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Walk through any major shopping district, and you#39;re likely to stumble upon a number of pop-up shops. From online brands testing the waters for a physical presence to major retailers testing out new products, the pop-up concept has become a major tool for businesses regardless of size.走在任何一个大型商业区里,大家都会发现不少所谓的“快闪”店(亦称作“品牌游击店”)。有些是在线品牌试水实体经营,有些则是大型零售商在试卖新产品。现如今,“快闪”理念已经成了大大小小的企业的一个重要工具。The short-term retail market has exploded over the past few years, bridging the gap between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores and enabling brands a chance at premium real estate at a fraction of the cost. In fact, temporary retail continues to thrive as an billion industry that#39;s grown 16% annually since 2009, according to a recent Specialty Retail Report. Major online brands like Amazon (AMZN) and Google (GOOG) have experimented with short-term leases to showcase new products while national retailer Nordstrom has collaborated with online jewelry marketplace BaubleBar and fashion brand Top Shop to set up within the department store.过去几年,短期零售市场如雨后春笋般蓬勃发展,不仅在电子商务和实体商务之间架设了一座桥梁,而且让很多品牌有机会只用很少的资金租用高端地产进行短期零售。根据最近的一份专营零售报告显示,自从2009以来,临时零售行业的年增长率达到了16%,市值已达80亿美元。亚马逊(Amazon)和谷歌(Google)这样的网络巨头纷纷在大商场里签订短期租约,展示自己的新产品。而全美连锁的高档百货店诺德斯特龙(Nordstrom)也与网络珠宝商BaubleBar和时尚品牌Top Shop合作,在自己的门店内设置专柜。More and more companies are realizing a pop-up is not only a chance to generate more sales but also to learn more about customers and how a brand translates and who it influences. To illustrate, here#39;s a look at five ways how a business can benefit from a soon-to-be permanent model in the retail industry:越来越多的企业正在意识到,“快闪”式的零售店不仅可以带来更多的销售额,同时也能让品牌进一步地了解顾客,了解品牌的演化过程,了解它会影响哪些人。下面谨为大家介绍企业可以从“快闪”式零售店获益的五种方式:1. Offload inventory and test out a new revenue stream1. 利用“快闪”店清仓甩货、同时尝试寻找新的收入流Pop-up shops inherently evoke a sense of urgency with ;limited time; offers, which helps boost sales and often converts to larger purchases.“快闪”店由于开设的时间有限,一般会给人造成一种紧迫感,所以往往会促进销量,而且经常会转化为更大额的采购。;We have had clients that have seen their cart size grow two times when their online customer walks into a space where they can touch and feel the brand,; says pop-up architect Melissa Gonzalez.“快闪”店建筑师梅丽莎o冈萨雷斯说:“我们有些客户开设了快闪店后,由于顾客可以在店里触摸到、感觉到这个品牌的商品,所以他们购物车的规模扩大了两倍。”The informal, spontaneous setting might generate more revenue or allow a store to feature inventory in a fresh way, says Anton Commissaris, the North American president for point of systems service Vend. For example, let#39;s say a running store is trying to move old inventory through the use of sidewalk racks. If the storeowner instead uses a pop-up truck and drives to a different part of town, the clothing becomes instantly new to a different group of consumers. Meanwhile online companies like Etsy can test the brick-and-mortar business to see if their merchandise attracts foot traffic in the same way it can digitally.零售点系统务商Vend公司北美总裁安顿o康米萨利斯指出,这种非正式的购物环境可能带来更多的收入,或者让商家以一种新的方式向消费者展示存货。比如有一家商店想通过在街头摆摊的方式清仓甩货。但是如果店家开着一辆“快闪”货车到城市的另一个区域去卖货,那么这些衣可能对于一群不同的消费者来说,就立即变成了新鲜款式。同时像Etsy这样的网商也可以通过试水实体生意,来看看自己的产品在实体店是否一样具有吸引力。2. Test out new products or experiment with new concepts2. 测试新产品或新理念Pop-up shops are a great way to incubate an idea in a confined timeframe and isolated scope, adds Gonzalez, who owns a pop-up specialty firm. Demonstrating new products enables a business to collect customer feedback and suggestions before fully going to market. Existing brands like Google or Nordstrom (JWN), which more recently launched a New York pop-up to promote Sarah Jessica Parker#39;s new shoe line SJP, are also leveraging pop-up shops to experiment with new collections or concepts.梅丽莎o冈萨雷斯自己就有一家专门承接“快闪”店业务的公司。她表示,如果要在有限的时间和地域内孵化出一个点子的话,“快闪”店是一个非常好的平台。它使商家可以在全面进军市场之前,先通过这个平台向消费者展示自己的产品,获取消费者的反馈和建议。像谷歌和诺德斯特龙等大企业如今都在利用“快闪”店试验新产品或新理念。诺德斯特龙最近还在纽约新开了一家“快闪”店,销售好莱坞女星萨拉o杰西卡o帕克代言的女鞋品牌SJP。Smaller retailers can also use pop-up shops or trucks as an opportunity to reach and retain more customers. Use it as a chance to hand out an exclusive discount or gift card to spend at the larger store or online, giving consumers a reason to return after the pop-up closes.小型零售商也可以利用“快闪”店或“快闪”售货卡车去招揽更多的顾客。同时你也可以利用这个机会向顾客提供下次到本店顾物的特别折扣或者礼品卡,给顾客一个“快闪”店关闭之后继续到你店里消费的理由。3. Use it as a marketing opportunity to create brand awareness3. 利用“快闪”店作为营造品牌认知度的机会More companies are using pop-ups as a marketing tool for brand extension. By incorporating incentives for customers to share their experience on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, companies can create a larger organic buzz about their brand. By analyzing social media chatter, a marketing team could examine word sentiment around their brand and look for new potential influences for future campaigns. A temporary physical setup also gives online brands a chance to make consumers aware of their online store, attracting local foot traffic they may not have otherwise had.越来越多的公司正在把“快闪”店当成提升品牌认知度的一个营销工具。通过向顾客提供激励,促使顾客通过Twitter和Facebook等社交媒体分享自己的购物体验,企业可以达到良好的品牌知名度。同时通过分析社交媒体数据,品牌的营销团队还可以了解围绕这个品牌的口碑,为以后寻找新的宣传点。另外,一个短期的实体店还能让消费者有机会了解他们的线上商店,为他们在当地带来无法通过其它途径获得的客流量。Technology-driven companies can also use a temporary space as a way to educate customers on what makes their product unique to the market.科技型企业还可以通过“快闪”店让顾客了解到自己产品的独特之处。;A sense of discovery will deepen a customer#39;s connection of the brand as they embrace the #39;wow#39; factor,; Gonzalez says. ;Be it a groundbreaking formulation or a disruptive technology.冈萨雷斯说:“无论是某种突破性的配方,还是某种颠覆性的技术,只要它让顾客觉得惊艳,这种发现感就会加深顾客与品牌的联系。”Vend#39;s point of sales system and in-store sensors allow companies to collect data on their customers. For example, a customer can assess foot traffic during specific weather conditions, conversion rates and cart contents. This type of big data can inform merchandisers and marketers on how to better position and target campaigns or window designs in the future, Gonzalez adds.Vend公司的零售点系统和店内传感器使它可以收集关于顾客的数据。比如,客户可以衡量在特定天气条件下的客流量、转化率和购物车里的内容。冈萨雷斯指出,这种大数据技术可以让商家和营销人员明白怎样才能更好地开展广告宣传活动,或者告诉他们今后怎样更好地进行橱窗设计。4. Timing a pop-up in conjunction with seasonality or holidays4. 结合季节性因素或节假日时机开设“快闪”店As we aly know, consumers tend to buy during seasonal and holiday shopping. By creating a seasonal experience, companies can provide a ;one-stop shop; for customers.我们知道,消费者在购物上具有季节性倾向,而且喜欢在节假日购物。所以企业可以通过结合季节性因素为顾客体供“一站式购物”体验。季节性“快闪”店也给零售商提供了一个与其他企业合作的机会。比如,如果你是一家在线珠宝商店,那么你就可以与花店或者巧克力作坊合作,开一家专门做母亲节生意的“快闪”店,让消费者在店内更能获得“发现”的快感。Seasonal shops are also an opportunity for retailers to collaborate with other businesses. For example, an online jewelry store could partner with a florist or a chocolatier and brand the whole experience as a Mother#39;s Day shop, giving consumers more of a discovery experience while inside.“店中店”则是另一种日益流行的“快闪”店模式。所谓“店中店”就是允许一家小公司在另一家大型零售商门店中设立专柜或专区,测试产品的销路。The store-within-a-store model is another type of pop-up that#39;s becoming more common. Allowing smaller businesses to test market their items by setting up a stand or an area within a larger store may attract new business for the bigger retailer.5. 全渠道零售将成为行业的未来5. Omni-channel retail is the future of the industry越来越多的企业正在利用所谓“全渠道”的零售模式,也就是既在网上销售,也在实体店和路边摊销售。正如麻省理工学院(the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)的一篇报告《超越购物车》指出的那样,随着消费者逐渐习惯利用多个平台进行发现和购物,许多零售商也不再按照渠道对销售进行划分。More businesses are leveraging Omni-channel retail, or the seamless approach of a retailer selling online, in a store and on the road. As the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) report ;Beyond the Checkout Cart; points out, many retailers are no longer distinguishing sales by channels while consumers are using a multi-platform for discovery and purchase.消费者喜欢那些“平易近人”的品牌,也就是能让他们轻轻松松购物的品牌。如今实体店已经日益沦为“样品间”,也就是说,消费者一边在实体店里看货、一边在网上比价。它表明,消费者已经习惯了多渠道的购物方式。根据麻省理工学院的报道,如今零售业每年有价值120亿美元的商品是顾客通过智能手机订购的,而80%的购物者承认他们在购物前曾经到实体店里看过样品。Consumers expect accessible brands that enable everything to be at their fingertips. The increase in ;showrooming,; or when consumers compare prices online while browsing in-store, signals that customers are engaging with the multi-channel shopping approach. According to the MIT report, the industry generated billion in sales made on a smartphone while 80% of shoppers admitted to ;showrooming; before a purchase.康米萨利斯说:“企业不仅要做到多渠道销售,还要确保品牌体验和购买体验的一致性。”(财富中文网);More than just being multi-channel,; Commissaris says, ;companies are trying to ensure the brand experience and the buying experience are the same.;译者:朴成奎 /201406/303472

Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle and the tech industry’s second-richest man, has stepped aside as chief executive of the US database software company to take on a new role as its chairman and chief technology officer.The move closely mirrors the decision 14 years ago by Bill Gates, long Mr Ellison’s arch nemesis in the software world, to hand over the reins at Microsoft while keeping control of its technical direction and taking charge in the boardroom.Oracle, whose stock market value of 2bn puts it second only to Microsoft, will be run instead by joint chief executives, an arrangement that remains extremely rare in corporate America.The leadership reshuffle comes as Oracle faces a seismic shift in business software markets as its customers shift to cloud computing. Some analysts immediately questioned the new arrangement, which cements Mr Ellison’s influence over the company’s technology strategy, even though he moved more slowly than some rivals in the shift to the cloud, hitting Oracle’s growth.In a sign of the race under way to remake the biggest business software companies, German software company SAP also on Thursday announced a deal to buy Concur, an expenses management company that has shifted its own business to the cloud, for .3bnThe news came as Oracle reported quarterly results that fell short of analysts’ estimates. Its stock price slipped 2 per cent in after-market trading as it reported revenues of .6bn, up 3 per cent, with pro forma earnings per share of 62 cents, up from 59 cents a year before.The new joint chief executives will be Mark Hurd, who was chief executive of Hewlett-Packard until he was forced out four years ago after an investigation into sexual harassment, and Safra Catz, a former investment banker and long-time Ellison dealmaker and lieutenant.“It’s the same people, nothing’s really changed – that’s not a good thing,” said John Rymer, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Quarter after quarter are quarter they continue to slide, they’re not making the transition quickly.”甲骨文公司(Oracle)共同创始人、高科技行业第二大富豪拉里#8226;埃里森(Larry Ellison)已从这家美国数据库软件公司的首席执行官一职上退下,他将担任公司董事长和首席技术官的新职务。此举与14年前比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)所做决定十分类似。长期以来,盖茨一直是埃里森的死对头,他在14年前交出了微软的帅印,继续控制着微软的技术方向,并掌管董事会。甲骨文公司的市值为1820亿美元,在软件企业中仅次于微软(Microsoft)。埃里森退出后,该公司将交由多名首席执行官联合运营,这种体制在美国企业中极为罕见。在甲骨文领导层这次洗牌之际,随着该公司客户纷纷转向云计算,甲骨文正面临商业软件市场的一次大地震。消息传来,部分分析师立刻对这一新的人事安排提出了质疑。他们认为,埃里森在转向云计算的过程中被部分竞争对手抢先一步,从而对甲骨文公司的成长造成了伤害,而这一人事安排却强化了埃里森对甲骨文公司技术战略的影响力。新的联合首席执行官将由马克#8226;赫德(Mark Hurd)和萨夫拉#8226;卡兹(Safra Catz)担任。赫德曾任惠普(Hewlett-Packard)首席执行官,四年前他曾在遭遇性骚扰调查后被迫辞去惠普首席执行官一职。卡兹曾是一位投资家,他曾长期担任埃里森的交易商和副手。在上世纪八九十年代脱颖而出的那批高科技企业中,埃里森是仍在掌权的最后几个创业者之一。那批高科技企业的崛起,是借助了互联网兴起之前出现的客户端-务器技术潮流。在埃里森的同一代创业者中,盖茨于2008年退出了微软管理岗位,而埃里森的朋友和邻居史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)则在三年前病逝。据《福布斯》(Forbes)估计,埃里森个人财富为513亿美元,相比之下盖茨个人财富为813亿美元。埃里森多数财富都与甲骨文公司有关,他持有该公司四分之一的股份。 /201409/331366

When Nokia Corp. launches a new series of devices running Microsoft Corp.#39;s new Windows 8 software, Chief Executive Stephen Elop wants to send a clear message: #39;We have clearly put our best efforts, our best engineering, best innovation and intellectual property into these products.#39;当诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)发布搭载微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)操作系统Windows 8的系列新手机之际,诺基亚首席执行长埃洛普(Stephen Elop)希望传达出的明确信号是:显然我们对这些产品尽了全力,投入了最优秀的技术人员、最棒的创新和知识产权。 With the claim, Mr. Elop is betting the Finnish company can again put out products that once made it the dominant handset maker in the world. #39;Some of the things you#39;ll see [Wednesday] you#39;ll look at and say #39;wow, this has clearly been years in the making, it#39;s wonderful work - this is the thing that Nokia has always been known for.#39;埃洛普这样讲其实是在打赌,赌这家芬兰公司可以再次推出曾一度使其主导全球手机市场的产品。他说,你们将在周三看到部分产品,并且惊叹道:哇哦,这显然是酝酿多年的结晶,太棒了!而这正是诺基亚成名的根本所在。 The comments, made during an interview Tuesday in New York, come at a time when the market has become deeply skeptical about Nokia#39;s prospects. Losses have mounted under Mr. Elop#39;s watch, and credit ratings have been dumped to junk status. Nokia#39;s market cap is now just .5 billion, with shares trading 70% lower than they did when he took the helm. 埃洛普是周二在纽约接受采访时说的上述这番话,而此时市场对诺基亚的前景已深感怀疑。诺基亚在埃洛普的掌管之下亏损不断扩大,信用评级已降至垃圾级,公司市值目前也仅为105亿美元。与埃洛普接手诺基亚时相比,该公司股票已大跌了70%。 With Mr. Elop#39;s two-year anniversary at the helm approaching, his most recently launched smartphones - the so-called Lumia series - have yet to attract the desired interest from consumers. Now, Nokia also faces the prospect of greater competition from rival Samsung Electronics Co., which surprised the industry by slipping ahead of Nokia last week and announcing its own Windows 8 phone. 埃洛普出任诺基亚首席执行长已快两年,而该公司最新发布的Lumia系列智能手机所吸引到的消费者关注还没有达到预期目标。如今,诺基亚面临着与对手三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)竞争加剧的前景。上周,三星电子赶在诺基亚之前推出了自己的Windows 8手机,令业界颇感意外。 Mr. Elop dismissed the threat from Samsung, saying the South Korean company threw in a Windows phone at the end of a series of announcements, demonstrating a lack of commitment to the Microsoft platform. 埃洛普似乎并不在意来自三星电子的威胁。他说,这家韩国公司是在发布了一系列产品之后才抛出Windows手机,这表明他们并没有严肃对待这个微软操作平台。 But Mr. Elop says that the full force of Nokia#39;s Ramp;D has been poured into the new Windows 8 phones. #39;That sends a very different message#39; than Samsung#39;s. 埃洛普说,诺基亚对自己的Windows 8新手机投入了全部研发力量。他说:从这一点上看,我们传达出了与三星电子完全不同的信息。 Samsung didn#39;t respond immediately to a request for comment. 三星电子没有立即回复置评要求。 Nokia once led the handset market but has failed to keep up with phones built by Apple Inc. or powered by Google Inc.#39;s Android software. Earlier this year, Samsung replaced Nokia as the world#39;s top seller of mobile phones. 诺基亚曾是手机市场的领跑者,但在苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的iPhone以及搭载谷歌(Google Inc.)操作系统安卓(Android)的其它手机问世后,诺基亚被竞争对手甩到了后面。今年早些时候,三星电子取代诺基亚,成为全球排名第一的手机销售商。 The phones to be introduced on Wednesday are the second generation of Windows devices for Nokia. Investors, particularly on Nokia#39;s home turf, are growing restless with the slow-moving turnaround and will be closely watching to see if the new phones catch on in the marketplace. 诺基亚将于周三推出的手机是该公司第二代Windows手机产品。投资者(特别是芬兰国内投资者)对于诺基亚迟迟未能扭转局面越来越焦躁不安,他们将密切关注该公司本次推出的新手机是否能获得市场青睐。 #39;Most of our 10,000 members own Nokia shares, and there is a lot of disappointment with the company and its management,#39; said Timo Rothovius, chairman of Finland#39;s Shareholders Association for small investors. #39;People are especially disappointed with Stephen Elop.#39; 芬兰股东联合会(Finland#39;s Shareholders Association)主席罗斯维尔斯(Timo Rothovius)说:我们共有1万名会员,其中绝大多数都持有诺基亚股票,他们对于该公司及其管理层都有很多不满,对埃洛普尤其失望。 If the new phones don#39;t sell, Mr. Rothovius said his group will push for Mr. Elop#39;s removal. 罗斯维尔斯说,如果诺基亚这次推出的新手机卖得不好,芬兰股东联合会将力主让埃洛普下台。 Finns owned 24% of Nokia#39;s total shares at the end of June this year, up from 16% before Mr. Elop announced his new strategy in early 2011. 截至今年6月底,芬兰投资者持有诺基亚24%的股份,而埃洛普2011年初宣布新战略之前,这个比例是16%。 The value of those shares has taken a beating, losing nearly three-quarters of their value since Mr. Elop took over in September 2010. The company has piled up billions of losses, and its credit rating has been slashed to junk status. 自2010年9月埃洛普上任以来,诺基亚股票的市值遭遇重创,大跌了近四分之三。诺基亚已出现了数十亿美元亏损,信用评级也被下调至垃圾级。 Mr. Elop joined a company that was failing to compete in the smartphone market and which had grown bloated and slow. The move to team up with Microsoft was designed to get new smartphones to market quickly, which Mr. Elop accomplished in under a year. 埃洛普加盟诺基亚时,这个公司已从智能手机市场的竞争中败下阵来,机构组织臃肿不堪,公司增长缓慢。而诺基亚之所以与微软联手,本意就是将新智能手机迅速推向市场,这个目标埃洛普已在一年内实现。 #39;One can#39;t blame Mr. Elop for the difficult task he has had to carry through,#39; said Christian Elfving, director of the Sigrid Juselius Foundation - which owns a 0.2% stake in Nokia. #39;Many of the measures have been unpleasant, but they also have been absolutely necessary.#39;基金会Sigrid Juselius Foundation的董事埃尔夫文(Christian Elfving)说,不能因为埃洛普必须完成的这项艰难任务而责备他,虽然他采取的很多措施都令人不快,但却是绝对有必要采取的。该基金会持有诺基亚0.2%的股份。 /201209/198329

In a country whose best known contribution to global technology may well be the Kalashnikov rifle, a new mobile-phone company once tied to Russia#39;s state-run defense corporation hopes it will have as deep an impact on the world#39;s next generation of smartphones.俄罗斯对全球科技最广为人知的贡献可能要属卡拉什尼科夫冲锋(Kalashnikov)了,如今,俄罗斯一家新成立的手机公司正希望对全球下一代智能手机的市场产生同样深远的影响。这家公司曾附属于俄罗斯一家国有的防务公司。Yota Devices is betting on its soon-to-be revealed dual-screen product to break the mold of mobile technology─combining a traditional LCD screen on one side and an electronic-paper display on the other, allowing for seamless information streaming while promising better battery life than the average smartphone.Yota Devices正在全力打造一款的双屏手机即将面市,这款产品将打破移动技术的现有模式,它一面配备了传统的LCD显示屏,另一面则配备了电子墨水屏,允许信息无缝接入,而且与普通智能手机相比,这款手机的待机时间更长。#39;We created this to be different,#39; said the company#39;s 43-year-old chief executive, Vladislav Martynov, while demonstrating a prototype at his sleek Moscow office filled with antique telephones. #39;Most phones nowadays are boring─they are just boxes. This is a phone for people who want to be outside that box.#39;现年43岁的Yota Devices首席执行长马丁诺夫(Vladislav Martynov)说,我们推出这款手机就是为了创造与众不同的产品,在他位于莫斯科的气派的、摆满了各式古董手机的办公室里,他向记者展示了一部样机。他说,大多数手机的款式让人感到乏味,无非就是个方块盒子;这款手机是为那些想要摆脱盒子的人准备的。A team of 35 engineers with a budget of million worked since May to bring the concept into reality, he said.他说,从5月份开始,35名工程师组成的团队用2,500万美元的预算把这个概念变成了现实。Yota plans to show the new phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. It is then scheduled to go on sale in Russia by the third quarter of next year before appearing in international markets the following quarter in cooperation with global carriers.Yota计划明年2月份在巴塞罗那的全球移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上展示这款手机,明年第三季度开始在俄罗斯销售这款手机,并于接下来的季度与国际运营商合作,把手机推向国际市常The phone, which doesn#39;t yet have a name, is powered by Google Inc.#39;s Android software. The cost is expected to be about 0, below the iPhone but in line with other top Android devices.这款手机现在还没有名字。它搭载的是谷歌(Google Inc.)的安卓(Android)操作系统,预计售价在500美元左右。这个价格要低于iPhone的售价,但是与其他高端安卓设备的价格不相上下。Breaking into the hugely competitive market is likely to be a tall order for a small newcomer.对于一家新成立的小公司来说,进入这个竞争非常激烈的市场可能不是件容易的事。#39;They have a novel idea but an unknown brand,#39; said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at tech research firm Gartner Inc. #39;The phone market is a lot about brand and fashion, so competition will be tough.#39;行业研究公司Gartner的分析师米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)说,他们有一个新颍的想法,但是人们对他们的品牌一无所知;手机市场重要的是品牌和流行趋势,他们面临的竞争将会相当残酷。Mr. Martynov acknowledges the challenges, but says his phone offers something new, when major players #39;haven#39;t brought a lot of innovation in the past five to six years.#39; Ms. Milanesi said the phone may find fans as it could #39;solve a problem by allowing people to have access to what information they care about most.#39;马丁诺夫承认公司面临着种种挑战,但是他说,他的手机会提供一些新的东西,而手机市场的主要参与者在过去五到六年并没有推出许多创新产品。米拉内西说,这款手机可能会拥有一些粉丝,因为它能够让人们获得他们最关注的信息,这就等于为用户解决了一个问题。The design will allow users to continuously view all kinds of streaming data in real time─from Twitter feeds to stock market tickers─without having to constantly wake their phones up from sleep mode or quickly drain their batteries.这款手机允许用户不间断地实时浏览各种信息,从推特信息到股市行情,用户不需要总是把手机从睡眠模式唤醒,也不会很快把电量耗荆The innovation lies in the use of the e-paper display, a technology most widely seen on e-book ers such as Amazon.com Inc.#39;s Kindle, which allows an image to be displayed at all times, but only uses power when the picture changes.这款手机的创新之处在于它的电子墨水屏,这种技术广泛应用于电子书阅读器上,比如亚马逊(Amazon.com Inc.)的Kindle,该技术可以使图像一直停留在屏幕上,只有在屏幕图像发生变化的时候才会耗电。Phones with two LCD screens have appeared in Asian markets but have not been greatly successful.亚洲市场上曾经出现过配备两个LCD屏的手机,但销售状况不是很好。Some companies have created phones with partial e-paper screens, while others have come up with slip-on covers that use the screens.一些公司推出了带有一部分电子墨水屏的手机,还有一些公司则推出了滑盖上安装了这种屏幕的手机。Mr. Martynov, a sharp-featured, 20-year veteran of software and IT companies, including Microsoft Corp., says the applications are limitless for the e-er display.马丁诺夫是一位面部棱角分明、拥有20年软件和IT公司从业经验的资深人士,他曾在微软(Microsoft Corp.)供职。他说,电子墨水显示屏的用途是无限的。The black and white screen gives users the ability to display pictures of their family or favorite movie star, screen grabs of maps and airplane boarding passes or even weather updates without ever having to touch the phone. The images remain in place even if the phone runs out of power.电子墨水显示屏是黑白的,用户可以在屏幕上显示他们家庭或是最喜欢的电影明星的照片、地图或登机牌的截图,甚至不需要触摸手机就可以获得最新的天气信息。这些画面一直呈现在手机屏幕上,就算手机的电量耗尽也是一样。The display can also be customized to show surreptitious symbols when a message is received from someone the user would rather keep secret in certain situations.在用户不希望短信的发送者被别人知道时,这款手机还可以显示只有用户自己才能识别的秘密代号。Other unique elements include a curved display on one-side, using a first-of-its kind rounded glass from Corning Inc., designed to encourage users to always point the e-paper screen up when putting the phone down.这款手机的其他独一无二的设计包括,手机一侧的曲面显示屏,这种显示屏使用了康宁公司(Corning Inc.)首次推出的球形玻璃,这种设计是为了鼓励用户在放手机的时候把电子墨水屏幕一侧朝上放置。The screen is only partially touch-sensitive, with color and a full touch-screen a possibility for later generations.电子墨水屏只有一部分是触摸感应的,未来的机型可能会采用色屏幕和全触屏。#39;Their product design is totally different, so there will have to be a lot of education that will have to take place. Something so radical could potentially place it on the fringe and they will have to spend a lot to overcome that,#39; said Ramon Llamas, senior analyst of global mobile phone markets for IDC.国际数据公司(International Data Corp)的全球手机市场高级分析师拉玛斯(Ramon Llamas)说,他们的产品设计完全不同,所以它需要向人们灌输许多新的信息;这种颠覆性的东西可能会让这家公司被边缘化,他们将不得不为了克这一状况付出很大代价。 /201302/223766

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