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青岛连云港激光祛痘的费用青岛市诺德医院价目表Now, think how much progress weve aly made. When we first started, people everywhere asked the same questions. Could a woman really serve as commander-in-clief? Well, I think we answered that one.现在,想想我们已经取得了多大的进步。当我们刚刚起步时,到处有人问我一个同样的问题:“女人真的能够领导国家吗?”那么现在,我想我已经回答了这个问题。Could an African-American really be our president? And Senator Obama has answered that one.“黑人可以成为美国总统吗?”奥巴马议员已经回答了这个问题。Together, Senator Obama and I achieved milestones essential to our progress as a nation, part of our perpetual duty to form a more perfect union.奥巴马议员和我一起建立了一块对于我们国家的进步到头重要的里程碑,这是我们永远的责任——造就一个更完美的国家的一部分。Now, on a personal note, when I was asked what it means to be a woman running for president, I always gave the same answer, that I was proud to be running as a woman, but I was running because I thought Id be the best president. But--but I am a woman and, like millions of women, I knew there are still respects and embraces the potential of every last one of us.这里,就我个人的观点,当被人问起成为竞选美国总统的女人意味着什么,我总是给他们同样的,我以我是一个竞选总统的女人为自豪。但我参加竞选是因为我曾想成为最棒的总统,但是,我是一个女人,像无数的女人一样,我知道那仍然有许多往往是没想到的障碍,我想建立一够尊重和包容我们每个人的美国。 /201308/250842青岛诺德医院治疗狐臭 Speaking from 54 years experience, the world towards a more perfect union is a never-ending concern that involves each every one of us. Evidence that our nation is becoming a better place is everywhere. But each new day, fear is, as the Jersey poet said, lurking in the darkness of the edge of dawn. Your rising from bed every morning will give fear its chance to grow stronger just as it will afford faith its chance to blossom. You will make the choice to react to one or create the other, and because you are smart enough to earn your place on this college day at Yale University. You will sense the moment, and you will know what to do. In the meantime, ponder this front in the struggle against ceaseless fear, and ceaseless flow, in the coming months and years, veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will finally come home for good, at so many tours. And we know this...and we know this, some after many tours of the war and body he saw spent great portion of their lives.我以我54年的经验告诉大家,建立更加完美的国度,是个永不终止的目标,而责任就在每个人身上。我们的国家变得越来越好,例处处可见。但是每个新的一天,就像泽西岛诗人所说,恐惧都潜伏在黎明前的黑暗中。你每天早上从床上爬起来,既可能让信心更加坚强也可能让恐惧蔓延。你们必须作出抉择:要让恐惧蔓延,还是让信心更加坚强?你们很聪明,所以才能在耶鲁大学获得一席之位。你们将会感受到这一时刻,而且你们清楚自己该做什么。同时,思考一下前线的士兵,他们挣扎在无尽的恐惧和不断的行军中。再过一段时间,伊拉克和阿富汗的许多美军就要退伍返家,在多次海外役后,永远地回到家里。我们知道,一些人,在海外战争中多次役,看到尸体无数,归来后,他们已经度过了生命的大部分时间。201406/308270During the savings and loan debacle in 1984,we looked at every single failure,and we looked for common characteristics,1984年储贷危机期间,我们仔细研究了每一个破产案例。寻找其中的共同点。And we discovered this recipe was common to each of these frauds.我们发现这一套路在每个欺诈案例中都存在。In other words, a coroner could find these things because this is a fatal recipe that will destroy the banks as well as the economy.换言之,验尸官能够找到这些东西。因为这是致命的“毒方”不仅会毁掉,也会毁掉我们的经济。And it also turns out to be precisely what could have stopped this crisis, the one that cost us 11 trillion dollars just in the household sector.这也正是可以阻止这场危机发生的东西,这一危机仅在经济的私人部门就让我们损失11万亿。Yhat cost us 10 million jobs, was the easiest financial crisis by far to have avoided completely if we had simply learned the lessons of epidemics of control fraud,particularly using this recipe.丢掉1000万个工作岗位,如果我们能够运用这一固定套路从大面积的管理欺诈行为中吸取教训,我们就可以轻而易举地避免这场危机的发生。So lets go to this crisis, and the two huge epidemics of loan origination fraud that drove the crisis appraisal fraud and liars loans.现在我们来看看这场危机以及导致它发生的两种大面积借贷欺诈行为:估价欺诈和欺骗性贷款。and what were going to see in looking at both of these is we got warnings that were incredibly early about these frauds.研究这两者,我们发现:第一,对于这些欺诈行为,我们接到的预警信号非常之早。We got warnings that we could have taken advantage of easily,because back in the savings and loan debacle,we had figured out how to respond and prevent these crises.第二,我们可以轻而易举地利用这些预警信号采取措施,因为早在储贷危机时期,我们就知道了如何应对,从而避免危机的发生。And three, the warnings were unambiguous.第三,这些预警信号确切不疑。They were obvious that what was going on was an epidemic of accounting control fraud building up.它们清楚地表明了大面积的会计管理欺诈行为正在升级。Lets take appraisal fraud first.我们先来看估价欺诈This is simply where you inflate the value of the home that is being pledged as security for the loan.简单地说,估价欺诈就是夸大用作贷款担保的房屋的价值。In 2000, the year 2000,that is over a year before Enron fails, by the way,the honest appraisers got together a formal petition begging the federal government to act.在2000年,也就是安然破产一年多前,有节操的估价师聚在一起,起草了一份正式的请愿书。要求联邦政府采取措施,And the industry to act,to stop this epidemic of appraisal fraud.要求行业自身采取措施,制止这种大面积的估价欺诈行为。And the appraisers explained how it was occurring,that banks were demanding that appraisers inflate the appraisal,这些估价师解释问题是如何发生的:要求估价师弄虚作假夸大估值。and that if the appraisers refused to do so,they, the banks, would blacklist honest appraisers and refuse to use them.一旦估价师拒绝配合,就把这些有节操的估价师拉入黑名单,不再雇佣他们。Now, weve seen this before in the savings and loan debacle,and we know that this kind of fraud can only originate from the lenders.在储贷危机期间,我们就遇到过这种情况,我们知道这种欺诈行为的罪魁祸首就是借方。and that no honest lender would ever inflate the appraisal,because its the great protection against loss.有节操的借方绝对不会为估值灌水,因为拒绝灌水才是防止损失的上策。So this was an incredibly early warning, 2000.所以说,预警信号早在2000年就已出现。201501/356670胶南市第六人民医院价格

山东省青岛济宁治疗腋臭最好医院A is here with some of the stars from their big new comedy “Black-ish.”A在现场,还有一些来自他们新的大型喜剧Black-ish的明星。Its a great show, but I have to give A fair warning, being black-ish only makes you popular for so long.这是个很棒的节目,但我必须给美国广播公司一个合理的警告,变黑只能让你受欢迎一段时间。Trust me.相信我。There is a shelf life to that thing.它是一个有保质期的东西。As always, the reporters here had a lot to cover over the last year here on the East Coast.像往常一样,在座的记者们去年报道了许多东海岸的新闻。One big story was the brutal winner.一个大事件就是酷寒的严冬。The polar vortex caused so many record lows, they renamed it MSN.极地气流使得收视率低下,他们决定重命名为MSN。But, of course, lets face it, there is one issue on every reporters minds, and that is 2016.但是,必然的,让我们面对吧,所有记者的脑袋里都在想着2016年大选。Aly, weve seen some missteps.我们已经看见了许多失策。It turns out Jeb Bush identified himself as Hispanic back in , which, you know what, I — look, I understand.杰布·布什自称早在年自己是西班牙人,看,我懂的。Its an innocent mistake.这是一个无心之失。It reminds me of when I identified myself as American back in 1961.让我想起来早在1961年我自称美国人。Ted Cruz said that denying the existence of climate change made him like Galileo.泰德·克鲁兹说,否认气候变化的存在使他像伽利略。Now thats not really an apt comparison.这并不是一个恰当的比较。Galileo believed the Earth revolves around the sun.伽利略相信地球围绕太阳转。Ted Cruz believes the Earth revolves around Ted Cruz.泰德·克鲁斯相信地球围绕着泰德·克鲁兹转。And just as an aside, I want to point out, when a guy who has his face on a Hope poster calls you self-centered, you know youve got a problem.说句题外话,我想指出,当一个把自己的脸刊发在希望海报的人说你以自我为中心的时候,你知道你有麻烦了。The narcissism index is creeping up a little too high.自恋指数攀升有点太高了。Meanwhile, Rick Santorum announced that he would not attend the same-sex wedding of a friend or loved one,与此同时,里克·桑托勒姆宣布他不会参加朋友或亲人的同性婚礼,to which gays and lesbians across the country responded, thats not going to be a problem.全国各地的男同性恋和女同性恋回应,这完全不是问题。Dont sweat that one.那个不用担心。And Donald Trump is here.唐纳德·特朗普也在这里。Still.还在。201512/415969在青岛地区光子嫩肤祛黄褐斑哪家医院好 And he thought about it quite a long time,他想了很久。and finally he said, ;Maam, I miss almost all of it.;最后说:;太太,我怀念那里所有的一切。;。And hes one of the most traumatized people Ive seen from that war.他是我见过的经历了战争的人中受创伤最为严重的人之一。;Maam, I miss almost all of it.;他说的这句;太太,我怀念那里所有的一切。;。What is he talking about?他是想表达什么呢?。Hes not a psychopath.他不是神经病。He doesnt miss killing people.也不喜欢杀人。Hes not crazy. He doesnt miss getting shot at and seeing his friends get killed.没有疯,也不喜欢被击中看到朋友牺牲。What is it that he misses? We have to answer that.那他怀念的是什么?这个问题我要来回答。If were going to stop war, we have to answer that question.如果想要阻止战争发生,我们就必须回答这个问题。I think what he missed is brotherhood. He missed, in some ways,the opposite of killing.我认为,他怀念的是兄弟情谊。从某种程度上说,他怀念的是杀戮的对立面。What he missed was connection to the other men he was with.是他与其它士兵之间的联系。Now, brotherhood is different from friendship.这里,兄弟情谊不同于友谊。Friendship happens in society, obviously.友谊多见于社会上。The more you like someone, the more youd be willing to do for them.你越喜欢一个人你越情愿为他付出。Brotherhood has nothing to do with how you feel about the other person.但是兄弟情谊却与对他人的感觉无关。Its a mutual agreement in a group that you will put the welfare of the group, you will put the safety of everyone in the group above your own.在一个群体中大家都会把整个群体的安危他人的安危置于自己的安危之上。In effect, youre saying, ;I love these other people more than I love myself.;实际上就相当于说:;我爱其他人胜过爱自己;。Brendan was a team leader in command of three men, and the worst day in Afghanistan.He was almost killed so many times.布伦丹是一名队长手下有三个士兵。他在阿富汗经历了最惨痛的一天。虽然他自己也几次险些丧生。It didnt bother him.但这些对他都不算什么。The worst thing that happened to him in Afghanistan was one of his men was hit in the head with a bullet in the helmet, knocked him over.对他来说最惨痛的是。他手下的一名士兵被子弹射中头部子弹打到了钢盔上,把他冲倒了。They thought he was dead.大家以为他死了。It was in the middle of a huge firefight.当时战事正酣。No one could deal with it, and a minute later, Kyle Steiner sat back up from the dead, as it were, because hed come back to consciousness.没人顾得上他,直到一分钟以后。这名叫凯尔·斯坦纳的士兵坐了起来。好像是复活了一样。因为他又恢复了知觉。The bullet had just knocked him out.It glanced off the helmet.子弹把他震晕了。钢盔替他挡住了子弹。201411/342351连云港妇幼保健院专家电话

青岛自体脂肪丰下巴好吗 Im Jane McGonigal. Im a game designer.我叫JaneMcGonigal,我是一名游戏设计师Ive been making games online now for 10 years,我从事网络游戏设计已经10年了and my goal for the next decade我未来十年的目标is to try to make it as easy就是希望能让to save the world in real life就像玩网络游戏那样as it is to save the world in online games.简单的解决现实生活中的问题Now, I have a plan for this,现在,我将解释一下我这么说的原因and it entails convincing more people,如果人们能玩到一些更大型、更优秀的游戏including all of you, to spend more time当然包括在座的诸位,并且能花费更多的时间在游戏上playing bigger and better games.你会觉得我的解释更有说力Right now we spend three billion hours a week现如今的人们用在网络游戏上的时间可以达到每周30亿小时playing online games.现如今的人们用在网络游戏上的时间可以达到每周30亿小时Some of you might be thinking,你们当中有些人可能会觉得;Thats a lot of time to spend playing games.“花费了这么多时间玩游戏啊”Maybe too much time, considering也许有些多了,因为考虑到how many urgent problems we have to solve in the real world.;现实生活中有很多的紧迫的问题需要我们去处理But actually, according to my research但是,根据我在未来问题研究所at The Institute For The Future,对相关问题的研究its actually the opposite is true.我们花费在游戏上的时间一点也不多Three billion hours a week is not nearly enough每周30亿小时的游戏世间对于解决现实生活中的问题来说远远不足game play to solve the worlds most urgent problems.每周30亿小时的游戏世间对于解决现实生活中的问题来说远远不足In fact, I believe that if we want to survive事实上,我觉得为了能更好得在地球上生存the next century on this planet,事实上,我觉得为了能更好得在地球上生存we need to increase that total dramatically.我们需要大量增加游戏时间Ive calculated the total we need我曾经计算过,我们所需要的游戏时间at 21 billion hours of game play every week.是每周210亿小时So, thats probably a bit of a counterintuitive idea,也许这有些违背常理so Ill say it again, let it sink in:但,我想重新说一遍,以便于让这种观念被充分理解If we want to solve problems like hunger,如果我们想解决诸如饥饿、poverty, climate change, global conflict, obesity,贫困、气候变化、全球冲突、肥胖等问题I believe that we need to aspire我坚信我们需要被鼓励to play games online人们去玩网络游戏for at least 21 billion hours a week,而且每周至少210亿小时by the end of the next decade. (Laughter)当然,这将会在十年以后(笑声)No. Im serious. I am.其实,我是很认真的,不是玩笑Heres why. This picture pretty much这里是解释,我们把这种场景集合起来sums up why I think games are so essential就是之所以游戏对人类种族to the future survival of the human species.Truly.能在未来生存非常重要的原因。真的This is a portrait by a photographer named Phil Toledano.这是一幅由Phil Toldano拍摄的肖像He wanted to capture the emotion of gaming,他想捕捉玩游戏时的一些情感变化so he set up a camera in front of gamers while they were playing.因此,他把摄影仪器放在正在玩游戏的游戏玩家面前And this is a classic gaming emotion.这是一幅游戏玩家的经典表情Now, if youre not a gamer,现在,如果你不是一个游戏玩家you might miss some of the nuance in this photo.你就不会察觉出这幅照片中的真正内涵You probably see the sense of urgency,你可能会感觉到紧迫、a little bit of fear, but intense concentration,一丝的恐惧,而不是精神的高度集中deep, deep focus on tackling a really difficult problem.抑或者是集中精力在解决一个难题If you are a gamer, you will notice如果你是一位游戏玩家,你就会感觉到一些不同东西a few nuances here: the crinkle of the eyes up, and around the mouth眼角周围的褶皱是向上的,包括嘴角周围的褶皱也是一样的is a sign of optimism,这是一个非常乐观的迹象and the eyebrows up is surprise.并且,眉毛向上翘起是惊讶的标志This is a gamer who is on the verge of something called这说明,这个游戏玩家即将在游戏中获得an epic win.史诗般胜利Oh, youve heard of that. OK, good,你们曾经听说过这个词,不错so we have some gamers among us.也就是说你们当中有些是游戏玩家An epic win is an outcome这个史诗般的胜利是一个结果that is so extraordinarily positive但是它非常令人振奋you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it.在得到这个胜利之前你甚至不曾想到竟然能取得成功It was almost beyond the threshold of imagination.这个成功甚至超出了你的想象And when you get there you are shocked当你一旦达到并完成,你就会被自己的技能所震撼to discover what you are truly capable of. That is an epic win.这就是所谓的“史诗般的胜利”This is a gamer on the verge of an epic win.而这个玩家即将取得这样的胜利And this is the face that we need to see同时,这也是在下个世纪,on millions of problem-solvers all over the world我们所期望的在处理全球众多问题as we try to tackle the obstacles of the next century --排除各种障碍时露出的表情the face of someone who, against all odds能排除万难的人is on the verge of an epic win.是无往不胜的Now, unfortunately this is more of the face that we see现在,不幸的是,当我们处理日常生活中各种紧急事件的时候,in everyday life now as we try to tackle urgent problems.我们往往看到的是这个表情This is what I call the ;Im Not Good At Life; face,通常我称这个为“不擅长生活”表情and this is actually me making it. Can you see? Yes. Good.事实上是我自己做出的这个,能否从中看出来呢?好的201511/408463青岛祛除色斑青岛祛妊娠纹



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