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泉州地区激光祛黄褐斑哪家医院好泉州市第二医院做整形美容要证明吗泉州第一医院治疗痘痘 The name says it all. Blood Falls, in East Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys, looks like slowly pouring scarlet-red blood, staining snowy white Taylor Glacier and Lake Bonney below. It’s a surprising – and creepy – sight to behold.景如其名。位于南极洲东麦克默多旱峡谷的血红瀑布看上去就像鲜红的血液在慢慢流淌,染红了雪白的泰勒冰川和下游的邦尼湖。这场景相当出人意料,令人毛骨悚然。The trickling crimson liquid isn’t blood, however. Nor is it water dyed by red algae, as early Antarctica pioneers first speculated. In fact, the brilliant ochre tint comes from an extremely salty sub-glacial lake, explains Quora user Aditya Bhardwaj.然而,这流淌着的绯红液体不是血液。之前南极考察开拓者推测是红藻玷染了湖水,这也并非正解。事实上,这鲜亮的赭石色来自一个盐度非常高的冰川下湖泊,Quora的用户阿迪蒂亚#8226;巴德瓦杰这样解释。About two million years ago, a hyper-saline body of water became trapped beneath Taylor Glacier, isolated from light, oxygen and heat. As the saltwater trickles through a fissure in the glacier, it reacts with the oxygen in the air to create this spectacular, rust-hued cascade.大约两百万年前,一股含盐度极高的湖水被困在泰勒冰川下,与阳光、氧气和热量隔绝。当这股盐水流经一条冰川裂缝时,盐水与空气中的氧气反应形成这片壮观的红锈瀑布。It’s a visual and scientific wonder, and Taylor Glacier – accessible only by helicopter from McMurdo Station or Scott Base, or cruise ship in the Ross Sea – is the only spot on Earth to see it.这既是视觉饕餮也是科学奇观,而地球上只有在泰勒冰川——也就是从麦克默多站或者斯科特站乘直升机或在罗斯海乘游艇——才能看到这一景观。 /201608/460711The Ministry of Transport is soliciting public opinion on imposing a real-name system for passengers buying boat tickets, according to a notice published on the ministry#39;s website.据交通运输部网站公布的消息,交通部正在就实行乘船购票实名制向社会公开征求意见。A draft rule says inter-provincial passengers travelling by ship for a journey of more than 30 kilometers will need to purchase tickets with their ID cards.根据意见稿,旅程超过30公里的省际水路旅客需持身份购票。Travelers can dial service lines or use the Internet to book ship tickets and later collect them by showing their ID cards.旅客可拨打务热线或使用网络进行订票,之后凭身份取票。The draft rule also urged passengers to cooperate with ID checking and companies running water transport services to strictly comply.意见稿还提出,乘客应当配合身份查验,水路旅客运输业务经营者应当严格遵守规定。Service providers have the responsibility to keep any collected personal information and itinerary data confidential and any leak of this information could be subject to police investigation, it was stated.该意见稿还写道,业务提供商有责任保持所有收集到的个人信息和行程数据机密资料,信息的任何泄漏行为都可能会受到警方的调查。Province-specific regulations over the real-name ticket system will be worked out and implemented by provincial bureaus of transport.省内乘船购票实名制的具体规定将由各省级交通运输主管部门制定并实施。 /201605/446498泉州薄唇手术

泉州哪里开双眼皮开的好There are calls for a Kinder chocolate bar to be recalled, following the discovery that it contained traces of a possible cancer-causing oil.因含有可能致癌的矿物油成分,健达巧克力已经被呼吁召回。Germany#39;s Foodwatch found the Kinder Reigel contained mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH), which the European Food Safety Agency has said #39;may be carcinogenic#39;. It has led to calls for the bar, available in some Aldi stores in Germany, to be recalled.德国食品监察组织Foodwatch发现,健达巧克力条中含有芳香烃矿物油成分,欧洲食品安全署认为该物质“可能致癌”。这会导致在德国阿尔迪连锁超市里出售的该产品被召回。#39;You can#39;t see it, you can#39;t taste it, but it#39;s in there. We recommend not purchasing these products because the levels are simply unacceptable for consumption.#39; Johannes Heeg, a Foodwatch campaigner told The Local.Foodwatch的领导人约翰尼斯·希科在接受《Local》采访时表示:“你看不见它,也尝不出来,但是这种物质就是存在。我们不建议消费者购买这些食品,因为供消费的食品里含有矿物油是不可接受的。”Foodwatch also found MOAH in two other German products, Lindt#39;s Fioretto Nougat Minis and Sun Rice Classic Schokohappen.此外,Foodwatch还在另外两款德国产品里发现了芳香烃,分别是瑞士莲菲奥莱多牛轧糖及Schokohappen经典阳光大米。However, other groups have said the risk is minimal. The Association of the German Confectionary Agency (BDSI) said there was no need to recall the products as the amounts of MOAH found could #39;be consumed without concern#39;.但是,其他组织认为风险并不大。德国糖果协会表示,没有必要召回产品,因为现在检测到的矿物油芳香烃含量可以被人体完全无害地分解掉。The European Food Safety Agency says #39;foodborne MOAH with three or more, non- or simple-alkylated, aromatic rings may be mutagenic and carcinogenic, and therefore of potential concern#39;.欧洲食品安全署则表示:“食品中的矿物油如果含有三个或三个以上无烷基或简单烷基的芳香环,则可能具有突变性和致癌性,因此会成为潜在的问题。”A spokesperson for Ferrero said in a written statement, #39;The discussion about mineral oil components (MOSH/MOAH) in foods is not new and affects a large variety of foods from the most different categories. Foodwatch Germany has recently tested several confectionery products and detected traces of mineral oil components. However, traces of mineral oil exist nearly everywhere in the environment and they can be transferred to food in many different ways. At Ferrero, together with all our supply chain partners, we are working on technical solutions to minimise these omnipresent substances as much as possible and to avoid transfer and migration to food.#39;一名费列罗的发言人在一份书面声明中写道,“关于食品中矿物油成分的讨论不是最近才有的,这影响了不同种类的许许多多食物。德国Foodwatch组织最近检测了几种糖果产品,检测出了矿物油成分。然而,环境里几乎到处都有环境矿物油,并可以用不同的方式转移到食物中。例如,矿物油主要是从印刷油墨转移到包装回收循环中,并通过再生纤维转移到原料和食品中。我们费列罗将和所有的供应链伙伴合作,寻找技术解决方案,尽量把这些无所不在的物质转移到食物中的可能减到最低。” /201607/456383福建省泉州丰泽区哪个医院看痘痘好 If you’re a fan of filling up your Instagram and Snapchat feeds with selfies, you might want to reconsider - a new study suggests that you#39;re probably not as beautiful as you think you are, andplastering your face all over the internet isn’t giving the world the best impression.如果你喜欢在Instagram和Snapchat(社交软件)上铺天盖地都晒满你的自拍——你可能需要重新考虑一下了,一项新研究指出你可能没有自己想象的那么美,把你的面孔贴满网络也不会给这个世界留下最好的印象。Yup, in a new study, researchers say that independent observers typically view rampant selfie-takers as more narcissistic, less attractive and less likeable compared to individuals who forgo the solo photos.是的,在一次新的研究中,研究员指出,独立观察员通常会认为,与那些不自拍的人相比,猖獗的自拍控更自恋、吸引力稍逊,而且也不那么可爱。In the study, scientists gathered 198 college students. One hundred of these students were selfie-takers, while the other 98 reported little to no selfie-snapping.在这项研究中,科学家聚集了198名大学生。这些学生中的100人是自拍控,而其他98人几乎没有自拍照。These students were asked to take a selfie fit for social media, and were then also photographed by one of the team members, resulting in each participant having a selfie and a standard picture of themselves.这些学生被要求拍摄适合社交网络的自拍照,然后一名队员也为他们拍了照片,因此,每位参与者都有一张他们自己的自拍照和一张标准照。With these pictures in hand, the students rated how attractive they thought other people would find them. The team then had a group of 178 independent, outside observers rate the photos for attractiveness, likability and narcissism.手上有了这些照片,学生们对他们认为其他人会如何评价他们的吸引力做出了评估。然后,这个团队让178名独立的外界观察者从吸引力、可爱度和自恋程度方面对这些照片做出评估。When all was said and done, both groups - the selfie-takers and non-selfie-takers - reported themselves more attractive than they were rated by the outside group.当一切都说完并做完的时候,两组人,自拍控和不自拍的人对自己吸引力的评价都要比外部群体对他们的评价要高。Also, all of the researcher-taken photos were rated higher than the selfie photos. Plus, the selfie-takers were rated significantly higher on the narcissism scale.而且,外部群体对标准照(由研究员拍摄)评价比自拍照的评价要高。另外,大家认为自拍控更加自恋。The study had a pretty limited sample size, so more work needs to be done to verify and confirm the results. But basically the research is suggesting that taking selfies significantly decrease people’s opinions of you.这项研究的样本量很有限,所以还需要做大量的工作来查并确认该结果。但是从根本上说,这项研究指出——自拍会显著地降低人们对你的评价。 /201606/447114泉州全瓷牙大概是什么价位

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