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六年级英语作文:My Favourite Flower --1 :: 来源:   my favourite flower is lily. lily is the national flower of france. i like white lily best. because itrsquo very beautiful and pure. i planted a white lily in my garden in ring. i watered it every day.  it grew very fast. it was taller and taller. one day, i got home after school. the lily bloomed. it looked like an elegant fairy. i was too excited to cry, “oh, white fairy, white fairy!” i couldrsquo;t help dancing. at that night, i dreamt that i was a beautiful fairy.《哈里·波特 精英文对白 -- :8: 来源: Family''s brooms Harry Potterthe Nash family''s handmade Besom brooms in their yard.A 300-year-old family-run broomstick business is set to take off worldwide after their brooms were chosen to appear in the fourth Harry Potter film.the Nash family in Hampshire, are bracing themselves global success once their Besom brooms feature in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.Buyers the movie who spotted the firm on the internet have snapped up more than 80 of their sticks.the traditional business was managed by Arthur Nash, 65, who died this year.His wife, Sue Nash, 59, keeps his dream alive with the help of their son and daughter.A delighted Sue told reporters: "I am absolutely thrilled."Arthur would have been so pleased - he was not very impressed with the brooms they used in the other (Harry Potter) films."He wanted to keep the business alive his grandparents'' sake because they did not get any recognition."He received the Royal Warrant in 1999 and this is just the icing on the cake."Arthur cut birch his father but did not make his first broom until he was 18. At his peak, he was able to produce up to 0 brooms a day.But the demand birch brooms died out in the 60s - the firm is busy in autumn and spring and has a steady stream of orders throughout each year.Out of the blue, Mrs Nash received a telephone call from Tamazin Simmonds - the assistant buyer the film - enquiring about the handmade hazel and birch brooms.She found their long-standing business, which is based in the yard of Arthur and Sue''s home, while searching on the internet.Son-in-law Andy said: "It is a bit bewildering at the moment. We are waiting to see what happens after the film is out.Vocabulary:broomstick: the handle of a broom(扫帚柄)out of the blue: suddenly(突然)thrill: a source or cause of excitement or emotion(兴奋、激动、开心)icing on the cake: 锦上添花译文《哈里·波特选中手工扫帚 小小作坊期待一举成名一家拥有300年历史的家庭作坊生产的长柄扫帚被哈里·波特系列电影四选中,将出现在影片中,这将使其商业经营扩展到全世界位于英国汉普郡的纳什家族生产的长扫帚一旦被《哈里·波特与火焰杯选用,他们面临的将是全球范围内的商业成功电影的采购员们在网上发现了这家公司并抢购了他们生产的80多把扫帚65岁的亚瑟·纳什负责经营这项传统业务,他今年刚刚去世亚瑟59岁的妻子休·纳什在儿女的帮助下实现了丈夫的梦想休高兴地告诉记者说:“我兴奋极了”“亚瑟如果还在的话一定会非常开心的他对哈里·波特系列影片前几部中所选用的扫帚印象不是很好”“为了他的祖父母,他想维持这个家族作坊,因为他们生前没有得到任何认可”“1999年,他得到了英国王室供货许可,而这次被《哈里·波特电影选中更是锦上添花”亚瑟为他父亲砍伐白桦,直到18岁才制作了自己的第一把扫帚鼎盛时期,他曾经一天制作0多把扫帚但是到了60年代,人们不再需要白桦扫帚了目前,春秋两季,公司非常繁忙,全年都有稳定的定单纳什夫人突然接到电影助理采购员塔马齐·西蒙兹的电话,她询问有关手工制作的榛木和桦木扫帚的情况她是在上网搜索时发现了这家历史悠久的作坊,这个作坊就建在亚瑟和妻子休的院子里纳什夫人的女婿安迪说:“现在我们感到有些困惑我们都等着看电影播出后会发生什么” 《哈里·波特 精英文对白斯里兰卡加勒古城英文介绍 --3 :7: 来源: 斯里兰卡加勒古城英文介绍斯里兰卡加勒古城由葡萄牙人建于世纪,18世纪在英国人到达之前,加勒古城达到了它发展的最高峰这是欧洲人种南亚、东南亚建立设防城市的最好的例加勒古城和它的防御工事于1988年被列为联合国科教文组织世界文化遗产Founded in the th century by the Portuguese, Galle reached the height of its development in the 18th century, bee the arrival of the British. It is the best example of a tified city built by Europeans in South and South-East Asia, showing the interaction between European architectural styles and South Asian traditions. Old town of Galle and its tifications was listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1988. Photo taken on Nov 18, shows a cathedral in the old town of Galle, Sri Lanka. 斯里兰卡加勒古城 英文介绍

关于动物的小学英语作文 -01- :6: 来源: 关于动物的小学英语作文Here is a zoo.Look,the one lying on the grass is a tiger,he's the king King of the Monsters. The eating eating bamboo leaves is a panda,the national treasure.he's fat but very cute.Who are those with long noses?They are elehants.They have huge bodies,but they are not clumsy at all.I like the monkeys best,they are smiling at me on the tree now!这里是动物园看,那个躺在草地上的是老虎,他是万兽之王在吃竹叶的是国宝熊猫,他胖乎乎的,好可爱那些长鼻子的是什么?是大象他们身材硕大,但是一点也不笨拙我最喜欢猴子了,他们正在树上朝我笑呢!Animals in the zoo are very interesting!动物园里的动物真有趣!

A Plan the Summer Holiday 暑假计划 -- :8: 来源: A Plan the Summer Holiday 暑假计划  Summer holiday is coming. I have made a wonderful plan the holiday.  First of all, I am going to Shenyang with my father to visit my grandparents. They have been ill in bed about two years. I am always worried about them. I will stay there days.  After I return home, I will spend some time studying math, because I am not good at it. I am sure I will do better in it.  Next, I will of course do some housework, such as cooking meals and cleaning the rooms.  I will have a good time during the holiday.  暑假就要到了我已经做了一个很好的假期计划  首先,我要和爸爸去沈阳看爷爷奶奶他们生病卧床不起已经两年了我很担心他们,我要在那里呆天  回家以后,我要用一些时间来学习数学,因为我数学不太好我相信我会学的好一些  再有,我当然要做一些家务,如:做饭,打扫房间  假期我会过得很愉快白云山英文导游词 --3 :19: 来源: 白云山英文导游词白云山位于广州北部,素有“羊城第一秀”之美誉,是中国首个A级景区之一白云山聚拢着30多个山峰,总面积平方公里最高峰星岭,海拔38米每当霏雨绵绵,云雾缭绕于黛山葱绿间,半壁皆素,故名白云山  Baiyun Mountain (known locally as White Clouds Mountain) is located in north of Guangzhou city. It is named “the most beautiful place in the “Sheep City” (the nick name of Guangzhou City is “Sheep City”)”, and it is also one of the first A Grade interest places in China. This mountain is clustered round by over 30 ridges, with an area of square kilometers. The highest peak is Moxing Ridge, 38 meters above the sea. When the sun shines again after the rain, white clouds are twisting the peaks, the green mountain and refreshing water are enshrined in the boundless sea of clouds, hence came the name of Baiyun (white cloud) Mountain.      Guangzhou is a long-history city, and it was founded since the Qin Han Dynasties years ago, but Baiyun Mountain was well-known its nice scenery even earlier than the foundation of Guangzhou City. its adjustment to the city entironment and its rich natural literary resources, Baiyun Mountain is called “green lung” of Guangzhou.   Baiyun Mountain has 7 sight-seeing regions. From south to north are: Crane Fluttering Crag, Lu Lake, Santai Crag, Mingchun Valley, Moxing Ridge, Bright Pearl Pavilion, and the new Heyi Ridge.   Lu Lake is the biggest artificial lake and public multi-function park in Guangzhou. Here you may enjoy culture education, leisure entertainment, sports exercises, delicious foods etc. Beside Lu Lake, there are the modern Guangzhou Arts Museum, children amusement park, Xinhai Park, and one golf club.   Yuntai Garden in Santai Crag region, combines both Chinese and eign garden architectures styles. At the front gate, we may see lighting fountains. Then some semitropical and tropical plants like cactus, palm, and orchid. After seeing the rock park, rose park and friendship park, let’s take cable car to other regions. This cable railroad is a new one since September . It’s totally 1800m long, 5msecond, and may transport 00 tourists per hour.   Now we come to Mingchun Valley Region. On the left side, it is Nengren Temple firstly constructed in Qing Dynasty. Here is White Could Evening View spot, which is one of the eight sights of Guangzhou. When night falls, standing here enjoy sunset glow, have an overlook to Zhujiang river and Guangzhou city, how pleasurable! The huge natural birdcage you see is biggest in China and second biggest in Asia, it occupies ,000 square meters. The cage is supported by 18 pieces -5 meters high steel post. The steel net covers a natural village, here there are more than 5000 birds, over 0 species, make you feel you are in est. Do you want to see birds play basketball, take swing slide, speak Chinese, let’s watch birds permance.   We enter Moxing Ridge region. Moxing Ridge is the highest peak in Baiyun mountain, it is 38-m high. No matter the weather, you may appreciate different beautiful scene with white cloud, green est here.   Long long ago, there was a young man, Anqi Sheng, lived in Baiyun Temple to study. One day he was very thirsty, but can not find any water. He found a cave in the temple, there 9 kids playing. Suddenly the 9 kids changed into 9 colorful dragons and flied to the sky. The cave became a spring, we call it “9-dragon Spring” or “Anqi well”, it is the most famous spring in Baiyun Mountain.   This Baiyun Temple is one of the oldest temples in Guangzhou. The two big stone posts are 6-m high, 9.9-ton weight, its diameter is 1.1m. On its top, there are 9 dragon heads. Here are “suanxi villa” and “shanzuan cottage”, Chinese leaders like Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping both held important political affairs here.   Now we climb up the Bright Pearl Pavilion, the reservoir you see is “huang po dong reservoir”. It was constructed in 1956 and surrounded by mountains.   The sculpture park we are now is in Crane fluttering Crag region. The sculpture park is classified into Guangzhou history, Chinese history, sight-seeing and est four areas.   The last Heyi Ridge region has an ecotype park, and a lychee garden. The ecotype park is the biggest free park in Guangzhou, with fresh air, it is the city’s green leisure area. 白云山英文导游词五年级英语作文:My new teacher --1 :00:5 来源:   I have a new teacher.She is an English teacher,her name is Mi He.She is young and beautiful.She is strict but kind.She often goes to work by motor bike.But sometimes she likes piaying orts.Usualli she likes ing book.I like my English teacher very much.What about you?

My English Teacher, Mrs Brown 我的英语老师布朗夫人 -- 19:8: 来源: My English Teacher, Mrs Brown 我的英语老师布朗夫人  My English teacher,Mrs Brown, has taught us half a year. All of my classmates admire her. She is about ty years old, but looks young and beautiful. There is always a smile on her face.  As one of the best teachers in our city, she is very kind and helpful. She has a wonderful voice and oftenteaches us to sing English songs. Believe it or not, Mrs Brown is from Taiyuan, and her husband is an American.  我们英语老师布朗夫人教我们半年多了我们班所有的同学都钦佩她她大约四十岁,可是看起来又年轻又漂亮她的脸上总是带着笑容  作为一名全市最优秀的教师之一,她心地善良,乐于助人她嗓音很美,经常教我们唱英文歌曲信不信由你,布朗夫人是太原人,她老公是美国人m Good Habits 养成良好的习惯 --5 :: 来源: m Good Habits 养成良好的习惯  Some of my classmates are weak, that is to say, they are in poor health. I think it has something to do with their daily habits. example, they seldom have meals on time. Instead, they like eating chocolate, ice cream, sugar, etc. They don't like to do exercise, and they often watch TV a long time. So they can't get enough rest, but they have to get up early in the morning to go to school.  We should learn a lesson from them, m good habits and keep healthy.  我们班有些同学身体很弱,也就是说,他们的健康状况不好我想这与他们的日常生活习惯有关例如,他们不时吃饭,而是吃一些巧克力、冰激凌和糖一类的东西他们不喜欢锻炼,经常长时间看电视这样他们就得不到足够的休息,而第二天他们很早就得起床上学  我们应该从中得到教训,养成良好的习惯,保持身体健康我最喜欢的食物My Favorite Food -- :3: 来源: Fish is myfavorite food. I don’t know why I like to eat it. I just feel the smell of fishis very delicious. Maybe is heredity, as my father and grandma also like it. What’smore, I don’t care what kind of fish or what kind of coking style, I like allof them without reasons. Everytime my mother cook fish, I will eat much morethan usual. So my mother always says that she gives birth to a cat. Everytime shesays that all of us laugh.鱼是我最喜欢的食物我不知道我为什么喜欢它我只是觉得鱼的味道很好吃也许是遗传的,因为我的父亲和奶奶也喜欢它更重要的是,我不在乎什么样的鱼或是什么样的烹饪方式,我就是毫无理由的喜欢所有的每次妈妈煮鱼的时候,我会吃的比平时多我妈妈总是说她生了一只猫每次她说的时候我们都笑了

Exercise -- :18:56 来源: ExerciseI exercise everyday, usually when I come home from school .And eating habits are pretty good. I try to lot of vegetabIes ,usually ten to eIeven times a week.And I eat fruit everyday and I drnk milk everyday. Ofcourse,I love junkfood too, but I try to eat it only once a week.Oh,and Isleep nine hours every night. So you see,I look after my health lifestyle helps me get good grades.   Good food exercise help me to study better.小学生英语作文:How to be a Model Student -- :58: 来源: 小学生英语作文:How to be a Model Student I want to be a model student. What shall I do?     I should be polite. I should study hard. I should capful and helpful. I should walk in the corridors. I should throw rubbish in the bin. I should be quiet in the library. I shouldn’t walk and run on the grass. I shouldn’t throw rubbish on the floor. I shouldn’t run in the corridors. I shouldn’t fight. I shouldn’t be noisy in the library.   How about you?借我点现金-- ::59     Can you spare some cash?   你能借我点现金吗?   如果你在美国大街上闲庭信步时,很可能会碰上一些beggar(乞丐),他们的招牌用语一般是:"Can you spare a dime,sirma'am." (你能给我一毛钱吗?先生女士)   当然,如这句话用在两个朋友之间的话,它的意思就不是乞讨了,而只是借钱而已spare本来字面上的意思就是,多余的,可以分享的

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