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One week after its debut, Apple’s new mobile wallet is showing promise with consumers.亮相一周后,苹果(Apple)的全新移动钱包在吸引消费者方面展现了美好前景。Apple’s rivals in the payments industry, meanwhile, are scrambling to prevent it from being too successful.与此同时,苹果在付业的竞争对手正在紧急行动起来,设法阻止它变得太成功。Even before Apple Pay was announced, a coalition of retailers refused to accept it in their stores. More than 50 companies make up this group, the so-called Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX, including global retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy and Gap Inc.在苹果宣布要推出Apple Pay之前,一个零售商联盟已经拒绝在其门店中接受它了。这个名为“商家客户交易”(Merchant Customer Exchange,简称MCX)的组织有50多家公司成员,包括沃尔玛(Walmart)、百思买(Best Buy)和Gap等全球零售业巨头。It’s not that these companies don’t want a mobile wallet to truly catch on with consumers. They see the mobile wallet as a way to help retailers understand more about their customers’ shopping habits and, potentially, let merchants avoid the high fees they pay when processing credit card transactions.这些公司并非不想要一个能真正吸引消费者的移动钱包。在它们看来,移动钱包是一种帮助零售商更好地了解顾客购物习惯的办法,并且有可能让商户规避信用卡交易中需要缴纳的高额费用。But they are working on building a competitor, CurrentC, a mobile wallet app that will connect directly to customers’ bank accounts or store-specific credit card. It won’t be available until 2015.但是它们在开发一种和Apple Pay相抗衡的移动钱包应用CurrentC,这种应用会直接和顾客的账号或针对具体商户的信用卡绑定。它至少要到2015年才能推出。The problem is that under the terms of their MCX contractual agreement, they are not supposed to accept competing mobile payments products like Apple Pay, according to multiple retailers involved with MCX, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. If these retailers break their contracts, they will face steep fines for doing so, these people said.问题是,据多家属于MCX的零售商称,根据MCX的合同规定,他们是不可以接受Apple Pay这种竞争对手的移动付产品的,这些商家要求在本文中匿名。他们说,一旦违反合同规定,会遭到高额罚款。Since Apple Pay was introduced a week ago, consumers have tried to use it in MCX members like Rite Aid and CVS. So those businesses have disabled the technology that supports Apple Pay.Apple Pay是一周前推出的,自那以后有消费者试图在Rite Aid和CVS等MCX会员商户使用它。这些商户因此已经禁用了持Apple Pay的技术。For weeks, Walmart and Best Buy have said they will not support Apple’s payments product. And Target, which has partnered with Apple for online payments, does not accept Apple Pay in its stores.几周来沃尔玛和百思买一直在说,他们不会持苹果的付产品。在在线付上与苹果有合作的塔吉特(Target),在其门店是不接受Apple Pay的。At stake is the future of how consumers choose to pay for things, with technology companies, credit card businesses and retailers all fighting for a piece of what may become a billion mobile payments market, according to projections from Forrester.此事关乎消费者付方式的未来,据弗雷斯特(Forrester)的预计,移动付将形成一个900亿美元(约合5506亿元人民币)的市场,科技公司、信用卡商家和零售商都希望能分得一勺羹。But the clock is ticking. If Apple Pay becomes a hit, MCX member retailers still waiting on CurrentC to begin could miss out on untold mobile payment transactions. Merchants also risk customer resentment if they continue to refuse Apple Pay. And if Apple Pay catches on, consumers may not be interested in a competing product.但是时间不等人。如果Apple Pay大获成功,还在等CurrentC的MCX零售商成员错过的移动付交易是难以估量的。如果商户继续拒绝Apple Pay,还有可能招致顾客的怨恨。而一旦Apple Pay普及起来,消费者可能就不会想去尝试与之竞争的产品了。“These retailers are in a real jam,” said Karen Webster, chief executive of Market Platform Dynamics, a payments industry consulting firm. “The last thing merchants want is ticking off their consumers over payment,” Ms. Webster said.“这些零售商有大麻烦了,”付业咨询公司市场平台动态(Market Platform Dynamics)首席执行官凯伦·韦伯斯特(Karen Webster)说。“因为付款方式的问题惹怒顾客是商家最不愿意看到的事。”First announced in 2012, CurrentC is an effort by merchants to build their ideal mobile wallet. CurrentC is designed to link directly to a customer’s bank account instead of a credit card. This is a strategic move, analysts say; in bypassing the credit card companies, merchants can avoid the high fees that they are required to pay on each credit transaction they process.将推出CurrentC的消息是2012年宣布的,此举的意图是打造一种商家的理想移动钱包。按照CurrentC的设计,应用是和顾客的账户直接联接的,而不是信用卡。分析人士说,这是一个战略举措;绕过信用卡公司后,商户可以避开每次进行信用交易时产生的高额费用。“Retailers are looking for a combination of factors to adopt in stores,” said Mallory Duncan, senior vice president of the National Retail Federation, a retail advocacy group. “And that includes if it delivers a good price to hold down costs for them and their customers.”“零售商在寻找一种门店需考虑的各项因素的组合,”零售倡导组织美国零售联合会(National Retail Federation)高级副总裁莫罗伊·邓肯(Mallory Duncan)说。“这其中包括它是否能给一个好价钱,帮商户和顾客降低成本。”CurrentC would also give retailers the ability to track shopping habits across the dozens of stores that belong to MCX, a data set that has traditionally been held by credit card companies, not merchants. If retailers had access to this data, it could be used to deliver relevant deals and loyalty points to consumers, which could increase these companies’ bottom lines.CurrentC还让商家可以对顾客在MCX旗下所有商户的购物习惯进行跟踪,这组数据通常是由信用卡公司而非商家掌握的。如果零售商能拿到这个数据,就可以用它来推出定位准确的促销活动和积分,从而有望增加公司的收入。That could also amount to in-store experiences centered on the smartphone, an area in which Walmart, one of the biggest partners in MCX, has increasingly dabbled in recent years.同时它还可能营造一种以智能手机为中心的购物体验,作为MCX最大的合作伙伴之一,沃尔玛近年来一直在试水这个领域。“MCX is studying how to make sure all of the things that a customer wants to do in a store can be facilitated in a conscious way,” said Steve Mott, owner of BetterBuyDesign, a payments industry consulting firm.“MCX正在研究如何有意识地让顾客在一个商店里做的所有事都便利起来,”付业咨询公司BetterBuyDesign所有人史蒂夫·莫特(Steve Mott)说。Unlike Apple Pay, CurrentC is months away from beginning. When it is finally introduced, there is no guarantee it will take off.和Apple Pay不同的是,CurrentC还要再过数月才能启用。即使等到最终推出,也不能保会普及起来。Critics of CurrentC say it appears much more difficult to use than Apple Pay. Instead of contactless payment technology, CurrentC will rely on QR codes, a type of bar code that merchants scan to complete the transaction. It will also be an app that users must find and download from Apple’s App store.对CurrentC持批评态度的人说,它看起来比Apple Pay难用很多。CurrentC没有使用无需接触的付技术,而是依靠QR码,商家通过扫描这种条形码来完成交易。同时它也是一个应用,用户必须到苹果的应用商店上找到并下载它。Apple Pay, on the other hand, relies on so-called near-field communication technology built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. In contrast to using CurrentC, customers are not required to open an app or even unlock their iPhones when using Apple Pay.而Apple Pay则依靠所有iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus内置的所谓近场通讯技术。和CurrentC不同的是,顾客在使用Apple Pay时不必打开一个应用,甚至不用把他们的iPhone解锁。Mobile payments are still very young in commerce and shopping. In 2013, mobile proximity payments in the ed States amounted to .6 billion, according to eMarketer, an industry research firm. That is but a fraction of the .26 trillion spent in brick-and-mortar stores that year.移动付在商贸和购物领域仍然是个新鲜事物。产业研究公司eMarketer的数据显示,2013年美国的近距离移动付总额为16亿美元。相比当年实体商铺内付总额的4.26万亿美元只是个零头。And while many industry experts expect mobile payments to rise over the next five years, there is no guarantee that consumers will find mobile wallets any more convenient than paying with cash or a credit card. Google’s payments product, Google Wallet, famously flopped after its introduction in 2011. PayPal’s mobile wallet options have failed to truly catch on as well.虽然很多业界专家预计移动付在未来五年里会有增长,但消费者是否会认为移动钱包比现金或信用卡更便利,却很难说。谷歌(Google)在2011年推出的付产品Google Wallet是个著名的失败案例。贝宝(PayPal)的移动钱包方案也没能真正普及起来。Still, many say they believe that if any company is able to widely influence consumer behavior, it’s Apple. And if that is the case, MCX may have picked the wrong mobile wallet to back.不过,很多人还是认为,如果说有什么公司能对消费行为产生深远影响的话,那就是苹果了。如果真是如此,MCX可能持了一个错误的移动钱包。“When these contracts were signed several years ago, no one knew about Apple Pay, or what mobile wallets were going to look like,” Ms. Webster said. “It just didn’t have the same sort of consumer froth around it.”“几年前签这些合同的时候,大家都不知道有Apple Pay,也不知道移动钱包应该是个什么样子,”韦伯斯特说。“CurrentC可是没有这种让消费者热议的魅力。” /201410/339436

The speed and volume of mergers and acquisitions large and small in the technology industry has ramped up. Global tech Mamp;A volume in the first half of this year was up 55% over last year, reaching its highest level since 2000.科技行业大大小小的并购在速度和规模上都有所提升。今年上半年,全球科技行业并购规模同比增长了50%,达到2000年以来的最高点。Part of the reason for the buying spree is because tech companies have massive cash piles on their balance sheets. There’s also the acqui-hire trend, where tech companies are created cheaply, raise seed funding easily, fail, and then “sell” to Yahoo YHOO 0.76% , Facebook FB 2.35% , or Google GOOG 0.98% – which merely want the employees.出现收购热潮的部分原因是科技公司手中积累了大量现金。同时出现了为获得人才而收购的趋势——在这种趋势下,以低成本创立的科技公司轻松获得种子资金,然后倒闭,接下来就“转让”给雅虎(Yahoo)、Facebook和谷歌(Google)——但后者想要的只是所收购公司的员工。But that’s not all. As vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase, Jimmy Lee has a front-row seat to the deal action. And he’s been increasingly pushing the firm into tech deals, most notably, the much-anticipated initial public offering of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.但这还不是全部。根大通(JPMorgan Chase)副董事长吉米o李在并购领域一直处于前列。他推动根大通越来越多地参与到了科技公司的资本运作,其中最引人注意的就是中国电子商务巨擘阿里巴巴(Alibaba)备受期待的首发上市。Speaking on stage at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen on Monday, Lee pointed to another sign of a tech Mamp;A boom: Shares of publicly traded tech companies going up, not down when they announced acquisitions in recent years. Traditionally, companies that acquire another lose value because of the expense along with the uncertainty about making the deal pay off.周一,吉米o李在阿斯彭举行的财富头脑风暴技术会议(Brainstorm Tech Conference)上登台发言。他提出了科技行业出现并购热潮的另一条佐,那就是最近几年,就并购事项发布公告后上市科技公司的股价没有下跌,反而节节攀升。传统上,收购方的价值会下降,因为收购会产生费用,而且收购能否带来收益存在不确定性。“So the buy side is saying, we’re going to pay for growth, and it’s okay if we pay a premium,” Lee said. “A lot of it is a growth challenge that companies now want to go after, and attack it hard.”吉米o李说:“买方会这么说,我们买的是成长性,因此溢价收购没问题。在很多情况下,这是一个有关成长的挑战。现在的企业都想追逐这样的挑战,全力出击。”See a of the discussion here.吉米o李引述了两个通过收购成功实现增长的例子,一是Facebook斥资10亿美元收购图片和短视频分享网站Instagram(最新一期《财富》杂志对此进行了探讨),二是八年前谷歌(Google)收购YouTube。Lee cited Facebook’s success with its billion Instagram acquisition (recently outlined in the latest issue of Fortune magazine) and Google’s success with buying YouTube eight years ago as examples of successful growth by acquisition.吉米o李指出,各家公司一直在囤积现金,而资本成本“实际上为零”。资产负债规模巨大的科技公司纷纷崛起,导致风险投资领域出现了一个有意思的现象。除了四处收购,风投资金还在相互竞争。谷歌的风投业务已经令人望而生畏,而包括康卡斯特(Comcast)和时代华纳(Time Warner)在内的大型传媒公司也在提升对初创公司的投资规模。Companies have been hoarding cash, Lee said, and the cost of capital “is virtually zero.” The rise of tech companies with massive balance sheets has created another interesting wrinkle for venture capital world. Aside from buying up portfolio companies, they’re also competing. Google built up has a formidable venture capital practice, and large media companies from Comcast to Time Warner have also ramped up their startup investing.股票投资机构Breyer Capital首席执行官吉米o布雷耶指出,以前人们总是认为这些公司的风投部门并不是真正的风投市场参与者,但现在它们“正在非常有效地展开竞争”。这给风险投资者带来了更大的竞争风险。同时,竞争已经全球化,阿里巴巴、百度(Baidu)和腾讯(Tencent)等亚洲多元化集团都已经加入了这个行列。Jim Breyer, CEO of Breyer Capital, noted that these corporate venture arms, which weren’t always viewed as serious players in the VC game, are now “competing very effectively.” That has increased the competitive risks to venture investors, Breyer added. The competition is global, too, with Asian conglomerates from Alibaba and Baidu to Tencent bidding up deals.估值方面的情况是——没错,估值水平已经上升。风投机构First Round Capital合伙人乔什o科佩尔曼说,近年来种子阶段投资的价格已经提高了20%-30%。他说:“我们一直在努力保持对价格的敏感性。但作为风投机构,我们放弃了对Twitter的投资……原因就是价格。”他表示,等到移动付务供应商Square来到自己面前时,他决定不重蹈覆辙。And about those valuations: Yes, they’ve gone up. Josh Kopelman, a partner at First Round Capital, says seed deals have increased in price by around 20% to 30% in recent years, which makes his job difficult. “We have tried to maintain price sensitivity,” he said. “But you’re also talking to a VC who passed on Twitter … because of price.” He noted that he decided not to do the same thing when Square knocked on his door.对于估值,布雷耶的理念跟科佩尔曼类似:如果创始团队足够出色,他就乐于拿出资金。他完成的最出色投资价格都高得足以让一些投资者裹足不前——其中包括对Facebook的投资,当时的融资前估值为7800万美元。科佩尔曼说:“如果(回报率)达到50倍甚至100倍,我就不会考虑价格。” /201407/312515

ntel wants a bigger bite of China#39;s smartphone market.美国芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)希望夺取中国智能手机市场的更大份额。The US chipmaker has announced plans to invest up to Rmb9bn (about .5bn) for a minority stake in Tsinghua Unigroup, a government-affiliated private equity fund that controls Chinese chip designers Sptrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics.英特尔已宣布,将投资90亿元人民币 (约合15亿美元),购入拥有政府背景的紫光集团(Tsinghua Unigroup)少数股权,紫光集团是中国芯片制造商展讯通信(Sptrum Communications)和锐迪科微电子(RDA Microelectronics)的控股公司。The US company plans to work with RDA and Sptrum to increase the use of its products inside made-in-China mobiles and tablets.英特尔计划与展讯通信和锐迪科微电子合作,扩大内置于中国国产手机和平板电脑的英特尔产品的使用量。This is the latest by Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich to get Intel chips into phones.此际,英特尔CEO布莱恩#8226;克兰尼克(Brian Krzanich)正在努力让英特尔芯片进入手机领域。Mr Krzanich said in a statement:China is now the largest consumption market for smartphones and has the largest number of Internet users in the world.克兰尼克在一份声明中称:“中国现在是最大的智能手机消费市场,互联网用户数为全球最高。英特尔在中国有29年的投资和经营历史,英特尔与紫光集团的合作还将增强我们为中国及全球其他地区更多的移动客户提供持的能力。” /201409/332500

It is the kind of trick performed by illusionists who want to make you believe something is floating mid-air. But this new gadget will soon let people perform similar stunts in the office or at home - and there is no magic involved.悬浮术是魔术师在表演中最常用的手法之一。悬浮鼠标也同样给人带来惊异之感,但此款鼠标的设计原理却是有理有据,无半分魔法的功效。Prague-based design studio, Kibardindesign, have created a levitating wireless computer mouse known as Bat.此款悬浮鼠标被命名为“蝙蝠”。配套使用的鼠标垫安装有磁性刚环——让鼠标悬浮在半空的秘密武器。The sleek design includes a mouse pad and mouse with a magnetic ring, which allows it to float in mid-air. It levitates at a height of 40mm on its own or 10mm beneath the weight of your hand.这种刚环可以使不超过人体手部重量的物体漂浮至40毫米的高度,或低于手腕高度10毫米。Other than looking futuristic, Bat can also stop nerve damage and dysfunction in people#39;s hands.除了拥有未来主义感觉的外观,“蝙蝠”还可以保护手部免受神经损伤和功能紊乱——这也是设计者推出“蝙蝠”的初衷。Despite aly grabbing the attention of the public, the product is still in its testing phase and not available to buy just yet. When it is released it will come in two simple colours - black and white.目前,悬浮鼠标还处在测试阶段,消费者还不能在市场上购买到该款鼠标。如若上市,“蝙蝠”将推出黑白两款颜色供消费者选择。 /201303/229680

A dramatic plan to transport humans beyond the solar system within 100 years today received the backing of former President Bill Clinton。美国正在开展一项名为“百年星舰”的宇宙探索计划,希望在百年内能够让人类冲出太阳系,抵达其他遥远的星球。该计划获得了美国前总统比尔#8226;克林顿的持。The 100-year Starship project, which was set up with US military seed funding, plans to develop huge #39;starships#39; to send humans far into space。“百年星舰”计划是用美军的种子基金创立的,将建造大型“星际飞船”,把人类送往太空。It has aly received large amounts of funding, and former President Bill Clinton has even stepped in to serve as the symposium#39;s Honorary Chair。该计划已得到大批资金资助,美国前总统克林顿还作为名誉主席出席了研讨会。In a statement, Clinton said: #39;This important effort helps advance the knowledge and technologies required to explore space, all while generating the necessary tools that enhance our quality of life on earth.#39;克林顿在声明中说:“这项重要研究能帮助我们增进探索太空的知识和技术,还能让我们生产出提高地球上人们生活质量的必需工具。”The astronaut who became the first black woman in space in 1992 has been chosen to skipper the #39;100 Year Starship#39; project。在1992年进入太空的首位黑人女宇航员梅#8226;杰米森被选为“百年星舰”计划的首任机长。#39;The 100 Year Starship will make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system to another star a reality over the next 100 years,#39; she said。她说:“在未来一百年内,‘百年星舰’计划会让人类冲出太阳系,飞往其他星球的梦想成真。”#39;We will embark on a journey across time and space. If my language is dramatic, it is because this project is monumental。“我们将开启跨越时空的星际之旅。如果我说得太夸张的话,那是因为这项计划本身就很有纪念意义。”And our team is both invigorated and sobered by the confidence DARPA has in us to make interstellar flight a reality.#39;“我们的团队充满活力,美国国防高级研究计划署对我们也很有信心,星际飞行的梦想终将成真。” /201212/211756

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