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After giving birth生娃之后I heard recently that after giving birth, women aren#39;t allowed to take a bath or shower. They shouldn#39;t wash their hair for over a month. They shouldn#39;t return to work for nearly 3 months. Very different in the West. I really don#39;t know or understand the rationale or if it#39;s just some kind of tradition.我最近听说,女性在生完孩子之后不可以洗澡淋浴,一个月不能洗头,近三个月内不能工作。这和西方完全不一样。我真的不明白为什么要有这些规矩,或者这是某种传统。Boiled water开水In China, all water has to be boiled before you can drink it. I am not sure why the Chinese do it, but I have heard that it is very good for your digestive system.在中国,所有的水只有烧开了才能喝。我不明白为什么,但我听说这对人的消化系统比较好。Drinking饮酒Drinking is a part of Chinese culture that I find weird. If you want to create or enhance your network, you have to drink as much as you can.饮酒是中国文化的一部分,不过我觉得这很奇怪。如果希望增加人脉,或是促进双方的关系,你就必须得大喝特喝。Red envelope红包A far more pervasive feature is the red envelope.红包这个东西更让人匪夷所思。If you are married to a Chinese you will be surprised by the sheer number of events that give people an automatic right to obtain red money-filled envelopes:你要是嫁了或是娶了一个中国人,那你就会遇到各种各样人们可以收红包的场合:A house-warming party;乔迁喜宴;the marriage;婚礼;death of someone;葬礼;promotion (of a civil servant);(官员)升迁;birth of a child;孩子出生;birthday;生日;Raised by grandparents爷爷奶奶看孩子In China, children were raised primarily by the grandparents because of the parents needing to work. My husband was raised by his grandparents, and my in-laws were raised by their grandparents. Should children#39;s primary caretakers be their parents?在中国,孩子基本是由爷爷奶奶养大的,因为父母都要出去工作。我的丈夫就是被他的祖父母养大的,我的几个中国亲戚也是由他们的祖父母养大的。最应该照顾孩子的难道不该是他们的父母吗?Driving驾驶I#39;m studying for the driving exam. The laws are similar to the West. What#39;s amazing is, NO ONE FOLLOWS THESE LAWS IN CHINA! Seriously. The licensing process in China is far more difficult than in the West. However, it seems that in China, as soon as you do get the license, you forget everything that you learned and do whatever you want, whenever you, wherever you want, however you want. Parking on sidewalks, driving on the wrong side of the road, constantly honking the horn and many others. Most of the laws are exactly the opposite of what more than 50% of the drivers do in China. In the West, we have driving laws that are enforced. It is rare to see someone breaking the driving laws in the West.我正在学驾驶。中国的交规和西方差不多。但神奇的是,中国根本没人遵守交规!说实话,中国的驾照考试要比西方难一百倍。但在中国,一旦拿到驾照,人们就把学的东西都忘了,无视各种规则,想怎么开就怎么开,比如把车停在人行道上,反道行驶,没事按喇叭等等。中国超过50%的驾驶员都违反了交通规则。在西方,我们必须驾驶法规,很少看见有人违章。Sneeze打喷嚏My wife tells me I#39;ll have good luck when I sneeze.我老婆跟我讲,打喷嚏会走运。I like this much, much more than hearing the tired, old ;God bless you; common in the West.西方人打喷嚏时人们老说“上天保佑你”,我都听腻了,比起这个,中国这个说法我简直太喜欢了。Cupping therapy拔火罐Cupping therapy. My wife does dry Cupping Therapy and I understand it is an ancient practice but I don#39;t see any benefits or results to it. I believe it is to draw bad blood to the surface of one#39;s skin.拔火罐。我老婆会去拔火罐,我知道这是一个古老的疗法,但我没看到它有任何效果。我觉得它只是让皮肤淤血而已。 /201408/323303

Experts say eating a range of fruit and veg is best, as part of a balanced diet, to protect against illness据英国广播公司报道,专家表示,吃各种水果蔬菜对身体最为有利,可以均衡饮食,预防疾病。Research suggests eating at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day is more effective at preventing disease than the government#39;s current five-a-day recommendation.研究表明,一天至少吃7份水果蔬菜比政府目前提倡的一天五份可以更有效预防疾病。Is five a day enough?一天五份够不够?Yes - but people should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, the government says. The advice is based on World Health Organization guidelines, which are 25 years old.五份是可以的,但政府表示,一天至少应该吃五份。此建议是基于世界卫生组织已建立了25周年的指导方针。Dieticians say eating five a day is enough to get the protective benefits of fruit and veg - although eating more may be additionally beneficial.饮食学专家说,一天吃五份水果蔬菜就足够使人体获益,尽管更多的水果蔬菜可能会带来额外好处。What counts as a portion?多少算是一份呢?Fruit juice counts towards one portion of the recommended five portions per day果汁是一天五份水果蔬菜中的一份。For an adult, a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegshould be eaten every day, or five portions of 80g.对于成年人来说,一天最少吃400克水果蔬菜,或5份80克的水果蔬菜。The amount varies for children, based on activity levels and age, but a rough guide is that one portion should fit in the palm of their hand.对儿童来说,摄入量因运动量与年龄有所不同,但有一个大体指导方法是他们的手掌能承担的量就是一份的量。Fruit and vegetables do not have to be eaten on their own and can be cooked in dishes such as soups, stews or pasta meals.各种水果蔬菜不必分开吃,可以做成汤、大杂烩或面食。Do tinned fruit and fruit juice count?罐头水果和果汁算不算?Yes. But juice should be unsweetened, and only counts as one portion a day, as it contains less fibre than whole fruits and vegetables.罐头水果和果汁算,但果汁应该是未加糖的,由于果汁比完整的水果蔬菜含有的纤维少,只能算作一份。Fruit must be tinned in natural juice, or water, with no added sugar or salt, and not in syrup, which lots of fruit is.水果必须是在天然果汁或水中,不添加任何糖或盐,不是在糖浆中。很多水果罐头用的是糖浆水。Beans and pulses also count, but again only as one portion as they contain fewer nutrients than other fruits and vegetables.豆类也算,但由于其比其他水果蔬菜含有的营养少,也只能算一份。Smoothies may count towards more than one portion if they contain all the edible pulped fruit or veg, and depending on their ingredients.如果冰沙含有所有可食用浆状果肉或蔬菜,可以不止算作一份,这取决于其中的成分。Recommendations include frozen fruit and vegetables, and dried fruit, such as currants, dates, sultanas and figs.还建议食用冷冻水果、蔬菜和干果,如醋栗果、小葡萄干、海枣、无花果等。Those in y-meals and shop-bought pasta sauces, soups and puddings are also included, but advice urges ;only to have them occasionally; or in small amounts as they are often high in salt, sugar and fat.熟食和商店中买的意大利面酱、汤和补丁中的水果蔬菜也算,但建议“偶尔吃这些东西”或食用量要少,因为这些食物通常含有较多的盐、糖和脂肪。What about potatoes?土豆算不算?Potatoes do not count towards one of the five-a-day, but sweet potatoes do.土豆不算,但甘薯算。Potatoes are not one of the five-a-day items. This is because they mainly contribute starch to a healthy diet, which is a good source of energy and helps digestion.土豆不能算作一天五份中的一份,这是因为土豆主要提供的是健康饮食需要的淀粉,对于补充体力和促进消化有益。They are classified in the same group as b or pasta by the government.政府将土豆和面包、意大利面食归为一类。Skins should be left on when cooking as they are a good source of fibre.烹饪时,土豆上的皮应该留着,因为其中含有较多纤维。But sweet potatoes, parsnips, swedes and turnips do count as five-a-day foods, as they are usually eaten as well as the starchy bit of the meal.但由于甘薯、欧洲萝卜、大头菜、红萝卜通常同含淀粉的食物一起吃,可以算作一天5份中的份量。 /201404/292266

Even though she has lived in Beijing for several years, Chinese men are still a closed book to Cathie Watson.即使已经在北京生活多年,凯蒂?沃森对于中国男士还是知之甚少。The 27-year-old from the UK says she is unable to the signs - or rather, the lack of signs - given off by Chinese men. “Quiet”, “hard to reach out to” and “shy” are the words Watson uses as she tries to describe them to China Daily.这位27岁的英国姑娘表示,自己难以读懂中国男士传达出的“信息”,确切的说是他们身上缺少这种信息。在接受《中国日报》采访时,她用“安静”、“拒人千里之外”、“腼腆”等词来描述中国男士。In a country that is integrating with the world in dimensions across the spectrum, cross-cultural relationships have become more common.在这个方方面面都与世界接轨的国度,跨国恋情越来越常见。However, different dating cultures, communication norms and personalities forged in various social contexts pose both challenges and opportunities for young people involved romantically with someone from another country.然而,不同社会背景下造就了约会文化、交际规范以及个性上的各不相同,这在为年轻跨国情侣制造机会的同时,也带来了挑战。Introverted men内敛的男士Hu Yiqiang, 31, a Beijing-based online shop owner, has set his heart on finding a non-Chinese wife or partner, mainly because he is frustrated at the demands made by some Chinese women - a big apartment, a nice car and a good job are the usual requirements cited by Chinese dates, Hu says. That’s not what he wants.31岁的胡义强(音译)是北京一家网店的店主,他一心想要找个外国人做老婆或女友。胡义强表示,这主要是因为,一些中国女性开出的大房子、名车、好工作等要求令他望而却步。而这种恋情并非他想要的。But according to women from abroad, Chinese men are not easy to hang out with, either.但与此同时,一些外国女性也表示,中国男士不太容易接近。Alicia Feng, 26, who works for a law firm, recently arrived in China from the US and has found that people are very different from her peers back in California. “Men here just appear more introverted,” she says.26岁的艾丽西娅?冯在一家律师事务所工作,最近刚刚从美国来到中国的她发现,中国人和自己以前在加州的朋友完全不同。“中国男士似乎更加内向。”她说道。Different attitudes态度不同Andrea Bacon, 29, who works as a foreign expert in a meteorological lab, came to Beijing more than 18 months ago with her Chinese boyfriend, whom she met in the US. According to her, Chinese men are very considerate and pay attention to every detail, which she thinks is very touching.29岁的安德烈亚?培根是一所气象实验室的外国专家,一年半之前,她随中国男友来到北京,他们二人是在美国相遇的。在她看来,中国男士十分体贴,关注每一个细节,她觉得这非常令人感动。“Obviously, Beijing is quite a strange place for me and at the beginning he tried to accompany me to many multicultural events so I could mingle in a familiar environment. I thought that was very sweet,” Bacon says.“显然,北京对我来说是一个完全陌生的城市。起初,他尝试着陪我去参加一些跨文化交流活动,让我可以融入一个相对熟悉的环境之中。我认为这是十分温柔体贴的举动。”培根说。However, Bacon also admits that her boyfriend’s attitude is very Chinese and the problems that face all young people in the big city, such as buying an apartment, weigh heavily on him. “He always seems to be under some sort of pressure, but I care more about how well we get along with each other,” Bacon says.尽管如此,培根承认男友的观念仍十分中国化,那些大城市年轻人所面临的买房等问题也深深困扰着他。“他看上去总是压力重重,但我更在乎我们之间如何更好地相处。”培根说道。Bridging the dating gap跨越距离爱上你For Roy Huggins, who has provided long-term counseling for many interracial couples in the US and other countries since 2010, overcoming cultural differences is crucial to ensuring the longevity of a relationship.罗伊?哈金斯从2010年开始就向美国及其他国家的跨国恋情侣提供长期咨询务。他认为,克文化差异是确保跨国恋稳定长久的关键。“Based on academic studies and my experience with clients from Japan, Southeast Asia, and a few from China, being from a collectivist culture, Chinese partners are likely to clash with American or other Western partners about responsibility to family and helping each other meet individual needs,” he says. “For example, a Chinese partner may think less of an American or Canadian partner who seems ‘needy’.”“结合学术研究,以及我与日本、东南亚及中国客户打交道的经验来看,受集体主义文化熏陶的中国人在家庭责任、满足彼此需求等方面的观念往往与美国或其他西方人截然相反,”他说。“比如,对于美国人或者加拿大人认为严重的问题,他们的中国情侣可能会认为无足轻重。”In a recent article It’s Hard to Say “I Love You” in Chinese, on China File online magazine, Roseann Lake, a China-based writer from the US, discovered that Chinese men find it very hard to cross the boundary into uncharted territory and express their love in a straightforward, direct way, even though they may be intensely in love with their partner or spouse.在线杂志《中参馆》最新刊登了一篇名为《难以启齿的“我爱你”》的文章,现居中国的美国作家罗斯安?莱克发现,即使是向他们深爱着的伴侣或配偶,中国人依旧很难跨越进入未知领域,大胆直接地表达爱意。 /201404/289916

These amazing pigs swim every day in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas - on their own tiny island where they live in luxury.这群神奇的小猪每天都在巴哈马群岛清澈的海水中游泳,在小岛上享受奢侈的悠闲生活。They show off their piggy-paddle to visitors who flock to their beach to see the extraordinary site of wild pigs making a splash in the beautiful azure sea.游客们纷纷跑到沙滩边,看这群小猪在蔚蓝色的海中嬉戏、划水,激起一片片水花。Their exploits have been captured on camera by photographer and ocean guide, Jim Abernethy, 52, from Florida, who first stumbled across the feral creatures a couple of years ago.它们的这些“壮举”都被佛罗里达州52岁的摄影师和海洋向导吉姆·阿伯内西一一记录了下来,吉姆在几年前偶然碰见了这些野生小猪,成为第一个发现它们的人。As this collection of photographs shows, the pigs are remarkably well adapted to their beach bum lifestyle of frolicking the water and lazing on the sand.从这组照片中我们可以看到,这些小猪非常适应“海滩流浪汉”的生活,它们悠游自在地戏水,躺在沙滩上消磨时光。Pig Island, or Big Major Cay as it is officially known, is blessed with a natural water spring and is sheltered by a string of neighbouring islands that protects it from waves caused by tropical storms.这座岛叫做“猪岛”,官方名称是大岩礁,岛上有天然泉水,周围相邻的岛屿则保护着它不受热带风暴引起的海浪的影响。The pigs are thought to have been introduced to the island by passing sailors who may have thought they would make a good food source.据说曾有一些水手认为这种小猪也许是不错的食物来源,所以将它们带到了巴哈马群岛。However, the sailors never returned and now all the lucky porkers have to worry about is where their next meal is coming from.但这些船员再也没有回来过,于是这群幸运的小猪现在得自食其力,寻觅自己的下一餐。The clever pigs have worked out that the crews of passing yachts regularly dump excess food into the sea.它们很聪明,发现往来游艇上的船员会定期往海里丢弃多余的食物。The hungry pigs eagerly plunge into the waves when they see a yacht and will swim a few hundred feet up to the vessel in the hope of a free meal.看到过往的游艇时,饥饿的小猪会急切地投入水中,游上几百英尺,只为免费吃上一顿。The pigs are so successful in their enterprise that they are now living the dream by raising their family of eight on a tropical island in the Caribbean with nothing to do but eat, sleep and swim.这些小猪的“事业”十分成功,在加勒比的这座热带海岛上,它们正繁衍着第八代子孙,不过它们也没什么事做,成天就是吃吃喝喝,睡个觉,游个泳。 /201407/309521If you don#39;t have faith in yourself and your business, you will most likely fail. If you don#39;t have unwavering faith in your idea, no one else will either.如果你对自己和公司没信心,你很可能会失败。如果你对自己的想法不能坚定信心,别人也不会。My fellow young female entrepreneurs always inspire me with their uncanny amount of determination and fearlessness. They aren#39;t going to let anyone get in the way of their dreams. Here are some things we can learn from these ladies about finding your confidence:我有些朋友是年轻的女企业家,她们总是用绵绵不绝的坚定和无畏激励着我。她们不会让任何人阻碍自己的梦想。如果想找到信心,下面的一些事情是我们可以从这些女性中学到的:Admit what you don#39;t know. If you are aware of the things you don#39;t know, then you have a lot more faith in what you do know. Part of owning your own business is being able to hire people to compensate for your weaknesses. No one expects you to be good at everything. If you have a good team, where everyone excels at a certain skill, you will gain more confidence that your ideas will be executed properly.承认你有不知道的事情。如果你意识到自己有不知道的事情,那么你会在自己知道的事情上有更多的信心。自己开公司要能招人弥补你的弱点。没人会指望你什么都擅长。如果你有个好的团队,每个人都擅长某种技能,你会有更多信心让想法被正确执行。Do your research. When going into meetings with potential investors, clients or customers, make sure you really know what you are talking about. You have to know the ins and outs of your industry.做好功课。要和潜在投资者、客户或顾客开会时,确保你真的了解自己要说的东西。你必须知道自己行业的来龙去脉。Just because they don#39;t like your business, doesn#39;t mean they don#39;t like you. For entrepreneurs, the line between personal and professional is blurred. When someone rejects your business idea, it can feel like a personal attack because of all the time and energy you invest. Shop-Hers#39; founder, Jaclyn Shanfeld, explains how she gets over rejection and maintains her confidence: ;I have thick skin and I#39;m able to separate myself from the opinion of others. I#39;m humble and passionate about what I do. A #39;no#39; can#39;t take that away.;他们不喜欢你的业务不代表不喜欢你。对企业家来说,个人和职业之间的界限是模糊的。有人拒绝你的业务想法时,你会因为自己投入的时间和精力受到否定而觉得被伤害。Shop-Hers的创始人贾克琳·希菲尔德说了她如何保持信心的:“我脸皮厚,而且能把自己从别人的意见中抽离出来。我谦虚而且热爱我做的事情。一句“不行”不会打击我的。” /201403/279220

A recent report says we spend an average of two hours and 40 minutes each day looking at a smartphone. That doesn’t mean making calls, but using apps and browsing the Web. Spend that amount of time staring at anything.一个最近的报道称我们平均每天花2小时40分钟看手机。那并不代表着打电话,而是使用一些应用程序和浏览网页。花那一段时间盯着任何东西看。Checked our email in a restaurant, Instagrammed a picture of the food when it arrived, or checked a fact during a conversation only to be drawn into ing more instead of contributing verbally. It’s no secret our lives are being affected by our obsession with smartphones.在餐馆查邮件,当食物到了时拍照上传,在与别人对话时查讯息,更多的注意力在阅读而不是对话。对智能手机的痴迷已经影响了我们的生活,这早就不是一个秘密了。However, never before has this phenomenon been portrayed so poignantly as in the short YouTube film I Forgot My Phone. Despite only being online for a few days, it’s aly been viewed more than 10.5 million times.然而,没有什么能比上传到Youtube的短片《我忘带手机了》更切中要害地表达这个现象了。尽管才上传了几天,这个视频已经被观看超过1050万次了。Ironically, YouTube’s statistics show that the site gets a billion views per day from mobile devices, so a lot of those people watched it on their phone.讽刺的是,Youtube的数据显示了每天Youtube手机终端的浏览量达到10亿次,所以很多人都是用手机观看这个视频的。The short film, written by and starring actress Charlene deGuzman, shows groups of people in various social situations, the majority of which are utterly engrossed by their phones instead of the world around them. It’s depressing because we’ve all seen it, and sad because to a certain extent, we all do it.这个短片是由女演员查勒妮·德古兹曼创作并主演的,表达了当人们聚集在不同的社交场合中,大部分人的注意力都集中在手机上而不是周围的环境。我们看到这些十分沮丧,因为在一定程度上,我们都是这样。 /201309/256207In an era when most people eat at the kitchen island or in front of the TV, the dining room has become perhaps the least-used room of the house. Now, some luxury home owners are eliminating their dining rooms altogether, instead using the space for libraries, dens and #39;living pavilions#39; -- in which dinner may sometimes be served.如今,大部分人都是在厨房中岛旁或是电视机前就餐的,餐厅可能已经变成了家庭中最少被使用到的区域。现在,一些豪宅业主干脆彻底将餐厅的空间设计成了藏书室、小书房和偶尔作为就餐区的“生活馆”。After a two-year, .25 million renovation, Tad Dekko#39;s 146-acre Pony Up ranch outside Vail, Colo., has an equestrian center, a wellness facility with an indoor pool, and a glass-walled garage that doubles as a movie theater. In fact, the only thing the 8,600-square-foot house doesn#39;t have is a dining room.经过耗时两年、耗资625万美元的改造,塔德#12539;德科(Tad Dekko)位于科罗拉多州韦尔(Vail)郊外、占地146英亩(约合59公顷)的牧场“Pony Up”有了一个马术中心、一座带室内游泳池的康体设施和一个玻璃墙车库──它也可以作为影院使用。事实上,这幢8,600平方英尺(约合800平方米)的住宅中唯一缺少的就是餐厅。Instead, Mr. Dekko, an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Tierra Verde, Fla., created what he and his interior designer Andrea Schumacher call the #39;dining study,#39; lined with 2,500 books. #39;It was never intended at the beginning as a dining room,#39; said Mr. Dekko, who is 59. #39;I said, #39;First of all, I want one room that can house all my books -- I had not had that in my life.#39; #39;59岁的德科是一位企业家兼慈善家,主要居住在佛罗里达州的铁拉贝尔德(Tierra Verde)。他和他的室内设计师安德烈亚#12539;舒马赫(Andrea Schumacher)设计了摆放有2,500本书的“餐厅书房”。德科表示:“我们一开始就没打算把它当成餐厅。我说,‘首先,我想要一个能装下我的所有书的房间──我还从来没有过这种房间。’”When the Dekkos throw a dinner party, the casters on the study#39;s three custom-built walnut desks can be interlocked to create one long dining table. The glass wall is designed to retract into the ceiling, so they can roll the table out onto the stone deck and dine al fresco by a man-made stream. #39;It allows us to seat probably 20 to 25 people,#39; said Mr. Dekko -- not that he does very often. #39;It took me a while just to meet 25 people,#39; he said.当德科夫妇举行晚宴派对时,书房里三张定制胡桃木书桌的脚轮可以相互扣起,组成一张长餐桌。这个房间的玻璃墙可以缩到天花板上,因此德科夫妇可以将餐桌推到石头露台上,在一条人造小溪旁野餐。德科说:“这样,餐厅里大概能坐下20-25人。”不过,这样的派对并不常常举行。他说:“与25位客人见面就够我忙活一阵的了。”Anne Dubbs and her husband, Richard, a banker, bought a prewar apartment in the landmark Eldorado building on New York#39;s Central Park West five years ago. The dining room -- a dark, boxy space facing a concrete wall -- seemed like a dead zone. #39;It didn#39;t make sense for us,#39; said Ms. Dubbs, who owns a fabric and wallpaper company.五年前,一家纺织品和壁纸公司的老板安妮#12539;杜布斯(Anne Dubbs)和她的丈夫、家理查德(Richard)买下了纽约中央公园西(Central Park West)一栋埃尔多拉杜(Eldorado)式地标建筑中的一套战前时期的公寓。餐厅──一个四四方方、面对一堵混凝土墙的昏暗空间──看起来死水一潭。杜布斯说:“在我们看来,这真是糟糕透了。”During a 15-month renovation -- Ms. Dubbs declined to reveal the cost -- her designer Alexander Doherty and contractor Chip Brian added crown moldings and baseboards to the room, and lined two walls with built-in bookcases wired with library lamps. It is now a combination library, television, and #39;check-writing room,#39; said Ms. Dubbs. There#39;s also a dog bed for the family Labrador: #39;She likes to be in the same room with us as we watch TV.#39;经过15个月的装修(杜布斯未透露装修的成本),她的设计师亚历山大#12539;多尔蒂(Alexander Doherty)与承包商奇普#12539;布赖恩(Chip Brian)在餐厅中加入了顶饰和踢脚板,并沿着两面墙摆上了带书架灯的内置式书架。杜布斯说,现在,它是一个兼具藏书室、电视室和“票签发室”功能的房间。这里还有他们的拉布拉多犬的一张小床。杜布斯说:“当我们看电视的时候,她喜欢和我们待在一个房间里面。”The Dubbs eat most of their meals at a banquette area in the kitchen. Their formal drop-leaf dining table is parked against a wall in the living room, its five leaves stowed behind a sofa. When they entertain, they set the table up in the apartment#39;s wide limestone foyer.杜布斯夫妇多数时候都在厨房条凳上就餐。他们正式的活板餐桌靠在客厅的一面墙上,五个活板收在沙发后面。当他们招待客人时,会把桌子起来,摆在公寓宽敞的石灰岩门厅中。For Ann Liston, a partner in a Democratic political media firm in Chicago, getting rid of the dining room of her four-bedroom Bucktown house was a savvy political decision. When Ms. Liston threw a fundraiser and invited 120 people, local designer Angela Stone helped her transform her dining alcove into a lounge, both expanding the available entertaining space and carving out a private nook within it. They pushed Ms. Liston#39;s dining table out into the front room, and grouped four custom-made slouchy chairs -- upholstered in cowhide for an #39;urban cowgirl look.#39; Ms. Liston#39;s new salon -- part of a ,000 decorating project -- was a hit.对芝加哥一家民主党政治媒体公司的合伙人安#12539;利斯顿(Ann Liston)来说,将餐厅从她位于巴克敦(Bucktown)的四卧别墅中去掉是一个明智的政治决定。当利斯顿发起了一项筹款活动并邀请120人来家中做客时,当地设计师安杰拉#12539;斯通(Angela Stone)帮她将餐厅区改造成了一间休息室,扩充了待客空间,而且在其中打造出了一个私人角落。在这项耗资50,000美元的装修中,利斯顿的餐桌被推到了前屋,在腾出来的私密空间中摆上了四把定制休闲椅──它们带有牛皮软垫,看上去颇具“城市女牛仔风”。这个沙龙大受她的客人欢迎。#39;At the same time the house is full of lots of people, there#39;s an intimate gathering place where conversations can occur and secrets can be shared and people can corner off -- that was my intention,#39; said Ms. Liston, 47, who recently married Chicago Sun-Times journalist Dave McKinney.47岁的利斯顿说:“当这栋别墅塞满人的同时,这里也是一个亲密的聚会场所,人们可以在这里谈天、分享秘密、结交朋友──这就是我的目的。”她最近刚刚与《芝加哥太阳时报》(Chicago Sun-Times)的记者戴夫#12539;麦金尼(Dave McKinney)结婚。When Judy Opatrny and her husband Donald, former partner at Goldman Sachs, began designing a home in Jackson, Wyo., on 35 acres near Grand Teton National Park, they gave their architect Eric Logan some mandates. The couple, both in their 60s, wanted a central living area designed around their collection of contemporary art. The space had to work for big parties, yet exude a sense of simplicity and warmth. And they didn#39;t want a dining room.朱迪#12539;奥帕特尔尼(Judy Opatrny)和她的丈夫、前高盛(Goldman Sachs)合伙人唐纳德(Donald)的家坐落于怀俄明州杰克逊(Jackson)一片35英亩(约合14公顷)的土地上,毗邻大提顿国家公园(Grand Teton National Park)。当他们开始设计这幢房子时,他们向建筑师埃里克#12539;洛根(Eric Logan)提出了一些想法。这对年过花甲的夫妇希望拥有一个围绕着他们收藏的现代艺术品打造而成的中心生活区。这个区域的面积必须满足举行大型派对的需要,但是同时需要具备简约风格和温暖的感觉,而且他们表示并不需要独立的餐厅。#39;In Europe and also back East, we did have formal dining areas,#39; said Ms. Opatrny, whose family has lived in London and Greenwich, Conn. #39;In this house, we wanted to have more of an open flow.#39;奥帕特尔尼表示:“在欧洲和美国东海岸生活的时候,我们曾经有过正式的餐厅。在这幢房子里,我们希望拥一个更加轻松自在的空间。”她的家族曾在伦敦和康涅狄格州的格林威治(Greenwich)生活过。Hewed from cedar, zinc and Montana sandstone, the contemporary house on a butte was completed almost two years ago; its market value was appraised at more than million in 2013, according to Teton County records. The central living and dining space -- what Mr. Logan calls #39;the living pavilion#39; -- is a 1,200-square-foot room with a 15-foot fireplace and walls of windows looking out at the Tetons and distant Yellowstone. A twisting Murano-glass light sculpture by Venini stretches down from the ceiling, and geometric abstractions by painter Sean Scully hang on opposite walls. The dining area, defined by a pair of glowing copper chandeliers over the table, is set next to a grand piano.这幢大约两年前完工的现代风格宅邸坐落在一个小山丘上,建筑场地是从雪松、锌岩和蒙大拿砂岩中开辟出来的;提顿县的官方记录显示,这幢宅邸在2013年时的市场估价超过了1,000万美元。中央生活与就餐区──洛根称之为“生活馆“──是一个面积为1,200平方英尺(约合111平方米)的房间,带有15英尺(约合4.57米)高的壁炉和可以眺望大提顿公园和远处的黄石公园(Yellowstone)的落地窗。天花板上挂着意大利Venini品牌的、设计复杂的穆拉诺玻璃灯,对面的墙上挂着一幅由画家肖恩#12539;斯克里(Sean Scully)创作的几何抽象画。就餐区位于一架大钢琴旁边,餐桌上方挂着一对闪闪发光的铜吊灯。#39;In the summer, it#39;s so open and airy and you#39;re part of the view. In the winter . . . the focus really revolves around the hearth.#39; The room has proved equally irresistible to local moose, she said, particularly the mothers and the calves: #39;They like to take naps in that corner window next to the piano.#39;奥帕特尔尼说:“夏日时分,这里十分开阔、凉风习习,你就是风景的一部分。冬日里……大家都会围坐在壁炉旁。”她说,连当地的麋鹿都无法抗拒这个房间,尤其是母麋鹿和小麋鹿:“麋鹿们喜欢在钢琴旁的窗子下打盹。”The prospect of outdoor living amid rolling hills and grape arbors drew Noreen McGuire to a two-bedroom home in the Napa Valley town of St. Helena, Calif. #39;I#39;m completely surrounded by vineyards,#39; said Ms. McGuire, who paid approximately million for her cottage in 2010.置身于连绵的群山以及葡萄园中的户外生活深深地吸引了诺琳#12539;麦圭尔(Noreen McGuire),因此她买下了位于加利福利亚州 海伦娜(St. Helena)纳帕溪谷(Napa Valley)的一幢双卧小别墅。麦圭尔表示:“我完全被葡萄园包围了。”她于2010年花费了约400万美元购买这幢别墅。When she#39;s in Napa -- her main residence is in Chicago -- Ms. McGuire does almost all her eating and entertaining outside. So she turned her dining room into a relaxed reception area and sitting room that bridges the indoor and outdoor spaces.麦圭尔主要居住在芝加哥,当她来到纳帕溪谷时,她几乎总是在室外用餐并在室外招待宾客。因此,她把别墅的餐厅改造成了连接室内室外区域的一处休闲接待区兼客厅。The exterior wall was blown out, replaced by a set of wide French doors and windows that open onto a pergola-covered terrace. Comfortable wing chairs are grouped around a marble table heaped with books on architecture and design. The room has become Ms. McGuire#39;s favorite place to sit with morning coffee, or to look out on her olive and lemon trees when it rains. #39;I have a couple of crystals around and there#39;s always flowers,#39; she said. #39;It#39;s how you are welcomed into the home, and that#39;s why I wanted it to be special.#39;别墅的一面外墙被拆除了,取而代之的是一套宽大的法式门窗,门窗正对一个架着藤架的门廊。几把舒适的翼状靠背椅摆放在一张大理石桌周围,桌上堆着建筑和设计类的书籍。这个房间已经成为了麦圭尔最中意的房间,她喜欢清晨坐在这里品咖啡,也喜欢在雨天从这里看窗外种植的橄榄树和柠檬树。她说:“我在这个房间中摆放了几件水晶饰品,而且这个房间从来不缺少鲜花。这是我用来欢迎客人的区域,这也正是我希望这个房间能够特别一些的原因。”However infrequently a formal dining room may be used, many homeowners aren#39;t y to abandon it altogether. Toll Brothers, a leading luxury-home builder, sold 4,184 custom-built houses in 2013 -- all with dining rooms.然而,尽管正式的餐厅被使用的机会越来越少,但许多业主并没准备好彻底取消餐厅。托尔兄弟公司(Toll Brothers)是一家行业领先的豪宅承建商,该公司2013年销售的4,184套定制豪宅中全部都带有餐厅。#39;People are coming with dining room furniture and need a place to use it,#39; said Tim Gehman, director of design.该公司设计总监提姆#12539;格曼(Tim Gehman)说:“人们总是需要一个地方来摆放餐厅家具。”But even formal dining rooms are becoming less stuffy. Designer Kelly Wearstler encourages clients to swap the long lacquered table for a group of smaller #39;modules#39; in durable materials like marble or perforated bronze to create a more casual multiuse room where the kids can work on school projects. #39;Propriety is so yesterday,#39; said home-design guru Jonathan Adler, who only began using the living room of his Manhattan apartment after he put a ping-pong table in it.但是,即便有正式的餐厅,它的设计也正变得越来越简单。设计师凯利#12539;威斯勒(Kelly Wearstler)建议客户舍弃涂漆长餐桌,而采用一组较小的、以大理石或黄铜等耐用材质打造的“模块”,以便打造出一种更加随意的多功能房间,在这里孩子们可以完成他们的课后项目。室内设计专家乔纳森#12539;阿德勒(Jonathan Adler)表示:“一板一眼的设计早就过时了。”他从来没有用过自己位于曼哈顿公寓中的客厅,直到他在那儿摆了张乒乓球台。When it comes time to sell, high-end homes that lack a dining room can pose challenges. #39;If you#39;re looking at the luxury market on [New York#39;s] Upper East Side, 99% of the time, people are looking for a formal dining room,#39; said Eleonora Srugo, an agent with New York City#39;s Skroka DE team. Were she to market an apartment with a converted dining room, #39;I#39;d pull up the original floor plan and identify the dining room as a dining room.#39;那些没有餐厅的高端住宅在出售时会面临销售压力。纽约Skroka DE团队的经纪人奥诺拉#12539;斯拉格(Eleonora Srugo)说:“看看(纽约)上东区的豪宅市场,你就会发现99%的时候,人们还是在寻找有正式餐厅的住宅。”她说在销售餐厅经过了改造的住宅时,“我会把原始的建筑平面图摊开,给客户指出餐厅的具体位置”。But the true beauty of a dining room conversion may be how simple it is to undo. Sotheby#39;s agent Colette Harron cites an 1870 riverfront mansion now on the market in Essex, Conn., for .48 million. The owner transformed a staid dining room with river views into an inviting family room, adding a gas fireplace and built-in bookshelves and columns. #39;It#39;s bright and it#39;s elegant . . . and it#39;s versatile,#39; she said. #39;It could be turned into a dining room again.#39;餐厅改造真正吸引人的地方可能在于它可以轻易地被还原成传统的餐厅。苏富比(Sotheby)经纪人柯莱特#12539;哈伦(Colette Harron)例举了目前在康涅狄格州艾塞克斯市(Essex)销售的一幢1870年建成的水岸别墅,这幢别墅要价348万美元。业主此前把一间可以看到河景的正式餐厅改造成了一间颇具特色的家庭房,并添加了天然气壁炉、嵌入式书架以及廊柱。哈伦说:“房间明亮、简洁……并且功能多样。另外,这个房间还可以再次还原为餐厅。” /201407/316539The marshmallow, a white, cottony, sweet confection is synonymous with “temptation” in the US. This all began 50 years ago when psychologist Walter Mischel sat 5-year-old children down at a table and gave them a simple choice: they could eat one marshmallow now or, if they wait, receive two marshmallows later.棉花糖——这种白色、松软的甜食——在美国却是“诱惑”的同义词。这一切源于50年前心理学家沃尔特#8226;米歇尔的一个实验,他让一些5岁小孩子做出选择:是立刻吃掉一块棉花糖,还是等一会儿,然后得到两块棉花糖。Mischel and his colleagues at Stanford wanted to understand the nature of self-control. If children could refrain from eating the marshmallow over a set period of time, they were told they’d receive two as reward. If they couldn’t resist temptation, they wouldn’t get the second treat.米歇尔和自己斯坦福的同事这么做,只为了解自控的本质。如果孩子们能够忍一会儿不吃第一个棉花糖,那么他们就能额外得到一个棉花糖作为奖励。如果他们不能抵御诱惑,则不会获得奖励。The Marshmallow Test became famous due to a remarkable discovery made some years later. Those children who were able to resist temptation for the reward of two marshmallows grew into adults who were more successful in school, work and relationships. They were also thinner, calmer, more sociable, better at managing their money, and less likely to be addicted to any substances.棉花糖实验因为数年后的神奇发现而名声大噪:当年实验中那些抵御诱惑获得两块棉花糖的孩子长大成人后,在学校、工作以及感情中都更为成功;他们也更加苗条,更加冷静,更善于社交,精于理财,不会沉迷于某物而不能自拔。It seems having the capacity to wait for two marshmallows is quite important. In the US, there are “Don’t Eat the Marshmallow!” T-shirts, and investment companies have used the marshmallow test to encourage retirement planning, according to The Atlantic.这样看来,“能够等得了两块棉花”是一种十分重要的品质。据《大西洋月刊》报道,在美国,不仅可以看见印着“不要吃棉花糖!”的T恤,还有投资公司利用这一实验推行其退休计划。Many people have interpreted the results of the Marshmallow Test to mean fate is predetermined by one’s biology. But Mischel has just published a new book — The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control — which claims the true meaning of the experiments is just the opposite.很多人将棉花糖实验的结果看做是基因决定命运的明。但是米歇尔却在自己的新书《棉花糖实验:学会自我控制》中称,这项实验的真正意义却恰恰相反。Learning restraint学会克制“The most important thing we learned is that self-control — the ability to regulate one’s own emotions — involves a set of skills that can be taught, and learned,” Mischel told journalism website Vox.com. “They’re acquirable. Nothing is predetermined.”米歇尔在接受美国一家新闻网站的采访时说,“我们最重要的发现是关于自控——这个人们控制自我感情的能力,其实是可以被教导和学习的。这些都可在后天获得,没有什么是命定的。”What’s more, he says, these experiments provide concrete lessons about self-control we can use as adults. Grown-ups can use these methods to quit smoking, or stick to a diet, or save money.此外他还说,这些实验还为成年人如何自控提供了具体的指导。成年人可以用这些方法戒烟、控制饮食或是省钱。Mischel and other psychologists argue that the battle between instant gratification (one marshmallow now) and long-term gratification (two marshmallows later) is really a battle between two different systems in the brain. “There’s the more primitive brain, which responds immediately and emotionally,” Mischel says. “Then other parts of the brain, concentrated in the prefrontal cortex, allow us to do things like control our attention, and think about the future, and delay gratification.”米歇尔和其他心理学家都认为,即时满足(立刻得到一块棉花糖)与长期满足(过一会儿得到两块棉花糖)间的“斗争”事实上是大脑中两套系统间的“斗争”:大脑中更原始的部分会反应迅速,更加感性;而大脑中还有一些部分(主要集中在额前叶皮层)则让我们得以控制注意力,思考未来,延迟满足感。”In the book, Mischel likens the impulse-driven system to “hot” thinking, and the slower, more rationally-driven executive function to “cool” thinking. The secret of self-control, he says, is to train the prefrontal cortex to kick in first.在书中,米歇尔将基于冲动的系统比作“热”思考,而将更缓慢、更理智的系统比作“冷”思考。而自控的秘诀,正是训练大脑让额前叶皮层能够首先做出反应。Various experiments have also shown that exposure to the sight, smell, or taste of a temptation activates the “hot” thinking that makes us most likely to give in to it. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, surrounding yourself with food and snacks will inevitably drain your willpower and make you more likely to eat a lot.很多实验也明,视觉、嗅觉、味觉的诱惑会激活我们的“热”思考,让我们难抵诱惑。比方说,你正在减肥,那么如果你周围有很多食物和小吃无疑将会消耗你的意志力,更容易让你吃多。 /201410/335970

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