两岁以下幼儿远离屏幕是不现实的。他说,毫无疑问,促进大脑发育的最佳方法是与孩子交谈、玩积木,给他们拥抱,这些都是无法靠科学技术来帮忙的。 And when there are devices involved, he said parents should also try to turn screen time into learning time. #39;You have to make wise choices about the content,#39; he said. 他讲道,当孩子使用移动设备时,父母们也应试着让他们从屏幕上多学些知识,内容的选择一定要睿智。 /201311/263740 The headline of IDC#39;s quarterly report on the state of the global mobile phone market Friday was that smartphone shipments, on the strength of their 41.6% year over year growth, overtook feature phones for the first time. The overall cellphone market, by contrast, grew an anemic 4%.IDC于本周五发布了关于全球手机市场现状的季度报告,其中的头条新闻是:凭借年同比增长41.6%,智能手机出货量首度超过功能手机。相比之下,整体手机市场只增长了区区4%。;Phone users want computers in their pockets,; says IDC#39;s Kevin Restivo.IDC分析师凯文·雷斯蒂沃称:“手机用户们都希望自己口袋里揣着的手机可以媲美电脑。”With the usual caveat that of the top three vendors, Apple (AAPL) and Nokia (NOK) publish shipment figures and Samsung doesn#39;t, we offer IDC#39;s estimated market share data for all mobile phones -- smart and otherwise -- as a pair of matched pie charts.我们以两张对应的饼图,分别呈现IDC估计的智能手机与非智能手机的市场份额数据。依照惯例,我们要提醒大家:销量前三名的厂商中,苹果(Apple)和诺基亚(Nokia)公布了发货量,但三星(Samsung)没有。A few things to note:请注意以下几点:LG and ZTE have switched placesLG和中兴(ZTE)交换了位次Nokia continues to hemorrhage market share (down 25% year over year)诺基亚的市场份额继续大幅缩水(同比下降25%)Research in Motion#39;s (BBRY) Blackberry, No. 4 last year, has fallen off the top 5 vendor listResearch in Motion的黑莓(Blackberry)去年在所有手机厂商中排名第4,而如今已跌出前五名Apple#39;s growth is down to single digits (from 88.7% year over year in Q1 2012 to 6.6% in Q1 2013)苹果增速下降到个位数(2012年第一季度,苹果公司同比增长88.7%,而今年一季度,这个数值仅为6.6%)Despite nearly 29% growth year over year, as IDC estimates it, Samsung is still dwarfed by Others.IDC估计,尽管三星年同比增长近29%,但它的出货量仍然少于前五名之外其它所有厂商的总发货量。 /201305/237650长春第二医院收费好不好长春省中医中药研究院附属医院治疗女性疾病多少钱



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