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长春哪个医院治辽卵巢囊肿好长春医大二院妇科人流一年级英语作文:Something about me --1 01:1:31 来源: My name is Zhang Hong.I am a Chinese student.I am at Xinyi Primary school.I am in Cla Three,Grade Six.I am .I have a friend at school.His name is Tang Haonan.We like English very much.Who is your good friend?长春比较好得妇产医院 Chinese New Year! --19 :19:58 来源: 1.Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is coming and my family is very busy. It's because Chinese New Year is very special and important. We must prepare many special things to get y this festival.First, will make a big New Year meal. Second, we will make “Good-luck wishes.” Third, we will set off firecrackers. New Year meal is delicious and we think that eating some will bring us good luck. A long time ago, Chinese people believed red color could bring our good luck too. And we set off firecrackers could frighten ghosts away. Chinese New Year is very popular between students. Because we can have a long happy holiday. . Where's my dream It's to visit Tian'anmen Square in Beijing in a sunny summer morning Oh,what's Beijing Is she a young lady who is teaching the chldren to sing bee the building What's the building It's the GREat Hall of the People one of the most famous places in Beijing I hope my dream will come true tomorrow morning Let's go there,singing and dancingDVD Or VCR?-- ::59 SALESPERSON: May I help you, sir?SIMON: Yes, I want to buy a VCR.SALESPERSON: Well, we have many models to choose from here.Do you have a particular brand you want?SIMON: No. I only want it to be a very good one. The best.It's a graduation gift my son.SALESPERSON: I see. And does your son have a VCR now?SIMON: Well, he uses our VCR at home.But he's going to university in the Fall, so he needs his own VCR.SALESPERSON: Does he watch a lot of movies?SIMON: Yes, he sure does.In fact, he wants to become a movie producer himself.He wants to study film at the university.SALESPERSON: I would like to make a suggestion then, sir.SIMON: Please do.SALESPERSON: If your son wants to study film,probably he will start to collect movies himself.SIMON: Yes, I know that. So I want him to have a good VCR to use.SALESPERSON: May I suggest you consider buying him a DVD player instead?SIMON: DVD? Isn't that like a CD?SALESPERSON: It is very similar. The technology is the same.SIMON: Why is a DVD better than a VCR?SALESPERSON: one thing, sir, the quality of the image is usually better.That's because it's digital.SIMON: But isn't it more expensive?SALESPERSON: It is a little more expensive, sir.But there is one important advantage which your son might appreciate.SIMON: What's that?SALESPERSON: If your son starts to buy tapes, he can't keep them very long.SIMON: And why not?SALESPERSON: Video tape breaks down after fifteen years.So if he collects a lot of tapes, after fifteen years they will all start to rot.SIMON: Hmm. Is that true?SALESPERSON: Yes, it is, sir.SIMON: Well. And what about DVDs?SALESPERSON: This is the excellent thing about DVDs.If your son starts to collect DVDs, they will last ever. They will never rot.SIMON: Hmm. He might really appreciate that.I know he will start to collect movies at school. Especially if he studies film.SALESPERSON: So let me show you some of our DVD players.In my opinion, DVD is the wave of the future.SIMON: Alright, please show me what you have.店员:我能为你效劳吗,先生?赛门:我想买一台录放机店员:我们有很多款式可以选择你有指定的牌子吗?赛门:我只要一台很好的,最好的这是给我儿子的毕业礼物店员:这样啊你儿子现在有录放机吗?赛门:他现在是用家里的录放机但是他秋季就要上大学了,所以需要一台自己的录放机店员:他常看电影吗?赛门:时常事实上,他就想要当一个电影制作人他打算在大学里攻读电影店员:那我给你一个建议,先生赛门:请说店员:如果你儿子想学电影,也许他就要开始自己收集电影赛门:唔,我知道所以我希望他有一台好的录放机店员:不如买一台 DVD 给他?赛门:是不是像 CD 一样?店员:很类似它们的技术是一样的赛门:为什么 DVD 比 VCR 好呢?店员:影像的品质会比较好因为它是数字化的赛门:不是比较贵吗?店员:是贵一点,先生但是有一个优点是你儿子会喜欢的赛门:是什么呢?店员:如果你儿子开始买录像带,它们是不能保存很久的赛门:为什么不能呢?店员:录像带只能保存 年假使他收集很多录像带, 年后它们就开始变质赛门:唔,是真的吗?店员:是的,先生赛门:那么 DVD 呢?店员:这就是 DVD 的好处如果你儿子开始收集 DVD 的话,就能保存很久,因为它们不会变质赛门:唔,他可能会喜欢这一点我知道他到学校后就要开始收集电影,尤其是如果他攻读电影店员:让我向你介绍一些我们的 DVD 放影机我认为 DVD 将会流行起来赛门:好的,让我看看你们有些什么长春早孕检查项目及费用

长春市妇产科医院做人流要多少钱My May Day --19 :: 来源: Hello, today is May Day. I and My father, mother and sister went shopping. We bought, lollipops, ice creams, cornflakes, toasts, butter, orange, milk and rolls. And my mother bought toys me. Such as: train, ball, balloon, car, doll, plane and skateboard. After that we went to zoo. I saw rabbit, tigers, snails, and lions, hamsters, budgies and zebras. My sister asked me “what do your like?” I answered “I like skipping rope. That’s very nice.” She said “Here is you prize, Sunny!” “Oh, thank you! I love it!” I shouted. We sat under a tree. After lunch we drank some milk. Today I am very happy!长春阳光医院治疗盆腔炎好吗 大学生6人:《逃课 Skipping Class -- :9:5 来源: 大学生6人:《逃课 Skipping Class《逃课大学生Skipping Class6人英语剧本《逃课,绝对适合大学生的剧本,讲述逃课的故事CastAnita: Never understands why students like to skip classesKevin: Treats “skipping classes” as the principle of university lifeKen: Eager to skip classes but dares not to do itJason: Always commits himself not to skip classesSteven: Always gives himself a good excuse skipping classRita: A professional class skipper——————————————————————————–Scene I(Anita, Kevin, Ken, Jason, Steven, and Rita are all Tunghai University students. They are good friends. One day, Ken and Jason meet on the way to the classroom.)Ken: Why are you late? And, you just missed the last class. The teacher gave us the main topics the mid-term examination.Jason: Oh, shoot! I just missed it. Would you lend me your notes so I can make a copy?Ken: Sure if you give me a good reason why you missed the class. You promised me that you would be in class on time today.Jason: Believe me, I would like to keep my word. The problem is that I have the “Business Management” test today and I was up studying it till three o’clock this morning. Then I fell asleep and woke up at ten o’clock this morning.Ken: You studied until three o’clock this morning? Why? What did you do yesterday afternoon? I know you were free from four o’clock on yesterday.Jason: Well, I met one of my very old friends on line and we just talked too long…Ken: God’s sake! Don’t you care about next week’s mid-term examination?——————————————————————————–Scene II(Anita, Steven and Kevin are talking to one another in front of a classroom. And, Anita is trying to prevent Steven and Kevin from cutting the next class.)Anita: Hey, we’ll have the “Business Management” class in a few minutes. Where are you going? Don’t tell me that you are going to argue with Jason.Steven: I will do anything my good friend. Of course I am going to argue with the guy who gave my good friend a hard time.Anita: You always like to get involved in someone else’s business. You’ll get yourself in trouble. Don’t you know it? …Kevin: Anita, don’t be upset with him. He will not listen to you. Just leave him alone. By the way, I am still waiting your decision. Are you coming with me to the concert tomorrow?Anita: Oh, I am sorry that I almost got it. What time tomorrow?Kevin: Two o’clock. I cannot wait to see my adorable superstar – Jolin. Oh, how wonderful!Anita: wait a minute. We have Calculus class tomorrow afternoon. Are you out of your mind?Kevin: Well, I’m not. Yet I think we can just copy the notes from someone else.Anita: No, this is a very important class. And you would never understand it without listening to the lecture.Kevin: To me it makes no difference. Even if I were in the class I would never understand what the teacher is talking about. Besides, who likes to look at the old baldhead? 大学生英语话剧长春市五马路妇产医院是正规医院?

长春妇幼保健检查《灵异第六感经典英文电影台词 -01- :19:8 来源: 《灵异第六感经典英文电影台词《灵异第六感是一部美国灵异惊悚影片,荣获奥斯卡金像奖8项提名,全美观众票选1999年最喜爱的影片故事讲述一个九岁小男孩柯尔自称能见到死人,他的心理医生在一年前曾经遭到他以前一个治疗失败的病人的击,发誓要尽力帮助这个男孩的故事   Mom: Cole. Cole! Hey, your Cocoa Puffs are gettin'' soggy(浸透的,泡软的). Let me see you. Oh, honey, you got a spot. Head up. Okay, here we go. Something you were looking , baby?   Cole: Pop Tarts?   Mom: they''re right here.   Cole: Oh. Well, what are you thinking, Mama?   Mom: Lots of things.   Cole: Anything bad about me?   Mom: Hey, look at my face. I was not thinking something bad about you. Got it?   Cole: Got it.   Mom: Here, head up.   Cole: That, that''s Tommy, Mom.   Mom: That''s okay. You tuck it in. Cole, you want this?   Tommy: Hey, freak(怪物), how''d you like that "arem around the shoulder" bit? I just made that up. I went with it. It''s what GREat actors do. It''s called "improv." 经典英文电影台词 My fathers Day --19 :8:55 来源: My father's Day My father is very bsuy. Every day he goes to work by subway. He teaches math at school, His math is very good! In the afternoon, he eats lunch at school. After lunch, he s newspapers. Then he goes home at 5:30. He eats dinner. Then, he takes a bath in the evening. He watches TV at living room. After watching TV, he goes to bed at :00. My father works hard. I like my father very much!长春上环避孕手术价格长春吉大二院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗



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