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North Korea has blasted the US for imposing fresh sanctions against it, reiterating its denial of involvement in a cyber attack on Sony Pictures and calling the US move hostile and repressive.朝鲜周日严厉谴责了美国对其实施的最新制裁,重申该国未参与针对索尼电Sony Pictures)的网络攻击,并称美国此举是充满敌意的高压手段。North Korea’s foreign ministry accused Washington of “groundlesslystirring up hostility toward Pyongyang and vowed to strengthen its defensive posture.朝鲜外交部指责美国政府“毫无根据”地煽动对朝鲜的敌意,并承诺将强化其防御立场。“The policy persistently pursued by the US to stifle the DPRK, groundlessly stirring up bad blood towards it, would only harden its will and resolution to defend the sovereignty of the country,the ministry was ed as saying by North Korea’s official KCNA news agency.朝鲜官方新闻通讯社朝中社(KCNA)援引朝鲜外交部的话称:“美国持续遏制朝鲜的政策、毫无根据地煽动对朝鲜的仇恨,只会增强朝鲜保卫本国主权的意愿和决心。”“The persistent and unilateral action taken by the White House to slap ‘sanctionsagainst the DPRK patently proves that it is still not away from inveterate repugnancy and hostility towards the DPRK,it said on Sunday.“美国白宫为‘制裁’朝鲜所持续采取的单方面行动,显然明美国仍然没有消除对朝鲜根深蒂固的憎恶和敌意。”Barack Obama has ratcheted up pressure on North Korea after a damaging cyber attack on Sony Pictures, imposing new sanctions on agencies and officials linked to its arms trading and intelligence establishment.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)上周五加大了对朝鲜施压的力度,针对朝鲜武器交易部门和情报机构及其官员实施了新的制裁。The US president on Friday authorised the Treasury to designate three entities and 10 individuals as agencies or officials controlled by the North Korean government, denying them access to the US financial system and barring them from doing business with the US in an attempt to increase financial pressure on the regime.奥巴马批准美国财政部家实体机构和10名个人列为“受朝鲜政府控制”的机构或官员,禁止他们利用美国金融系统或与美国展开业务往来。此举旨在加大对朝鲜政府的金融压力。The decision to impose new sanctions came two weeks after the White House first publicly blamed North Korea for the Sony attack, as officials grappled with how to punish a regime that is aly economically isolated and severely impoverished.在美国决定对朝鲜实施新的制裁两周前,美国政府首次就索尼电影受到网络攻击公开指责朝鲜。美国政府官员当时已在考虑如何惩罚这个已在经济上处于孤立且严重贫困的国家。The Sony cyber attack saw employee pay details, health records, social security numbers and other personal data dumped online as the studio geared up for the release of The Interview, a film satirising North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.在索尼遭受网络攻击事件中,该公司员工的薪资细节、健康记录、社保号码以及其它个人数据被泄露至网上。当时,索尼电影正准备上映一部讽刺朝鲜领导人金正Kim Jong Un)的电影《刺杀金正恩The Interview)。North Korea has denied responsibility for the attack, the scale of which the Federal Bureau of Investigation has characterised as unprecedented.美国联邦调查局(FBI)称此次攻击的规模是“空前”的。朝鲜一直否认参与此次网络攻击。The primary targets of the new sanctions are officials connected with its defence industry.美国新一轮制裁的主要目标是与朝鲜国防部有关联的官员。Most of the individuals included in Friday’s order work for Pyongyang’s primary arms dealer and exporter, the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, in countries such as Russia, Iran and Syria. North Korea’s main intelligence organisation, Reconnaissance General Bureau, has also been targeted.制裁名单中的多数个人在俄罗斯、伊朗和叙利亚等国供职于朝鲜主要武器交易商和出口商朝鲜矿业开发贸易公Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation)。朝鲜主要情报机构侦查总局(Reconnaissance General Bureau)也在被制裁之列。“Today’s actions are driven by our commitment to hold North Korea accountable for its destructive and destabilising conduct,said Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary.美国财政部部长杰#8226;Jack Lew)表示:“今日的举措是因为我们承诺要让朝鲜对其破坏性行为负责。”South Korea supports the US decisions to tighten sanctions on North Korea, with Seoul’s foreign ministry calling it an “appropriatemeasure against the isolated nation’s persistent provocations.韩国对美国加大对朝制裁的决定表示持。韩国外交部称,此举是针对这个孤立国家持续挑衅行为的“恰当”举措。In contrast to Pyongyang’s hostile rhetoric against Washington, North Korea appears to be reaching out to South Korea.与对美国的敌对论调形成对比的是,平壤方面似乎正在向韩国伸出橄榄枝。Mr Kim, North Korea’s supreme leader, said in his New Year’s speech that he was open to a summit with his South Korean counterpart. Seoul’s unification ministry said any talks between the leaders of the two Koreas must be held without conditions.朝鲜最高领导人金正恩在新年讲话中表示,他愿意与韩国领导人召开峰会。韩国统一部表示,朝韩两国领导人的会谈必须在不设任何先决条件的情况下进行。来 /201501/352424

Fourteen watercolor paintings and drawings presumed to be the work of a young Adolf Hitler were sold at auction in Germany for 0,000 (about 391,000 euros), the German news service Deutsche-Presse Agentur reported. The most expensive artwork, a watercolor signed by A. Hitler, of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria was sold to an unnamed buyer from China at the Weidler auction house in Nuremberg for over 3,000 (100,000 euros); a still life of carnations fetched over ,000 (73,000 euros), according to Deutsche-Presse Agentur. The art dates from 1904 to 1922 and includes a female nude, scenes of Vienna and Prague, and a portrait of a girl. The collection sold for substantially more than the 3,000 paid at a British auction in for a group of 13 paintings attributed to Hitler. Last year, the Weidler auction house sold a watercolor said to have been painted by Hitler to an unnamed buyer from the Middle East for around 1,000.据德国新闻社(Deutsche-Presse Agentur)报道,十四幅据信是阿道夫·希特Adolf Hitler)年轻时所作作品的水画和素描在德国的拍卖会上共拍4万美元(9.1万欧元73万元人民币)。一幅画有巴伐利亚新天鹅城堡(Neuschwanstein Castle)的水画在这些作品中价格最高,最终以11.3万多美元(约10万欧元0万元人民币)成交。这幅画带有“A. Hitler”的签名,买家是一位来自中国的匿名人士,交易在纽伦Nurembery)的魏德勒拍卖Weidler)进行。此外,一幅康乃馨静物画以8.2万多美元(约7.3万欧元1万元人民币)拍售。这些画作创作于1904年至1922年年间,还包括一幅女性裸体画、若干维也纳、布拉格的风景,以及一幅女孩肖像009年,13幅被认为是希特勒作品的画作在英国的拍卖会上共拍得14.3万多美元(约89万元人民币)。本次拍卖这些作品,成交总额远超过英国那一批。去年,魏德勒拍卖行将一幅据信是希特勒作品的水画,以约16.1万美元(00万元人民币)拍给了一位来自中东的匿名买家。来 /201506/383148

Downing Street has pre-empted the findings of an investigation into the Russian plane crash in Egypt at the weekend by suggesting it might have been caused by a bomb.英国政府抢先公布了对上周末在埃及境内坠毁的俄罗斯客机的调查结果,称事故可能是由一枚炸弹引发的。The government said it was suspending all flights between the UK and Sharm el-Sheikh for the foreseeable future, after holding an emergency meeting of Cobra, the government’s security committee. It also changed its travel advice and warned British citizens against travelling to the area.英国政府表示,在可预见的将来,将暂停英国与沙姆沙伊赫之间的所有航班。此前,英国政府下属的安全委员会——英国内阁办公室简报室(cobra)召开了一次紧急会议。英国政府还修改了旅行建议,警告英国公民不要前往沙姆沙伊赫。Three flights set to depart the Red Sea tourist resort for the UK were grounded on Wednesday evening while a team of British aviation experts carried out a security assessment of the airport, Number 10 said.英国政府表示,周三晚,三个即将从这个红海旅游胜地飞往英国的航班被停飞,一群英国航空专家对该机场进行了一次安全评估。Ireland followed the announcement, saying it was also suspending flights to and from the tourist resort until further notice, according to a statement from the Irish Aviation Authority.爱尔兰航空(IAA)表示,爱尔兰在英国发布公告后也采取了行动,宣布将暂停沙姆沙伊赫与爱尔兰之间的航班,直到有进一步的通知为止。An Airbus A321 jet, operated by Russian airline Metrojet, crashed early on Saturday morning in a mountainous area 23 minutes after take-off from the Red Sea resort, one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. All 224 on board were killed, making it Russia’s deadliest air disaster.上周六清晨,由俄罗斯航空公司Metrojet运营的一架空客A321 (Airbus A321)客机从俄罗斯游客最青睐的旅游目的地之一沙姆沙伊赫起飞,23分钟后在一个山区坠毁,机上224人全部遇难。这是俄罗斯历史上遇难者人数最多的一次空难。来 /201511/408273

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