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My brother, his wife, and their two daughters are in town and I had promised the girls that I would take them to an amusement park. I don’t really like roller coasters, but I knew the kids would like it. On Saturday morning, we drove down to the theme park. We parked and took a shuttle to the park entrance. We looked at the ticket prices and decided to buy a day pass each of us. Maria, the younger of the two kids, is only -years-old, and children under three get in free. The first thing we did was stand in line the biggest attraction in the park: a really big roller coaster. Actually, only Grace and I stood in line since Maria was too young to ride it. My brother and my sister-in-law took Maria to ride the Ferris wheel and carousel, and afterwards, we planned to meet near the concession stands so we could watch the parade at o’clock. Grace and I finally made it to the head of the line and we got on the ride. I really don’t like roller coasters. When we got off, I felt queasy and had to sit down a few minutes bee I could walk again. All in all, we had a good day at the amusement park. But, it will be long time bee I go on a roller coaster again! 73

Risk is endemic in human affairs. To say to someone ;I love you; or to say in church ;I believe; can never be risk-free undertakings. They are to make investments in things that are not fully under one control. The other person may not love you back. The God in whom you stake your trust may turn out not to exist. The French philosopher Pascal famously attempted a metaphysical hedge with regards to the existence of God. He argued that if believers are right about God existence, then they have gained everything. But if they are wrong about it, they have lost nothing. It an attempt to eliminate risk from believing. But, like the risk avoidance strategies of investment banks, where you invest your heart and your soul can never be risk free. All commitment, whether it be financial, emotional or religious, is subject to the possibility of failure. That life. And indeed it may well be that the attempt to eliminate risk from life can, in extreme ms, become an attempt to eliminate life itself.冒险几乎是人群中的常见病对别人说“我爱你”或者在教堂里说“我相信”其实一直都是有风险的他们所作的承诺并不完全由自己掌控对方也许不爱你你相信的上帝有可能根本就不存在法国哲学家Pascal曾就上帝的存在与否尝试过一个形而上的推敲如果信众对于上帝存在的认识是正确的,那么他们就得到了一切,如果不对,那他们也毫无损失这是对消弭信仰风险的尝试但是,就像投行规避风险的策略一样,这个你投入一切的地方绝不是个全无风险的地方所有承诺,不管是资金方面的,感情方面或是宗教方面的,都有失败的可能性这就是生活在某些极端情况下,想从生活中消除风险就等于消除生活本身 77

Nancy: So, what do you think?南希:那么,你觉得如何?Ron: Uh, that was interesting.罗恩:额,很有趣Nancy: That all you have to say? I spent six months making this anti-drug film to show students in schools to try and deter illegal drug use.南希:你要说的只有这些吗?我花了六个月为学校的学生们制作了这部禁毒电影,目的在于组织滥用毒品Ron: Well, Im not sure if it gets the point across.罗恩:嗯,我不确定我抓住重点了Nancy: What do you mean? I show footage of people using hardcore drugs.南希:你什么意思?我的电影展示了人们吸食限制性毒品的画面Ron: That just it. You start by showing people smoking pot, making the point that it a gateway drug, and then showing addicts popping pills, shooting up heroine, and snorting and freebasing cocaine.罗恩:就是这样一开始你展示了人们抽大麻的画面,这明了一个观点,大麻容易让人上瘾,然后你又展示了瘾君子用药丸,自己打针吸毒,吸用精炼可卡因的画面Nancy: Im trying to show the downhill spiral that results from illegal drug use.南希:我在试图表现吸毒带来的螺旋式堕落的后果Ron: But considering how incredibly explicit the film is, Im afraid that teachers might mistake it some other type of film.罗恩:但考虑到这部电影主题太明确了,我担心教师也许会误解成其他类型的影片Nancy: What do you mean? What type of film?南希:你什么意思?什么类型的影片?Ron: Well, instead of an anti-drug educational film, it seems more instructional. If kids dont know how to use illegal drugs bee, they will after watching this film!罗恩:好吧,除了是一部禁毒的教育性电影,它看起来更具有指导意义如果孩子们之前不知道怎么吸食毒品,那么看过这部电影之后就知道了!原文译文属! 5

You Are the April of This world你是人间的四月天I think you are the April of this world,我说你是人间的四月天;Sure, you are the April of this world.我说你是人间的四月天;Your laughter has lit up all the wind,笑响点亮了四面风;So gently mingling with the spring.轻灵在春的光艳中交舞着变You are the clouds in early spring,你是四月早天里的云烟,The dusk wind blows up and down.黄昏吹着风的软,And the stars blink now and then,星子在无意中闪,Fine rain drops down amid the flowers.细雨点洒在花前So gentle and graceful,那轻,那娉婷,你是,You are crowned with garlands.鲜妍百花的冠冕你戴着,So sublime and innocent,你是天真,庄严,You are a full moon over each evening.你是夜夜的月圆The snow melts, with that light yellow,雪化后那片鹅黄,你像;You look like the first budding green.新鲜初放芽的绿,你是;You are the soft joy of white lotus柔嫩喜悦,Rising up in your fancy dreamland.水光浮动着你梦期待中白莲Youre the blooming flowers over the trees,你是一树一树的花开,Youre a swallow twittering between the beams;是燕在梁间呢喃,Full of love, full of warm hope,你是爱,是暖,是希望,You are the spring of this world!你是人间的四月天!更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 593

Mom, the Toughest Job in the World母亲,世界上最艰苦的工作If you know me, you know that I always describe moms as our domestic engineers as having the toughest jobs in the world.如果你认识我,你知道我一向都描述妈妈像国内工程师一样是世界上最艰苦的工作They have so many hats to wear, so many balls to juggle, the cleaning, the cooking, the kids education, and on and on.她们有很多帽子要戴,很多球来玩耍,清洗,烹饪,孩子的教育,等等的一切So the question is does it really have to be the toughest jobs in the world, does it have to be that tough?所以问题是这是否真的是世界上最艰难的工作,真的很难吗?I think that it can be easier.我觉得可容易多了First of all, dads can help more.首先,爸爸可以帮忙There is no doubt about that.而这点是毫无疑问的But you what, I think kids can help more, too.但是你知道吗,我想孩子们可以帮助更多Moms do too much their kids, they spoil their kids.妈妈为孩子做太多事情,他们溺爱孩子I think they should be teaching their kids how to clean a little.我认为他们应该教他们的孩子如何干净一点Why should moms clean up after their kids, if their kids are old enough to do themselves?妈妈为什么总要善后,如果孩子长大能够自己做呢?It does make sense to me.它的确有道理Sure, kids need to study, but they need to clean up after themselves.当然,孩子们需要学习,但是他们需要清洁自己Spoiling a kid is not going to make the toughest job in the world any easier.溺爱孩子不会使世界上最艰巨的工作变得轻松If you teach a kid how to clean you are teaching him a great skill, and how to take care of themselves, and how to be more responsible.如果你教一个孩子如何清洁,你就教会他很了不起的技巧,以及如何照顾自己,如何能更负责任A wise man once said, give a man a fish, feed him a day, teach a man how to fish, feed him a lifetime.一位智者曾经说过,给一个人一条鱼,就给他吃一天,教他如何,他能一辈子喂饱自己I agree.我同意这个看法Now that I think about it, maybe it wasnt the mom who came up with this phrase.既然我想到了它,也许妈妈谁想出了这个词Talk about it.谈论它What is your mom like?你的妈妈什么样子?Do you think being a mom is the toughest job in the world?你认为妈妈是世界上最艰巨的工作吗?How do you help your mom every day?你每一天怎么帮你妈妈?What can a dad do the help?你的爸爸能够帮助妈妈吗?What does ;give a man a fish, feed him a day, teach a man how to fish, feed him a lifetime; mean to you?给一个人一条鱼,喂他一天;教一个人如何,给他一辈子对你意味着什么?What are some other tough jobs?其他一些艰苦的工作是什么?Why are they tough?这些工作为什么如此艰难?Does your mom have her own free time?你的妈妈有自己的空闲时间吗?When was the last time she had a vacation, or a day just your dad?上次她有一个假期是什么时间,还是一天只是为了你的爸爸?Does your mom spoil you?你的妈妈溺爱你吗?What does your mother do that you can do yourselves, instead?你妈妈做的,你自己能做吗?How do you show appreciation to you mother everything she does you?你怎么表达对你的母亲为你做的每一件事的敬意? 198389

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