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讲解随波逐流 Smile今天要推荐给大家的电影是随波逐流Just go with it. The key word in this movie is Smile s-m-i-l-e笑容,微笑Here is an example from the moive:I love your smile, your smile is magic.我喜欢你的微笑,你的笑容拥有神奇的魔法 JUST GO WITH IT 随波逐流这部电影笑点密集,一定会让大家大笑不止哒故事是这样的:Danny 是一个整形医生He uses unhappy marriages as an excuse to get women, And to avoid romantic commitment(承诺) that may lead to heartbreak.他通过撒谎骗女孩这件事,只有他的好朋友兼助手Katherine知道 One day, he met a dream girl.他希望能和这个女孩正式的交往但由于种种可笑的误会,他不得不骗这个女孩说,自己的助手Katherine是他的前妻,and they are divorced. 就这样一连串搞笑的事情开始了此处省略0分钟笑点密集,可以毫无压力放松大笑的情节 At the end of the movie,Danny told his true love that:(soundbite)“I love the most is that you fix your teeth, you always do anything anybody else and dont need anything back, you are the only one person that I never lie to her. I just trust you more than anybody in the world, you know every secret about me. I love your smile. That smile is the magic. When I am in the operating room. All I think about is, more minutes I get to see that smile.” She is good. She is very nice. There is only one problem. She is not you.”别的女孩也很好,但她们不是你无论别人再怎么优秀,我爱的人只有你Yes, there are so many excellent men around you.But they are not the one. 世界上那么多阴差阳错,才换来命中注定有时候真爱就在你身边 5939

Dialogue 1Jingjing: Mark, Ive been thinking... I think it time we blow away the cobwebs and redecorate our house!京晶:马克,我最近在想……我觉得是时候我们该除旧迎新,重新装修我们的房子啦!Mark: I knew you had something up your sleeve! No wonder the past couple of weeks youve been wanting to come with me to the hardware store! I dont know Jingjing, what do you have in mind?马克:我就知道你心里在打着小算盘!难怪在过去的几周,你一直想和我一起去五金店!我不知道,京晶,你有什么想法?Jingjing: Well, I really wanted to repaint the walls in the den. I think a bright orange would breathe new life into that room. It been so dark and gloomy the past few years.京晶:嗯,我真的很想重新粉刷一下客厅我觉得亮橙色会给房间注入新的生命过去几年这间屋子一直太晦暗了Mark: Bright orange?! You have got to be kidding me? If were redecorating our house, you are not going near the den! That where me and my boys watch football every weekend. The hell youre gonna paint it bright orange!马克:亮橙色?!你在开玩笑吧?如果我们要重新装修房子,决不许你碰客厅!这是我和哥们儿周末看足球的地方不许你把它刷成橙色!Jingjing: Why not? Youre not the only one who brings home the bacon you know? I have a say in this too!京晶:为什么不呢?你又不是唯一一个赚钱养家的人,我也有发言权!Mark: Youre right...But Im really not sure about bright orange walls...马克:你说的没错但是我真的对亮橙色的墙没把握jingjing: You just have to trust me. Besides, women are naturally gifted at decorating houses!京晶:你一定要相信我况且,女人天生就擅长装饰房子!Mark: Hmm... Alright, I tell you what, let go to the hardware store and we will both decorate the house, okay?马克:嗯……好吧,这样吧,我们去五金店,我们一起来装修房子,好吗?Jingjing: Okay, let go!京晶:好,我们走吧!New words: 习语短语blow away the cobwebs除旧迎新,做一些在很长一段时间内没做过的事have something up one sleeve有一个秘密的计划或打算做些什么,心里在打着什么小算盘no wonder怪不得What do you have in mind?你打算怎么做呢?den舒适的房间, 用于放松的房子,通常被称为“家庭房”或“客厅”breathe new life into something给某事注入新的生命my boys我的男性朋友,哥们儿bring home the bacon养家;赚钱;谋生have a say决定,有发言权Dialogue Jingjing and Mark arrive back at home after buying things to decorate the house.京晶和马克买完装饰房子的东西后回到家里Jingjing: Im so excited! It time to shake things up and make our home more beautiful.京晶:我太兴奋了!是时候好好改造一番,让我们的家变得更漂亮啦Mark: After were done redecorating, it better look more beautiful! After all, we just spent megabucks at the store.马克:最好是这样!毕竟我们刚刚可是在商店花了血本的Jingjing: Out with the old, in with the new! Let first put up the new pictures that we bought!京晶:旧的扔掉,换上新的!咱们先把新买的画挂起来吧!Mark: Okay, and after that we can start painting the kitchen.马克:好吧,之后我们就可以开始粉刷厨房了Jingjing: Wait! Dont we have to move the refrigerator bee we can paint the kitchen?京晶:等等!难道我们不需要先把冰箱移走,再粉刷厨房吗?Mark: Well cross that bridge when we come to it. now, let just hang up these pictures.马克:船到桥头自然直现在咱们先把新买的画挂起来吧Jingjing: Okay. Also, you can help me put up these new flower pots on the fireplace. I bought two of them, arent they lovely?京晶:好吧另外,你还可以帮我把这些新花盆摆在壁炉上我买了两个,是不是很漂亮?Mark: You bought two?! Why did you do that? One wasnt enough?马克:你买了两个?!为什么要买两个?一个不够吗?Jingjing: Well, if we have two then our house will seem more balanced. Come on, you know it important us Chinese to decorate our home with feng shui.京晶:有两个的话,我们的房子会看起来更加平衡你知道的,我们中国人装饰家里的时候很讲究风水Mark: And then you can help me drill some holes in the bathroom. I want to install some new light fixtures.马克:之后你可以帮我在浴室里钻几个洞我想安装一些新的灯具Jingjing: Drill holes? How am I supposed to do that?京晶:钻孔?怎么做呢?Mark: With my electric drill!马克:用我的电钻!Jingjing: I dont know... I think those things have a learning curve. Im not sure I can do it.京晶:我不知道……我觉得这些东西需要一个学习过程我不知道我能否做到这一点Mark: Oh, come on! There nothing to it. Even my grandmother can drill a few holes in a wall!马克:哦,不用!其实特别简单连我的祖母都可以在墙上钻几个洞!Jingjing: Okay, whatever. Let just get started. Here, help me lift this picture.京晶:好吧,先不管了我们开始吧来,帮我把这张画举上去New words: 习语短语shake things up做不同的事情;改变megabucks很多钱Out with the old, in with the new.旧的不去新的不来Cross that bridge when you come to it.船到桥头自然直a learning curve一个学习周期,指要擅长做某事需要时间There nothing to it.没什么不可以,很容易 67

  The Requirements of the Job工作要求Employer: In this job we need someone who is responsible.雇主:我们这项工作需要负责的人Applicant: Im the one you want. On my last job, every time anything went wrong,they said I was responsible.应聘者:我就是你们要找的人我的上一份工作每次出了差错,他们都说我该负责 01835



  1. One year ago, our daughter Max was born and we launched Chan Zuckerberg Initiative with the goal of dramatically improving their lives of all those in Max generation. Our mission is ambitious, advancing human potential and promoting the quality. And make sure we dont miss a single soul, we reach every individual. We asked ourselves: in our children life time, is it possible them to learn a hundred times what we do today. Can we ease the suffering of many by caring, preventing or managing all the diseases that affect us now?一年前,伴随着我们的女儿麦克斯的降生,我们推出了陈-扎克伯格倡议,旨在深入改善麦克斯这一代孩子们的生活我们的使命是雄心勃勃的:我们要激发人类的潜能并提高人们的生活质量同时,我们要确保务到每一个人,不错过任何一个灵魂我们问自己:在我们孩子这一代的一生中,是否有可能让他们学习到我们今天所能学到的一百倍?是否可以通过照料、预防或管理现在所有折磨着我们的疾病而减轻很多人的痛苦?These are big questions and they are incredibly personal me. I am a daughter of Chinese-Vietnam refugees. My parents didnt come to this country with much and they tried their best to navigate this world. My mother who here, she worked long hours and multiple jobs to make sure that my sisters and I have the best opporties possible.这些听起来都是大问题,但他们对我来说却非常真实我是华裔越南难民的女儿我的父母刚来到这个国家的时候一无所有,但他们尽了最大的努力在这个世界中前行为了确保我和们得到最好的教育机会,我的母亲必须长时间地劳作并同时兼几份工As a child of refugees and first generation to go to college, I have ended up in a place with incredible,seemingly limitless opporty. Realizing that I was incredibly lucky to be where I was sparked and continuous to drive me to ensure that others, regardlessof background, can have their opporty to reach their dreams and their full potential.作为难民的孩子和家里第一代上了大学的人,我最终到达了一个令人难以置信的地方,这里充满了看似无限的机会对于这份幸运的感恩不断地驱使着我去确保他人,不论他们来自什么背景,都可以有机会实现他们的梦想并发挥他们的全部潜力. In college, I let in on of an after-school program, very close to where I grew up. Our official job was to help kids with their homework. But in reality, we did whatever we needed to do to give those kids a chance to thrive. Those kids were the soul of my college experience.在大学期间,我参加了一个课外活动,离我长大的地方非常近我们的正式工作是帮助孩子们辅导功课但实际上,我们做了一切我们需要做的事情来给这些孩子们一个茁壮成长的机会那些孩子是我大学经历的灵魂One day, a school councilor came to me to look a kid who missed several days in school. I havent seen her either but I agreed to go and help find that student and see what happening. After program that day I step out and went to the playground and found her immediately. I saw why she hadnt been to school. Her two front teeth were broken and she was shamed to be seen. My heart and mind were flooded with questions. What had happened to her? Was she hurt? Were her teeth infected? What could I have done to prevent this? That last question quested me. The question is simple but the answer is so complexed that I had no tools to tackle.一天,一个学校委员来找我,问询一个好几天没来上学的孩子的下落我也没见过她,但我同意去帮忙找到这个学生,看看到底发生了什么事这天活动结束后,我走出来,立即在操场上找到了她我明白了她为什么没有去上学,她的两颗门牙碎了, 她感到很羞辱,不想让别人看见我的心里和脑袋里顿时产生了无数的问号:她到底发生了什么事? 她疼吗?她的牙齿感染了吗? 我本可以做些什么来防止这种情况发生? 最后一个问题难住了我这个问题很简单,但是如此复杂,我当时并没有工具来解决它That question drove me to medical school to help expand my tool box of skills to help children, all children to thrive. Over time, my work as an educator and as a pediatrician has let me to think bigger about what possible, what can we do to enable Max and every child in her generation to exceed all of dreams of what we currently think is possible.这个问题驱使我进了医学院,让我扩展我工具箱里的技能来帮助孩子们,所有的孩子们,茁壮成长多年来作为一个教育工作者和一个儿科医生的经历,令我敢于设想更大的可能性, 设想我们能做些什么让马克斯他们这代的每一个孩子超越所有我们目前认为有可能实现的梦想3. How we can best make an impact every child to be passionate about learning and to learn more than we ever thought possible? After six years of learning and iterating, we believe that personalized learning can help us to reach that goal. Personalized learning recognizes that children all have different needs: academic, physical and emotional wellbeing, learning styles and interests. By building new tools and systems, we can get students ownership over their learning; access to resources that really resonate with them and opporties to see their learning come to life.怎么样才是最好的方式来影响每一个孩子,使他们热爱学习并学到远超出我们想象的内容? 经过六年的学习和反复验,我们相信“个性化学习”可以帮助我们达到这一目标个性化学习承认每个孩子都有不同的需求: 学术方面的,身体方面的,情绪健康方面的、学习风格方面的和兴趣方面的通过构建新的工具和系统,我们可以让学生们拥有学习自主权;使他们获得真正能让他们产生共鸣的学习资源和趣味学习的机会At primary school, we are doing that the early childhood and elementary world, integrating health development and parental support. As to yesterday, we are now serving more than a hundred families. In the middle school and high school world, were helping build a number of school models and tools to help children build their core knowledge and skills in the way that best suit them, serving more than ,000 students in over a hundred schools nationwide. And outside the traditional classroom, we are investing the companies like “Byjus” that giving 50,000 students access to incredible high quality of materials to augment their in-school-learning.在小学里,我们在为幼儿和小学生开展“个性化学习”, 同时融合健康发展和父母的持到昨天为止,我们务的家庭已经超过了一百个在初中和高中,我们在帮助建立一系列学校模型和工具,以帮助孩子掌握最适合他们的核心知识和技能, 为全国一百多所学校的000多名学生务在传统课堂之外,我们还投资了像“Byjus” 这样的公司,给50000名学生提供无以伦比的高质量的材料来补充他们的校内学习We believe in the power of personalized learning and that we can uniquely contribute by supporting the leaders and building model tools to help teachers and learners reach that vision.我们相信个性化学习的力量,并且我们可以通过持领导人和建筑模型工具而做出独特的贡献,帮助教师和学习者们实现这一愿景 37Be intentional about how you spend your time爱画画的女孩—走心地活着,在梦想与现实之间好好地配你的时间Once upon a time, there was a girl who could do anything in the world she wanted. All she had to do was choose something and focus. So one day she sat down in front of a blank canvas and began to paint. Every stroke was more perfect than the next, slowly and gracefully converging to build a flawless masterpiece. And when she eventually finished painting, she stared proudly at her work and smiled.曾经有个女孩,她能够自由地去做世界上任何她想做的事她只需要选定一件然后专注去做有一天,她坐在一块空白的画布前,拿起了画笔每一笔几乎都是完美的,缓慢而优雅地,她画出了一幅无懈可击的经典之作当她完成这个作品时,她微笑着,自信地打量着自己的作品It was obvious to the clouds and the stars, who were always watching over her, that she had a gift. She was an artist. And she knew it too. She felt it in every fibre of her being. But a few moments after she finished painting, she got anxious and quickly stood up. Because she realized that while she had the ability to do anything in the world she wanted to do, she was simply spending her time moving paint around on a piece of canvas.那些每天守护她的云朵和星星们知道,她就是一个绘画天才,她是一个艺术家,她也极其明了这就是一个事实,她身体的每一部分都能感同身受但几个月以后,当她完成绘画作品时,她变得焦虑起来,她急促地站起了身,因为她意识到虽然她能够去做世界上任何她想做的事,此刻她不过是花费着时间在一块画布上摆弄着颜料She felt like there was so much more in the world to see and do—so many options. And if she ultimately decided to do something else with her life, then all the time she spent painting would be a waste. So she glanced at her masterpiece one last time, and walked out the door into the moonlight. And as she walked, she thought, and then she walked some more.她感觉世界上实在是有太多的事可做,有太多需要去看去了解——选择是不计其数的如果她最终决定去从事别的职业,那么这些用来绘画的时间将是一种全然的浪费于是她最后一次看了一眼那幅杰作,走出门,走进了月光中她边走,边想,然后,走出了更远While she was walking, she didnt notice the clouds and the stars in the sky who were trying to signal her, because she was preoccupied with an important decision she had to make. She had to choose one thing to do out of all the possibilities in the world. Should she practice medicine? Or design buildings? Or teach children? She was utterly stumped.当她就这样走着的时候,她没有留意到天空中的云朵和星辰一直在试图唤起她的注意,她整个头脑都在考虑着一个即将要做出的重要的决定在世界上这不计其数的选择中,她必须选定一件行医?建筑设计?幼教?她完完全全地陷入了为难中Twenty-five years later, the girl began to cry. Because she realized she had been walking so long, and that over the years she had become so enamoured by everything that she could do—the endless array of possibilities—that she hadnt done anything meaningful at all. And she learned, at last, that life isnt about possibility—anything is possible. Life is about making a decision—deciding to do something that moves you.二十五年以后,女孩哭了她意识到她已经走了太远的路,这些年她一直耽误在那些无所不能的那种可能性中,生活中那些似乎无穷无尽的选择,直至今日,她也没有做出什么更有意义的事终于,她明白了,生活并不是关于可能性,因为凡事皆有可能生活是关于做决定,决定去做那些真正能令你走心之事So the girl, who was no longer a girl, purchased some canvas and paint from a local craft store, drove to a nearby park, and began to paint. One stroke gracefully led into the next just as it had so many moons ago. And as she smiled, she continued painting through the day and into the night. Because she had finally made a decision. And there was still some time left to revel in the magic that life is all about.于是这个女孩,当然她已经是女人了,在当地的工艺品是里买了一些画布和颜料,开车到了一个附近的公园,又开始了画画一笔又一笔精美的描摹,一如多年前她画出杰作时的那样,她日以继夜地画着,久违的微笑又回到了她的脸上因为已经她终于做出了决定她还有一些时间来庆祝自己终于发现了生活的奥秘But, but (there always a ;but;) ...There more to life than just following your passion, right? Absolutely. instance, not all passions earn an income, at least not in the near-term. And most of us have families to care , mouths to feed, and bills to pay. So yes, there needs to be more than just passion.但是,但是(嗯凡事总是有“但是”)…除了追随你的热情之外,生活中还有更多主题,对吗?毫无疑问比如,不是所有的与爱好都能谋生,至少,不是短期内就见效,能挣得一些好收入我们大多数人都有家要养,有实实在在生活要去应付所以,是的,除了梦想之外,确实需要考量更多But there ALSO needs to be some passion too! The key is to realize it doesnt have to be all or nothing. This story isnt about following your passion into a hole of debt, it about NOT pushing your passion off into an abyss of unhappiness.但同时,梦想也还是必不可少的!实现这梦想的关键并不必须得是梦想要么全有要么全无这个故事并不是要你只顾追随梦想的直到生活得负债累累,而是在于不要把梦想直接推入那个令人不快乐的深渊中When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy and excitement—something that truly matters to you—care enough about yourself to make room it in your life, even if you can only spare a little time on the side. And if you find that you dont have any time at all what matters to you, stop doing things that dont...like watching another TV program or getting lost stalking people on social media.当你在生命中找寻到一些能够滋养你灵魂,给你带来愉悦与的事,那些东西对你而言是真正重要的,不妨为自己着想一下,留点时间来做它们吧,哪怕只是挤出那么一丁点时间如果你发现你生活过于繁忙以至于根本不可能留出时间给它们,那么不如停止做那些不能(让你真正获取营养的事)……比如再看一期电视节目,或者在社交网络上流连忘返… 53

  Dialogue 1 Year of the Chicken or Year of the Rooster?对话1 鸡年是Chicken 还是 Rooster?Jingjing: Long time, no see, Mark. Happy Year of the Rooster!京晶:马克,好久不见!鸡年快乐!Mark: It great to see you, Jingjing. Happy New Year! Thanks covering my extended vacation.马克:见到你很高兴,京晶新年快乐!谢谢在长假期间帮我代班Jingjing: I just hope you had a good chance to travel and relax during the holiday.京晶:我只是希望你能利用假期好好旅游和放松一下Mark: sure. By the way, Im wondering if you think it right to call it the year of the rooster or the year of the chicken.马克:那必须的对了,我想知道你认为应该称鸡年为“the year of the rooster”还是“the year of the chicken”Jingjing: Well, Ive heard both in English. Of course, in Chinese, it 鸡年(jīnián), which translates directly to chicken year.京晶:哦,两种英文说法我都听说过当然,中文是鸡年(jīnián),直接翻译成英文就是chicken yearMark: That true all of the animals on the Chinese zodiac, isnt it? It just the basic word the animal.马克:对中国十二生肖的动物来说都是直接这样翻译的,不是吗?只是翻译成该生肖在英文中对应的简单词Jingjing: Yes. It doesnt specify male or female. 公鸡 (gōngjī) is the Chinese word rooster. But we dont say 公鸡年 (gōngjīnián).京晶:是的,并不具体指出是公的还是母的rooster的中文是公鸡 (gōngjī),但是我们并不说公鸡年 (gōngjīnián)Mark: A lot of people think you should go with the word that sounds more majestic, like rooster, ram, or boar.马克:许多人认为应该使用更雄伟一点的词,比如rooster(公鸡),ram(公羊)或者boar(公猪)Jingjing: Dont you think so also?京晶:难道你不也这么认为吗?Mark: I would, but a lot of the animals are just called by their basic names. It kind of a stretch to look a different word a chicken that sounds majestic, when the same process would get people mixed up between a rat and a rabbit.马克:我是这样认为的,但是很多生肖只是以简单的名字称呼找一个更正式雄伟的词来称呼鸡似乎有点言过其实,因为这样做的话会让人搞混鼠和兔Jingjing: A male rabbit is called a buck, right?京晶:公兔在英文中是buck,对吗?Mark: Yeah, but nobody uses that word, unless theyre breeding rabbits. If I said I saw a buck in the est, people would think I saw a male deer.马克:是的,但是没人用这个词,除非他们是繁殖兔如果我说我在森林里看到一只buck,人们会认为我看到的是一只公鹿Jingjing: So, we should just stick with the basic names animals.京晶:所以,我们可以只用生肖的通俗名Mark: Yeah. Call a chicken a chicken.马克:是的,称鸡为鸡Dialogue The Chinese Zodiac Abroad对话 外国人也知道中国十二生肖吗?Jingjing: I was wondering, Mark, do people outside of Asia use the Chinese zodiac very much?京晶:马克,我想知道亚洲之外的其他国家的人经常使用中国十二生肖吗?Mark: Most people know their own animal year.马克:大部分人知道他们自己的生肖年Jingjing: Do you remember when you learned yours?京晶:你记得你是什么时候知道你的生肖年的吗?Mark: Yeah. I was in a Chinese restaurant in Vail, Colorado. We were waiting our food and looking at the placemats, which had been printed with the Chinese zodiac.马克:记得,那时我在在科罗拉多州韦尔的一家中国餐馆,我们一边等着上餐,一边看着餐具垫,中国十二生肖就印在餐具垫上Jingjing: Were you excited to learn about your animal year?京晶:你知道了自己的生肖年时兴奋吗?Mark: I was, because Im a dragon. I was with my family. Some of my relatives were like, “oh, Im a monkey,” or, “I didnt know I was a pig.”马克:当然,因为我属龙当时我和家人在一起,我的一些亲戚当时都是,“噢,我是属猴的”或者“我都不知道我是属猪的”Jingjing: Hold up. Monkeys and pigs are not seen as good animals in America?京晶:等等猴和猪在美国不被看作好的动物吗?Mark: We dont have the legend of the Monkey King from Journey to the West there.马克:我们那里没有西游记齐天大圣的传说Jingjing: What about pigs?京晶:那猪呢?Mark: Theyre thought of as sloppy and lazy. But I understand that in China it good tune to be born in a year of the pig.马克:他们被认为是粗心和懒惰的象征但是我知道,在中国,出生在猪年象征着有福气Jingjing: You got it. You can expect to see a lot of pregnant ladies when the year of the pig rolls around.京晶:你懂的当猪年到时,你会看到很多妇Mark: I can picture it now: dozens of soon-to-be mothers rolling around the shopping mall.马克:我现在就可以想象到那场景:许多准妈妈们扎堆儿逛着商场Jingjing: You might steer clear of the shopping mall that year, unless youre expecting.京晶:那一年你可能想避开商场,除非你也怀了Mark: Yeah. Itll be a good year online shopping!马克:是的,那一年比较适合网购 93Page: 89Which of the statements on this Page: are true and which are false?Put a T bee the true statements and an F bee the false.a 1. The earth is in motion. true. The earth is turning round. true3. The earth goes round the moon. falseb 1. The moon is greater than the sun. false. The sun is colder than the moon. false3. The moon goes round the earth. truec 1. The attraction between two bodies gets greater as they go farther from one another. false. The attraction between two bodies is greater when they are nearer. true3. When two great bodies are near one another the attraction between them is small. falsed 1. When a blow puts a ball in motion,the blow is the cause of the motion. true. When a blow puts a ball in motion,the motion is the effect of the blow. true3.When a body is in motion, it is at rest. falsePage: 90QuestionsMilk comes from a cow.Heat comes from the sun or a fire.Where do these things come from?a potatoesPotatoes come from the roots of a plant.b cheeseCheese comes from milk.c lightLight comes from the sun or flames.d lettersLetters come from persons.e flowersFlowers come from plants or from seeds.f snowSnow comes from the sky or clouds.g orangesOranges come from orange trees.h meatMeat comes from animals.i eggsEggs come from birds.Which of these things have a face?a mana doga bonean iceboxa clocka treea goata birdan airplanea rivera tableA man, a dog, a clock, a goat, a bird may have a face.Which of them have a mouth?A man, a dog, a goat, a bird, a river may have a mouth.Which of them have hands.A man and a clock may have hands.Which of them have a door?An icebox and an airplane may have a door.Page: 91Questionsa We put a bottle on a shelf.Which of these things may we put on a shelf:a book, a mountain,a cup, a box, a star,a clock, a horse,a distance, a plate,a bus, a river, a house,a spoon, a garden?We may put a book, a cup, a box,a clock, a plate, a spoon on a shelf.b We put potatoes in a pot.Which of these things may we put in a pot:water,windows,food, streets,tables,milk,soup,trains,salt,colors,eggs,wood,ideas?We may put water, food,milk,soup,salt,eggs in a pot.c We put money in our pockets.Which of these things may we put in our pockets:pipes,education,letters,pencils.offices, islands,maps,hands,governments,buttons,watches,distance, balls,roofs, knives?We may put pipes,letters,pencils,maps,hands,buttons watches,balls, knives in our pockets.d We put our hats on.Which of these things may we put on:feet,boots,seats,gloves,shirts,walls, directions,coats,buildings,soap,scissors,collars, locks,socks,trousers, branches,trays,shoes,apples?We may put boots,gloves,shirts,coats,collars,socks,trousers,shoes on. 3939


  Artist:Barbra Streisand amp; Bryan AdamsSong:I Finally Found SomeoneI finally found someone, that knocks me off my feetI finally found the one, that makes me feel completeWe started over coffee, we started out as friendsIt's funny how from simple things, the best things beginThis time it's different, dah dah dah dahIt's all because of you, dah dah dah dahIt's better than it's ever been'Cause we can talk it throughOohh, my favorite line was "Can I call you sometime?"It's all you had to say to take my breath away1-This is it, oh, I finally found someoneSomeone to share my life I finally found the one, to be with every night'Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be youMy life has just begunI finally found someone, ooh, someoneI finally found someone, oooh Did I keep you waiting, I didn't mindI apologize, baby, that's fineI would wait ever just to know you were mineAnd I love your hair, sure it looks fineI love what you wear, isn't it the time?You're exceptional, I can't wait the rest of my life(repeat 1)Whatever I do, it's just got to be you点击此处收看MV剧情简介:数学教授格雷戈里交过许多女朋友,但结果都不好他在报上登了寻偶启事,要找一个有共同兴趣和目标的情人在同一所大学任教的罗斯被推荐给了格雷戈里,两人开始交往,很快建立了友好关系,这是一种柏拉图式的爱情他们结婚了,关系仍然单纯,不知是疏忽还是有意回避,罗斯的暗示并未引起格雷戈里的注意格雷戈里赴欧讲学前,无意中说了一句,她根本不具备外形美丽的女性的魅力被这话刺痛的罗斯重新整新整容添置新衣,当丈夫回来时,她已有了迷人的新形象……本片是1958年法国影片的重拍版,也是芭芭拉·史翠珊的第3部导演作品,促使观众去思索爱情中灵与肉的问题芭芭拉·史翠珊显示了作为一个导演和演员的成熟功力,赋予影片很多史翠珊式的幽默场景,把一个渴望爱情的女性心境刻划得生动有趣,她演唱的电影歌曲也获得当年奥斯卡最佳电影歌曲提名。



  一、虚拟语气是什么?虚拟语气用来表示假想,而不表示客观存在的事实,所说的是一个条件,不一定是事实,或与事实相反虚拟语气通过谓语动词的特殊形式来表示英语中的语气分为陈述语气、祈使语气、疑问语气、虚拟语气四类虚拟语气表示说话者所说的话并非事实,或难以实现的,甚至表达相反的概念另外表示主观愿望或表达某种强烈的感情时,也用虚拟语气二、用法及动词形式与现在事实相反:从句:If 主语+过去时(Be动词用were),主句:主语+shouldwouldcouldmight+do例句:1. If I were you, I would take an umbrella.如果我是你,我会带把伞(事实:我不可能是你). If I knew his telephone number, I would tell you.如果我知道他的电话号码,我就会告诉你(事实:不知道)3. If there were no air or water, there would be no living things on the earth.如果没有水和空气,地球上就不会有生物(事实:地球上既有空气也有水). If I had any money with me,I could lend you some.如果我带钱了,我就会借给你些(事实:没有带钱)5. If he studied harder,he might pass the exam.如果他再努力些,就能通过考试了(事实:没有努力)6. She looked at me as if I had been a stranger.她看我的样子好像我是一个陌生人(事实:我并非陌生人)与过去事实相反:从句:If 主语+had+done,主句:主语+shouldwouldcouldmight+have done例句:1. If I had got there earlier, I shouldcould have met her.如果我早到那儿,我就会见到她(事实:去晚了). If he had taken my advice, he would not have made such a mistake.如果他听我的劝告的话,就不会犯这样的错误了(事实:没有听我的话)对将来的主观推测:从句:①if+主语+were to do,主句:①主语+shouldwouldcouldmight+do;从句:②if+主语+didwere,主句:②主语+shouldwouldcouldmight+do;从句:③if+主语+should+do,主句:③主语+shouldwouldcouldmight+do例句:1. If he should come here tomorrow, I would talk to him.如果他明天来这儿的话,我就跟他谈谈(事实:来的可能性很小). If there were a heavy snow next Sunday, we would not go skating.如果下周日下大雪,我们就不能去滑冰了(事实:下雪可能性很小)3. If she were to be here next Monday, I would tell her about the matter.如果她下周一来这儿的话,我就会告诉她这件事的始末(事实:来的可能性很小) 93

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