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The following week, at Ron's restaurantNicole: Good afternoon, Uncle Giovanni! Giovanni: Since when was I your uncle? What's that? Nicole: It's pounds of my homemade Fettucini. Giovanni: You want me to buy it? Nicole: No. I want to make it you and your customers. Giovanni: Well, our customers never ask it. Nicole: They will. I'll put a plate of it on display!following (a.)   接下来的Fettucini (n.)   意大利宽条面,在这里写成Fettucini是因为它代表「白酒奶油宽面条」这道料理customer (n.)   顾客plate (n.)   盘子display (n.)   展示隔星期,在朗恩的餐厅妮 可︰午安,乔凡尼叔叔! 乔凡尼︰我何时成了你叔叔?那是啥玩意? 妮 可︰二十磅意大利宽条面,我自己做的 乔凡尼︰你要我买下来不成? 妮 可︰不是我是要做给你和客人吃的 乔凡尼︰我们的顾客从不点这道菜 妮 可︰他们会的我要放一盘出来做展示! 99When the creation was new and all the stars shone in their first splendour, the gods held their assembly in the sky and sang Oh, the picture of perfection! the joy unalloyed!当鸿蒙初辟,繁星第一次射出灿烂的光辉,众神在天上集会,唱着“呵,完美的画图,完全的快乐!”But one cried of a sudden---`It seems that somewhere there is a break in the chain of light and one of the stars has been lost.有一位神忽然叫起来了--“光链里仿佛断了一环,一颗星星走失了”The golden string of their harp snapped, their song stopped, and they cried in dismay---`Yes, that lost star was the best, she was the glory of all heavens!他们金琴的弦子猛然折断了,他们的歌声停止了,他们惊惶地叫着--“对了,那颗走失的星星是最美的,她是诸天的光荣!”From that day the search is unceasing her, and the cry goes on from one to the other that in her the world has lost its one joy!从那天起,他们不住地寻找她,众口相传地说,因为她丢了,世界失去了一种快乐Only in the deepest silence of night the stars smile and whisper among themselves---`Vain is this seeking! unbroken perfection is over all!只在严静的夜里,众星微笑着互相低语说--“寻找是无用的,无缺的完美正笼盖着一切!” 7757Kenji: Hello, my car was stolen and I want to report it. Officer: Where was it when it was stolen? Kenji: It was parked outside of my apartment building. I went outside this morning to drive to work, and it was gone. Officer: Okay, you need to fill out this m. Put down the make and model of the vehicle, the year, and the color. You’ll also need the license plate number. Do you know the vehicle’s VIN number? Kenji: No, I don’t. Officer: That’s okay. Just fill it out and we’ll launch an investigation. Kenji: What do you think the chances are that I’ll recover my car? Officer: That’s hard to say. If it was stolen by some kids who wanted to take a joyride, they’ll abandon it afterwards and you may get it back in one piece. If it was taken by professional car thieves, that’s a different story. They usually strip the cars of their parts and sell them to chop shops. You may not want your car back after it’s been stripped. Kenji: I’ll just have to wish the best. Officer: We’ll notify you if we have some news. Kenji: Thanks. In the meantime, I’d better get used to hoofing it around town! 53Lession—Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the cinema, please? —No, I'm sorry I can't. I'm a stranger in these parts. But why don't you ask that man with a beard? He'll be able to tell you, I'm sure. —Which one do you mean? —Look, the one over there, by the lamp-post. —Ah, yes. I can see him now. Thank you very much. —Not at all. —You are not eating your breakfast. —I don't feel very well. —Oh, dear, what's the matter? —I got a terrible headache. —You must go back to bed. You look quite ill. —I don't want to cause any bother. I'd rather work it off. —Out of the question. You must go to bed and keep warm. —I'm sorry to bother you. Can you tell me where War and Peace is showing? —Yes. At the Empire Cinema. —Would you know when it starts? —No. I can't tell you when it begins. But I know how you can find out. It's here in this Entertainment's Guide. —Can you show me which page is it on? —Certainly. But I'm not sure whether you want to go early or late. —You are up early this morning. —Yes. I've been out and bought a paper. —Good. Then you'll be able to tell me what the weather's like. —It's raining. —Oh, dear, not again. —Don't worry, it's not nearly as wet as it was yesterday. —Thank goodness that. —Good morning. Can I see Mr. Baker, please? —Have you an appointment? —Yes, at ten o'clock. —What's your name, please. —Jones, Andrew Jones. —Ah, yes. Mr. Baker is expecting you. Will you come this way, please? Mr. Baker's office is along the corridor. —What does your friend do a living? —She is one of those persons who look after people in a hospital. —Oh, I see. She is a nurse, you mean. —Yes. That's the word I was looking . My vocabulary is rather poor, I'm afraid. —Never mind. You explained that very well. —What shall we do this weekend? —Let's go a swim. —Where shall we go it? —Let's go to Long Beach. We haven't been there a long time. —That's a splendid idea. I'll call you in a car at eleven o'clock. Is that alright you? —Yes. That'll be perfect. See you tomorrow, then. Goodbye. —You have some black, walking shoes in the window. Would you show me a pair in size seven, please? —Oh, dear, what a pity! There are none left in size seven. Here is a pair in a slightly different style. —Can I try them on? —Yes, of course. —I like these very much. What do they cost? —They cost .5 pounds. —Good. I'll have them, then. —Excuse me, but I must say goodbye now. —Can't you stay a little longer? —No, I'm sorry, but I really must go. I shall miss my bus if I don't hurry. —When does your bus go? —At ten o'clock. Good gracious, it's aly :. I'll have to ask you to drive me home. —That's alright, but I hope to see you again soon. —That's most kind of you. Woman: Which do you prefer: driving a car yourself or being a passenger? Man: Well—that depends. I enjoy driving, especially on long empty roads where I can go nice and fast. But I'm not very fond of sitting in traffic jams waiting lights to change, and things like that. I suppose I don't mind being a passenger, but only if I'm sure that the other person really can drive properly. Woman: So you don't really like being in other people's cars, then? Man: Well, as I say, it's all right with a good driver. Then I can relax, sit back and enjoy the scenery. But yes, you're right—on the whole I certainly prefer driving to being a passenger. 3

One night, Mrs. Riley, an elderly widow, was walking along a dark, London street. She was carrying her handbag in one hand and a plastic carrier bag in the other. There was nobody else ill the street except two youths. They were standing in a dark shop doorway. One of them was very tall with fair hair; the other was short and fat with a beard and moustache. The youths waited a few moments, and then ran quickly and quietly towards Mrs. Riley. The tall youth held her from behind while the other youth tried to snatch her handbag. Suddenly, Mrs. Riley threw the tall youth over her shoulder. He crashed into the other youth and they both landed on the ground. Without speaking, Mrs. Riley struck both of them on the head with her handbag, and walked calmly away. The two surprised youths were still sitting on the ground when Mrs. Riley crossed the street towards a door with a lighted sign above it. Mrs. Riley paused, turned round, smiled at the youths and walked into the South West London Judo Club.(The scene is in a bank. A clerk is sitting behind the desk and a customer is writing out a cheque.)Clerk: Would you mind showing me your cheque card?Customer: Certainly. Here you are.(Suddenly a robber bursts in, he is holding a gun.)Robber: This is a hold-up! (points gun at Clerk) Hands up! Hand over the money or I'll shoot.Clerk: Just a minute. Would you mind waiting your turn? This lady was bee you.Robber: All right, but hurry up!Clerk: (to the customer) How would you like the money?Customer: In fives, please.(Clerk counts out the money and hands it to the Customer, who goes to the side to count the money.)Clerk: (to the Robber) Now then, sir. What can I do you?Robber: I've just told you. This is a hold-up and I want some money.Clerk: Well, I'm afraid it's not that easy. If you want me to give you some money, you'll have to open first.Robber: Do you mean that if I open all , then you'll give me some money?Clerk: That would be the first step.Robber: Okay, I'll open an . Hand over the m. Quickly.Clerk: (gets a m) Here we are. Just fill it in and sign at the bottom.Robber: I haven't got a pen!Customer: You could borrow mine if you like.Robber: Thanks.(The Robber tries to fill in the m, but has difficulties because he is holding the gun in his right hand and is unable to write with his left hand.)Customer: If it would make things easier, I'll hold that you (points to gun).Robber: Okay.(The Customer holds the gun while the Robber fills in the m. When the Robber has finished, the Customer hands back the gun. )Robber: Right. Now hand over the money. Quickly.Clerk: I'm sorry, but bee we can open the you'll need referees.Robber: (points to Customer) Will she do?Customer: I'd be happy to write a reference.Clerk: No, she doesn't know you well enough.Robber: What about my doctor?Clerk: Yes, that'll be fine one. And the other?Robber: (thinks hard) Would my probation officer do?Clerk: Yes, I should think so. Would you like to ask him to fill in these ms and then bring them back next week?Robber: So, if I bring back these ms next week, you'll give me some money?Clerk: Well, we'll see what we can do.Robber: (holds up ms and puts gun away) Right, then, I'll see you next week. Thanks being so helpful.Clerk: It's all part of the service. Good morning.Robber: Good morning.Customer: Good morning.Special announcement Mr. Valans. Would Mr. Valans, passenger on Pan Am Flight Number 35 to New York, please contact the Pan Am transfer desk immediately. Mr. Valans to contact the Pan Am transfer desk immediately, please.This is a security announcement. Passengers are reminded not to leave their baggage unattended at any time. Passengers must not leave their baggage unattended. Unattended bags will be removed immediately by the police.Kenya Airways to Rome and Nairobi, Flight Number 5, boarding now Gate Number . Kenya Airways, Gate Number .Your attention please. Olympic Airways Flight Number 563 to Athens boarding now at Gate Number 31. Olympic Airways to Athens, Gate Number 31.Would passenger Aldo Betini, who arrived from Rome, please go to the meeting point. Aldo Betini to the meeting point, please.BA wish to apologise the delay of their Flight Number 5 to New York. This is due to the late positioning of the aircraft to the stand.Assistant: Good morning, sir.Man: Good morning. I wonder if you can help. I've lost my coat.Assistant: Where did you lose it, sir?Man: Er ... I left it on the ... um ... underground yesterday morning.Assistant: Can you describe it?Man: Well, it's a full-length brown overcoat with a check pattern on it. It's got a wide belt, and one of those thick furry collars that keep your ears warm. It's a very nice coat, actually.Assistant: Hmm. I'm afraid we haven't got anything like that, sir. Sorry.Man: Well, to tell you the truth, I lost another coat last week. On the bus. It's a three-quarter length coat—it's grey, with big black buttons and a black belt.Assistant: Sorry, sir. Nothing like that.Man: Hmm. And then only this morning I left my white raincoat in a park. It's got a silk lining ...Assistant: Look, sir. I'm a busy woman. If you really need a coat so badly, there's a very good second-hand clothes shop just round the corner ...Doctor: Well, how's the patient this morning?Nurse: He appears to have had a very restless night.Doctor: Oh. Was he in very severe pain?Nurse: Yes. I'm afraid he was, doctor.Doctor: Hmm. In that case, I think we'd better increase his dosage of diamorphine.Nurse: Yes, doctor. By how much?Doctor: Let's see. How much is he on at the moment?Nurse: Five milligrammes.Doctor: Hmm. Increase it to fifty.Nurse: Fifty? All at once?Doctor: Yes, that's what I said, nurse.Nurse: But that's an increase of ty-five milligrammes.Doctor: I'm quite aware of that. However, when I operated on the patient yesterday, I found his abdomen was riddled with carcinoma. I'm sure you realize what that means.Nurse: Yes, I do, doctor. But I still don't feel I can accept responsibility administering such an increase.Doctor: Can't you? What exactly do you suggest, then?Nurse: That if you're convinced it's the right thing to do, you ought to administer the injection yourself.Doctor: Hmm. I see what you mean. Very well, I will.Woman: What did you do during the earthquake, James?James: Stayed in bed.Woman: What do you mean? Didn't you try to get outside?James: No. I'd got terrible flu, so I just stayed in bed.Woman: So what happened?James: Well, I must have slept through the first earthquake although nobody believes me. They said it was so noisy. Then I woke up about four in the morning. Still feeling terrible with the flu. Eyes running, nose running. You know how you feel when you've got the flu.Woman: Don't I just. I've been lucky so far this year, though.James: So I decided to get up and make a cup of tea. I'd just got into the kitchen when I started to feel all unsteady on my feet. Then I got this roaring noise in my ears. I still thought it was the flu, you see.Woman: So what happened then?James: Well, I slowly realized that it wasn't me feeling dizzy and the noises weren't in my head. I heard the people upstairs screaming. The wooden floor started moving up and down, the doors and windows started rattling and banging, all the kitchen cupboards were thrown open and cups and saucers came crashing to the floor, the kitchen clock fell from the wall ...Woman: Well, what did you do?James: What could I do? I just stood there and watched.Woman: Why didn't you try to get out?James: Oh, I couldn't be bothered. I was feeling so terrible with the flu. I just went back to my bedroom. Some books had fallen from the bookcase and that little porcelain vase had rolled to the floor but tunately didn't break. I even had to look my transistor radio under the bed. I picked it up and switched it on and they were telling people to go and sleep in the parks.Woman: So why didn't you?James: I told you, I was feeling too ill. And the nearest park is a long walk from my flat. And I didn't want to be with a lot of people. So I just stayed in bed and hoped the best. I didn't really think the house was going to fall down around me. Though several did, I found out later.Woman: Yes. I was sitting in a cafe when the first one started and the whole place started to shake. People were running and screaming and pushing to get out ...Martin, Robert and Jean are being interviewed on the subject of friendship.Interviewer: How important are friends to you, Martin?Martin: I've never had a lot of friends. I've never regarded them as particularly important. Perhaps that's because I come from a big family. Two brothers and three sisters. And lots of cousins. And that's what's really important to me. My family. The different members of my family. If you really need help, you get it from your family, don't you? Well, at least that's what I've always found.Interviewer: What about you, Jean?Jean: To me, friendship ... having friends ... people I know I can really count on ... to me that's the most important thing in life. It's more important even than love. If you love someone, you can always fall out of love again, and that can lead to a lot of hurt feelings, bitterness, and so on. But a good friend is a friend life.Interviewer: And what exactly do you mean by a friend?Jean: Well, I've aly said, someone you know you can count on. I suppose what I really mean is ... let's see, how am I going to put this ... it's someone who will help you if you need help, who'll listen to you when you talk about your problems ... someone you can trust.Interviewer: What do you mean by a friend, Robert?Robert: Someone who likes the same things that you do, who you can argue with and not lose your temper, even if you don't always agree about things. I mean someone who you don't have to talk to all the time but can be silent with, perhaps. That's important, too. You can just sit together and not say very much sometimes. Just relax. I don't like people who talk all the time.Interviewer: Are you very good at keeping in touch with your friends if you don't see them regularly?Robert: No, not always. I've lived in lots of places, and, to be honest, once I move away, I often do drift out of touch with my friends. And I'm not a very good letter writer, either. Never have been. But I know that if I saw those friends again, if I ever moved back to the same place, or some other reason we got back into close contact again, I'm sure the friendship would be just as strong as it was bee.Jean: Several of my friends have moved away, got married, things like that. One of my friends has had a baby recently, and I'll admit I don't see her or hear from her as much as I used to ... She lives in another neighborhood and when I phone her, she always seems busy. But that's an exception. I write a lot of letters to my friends and get a lot of letters from them. I have a friend I went to school with and ten years ago she emigrated to Canada, but she still writes to me every month, and I write to her just as often. Bill Walker works an import-export company. Last Wednesday morning Bill rang his office at nine o'clock. His boss, Mr. Thompson, answered the phone.Mr. Thompson: Hello, Thompson here ...Bill: Hello. This is Bill Walker.Mr. Thompson: Oh, hello, Bill.Bill: I'm afraid I can't come to work today, Mr. Thompson.Mr. Thompson: Oh, what's the problem?Bill: I've got a very sore throat.Mr. Thompson: Yes, you sound ill on the phone.Bill: Yes, I'll stay in bed today, but I'll be able to come tomorrow.Mr. Thompson: That's all right, Bill. Stay in bed until you feel well enough to work.Bill: Thank you, Mr. Thompson ... Goodbye.Mr. Thompson: Goodbye, Bill.* * *Mr. Thompson liked Bill very much. At :30 he got into his car, drove to a shop and bought some fruit him. He went to Bill's flat and rang the doorbell. Bill's wife, Susan, answered the door.Susan: Oh, Mr. Thompson! Hello ... how are you?Mr. Thompson: Fine, thanks, Susan. I've just come to see Bill. How is he?Susan: He doesn't look very well. I wanted him to see the doctor.Mr. Thompson: I'll go in and see him ... Hello, Bill!Bill: Oh ... hello ... hello, Mr. Thompson ... er ... er ...Mr. Thompson: I've brought some fruit you, Bill.Bill: Thank you very much, Mr. Thompson.Mr. Thompson: Well, ... I had to pass your house anyway. How's your throat?Bill: It seems a little better. I'll be OK tomorrow.Mr. Thompson: Well, don't come in until you feel better.Bill: All right ... but I'm sure I'll be able to come in tomorrow.Mr. Thompson: Goodbye, Bill.Bill: Goodbye, Mr. Thompson.* * * At three o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Thompson locked his office door, and switched on his portable television. He wanted to watch an important international football match. It was England against Brazil. Both teams were playing well, but neither team could score a goal. The crowd were cheering and booing. It was very exciting.* * * Then at 3:, England scored from a penalty. Mr. Thompson jumped out of his chair. He was very excited. He was smiling happily when suddenly the cameraman focused on the crowd. Mr. Thompson's smile disappeared and he looked very angry. Bill Walker's face, in close-up, was there on the screen. He didn't look ill, and he didn't sound ill. He was smiling happily and cheering wildly!(1)(Ringing of phone)Woman: Four six four o. Can I help you?Narrator: Stop.()Man: His line's busy at the moment. Do you want to hold?Narrator: Stop.(3)Woman: There's no reply on that number. I'll try Mr. Shaw.Narrator: Stop.()(Ringing of phone)Man: This is Karim Premji speaking. I'm afraid I'm out of the office at the moment. If you could leave your name and number when you hear the tone, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.(Tone)Narrator: Stop.Henry: Cigarette?Tony: Oh ... er ... thanks, Henry ... Um, do you have a light?Henry: Sorry. Here.Tony: Thanks. Lovely day. Pity I'm on duty.Henry: I'll stand in you if you like. I've got nothing else to do.Tony: Oh no, I couldn't possibly ...Henry: Go on. Go off and have a good time. Here—you can have the Mini if you like.Tony: But ... are you sure, Henry?Henry: Of course I am. Take Jill up the mountains, or something.Tony: That's ever so good of you, Henry. Oh, you ... er ... you won't tell anyone, will you ... I mean, I am on duty.Henry: Not a word. Bye, Tony—enjoy yourself. Tony: Thanks, Henry. I won't get this ...Henry: Damned right you won't, you poor fool!Three people are describing their dreams.1. I knew that the brakes of my car needed repairing, but I did nothing about it, until one night I dreamt I was driving my car along a familiar road. Suddenly I had to brake because I was driving towards a wall. However, when I put my foot on the brake nothing happened and I crashed into the wall.. I was walking down an unfamiliar road when I reached a dark and miserable house. Grey clouds covered the sky, and so I went inside the house where I found a poor, pathetic person, wearing clothes similar to those my wife wore. I didn't recognize her and felt sorry her. There was nothing else in the dream but when I woke the next morning, I felt the misery and unhappiness of it all day.3. One day I was sitting in my office, listening to a group of colleagues whispering and talking about me. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it worried me. That night I dreamt exactly the same sequence again, except that in my dream I saw something I'd missed during the day. While they were whispering they were all looking down at something. The next morning when I woke up I realized exactly why they'd been whispering and talking about me. That day was my birthday. Wasn't it possible that they'd been looking down at a birthday card? My dream was right. I did get a card from my colleagues, whom I'd suspected of talking about me.Woman: The trouble with education in Britain, I think, lies with the teachers. I don't think teachers get nearly enough training in actually how to teach rather than the subject. I think they're too serious, too academic; they're not imaginative enough. And that means that there's not enough excitement in the classroom children to get interested in the subject.Man: Yes, I agree. I think there's too much theoretical teaching given and not enough practical education, with the result that pupils are far too busy studying exams to have time to learn about life itself and how to, how to live in the world.Woman: Mm. I think all teachers should be at least twenty-five bee they start teaching. I think they should be ced to live in the outside world, rather than go from the classroom to the university and back to the classroom again. I had a working mother when I was a young girl. She went back to work when I was ten and my brother was fourteen. She taught at a school of dress design. I studied English at university. Then I got a job with an advertising agency as an assistant. I studied English so I could get a good job with a good company. In 1980 I went abroad with a friend. We spent a month in Calinia. Then I worked a company which sold cassette tapes and books English conversation. I was still single at twenty-five, then my parents started to worry because their daughter wasn't married. Our neighbors and relations were asking when I would marry and they began to talk about an arranged marriage. In Japan they don't ce you to marry someone, but they may give you a chance to meet someone. I am very interested in jazz and I met my husband in a Jazz club. My parents didn't want their daughter to marry a eigner. They didn't want me to come to England, but now I work in London a Japanese newspaper. Once upon a time, there was a rich Caliph in Baghdad. He was very famous because he was wise and kind. One morning he sent his servant, Abdul, to the market to buy some fruit. As Abdul was walking through the market, he suddenly felt very cold. He knew that somebody was behind him. He turned round and saw a tall man, dressed in black. He couldn't see the man's face, only his eyes. The man was staring at him, and Abdul began to shiver. "Who are you? What do you want?" Abdul asked. The man in black didn't reply. "What's your name?" Abdul asked nervously. "I ... am ... Death," the stranger replied coldly and turned away. Abdul dropped his basket and ran all the way back to the Caliph's house. He rushed into the Caliph's room. "Excuse me, master. I have to leave Baghdad immediately," Abdul said. "But why? What's happened?" the Caliph asked. "I've just met Death in the market," Abdul replied. "Are you certain?" said the Caliph. "Yes, I'm certain. He was dressed in black, and he stared at me. I'm going to my father's house in Samarra. If I go at once, I'll be there bee sunset." The Caliph could see that Abdul was terrified and gave him permission to go to Samarra. The Caliph was puzzled. He was fond of Abdul and he was angry because Abdul had been badly frightened by the stranger in the market. He decided to go to the market and investigate. When he found the man in black, he spoke to him angrily. "Why did you frighten my servant?" "Who is your servant?" the stranger replied. "His name is Abdul," answered the Caliph. "I didn't want to frighten him. I was just surprised to see him in Baghdad." "Why were you surprised?" the Caliph asked. "I was surprised because I've got an appointment with him ... tonight ... in Samarra!"Dennis: You've been seeing Steve again, haven't you?Cynthia: What are you talking about?Dennis: You know as well as I do. One of my friends saw you together in a restaurant yesterday evening.Cynthia: Listen, Dennis. Look, I'm sorry. I was going to tell you. I really was.Dennis: Well, why didn't you? Why did you ... Why did you lie to me?Cynthia: But I didn't lie! How can you say that?Dennis: Yes, you did! You told me that your relationship with him was all over.Cynthia: But it is, darling! It ended more than a year ago.Dennis: Did it? Then why did you go out with him yesterday?Cynthia: Because he phoned me and said he had some business to discuss with me. What's wrong with that!Dennis: Nothing. But if that's true, why did you tell me you were going to have dinner with your mother yesterday evening?Cynthia: Because ... because I thought you'd be terribly jealous if I told you I was going to see Steve. And you are.Dennis: I'm not. I simply can't understand why you lied to me.Cynthia: I've aly told you. But you just won't believe me.Dennis: That all you did was discuss business together? Of course, I can't believe that!Cynthia: Well, that's exactly what we did! And it isn't true that I lied to you about my mother. When I told you that, I intended to see her. But then Steve rang and said he needed my advice about something.Dennis: About what?Cynthia: A legal matter.Dennis: A legal matter? Why should he ask your advice about a legal matter? You aren't a lawyer.Cynthia: No, but you are! And that's what he wanted to talk to me about. Somebody recommended to him. But bee he contacted you, he wanted to know if I thought you'd be willing to help him. I said I didn't know.Dennis: Help your ... ex-boyfriend? Give him legal advice? I'm not going to do that.Cynthia: That's what I thought you'd say. I knew it. 0

Hospital is the fundamental component of health care.The majority of physicians nowadays practice medicine in hospitals.They can be found in any town.Moreover,nearly everry hospital has an emergency room that is capable of dealing with life-and-death situations.Those facilities are essential in prolonging human lives.Besides local clinics,there are also large medical centers in metropolitan areas.Some of these institutions are affiliated with medical schools in universities that can provide medical assistance through research.医院是照料每个人健康护理的基本要素现今大部分的内科医生都在医院里从医在任何城镇都能找到它们此外,几乎每家医院都具备有处理紧急生死状况的急诊室那些设备是延长人类生命所不可或缺的除了地方的诊所外,在主要的都市区也有大型的医疗中心这些机构有些和大学的医学院合作,可经由研究提供医疗援助People seek health care various reasons.Some of them have chronic diseases,undergong treatments that require regular visits.Some are seriously ill,needing constant supervision and care.The others might be in a hospital minor infections or accidental injuries.There are many other fields of heath care availble those who need them.Eentists do the teeth,psychiatrists take care of mental health,and dermatologists work on skin related problems.人们因为不同的理由而寻求健康的照料有些人有长期慢性疾病,接受治疗需要定期的诊疗有些人是病得很重,需要随时的监督和照护另外的一些人到医院则可能是因为轻微感染或是意外伤害另外还有很多种类的健康护理可以提供另有需要的人牙医和牙齿,精神病医生(专家)负责精神健康事宜,皮肤病学家则负责跟皮肤有关的问题When it comes to health,people try to choose the best hospital.Some aspects of a good hospital include low fatality rates,high qualigy patient care,up-to-date technology,and minimal wait times services.In addition,a low physician to patient ratio is crucial to a hospital rating.一旦关系到健康问题上,人们都尽量选择最好的医院一家好的医院有几点,包括低死亡率,高品质的护理务,先进的技术,和最短的候诊时间另外,医生与病人比例高低也是(人们)评估医院好坏的关键因素 33883

温馨贴士: 每日睡前床头物语,让您的生活质量更高 一、经典段落 “Poor dear!” said the nurse, hurriedly putting a green glass bottle back in the pocket of her long skirt. “可怜的东西!”老看护说着,急忙将一个绿色的小玻璃瓶揣回长裙子的兜里 The doctor began to put on his coat.“The baby is weak and will probably have difficulties,” he said, “If so, give it a little milk to keep it quiet,” The n he looked at the dead woman. “The mother was a good-looking girl. Where did she come from?” 这时医生开始穿外衣“这孩子太弱,恐怕会有麻烦”他说,“如果真是这样,给他喂点牛奶,好让他别哭”然后,他又转过脸看了一眼死去的女人,说到:“这母亲长得还挺漂亮她是从哪儿来的?” “She was brought here last night,” replied the old woman. “She was found lying in the street. She’d walked some distance, judging by her shoes,which were worn to pieces.Where she came from,where she was going to, or what her name was, nobody knows.” “她是昨天夜里被送到这儿来的”老妇人回答道“她倒在马路上,被人发现了她脚上那双鞋子已经磨得破破烂烂的了,由此可以看出她是从很远的地方来的她从哪儿来,要到哪儿去,叫什么名字,没人知道” The doctor lifted the girl’s left hand. “The old story,” he said sadly, shaking his head.“No wedding ring, I see.Ah!Good night.” 医生拉起那年轻女人的左手,摇摇头,伤心地说:“又是老一套没有结婚戒指,果然如此唉!晚安” 二、段落精讲 第一、词汇精讲difficulty双语释义:difficult thing to do, understand or deal with[C.N.] 难做﹑ 难懂﹑ 难应付的事; 难事; 难点; 难题范例1:She met with many difficulties when traveling.她在旅行时遇到了许多伤脑筋的事范例:I want to marry her, but my parents are making difficulties.我想娶她,但我父母从中阻挠陷阱提示:作为“难事,难题,难点”这些意思的话是可数名词,如果是做“困难; 艰难; 困难性; 难度”这个意思解释时,它是不可数名词拓展讲解:作为不可数名词,它有这个用法:~ (in sthin doing sth)范例1:She got the door open, but only with some difficulty.她倒是把门打开了,但却花了些力气范例:I had the greatest difficulty in persuading her.我为了说她,费了好大的劲范例3:We had no difficulty in finding the house.我们毫不费劲地找到了那所房子第二、固定短语1. look at讲解:这个短语可以表示“看(东西)”这个意思,也可以表示“看待,考虑(事情或问题)”的意思范例1:Those roses was even more pleasing to look at in the morning light. 这些玫瑰花在早晨的光线下看起来更悦目范例:I look at the swaying branches and ponder over the greatness of all things. 我看着摇曳的树枝,想念万物的伟大 范例3:I look at this problem from a different viewpoint. 我从不同的观点来看这个问题 范例:I will not look at any price under amp;3000. 我不考虑任何低于3000镑的价钱 . judge by讲解:此语中的by是介词,表示方式,它的意思是“以......来判断”范例1:It is only shallow people who judge by appearances. 只有浅薄的人才会以貌取人范例:Dont judge by first impressions. 不要凭第一印象作出判断 第三、写作语汇1. put something back in the pocket of her skirt:把......放回裙子的兜里. walk some distance:步行万里,走很远的路程3. be worn to pieces:磨损成片. lift one’s left hand:拿起某人的左手第三、语法精讲1. She was found lying in the street.要点:lying in the street是现在分词短语作主语she的补足语. She’d walked some distance, judging by her shoes,which were worn to pieces.要点1:judging by her shoe是现在分词短语作方式状语要点:which were worn to pieces是非限定性定语从句修饰名词shoe3. Where she came from,where she was going to, or what her name was, nobody knows.要点:Where she came from,where she was going to, or what her name was都是宾语从句这里把宾语前置,起到强调的作用. “The old story,” he said sadly, shaking his head.要点:shaking his head是现在分词短语作伴随状况状语第四. 语句赏析The old story.赏析:the old story是指老的故事医生在Oliver母亲死去了时候看到她的左手上没有结婚戒指,就知道这位漂亮而又年轻的母亲是当时候英国的底层族人,这句含蓄之语道出了当时候英国底层人民生活的悲惨 01963

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