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德惠市妇女儿童医院地址查询长春阳光妇科医院打孩子The geology of the planet地球的地质情况Welcome to the Anthropocene欢迎来到人类纪Humans have changed the way the world works. Now they have to change the way they think about it, too人类改变了世界运行方式,现在,人类不得不改变他们思考世界的方式May 26th 2011 | from the print editionTHE Earth is a big thing; if you divided it up evenly among its 7 billion inhabitants, they would get almost 1 trillion tonnes each. To think that the workings of so vast an entity could be lastingly changed by a species that has been scampering across its surface for less than 1% of 1% of its history seems, on the face of it, absurd. But it is not. Humans have become a force of nature reshaping the planet on a geological scale—but at a far-faster-than-geological speed.地球是个庞然大物。如果你把它均分给其间的70亿居民,每个人能分到近1万亿吨。表面看来,一个渺小的物种,生命不及地球的万分之一,在其表面跑跑跳跳竟能永久性地改变如此巨大实体的运行机制,想一想都是荒谬之事。不过确有其事。人类已经成为重塑地球地质年表的自然力量,其速度比地质构造自然演化的过程快得多。A single engineering project, the Syncrude mine in the Athabasca tar sands, involves moving 30 billion tonnes of earth—twice the amount of sediment that flows down all the rivers in the world in a year. That sediment flow itself, meanwhile, is shrinking; almost 50,000 large dams have over the past half- century cut the flow by nearly a fifth. That is one reason why the Earth’s deltas, home to hundreds of millions of people, are eroding away faster than they can be replenished.阿萨巴斯卡油砂的辛克鲁德矿是一个单一工程项目。该项目涉及移动300亿吨泥土——这一数字是地球上所有河流一年中流动的泥沙总量的两倍。与此同时,泥沙流本身也在逐渐消减。在过去半个世纪中,近50000个大型大坝截断近1/5的泥沙流。这也是为什么数以百万计人类的家园——三角洲地区泥沙补给速度不及侵蚀速度而呈现蚀退之势。201105/138573长春省妇幼保健院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗 Japan robots chat, play -- and help find lost specsRobots that can chat, find misplaced glasses, draw aeroplanes and play with your children are attracting thousands of visitors during an expo in Tokyo as Japan adapts to changes in society.Robots, such as the sound-sensitive Chapit, answer simple questions and even joke with people to help the solitary fight loneliness and stay alert in old age."Many older people in Japan live alone and have no one to talk to," said Kazuya Kitamura, a representative of the expo organizer. "Communication robots accompany people and don't mind listening to the same stories over and over again."While Chapit, a relatively simple robot, managed to attract a corporate partner, many researchers, such as Kiyoshi Matsumoto, a professor at the University of Tokyo, struggle to attract sponsors for more expensive projects.Matsumoto's "Personal Mobility Robot," equipped with four cameras and a sensor to recognize the user's centre of gravity, is designed to help elderly move around without pressing buttons, using joysticks or rotating wheels as in traditional wheelchairs.The robot can also help find misplaced spectacles by identifying them with a sensor."We have developed a robot that can assist many people, but because of the high cost, we still haven't found a sponsor," said Matsumoto, who added that the cost of the machine, if mass-produced, would be comparable to that of a compact car."In the current economic environment there are few companies willing to invest in such a costly project," he said.Other robots, such as the award-winning "DiGRO" can support busy parents who have little time to play with their children.The robot can use the Internet to find a simple image and then draw pictures, keeping children company while parents work.Japan has one of the world's fastest-ageing societies and the government predicts that by 2050 the proportion of people over 65 will reach 40 percent.Vocabulary:mass-produced: produced or manufactured (goods) in large quantities, esp. by machinery(大量生产的)compact car: 小型汽车背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110347Climate and the solar cycle气候和太阳圈Chilling out in the winter sun在冬日的阳光中发冷Stratospheric changes can lead to nasty cold snaps平流层的变化能引发讨人厌的寒流THOSE unconvinced;and those seeking to unconvince others;of the reality of man-made global warming often point to the changeable behaviour of the sun as an alternative hypothesis. A new study showing how the severity of winters in Europe, and warming in the Arctic, might be linked to changes in solar activity might seem to add to this case. In itself, it does not, for the heat (or, rather, the cold) in question is being redistributed, not retained. But it does point to two other lessons about climate change: that hard data on the factors which affect it are sometimes difficult to come by; and that computer models of the climate can be quite impressive tools for working out what is going on.不相信全球变暖是人为因素造成的和那些企图让别人不相信的人常常会将太阳的易变表现作为假设进行选择。一项新的研究正在致力于研究欧洲的严冬和日渐变暖的北极圈与太阳的变化活动可能的关联,似乎是为了明此观点。实则不然,因为受人质疑的太阳热能(或者说冷能)一直在重新分布,而不是保持不变的。但这项研究却让人们从气候变化中学到了其他两点:影响因子的数据有时候很难得到;气候的电脑模型能够模拟出现在的气候状况,让人印象深刻。The sunrsquo;s activity waxes and wanes on an 11-year cycle, and over this cycle the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light the sun emits changes a lot more than does the total amount of energy. The stratosphere, the part of the Earthrsquo;s atmosphere which does most to absorb UV, might thus be expected to be particularly sensitive to the cycle.太阳的活动周期是11年,在此周期内太阳散发出的紫外线总量的变化比太阳能总量的变化要大的多。吸收大部分紫外线的平流层?;;地球大气圈的一部分,在此周期内可能会变得异常敏感。In a paper just published in Nature Geoscience, Sarah Ineson of Britainrsquo;s Meteorological Office and her colleagues compared the way that the Met Officersquo;s new and putatively improved climate model dealt with winters at times of high UV and at times of low UV, using data on the amount of ultraviolet the sun gives off that were collected by a satellite called SORCE.刚刚在《自然-地球科学》杂志上发表的一篇论文中,英国气象办公室的沙哈.伊内森和她的同事用该气象办公室公认的新型气候改进模型,对其在冬天纪录的高紫外线和低紫外线数据进行比较,这些数据是由一架名叫SORCE的卫星收集太阳散发的紫外线量获得的。Dr Ineson found that at low UV levels the stratosphere in the tropics was cooler, because there was less UV for it to absorb, which meant the difference in temperature between the tropical stratosphere and the polar stratosphere shrank. That changed the way the atmosphere circulated, and as those changes sp down into the lower atmosphere they made it easier for cold surface air from the Arctic to come south in winter, freezing chunks of northern Europe. These conditions looked similar to those seen in the past two cold European winters;which occurred at a time of low solar activity. The Arctic itself, in models and in real life, was warmer than usual, as were parts of Canada. In contrast, northern Europe, swathes of Russia and bits of America were colder.伊内森士发现热带地区平流层中的紫外线含量低,因而就更凉爽,因为那里没有足够的紫外线可以吸收,也就意味着热带地区平流层的气温和极地地区平流层的气温差异很大。这种情况改变了大气环流的方式。冬天,当大气环流变化散布到低一点的大气中时,自北极圈表层而来的冷空气很容易就能传播到南方,让北欧的大部分国家处于冰冻之中。这些状况和过去的两次发生在欧洲的严冬很相似;;那两次严冬都发生在太阳活动频率很低的时候。而北极圈本身,无论是作为模型还是实际情况,都比平常要温暖,加拿大部分地区也是如此。临近俄罗斯和美国的北欧则相反,显得比平时更冰冷。Why had this solar effect not been seen before? To some extent it had. Earlier modelling of a period of prolonged low solar activity in the 17th and 18th centuries showed similar patterns. That models of todayrsquo;s climate had not was, in part, because they used much lower estimates of the amount of UV variation over the solar cycle than those derived from the SORCE data, the most precise to be taken from a satellite looking at the sun. It may just be that working with more realistic data made the model work better.为什么我们之前没有看出这种日光影响呢?某种程度上,我们看到过。更早以前,对17、18世纪时太阳活动持续不活跃的那段时期所做的模型也体现了同样的结构。但如今的气候模型却没有体现出来。部分原因是因为对太阳圈内紫外线变化量的估计比直接从SORCE中得来的要低的多。SORCE观察太阳所得出的数据,比其他的卫星更为精准。那么用更为接近实际的数据做模型或许更为可靠。This does not mean the question is settled. Some scientists suspect the SORCE data may be exaggerating the sunrsquo;s variability, and if they were revised the link might go away. There are other theories around seeking to explain the recent cold winters, too. Improving predictions of future cold winters on the basis of this work, as the researchers say they would like to do, may thus prove hard.这并不意味着问题解决了。一些科学家怀疑SORCE的数据可能夸大了太阳的变化性,如果数据一经修改,两者的关联可能也不复存在了。还有其他一些理论也正寻求解释最近冷冬的原因。研究员们说,他们想通过这些理论模型来改进预测未来冷冬的准确性,但看来并不那么容易。But though global warming has made people look to models as predictors of the future, that is not their strongest suit. Something they can do much better is look at what happens when a variable such as UV is altered, compare that with the data, and thus gain insight into the mechanisms by which climate works. This new research provides a good example of what such an approach can achieve.尽管全球变暖让人们将模型视为未来的预言者,这却不是模型的最大作用。它们还有更大的作用,它们能观察当一个变量改变时(如紫外线)会发生什么,并与数据作比较,从而洞察出气候变化的机制。这项新的研究为这种方法所能取得的结果提供了好的例子。stratospheric adj. 同温层的, 平流层的alternative adj. 非此即彼的; 供选择的stratosphere n.同温层putatively adv. 推定地circulate v. 循环exaggerate v. 夸张, 夸大mechanism n. 机械201111/162709长春第一医院无痛人流价格

长春早早孕怎样流产The effects of America's worst property crash go very wide 房地产崩盘连锁效应,情况还能更坏?TO THE many dubious distinctions of Las Vegas, add one more: foreclosure capital of America. According to RealtyTrac, a property-listings firm, one in every ten homes in the city was in some stage of foreclosure last year, almost five times the national rate. In North Las Vegas, a poorer suburb, the figure was one in five. These statistics would be even grislier were it not for lenders’ inability or reluctance to eject all those who are in default at once. People who have managed to hold onto their homes are far from lucky: property prices are around 60% below the peak they reached in 2006, leaving 70% of homeowners in the area owing more on their mortgage than their property is worth. (Nationally, the proportion of homes that are “under water” is a still-awful 23%.)的诸多不安因素又添了一个:取消住宅赎回权的资本。根据房地产上市公司RealtyTrac,去年城中每十座住宅就有一所被取消赎回权,几乎是全国平均水平的五倍。在北相对贫穷的郊区,这个比例达到了五分之一。如果不是默认贷款人无力偿还或还不愿意退出一次违约的不算在内,这些统计数据将更加恐怖。然而守住自己的家园的人也很不幸:楼价比2006年达到的峰值跌了大概60%,这导致该地区70%的房主,所付的抵押贷款超过了房产的价值。(在全国范围内,缩水房子的比例维持在可怕的23%。)All this makes Las Vegas the most extreme example of the many cities in America’s sunbelt that grew rapidly thanks to the cheap and abundant credit of recent decades, only to suffer fearsome property crashes during the subprime crisis and the ensuing recession. The ten most foreclosure-afflicted cities in the country are all in Arizona, California or Nevada, notes RealtyTrac. Of the ten most foreclosure-prone states, only one—Michigan, with its car-related problems—lies outside the sunny south and west. As these places are now discovering, it is not just unfortunate property-owners who feel the reverberations of such monumental busts, nor are their effects confined to pocketbooks.上述数据使成为美国众多城市中最极端的例子。几十年来廉价而丰富的信贷使美国阳光地带发展迅速,然而次贷危机和随之而来的经济衰退中,却遭遇到可怕的房地产崩盘。Realty Trac指出,美国的十个被取消赎回权情况最严重的城市都在亚利桑那州,加州或内华达州。另外饱受止赎权之苦的十个州里,只有密歇根州不处在阳光地带(美国南部和西部),是因为汽车的相关问题。这些地方的人们现在发现,不幸的房产所有者深受破产之痛,已经不限于经济利益。The signs of the crash are everywhere in Las Vegas. The city’s outer suburbs are eerily quiet, thanks to the preponderance of unsold and foreclosed homes. There are few lights in any windows, and few cars on the roads. Banners and boards advertising hugely discounted housing flap and rattle mournfully in the desert wind. In North Las Vegas every second house on some streets carries a “For Rent” sign, offering rates of as little as 0 a month. One or two houses on each street have been boarded up and abandoned. Even on the city’s famous “strip” of cavernous casinos and high-rise hotels, the razzle-dazzle is marred by the grey concrete hulks of abandoned building projects.崩盘迹象在随处可见。由于过多未售出及被取消赎回权的房屋的存在,该城市的远郊出奇的安静。窗口很少透出灯光,路上车辆稀少。标明巨幅折扣的横幅和广告板被荒凉的风吹的呜咽作响。在北有些街道上的每两家就有一家挂着“出租”标志,费用低至每月150美元。在每条街道上都有一两所房子被封或者被遗弃。即使在城中著名的洞穴及高层酒店一带,其繁华也被废弃的建设项目,处处遗留的灰色混凝土给蒙上了污点。201104/132745长春缩阴针多少钱 Moon is shrinking, say astronomersThe Man in the Moon has become the latest victim of contraction in the housing market.Astronomers reporting on Thursday in the US journal Science said they had found previous undetected landforms which indicate that Earths satellite has been shrinking... albeit by only a tiny amount.The intriguing features, called lobate scarps, arefaultscreated when the Moons once-molten interior began to cool, causing the lunar surface to contract and then crinkle, they said.Relative to the Moons age, estimated at around 4.5 billion years, the contraction is recent, occurring less than a billion years ago, and is measured at about 100 meters (325 feet).Lobate scarps were first spotted near the lunar equator in the 1970s bypanoramiccameras aboard the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions.Fourteen new faults have been been spotted inhigh-resolutionimages taken by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.The new discoveries show that the scarps are globally distributed and not clustered in equatorial regions, and this provides powerful evidence for the contraction scenario.The investigation was headed by Thomas Watters of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the Smithsonian Museums National Air and Space Museum, Washington.Vocabulary:fault: a break in the continuity of a body of rock or of a vein, with dislocation along the plane of the fracture(断层)panoramic: birds-eye, as from an altitude or distance(全景的)high-resolution: having or capable of producing an image characterized by fine detail(高分辨率的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112022吉大二院民康医院在哪里

长春省人民医院治疗好不好哈利·波特系列进军游戏市场 “《哈利·波特》游戏将成为绝佳的电影互动延伸,并拥有全新的动作感,” 华纳兄弟互动总裁Martin Tremblay表示,“EA正在创造一个玩家们喜爱的哈利·波特游戏,这款游戏将带给玩家他们所向往的新游戏元素,”“我们和EA在哈利·波特全系列电影游戏方面的合作进行得十分愉快,”哈利·波特电影制作人David Heyman表示,“《哈利·波特》的视觉效果非常忠实于电影,绝对会给每个玩这款游戏的人提供身临其境的游戏体验。”In today’s TECH bytes, DVRs are about to become much more widesp. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case attempting to block so-called network DVRs. That technology allows you to store programs on your cable company’s computers instead of a set-top box in your home, and that means current cable boxes could be converted to DVRs without any new equipment, making the technology cheaper and more widely available. The latest installment of the Harry Potter series will be in movie theaters in just a couple of weeks. The new game hits store today. Does it have the same magic as the movies? Richard Fishman of Parenting.com tested it out for us. For fans of the Harry Potter series, this is a really exciting game list. you can move through hard walls, you can move through all these different locations there. You can play as one of the three stars. One of the really cool things about this game is that if you’re playing on the way, you get to use the way mode as a wonder. So you really feel like you are fighting that dwarf, and you know, point the wonder and shooting the spells, it’s very exciting. Another really fun thing about the Harry Potter games is that they are equally appealing to both boys and girls and the parents. It’s an activity that families can do together. So it’s really fun that way. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is available for all major gaming councils. Finally, are worrying that your kids are spending too much time online? Well, it turns out you’re probably surfing the web more than they are. A new study finds teens spend 11.5 hours online each month versus 29 hours for the average American. Of course, part of the reason is that adults are browsing at work while kids are at school. Another reason seems to be the kids spend a lot more time on their cellphones, sending hundreds of text messages each month. 07/76943 双阳区中心医院门诊专家预约双辽市妇科疾病多少钱



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