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This respect for wildlife extends beyond the monasteries and into the wider community. One of Tibet#39;s most sacred creatures is the black-necked crane.对野生动植物的尊重已经从寺庙,延伸到了更广阔的社会中西藏。最神圣的一种动物是黑颈鹤。In summer they live and breed out on the plateau, but in winter they congregate on farmland. 70% of the world#39;s population can be found here.夏季它们在高原上繁衍生息,冬天它们聚集在农田里。世界上70%的黑颈鹤都生活在这里。The species was only recently identified by scientists, but it#39;s been known to Tibetans for hundreds of years.尽管科学家最近才发现这种生物,但是西藏人认识它们已经有几百年了。In the 17th century, Tibet#39;s supreme lama wrote, ;Crane, lend me your wings, I go no farther than Lithang county, and thence return again.;西藏的达赖喇嘛写到“天空中洁白的仙鹤,请借给我你的双翅,我不飞往远处,只到理塘就回。”Tibetans believed he was predicting the site of his own reincarnation and in due course his successor was found, sure enough, living in Lithang county.西藏人相信他在预言他的转世,在适当的时候可以找到他的继承者,当然他的继承者一定是在理塘生活。Even today, black-necked cranes are treated with reverence and are welcomed by farmers as they land in the fields around the villages.即使在今天,黑颈鹤落在村庄附近的农田时农民都会尊敬地欢迎它们的到来。 /201403/280777Videojug have teamed up with Domestos Grotbuster to show you all the tricks of the trade to host the perfect summer barbeque.Videojug联合Domestos Grotbuster一起向你展示举办完美的夏季烧烤聚会的所有技巧。Step 1: Supplies1.用品齐全Yes you#39;ll impress your guests by whipping up a quick lobster thermidor, but you#39;ll impress them more by not forgetting the essentials. Paper plates, buns, burgers, something for the veggies. Make a list. Cross them off.很快为客人提供烤好的龙虾可以为他们留下深刻印象,但是准备好必需品同样可以为你加分。准备好纸盘,圆面包,果仁饼,蔬菜。清楚地列表,准备好一项删除一项。Step 2: The Garden2.花园Your garden looks like Chernobyl so sweep up the leaves, cut the grass and give everything a good clean. The patio furniture, outdoor bin and barbie all look like they#39;ve been in an oil slick so break out the Grotbuster to tackle the built-up grime. And don#39;t forget to wash all the food prep boards so you don#39;t poison anyone. Unless you want to poison someone of course.你的花园看上去就像切尔诺贝利核电站泄露过后那样混乱,所以清扫掉枯叶,修剪草坪,把所有物品都清扫一遍。露台家具,户外垃圾箱和烤肉架看上去都好像蒙了一层油污,所以,勤快一点,好好清理。不要忘记提前清洗砧板,这样才不会让别人食物中毒。当然,如果你想这样做的话,那就算了。Step 3: Seating3.座位As the day goes on and the beer gets drunk people are going to want to sit down before they fall down, so make sure there#39;s plenty of seats, preferably in the shade so you don#39;t end up with a garden full of pink peeling people.当烧烤日来临的时候,喝多了啤酒的人们肯定想在跌倒之前坐下来,所以确保有足够的凳子,最好在阴凉的地方,这样你的花园中才不会站满被晒成红色脱皮的人。Step 4: The Kitchen4.厨房You#39;ve spent hours making the garden a summer paradise, so of course everyone wants to hang around the kitchen. Make sure it#39;s not in its usual embarrassing state by emptying the bin, wiping the surfaces down and giving the fridge a quick going over. Oh, and get rid of the supermarket packaging of those “home-made” burgers too.你花了几小时的时间把花园变成夏日天堂,当然,每个人也想到厨房逛一逛。确保厨房不要像平时那样令人尴尬,倒空垃圾箱,擦拭一下表面,整理一下冰箱。把自制汉堡外的超市购物袋也丢掉。Step 5: The Bathroom5.卫生间With all those drinks flowing, the bathroom#39;s going to be very busy. And don#39;t forget that it#39;s also used by your chimp of a husband so breathe deep, think of England, grab the Grotbuster and give it a clean.喝了那么多啤酒,卫生间肯定很拥挤。不要忘记某个醉鬼曾经使用过,深呼吸,抓过拖把清洗吧。Thanks for watching How To Host The Perfect Summer Barbeque.感谢收看“如何举办完美的夏日烧烤聚会”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201310/259130

2012年2月5日,美国一年一度的年度盛事“超级碗”比赛在位于印第安那波利斯的卢卡斯石油球场举行,“超级碗”的电视广告是全球最贵的,每秒钟需要花费10万美元。2013年汽车行业在“超级碗”广告的竞争将更加激烈。福特汽车公司将首次在“超级碗”广告和电视广告宣传林肯牌汽车,该广告时长60秒,共花费800万美元。因为林肯汽车的消费人群都在60岁,和奔驰及其它汽车一样,都开始打年轻牌。以下是英文文本:I#39;m going to tell you a story about a car built for individuals, but the story is driven by you with actual Tweets you sent to Jimmy Fallon. Here it goes…Adina was going to someone else#39;s wedding. ;Girl today is your lucky day.; She picked up a German hitchhiker who came to America to study farming. How charming. Discussing their mutual love for sweaters, they drove past and alpaca farm. ;It#39;s the alpacalypse!; Then they got stopped by some turtles crossing the road, next to some guys with a Ph.D. in leather. And then they drove through a movie set in Palmdale, ruining the best performance of an alien ever. ;Really!; Ah, the tweets and turns of life. You may be surprised where they may take you.;The road is full of love.;This was a story that started with you because luxury always should.Keep all heads and hands inside a moving vehicle. Unless you#39;re a faux alpaca.The Lincoln Motor Company amp; Jimmy Fallon present ;Once Upon a Tweet; Article/201405/292951

  Work out that helps you loose weight around the thighs by Georgina Barnette.在Georgina Barnette的帮助下进行锻炼,减掉大腿周围的脂肪。In this I am going to tell you how to loose weight in your thighs. Now it#39;s not actually possible to stimulate a particular area in your body to loose weight. What you need to do is loose fat overall.在这段视频中,我将教给大家大腿怎样减肥。要专门刺激身体某个特定的部位来减肥是不可能的。我们要做的是甩掉整体脂肪。When you are exercising any muscle group in your body it is important to stretch keep those muscles nice and lengthened but also keep them healthy.锻炼身体任何肌肉群的时候,最重要的一点就是伸展并延长这些肌肉,同时还要保持健康。So to stretch the back of the thighs first of all you need to have your feet with hips both a part one foot on front of the other and lean your bottom back and you should feel the stretch back there hold that for 20 t0 40 seconds. To stretch the front of your thigh lift your foot of at the back making sure your knees are together towards the bottom and if you do not feel the stretch move your hips forward as you tilt that foot to the bottom.所以,要伸展大腿后侧,首先一只脚向前伸出,大腿后侧倾斜,这样你能感觉到后部有拉伸感,坚持20至40秒钟。为了伸展大腿前侧,向后抬起脚,确保膝盖向下,如果没有感觉到拉伸感,臀部向前挺一点,这样你的脚就会进一步向下倾斜。Remembering to breathe through out the stretch and that#39;s how to loose weight on the thighs.记住,在整个伸展动作期间保持呼吸均匀。以上动作就可以减掉大腿周围的脂肪。Thanks for watching How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs.感谢收看“怎样甩掉大腿周围脂肪”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/242434


  Prepare yourself to be asked to communicate to your interviewer what your weaknesses are, and you#39;ll be less likely to count being tongue-tied among them.求职时面试官可能会问到你的缺点是什么,做好准备,这样才不会瞠目结舌。You Will Need你需要Preparation准备A positive attitude积极的态度Steps步骤Step 1 Focus on minor weaknesses1.集中在较小的缺点When you answer the question, focus on minor weaknesses and describe specific ways you are trying to improve them. Be honest and keep it brief.当回答这个问题的时候,集中在比较小的缺点,并且说出你正在采取哪些具体的措施来改进。一定要诚实而简洁。Step 2 Avoid a list of weaknesses2.避免提到一系列缺点Don#39;t mention weaknesses that affect your job performance, such as always being late and not paying attention to detail.不要列举影响你工作表现的缺点,例如经常迟到,不注意细节。Step 3 Talk about past weaknesses3.讲述过去的缺点Talk about weaknesses that you have resolved in the past, and how you have effectively improved your work performance.讲述一下过去的你已经克了的缺点,说一下你如何有效地提高了工作表现。Step 4 Express self-improvement interest4.表述自我改进的好处Express how past experience has made you a better employee and how you#39;ve learned from mentors who have taken you under their wing.表达一下过去的经历如何让你成为更优秀的雇员,你如何从悉心教导你的导师那里认真学习。Did you know? According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, in 2009, hiring was expected to be down 7 percent for the following year#39;s college graduates.你知道吗?根据美国大学及雇主协会,2009年,预期未来一年大学毕业生的雇佣率将下降7个百分点。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/236953

  物理学家根据怪异的量子力学原理来解释亚原子微粒的运动,这完全不同于日常规模的物体。在一次突破性的实验中,艾伦·奥凯奈尔通过制造出一个肉眼可视的,但也实了同时在两个地方出现的物体,来模糊了它们之间的区别。在演讲中他建议了一种很饶有兴趣的方法来解读他的成果。 Article/201407/309138

  A fish swimming just below the surface creates tell-tale ripples一条在水面下游动的鱼 造成明显的涟漪and that is all the bat needs to detect them.只需这样 牛头犬蝠就能发现猎物With little more than a fin to aim for,以时速六十五公里飞行and whilst flying at 40 miles an hour,只要瞄准一片鱼鳍the bat takes the fish completely unawares.牛头犬蝠就能出其不意的If the shoal scatters...如果有鱼群散布在水中..the bat trawls the surface.它就在水面拖钓Raking the water, trying to snag a fish.擦掠过水面,试着勾起一条鱼He won#39;t have the best fishing spot to himself for long,这只牛头犬蝠 无法独占最佳渔场太久and soon, other bats arrive.它的同伴很快就出现Oncoming traffic would make grabbing a fish almost impossible,老是担心会迎头撞上同伴 就无法so the bats avoid collisions by honking -所以牛头犬蝠 会按喇叭避免对撞dropping their calls an octave to say, ;Look out, here I come!;发出低八度音的叫声 就表示“小心,我来了” Article/201309/257346

  The use of bombing escalates on all sides in World War II,二战参战各方对炸弹的使用均呈上升势头so that whole cities of civilians are being hit.整座整座的城市及其居民被当成袭击目标Now the US military hope a single bomb can destroy an entire city.美军希望研制出能单发炸毁一座城市的武器Wreaking that kind of mass destruction,决定研制那种大规模杀伤性武器that was something new in the history of warfare.势必掀开战争史崭新的一页The atomic bomb has put an emphatic punctuation to that decision,原子弹就是这个决定中浓墨重的一笔but the decision was way before 19-- August of 1945.但决定时间其实远早于1945年8月If this test works, there are more atomic bombs to use on the Japanese, in hopes of ending the war.如果试验成功,将有更多的原子弹能够投入对日作战,战争结束指日可待29,Deputy Commanding General of the Manhattan Project,29...曼哈顿计划的副总司令Thomas Farrell, watches Oppenheimer.托马斯·法雷尔 注视着奥本海默Dr. Oppenheimer grew tenser as the last seconds ticked off.奥本海默士在最后的几秒变得异常紧张起来He scarcely breathed.他几乎屏住了呼吸He stared directly ahead.直视着正前方.. 11,10, 9,8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3,2, 1.十一 十 九 八 七 六 五 四 三 二 一The temperature generated at the center of the explosion is 10,000 times greater than the surface of the sun.爆炸中心产生的温度是太阳表面的一万倍The heat turns the desert sand to glass.高温将大漠的沙砾熔成了玻璃The explosion is more massive than even Oppenheimer expects.爆炸的威力甚至超过了奥本海默本人的预期When it went off in the New Mexico dawn,当原子弹在黎明的新墨西哥州被引爆之时that first atomic bomb, we thought of Alfred Nobel and his hope,人们想起了阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔和他生前的愿望his vain hope, that dynamite would put an end to wars.他希望炸药能结束所有战争的渺茫愿望 /201303/228163




  Protests hurting Thai economy The recent political unrest in Thailand is hurting its economy. CNN#39;s Pauline Chiou has more.The long running political protests are beginning to hurt Thailand#39;s economy. The benchmark index, the SET or Stock exchange of Thailand has dropped 12% in the past month. The Thai buht has seen a slide of more than 6% against the US dollar. Now this line shows the US dollar strenghening since the beginning of November when these protests began. Singapore Airline is canceling some flights to Bangkok in January and February because of falling demand. Tourism accounts for around 7% of Thailand#39;s GDP. And a travel agency association says the number of domestic visitors to Bangkok has fallen 20% because of the unrest. That#39;s a drop of about 400,000 people. International visitor numbers are down about 8%. The association says the biggest decrease are among Japanese tourists who are sensitive to political turmoil. Despite that, the tourism authority estimates the number of people visiting Thailand in the whole of 2013 was up by 17%. Now these protests stand firmly and aim to debuild the current government propose which is seen as a move by the prime minister I to allow her brother, the former prime minister T to return from exile. He had been ousted in 2006. Now the prime minister I has dissovled parliament and called for snap election in early February but Maggi that has not alleviated the tension or the impact on the Thai economy. /201401/272374

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