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Lexington来克星敦An underperforming president奥巴马总统的表现不如人意How Barack Obama allowed the Republicans to rout him over the debt ceiling.在债务上限问题上,贝拉克#8226;奥巴马是如何让共和党人彻底打败自己的Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition AT THE very last moment, and just before his 50th birthday this week, Barack Obama got the deal that raised the debt ceiling by between .1 trillion and .4 trillion and so prevented the ed States from going into default on his watch. But this does not mean that the roof is not still in danger of falling in on his presidency. The superstar of 2008, who once looked like a shoo-in for re-election, now appears extremely vulnerable. Despite talk that he will raise a record billion war chest, Democrats in Congress have begun to whisper that Mr Obama’s fading chances of winning a second term are coming to depend on the absence—so far—of an exciting Republican challenger.在最后一刻,就在本周奥巴马50岁生日之前,他获得了协议,将债务上限提高2.1-2.4万亿美元,从而避免了美国在他执政期间出现违约。但是这并不意味着,在他担任总统期间已经毫无危险。2008年的超级明星曾经看起来必定会连任,但是现在看起来似乎非常不堪一击。尽管他将融资创纪录的10亿美元,但是国会的民主党人已经开始窃窃私语,奥巴马先生连任的可能性越来越小,是否能连任将取决于是否缺少出众的共和党总统候选人,到目前为止还没有出众的共和党总统候选人。Single events seldom determine the fate of a presidency. Those who said just over a year ago that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would doom Mr Obama were as wrong as those who thought May’s killing of Osama bin Laden would make him unbeatable. The debt fight is in similar danger of being over-interpreted. Mr Obama’s fate depends more on two big bets he placed well before the Republican capture of the House in November’s mid-terms. The health-care reform that chewed up political capital in his first two years tanked with voters, and more than 0 billion of stimulus spending has so far failed to deliver the hoped-for growth in jobs. The outcome of the next election will depend more on unemployment than on Mr Obama’s handling of the past month’s comic opera on the debt ceiling.单一的重大事件很少会决定总统宝座鹿死谁手。墨西哥湾石油泄漏事件刚刚过去一年多,当时有人说,奥巴马先生将因此连任无望,他们错了。5月,杀死了奥萨玛#8226;本#8226;拉登,有人因此认为他将不可战胜,他们同样错了。同理,债务之战也有被过多解读的危险。在中期选择中,共和党掌控了众议院。奥巴马的命运更多的是取决于早在此之前他下的两大赌注。医疗改革耗尽了执政前两年众望所归的政治资本,到目前为止,8000多亿美元的刺激计划并没有带来预期增多的工作机会。下一届选举的结果将更多地取决于失业率而不是奥巴马处理过去一个月有关债务上限问题喜歌剧的方式。201108/148409Economics focus经济聚焦Drain or gain? 人才外流,是得还是失?Poor countries can end up benefiting when their brightest citizens emigrate 穷国最终会从人才外流中获益WHEN people in rich countries worry about migration, they tend to think of low-paid incomers who compete for jobs as construction workers, dishwashers or farmhands. When people in developing countries worry about migration, they are usually concerned at the prospect of their best and brightest decamping to Silicon Valley or to hospitals and universities in the developed world. These are the kind of workers that countries like Britain, Canada and Australia try to attract by using immigration rules that privilege college graduates. 发达国家担心移民,他们通常考虑的是对收入要求较低的移民会和他们竞争就业岗位,例如建筑工人,洗碗工或是农场工人。而发展中国家担心移民,则通常考虑的是,他们最优秀的人才流入了硅谷,或是发达国家的一些医院和大学。而这些人才正是英国、加拿大、澳大利亚这样的国家需要的,他们通过优待大学生的移民政策来吸引这样的人才。Lots of studies have found that well-educated people from developing countries are particularly likely to emigrate. By some estimates, two-thirds of highly educated Cape Verdeans live outside the country. A big survey of Indian households carried out in 2004 asked about family members who had moved abroad. It found that nearly 40% of emigrants had more than a high-school education, compared with around 3.3% of all Indians over the age of 25. This “brain drain” has long bothered policymakers in poor countries. They fear that it hurts their economies, depriving them of much-needed skilled workers who could have taught at their universities, worked in their hospitals and come up with clever new products for their factories to make. 很多研究发现,发展中国家受过良好教育的人们尤其可能移民。据估计,三分之二受过良好教育的Cape Verdeans都居住在国外。2004年对印度家庭展开了一次大范围调查,询问了他们移居国外的家庭成员情况。调查发现,近40%的移民接受过高等教育,而所有25岁以上的印度人中,这一比例仅为3.3%。这种“人才外流”的现象长期困扰着穷国的政策制定者们。他们担心这会有损经济发展,使得他们丧失亟需的有技能的人才,他们本可在大学里教书,在医院里工作,或是研发出可供生产的新产品。201105/138368Huawei华为Interesting ing有料A Chinese industrial champion opens up a bit on its way to world domination一家中国工业引领者走向全球的道路上,撩开了一点自己的面纱Apr 20th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print editionANOTHER annual report sent out in the season when countless companies worldwide are publishing them is at risk of being filed in the bin. Not so if the company is Huawei and the report is intended to make a company that reflects the best of China’s manufacturing prowess, while being a prime example of its secretiveness, seem normal.值全球无数公司发表年度报告之季,又会有年报可能被扔进垃圾桶。不过,倘若是华为,倘若年报意在让这家显示中国最出色制造实力——而充当保密先锋——的公司看似平常,则另当其说。The telecoms-equipment maker’s financial performance is impressive enough to make the report worth ing: revenues were 185 billion yuan (.4 billion), having grown by an annual average of 29% in the past four years. The growth rate for profits has been 56%. Having just passed Nokia and Siemens, Huawei looks on track to overtake Ericsson, the industry leader, this year.这家电信设备制造商财务状况让人惊叹,报告值得一读:年营收1850亿元(274亿美元),四年年平均增长率达29%。利润增长率56%。刚刚赶超诺基亚和西门子的华为,似乎今年就有望追上行业老大爱立信。But it faces some big impediments, perhaps the most important being the concerns of many governments, notably America’s and India’s, about a private company suspected of links to the security apparatus of a country said to be conducting sophisticated hacking. Because of such worries, Huawei’s efforts to buy American companies have been blocked and some sales have been lost.但华为也面临几重阻碍,其中最严重的,可能是以美国和印度为代表的许多政府都担心,一家私企可能与中国安全机构有牵连,而中国据称又在实施精密的黑客攻击。因为上述担忧,华为希望购买几家美国公司都遭到拒绝,一些生意也随之东流。201108/147964

Unable to leave his harem to feed its seed, hes losing 50 pounds of blabber a day.由于无法离开他的后宫养育后代,他一天失去50磅。Aly the albatross checks a hatching in staggering numbers downy and demanding with unending patience. The new mother waits for her mate to return for his far origin until near starvation if she must.数目惊人信天翁用永无止境的要求和耐心检查孵化情况。新妈妈等待她的伴侣回巢,她知道饥饿临近时他才会回来,而这些对她来说是必须的。He, meanwhile, may be covering thousands of miles on the way, simply to find food for his brood. He returns having the seafood. After a brief greeting, they transfer parental responsibilities. He fails the chicks belly and the familys content.与此同时的他也许正在数千英里外的路上,只为了给幼仔找些食物回来。他回来的时候会带着海中美食。经过短暂的问候后,他们互相转换家庭责任。他对抚育幼仔和家庭责任一窍不通。The Johny looks hungry too. Sometimes the parent never returns from the sea.但是乔尼看起来也是饥饿难耐。有时候父母永远不会从大海中回来。词语解释:1. harem n. 后宫2. albatross n. 信天翁163598

Harvard tops university list as China progressHarvard retains the crown as top university for the eighth year in an annual ranking of the world's universities which is dominated by the ed States but shows China's performance improving.The 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), published since 2003 by the Center for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said the ed States dominates the list with eight in the top 10 and 54 in the top 100.Joining Harvard in the top 10 were the University of California, Berkeley; Stanford; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; California Institute of Technology; Princeton; Columbia and Chicago. Yale came 11th.The best ranked British universities were Cambridge, slipping to fifth place from fourth last year, and Oxford retaining the 10th position. Overall the number of British universities in the top 500 rankings dropped to 38 from 40.But the ranking, initially set up to find the global standing of Chinese universities, showed Asian universities were advancing up the list with 106 from the Asia Pacific region making the top 500 and Chinese universities performing better."While the ranking methodology has been kept the same, the number of top 500 Chinese universities reaches 34 in 2010, which is more than double that in 2004 (16)," Shanghai Jiao Tong University said in a statement.Chinese universities in the top 200 included Peking; Tsinghua and Chinese University of Hong Kong.The ARWU uses six indicators to rank universities globally including the number of alumni and staff with Nobel prizes, the number of highly cited researchers, the number of articles published and cited in top journals and the per capita performance with respect to size of the institution.Vocabulary:methodology: a set of methods and principles used to perform a particular activity(从事某一活动的)方法,原则alumni: the former male and female students of a school, college or university(统称)校友,毕业生per capita: for each person(每人的;人均的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111900

Stay warm in style Alison Deyette of TLC's "10 Years Younger" shows Erica Hill some of this season's chic outerwear that will keep you nice and warm without doing too much damage on your wallet. Well, the temperatures are dropping, at least at the rest of the countries, maybe not here in New York City this weekend. But that doesn't mean that it is not time to get that winter coat. If you are thinking about buying one, when you know that keeping warm, I keeping up with the trends can sometimes be a litttle bit of expensive propositon. But it doesn't have to be, Alison Deyette is a fashinon stylist on the TLC Show: 10 Years Younger, and she found out some clothes that not only will make us look like a million bucks, but won't cost us a million bucks. Oh, exactly. Not at all. Because it is so priceless to get a coat (Right. ) in the winter. (Right. ) And the point is a coat should be a investment piece because it is going to protect the clothes you wear underneath. But none of our coats are above 200 and 99 dollars because when they say how money, you don't want to know you're(Right. ) pulling a lot of money out of your wallet or spending money in your credit cards. I love it. Is that one particular thing that you have to find in the right coat? Yeah, I think it's just patience, just like your clothes, your jeans, your big suits tried on, walking to a store with a few layers on. So you know you're getting the right fit because just walking with a T-shirt on, you know, (You can tell. )you're not getting a sense, you're not getting a sense about that. So just look at our office, as we take a look at some of these, I know you're sure to show us some personalized. 来自TLC“年轻十年”的Alison Deyette 给埃里加山东人介绍了他们当季的时尚外套,既保暖,又漂亮,而且不会很贵。气温在逐渐下降,至少在全国的其他地区在下降,或许这个周末纽约的天气还不会变冷。但是并不意味着还不到你购买冬天的外套的时候。如果你正在考虑买外套,既想保暖,又想追求时尚潮流,可能价格会比较贵。但是未必。Alison Deyette 是TLC时装表演的时尚装设计师,她设计出的衣可以使我们看上去很高贵,但是价格又贵,确实是一点都不贵。因为在冬天买一件外套是无价的。关键是外套是值得投资的,因为它可以保护你里面穿的衣。但是我们的外套价格全都不超过299美元,因为我们知道你不想从你的钱包或者信用卡里付太多的钱。如果想要找到合适的外套需要一点什么特别的东西呢?我认为仅仅是耐心。比如,你穿上衣,牛仔裤,大大的衣,走进商店。你知道你的穿着得体,因为你知道如果你只穿一件T恤衫找不到那种感觉。所以看看我们的办公室,看看我们这里的衣,我确信你一定能找到一些个性化的东西。First model is Maria, this is an adorable coat for going out, I love it. Yeah, this is a fabulous look and it's going to take you to all your holiday parties this season and what's fabulous about this, ahead to tell, look, it's all about the high designers and their second lables. (Perfect. )So this a bit cocktail dress, the fabulous foe fur and short little chubby jacket that I call, it is from simply Vera by Vera Wang, you can find the Kotz, Kotz had a huge success with this Simply Vera, Vera Wang line, because you can get the desiger name for the last price. And this is 169 dollars, the coat, and the new success and resonable (Right, right. )make a little bit your own. . . . Right, it comes out a little self-felt. I love the upper gloves, the clutch and the great jewellery. And I'm always about going with a different kind of whole jewellery rather than the basic opaque block rights. Get bet. So we did a little bit grey and tied them them with a bit DKNY and then along with a second label? (I love this. )This fabulous counts are from pay less, it's label rose, for pay less. So it's like two scripts. You are one-stop shopping favourite. (Perfect. So this is a great-looking night coat, 9. Another a big trend, , , ! . . . which I love, is sort of carried over I think, from Spring to Summer, its color. Yeah, and what, this is such a splash, a brilliant pop of color. Now, this coat, is to a high designer and this is available at TJ Maxx and it's this seaon's merchandise, and I think a lot of people worry about our price. We told it maybe at last season. (Right. )This is a high designer, this season's merchandise at TJ Maxx and then that will be going the whole way with off-price, so added a great pattern dresser need, available muscles , a bit tights from then, another pair of pay low. . . pay less boots, and then just a great t*. And this coat, I should point out is 9, which is a great price for the winter coat and also, also we let her go, ah, Lauren, is it OK these days to let your ham-line show beneath your coat? Yes, there is no steadfast role. . . . . . Right, I do something for the red light. Yes, yes, there's steadfast roles these days. Actually, it, a kind of nice to have a little bit of dress, so the skirt peeked out, you can actually see what I should wear in. Especially when they * like you. Let's bring in Suisanna, she's wearing a jacket form JC Penney, I think this is the least expensive one that we have. . It's JC Penney's Worthington collection. (OK) I love this pants too *, I love the brilliant black and white. And black-and-white can defintely become an instinct classic in your wardrobe. (Right. )But I like that we kick up the commercial color. So we added a patterned scarf, we have a bit Robby Beatle dress peaking out a **some pop color. The long (More straight. )upper cloths again. And then we move along 'cos we are getting time limited.And that one, 90 dollars. This Parka which is a beautiful gold that leads in Land's End. This is 5. Yeah, put it out from Land's End Angel Down Parka. I'll take it late to put it on and I was just like Mary Jay Blodge, Carin Deon. (Haha. . . )They all put on this coat because she makes this coat look so hot. And the company is telling that you can wear it in 15 degrees below zero and you're going to be suit and warm. And you still look cute, you still look cute. Yeah. How about Land's End, I would love that. Anybody who're going to cover, cover to Palin and Alaska. Right. Maybe you get y to this coat. How about Las Vegas ? There you go. Finally, let's bring a little bit more color. Elle is wearing this gorgeous(I love this orange, it's so bright and cheerful. )Yeah, how can you walk in the door and not smiling at this? I mean, instant happyiness's putting this on. This's from Club Monaco. It's our most expensive coat in the group, but / still affordable, at 9, and we just up the potion here by adding the hot pink and the little, you know, orange little miniskirt. But we did great as our neutural rather than going to save it to the black. (Right. ) So the pattern of the belt, the great tights, the open-toe heels ()and then a little bit jewels. Some fantastic options ranging from 90 to 300 dollars(Yeah. )Not bad, I'm actually keep us warm. Don't always find (Yes, exactly! )Make sure it's like the casual of the world blands, or, you know, the popper coat, make sure you are getting a good matter all done. Excellent. all right. Alison, thanks for . . . Thank you. I appreciate it.200811/56642

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